The Night They Grew Up, Part III
The Last Adventure, Chapter I
by The 49er

8:38 PM
Ken was suprised when Yolei asked him to come up
to her apartment, since he had just emberrased her
twice in a row. I guess she just got over it, he
thinks as he follows her up the stairs.
"Oh," Yolei comments as she opens the door. "My
parents aren't home."
Of course, she has known this all night. She just
needs an excuse to get Ken in her home. Yolei has
had a crush on Ken for months now, but she justĀ 
recently realized that it's more than a crush-
it's sexual attraction.
Ken, on the other hand, has no clue what she wants.
He does like her, but he almost can't comprehend
her wanting to have sex...At my age? He thinks.
Yeah right.
"Well, why not play a game of scrabble," She
They enter her room. Ken looks around, and begins
to feel uncomfortable. Pink. Everywhere. Hearts.
Ken sits down on the carpet, pink too. Yolei closes
the door, and sets her glasses down on a table.
Ken looks at her. She's a LOT more attractive without
the thick slabs of glass covering most of her face.
He looks down, to avoid her eyes. She removes the
thin sweater she's wearing, to reveal a tight T-shirt.
Ken can't take his eyes away from her developed breasts.
He grits his teeth. She lets down her purple hair.
Yoeli sits down. They begin to play.
About two hours later, Ken wins.
"Well," Ken says shyly. "I guess I'd better go."
"No," Yolei grabs his arm.
"Oh...kay..." He replies nervously.
She sits him down on the bedn and takes her place beside
him. She sits REALLY close.
"So..." Ken looks over at her. "What do you want to do?"

The Next Day (Where Tai and Sora are)

Tai watches as Sora splashes around in the water.
His head bobs up and down, following her breasts.
He allows his dick to think for him. Tai gets up, and
joins Sora in the water. He splashes around a little.
But then, he swims to Sora. He immediatly kisses her.
Tai's hand crawls around her tits.
"Again?" Sora asks. "That's like- four times already today!"
"Yep," Tai mutters right before his mouth is full of her
neck. He kisses her and rubs her breasts for a while, after
which he suprises her with a dick in her pussy.
"But Tai-" She moans. "Protection!"
"Pre-fit," He smiles.
He lets Sora from the waist up float in the water while he
thrusts. She moans in pleasure. Tai Pulls out.
Sora comes. He turns her around, and hears her gasp as he
shoves his cock up her ass. He uses one hand to hold on to her
and the other to stroke her moist clit.
He smiles and breathes deeply when he comes, almost bursting theĀ 
condom. He pulls out in mid-orgasm.
The condom explodes, spraying cum everywhere.
"G-gee," Sora manages. "You'd think someone would be spent after
four times, but no..."

10:44 PM

Yolei sits there in silence. Ken taps his fingers.
"I want to fuck." Yolei says.
"Pardon?" Ken replies, wide eyed.
"Sex. Fucking. 'Hop on the good foot and do the bad thing'. STICKING
YOUR DOO DOO IN MY WHOO HA." She almost yells.
"Oh." Ken says, calmly.
He sure is taking that well, Yolei thinks.
Yolei sits there in silence. Ken taps his fingers.