The Night They Grew Up, Part I
The Last Adventure, Chapter I
By The 49er

The following lemon takes place after 02. TK is going out with Kari, and
Yolei with Ken. Mimi just moved back to Japan, and Tai and Sora have
gone on a vacation with all the digimon to a small island resort. DavisĀ 
is still trying to get Kari in vain. Joe is somewhere...but he doesn't come
into the story for a LONG time.


2:13 PM

"Hey, Kari, any chance I can come over tonight?" Davis leans over to Kari.
"Do your damn work, you horn toad." She replies coldly.
"C'mon, didn't you like it?" He pushes. Davis has recently flashed her,
which was intended to impress her...though all it really did was lower
his already below sea level reputation.
"Did it look like I did?" She snaps.
"Kari, Davis, is there something more important than algebra?" The teacher
"No, ma'm," Kari says, giving Davis a look.

8:22 PM
Mimi walks into her apartment. It's still not quite set up yet. She
only just moved back to Japan.
She walks into her room. Mimi is startled to find Matt sitting on her bed.
"Hi," He says quietly.
"H-Hi.." She replies. "What're you doing here?"
"I have no idea," Matt avoids her eyes.
Mimi sits down beside him. She's now seriously worried.
"Maybe you like me." Mimi smiles playfully.
"Maybe. It's possible." Matt looks down.
"Just so you know, I like you." Mimi forces the words out of her mouth.
Matt whips his head around. "Really?" He pauses. "I mean, 'oh'."
He turns back, his face now a bright shade of crimson.
Mimi gets up, wlks across the room, and shuts the door. She locks it.
She sits back down, now real close to Matt.
"Uh..." He says uncomfortably.
Mimi's hand crawls onto his leg.
He looks at it. Then, he suddenly grabs her and kisses her.
She feels his tongue moving around in her mouth and begins to feel aroused.
Mimi rolls on top of him, and his hard dick rubs against her leg.
Matt undoes his pants as not to rip his underwear. Mimi unzips and pulls down
her panties to reveal a soaking pussy. She jerks Matt off for a few seconds
while stroking herself. Matt pulls her hands aside, and pushed her head into
his croch. His eyes close, and he sighs.
Mimi moves her head up and down while moving her tongue around his dick. She
Then takes a quick breath and lets it slide down her throat. Up and down.
Matt cluches the bedsheets. He moans to let Mimi know he's coming.
She is ready, and swallows the semen with a satisfied, "Mmmm".
Mimi breathes deeply. They switch places, and Matt takes his place with
his head between her legs.
"Tasty," Matt says, licking up the fluids leeking from Mimi's pussy.
"Don't talk, eat." Mimi orders.
He obeys, and continues licking her clit and sticking his tongue in her
Mimi lies back, and squirms as she approaches climax.
She moans as she comes. Matt wipes his face with his shirt.
Mimi lies on the bed, panting.
Matt pulled Mimi by her legs so that her cunt dripps juice off the bed. He kneels
and thrust his cock into her pussy. Her eyes bulge, and a small trickle of blood
rolls down to the floor.
They remain in the same position for a second, then Matt begins thrusting. Mimi
moans as she is pushed back and forth. Matt grabs her tit with one hand and the other
squeezes her butt. He massages her breast.
Mimi now moans louder, and Matt's thrusts come faster now. The bed creaks.
Matt pulls out as fast as possible, and comes all over Mimi's stomache.
He sticks it right back in, ready for more. He grabs Mimi by the midsection and
then lifts her. He turns around, and presses her against a wall. He pumps harder
than ever. He continuously thrusts and pumps, not stopping, until Mimi comes- twice.
After nearly three minutes of this, Matt, tired now, turns back around, drops her onĀ 
the bed, and comes all over her. He falls down on top of Mimi, spent.
They both pant a while, until they both fall asleep.