Unexpected visit


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'Unexpected visit'

Takato slowly opened his eyes and glanced at his bedside clock "Aw no! I'm late for school again!" he said, jumping out of bed. He got dressed and didn't even stop for breakfast.

    About halfway to school Takato suddenly realized something, he forgot about Guilmon! "Nah, he'll be fine" Takato muttered to himself and continued running.


Guilmon was hungry... very hungry. "Awww, wheres Takato? He always gives me bread before school..." he moaned, suddenly the gate of his 'hideout' rattled. Guilmon quickly retreated to the safety of his tunnel, but was surprised when he heard Terriermon whisper his name.


"Hey Guilmon? Are you in here?" Terriermon said in a hushed tone, Guilmon came out from his hiding place and asked loudly.


 "Why are you whispering?". Terriermon motioned for Guilmon to be quiet.


"Shhhh, I'm whispering because Susie is looking for me!" Guilmon looked at him for a second slightly confused, then said in the same loud volume

"Whats wrong with that?".


"Please be quiet! Whats wrong is I dont want to be pretty pants princess or whatever she calls it again!" Terriermon replied.


"Oh ok" Guilmon whispered still slightly confused about the matter.


"Hey Guilmon I was wondering, could I stay with you until Henry gets home from school?" Terriermon asked.


Guilmon shrugged and answered "I don't see why not...".


Terriermon thanked him and sat propped up against a wall. What seemed like hours passed and he was getting bored.


"Hey Guilmon, what do you usually do when your own your own?" He asked.


"Not much, Sleep eat, sometimes Calumon comes over and he tells me interesting stuff, like when Impmon stole some sunglasses..." Guilmon told him.


By this time Terriermon was growing bored again and had other things on his mind, looking over at Guilmon he remembered how he often thought of him while masturbating. Terriermon shifted uneasily and tried to get those thoughts out of his head, but they kept coming back with stupid excuses on why he could have Guilmon now. Things like 'No-ones around and Takato won't be back for ages yet', Terriermon felt something in his crotch area, his dick was slowly poking out of his sheath.

Finally he gave in.


"Hey err Guilmon?" he asked.


"What is it?" came the reply.


"Has Takato told you anything about you know...sex?" Terriermon asked uneasily.


"Yea, he told me all about it, not long after I met him!" Guilmon stated.


"Have you ever uhhh, had sex before?" said Terriermon, rolling his eyes for asking such a stupid question.


"No..." Guilmon replied. Terriermon jumped up and thought to himself 'Wow, if I play my cards right I could be his first!' he walked over to Guilmon, totally forgetting about his growing erection.

Guilmon looked at the advancing Terriermon and noticed his dick was rigid.


"Hey Terriermon, I think your ummm penis broke!" Guilmon stuttered trying to remember the words Takato told him. Terriermon stopped in his tracks and blushed.


"Oh I take it Takato didn't tell you about erections...". Guilmon shook his head. Terriermon explained the best he could without embarassing himself then sat down next to Guilmon.


"So ummm, I was wondering... do you uhhh want to... you know" Terriermon asked slowly.


"No, I dont know" Guilmon answered bluntly.


"Uhh have sex...?" Terriermon replied.



                                           *Ok heres the lemony part*



 Guilmon stared at him blankly and said "uhh ok but..MMPHFF", Guilmon was cut short as Terriermon pushed his own lips against Guilmon's.


Guilmon tried to push away, but found he was acually enjoying the experience and let Terriermon's tounge slide in to his mouth. Their tounges wrestled for a while before Terriermon broke the kiss. Guilmon moaned as Terriermon licked his way down Guilmons chest, past his stomch and towards his crotch, coaxing his large dick from it's sheath.



Terriermon sat back and admired how big Guilmon was before returning to work. He lightly flicked the head of Guilmon's dick with the tip of his tounge, Guilmon moaned loudly and put his hands on the back of Terriermon's head.

Terriermon slowly inserted Guilmon's dick into his mouth, gently sucking and twirling his tounge over the tip. Guilmon pushed Terriermon's head down, fitting as much as he could into his mouth Terriermon began to lick the underside of Guilmon's cock, enticing out a moan. Guilmon was nearing climax and began to pump his dick in and out of Terriermon's mouth. Terriermon sensed this and began to suck harder, quickly licking every part of Guilmon's dick.



Guilmon eyes flew open and he moaned loudly as he experienced his first orgasm. Terriermon was ready for Guilmon's load and manged to swallow some of it but most of it ran out the sides of his mouth and down Guilmon's cock. Terriermon withdrew the cock from his mouth and smiled up at Guilmon "How about we take it a little further" he asked.


"Yea ok" Guilmon panted.



Terriermon spat onto his hands and gently rubbed the saliva up and down his length, moaning as he did so. He turned Guilmon so his stomach was facing down and his tail was in the air.


"This might hurt a little at first" Terriermon told him, he then positioned himself at Guilmon's entrance and slowly pushed in. The feeling was incredible!


"You're really tight!" Terriermon grunted pushing more of his length in. Guilmon moaned in pain and also in pleasure, it was a feeling he had never before experienced in his life! Terriermon pushed his dick in to the hilt, loving the feeling of being inside Guilmon. Terriermon then slowly began to pump, only taking about an inch of his dick out at first but then gradually got faster. As his pace quickened he ended up nearly taking his whole length out leaving only an inch left inside Guilmon and slamming back in with force. Terriermon began to moan loudly as he increased pace, so did Guilmon.


As his climax neared Terriermon pumped faster and faster, then suddenly an orgasm ripped through his body, causing him to shoot his seed deep into Guilmon, coating his passage. About a split second later Guilmon shot his load all over his stomach and onto the floor.


Terriermon pulled out exausted and lay down next to Guilmon to sleep.



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