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Peer Pressure


Jeri sat, looking out of her bedroom window at the sun setting. She sighed “I wish I had a digimon like Guilmon, so cute, so innocent…” She trailed off as her hand slid down her dress and into her panties. Closing her eyes, she prepared to plunge her index finger into her eager pussy. Suddenly her bedroom door swung open.


      “Jeri, its Rika on the phone” Her Mom entered and handed her the cordless phone. Jeri withdrew her hand from her dress, which luckily her mom had not noticed, and took the phone.


      “Hello Rika?” Jeri asked “Yeah, its me” Rika replied “I was wondering, do you want to stay over my place for the night? I wanted to exchange some taming tips with you”. ”Err, yeah sure” Jeri answered “Ok, see you in a moment” said Rika before hanging up.


       Jeri handed the phone back to her Mom and explained she was staying at Rika’s house for the night. As Jeri packed she realised how strange this was, Rika didn’t even like her. She shrugged it off and set off for Rika’s house.


        She arrived at Rika’s house and knocked on the door. After a while Rika opened it. “Its about time!” Rika stated, “Oh charming…” Jeri thought to herself. “Well anyway, come in” Rika invited, Jeri entered and set her pack down near the bed. “Nice place you have” She complimented, Rika ignored her and sat on the bed.


         A few awkward moments past and at last Rika stood up and walked into the main room. “Hey Rika, where’s your Grandma?” Jeri asked, “Away” Came the reply. Jeri sighed and sat down next to Rika who was now watching TV.


         After a few hours Rika frowned and got up. She walked back to the bedroom and for some reason changed into her sleeping clothes. “Why are you changing for bed?” Jeri asked “Because” Rika said matter of factly “I am tired and wish to sleep!”. “Rika… its only ten o’clock, its too early for bed!” Jeri exclaimed. “Not for me” Rika stated.


       Jeri sighed and changed for bed to. She slid into the seeping bag and closed her eyes. Not long after closing her eyes she heard something move. “Rika?” Jeri asked, there came no reply. Suddenly weight is pressed on to Jeri’s legs and her arms are pinned to the floor over her head.


       Jeri opened her eyes and came face to face with Rika. “Rika what are yo-Mmmppphh” Jeri was cut short as Rika mashed this faces together, forcing them into a painful kiss.


      Jeri could feel Rika’s hands moving above her head, finally Rika broke the kiss and Jeri gasped for breath. Rika finally got off Jeri who found out she was now bound to the leg of the bed by a leather belt. “What are you doing?!?” Jeri almost shouted, Rika stayed silent and ran her hands up Jeri’s bed shirt. Jeri moaned as Rika’s hands ran over her nipples, panicking Jeri began to thrash her legs wildly. Rika smirked and grabbed her left leg, holding it still. Jeri cried out and tried to kick at Rika with her other leg but failed and ended up with her right leg lodged firmly under Rika’s arm. Upon doing this Rika strapped Jeri’s left leg to the leg of the bed and her right to the table with two spare belts. Jeri screamed loudly, but to no avail, no one could hear her, well no one but Rika.


       Tears began to form in Jeri’s eyes as Rika walked seductively towards her. Rika knelt between Jeri’s legs and began to pull down her shorts, which she usually slept in. Rika then lowered her face down to Jeri’s crotch area and slowly extended her tongue. Jeri moaned as Rika’s warm tongue soaked her young pussy through her panties. Getting closer to an unwanted climax, Jeri arched her back and began to cry out. Rika finally stopped and gently peeled Jeri’s panties away from her cunt. “R-Rika, s-st-stop!” Jeri sobbed, Rika ignored her and buried her face in Jeri’s pussy. Rika lapped at Jeri’s swollen pussy lips before plunging her tongue into Jeri’s treasure. Jeri moaned and clenched her knees together, almost crushing Rika’s head. Suddenly Jeri’s body spasmed as she had an orgasm, wave after wave of unwelcome pleasure coursed through Jeri’s body and out of her mouth in the form of a moan. Rika grinned triumphantly, licking the juices from her lips. Tears rolled down Jeri’s face as Rika pulled down her own shorts and panties revealing her hairless cunt. Rika then walked over to Jeri’s face and sat down, ramming her cunt onto Jeri’s lips. “Lick” Rika commanded, Jeri screwed her eyes closed tightly. “LICK IT!” Rika shouted, Jeri sobbed and gently stuck out her tongue. “”Deeper” Rika moaned, Jeri complied by slowly driving her tongue deeper into Rika’s cunt.

Rika began to bounce up and down on Jeri’s face, riding her outstretched tongue. Suddenly Rika arched her back and came on Jeri’s face, drenching her in pussy juices. Jeri coughed and tried to push Rika off her face with her shoulder. Rika just smirked, stood up and walked away, into the kitchen.


       While Rika was gone Jeri desperately tried to slip her hand out of the belt, twisting to the left she manage to free one hand, which she used to undo the belt on the other. When her hand were free she began on her legs, first the left, then the right. She was free! Jeri pulled her panties and shorts up and bolted out of the door. She ran not caring where she was going, she just ran. When she finally stopped to catch her breath she found she was standing in the park, not far from Guilmon’s concrete hut. Jeri sat down on a nearby bench and began to cry.




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