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New Team Gathered Series

Grand Arrival

Written by: Team Hard Battle


            The thunder and lighting above our heads became unrelenting and the rain pounded us like hammers. We were less then a hundred yards away from the house when we started running, but by the time we reached the house we were already drenched head to toe. Standing inside the house of flashing lights we started to take off our wet cloths. “Well this is just one hell of fucking great day.” Andy shouted as he threw his wet shirt and shorts in the laundry room.

            I looked over to Aaron. “What are we gonna do about Andy’s memory card? That had his Final Fantasy X file on it.”

            Aaron turned his head over to me with the expression of both fear and depression. “I don’t know… but what I am I going to tell mom and dad about the TV? Even worse, how is Peter going to handle the fact that his PS2 he left over is now a pile of melted plastic shit?”

              We both stared at the poor PS2. We both felt so bad for the system that worked so hard to provide us with top of the line entertainment and quality. As we stood there the lights flicker began to stabilize.

            Now looking at Aaron again I said “Even thou the storm about killed everything electrical in the house you still gotta respect the shear power and beauty of it.” He didn’t respond. “I could watch these storms for hours.”

            Aaron spoke up behind me as I watched the lightning and swirling clouds thru the window. “Ya know, I’ve never seen a storm do this. Who did the news say this happened to?”

            Without taking my eyes off the storm I responded. “What are you talking about?”

            Aaron spook in a tone that sounded like he was question himself. “It was on the news this morning, someone else’s shit blow or something didn’t it? They were talking about it before the light bulb above your head busted.”

            Suddenly my eyes light up and I turned to Aaron. “Yes… It happened at the house of the latest kid to come up missing. The lights and everything thing else in the house started screwing up.” I moved my head back and forth around the room and pecked into the next room. 

            Aaron gave me a funny look as I stood thinking. “What are you looking for dude?”

            I started down the stairs to the basement with my kendo stick in hand. “Grab your kendo stick Aaron!”

            Aaron shouted down to me. “Why?”

            I came back up from the basement. “Because I can’t find Andy… just like the girls couldn’t find Amy.”

            Aaron stood confused shaking his head. “You think whatever took her took Andy?”

            I started toward Aaron’s bedroom and he fallowed me. “I think it took Andy, I think it took Amy, and if it did then I know it took at least three others.” I opened the door hoping to find Andy, instead a bright light flooded out from his room. I could just barely see thru the intense light that filled the room. From what I could see was that the source seemed to be coming from the computer monitor.

            Both of us screamed out in terror and pain. The light was holding us, pulling us, squeezing us. The more we fought, the more it would squeeze us. As we drew closer and closer to the monitor the light clamped tighter to our limbs, joints, abdomen, chest, and neck. I could feel blood running down nose and face.  The pressure was becoming to much I could hardly breath. Aaron collapsed next to me and slide right into the screen. I stood in terror as his body exploded into tiny pixilated squares and were sucked into the screen. “Oh fuck this shit!” I wasn’t going to share the same fate so easily. I fought with all my might. The power of the light wasn’t giving up either and it’s strength increased immensely. Papers, lose clothes, bags, and all types of small items were being taken in just as Aaron was. It was too much, I felt my feet leave the ground as I flew into an eternity of blinding light. The light was no longer holding me, I was falling and twisting down a deep whole. Dialing tones in ear piercing levels screamed as I fell. Lights flashed all around and long series of ones and zeros scrolled down the walls. There was another flash of light and I was unconscious.

              “Scott… Scott… Come on Scott, wake up god damn it!” I knew that voice, it was Andy, I found him finally. But everything was still all black. Where was I? What’s going on? “Come on Scott, why are you sleeping so long?” That was Andy’s voice for shore. I tried moving, but it was hard to. I couldn’t even open my eyes. I tried to finally spoke in a low raspy voice.

            Whaaaaaaaaaaat… happen… taaaa me?” I still couldn’t see anything and everything hurt.

            “Hey Aaron! He’s up!”

            “It’s about fucking time.” Aaron’s voice came from another direction, we were all here.

            “Is he going to get us out of here?” This voice was new to me. It was defiantly a female voice, very soft and gentle.

            I started to open my eyes everything was blurry. “Who else is here?”

            Ohhh yeah, Scott I’d like to meet Kassy. She’s stuck here just like us.” As I opened my eyes further I could see that Andy crouching next to me. And he went on… “When I dropped in to this hell hole I saw those little bastards grabbing her and kicking the shit outa that guy.”

            Aaron came over and helped me sit up. My eyes could now focus right and I could see clearly. I moved my head up to see a young girl, probably only 16 years old or so, sitting in the corner. She had longer than shoulder length blond hair, a fair figure, the most angelic face of anyone I had ever scene, and seemed to be wearing Andy’s shirt. “What’s her story?” I moved back to Andy’s direction. Now that my eyes had focused I was able to get a good look at him. I was shocked to see that his entire body and arms were scratched and bloody. “And what the fuck happened to you.”

            Andy stood up and headed toward the center of the round room. “Well, I brought all of my shit into Aaron’s room after we got back in. I figured what the hell, might as well check my e-mail. So I logged on and saw one in my in box labeled “THB we need your help!” I thought one of you guys sent it so I opened it. POFF! Page loads up and a fucking light comes out from the screen, I fall down a hole and wound up here.”

            I budded in. “The bright light is what brought me and Aaron here to.”

            “Yeah I know, now let me finish. I looked up and saw all these gray things grabbing Kassy over there and she was screaming for help. I beat the two of them off her, I was about to ask her if she was alright. Before I could she pointed over to the guy and the center and told me to help him.”

            I looked over to the center of the room where he pointed. I knew what that was, I had looked over all of the pictures that came from the books and magazines. It was a Wizardmon. Only this one looked like he went ten rounds with a blender. He had gashes and cuts everywhere on him worse then Andy did. Looked like he was burned to.

            Andy started talking again. “I rushed over to where three more of the little bastards were just having a field day on him. They were punching and clawing and shooting fucking lightning bolts or some shit at him. I started taken them out and the two from before jumped me from behind. I eventually did get’em all, but me and that guy were so fucked up. God…” Andy went up to the shaded part of the room and kicked something really hard and screamed “This shit hurts FUCKER!” a gray lump of fur fell from the wall it was sitting against.

            I stood up and took a closer look. “Holy shit!”

            Everyone turned around ready for whatever was about to happen “WHAT!!!”

            I still starred in disbelief. “This is a… a… a fucking Gazimon. And that guy over there is a Wizardmon. These are digimon.” 

            They all gave an angry sigh of relief. Aaron shook his head. “You know Scott, you really are a fucking genius.”

            I looked all around the room. “Is there any way out of this place, because I’m not seeing a door.” We all looked at each other. Was there a way out of here?

            Kassy finally broke the silence. “I’ve already looked, there are no doors, no windows, no cracks, no peepholes, nothing.” She sniffled and wiped her eyes. “There’s no way out of here.” She started crying for all it was worth, I didn’t know what do or say. Nothing I thought of sounded encouraging.

            “Don’t worry, we’ll find a way out.” Even I didn’t believe what I was saying.

            I walked over to Aaron. “So how did she get here?”

            “Andy said she told him that she was listening to music at home. Then out of nowhere a bright light engulfed her and then she had the same trip as us. When she wound up here those two Gazimon tried to grab her and take her down. The Wizardmon in the middle just stood in the middle with his arms up. He was saying something about a force was coming to stop all of this. Three more of Gazimon started yelling him telling him to stop, then they attacked him. Before she even knew what was going on Andy dropped down started fighting them off.”

            Shh…” We looked over to Andy holding his finger in front of his mouth. “I hear foot steps.”

            As we listened we could here gears and hydraulics starting to move. Slowly part of the wall began to move. Steam poured out and shadows in the rolling mist scurried around one large shadow in the center of the opening door. “Lazy Gazimon, don’t why it would take so long to scrounge up one lousy human.” None of us moved not knowing what was about to enter the room. “That tricky Wizardmon better not of tried anything funny. Ohh oh oh I’ll show him a thing or to if he’s trying cross me again. Oh I’m so great. No wonder I carry this mic.” The mans goofy laughter filled the room as he stepped in…


**Unknown Male Voice** “Why are you stopping the vision?… Who’s that entering the room. What’s going to happen to them?”

**Unknown Female Voice** “Quite. Not even I understand my powers, there is something telling me that there is something else we must see right now. Look now.”

**Unknown Male Voice** I know him… that’s Wormmon, Master of…” The unknown female voice cuts him off in mid sentence.

**Unknown Female Voice** “Yes, yes, we all know who he is, but look who he is with… It’s Musyamon, the Bladed Warlord.” The two figures gaze into a cloud with the vision of Musyamon and Wormmon sitting at a table on a stone balcony overlooking a valley.


“So Wormmon, you agree to the exchange? My services for your Bit?”

Wormmon smiled and squinted his eyes slightly. Mmmm, ohh yesssss. This is going to be VERY good indeed.”

            Musyamon grew an angry face, gritted his death, and slammed his fist on the table. “Are you even listening to me damn it?!”

            Wormmon looked to him trying to look as cute as possible. “Of course I am… Why in heavens name do you ask?”

            Musyamon quickly stood up and started shouting. “WHY!!! Probably because you’ve had your dick up that Floramon under the table for the last twenty minuets!”

            An angry Floramon’s voice came up from under the table. “Just call me Taker Of All! Isn’t that right Wormmon?” Wormmon nodded in agreement.

            Musyamon started to vent once again. Errrr. I don’t care what your title is… All I want is the money so I can get my perfect weapon. And it’s not proper to conduct business while fucking one of your stage crew… God… it’s just wrong.”

            Wormmon turned his head slightly cloak wise which turned bright red with rage, but almost instantaneously faded away. “Are you saying it’s wrong when I do this?” Wormmon grabbed tighter onto the Floramon’s rump and pulled his member out so only the head was just inside his lovely assistant’s twat. “You may want to back up a little.” Wormmon slammed his cock back into the Floramon causing her to scream in ecstasy. Musyamon’s expression dropped from angry to amazed as Wormmon humped away at break neck speed. Musyamon was disgusted yet unable to turn away, watched Wormmon as he screwed the brains out Floramon. “Come on, Come on, Come on… Five more seconds and I break my record.

            Floramon started stammering out bits of words and phrases. “Worm… Wormmon… I… cannnahhhh ohhhhh… I can’t hold it… ohhhhh… much…. Mmmm.. longer.!!!!” Unable to contain herself from Wormmon’s brutal cock treatment, she exploded into the most intense orgasm of her life. She screamed in pleasure as Wormmon continued to fill her void. Orgasmic juices drained on the floor, her body, Wormmon, and were being splattered off in every direction as they continued.

            Wormmon was now starting to feeling the same pressure in his organs. Turning red in the face he let out a roar of his own as his cock went into overdrive pumping his massive orgasm into Floramon who was just starting to come down.  

            Wormmon was now depleted of all energy and flopped down on the table. “You see Musyamon, that wasn’t so wrong… What was wrong with any of that?” Hearing no response from his soon to be business partner he looked up to a surprise. Musyamon still stood but looked as if he had kicked in the balls and didn’t budge. He was covered from head to toe with splotches of their love fluids and lubrications. “Ahh, maybe I shouldn’t have gone all out on her while you were so close to me.”

            Musyamon slowly blinked his eyes and took in a deep breath. “That was the most morbid and sickest twenty seconds of my life…”

            Wormmon’s face grew angry again. “What… twenty seconds? Only twenty?” Wormmon bent his head to look under the table. “You whore, the record still stands at eighteen seconds. You didn’t do it right!” He grabbed on to her again just like before and pulled back for round two!

            The poor Floramon tried to move but couldn’t break free from his hold of lust. She did here best to free herself but could only pant out a plea in desperation. “No… Please, I can’t take it right now. Please… let me rest, just take a little break, then we can do it again.”

            “No god damn it… we’re gonna do this till we get it right. I’m to pissed off not do better then eighteen seconds.”

            Musyamon still a little in shock, stopped Wormmon just as he was about to renter. “So then do we have deal?”

            Wormmon looked up to his extremely messy partner. “What?… Oh… Yeah… Sure, just pick me up tonight and I’ll buy you whatever you want.”

            “Ok.” Musyamon slowly left the table and headed toward the door. “I am going to take the longest shower of my life.” He closed the door behind him as Wormmon started to go full tilt again into the Floramon. As he headed away he could still hear Floramon switching from pleading to moaning and back again while receiving the second, third, fourth, est. est. est. fuck of her life.

             **Unknown Male Voice** “Ya know… You may not understand your powers, but I understand that that was a total waist of time.

            **Unknown Female Voice** “You can not question the supreme power that posses me.”

            ** Unknown Male Voice** “We’ve been watching the Digital worlds biggest porn star fucking that Floramon scank for the last twenty minuets.”

             **Unknown Female Voice** “For someone whose had a hard for the past twenty minuets, I don’t think you should be complaining.”

            **Unknown Male Voice** “Why were you even looking down there?”

            **Unknown Female Voice** “Ahhh, hey look! It’s the humans again. Let’s watch.”

~To be continued~