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Brewing storm

Written by: Team Hard Battle


August 14, 2002. I guess that’s when it all started. I knew of only two things that were ahead of me… School (Dear god WHY!!?) and my birthday. Neither were to far off. As for now, I was just going to enjoy what little of vacation was left.

It was around and I had just woken up. I looked over to my right. “Aaron… I want some food!”

Aaron turned his head away lying on the couch half dead. “Well then get some ya lazy Fucker, you know were the bowls are.”

I looked over to my right. “Andy Did you just hear what he told me?”

Andy lying in the chair with the legs folded out, covered his face with the blanket and responded quite groggy. “Fuck you dude, I’m trying to sleep!”

Aaron interjected. “For god sakes Scott make yer own damn bowl of cereal. You did yesterday!”

I gave him my old stupid confused face… “Oh yeah.”

Aaron fidgeted on the couch. “Wake me up again and I’ll smack you harder then I did last night.”

“With what, that luck shot you got in when I slipped in the wet grass?” I waited for a response, but he said nothing… “I think I will go get something to eat then.”

“You go do that.”

Eating a bowl of Coco Pebbles I realized I had been over at Aaron’s house for the past four days. I didn’t mind thou, Aaron’s parents were up north for the week, and I wasn’t at my house. The longer I didn’t go back there the better I thought to my self. I was enjoying myself to the utmost extremes. All we really did was watch TV, play video games, go online for a while, or brush up on our kendo fighting. We were no pros to be honest, but we were learning the ropes and rivaled by no one. My nose was still sore from where Aaron jabbed me in the face with his kendo stick the night before.

I rubbed my nose and cringed in pain. “God damn it” I screamed under my breath. That was one hell of a luck shot Aaron got on me. For some reason my eyes wondered up onto the table. My eyes fell upon one of Aaron’s books. It was one of the so called DIGI-DESTINED and stories of their adventures books. I knew that digimon were real, along with the Digital World, but their stories seemed a bit off. They were too neat, too clean, too Kiddush. It felt to me that a lot was being left out. Not like it mattered, they were well-off now. A writer, a TV chef, astronaut, business owner, parents I think all of them, and even an ambassador to a world with limits held only by your imagination… to bad it seemed like no one could go there surprisingly. Those who get pushed the farthest go the farthest I thought to myself… lucky bastards.

The TV back in the other room turned on. I guess they couldn’t sleep anymore. Sounded like the news was on.

*TV reporter* “Protesters still rally out side of the united nations building asking why they can’t go to the Digital World. The only two ambassadors for the digital world Tai Kamiya and his partner Agumon only had this to say.”

*Tia’s voice* “We are not the ones who decide who can visit the digital world. We didn’t even get to decide that we were to go. We do plan however to talk with the guardians and other leaders of the Digital World about travel between our two worlds. Thank you.”

*TV reporter* “Other concerns are about the Digimon already living here in the real world, and weather if they have the same rights as humans such as own property and paying taxes or even working. Also, the Digimon living in the wild and how are the affecting echo system. The Nation Hunters association is questioning whether their appearance has anything to do with the reported low game counts in areas now occupied by these digital beings.”

“We’ll be lucky if we don’t start another war soon because of all this Shit!” I said angrily to myself.   

*TV reporter* “In local news another disappearance has been reported. This time in Glare county. 16-year-old Amy Timberlinks was reported missing; she is the fourth disappearance case in the last three days. Friends who were last with Amy said they were all watching a movie at her house when she disappeared. A freak electrical storm passed over the house and caused many of the electronic devices to malfunction, including the television they were watching the movie on. It was stated that after the lights went out, one of the girls turned around to Amy to ask what was going on. It was then that they realized that she was no longer with them. Like the other three cases of missing teens, police are still baffled being left with no clues… On a litter note, Good news for egg lovers!”

“My god those reports are heartless.” Must come with the territory I thought to myself.

Aaron shouted out from the room. “You know Scott, if you wanna watch this you can watch it in the other room!”

Aaron saying that confused me a little. “If I wanted to watch I would of turned it on don’t you think?”

He shouted again. “You did stupid.”

“Aaron, look next to you, see the remote, that means you turned it on!” After saying that I went back to eating.

Aaron snapped back quickly. “Me and Andy were both asleep till you turned it on.”

This was starting to piss me off. “I’ve been eating the whole damn time. I was sitting down and it turned on.”

Right then the TV turned off and light bulb above my head burst simultaneously.

Hooo shit!”

Aaron came running into the kitchen where I was eating eager to see what I broke (I often broke things at his house). “What the hell did you do?”

I looked up at him pulling a piece of the glass from the back of my neck. “Not a Fucking thing! The damn thing just blew up above me!”

Aaron looked at the bloody piece of glass I held in my hand. “Are you ok dude, your bleeding?”

I held my wound looking up at the light socket. “Yeah I’m fine, but it seems your house wants to kill me!”

“R…i…g…h…t…, just go in the bath room and put a band aid on it.”

The rest of the day went by quickly. I stopped bleeding and are normal slacking lifestyle went on without a hitch…

Smack, smack, smack!!! Kendo sticks were flying and every attack parried or blocked creating a crack that echoed thru the lawn. “You’re getting better Scott. I haven’t hit you once yet.”

With a smile I replied, “I learn from the best.” Just as I go to swing again Andy barges out from the house.

“Aaron, what in the hell is wrong with your house?” Aaron just gave a puzzled look.

“First off my memory card was erased, the PS2 is still smoking, I called the TV a bitch and the damn screen cracks, and then I come to find out that every damn phone in the house doesn’t work.”

Aaron just as confused as I am looks over to me. We both look over to Andy and see that behind him the lights in the house are flicker on and off. As we all stair at the house of fluttering lights thunder crashes above our heads and we look up to see dark clouds swirl above our heads.

Me being the only one to speak, “Ahhh… Guys… Let’s go back in the house… alright?” They both nodded their heads and we headed for the house again.

Meanwhile somewhere off in the Digital World, the screams of a young lady can be heard.

“No please, stop… and can’t take anymore of this.”

A deep voice responds… “What’s the matter toots’s? The ropes to tight? Did you magically get hungry again? What is it?… STOP CRYING AND ANSWER ME!!!  Hahaha Ba Boom.”

Doing her best not just break down and go beyond a wimpier, “It… it hurts… Burner.”

“Oh, you mean it hurts when I do this!” He leaned forward more into the light revealing a thin purple arm, a red hand, and what looked like part of some crudely drawn smiley face. When doing so he also pushed his member deeper into the pained young lady’s crotch. She screamed out in pain. “How can this hurt ya toots’s? If you ask me this feels great!” Impmon smiled with glee feeling his rock hard member push into her young love whole. “So soft and tight and wet. You were worth every bit toot’s.”

            A mysterious women’s voice speaks up from an open windowsill. “30,000 bits for a little girl you can make cry, sounds like a bargain eh Flamer of Fags?”

            “Err don’t call me that, you know that’s not my title… Renamon Blades of Night.”

            “No, but it should be Impmon oh great burner of skies.” She said through a smile.

            “Everyone knows I’m great, so just leave it as burner of skies. And who asked for your opinion anyway? You sound like a hypocrite for someone who is going to an auction to buy one yourself tomorrow!”

            Renamon finally jumped down from the windowsill. “I’m not saying you shouldn’t own her, I just don’t agree with your ethics. She’s not even willing.”

            Impmon growls at her unwanted input and finally pulled out of his little sex toy with her yelping in the process. “Listen toots do you ask a lamp each time before you turn it on?”

            She thought for a moment. “No… but I never rapped it ether.”

            “Grrrrr. You know what I mean, these measly little humans have no rights, look at Amy over there.” Renamon peered over to the young girl laying on the bed in the fetal position, her pillow soaked with tears still streaming down her face. Renamon sighed at the site thinking what kind of pain she must be in. “She’s weak Renamon. She is too puny to even put up a decent struggle. And besides, there are no codes of law involving humans. The code we all know speaks only of digimon. That means when they come here we can do whatever we want to them. Now if you don’t mind that’s just what I am going to do. They are just things for us to possess.”

            As Impmon walks over to Amy, Renamon can’t help but to interject. “They are just as alive as you or I. She cry’s in pain just as we would be. She cringes in fear just like we would if we were to become over powered by another.”

            Impmon turns to face Renamon once again. “Errrr. I’ve heard enough of this, she’s mine, I own her. I can do whatever I damn well please, and I don’t have to take any shit from you about it. When you get your human you can play nicey nice all you want. As for me I’m going to what I enjoy no matter what anyone says about it. Now stop pestering me and get the hell out of here.”

            Renamon knowing that there was nothing she could do turned back to the window and headed out. “Please… don’t leave me here. I want to go home.” Renamon turned around again to see Amy staring at her, Amy’s eyes filled with hope and tears.

            Renamon closed her eyes and headed for the window again. “Sorry little one, but there is nothing that I can do for you. Our laws do not permit it.” With that said Renamon headed back to her own home. Out in the wild she escaped back to clear her thoughts.

            Impmon stood by the window watching her leave. “Don’t worry about it toot’s, the only thing she could do is join us… Ha… Ba Boom.” He turned around to see Amy heading for the door. “Did I you could get off your back yet? It’s time for some more loving Hun.” Amy screamed out for help knowing what was to continue.

* * *


**Unknown male voice** “Ok, so one of the humans we just saw in the real world is to be my partner. When will he get here? And what’s so important about those two digimon and that girl?

** Unknown Female Voice** “They will arrive soon, you must seek them out. He who can craft the power creation in his mind will present a show of extreme courage, strength, devotion, and understanding… But be careful, a silver swordsman could bring forth great disaster, I see you will defeat him if you battle him. As for the other two and the girl, don’t worry, I don’t see you meeting them in the future… How strange.”