This Story Contains sex between a young human and a Digimon if you are not over the age of NC-17 I please advise you to leave as this is not the kind of thing that you should be looking at!

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This Story was created by Gregory Smith also known as Takat03!

The story is about Rika and Renamon getting it on!!!!

I'm not the creator of Digimon; I’m just a fan writing a sex story!

I hope you enjoy the story youre about to read!




Rika had just got out of her school clothes when her Digivice started going off pointing towards another Digimon.

She called out for her Digimon partner Renamon “Come on Renamon we got a Digimon to download!” Renamon replied by saying “Yes of course Rika”.

They both rushed to the place where Rika’s Digivice was pointing towards which headed to an abandoned factory, they went inside the factory to see the Digimon they where searching for. It was Veemon a Rookie, mysterious, joker type Digimon she did not really care about what the Digimon was as it was only data, she just wanted to download his data to get Renamon even stronger making her the best Digimon Tamer! Rika shouted “Renamon attack and when you defeat him adsorb his data”

Renamon replied simply by saying “Of course Rika”.

Renamon then plunged forward with her fist in front of her, Veemon saw this and quickly dodged out of the way Rika called out “Renamon Digi modify speed activate”

With that Renamon quickly moved in front of Veemon punching him in the face causing him to fall to the ground in a dazed spiral, Renamon shot up into the air and shouted out her special attack “Diamond Storm!” Thousands of Diamonds went hurtling towards Veemon causing him to be destroyed and his data to be separated

Rika shouted “Renamon adsorb his data” Renamon obeyed and adsorbed Veemon's data, increasing her speed agility and power.

Rika called to her Digimon “Good job Renamon next time your do it without my help!” At that they both returned to Rika’s house.

Rika told Renamon to wait in her room whilst she got her dinner and bring some back for her as well. Rika returned after finishing her dinner and retired back to her room. Renamon jumped down from the roof and asked “Where’s my dinner?” Rika just looked at her and said “Your just data you don’t need food” that was it Renamon had enough of Rika and her constant bad mouthing Digimon and her higher authority attitude, like Digimon where a lower type of species and all they where was tools. Renamon flipped and shouted at Rika “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!” Rika’s eyes enlarged as she could not believe what Renamon just said to her she was just about to reply when Renamon continued “You think your miss high and mighty but you really don’t have a clue! If you would open your eyes you would see that Digimon are not just bits of data that we are real living creatures with feelings, we’re not just like the common house hold cat we have the same feelings as a human!”

Rika looked away her eyes fluttered like she was going to cry but instead replied back to Renamon “You listen to me Renamon your just a Digimon you have to take orders from me your master if you don’t you can easily be replaced, you don’t have feelings your just Data!!!” Renamon looked away in discuss then swung round punching Rika in the face, Rika landed on the floor with a thud falling unconscious.

-Renamon’s Torture-

Rika started to wake up feeling cold and the pain on the side of her face where Renamon had punched her. Rika then suddenly came back down to earth and opened her eyes to see Renamon right in front of her face smirking and quietly laughing. Rika fully opened her eyes and lunged forward to grab Renamon, when she did, she realised that she was chained up to the wall and even worse she was chained up naked!

Rika blushed suddenly feeling so ashamed of the state she was in she gathered up her strength and shouted “Renamon let me go! I don’t want you to be my Digimon anymore Renamon I hate you I hate you I hate you!” she repeated.

Renamon just laughed and replied by saying “I would not be making such nasty remarks about me in your state” she laughed again. Reminding Rika about the fact she was naked making her blush again. Renamon then said “So what do you think of us Digimon now do you still think that we are low species?” Rika then replied by saying “Of course” Renamon turned once again then swung her fist at her face punching Rika in the left cheek, Rika’s face landed to the side as tears came flying out of her eyes, Renamon shouting to Rika “Wrong answer bitch!”

Rika faced her now becoming enemy and spat in her face. Renamon looked in discuss at Rika then whipped the spit off her face with her paw. “You just don’t learn do you Rika” said Renamon as she pulled her arm back and punching Rika in her stomach.

Rika coughed as she was winded form the punch. Renamon then said “I’m going to beat the shit out of you and torture you till you learn some respect for us Digimon and figure out that we are just not lumps of data!” Rika looked into Renamon’s eyes but did not have the strength to keep her calm look and started to form tear drops in her eyes.

“Ah looks like poor little Rika’s not as hard as she thinks” with this Rika starts to cry and says “Please let me go!”  Renamon replies by saying “Let you go you want me to let you go, this is all I can say about letting you with that Renamon picks up the metal bar lying behind her wrapped with wire and scraps it along the back of Rika making her bleed from the wire cutting into her back. “How do you like that you little slut?” said Renamon as she smirked looking at the blood dripping down her back onto her round ass.

All Rika could do was whimper from the pain and beg for this nightmare to end.

Renamon moved closer to Rika again moving her paws to Rika’s chest rubbing her developing breasts with her paws and pinching her nipples with her fingers.

And instead of Rika begging for Renamon to stop she begged her to carry on! Renamon stopped and said “You want more do you well here you go!” as Renamon put a pin into Rika’s left nipple. Rika screamed in pain and tears flew from her eyes. Renamon laughed at her pain and decided it was time to give her some pleasure again she took the pin out of her nipple with it slightly bleeding and moved down to her young pussy. She first took a smell of that little girl smell before she attacked it with her rough tongue licking it all over getting right in between the slit with her tongue making Rika squeal with pleasure as she had never felt anything like this before. Then Renamon found what she was searching for, Rika’s clitoris she started licking it with her rough tongue and nibbling on it with her front teeth to increase the pleasure. It was not long till Rika’s body had a spasm as she shook, shooting out her creamy cum on to the awaiting Renamon’s tongue. Renamon licked up all the sweet honey, putting her tongue inside Rika’s pussy removing all traces of her cum.

Rika was still trying to recover from her orgasm as it was her first, but before she could Renamon got her hand and shoved a finger into Rika’s wet pussy. She yelped from the sudden pain as Renamon quickly shoved in another then putting all three of her fingers into her pussy.

Rika was screaming but the worse was still to come as Renamon put her fingers into a fist ramming it up her tight little hole ripping straight though her hymen taking her virginity in one push. Rika screamed and cried tears shot from her eyes shouted out “Please stop I can’t take it I’m going to split open!!” with that Rika fell unconscious form the amount of pain she was receiving from her partner.

Suddenly Rika woke!! Gasping for air and looked down to the bottom of her bed to see Renamon sleeping at the bottom.

“It was just a dream it felt so real” she quickly looked at her body seeing no marks or blood and decided it had to be a dream, she got up and crawled along her bed to where Renamon was sleeping and lifted up her paw sliding underneath it then gently resting Renamon’s paw on top of her falling back to sleep.


The End


This Story is deranged I know but if you enjoyed it good, I hope you enjoy my next story!


Greg Smith