If you’re not 18 (21 in some regions) or offended by pornographic, or graphically violent material, don’t read any further. This document contains graphic depictions of sex and death, you have been warned.

   Now onto the next part...


   A preliminary note to readers, this is part of a series, so if you haven’t read the first one then don’t read any further, or won’t understand the story (yes there’s actually a story line here).


   Secondly, my writing is not focused purely on sex. It contains sex therefore it is a Lemon, but the sex is in a certain proportion with the actual story (and when I can’t think of ideas). So don’t read this expecting everyone to fuck everyone at every turn and juncture.


   Third on the list, Digimon battles in my writing are not pretty, and they’re not meant to be. The looser of a battle in my writing always, always dies violently or due to a violent action (though one particular character keeps coming back...). Also, I prefer the Digimon to fight with a little more skill than just using special attacks endlessly, so Digimon battles in my writings also involve a degree of physical combat.


   Finally, I think it important to note this series (and each story thereof) doesn’t fit in with the original series story-line perfectly. It is set a little after season 2’s end, but way before the future where all the season 2 kids are grown up, and the season 1 kids are even older.


   Actually, one more thing. I have personally watched every single damn episode of the series, including all of season 3, so YES, I do know what a Renemon is. My Alpha-Renemon and Axismon for that matter are my own creations, so no, they’re not mistakes.


   On with the show...





Ver.2 – Part 1




   Silence found the riverside, the trees in a large area around the original clearing had been felled by a destructive force, the Digidestined and their Digimon lay scattered about, dishevelled and worn. Alpha and Gregiramon calmly walk into the centre of the clearing, each taking a casual glance around. “I can’t believe they actually defeated Hildmon” the lizard-Digimon comments amusedly, eyeing off Angewoman, who was stirring if only faintly. “Strength in numbers, as they say” Alpha returns blankly “this was no achievement, more a delay of the inevitable”.


   Angewoman’s eyes open slowly, taking a few moments to adjust. She finds most of her companions still in their respective Champion or Ultimate forms, somehow, but clearly worn down. Her sight does catch on the other two Digimon present though, finding herself unable to even move, and unable to do anything as Alpha picks up Lilymon by scruff of the neck, before effortlessly tossing her onto Gregiramon’s back, narrowly averting the spines thereon.


   Without a further word, Gregiramon begins beating his wings, lifting from the ground a fair distance, before Alpha does something extremely unexpected. From his back near either shoulder, a large wing like a dragon’s grows out, covered with fur like the rest of his body. He beats his new wings, lifting himself from the ground to join Gregiramon, before a dimensional breach opens right on top of them, and closes an instant later, taking them to some undisclosed location.



   ExVeemon and Stingmon were scurrying about, helping Joe and Tai with the wounded as the group begins to pick up the pieces. Most of them were injured in some way, all clearly worn from their encounter. Lilymon’s absence hadn’t gone unnoticed amidst this, Sora, Kari and their partners were scouring the area, obviously looking for her and calling her name.


   “Since when do Digimon self-destruct anyway!?” Matt suddenly roars furiously, punching a nearby tree with enough force to visibly crack the trunk. “Woah, calm down man!” Davis remarks with concern, grabbing Matt’s shoulder and pulling him back from the tree “we’re all downed right now but we have to deal”.


   “And how exactly are we gonna do that?” Yolei comments vacantly “we barely handled Hildmon, the next one will be even more powerful”. “It’s not like we have a choice people” Tai interjects firmly “this is what we do, so let’s just do it”. “What happened to that Axismon character anyway?” Patamon wonders aloud, clearly unimpressed “I thought he was gonna help us”.

   Angewoman closes her eyes for a moment at hearing this, then turns toward the group “he’s not one of us...not anymore”.


   “Does this have something to do with that new form he reached?” Patamon inquires sharply “what exactly did he become?”. “His true form” a voice replies, not a moment before Seth, impossible as it seemed, walks out from behind what remained of the tree line to the side. “Aren’t...you...?” Kari begins in shock, her feeling shared throughout the group.

   “His partner, yes” Seth replies leaning against the trunk of a tree “or at least I was. The link between us was severed...he’s not a Digidestined Digimon anymore, he’s become something beyond that...”


   “Like what exactly?” Matt insists seriously “what has he become?”. “OmegaRenamon” Seth reports semi-seriously “a Perfect-level Digimon, beyond even Mega-level...that is what they all have become; Devidramon, Hildmon, Gregiramon”. “Then how do we stop them?” Tai continues the inquiry seriously “how do we reach that level?”.

   “You can’t” Seth replies solemnly “only the Digimon selected to be part of my Digidestined group can for some reason”.


   “He’s got a point, if it were possible then think of how many evil Digimon we’ve fought would have accomplished it” Yolei observes seriously, taking this information into consideration. A momentary silence passes, the situation already looked bad but it was just getting worse and worse, with no light in sight.



   “So what do we call you anyway, certainly not Alpha anymore” Lila speaks casually, as she, Sekira, and OmegaRenamon sit in a rough circular formation of furniture on an upper floor of an abandoned office building. “Alpha will do just fine” the fox replies, his newly grown wings only half folded to his back.

   Sekira’s eyes were preoccupied, keeping a distant gaze toward Gregiramon, who was a short distant away resting on the floor. “You’re still worried they’ll beat us, aren’t you?” Lila observes curiously “even without Devidramon and Hildmon, Alpha here and Gregiramon are more than a match for those fools”.


   “Don’t be so confident” Alpha comments suddenly, crossing his arms and narrowing his eyes “I would never have believed they could even defeat Hildmon to begin with”. “The fact is we simply don’t know what they’re capable of” Sekira continues on from Alpha’s statement, the two thinking on the same tangent evidently “we can not afford to underestimate them”. “Then shouldn’t we begin taking them out individually?” Lila inquires calmly “their strength is in numbers after all”.

   “That requires splitting them up” Alpha scolds sharply “something that is exceedingly difficult to accomplish”. Sekira visibly shared Alpha’s feeling on this as well, climbing to his feet and crossing his arms “I think it’s about time you started using your head Lila, if your overconfidence doesn’t cause us trouble then your stupidity will. It’s time to shape up, we have a difficult undertaking ahead of us”.


   “Whatever” Lila grunts in frustration, storming toward the stair-access toward the back “I’m out of here”. Both the fox, if he could be called that anymore, and the boy say nothing, simply turning their attention away, earning anger from the girl, who proceeds through the door and slams it closed behind her.

   After a silent moment, Sekira turns his eyes to glance over to Alpha, who was by this point standing up, facing away with his wings half-unfolded. “She’s going to cause us trouble...” Sekira comments darkly. “It is of no concern” Alpha replies blankly, though with a certain seriousness “we’ll deal with her when we have the opportunity”.




   “This is absurd, they could be anywhere...” Cody speaks solemnly, as he and Yolei stand out on the balcony of the Kamiya residence. “They may not even be in the Digital World” Yolei adds seriously “our actual chances of finding them are ridiculously low”.

   “We have to try anyway” Kari remarks unhappily, standing in the glass door. Both Cody and Yolei lower their heads for a moment solemnly, before looking out into the city. “We have to do something” Yolei agrees after a few moments, leaning onto the railing.


   Seth allows an unhappy sigh as he leans against the wall beside the bedroom window, looking out into the city as he crosses his arms. Tai, Davis and Sora accompanied him sat on or stood beside the bed, all bearing serious composure.

   “So what’s the deal with this ‘Perfect-Level’ anyway?” Davis begins, eyeing off Tai who continues “if we understand then maybe we can figure something out”. “Theoretically it’s the next form after Mega...” Seth replies semi-blankly, with an element of solemnity to his voice. “But there’s more to it, obviously so because only the Digimon from your Digidestined group can achieve it” Sora observes.


   “It has something to do with our crests, that much I know. The characteristic of each crest is actually immaterial, the power of the crest itself is the only plausible cause” Seth furthers with some contemplation “all of the crests were mismatched, horribly at that. Unlike your crests, ours deferred a massive amount of power to the subject Digimon, that’s why they were all so strong at only the Rookie-level”.

   “And now they’ve reached a level beyond Mega” Tai begins seriously, taking all this into consideration momentarily “but each one of them still HAS to have a weakness”. “Alpha only has one weakness...” Seth begins, trailing off as he realises what he is saying. Matt instantly lurches forward with a deathly serious look “if you know something you have to tell us”. “Alpha can take a massive amount of damage, and deal it out as you’re probably aware. But...his body isn’t capable of taking damage and dealing it out constantly” Seth completes blankly, before pushing away from the wall and approaching the door “keep hitting him and letting him attack simultaneously long enough and he’ll burn out”.


   With that said Seth gives a depressed sigh, then waves as he walks out the door, strait to the front door and leaves, without a moment of hesitation between. The three remain in the room, looking toward each other with an element of solemnity. Seth had just told them how to destroy his former partner, now all they had to do was figure out how to go about it.



   Not all that far away, on a familiar rooftop, Alpha stood atop the rooftop-access alcove with his arms crossed and his wings outstretched, allowing the cold breeze to flow against him. Everything was awash with grey, pale and near colourless, an eerie look that held the entire city it appeared. Evidently, this was not the same Tokyo that the Digidestined resided in, obvious as this one seemed desolate and uninhabited, a world absorbed by darkness, like a void.


   “The other fools have been dealt with, as you asked” a voice reports calmly from somewhere nearby. A dark figure, much larger than Alpha himself, stood on the rooftop itself, its head still notably higher up than the fox’s, despite how much lower its feet were.

   “Good work” Alpha replies blankly, folding his wings as he half-turns his head toward the figure “I have a new assignment for you”. “Anything you wish” the figure returns, unfolding its own wings as it moves toward the edge, were some light catches its form. The Digimon appeared to be a Guardrumon of some kind, it had black and blue feathers, and from the sound of its voice it was female.

   “Bring me that little pig-Digimon, Patamon” Alpha continues blankly, stepping toward the edge himself and pulling his wings back “and retrieve my discarded armour from that Digidestined’s home, I’m planning a little surprise for them”.

   “As you command OmegaRenamon” the dark Guardrumon affirms, before leaping from the edge and gliding away, then beating its wings for a moment to speed up and ascend toward the darkened sky.


   “A surprise? Sounds interesting...” Lila comments casually as she walks out from the rooftop access and looks up toward Alpha “what’re you planning anyway?”. “A surprise in case the Digidestined attack the fortress” the fox begins, calmly stepping off the edge and beating his wings slowly to keep himself in the air “and a contingency plan in case they begin to succeed”.




   “You have to love the architecture...” Sekira announces casually, as he walks across the floor of a steel-lined room in some undisclosed location. Machinery, computer-components and cables protruded through the ceiling and walls sporadically, this place wasn’t all that dissimilar to the Digimon Emperor’s base (author’s note: Dark Kaiser’s base).

   Lilymon was restrained against one wall by chains clamped around her wrists, the chains shortened enough to keep her stood up. Sekira comes to stand only a meter or so in front of her, with his hands in his pockets as he looked off to the side. “The Fortress, enclosed in its own personal dimension, this is our true base of operations. That office building in Alter-Tokyo is just a half-way point, an outpost if you will”.


   “So, this is the place we’re gonna have to destroy when we take you down?” Lilymon retorts smugly, keeping a smirk on her face in plain sight of Sekira to spite him. The boy isn’t even shaken by her words, instead turning and taking a step toward her, placing his hand on her cheek “you have no idea...just what your friends will have to face when they come here”. “Enlighten me” Lilymon challenges (getting the information out of this idiot isn’t the hard part, getting out of here to warn the others will be). “It’s really quite simple...that’s the beauty of it” Sekira begins, crossing his arms and taking an amused composure “The Fortress is protected by its own security force, automated combat drones controlled by a central computer, which is located in the very same chamber myself and my companions will be occupying when the Digidestined attack. Should they succeed in getting past the drones, and even destroying the computer to neutralise them and this base...”


   He trails off momentarily, turning to look Lilymon in the eye “should they get that far, Alpha will undoubtedly crush them. Unfortunately for your friends, he wont fail”. “What makes you so sure?” Lilymon continues to challenge her captor “you have that much faith in him?”. “Faith has nothing to do with it” Sekira replies with a semi-serious tone, narrowing his eyes “I’ve seen Alpha’s power with my own eyes, if he can’t beat them in his current form, he’ll change into a different one. That’s his true power, total adaptability”.

   “Ha, and I suppose you’re gonna rape me now just to top it off?” Lilymon remarks amusedly “you really are pathetic, you know that?”. “Rape you...? I don’t think so” Sekira returns calmly as he walks toward the door, stopping momentarily and casting a glance over his shoulder “Alpha on the other hand has a taste for you Digidestined, and I imagine he isn’t too far away by now”.



   “So here’s how I see it” Tai begins semi-calmly, all the Digidestined reunited, even Mimi though she was visibly very weak “we’ll track down OmegaRenamon and the three of us will take him; WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, and Imperialdramon. Meanwhile Sylphymon, Guardrumon and Ankylamon will take on that lizard-Digimon, Gregiramon”.

   “What’s this based on exactly? I can understand why you’d want WarGreymon and Imperialdramon against OmegaRenamon but why are we in there too?” Matt queries curiously, Gabumon nodding in agreement. “If something goes wrong we’ve Omnimon as a backup” Tai replies, more serious now “if something goes wrong on your end...”. He looks toward Cody, Sora, Yolei and Kari “then Ankylamon and Guardrumon are just gonna have to DNA Digivolve”. “But we don’t know if that’s even possible!” Sora and Cody remark simultaneously.


   “There’s no reason it shouldn’t work” Izzy interjects with some contemplation “theoretically there’s no reason why ANY two Digimon of either group couldn’t do it”. “What happens if it doesn’t work?” Cody insists seriously “what do we do then?”.


   The discussion is shattered instantly, as the balcony, and all of the structure around it, suddenly explode inward, showering the Digidestined in debris as a dark figure hangs in the air before the freshly made gaping hole.

   The dark Guardrumon reaches her arm in and grabs Patamon with ease, before moving away from the hole a little as a charge of intense blue energy builds around her eyes “TwinBeam!”. A pair of narrow but intense beams of energy fire into the apartment, hitting the floor in the centre of the Digidestined and causing it to explode beneath them, dropping them to the next floor down in a shower of debris and a thick cloud of dust.

   “Child’s play” the dark Guardrumon announces amusedly as she ascends toward the sky once more, before turning over and flying away.


   Choking on the thick tainted air and badly shaken by the attack, T.K forces himself across to the balcony of this apartment, leaning over the railing an forcing out a scream “Patamon!!”. But it was already too late, his companion and the dark Digimon that had abducted him were gone.

   “T.K!” Kari exclaims in concern, struggling her way to his side “what happened!?”. “That thing took Patamon!” he screams back, clearly out of control by this point “that fucking Omega-Renamon got another one of us!!”.


   “That’s not all...” Tai observes darkly, noting that the hole above was large enough to include the wall of his and Kari’s bedroom “it took his armour too”. “What the hell could he want with his old armour?” Yolei observes in confusion “it’s already ruined, and it wouldn’t even fit him in his current form”.

   “His current form...?” Izzy echoes in contemplation, most of the others still dusting themselves off or picking themselves up, but paying some attention. “Of course...” Izzy begins again seriously, turning to the others “he’s going to change his form again, he must need his armour to do it”. “But why?” Kari insists in confusion “it’s just some wrecked body-armour”. “No, it’s part of him” Izzy continues seriously “because his body generated it, the armour is part of him. His current form may just be a substitute because he can’t take the form he wants without his armour”.


   “What about Patamon and Lilymon, what the hell does he want with them!?” T.K remarks, storming over and pushing Izzy back sharply “you got all the fucking answers right, what does he want with them!?”. Matt instantly lunges forward and grabs his brother, pulling him away in a full-nelson hold. “T.K calm down!” Tai insists seriously “I know you’re worried about Patamon but this isn’t the answer”.

   “Worried!? I terrified!” T.K retorts, unable to hold back his tears anymore as he begins to break down “that bastard is gonna do something to him, I know it, it’s just obvious. And what about Lilymon? He’s already had her for a while, she may already be dead!”.


   Mimi is struck by this statement, Joe quickly rushing to comfort her. “No, he wants them for something, I’m sure she’ll be alive” Izzy begins seriously “whatever the case we have to do whatever it is we’re gonna do NOW”.




   “It wasn’t even a challenge” the dark Guardrumon reports amusedly, as she and Alpha remain in mid-air in the sky of Alter-Tokyo, both beating their wings slowly to remain airborne. “This is certain to accelerate their efforts” Alpha replies blankly, taking Patamon with one hand and absorbing his armour directly into his body with the other “but now we are ready to deal with them”.

   “Is there anything more you wish of me OmegaRenamon?” the other Digimon continues calmly, watching Alpha lift Patamon by the scruff of the neck and study his body. “No...I don’t imagine so” he replies calmly, tucking the flying pig under his arm “I suggest returning to the void, inform the other one that he should come to The Fortress immediately”.


   No less than a moment after completing his sentence, Alpha’s body ignites with an intense white glow. He becomes larger instantly, and broader in certain areas as if he were becoming Axismon. However, the glow fades and metallic armour forms over his body, covering almost every little inch, with a distinctly cybernetic look now apparent. A pair of compact but apparently high-powered thrusters had formed on his back, keeping him in mid-air as his wings had disappeared. An armoured section was attached to the length of either forearm, and his eyes glowed with a blue intensity.


   “What then do you want with this little one?” his subservient companion queries curiously, though visibly impressed by this development. “My next form” Alpha replies calmly “this little one holds the key to unlocking it”.



   “Hey, where’s the lizard?” Lila wonders aloud, as she walks into a large chamber within The Fortress. In the centre, stretching from the floor to the ceiling was a cylindrical metallic spire, with a computer core encircled by a wall of holographic displays in the very centre, around which was a platform. Sekira stood up there, observing the displays with a mediocre seriousness, glancing down to his side to the lower catwalk where Lila stood. “Gregiramon has gone to begin the battle” he speaks, looking back up at the displays “the Digidestined will be here soon enough”.

   “So the fun begins huh?” Lila returns casually “it’s about time”. “Indeed...” Sekira agrees under his breath, slightly distant now, narrowing his eyes “the time has come”.


   “Oh come on!!” Lilymon exclaims in frustration, pulling against her restraints with all her strength “break damn you!”. “Humorous, if not at least amusing” a voice comments calmly, as Alpha appears from no where just to the side approaching her. “Those chains are made of the very same metal as my armour, quite durable” the now cybernetic-fox continues, as he steps right up to her “but they have their limits”.

   He wraps one paw around the central chain, then simply turns his wrist and the chains literally shatter into pieces. He then proceeds to remove the chains from her wrists with the same degree of ease before turning side-on to her and looking away “you know, after today, I’ll not have another opportunity to ‘enjoy’ one of you Digidestined”.


   “So take your chance” Lilymon challenges smugly “come on tough guy, let’s see you do it”. Alpha places one paw against Lilymon’s abdomen, and with a degree of ease that had to be seen to be believed press her into the wall. Lilymon found herself utterly trapped by his strength, even though the metal-encased fox’s muscles were not even tensed at all.

   “For now anyway, the name is MetalAxismon” Alpha informs calmly, turning to look her in the eye “and I have no intention of taking you. My associate ExVeemon however doesn’t mind much what he fucks, as long as it screams”.


   MetalAxismon removes his paw and heads toward the door, as a familiar, though not identically so, Digimon descends into the room via an opening in the ceiling. An ExVeemon certainly, but this one, like all the other Dark Digidestined Digimon it seemed, had different features. Its skin was yellow and white for instance, and its wings much larger in proportion than Davis’ partner’s were.

   The ExVeemon walks up to Lilymon with an evil smirk on his face, then licks her cheek and places his hand on her chest. “Scream loud enough, and I may just let you live” he growls darkly, before using his claws in one motion to shred Lilymon’s coverings, revealing her actually rather human-like anatomy.



   Lila manages an exasperated gasp as MetalAxismon rips her shirt off, while simultaneously eating her out, down on one knee. With a faint shove he pushes her into a wall and tears her pants off, as she reaches out and grabs a small patch of exposed fur beneath his armour on either side of his abdominal area.

   “I’ve looked forward to this for a while Alpha” Lila submits excitedly, before stretching up and kissing him passionately. He uses one claw to slit her undergarments, allowing them to slip down on leg before his finger finds the opening to her pussy. “Stuff the games, just hurry up and fuck me” Lila demands while pulling his armour covered body closer sharply. The fox’s face takes an evil smirk as his dick slides out of its pouch, erect and ready “if you insist”.



   Lilymon struggles out a scream between her accelerated breathing and frequent gasps. ExVeemon lay on the floor, with one hand gripping either of Lilymon’s thighs as she straddled him, forcing her onto his member with a twisted pleasure. Every scream made him enjoy it even more.

   He moves one hand to fondle her breasts roughly, before grabbing a hold of her mid-section with one hand and lifting her up enough to free his cock, and using his other hand to realign it with her asshole. Lilymon begins a terrified protest, but it breaks into a scream as he forces himself in with evil ecstasy.

   After several moments, with tears flowing down her ashamed face, Lilymon becomes nearly limp with weakness, before ExVeemon rams his member up her sharply. She convulses in pain, overridden by the beast’s roar of pleasure as he cums, the excess amount of semen quickly beginning to seep out of Lilymon’s tortured hole.

   ExVeemon allows a further moment, before grabbing Lilymon by the neck and lifting her up as he rises to his feet. He then slams her onto the ground, onto her knees, the pain of which earns another horrible scream, but one that is quickly silenced when the beast shoves his cock down her throat. Lilymon’s eyes almost burst out of their sockets, clearly choking on the member but unable to do anything. ExVeemon may only be a Champion-level, and Lilymon an Ultimate-level, but this specific Digimon was exceedingly powerful.

   Lilymon’s abuser quickly cums again, and removes his cock from her throat, allowing her to slump onto the floor weakly. Struggling for breath, leaking semen from her anus and sporadically coughing up more semen.



   “Prominence Beam!” Gregiramon roars furiously, before firing a thick beam of red energy from his mouth, which burns a trench into the ground below. Sylphymon averts this easily, much to fast for the lizard, while Guardrumon comes out of nowhere and collects Gregiramon in a very literally flying shoulder tackle. The lizard sails some distance, before Ankylamon suddenly leaps into the air in his path, flipping over to deliver an awesomely powerful mid-air strike with his tail, sending Gregiramon into the earth below with an almighty crash.

   Instantly Sylphymon appears through the dust cloud, leaping past Gregiramon’s head with a lightning-fast swipe of her claws.


   Gregiramon doesn’t even manage a startled gasp before his head splits into two pieces, which fall onto the ground separately, a moment before his entire body breaks up. “One down!” Sora exclaims seriously. “And only one more to go” Gatomon adds from within Sylphymon “Alpha...”



   “Oh god...!” Lila struggles out between moans, as MetalAxismon still had her pressed into the wall. She had her legs wrapped around him as he had either paw digging into the steel on either side of her, thoroughly enjoying the activity himself. One had to wonder how long it had been by now, but a good indication would have been the mixed fluids on the wall and floor beneath, a mixture of both of their fluids, as both had already cummed at least once.

   “Give it a rest” Sekira suddenly comments seriously, causing the two to stop, looking over at him. “And why exactly...would we do that?” MetalAxismon presents between breaths, clearly unimpressed by this interruption. “And if the Digidestined arrive while you two are off bastardising the human gene-pool?”


   “Oh please Kira, Digimon can’t impregnate humans” Lila retorts flatly “and besides, those stupid kids haven’t even figured out how to get here yet”. “Don’t be so sure” Sekira replies seriously, looking away to hide an expression of mild distaste “they’ve surprised us more than once so far”.


   The fox eases his human counterpart onto the ground once more while retracting his member, taking an unimpressed, and non-amused composure. “You have a point...” he begins walking up beside Sekira, before slowly placing his paw on the boy’s opposite shoulder “but the next time you interrupt me in any capacity, I will end your insignificant existence”.

   With that said the cybernetic-fox leaves via a nearby door, prompting Sekira to turn on his heel and punch the wall beside him with a deeply angered and hurt composure “damn you Alpha, damn you to hell!”. “Settle” Lila begins casually, walking up and placing her hand on his shoulder “the instant he destroys a Digidestined his data will corrupt, and your invention will allow us to destroy him. Once he’s done the dirty work the way will be paved for our reign over both worlds”.



   “Remind me exactly how we find that damn fox” Matt comments seriously, as he, Tai, Davis and Ken, and their partners, make their way down a deserted Tokyo street. It was the dead of night, cold, and disturbingly silent.

   Tai puts away his D-Terminal, casting a quick glance over his shoulder “we don’t have to, one of those dimensional gates just opened in the centre of the city”. “And what if it’s a trap?” Ken wonders aloud, Davis agreeing with this. “Trap or not we’re all going, we have to end this” Matt insists firmly “we have two of our own to rescue and two whole worlds to save”.


   They round another corner and find themselves near the centre of the city, not that this made any sense to them. “Uh...how exactly did we get here?” Davis queries, utterly baffled by this. Ken simply shakes his head, unable to fathom a response, before they catch sight of the others not far away. “You guys too huh? Looks like we’ve been rounded up” Yolei comments, the group uniting before the large, circular right in the centre of the intersection.

   “So this is it...time to take the fight to the enemy’s door” Sora observes with some odd relief. The others seemed to share her feelings, odd as they were. The group approach the rift, stopping only a few steps away.


   “Whatever we find on the other side, if we stick together they can’t defeat us” Tai announces determinedly “now lets show ‘em what real Digidestined can do!”.



   Sekira and Lila stand side-by-side on the platform around The Fortress’ computer core, sharing an amused smirk as they watch the holographic display before them. Above however, in the room above the core’s chamber, MetalAxismon was stood in the centre of the room holding Patamon by the scruff of the neck before him.

   “You my little friend are the key to my final form” he begins, as a hovering robot that seemed to be made up of two mechanical discs hovers up beside him “but for now, for safekeeping...”. He inserts Patamon between the two discs, an instant before an energy field generates between them, securing the little Digimon inside.


   “The end draws near...”







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