If you’re not 18 (21 in some regions) or offended by pornographic, or graphically violent material, don’t read any further. This document contains graphic depictions of sex and death, you have been warned.

   Now onto the next part...


   A preliminary note to readers, this is part of a series, so if you haven’t read the first one then don’t read any further, or won’t understand the story (yes there’s actually a story line here).


   Secondly, my writing is not focused purely on sex. It contains sex therefore it is a Lemon, but the sex is in a certain proportion with the actual story (and when I can’t think of ideas). So don’t read this expecting everyone to fuck everyone at every turn and juncture.


   Third on the list, Digimon battles in my writing are not pretty, and they’re not meant to be. The looser of a battle in my writing always, always dies violently or due to a violent action (though one particular character keeps coming back...). Also, I prefer the Digimon to fight with a little more skill than just using special attacks endlessly, so Digimon battles in my writings also involve a degree of physical combat.


   Finally, I think it important to note this series (and each story thereof) doesn’t fit in with the original series story-line perfectly. It is set a little after season 2’s end, but way before the future where all the season 2 kids are grown up, and the season 1 kids are even older.


   Actually, one more thing. I have personally watched every single damn episode of the series, including all of season 3, so YES, I do know what a Renemon is. My Alpha-Renemon and Axismon for that matter are my own creations, so no, they’re not mistakes.


   On with the show...





Ver.1 – Part 4





   “I still say it doesn’t make sense. How could they have been chosen as Digidestined in the first place if they were capable of turning evil?” Cody wonders aloud. The younger and older kids, and their Digimon were still congregated in the living room of Kari’s place, though the air was slightly serious now.


   “Just look at me” Ken comments solemnly “I was evil”. “That was different, you turned evil by someone else” Davis quickly interjects. “I think we’re all forgetting these kids spent God knows how long in a darkness filled void...I don’t think anyone here could say for sure what effect that would have on a person” Yolei reminds seriously, causing the others to take some consideration on the point.

   “In any case we’re gonna have to stop them someway or another” Tai reports with some slight remorse “they seem pretty adamant in destroying us”.


   Matt goes to say something, but the whole group is put off momentarily as the lights flicker several times. “What the...power failure?” Sora ascertains from this with some confusion. “No, power drain” Izzy remarks seriously “something’s draining a lot of power from the grid”.



   Not something, but rather someone, was indeed draining a large amount of power from Tokyo’s power grid. Alpha-Renemon was levitating a good three or four feet off the ground with his head lowered, his teeth gritted, his eyes clenched, as his body draws in just as much electricity as the turbines could put out.


   “He’s gonna fry himself at this rate!” Patamon exclaims frantically, looking toward an emergency shut-off switch to the side. But before he can head for it, Gatomon grabs his foot holds him back “we have to let him go, we have to have faith he can do it”.

   Patamon settles at hearing this, agreeing hesitantly and retaking his seat beside Gatomon.


   Alpha’s body suddenly arches back as he throws his head upward with a deafening roar, his arms by his sides but out-turned. The fox’s body throws out a dozen intense tendrils of electricity, which tare the catwalk below him to pieces, and burn several large trenches into the rest of concrete around him.

    But though the tendrils dissipate, he remains in the same position as the electricity around his body changes again. This time it became silver in colour, almost metallic in appearance. His wrist pads physically burn off, the goggles dissolve leaving nothing behind, his arms become a little more muscular as his abdomen area becomes slightly broader and his ears become more triangular in shape.

   Gatomon and Patamon watch on in a mixture of shock and awe, whether Alpha was mutating or digivolving, they could only wonder.


   Alpha’s eyes ignite with a white intensity as his body arches even more, his continuous roar growing even louder and more powerful. His body becomes even more rigid as his muscles tense sharply, his roar becoming a determined growl.


   “What’s happening!? What the hell is he doing!?” Patamon demands frantically, as he and Gatomon are forced to shield their faces from the intense light thrown off by the energy around Alpha’s body. The fox hunches forward with his eyes squeezed closed, his arms hugging his shoulders, before he suddenly arches back into his previous stance, this time with tendrils of silver electricity flying off and tearing the entire room apart.



   The two smaller Digimon awake to find themselves a few meters apart, laying on the ground of a now totally levelled structure. The very building itself had been shattered and destroyed, yet somehow they were atop the rubble and debris, totally unharmed.


   Stood a few meters away was Alpha, or what one assumed to still be Alpha. He didn’t look dramatically different save for the changes that occurred earlier, and his fur now being pure white, though sparks of silver electricity sproadically crackled across his body. Alpha turns around, walking over and kneeling between them, his eyes were now yellow in colour, rather similar to Hildmon’s actually, though Alpha’s were deeper in colour.


   “Come on guys, time to get out of here” the fox speaks calmly, picking up Gatomon in his arms as Patamon gets up under his own power and begins flying a short distance off the ground. “Are you...ok?” the kitty inquires oddly, looking up at Alpha’s face with a certain confusion. Alpha takes an amused smirk at this, looking toward Patamon “we’ll catch you up later, tell the others to head to the Digital World, head to File island, we’ll meet you there”.

   Patamon doesn’t question the fox, instead he nods with a smile and flies off, leaving the two alone.


   “You’ve got a plan...I can tell” Gatomon observes, taking an amused smirk of her own. “I’ve got a plan for right now...” Alpha replies slyly, before lifting her up onto his shoulders. His body abruptly ignites with a white glow, and transforms into an almost two meter tall, four-legged version of himself, much more like a lion with the proportions of this form, but with the same details as Alpha himself, and two tails.

   Gatomon finds herself sat at the shoulder point on his back, where she leans forward and takes a better hold. Noting this, Alpha, in this previously unseen form, runs off at a speed that would put most modern sports cars to shame.



   One would assume not a large amount of time later, Alpha had brought Gatomon to a stretch of forest near the waterside, where he digs his massive paws into the ground and slides to a stop, ripping the earth apart in the process.

   His body abruptly ignites with the same white glow before he changes back into the two-legged form we are more accustomed to, Gatomon now up on his shoulders again. He reaches up and lowers her to the ground slowly, looking down at her with a warm smile.


   “You know, this will be the last time we get a chance to do this...” Alpha, or whatever he’d become, speaks calmly. Gatomon doesn’t ask why, she had no desire to question him on this somehow. Instead she guides him down onto one knee, uses the thigh of that leg to boost herself up, and grabs a hold of his upper body while kissing him.

   The fox returns the kiss, the engaging in this for what would have been several long moments, before Gatomon pushes against him and guides him onto his back. She shifts forward as his paws move up support her, before the fox uses his tongue to part the fur around her pussy and begins licking into it. Simultaneously, Gatomon’s tail stretches back and the end begins rubbing the fur where the pouch hiding his member was located.


   After a few moments Alpha’s dick slides out, which the kitty’s tail wraps around in a display of incredible dexterity and begins wanking it almost like a hand, or paw < ; ) > would. It takes only a further few moments before her breathing becomes heavier with pants and gasps invading sproadically, as Alpha’s tongue steadily brought her toward her first orgasm, while he simultaneously savoured the experience by controlling the pace without sacrificing the pleasure.


   Gatomon begins to moan loudly as her climax etched ever closer, the fur around Alpha’s mouth matted and soaked, evident of his progress thus far. She cums with a moan so loud it causes the birds to scatter from the trees, before she almost falls backward onto him, then rolls over and slides forward, taking a hold of his cock with her paw and pushing herself up a little with the other.

   She licks up the length of his shaft a few times, then circles her tongue around the nob for a moment, before taking the whole thing into her mouth. Anyone who had seen this would realise his cock had to be reaching into her throat, but she seemed totally unfazed, as she begins sucking the fox off steadily.


   Alpha’s paw digs into the ground as he closes his eyes (I knew she couldn’t have been that bad, I must have passed out from the excitement) < reference to part 2, in case you’d forgotten, or hadn’t read it >. After a further few moments the fox’s paw reaches down and stops Gatomon’s attention, before she slides off him to the side and rolls onto her back, as he rolls over while propping himself up.

   They remained like that for a moment silently, both breathing a little heavier than normal, before Alpha lines himself up and rests his cock against the well lubricated opening to her pussy. It was much easier to manage this time, as the fox was significantly smaller this time around. His head was still about Gatomon’s height again away from hers though, even with his body arched on such an angle to make this possible.


   He slides himself into her slowly, closing his own eyes as he felt the warm, wet tightness grip his member. His cock wasn’t actually dramatically smaller than it had been as Axismon, but one had to assume either he, or Gatomon, or both had adjusted to the relative differences in what they were actually built for.

   He begins to fuck her at a medium but steady pace, his claws digging into the dirt once more as she reaches up and grabs a hold of him, moaning in ecstasy as his dick slide in and out, reaching deeply inside her with each thrust.

   The fox picks up the tempo more, seizing the opportunity to make this a memorable experience. His pace continues to speed up gradually, until he had a hip-velocity that was rivalling the little speed-demon Patamon when he fucked Biyomon.


   Even at this pace the fox lasts what must have been at least fifteen minutes, with the previous two efforts lasting almost ten minutes individually. Finally he thrusts in a little harder than before and holds it, at the exact same time Gatomon pushes into him firmly, as both release a loud moan, reaching orgasm at the same time once more.


   Like he had before, Alpha remains in place and allows his cock to go soft and retract of its own will, and remains supporting himself over Gatomon as both almost struggled to recover their breath.

   The fox however seems to fail at this, and suddenly falls to the side, landing on his side beside the cat-Digimon, who looks up to his face with some concern. “Are you ok?” she manages between breaths, noting that neither of his eyes were open. His mouth was though, his breathing still quite heavy and troubled.

   Gatomon shifts up with what energy she had left and hugs into his chest “it’s ok, we’ll sleep here tonight, alone”.



   Alpha’s eyes open to find himself still laying in the forest with Gatomon, with one arm rested over her to hug her closer to his body while she hugged into his chest. She was awake too, which Alpha notices as he turns his head down toward her “you’ve got to go, haven’t you?”. “Hildmon is my immediate concern, but I have to stop Sekira as well” the fox speaks seriously.

   “But you’ll come back” Gatomon replies, more of a statement than a question “and I’ll be waiting”. The two Digimon hug each other tightly, before both stand up and face toward the rising sun.


   Gatomon closes her eyes for a moment, still adjusting to the light and slightly solemn in composure. When she opens them again she finds the larger, four legged form of Alpha standing beside her.

   “What name does this form carry anyway?” the cat-Digimon queries curiously. Alpha turns his head toward her, retaining his serious composure “just call me Alpha, that’s all I ask”.




   (I don’t even know if I can beat Hildmon) Alpha runs down a street, leaping over the odd car that comes along, passing by as a trailing blur. (Even in this new form, Hildmon has grown so powerful I may not be able to stop him) Alpha digs his paws in and skids to a stop, ripping the street in the process (it’s not like I have a whole lot of choice, I can’t leave Hildmon to the Digidestined...they’re powerful but not that powerful).


   He stops suddenly as something comes to him (but then...why am I more powerful than them? I’m a Digidestined Digimon...I should be the same and yet...) he turns his head a little and looks down his own side (and yet I’m just like Devidramon and Hildmon).



   “Digmon!!” Cody screams frantically, as his partner is sent sailing through a concrete wall some distance away. Not a moment later ExVeemon finds himself on the receiving end of a sweep from Hildmon’s tail, sending him on the same course but in the opposite direction.

   “These are the mighty Digidestined Digimon that defeated VenomMyotismon?” Hildmon observes darkly “Promethius Blast!”.


   Aquilamon manages to avoid the column of green fire that passes, but narrowly. To his side, Pegasusmon had dodged the attack as well, but again it was close, close enough shake him. The situation below wasn’t much better, MetalGarurumon wasn’t moving all too quickly, and barely managing to avert being stepped on by Hildmon as the significantly larger Digimon turns and pivots sproadically, swiping any attackers from the air with his tail, or narrowly failing to clench them in his powerful jaws.


   The battle could only turn for the better from here on.



   (Oh god no...it can’t be...) Alpha had come to a stop on the opposite side of the river to where the Digidestined were battling Hildmon, confronted by another Digimon on the highway on the riverside.

   This one was like a lizard, four-legged and low to ground, with an array of curved spines leading down its neck and spine, ending just before the tail. This lizard-Digimon also had a large pair of rather dragon-like wings stemming from its dorsal area, which were folded onto its back at this moment in time. It had white skin, with dark grey stripes on much of its body, and ice-blue eyes.


   “Gregiramon...” Alpha observes darkly “so you were next in line”. Gregiramon gives an amused grunt, standing almost side-on to Alpha with his head turn toward him “lucky me, Hildmon’s busy, so it looks like I get to finish you off”. Alpha’s eyes narrow, before he transforms back into his two legged form “What makes you so sure you even can? Devidramon failed, and he was more powerful than you”.


   “And it seems you’ve reached your true form” Gregiramon comments, looking Alpha over top-to-toe, before his expression hardens “tell me, did you send those fools to their deaths deliberately?”. “What!?” Alpha remarks in shock, clearly taken aback by this “what do you mean?”.

   “The Digidestined over there, you instructed them to go to the Digital World, knowing full well if they all travelled together Hildmon would attack them” Gregiramon replies slyly “isn’t that what you intended?”.


   (Did I...really do that...?) Alpha looks over toward the battle scene, the group wasn’t faring too well at all, even worse since last we saw (this doesn’t affect me at all...I’m seeing them be slowly destroyed, and yet I don’t find it the least troubling...). “You see, Alpha?” Gregiramon begins almost casually “you are one of us, you’re just like us. That’s why you’re more powerful than them, that’s why you can obtain your true form where as their Digimon never will”.


   “Could it be true...?” Alpha wonders under his breath, lost and confused now “am I really the same?”. Gregiramon looks toward the battle-scene, then takes an amused smirk “it’s amusing, isn’t it? To see them try so diligently to defeat Hildmon when they haven’t got the slightest chance”.

   Alpha looks, and watches for a moment. It’s then a cold and disturbing thing happens, he too takes an evilly amused smirk, and utters the words...

   “Yes actually, it is...”








Coming in Version 2...


Is it true? Is Alpha-Renemon one of the Dark Digidestined?

Can the Digidestined defeat Hildmon?

Will Alpha-Renemon be the final nail in the Digidestined’s coffin?


All will be revealed! Apocalypse Alpha version 2 coming soon!






   A good time to mention, now that you’ve read the whole thing, that this is the end of the first “Story Arc” so to speak. Each four episodes/parts of the series present a version, so episodes 1-4 are version 1, episodes 5-8 are version 2, and episodes 9-12 are version 3. Based on the feedback (if any) I get from this version (or the current version I should say) I’ll decide whether to go any further. So if I finish version 3 and people really like the series, I’ll work on a version 4, and so on, MAYBE.




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