If you’re not 18 (21 in some regions) or offended by pornographic, or graphically violent material, don’t read any further. This document contains graphic depictions of sex and death, you have been warned.

   Now onto the next part...


   A preliminary note to readers, this is part of a series, so if you haven’t read the first one then don’t read any further, or won’t understand the story (yes there’s actually a story line here).


   Secondly, my writing is not focused purely on sex. It contains sex therefore it is a Lemon, but the sex is in a certain proportion with the actual story (and when I can’t think of ideas). So don’t read this expecting everyone to fuck everyone at every turn and juncture.


   Third on the list, Digimon battles in my writing are not pretty, and they’re not meant to be. The looser of a battle in my writing always, always dies violently or due to a violent action (though one particular character keeps coming back...). Also, I prefer the Digimon to fight with a little more skill than just using special attacks endlessly, so Digimon battles in my writings also involve a degree of physical combat.


   Finally, I think it important to note this series (and each story thereof) doesn’t fit in with the original series story-line perfectly. It is set a little after season 2’s end, but way before the future where all the season 2 kids are grown up, and the season 1 kids are even older.


   Actually, one more thing. I have personally watched every single damn episode of the series, including all of season 3, so YES, I do know what a Renemon is. My Alpha-Renemon and Axismon for that matter are my own creations, so no, they’re not mistakes.


   On with the show...






Ver.1 – Part 2




   Axismon opens his eyes slowly, dimly aware of a strange though not all together unfamiliar sensation throughout his body. As his eyes begin to focus, and his brain begins to catch up with reality, he realises he is in fact still Axismon, and that he hadn’t devolved back into Alpha-Renemon. Next he realises that his armour had been removed from his body, which he catches sight of out the corner of his eye, together with his sword it lay in a pile under a table. Then he realises he’s not alone in the room, and the sensation he was feeling was of Gatomon sucking his manhood, which he was watching now with a faint curiosity, faint confusion, faint surprise, and faint head.

   He returns his gaze toward the ceiling and slowly closes his eyes (who am I to complain? Might as well enjoy it).


   Actually, without the body-armour obstructing ones view, it was simple to see that Axismon was in fact identical to Alpha-Renemon, just about a foot taller, broader in the shoulders and abdomen, and a lot more muscular, clearly visible even through his fur. Gatomon was knelt on the bed in between his legs, quite busily working away on his member and not even faintly aware he was conscious.

   The again, Axismon wasn’t exactly letting on he was conscious anyway...




   Some distance away, an activity of a very similar nature was taking place. Namely T.K and Kari engaged in a 69er in T.K’s bedroom, ecstatically working away at each other’s exotic organs. As they submitted muffled moans and steadily grew toward orgasm, a sudden crash is heard outside the door, though neither is distracted.


   As the sounds of both teenagers reaching climax just about shake the door free of its hinges, Patomon was busily wrestling around on the floor with Biyomon. One had to wonder exactly when this apparently rampant fuck-buddy relationship started, though evidently, it wasn’t all too long ago, ascertainable from the extreme excitement they shared during sexual activities. Both little Digimon had almost totally different personalities in this state of mind, utterly sex-crazed.


   Patamon was on top of Biyomon missionary-style fucking her pussy with all speed and power his little hips could manage, which was actually a hell of a lot, what he lacked in size he made up for ten fold with vitality and stamina.

   After a few moments a several loud moans, Biyomon suddenly pushes upward, knocking him onto his back while he rolls over to land on top of him, and begins riding his cock with equal disdain. A few more moments of this and Patamon takes control once more, grabbing a hold of her and rolling them both over, before rolling her over again to assume a doggy position and putting his ‘energiser-battery bunny’ hips to work again. With just a moment Biyomon was too overwhelmed to take control again, and she orgasms prematurely in a moment of weakness, spraying Patamon’s lower body with her cum as he just begins to get there, and fills her with his own.


   They remain locked in place for a few moments, Patamon’s dick going soft once more and retracting into its pouch while they both breath heavily, and finally submit to exhaustion, collapsing onto the floor with no hope of moving any time soon.

   Around about this time a shoddily clothed T.K and Kari exit the bedroom and take note of them laying there in a puddle of ‘liquid sexual excitement’. “Oh man...I’ll go get the mop” T.K observes, before heading toward the closet. “I’ll put them to bed” Kari offers thoughtfully, as she picks up the two wasted Digimon “come on guys, nap time”.



   Axismon’s eyes slowly open once more (I fell asleep...? She can’t have been that bad...). He casts a glance around, finding himself actually capable of moving his neck, and finds Gatomon lying on the bed almost immediately next to him (poor thing, she must have went all out). Gatomon’s eyes flicker open for a moment, then close slowly, then rip open suddenly before she jumps to the other side of the room where she crashes into a lamp and ends up on her butt. “I-I-I” is all she managed to get out in surprise, realising she’d been caught red-handed.

   “Don’t worry about it” Axismon speaks calmly “besides I owe you at some point”. With that said he slowly sits up, trying not to smirk at the totally bemused look on Gatomon’s face as she realised what he meant by that one.


   “I take it I’m in the human world?” Axismon queries curiously, noticing the city through the open window. “Tokyo to be precise” Gatomon reports, still a little shaken. Axismon gets up slowly, walking over to his armour. “Oh man...” is all he could use to describe the radical amount of damage it had taken “I won’t be wearing this anymore I guess”.

   “You look better without it on anyway” Gatomon comments, then clamps her paws over her mouth, yet another slip. Axismon just smiles at her momentarily, then digs his goggles out from the pile and puts them on, though not over his eyes, and picks up his sword (I don’t imagine I’ll be using this in an awful hurry...it’s not like there’s anyone to fight in this world). “Would it be alright if I left this here temporarily?”  Axismon inquires, looking in Gatomon’s direction. She was currently cursing at herself while facing away, attempting to be discrete about it too.


   “Uh, Gatomon?” Axismon continues curiously, earning her attention this time. She almost jumps again, turning bright red “uh yeah, it’ll be fine!”. “Thanks” Axismon replies, setting the sword against the tableside (might as well get accustomed to my new environment...besides, I’ve always wanted to see this world).

   He heads out of the room and toward the balcony, stopping momentarily as Gatomon follows “give my thanks to everyone for helping me, and caring for me. I owe you a great debt”. “It’s no problem!” Gatomon replies casually “we help people all the time, it’s kinda our job”. Axismon nods to this and takes a smile as he jumps up onto the railing, glancing out across the cityscape (one could get an incredible workout using this rooftops...and get around a lot faster). “Oh” Axismon comments as he was about to leap off, remembering something apparently, and turning toward Gatomon. “I owe you a personal debt” Axismon reminds casually, standing on the railing while facing toward Gatomon, he takes a sly smirk “be sure to come collect soon”. And with that, before Gatomon even had a chance to reply, he performs a graceful backward somersault off the railing and phases out, leaving Gatomon up on the railing leant over it looking for him.

   (How the hell does he do that?)



   Night had finally come to Tokyo, as we find Axismon stood on the very tip of an extremely tall antenna. The tip itself was just about the diameter to fit both of his feet on, provided one was just behind the other is basically always was when he stood. An observation formed about Axismon when compared to Alpha-Renemon, his Rookie form, in that Axismon’s ears never really seemed to be erect, even in battle. They were always fairly limp, effected by every movement he made that you would expect to, although his ears did typically sit up on the angle a regular Renemon’s would, the right one from his perspective always seemed to go limp and flop down whenever he stood still.

   Presently, a breeze was ruffling his ears and fur, as his eyes wonder upward to find the moon hanging in the sky peacefully. (Well, at least there is something familiar in this world)




   The morning brought with it a fierce storm, powerful winds and violent lightning, as rain assaulted the concrete of Tokyo. T.K and Kari, clad in long rain-coats, make their way down a street hastily as they neared Kari’s home.


   A few moments later they enter the apartment, finding Gatomon stood on the balcony using one of Tai’s rain-coats to shelter herself while looking out into the city. “Gatomon, what’re you doing?” Kari calls frantically rushing to her partner and pulling her from the balcony “you’ll catch your death out there!”. “Axismon’s still out there somewhere, he doesn’t have anywhere to go to get out of the storm” Gatomon replies weakly, she’d already begun to be effected by a cold, evident from her slightly nasal voice.

   “Don’t worry, he’s a smart and resourceful Digimon, he’ll find shelter” T.K reassures, digging through the cupboards until finding a chicken-soup sachet “in the meantime we’d better take care of that cold”.


   T.K wasn’t quite as right as he may have thought. Axismon was indeed intelligent, and resourceful, but he hadn’t sought shelter. Instead he remained stood on an antenna much like the one from the previous night, but in a different part of the city, with his arms crossed while the wind and rain assaulted his steadfast body. He actually had the goggles on properly for once, one could only assume he didn’t like the rain getting in his eyes, it is after all rather distracting.


   Every bolt of lightning that streaks through the sky causes his fur to glimmer a majestic golden colour with a wave effect from tip to toe, though the reason for this was utterly beyond our knowledge at this point. Axismon had never seen a storm, or at least never one with lighting that came down from the clouds toward the earth, as it was not the behaviour of a storm in the Digital World.

   (I never thought it was possible...for the weather to turn you on...)




   With a sneeze and a sniffle, then another sneeze and a wipe with a tissue, Gatomon submits nasal “ohhh”. Her head was all stuffed up, her sinuses must have been half their normal size, if not less, her nose wasn’t running too much, but every sneeze went through her like a shock-wave of energy being drained from her already weakened body.

   She was under the covers of Kari’s bed, with just her head and arms poking out, a box of tissues by her side, and a waste-paper basket almost half-full of tissues and a discarded empty tissue box sat beside the bed, into which she throws the tissue she’d just used.


   “Now I know why cats and water don’t mix...we get sick too easily” Gatomon observes unhappily, turning her head to glance out the window, where the storm still raged (I just hope he’s ok).


   As if in reply, the door opens and in walks Axismon rather casually, wearing a black leather trench-coat that was long enough to reach the mid-point of his ‘calf’. He wanders over and sits on the bed just down from where Gatomon’s legs ended, barely visible as a couple of lumps under the covers. “Well aren’t you a sight, illness and all” Axismon observes calmly, as if were totally unaware that being within this proximity of a sick individual is asking to get the illness too.


   “You shouldn’t be so close” Gatomon reports “you’ll catch it too”. “I doubt that” Axismon replies with an amused smirk “Rare and unique breads of Renemon such as myself are immune to all forms of illness, though the regular kind aren’t”.

   “Lucky you” Gatomon retorts, as if Axismon meant that as some kind of gloat or something. Axismon looks at her with a faintly puzzled look for a moment, then abruptly gets up and heads toward the door. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you” Gatomon quickly comments apologetically, stopping Axismon just as his paw touches the door knob. Unfortunately, someone else happened to grab it while he was still touching it, resulting in a surprised female yelp from the other side of the door and a thump of someone falling over.


   Axismon opens the door with a concerned look on his face, finding Kari on her butt rubbing her slightly red bare hand. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that” Axismon spits out nervously, taking a step back as if worried to hurt her again. “It’s ok...but what happened?” Kari speaks calmly as she gets up, still rubbing the palm of her hand.

   “My body constantly generates electricity, I have to consciously divert the flow if someone means to touch me, unless I’m unconscious in which case the flow simply stops” Axismon explains, still nervous and a little worried “are you sure you’re ok?”. “Yes, I’m fine” Kari insists warmly, though she was quite confused as to why he was so apparently afraid of hurting her.


   “Here, look” Kari offers, extending her hand to him with the palm up. It’s then that the most extraordinary thing happens, it may have only been for a split second, but Axismon flinches as she extends her hand, as though he were afraid of it. “I-I’m sorry, I must leave” Axismon comments suddenly, freaking out even more it seemed. He darts passed Kari and leaps strait off the balcony, phasing out instantly.


   Stunned by the occurrence Kari walks into her bedroom and greets an equally stunned looking Gatomon with a nod. “I wonder what that was about...” Kari speaks with some confusion and concern “something about his reaction worries me”.




   “Axismon?” Genai repeats with some consideration, he was on the screen of Kari’s computer, as she sat in front of it watching intently. “He evolved from a Digimon called Alpha-Renemon” Kari furthers, instantly earning a reaction from Genai. “He contacted you?” the old man inquires with surprise “how remarkable...”

   “Why is that?” Kari wonders aloud in curiosity. “Because Alpha-Renemon was the Digimon partner of the leader of the first Digidestined group” Genai explains in his typical, cryptic but friendly way, Kari’s jaw hangs open instantly. “Don’t act so surprised, surely you must have seen how powerful he is, did you think that was a freak coincidence?” Genai continues “yes, I remember Alpha like it were yesterday, so young and friendly. He never realised how powerful he was even then, it’s a shame what happened to him...”


   “And what exactly happened to him?” Kari inquires curiously. Genai gives a sigh, looking away for a moment. “He was one of the only survivors when Apocolomon destroyed the group. When he returned to the normal Digital World, he was an outcast, hated for his failure”. Genai gives another sigh and look toward her again.

   “Alpha-Renemon became so powerful and skilled because every Digimon he came in contact with for a long time attacked him for what happened, they all blamed him”.


   “That’s...horrible” Kari manages, shocked by what she was hearing, but a realisation hits her “wait a minute, you said ‘one of the only survivors’, who were the others?”. “Just one other” Genai begins, his tone becoming solemn “Devidramon, the partner Digimon of the group leader’s rival and best friend”. “Devidramon...he became DragonDevimon didn’t he?” Kari begins to understand. “Yes, and he made it his personal mission in life to destroy Alpha-Renemon, because he blamed the group’s leader for their failure and the death of his human partner” Genai replies solemnly.


   “That still doesn’t really explain why he was so scared of hurting me, or even touching me for that matter” Kari begins again, after a few moments of silence. “Probably because he too blames himself for the group’s failure, as powerful as he is now he could have defeated Apocolomon” Genai responds.

   “But he only got so strong because everyone kept forcing him to fight, over and over endlessly” Kari comments, now finally understanding it.




   “Seth...” Axismon speaks under his breath, crouched on a very tall roof top with his goggles resting in his upturned open paw before him “...why couldn’t I have died with you...?”. A flash comes into his mind, of a teenage boy around fourteen to fifteen, with dark blue hair in an undercut with thick strands and green eyes, dressed in white cargo pants, a tucked black T-shirt, an open white shirt and tan skate-shoes, with those very same goggles resting at his forehead.


   “Why was I forced to face this life...alone...a Digidestined Digimon without a partner, how much more pointless can it get...?”. “Don’t give up!” Seth remarks determinedly in his mind “never give up! We’ll fight to the end, and if anything else threatens this world, we knock them down too!”.


   Axismon returns the goggles to his head, leaving them up at his forehead as he sheds the trench-coat and stands up “damn it Devidramon, why’d you have to turn on me too? You new it wasn’t my fault, they all knew”. “That’s a lie and you know it” a semi-familiar voice remarks sharply. Another Digimon had appeared behind him without Axismon even realising “if you had only Digivolved we would have won that battle”.

   The Digimon looked a lot like a velociraptor <a raptor in>, with black leathery skin scatted with red blotches, a large pair of wings folded onto its back, and two pairs of slit-like glowing red eyes.


   “Devidramon...but...how?” Axismon manages in shock. “Don’t avoid the subject!” Devidramon commands sharply “you know damn well I’m right”. “Fuck you traitor!” Axismon retorts viciously “I couldn’t Digivolve and you fucking well know it!”. “That doesn’t mean it still wasn’t your fault, you’re the one who told your fuckwit of a partner that you could Digivolve, and he was fucked up enough to believe you honestly couldn’t do it”.


   “I couldn’t! How many fucking times do I have to say it, I couldn’t fucking Digivolve, I couldn’t do it!” Axismon roars at Devidramon furiously, priming his claws as that golden glimmer effect runs down his fur again, while golden sparks of electricity run up his body causing his fur to behave like a wind was flowing across him, from below oddly enough, and his eyes ignite with a green glow.

   “Don’t fuck with me you shitfaced little retard, you have no idea what you’re messing with”


   Devidramon just laughs in his face, turning away and unfolding his wings “you have no idea what you’re fucking with, not anymore. But I’ll show you soon enough, you’ll get yours, I promise”. With that warning spoken, Devidramon leaps off the building and glides away, before phasing out much like Axismon himself did.


   The glow leaves Axismon’s eyes as the golden sparks of electricity cease, his fur coming under the effect of the natural breeze once more. Axismon raises his paw before himself, looking at it in a mixture of confusion and concern.

   “What...was that...?”




   Morning of the following day had come, a faint patter sound rouses Axismon, leant against the rooftop access of the same building rooftop, with the trench-coat over him like a crude blanket. He identifies the patter as Gatomon’s footsteps as she walks over and stands before him, with her paws at her hips.

   “Well you sure have a strange way of sleeping, how do you put up with the cold?”


   “Depth of cold could compare to the ice my heart has felt” Axismon speaks under his breath vacantly, looking off to the side for a moment before leaning forward and putting the trench-coat on. Gatomon had heard his reply, but she didn’t let on for his sake, instead making a sound as if she were expecting something.

   “Axismon halts his process of getting up, looking to her curiously “yes?”. It’s about then he notices her fur in a certain place had been, very deliberately so, smoothed in opposing directions to reveal her pussy.

   “I came to collect”



   “Gatomon?” Kari calls curiously, unable to find her partner anywhere in the apartment “where could she have gone?”. “Out to see Axismon most likely” T.K comments, naked save for a pair of boxers “she seems to have a fascination with him”. “Fascination?” Kari echoes curiously, taking an amused smile “she wants to fuck his brains out”.



   “Oh for the love of...” Gatomon exclaims, her words cut off as she moans loudly, her claws beginning to dig into the concrete. She lay on the rooftop, as Axismon basically leant over her, with his head lowered to her crotch, licking her out with his long, fast, and agile foxy tongue. Gatomon gives a whimper of ecstasy, followed by another load moan, and a repeated panting (damn this guy’s good...way batter than I even imagined).

   Axismon seemed to be enjoying his work too, evident as his member had become erect and was now clearly visible, all damn near 8 inches of it <I’m a little more realistic than some>.


   “Oh god, for the love of god don’t stop!” Gatomon exclaims, approaching her first orgasm quickly. Axismon was somehow equally aware of this, and so he continued at a slightly fast rate, but as Gatomon releases an almighty exclamation as she cums, Axismon’s tongue suddenly runs up her slit and almost wraps itself around her clit, then slides off in a circular motion, causing her to release another as she has a second orgasm right on the heels of the first.


   Axismon slowly lifts his head with a sly smirk, Gatomon barely even capable of keeping her eyes open. “Where in the name Digidom did you learn that?” the kitty somehow manages to get out, still shocked by what he’d accomplished. Axismon’s smirk grows a little more “I’ve been around for a while...you learn things”.


   “Ok, I will seriously scratch you to death if you don’t fuck me right now” Gatomon remarks suddenly, finding it difficult to believe herself how insanely horny she still was, even after what she’d just experienced.

   Axismon almost chokes at hearing this, looking down at her blankly with his eyes wide open “you honestly think I’ll fit up you?”. “Try me” Gatomon challenges, regaining a little of her strength, such was the stamina of a cat.


   Axismon was terrified of the idea he could do serious damage to the significantly smaller Digimon if he did what she asked, but he was so horny himself, and being a fox, a member of the canine family, so determined to mate with the first thing he sees in this mind-set, he decides to go for it (heck, you only live once).


   Gatomon slides down and remains under him, as Axismon struggles to line himself up with his, compared to him, tiny companion. He finally finds his member at the right spot, just lightly rubbing the opening. It was a this point both Digimon were extremely glad Gatomon had cum just moments before, or this simply wouldn’t have worked. He applies some pressure, getting the very tip of his dick inside her, which alone causes her to shiver with pleasure, and twitch with slight pain as he pussy was stretched so far open.

   “I don’t think this is...”. Axismon’s words are cut off as Gatomon reaches up, grabs a hold of his fur and drives herself further down, causing about half of his cock to penetrate her. She arches back as a powerful kick of pleasure and pain hits her like a wall, but oddly enough, the pain gives way to the pleasure very quickly. “Keep...going” Gatomon manages in ecstasy, gripping him tightly enough that her claws had penetrated his skin, though he didn’t let on.

   Another fact he was keeping to himself was that very small pussy was so tight on his dick that it was actually a little painful for him.


   Never the less, he pushes the rest of it in, and is utterly dumbfounded when the tip of his dick still doesn’t find anything stopping him, even after pushing his cock all the way. Gatomon was feeling no pain whatsoever now, it was pure unbridled pleasure in radical quantity she felt, and this alone.

   Axismon switches on his natural ability to ignore pain and discomfort temporarily, and begins to slide his cock in and out, beginning to fuck Gatomon now, causing her to pant, purr, and moan loudly as her body bucks and arches sporadically. Within what seemed barely a few moments she reaches another orgasm, and was being driven to the brink of another almost instantly. Simultaneously, with the pain and discomfort shouldered temporarily, Axismon was enjoying the screw a hell of a lot more than he ever had. Gatomon was to tight on him, but so smooth on the inside, it was utterly unbearable, and he found himself reaching an orgasm of his own quite quickly.


   The little cat Digimon cums at the exact moment Axismon does, sharing their sexual fluids in a moment of radical pleasure. He leaves his cock in her until it goes soft and retracts into its pouch of its own accord, before his sense of pain suddenly reactivates, causing him to close one eye and barely keep the other open “Gatomon...my arms...”.

   Gatomon suddenly realises her sharp claws had penetrated to their full length into his arms, she retracts them instantly with her eyes wide in shock “are you ok?”. “Yeah” Axismon replies warmly “better than ok”.



   “Hm, you awake?” Axismon speaks warmly, as he sat with his back to the wall once more, Gatomon sat between his legs leaning against him. “Yeah” she replies contentedly, a faint breeze ruffling their fur and Axismon’s ears, the night was actually very comfortable in temperature, neither hot or cold, a perfect balance between.

   “Axismon” Gatomon speaks, earning his attention “I love you”. Axismon’s face takes on a contented smile as he hugs her closer with one arms “I love you too”.



   Morning had greeted Tokyo once more, Kari slowly waking to find T.K by her side. But she doesn’t'’ smile, instead she becomes concerned once more, as she realises Gatomon still hadn’t returned.

   T.K was apparently awake though, he reaches one hand over and rubs her cheek “don’t worry, wherever she is I’m sure Axismon is watching over her”. “How can you be so sure?” Kari wonder curiously. “I don’t know how or why, but somehow I know he loves her like I love you” T.K replies, earning a warm smile with a tear beginning to form in Kari’s eyes. “Oh T.K”



   Two pairs of slit-like glowing red eyes peer through the darkness from a mountaintop, down onto a forest below. The medico flag of Joe’s camp could be seen, even from this distance, onto which the eyes seemed to be focusing. “And the fools don’t even realise what is coming...”




   “Holy Christ! What the fuck is that!?” Mimi yells at the top of her lungs in shock, as a large black figure hangs over the forest, flapping its wings slowly. It was a Digimon, faintly familiar too, an upright standing dragon with leathery black skin and red blotches scattered throughout. It had two pairs of slit-like, glowing red eyes, and stood easily six meters tall, with a very muscular build.

   “This time, my dear Alpha, I will kill you. But first...”


   A beam of red energy suddenly fires down from the beast’s mouth, hitting the ground toward the centre of the forest and engulfing it in a horrendous blast, not unlike the detonation of a nuclear device. When the blast subsides, all that remained was a circular crater that occupied three quarters of what was a forest, and the burnt out remains of the remaining quarter decimated in a single direction from the blast wave.

   Still barely conscious, Mimi manages to force one eye open, though the blood running down her face ran into it and screwed up her vision even more. But what she did manage to catch site of was an equally inured looking Joe throw some debris aside to reach her. “Mimi, my God tell me you’re alright!” he manages, noting the amount of blood pooling under the debris on top of her. “Joe...” Mimi forces out, reaching up and touching his face lightly, her hands already ice cold, before her hands drops in slow motion.

   Joe’s pupils expand as his heart rate increases, thunderous thumps echoing in slow motion as a single tear appears in his eye.



   Axismon’s eyes suddenly rip open as he senses the spiritual outcry of a destroyed individual. “Devidramon...? It...can’t be” he struggles out in shock, uncrossing his arms and resting them by his sides as his mouth drops open a crack “...Mimi...?”




   The hospital doors almost shatter as two groups worth of Digidestined smash though them, rushing down the hall until they find the room they’d been informed was hers. They all hesitate at the door, knowing full well they were unprepared for what they would see, but they manage to enter anyway.


   Inside they find Joe sat beside Mimi’s lifeless looking form, hooked up to a myriad of machines monitoring and regulating her body functions, she was alive, but barely holding on. “Joe...” Tai begins, lost as to what he could say “I’m...we’re all...so sorry...”


   “It’s not you’re fault...it was that damn beast” Joe replies, he had been shattered emotionally, so his voice was strange, almost empty. “Devidramon...he did this didn’t he?” Sora speaks, holding back her tears with the anger she felt. “It didn’t look like him” Joe reports, still looking at Mimi, she was the only thing that really occupied the world as far as he was concerned. “He digivolved, he must have” T.K observes, everyone seemed to share this feeling “he’s the only thing in the Digital World capable of this”.


   Axismon was right beside the window, standing on a fire-escape while listening in. His paws gripped the metal railing, which had crushed and distorted from the stress being put on them. His eyes suddenly ignite with an intense green glow as small sparks of golden electricity begin to appear across his body sporadically with the same upward breeze effect seen before when he encountered Devidramon.

   “You’ll pay for this monster...on this I swear my life”







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