If you’re not 18 (21 in some regions) or offended by pornographic, or graphically violent material, don’t read any further. This document contains graphic depictions of sex and death, you have been warned.

   Now onto the next part...


   A preliminary note to readers, this is part of a series, so if you haven’t read the first one (which this happens to be) then don’t read any further, or won’t understand the story (yes there’s actually a story line here).


   Secondly, my writing is not focused purely on sex. It contains sex therefore it is a Lemon, but the sex is in a certain proportion with the actual story (and when I can’t think of ideas). So don’t read this expecting everyone to fuck everyone at every turn and juncture.


   Third on the list, Digimon battles in my writing are not pretty, and they’re not meant to be. The looser of a battle in my writing always, always dies violently or due to a violent action (though one particular character keeps coming back...). Also, I prefer the Digimon to fight with a little more skill than just using special attacks endlessly, so Digimon battles in my writings also involve a degree of physical combat.


   Finally, I think it important to note this series (and each story thereof) doesn’t fit in with the original series story-line perfectly. It is set a little after season 2’s end, but way before the future where all the season 2 kids are grown up, and the season 1 kids are even older.


   Actually, one more thing. I have personally watched every single damn episode of the series, including all of season 3, so YES, I do know what a Renemon is. My Alpha-Renemon and Axismon for that matter are my own creations, so no, they’re not mistakes.


   On with the show...






Ver.1 – Part 1




   “Hmm, so these are the new Digidestined?” a voice thinks aloud. A figure stood atop a tall rock-spire, peering down the incredible distance at several specs slowly making their way across the desert toward an actually fairly close-by forest. Said figure was an upright standing Digimon with the features on a fox, a Renemon one could tell, though this one had gray fur, green eyes, light blue wrist pads and had no markings on its body. It also, oddly enough, had pair of goggles sitting atop its head, which had lack rubberized-plastic frames and red-tinted lenses.


   The Renemon watches on for a further few silent moments, with a breeze gently ruffling his fur. “I should like to meet these individuals a little closer up...”



   Far below, Kari, Davis, T.K, Mimi, and their partners trek across the desert sands, with the alluring forest drawing ever closer. Each looked a little tired and disheveled, they had obviously been walking for some time now.


   “Are you sure this is the forest Joe’s camp is located in?” Kari inquires tiredly, also a little bothered by the heat. “I’m sure of it” Mimi replies semi-seriously, also slightly agitated by the climate. “You said that three forests and fifteen miles ago” T.K remarks jokingly, or at least attempting to be, it was difficult in this temperature.

   “If I walk any more I think my feet will catch fire, this sand is ridiculously hot” Gatomon comments uncomfortably, slumped as she trudged along. “I’ll carry you if you want” Veemon offers hopefully, his eyes sparkling a little. “Yeah, and drop my a dozen times before we get there. No thanks, I’ll walk” Gatomon returns, crushing the blue Digimon emotionally.


   As if things couldn’t get any worse for the troupe, Davis is suddenly hit with a realization as he studies the ever-nearing forest. “Doesn’t Joe’s camp have a medico flag?” he queries curiously. “Yeah, of course” Mimi replies semi-sharply, before picking up on Davis’ point and looking toward the forest’s tree-line herself. “Uh, wouldn’t it be visible even from here?” T.K observes discontentedly.

   “Oh great, this ain’t it either” Gatomon remarks outwardly, Patomon and Veemon looking toward the sky simultaneously in anguish.


   “Oh ye of little faith” a semi-familiar voice comments casually, an instant before the gray Renemon phases-in right in the group’s path, causing them to stop and take caution. “Surely you have more faith in each other than that, otherwise you wouldn’t have made it this far” the Renemon continues, apparently unfazed by the reaction he was receiving from the group.


   “The name’s Alpha-Renemon, or just Alpha for the simplicity of it” the Renemon reports casually, just as Davis reaches for his D-terminal. Davis activates the device anyway, studying the information that comes up. “Alpha-Renemon, Data-type, Beast-group, Rookie-level” he reads aloud, Alpha turning his head off to the side momentarily, his arms crossed from the moment he phased-in.

   “Well, we’ve established who you are, so that leaves why you’re here and what exactly you meant” Kari speaks, somewhat casually though with a faint tone of caution, you can never be too careful in the Digital World after all.


   “I’ve heard quite a bit about you Digidestined, and decided I wanted to meet you face to face” Alpha informs casually, still looking off to the side “and I meant only that if you look closely enough, the flag you mentioned is in fact flying tall in the western quarter of the forest”.

   Sure enough, the entire group turns their attention toward the forest, and notices just the tip visible of the flag fluttering in the breeze, mostly hidden behind a rather tall tree. But as their gazes return to Alpha, they find him no longer present, earning some faint confusion. “Where’d he go?” Davis manages in surprise. “Who cares where he went, I wanna know how he did that” Gatomon remarks with what appeared to be slight awe.




   Meanwhile, back in the real world, or more specifically at Matt’s house, Gabumon and Biyomon sat at the coffee table in the living room playing cards, while sounds of a certain nature came from behind the door of Matt’s bedroom.


   “Full house! I win again!” Biyomon announces happily, causing a discontented Gabumon to rest his forehead on the table’s surface. “That’s eight games in a row...are you sure you’re not cheating?” Gabumon speaks, slightly muffled by his positioning. Biyomon simply gives a big, cheesy grin, which is missed by the other Digimon who was too busy studying the fascinating pattern of the oak-wood table surface close up.


   A ringing of the doorbell, however, generates some excitement from both of them, as they rush for the front door, desperate for someone, anyone even remotely entertaining to have arrived. And as they open the door, they are not displeased by the individuals that greet them. Tai and Agumon give a friendly wave and a “hi”, before entering into the living room with the two Digimon and taking a seat.

   Agumon takes note of cards and matchsticks scattered across the coffee table, earning a slightly amused smirk from him “you guys playing strip-poker or something?”. Well, Agumon never was very good with jokes, but at least he made an attempt.


   The sound effects from the bedroom subside for several moments, and then start up again, this earning an ironically amused look from Tai. “They going at it 24 hours a day still?”. “Pretty much” Gabumon affirms, while Biyomon gives a nod. Agumon simply shakes his head and looks off to the side (humans...).




   Back to the Digital World, and we find the Digidestined sat in a semi-circle, with Joe and Gomamon now in company. With the leafy shade and a faint breeze flowing through carrying cold moisture from a nearby lake, the temperature here was quite cooler than outside, much more comfortable. This echoed particularly in the mood and composure of those who had walked here through the desert.


   “So Joe, how’s it all going anyway?” Davis inquires casually, as he leant back onto a rock, Veemon typically copying his actions. “Pretty good, doing all my training actually in the field is much more effective than sitting at a desk all day listening to lectures” Joe replies, cleaning the lenses of his glasses.

   Mimi sat directly beside him, her head resting on his shoulder as the two had their backs pressed against a fairly large container. Mimi had fallen asleep from her fatigue, but she looked very tranquil.


   One of the group had actually wondered off however, Gatomon, though she didn’t like water specifically, was walking slowly along the edge lake, with her paws resting behind her back as she looked down at the grass.

   As she continues along, she remains utterly ignorant of another presence. Alpha-Renemon, who was stood leant against a tree with his arms crossed, watching the cat Digimon walk along casually.


   It takes Gatomon a few moments, almost walking strait past him without noticing, but she catches sight of something gray in the corner of her eye, causing her to turn and find Alpha stood there, looking over her head, out over the lake’s peaceful surface.

   “It’s impolite not to announce yourself you know” Gatomon comments, waving a clawed finger at him “otherwise a person might think you’re stalking them”. “I’m a predatory Digimon, I stalk, it’s in my nature” Alpha returns casually, slowly turning his eyes down toward Gatomon “I would have thought you’d understand that”.


   “My predatory instincts have suffered a little with partial domestication” Gatomon admits calmly “but I enjoy the company anyway”. “What, my company?” Alpha wonders aloud curiously, to which Gatomon nods in reply “ha, you are a strange one”.


   And with that, Alpha phases out leaving Gatomon to contemplate the encounter. Within a short moment though, Kari appears through the green-growth “what’re you doing out here by yourself?”. “Just taking a little me time” Gatomon replies casually “it’s a cat thing”. “Oh, well...be carefully ok?” Kari continues, realizing her Digimon’s need for some alone time, and leaving much the same way she came.

   Gatomon remains stood there watching for a moment, then turns to begin walking along the lakeside again. But as she turns, her vision catches on a new sight, being a tree in the distance which suddenly falls over, earning curiosity from the cat Digimon.



   Some ways further into the forest, we find Alpha once more. Now he was doing what could only be considered one of two things, reasonless destruction or training. The latter seemed more likely, especially for a Digimon of such warrior-like nature.


   The tree he had felled was now standing again, though it had been stripped to just the strait trunk and inserted into the ground to hold it upright. Alpha stood before it with a look of focus, in a kind of ready-stance with his claws prepared.

   Gatomon’s face appears through the bushes a little behind and to the side, watching on curiously. His body suddenly generates a strong charge of electricity, which crackles over and around him, before his eyes ignite with a green glow “Pulse Cutter!”


   Alpha suddenly rises quickly while performing a blisteringly fast twisting motion with his claws held out arms length, his paws turned in opposing directions, while sparks of electricity run off his body. Upon quickly reaching the top, his twisting motion stops, leaving him with his arms outstretched and his body straitened as he traverses back a small amount and falls to the ground again.

   He lands with one foot just behind the other and his open paws by his sides, not a moment before the tree-trunk literally falls apart into at least a hundred evenly-sized pieces, which pile-up as they land on one another into a small mound.


   Gatomon’s eyes were wide in awe, she’d never seen a Rookie level Digimon with such a powerful and effective attack. Not only did it impress and partially stun her, she also found herself a little turned on by it, which prompted her to continue watching.


   Next Alpha turned his attention on a large rock, generating another charge of electricity, though this one was more intense and violent. He rushes toward the rock and leaves the ground, laying one arm over before himself as he pulls the other right back, his body turned onto slanted angle. “Lightning Strike!” he yells, barely an instant before he rolls his whole body over with an electric snap and lightning like speed, his other paw driving into the rock with the speed of a bullet. The impact produces a powerful crack of electricity, and the rock shatters into thousands of tiny pieces as Alpha lands low and slides shortly to a stop.


   How turned on was Gatomon now? A fairly accurate barometer would have been the leaf that was just faintly rubbing against her crotch, which has remarkably shiny as she had become so wet. (Jeez, if I watch any more of this I’ll pop) Gatomon thinks to herself as she turns to head back toward the group, but as she does her curiosity gets the better of her once more as she hears some odd sounds behind her.


   Gatomon turns to see Alpha pick up a rock the size of his head, effortlessly toss it into the air forward, then build up another intense and violent charge. This time he waits until the rock was just at his head height, then snaps one arm out with the paw open and braces it with his other arm, and releases all of the electricity from that single point “Judgement Bolt!”

   The rock is pulverized by the intense, strait blue bolt of electricity, which takes out three threes, and then hits the main target Alpha had in mind. Gatomon peers further down to see another large rock like the one he smashed just before, with a tunnel of the same diameter of her head in it, through the immediate center no less.


   As he settles from the adrenal rush of his training, one of Alpha’s ears becomes limp and flops over to the side as he remains still for a few moments regaining his proper breath. Gatomon could smell his scent a lot stronger now, the physical exertion had caused him to sweat though his fur hid this quite well. Alpha walks over a leans against a nearby tree, keeping his arms by his side as he turns his head upward and closes his eyes.

   (Oh man, now I’ve really gotta get out of here) Gatomon almost screams in her mind, hastily withdrawing from the bushes. The sounds of which catch Alpha’s attention instantly, causing him to spring over the bush-line in a high but wide arced somersault, landing in front of Gatomon with one foot just behind the other, his claws primed by his sides, which seemed to be a regularly taken stance for him.


   Gatomon freezes in her tracks, though Alpha’s composure softens quickly as he realizes who he was facing. His right ear flops down to the side again, as though it did whenever he was relaxed, as he relaxes the muscles in his power paws and takes a semi-amused smirk “now who’s stalking who?”.




   The memory of her most recent visit to the Digital World stuck in Gatomon’s mind as she lay on her back, staring up at the sky as the wispy clouds float by slowly in the blue sky. It had been a few days now, Mimi had not returned with the group, vying to stay by Joe’s side instead. T.K and Kari were off somewhere doing something, three guesses there, but Patomon was off doing something of his own, leaving the kitty Digi all by herself.

   Ordinarily, this wouldn’t bother Gatomon too much, as she was a cat and though they hungered for attention they were loners by nature, besides she had spent the longest time growing up alone. And she always knew Kari would come back eventually anyway. But just this once Gatomon wished there was somebody around she could talk to about her current state of mind.


   Flashes of her encounters with Alpha-Renemon continually shot through her mind, stuck there for some strange reason. He had left an impression on her, obvious from her reaction, or better said, reactions, of the time, but it wasn’t normal for this kind of residual thought to linger.



   Off in a different part of the city, Patomon was engaging in an aerial dogging of a very, very different kind. God knows how they managed it, but Patomon was flying while pressing down on Biyomon, who was flying while pressing up into Patomon, effectively sticking them together as he fucked her in the pussy. The little flying pig’s hips move at a dumbfounding speed, almost a blur they moved so fast. Both Digimon were moaning ecstatically, flying over the grass of the riverside, leaving a shiny trail in blades of green-growth of their own juices.

   Biyomon suddenly locks up and arches as her orgasm hits, like a sledgehammer it would seem from the reaction. Patomon was so close he too bucked into her with a powerful thrust, the two crashing to the ground and sliding a short distance, allowing Patomon to push in the extra inch or two as he filled her with his seed.


   The two little Digimon remain like that breathing heavily with sweat, and other certain fluids, running onto the grass as they recovered from the energetic, if not unique effort. “Bet you couldn’t do that with Gatomon” Biyomon manages in between breathes with an amused tone. Patomon gains a smile “I guess I owe you that twenty bucks, looks like I do give a flying fuck”.



   “Hey, where’s Patomon anyway?” Izzy queries curiously, casting a glance around the apartment. “Not too sure” T.K replies casually “he and Biyomon were talking just before, then they just kinda flew off”. “Did you hear what they were saying?” Izzy continues curiously. T.K thinks for a moment, then turns toward him again “kind of, Biyomon was talking about something and Patomon replied with ‘I don’t give a flying fuck’, to which Biyomon replied with ‘wanna make a bet?’, and that’s about it”.

   The two boys looks at each other instantly with a certain odd look, before both shake their heads and remark simultaneously “Nahhh”.



   Meanwhile, off in an entirely different world, Alpha’s sleek, gray form was visible below the surface of the water at a beach. Almost like a fish he used his whole body to swim, moving remarkably fast and agile through the water this way. He darts through a team of large fish, then suddenly shoots upward and out of the water in a graceful somersault back onto the shore, where he takes the large fish from his jaws and holds it up before himself “not a bad catch if I do say so myself”.

   He wasn’t kidding, that fish was almost half a meter long and almost as thick as his wrist, a literal feast for a Rookie of normal proportions. One had to wonder whether Alpha ever noticed that he was so different to other Rookies, he was more human-like in size and proportion, where most Rookie’s pushed it to be a meter tall.


   In any event, a relatively short time later he had collected up some firewood, and a pan from God knows where. With just the tiniest spark of electricity from his clawed finger, the wood is set alight, beginning the cooking process. But as he moves to settle beside it and wait, his super-sensitive ears pick up on a strange noise. This place was all but deserted, few Digimon ever came here, so Alpha had to wonder who it could be.


   A short distance away, Agumon was attempting to set up a tent while Tai was cooking some pre-caught fish on a fire he’d already set up. Somehow Alpha had missed this, most likely when he was in the water, but he was still curious. Standing on a tree branch overlooking the scene almost directly, he looks down and watches the two.

   Tai finishes cooking the food and assists Agumon setting up the tent, then the two take up a seat on the ground and begin eating, blissfully unaware of Alpha’s presence.


   “Best thing about camping in the Digital World, no bugs you can’t see coming for a mile away” Tai comments contently, to which Agumon simply nods as he stuffs his face, forgetting all of the mannerisms he’d been taught in the real world.


   Alpha turns his head up toward the night sky, loosing himself in the moon for a moment in a moment of relaxing peace, evident as both of his ears become limp and ruffle in the breeze along with his fur. He suddenly hears a jingle, not unlike Gatomon’s tail ring, snapping him back to reality as his eyes scour around quickly. Neither his eyes, ears, nose, or predatory Digimon-tracking senses picked up on her, leaving him in mild confusion to the phantom noise.




   Dimly, Gatomon becomes aware of a familiar scent as she lay in a state close to sleep though still faintly awake. She suddenly recognizes it, causing her to almost spring awake and peer over the top of sofa as Tai and Agumon enter, greeted by Sora casually. A little confused the kitty slinks past them and takes another sniff, Alpha’s scent was definitely on them, they had been in close proximity to him recently.


   “We saw that Digimon T.K and Kari mentioned” Tai reports casually as he and Sora begin conversing off toward the kitchen “actually we met him...he’s a bit of an odd one, not like Piximon though”. “Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?” Sora comments casually, the two heading out and toward the dining table “why a Digimon with no apparent intention of attacking us, and no real reason to help us, would want to meet us”.


   “I guess...” Tai begins, his voice trailing off as Gatomon heads out onto the balcony and closes the glass door. “Oh man...does the whole world revolve around him suddenly?” she remarks to herself, looking out over the cityscape “or is this some kind of sign?”. “A sign of what?” Agumon inquires curiously, he’d come out onto the balcony too, though Gatomon hadn’t even noticed.

   “Oh, just thinking, don’t worry”



   The aforementioned Alpha was currently running, running quite fast as his fox-like body was built to, through a rocky canyon. Oddly enough, he was being chased by a silver Birdramon, though he had something of an amused smirk on his face. “Come on, this isn’t supposed to be a fun-run!” Alpha calls up to his pursuer. The Birdramon grunts angrily “Meteor Wing!”. Alpha leaves the ground with a barrel-roll dive maneuver, averting the projectiles easily, before touching ground again and instantly jumping toward the cliff wall, which he rebounds off at the opposing wall and strait up at the Birdramon, who had no less than a moment to react as electricity flows of Alpha’s body. “Pulse Cutter!”


   Alpha performs the attack, though this time it was actually quite horizontal, and the Birdramon literally shreds into hundreds of little pieces before its body breaks up into data and fades away. Alpha lands from his attack on top of one of the cliff-walls, taking his typical stance and looking up to where his opponent had been just a moment earlier “how boring...I thought that one would have been a challenge”.


   “Do you always pick fights with Champion level Digimon?” a familiar voice, though not to Alpha, queries curiously off to the side. Alpha looks over his shoulder to find Biyomon stood a short distance back. “Yes, actually. I don’t find any challenge in Rookies” Alpha replies casually, evidently recognizing the little Digimon somehow. “So I guess the question becomes do you always win so easily?” Biyomon continues wondering over to stand beside him.

   Alpha looks down at the little pink bird, attempting to think of a way to answer that question without sounding egotistical. The truth of the matter was that he did, he may just the only Rookie in the Digital World who find very little challenge in even Champion Digimon, but it was very hard to express that without sounding like a big-headed egomaniac.


   “I...guess so” Alpha manages hesitantly, he wasn’t an unsociable Digimon, just not used to the questioning associated with meeting new people, or Digimon for that matter, and Biyomon’s inquisitive nature was a little difficult to manage.


   “So why exactly do you wear goggles?” Biyomon queries curiously, hopping around him in a circle while humming to herself. Alpha almost has to consider this, even he wasn’t sure why he wore them, he never even used them, not even when he was in water. “Must you know everything?” Alpha replies, trying to shake Biyomon’s inquisition. “Ok, how’d you get them then? You would had to have gone to the human world to get those, and pretty recently by the look of them” Biyomon simply continues, unfazed by Alpha’s lack of enthusiasm in the constant questioning.


   “I don’t remember” the fox replies, which was actually a very true statement, at that moment he realized he actually didn’t know where he got them “why do you ask so many questions anyway?”. “I like to know things” Biyomon replies casually, still hopping around in a little circle. Around about this point Alpha’s ears twitch up, picking up on a noise that earns a semi-serious look on his face.

   (That couldn’t be...?)



   Some distance away, a forest was ablaze while a dark figure hung in the air over it, watching the Digimon scamper for their lives with twisted amusement. It looked something like a two-legged Dinosaur, almost like a T-Rex, with black leathery skin and blotches of red scattered about, and a pair of almost Dragon-like wings which he flapped sproadically, keeping him in the air to watch the folly of his cruel-natured method of entertaining himself.


   What the twisted Digimon didn’t count on, however, is the intense blue electrical bolt that strikes him in the stomach from below, dislodging him from the air momentarily in surprise more than pain. The dark beast looks down furiously, his four red eyes glaring menacingly as he scans for his insolent attacker. He finds Alpha-Renemon in a clearing looking up at him with an equally focused composure, electricity constantly crackling around and across his body.


   “Alpha-Renemon, my foolish little friend...have you come to try and stop me again?” the dark dinosaur Digimon speaks with some amusement, his voice as evil and beastly as he looked. “Who said anything about trying?” Alpha retorts determinedly, before giving a sharp growl as he leaps high into the air. Remarkably high in fact, as he wasn’t all that much lower in altitude than his dark opponent.

   The electricity around Alpha’s body becomes radically intense and violent as he crosses his arms before his body and balls up a little, his eyes ignite with a green glow, then he throws his arms out to the side on a lower angle as his body arches back sharply with an enormous yell.


   Instantly the electricity begins to be thrown off his body, so intense and violent that it was physically distorting the air, as Alpha’s body begins to glow. “Alpha-Renemon digivolve to...”


   His body grows in size, not dramatically but certainly noticeably, as it also becomes more muscular. Metallic body-armor materializes over most of his body, before finally a medieval-styled sword in a sheath appears on his back. “Axismon” the Digimon announces as he takes his new form’s typical stance, which was much alike the Rookie form’s typical stance, though nearly side-on to his target with his head lowered, and his arms out to side a little while by his sides.


   The electricity generated by his body now was neon blue in color, transparent, with a more energy-like look to it. Also, it was being generated in massive amounts and constantly, flowing over and around him while his eyes glowed intensely green. This power was also allowing him to float there in mid-air without any difficulty.


   “Hmph!” The evil dinosaur grunts with a now very evilly amused sounding tone “so you finally learned to Digivolve...this should be interesting”. “Shut up DragonDevimon” Axismon commands firmly “you’re evil ends here”. “We’ll see” DragonDevimon replies almost calmly, lowering to a very dark tone “we’ll see...”



   “This is so not working” Gatomon remarks unhappily, giving a sigh and walking away from the life-sized Alpha-Renemon she had made from bluetac <might be called Gluetac from wherever you’re from, its like plastacine but can be used stick things to walls and such> “actually, it’s entirely not healthy anymore”.

   She shakes her head and slumps onto the sofa “why can’t I get him out of my head? Could he really have left that much of an impression on me?”. Gatomon’s eyes wander over toward the statue, which disturbingly enough considering what it was made of, had extremely correct anatomical detail <if you get my meaning>. “Ok, so he left a pretty damn strong impression...but what am I supposed to do about it?” Gatomon continues, suddenly turning a little on the red side as she realizes the double meaning of her statement, then taking a sly smile “that could work”.




   With a thunderous clash, Axismon’s sword meets with the claws of one of DragonDevimon’s paws, where the two engage in a power-struggle. Axismon was above his opponent holding the sword with both hands, while DragonDevimon held the blade at bay with a single paw, and realizing this the throws the other at Axismon in a slash. Axismon replies with a twist, dodging the original clawed paw which he had been holding back and parrying the other way by striking its claws with his blade, then releasing the sword with one hand and continuing to roll over, and performing a throw-like movement while yelling the words “Giga Bolt!”. Instantly he projects an even more intense and faster version of Alpha-Renemon’s Judgement Bolt at DragonDevimon, hitting him in the chest and pushing him back.


   “Try this on for size!” Axismon yells furiously, sheathing his sword and swinging out his paw with one fluid motion “Fury Cutter!”. An energy-blade is launched by Axismon’s variant of the attack, which DragonDevimon barely avoids, only looking up again in time to see Axismon assume Alpha-Renemon’s position for his Judgement Bolt attack. “Giga Bolt!” Axismon barks furiously, throwing a massive amount of electricity into the attack, which projects an insanely fast golden bolt of energy that punches a hole clean through the right side DragonDevimon’s chest.


   DragonDevimon roars in pain, grasping the horrible wound with one paw while glaring up at Axismon with an maddening animosity. “Fuck you and your stupid electricity, try this one” he breathes in a roar-like voice, before his mouth fills with swirling dark purple and black energy “TerraNova Blast!”.

   The ball hits Axismon like a meteorite, dragging him along skyward as his body distorts sporadically from the horrendous damage it was taking. Axismon suddenly roars back with fury, throwing his arms out in opposing directions with a massive explosion of electrical energy, splitting the attack into two pieces which fling off into the distance and detonate with a blast that easily rivaled a nuclear device.


   Both combatants were now breathing heavily, leering each other down as they had both suffered horrible amounts of damage, by rights they should both be dead. Yet, still they remained, and now it was more a question of what each had left as to who would emerge victorious.


   “So, you managed to take it huh?” DragonDevimon observes with the same twisted amusement he’d displayed earlier, before slipping back into the fury of a moment earlier “then try another, TerraNova!”. The ball launches, but hits nothing as Axismon phases out and back in again right in front of DragonDevimon “try this”.

   Axismon rams his open paw into DragonDevimon’s abdomen, his eyes narrow furiously “how about a little more stupid electricity, Giga Bolt!”.


   A thunderous boom echoes across the sky as an intense explosion of neon blue electrical energy erupts from the spot where the two had been battling. And when it finally clears, we see Axismon still present, in slow motion as he turns over, drawing his sword and throwing it down into the upper half of DragonDevimon as it fell toward the ground.

   The beast’s upper half hits the earth with a powerful crash, with Axismon’s sword buried in between his two pairs of eyes. He was still breathing somehow, though there was very little chance of him doing anything.


   Axismon hits the ground beside him, landing on his feet at first but collapsing onto his stomach almost instantly, looking over toward DragonDevimon with whatever energy he had left. “Bet you never...saw that one coming...shit for brains” Axismon manages somehow, his sporadic and extremely unhealthy breathing interfering.

   “You’ve improved...dramatically...since last time...” DragonDevimon returns, reaching up his remaining paw, as the other had been blow off, and pulling the sword free of his brain, before placing it beside Axismon, though he could have easily killed Axismon with it at that point “but you’re still...an inbred...dog”.



   Biyomon suddenly appears from the bushes, rushing over to Axismon’s side, just as DragonDevimon’s body breaks down and disappears. “Woah, you don’t look so good” the bird observes in shock, calling out to Sora with her inner senses. “Stop, you’ll hurt my pride with talk like that” Axismon manages, feeling his own data destabilizing steadily.

   Within what seemed a moment Joe and Sora come rushing into the clearing, finding the downed Digimon quickly. “What happened?” Joe asks, checking Axismon over quickly. Axismon’s body suddenly flickers and distorts for a moment, his data was on the verge of breaking up, his eyes slowly close as he feels the peace of death coming to meet him...







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