If you're not 18 or over (21 in some regions), or offend by material of a semi-violent, violent, and/or sexual nature, don't read any further, this work contains such.







Dark Dimension

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01 - The First Day

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -



   Kari mumbles something inaudibly, as a shock of her hair falls in front of her eyes, an instant before they blink open, and narrow, barely retaining any focus. She groans lightly as she summons the strength to shift around into a seated position, her side covered in damp sand from having been laying there.

   The imprint of her form was evidence she'd been there for some time thus far, though as her mind catches up with reality, she begins to wonder just where she is.


   It was a beach, not particularly familiar to her, which wasn't surprising considering the ocean was nowhere near her home. It wasn't the dark beach she came across much earlier either, the one in an alter dimension.

   No, this was an ordinary beach, somewhere on the face of the earth. Water gently lapped at the shores, clear and blue, almost perfect one could say. The sky was a soft blue, barely more than few a wispy clouds in it for the eye's reach.

   The temperature was quite comfortable, a soft breeze adjusting it periodically, as the gentle rays of the sun greeted the earth.


   Kari slowly turns, casting a glance along the length of the shore, which seemed to stretch forever in this direction. She then turns to the opposing side, at this point beginning to notice just how deathly quiet it was.

   Her eyes find a raised section from the rest of the beach, a cliff of sorts, with a rock projection from it leading into the water, level at the top surface, on which a single structure stood. She turns around fully to look in the direction that would have been her opposite when she first awoke, but her vision is greet with nothing but an oddly formed shelf of rock.


   "Where..am I..?" she begins, her consciousness setting in properly now, as she casts a glance toward the structure again, "what is..this place?". No sound save for the soft breeze flowing through sporadically responds to her questions, leaving her an obvious choice; to investigate the structure she could see.

   She walks at a calm pace along the beach, closer to the rock-shelf, casting a glance out to the water every few moments as she does so. The structure hadn't been that far away to begin with, so she drew closer and closer with every moment.

   When Kari does reach the plateau-like platform the structure sat on, she finds a stone stairway to the side, inset into the rock itself, leading up onto it. It takes her several long moments, and an amount of energy, but she ascends them, eventually coming to the top of the platform.

   The structure itself was no more than a simple house, a single story place of farily modern, though western design, the roof having been converted with a single room evident up there, and a large open deck covering the rest.


   She proceeds to the structure, to what appeared to be a side door, which was oddly at the front of it. Her hand greets the handle of the sliding glass door, her eyes casting around the inside, looking for a sign of life.

   Finding none however, she casts the door open softly, and steps into the home, stopping on the other side of the door and looking around again curiously.

   The inside matched the out; modern, somwhat expensive seeming but not in a snobbish way, in a conventional, casual living way. Nevertheless there wasn't even a faint sign of life in here, which was beginning to become quite eerie.


   Kari steps further into the home, into the living area which the door led into strait away. There was no mess, the place was clean, and all in good order, which suggested it was kept by someone.

   She blinks audibly as she looks around, her mind puzzled and lost at this point, acting on curiosity alone. She proceeds around the living room, moving into what other areas she found; the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, a bedroom, still no sign of life.

   She sighs as she steps out from the bedroom, turning to the side, finding the stairs to the roof level. She remembered seeing there was a single room up there, the glass had been tinted so she couldn't see what kind.


   Kari moves to the stairs, glancing up them once, before ascending them calmly. At the top, she finds herself against the back wall of another bedroom, the master bedroom evidently, as it was quite large, easily the depth of the house, and half the roof's length. It also had an ensuite, and the opposing wall from her was constituted of bay-windows and a sliding door, all of tinted glass, leading to the large deck that formed the rest of the roof.

   She casts another glance around, her eyes flickering, then opening a little wider with some surprise as she finds a familiar form layed on the bed.


   "Gatomon?" she comments in confused surprise, dashing over to the bed, sitting onto it beside her partner, before picking her up cautiously. The small cat Digimon remains soundly asleep for a moment, before her own eyes drift open, looking up at Kari. "Kari, you're here"

   "Where is..here..?" Kari returns slowly, allowing her partner time to wake up properly to respond. "I don't know" Gatomon returns with her charactoristic innocent, casual voice, "I woke up and found myself on the beach. I found this place, and no one showed up for hours, so I just went to sleep for a while".


   Kari sets Gatmon down, the digikitty scooting onto her feet, and wandering across the surface of the rather large bed toward the other side of her partner, looking through the tinted glass.

   "So, do you have any idea where we are?"



   Kari sighs lightly, remaining sat on the end of the bed with her hands interlaced in her lap, looking to the side, through the glass somewhat vacantly. Gatomon paces back and forth slowly on the bed itself just behind her, with her paws behind her back, simply waiting on something, though what she didn't know.

   This continues for several long moments in utter silence, the breeze outside was impossible to hear through the glass, which from the look of it may be sound-insulative anyway. But finally, something happens. Namely, well audible footfalls come from downstairs, stirring both girls to attention instantly.

   Gatomon scoots to the end of the bed beside Kari and primes her claws, ready to pounce at the lip of the stairway with a breath's notice, as the footsteps draw closer, ascending the stairs, until finally a figure emerges.


  Gatomon however doesn't pounce, she rather blinks at the sight that greets them. It was a human, a boy, looking about fifteen himself. He wasn't Japanese, that could be told instantly. He stood about 5'8 all up, considerable height for someone his age, dressed top to toe in black boots, black cargo pants, an untucked black t-shirt, and fingerless black gloves.

   He then had a pair of goggles with sleek, silver and black rubberized frames, and red tinted lenses set at his forehead above his pure lilac eyes. His hair was mid-length, in a gelled undercut, and jet black.


   Kari stands up quickly, lifting a hand slowly, "who..who are you? what is this place?". The boy physcially tilts his neck to either side sharply, producing some rather loud cracks, then simply turns his head off to the side and crosses his arms. "My name is none of your business, and this place is the last you'll likely ever see."

   Kari cocks an eyebrow at this, then sinks into a sit again. "Please, can you tell me where we are?" she asks calmly, a little more friendly in tone. The boy remains looking off to the side as he takes a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and goes about lighting one, placing it in his mouth before setting the pack and lighter on a nearby dresser.


   "You're in a paradox dimension of the real world, around the area that would be Germany, near as I've been able to tell more specifically Hannover" he explains rather blankly, going about his cigarette again, remaining at the lip of the stairs.

   "And..who are you..?" Kari continues, tilting her head slightly. "I don't even remember my real name anymore" he returns blankly, "but you can call me Mica". The boy then eyes something beyond them, and nods, then turns and heads back down the stairs, his voice trailing. "And that's Gazimon.."


   Kari and Gatmon blink simultaneously, then turn toward the deck-door, which slides open, a Digimon of the very aforementioned species entering. It was a Gazimon, though the same as any other save for a few simplistic details, those being it didn't have the typical markings around its eyes, its eyes themselves were green, and it had a pair of goggles matching its apparent human partner set atop its head.

   The Gazimon gives a casual sort of saltute using one claw, then casually slides the door closed behind it, and heads for the stairs itself, following Mica.


   "Wait a minute" Kari attempts to continue, stepping down off the stairs, trailing Mica as he made his way into the kitchen, his Gazimon parting off into the living room, taking up position on a couch.

   Mica himself calmly opens the fridge, digging a can out soda out of it, then casting a glance over at Kari, "hm?".


   Kari tilts her head slightly, looking off to the side for an instant, then back to him, "where are we exactly? what is this place?" ..please". Mica remains utterly still for a moment, looking toward her sideways with the soda can positioned in front of his mouth, before lowering, and nodding toward the tv.

   Kari raises an eyebrow slightly in curiosity, then nods, and wanders over to the television area, the Gazimon casually presenting the remote, which she takes, and thumbs the power button.

   But when the set turns on, the sigh that greets her almost causes a double-take. It was a simple black screen with the manafacturer's logo in the top right corner, with the simple text message "no signal" in the centre of the screen.

   Oddly however, the edges of the image were distorting and flickering sporadically, almost as if it was recieving something..not enough to form a picture however.


   "What the.." Kari begins observing this for a few moments longer in silent confusion, before the set abruptly turns to pure static, Mica and Gazimon both snapping to attention instantly. The image distorts heavily, the raw static fading into a view; the lines condense into each other slowly, eventually coming to form an outline, before a trace of colour runs through it, showing the rough form of a Tyrannomon.


   "Huh? What's this?" Kari manages in puzzlement, only a moment before the image dies out again, the Gazimon hopping up onto the back of the couch, looking toward Mica, who nods in reply, before both head for the door, Mica grabbing a long black trenchcoat as he passes.




   A deafening crash reverberates down the street, as a small building shatters apart, a heavy distortion of mixing dimensional energy and data fading from its core. A dark coloured Tyrannnomon emerges, its form barely fully apparent yet as it shakes debris from its form, its glowing red eyes casting down the length of the street.

   Mica and Gazimon abruptly appear over a rocky lip, about half a block away from this taking place. The very upper slither of the second floor master-bedroom of the house they inherently inhabited visible beyond the rocks.


   "It's another one alright" the Gazimon observes calmly, keeping slightly low and ready. Mica remains stood there with his hands by his sides, paying full attention but calm, much alike his Digimon, or vice-versa.

   "W-what's going on?" Kari queries slightly aloud with some concern as she climbs over the lip herself, Gatomon leaping up an instant later to trail as they approach the other two. "One of this place's ecentricities" Mica speaks, a little more serious now, his hand slowly taking something from his pocket, "we'll handle this, just stay back".


   An affirming beep sounds from the object in Mica's hand, held simply by his side, his hand turned backward. Kari could see it properly from this angle, it was a device, a digivice evidently, but not quite alike any she'd seen.

   It was similar to a D3, but a rounded rectangule in shape, with a slot-like opening in top, and an odd, flat-trigger on the side.


   Mica's fore-finger hooks under the trigger-casing and snaps it outward, causing part of the front casing to open forward, revealing the screen, which then flickers to life with a HUD-type display shown.

   "Gazimon, let's do this"



   The Tyrannomon's eyes narrow into sharp slithers at the forms at the end of the street from it, stalking out fully from the building destroyed by its appearence, standing on a swept angle toward them.

   It then abruptly lets a roar loose, arching its head back, filling with violent yellow energy as it stumbles back a step, then snaps its head away from them, and swings it back to face, letting loose a thick beam of yellow energy as a sourceless but heavily glared voice bellows "Priminance Beam!"

   Mica and Gazimon snap into attentive stances as the strafing release of the beam takes out a section of the building in front of the beast, before coming toward them. Mica's head then snaps over his shoulder, before he slides backward awkwardly and pushes Kari to the ground, landing on top of her in the process, as Gazimon drops to an extremely low crouch, Gatomon cowering downward.

   The beam sears overhead, reaching about three feet from the house, before slowing to a crawl, its path distorting circularly away from the building even more, before rifling into the distant water.


   The Tyrannomon growls furiously at the miss, turning to face full body and beginning to charge toward them. Mica looks up, over at the house, then back toward the Tyrannomon, and down at Kari, "find some cover, now! We'll handle this!"

   He then lunges off the ground, Gazimon raising into a ready stance with his paws swept backward along one side of his body, ready to fight, before charging forward toward the Tyrannomon.


   The larger beast digs its claws in and slides to a stop with a sharp grunted growl, snapping its body sideways and whipping out its tail at Gazimon. The smaller rookie responds by hopping off the ground quickly, landing on and then vaulting off of his opponent's tail, leaping into the beast's face where he swipes one paw out widely with a sharply announced "Double Slash!".

   The Tyrannon roars as its snout is gashed by the sharp-energy trailing claws, only for Gazimon to continue the rotation and bring his other paw into a consecutive slash. But the Tyrannomon responds, driving its head into the attack, headbutting Gazimon in mid air and sending him sprawling backward, landing awkwardly on his shoulder and being thrown over as a result, sliding back a small amount on his stomach.


   "Gazimon! Come on!" Mica calls with more focus than concern, his grip on his Digivice tightening slightly.

   The Tyrannomon twists sharply on its heel, whipping its tail over and bringing it down at the ground sharply. At the very last bare instant Gazimon launches off the ground with some backward movement, the tail slamming into and indenting the street where he had been, before landing back a short distance in a ready stance.

   He then instantly rushes into the Tyrannomon, who brings one of its clawed paws down harshly to strike him. Gazimon however lowers right into his posture and bolts clean under his larger attack, dropping to a crouch and sliding to a stop on the other side, then instantly leaping into the air, with some backward motion, clearing the Tyrannomon's head by a considerable amount as time seems to slow right down, the beast reacting only fast enough to look up.


   Mica's digivice lets a sharp building tone at that point as a circular glyph on the screen spins at a building pace until blindingly fast, when he then draws device to his chest, his fore-finger pressing in the trigger on the side, before swiping it out to the side and yelling "do it!!"


   Gazimon crosses his arms over his chest, his eyes taking a solid glow suddenly as his form lets off a ghost image of itself with its movements. He then announces loudly "Slash Wave!", before swiping both paws out sharply to either side, his claws contacting in the centre as he does so, the movement occuring in less than a second flat, and projecting a narrow but clearly defined arc of silver energy, which shoots strait down into the Tyrannomon, the sheer impact of the attack knocking it to its knees while throwing it back a dozen feet.

   Gazimon lands to a crouch after the attack, eyes still glowing and his body still trailing a ghost, before he charges forward at easily three times his normal speed, leaping into the air shallowly, straint into the Tyrannomon's chest while using a rolling of his body to swipe one paw out widely announcing "Final Cutter!", producing a sharp arc with the slash, which whips through the Tyrannomon's chest.

   Gazimon hits his opponent's chest and instantly rebounds off, landing to a semi-crouch soem distance back and sliding to a stop, with his paws drawn back, claws sheened, glaring forward at the beast.


   The Tyrannomon stands there utterly still, frozen, with a glowing white line through the upper of either arm and its chest, its eyes glow fading slowly, before its body distorts heavily while collapsing toward the ground, and breaking up before it even hits.


   The glyph on the screen of Mica's digivice slows right down, smoothly but quickly, until coming to a stop, and disappearing. The glow leaves Gazimon's eyes, and the ghost effect ceases instantly at this point, as he stands up properly, panting thickly with exhaustion.

   Mica himself breathes a little quicker than normal, sweat dotting his forehead, as he himself seemed drained.

   "Good work Gazimon" he calls, "good work.."


   Gazimon grins, then wanders back to them, Gatomon and Kari simply sitting there on the ground side by side, Kari's eyes widened in surprise, Gatomon's mouth literally hanging open in shock.

   "It's best we get back in the house.." Mica reports suddenly, calmly though obviously witholding something, his eyes casting toward the sky. Kari goes to look up, a moment before Gazimon tugs on her arm as he passes, distracting her a moment, causing her to forget and simply follow then back down the rockface and into the house.


   The city looked..about how you'd expect. There wasn't anything particularly out of place about it, save for the total void of all life. The traffic signals, neon-sighs and such, even an outdoor tv, all still worked, though the picte on the latter as like the one back in Mica's home.

   The sky however, showed an odd phenomenon at that point. A thick ripple of distortion passes through the sky, on the very tail of the ripple a kind of tear shows, pure data on the other side, but the opening is closed again by a ribbon of energy following closely behind the ripple.

   As this passes overhead, the destroyed building the Tyrannomon had emerged from abruptly shimmers, distorting heavily for a moment, before returning to perfect condition with not even a scratch, as the debris from its destruction simply dematirializes, even the dent made by the Tyrannomon's tail repairing..



   "So how many of that species ya think that makes now anyway?" Gazimon wonders aloud, as he and Mica, followed closely by the girls, come back into his 'home'. Mica heads strait for the kitchen, the fridge specifically, digging out another can of soda.

   "Not sure Gazi..nine..ten maybe" he replies, before cracking the can open and taking a long sip, then sighing, leaning against the counter looking toward the living room side-on. Kari and Gatomon take to the same seat, curious, puzzled, lost, but calm for the most part. Gazimon 'heh's' in response, and heads strait up the stairs to the bedroom.


   A long few moments of silence pass, Mica only glancing across at the living room on occasion, continuing on his soda calmly. Gatomon continuilly fidgets, looking toward the stairs subtly, then at the floor, sitting on the back of the chair Kari is sitting on.

   Kari herself looks strait ahead, her mind attempting to piece together what has happened so far, rather unsuccessfully. Finally, it becomes to much for her, and he has to ask, "please, tell me, what is this place".


   Mica looks down into his can for a moment, then sets it aside, and crosses his arms, turning his eyes up at the ceiling. "This place...near as I can figure, is a mirror of a city near Hannover, Germany, from 2002" he explains calmly, though a little withdrawn.

   "I think this is a..kind of..bubble dimension, not a whole one..just a little one that only contains this city and a small area around it, somewhere between the real world and the Digital World".


   "And..how did you get to be here?" she continues curiously, with some consideration. Mica turns his eyes off to the side, his tone withdrawing even more. "I've been here for a long time..I don't remember how I got here..."

   Kari nods slowly with a look of understanding, her tone reflecting it as she continues. "Did you meet Gazimon here?". Mica looks over at her, and shakes his head, "no, I met Gazimon in the Digital World, the only memory I have before being here".


   Gatomon yawns lightly, then paws Kari's head lightly, "Kari, can I go sit in the sun on the deck?". Kari looks toward Mica, who nods in response, before turning to Gatomon, "sure, enjoy yourself", and smiles.

   Gatomon smiles and nods in response, and bounces off the chair and springs springs up the stairs. She then walks through the bedroom toward the door, stopping at it as she notices Gazimon laying on the bed, half curled up, sleeping peacefully.

   She watches him for a few moments, then blinks, and slides the door open, closing it behind her and heading out onto the deck.



   Another silence passes for some time down on the lower level, Kari still thinking over things in her mind, glancing over at Mica occasionally. Mica had by this point hopped up, and was sitting on the counter, sipping a fresh can of soda on occasion, which sat beside him otherwise, every so often taking a drag of a cigarette in the same hand, while his other worked a pencil on the notepad resting on his thigh, his eyes intently focused on the paper.


   "So..Mica...how old are you?" Kari queries, curiously but casually, trying to make some friendly conversation. Mica keeps his eyes trained on his activity, though tilts his head slightly, "fourteen".

   "Ah" she returns, smiling lightly, "well I'm thirteen right now, I turn fourteen this year". "I turned fourteen this morning" Mica replies calmly, still working away at what appeared to be a rather good sketch of the Tyrannomon from earlier.

   "Really?" Kari remarks at this in surprise, then takes a sadder look of consideration "must be sad to have a birthday just go by like that without a party or anything".


   Mica shrugs in reply initially, applying some touchups to the eyes and markings of the Tyrannomon's body, still speaking calmly, faintly casually. "It's not the first I've had here" he continues after a moment, "wont be the last. I don't like it but there's no use getting all upset over it".

   Kari nods slowly, then continues, "so how long have you been here? do you know?". Mica stops his sketching, though apparently as he's finished it, then looks upward. "Well, I was.. seven.. when I met Gazimon..and I was only in the Digital World for a little while so..maybe seven years now".

   Kari's eyes go wide at this "my god, you poor thing, you must miss your family and home so much". Mica turns his eyes toward the floor, and shakes his head. "No..not really" he begins, trailing off as he looks off to the side, "actually..I'm glad I got away from there..as horrible as it probably sounds".


   Kari nods understandingly, then blinks, and looks off toward the side, "everyone's probably worried about me by now". "Friends back home?" Mica wonders, with an almost friendly tone. "Yeah, all my friends back home, my family..they'll all be worried about me by now".

   Mica nods, hopping down off the counter, and wandering into the living room, staying a distance away from her though. "I wish I could help..but in all the time I've been here I've never found a way back".

   "So..there's no way back?" Kari semi-echoes lowly, depressed by the concept, turning her eyes to the floor. "Well..I don't know for a fact there's no way" Mica replies, walking over and resting his hand on her shoulder, looking away though, "I've just never found one, doesn't mean there isn't one".



   Gatomon blinks a few times, her eyes gazing blankly up at the calm blue sky, as she rests on the folding deck-chair out on the deck. She seemed a little preoccupied, unable to rest calmly despite the temperate being borderline perfect and comfortable.

   She glances sideways at the tinted sliding door, then back up at the sky, alternating between the two sporadically. After several moments of this, she shifts around uncomfortably, then hops off the chair and pads over to the door, sliding it open. She closes it behind herself again, proceeding away from it to stand at the end of the bed, just able to see over it, observing Gazimon still sleeping, half curled up toward the centre.


   She looks off to either side awkwardly, then springs up onto the end of the bed, remaining at the end, considering the size of the bed, some distance from Gazimon, where she stands, obsering him quietly.

   Her tail waves around and twitches restlessly, her ears flicking sporadically, pawing at her sides, as if figuring out whether to do something or not.


   Gazimon remains sound asleep, considering what he'd done earlier, it was really no surprise he was so worn out. Gatomon drifts closer, her steps extremely light, not really disturbing the bed at all as he progresses, until only a handful of inches away from his sleeping form.

   She then stands there, looking down at him analytically. She'd seen Gazimon before, Etemon had an army of them working for him during his reign. But this one was a little different, the lack of markings around his eyes, and his eyes being green as she saw.

   Not to mention that he wasn't mishevous or ill-natured like the others.


   Secretely she'd wondered about Gazimon, they looked like some kind of cross between a Gatomon like herself and a Terriermon, or at basic level a cross between a cat and a rabbit. Her paws fidget a little, her eyes lifting away from him and casting around the room, toward the stairs. It's about this time she notices there was actually a door, at the very crest of the stairs.

   She hesitates for a moment, awkwardly fidgeting around, then pads to the end of the bed and hops down, making her way over to the door and creeping it closed slowly, appyling some pressure at the end to make it click closed softly, before turning to look toward the bed again.

   She looks around in awkward hesitation for a moment, then walks back to the bed and hops up onto it again, moving strait back to where she was, only now even closer, standing barely two inches away from him. She then sinks onto her knees, and reaches one paw out, poking him lightly.

   He doesn't even flinch, simply so far gone into sleep. She pokes again, harder, and waits. Again, he doesn't make any reaction of any kind, not even of the involentary variety. She blinks at this, then glances around one last time, and leans in a little closer, placing one claw to his chest, and dragging it along a centralized sort of line from there, down into his crotch, where she uses that claw to tease the fur to a part, finding the opening of his pouch.

   She then takes off her gloves, setting them aside, before placing one fingertip to the opening of his pouch, and pushing it in slowly. Her finger then curves once inside, hooking around the pouch's flacid contents, and pulls it toward the opening, peaking a small amount out which she then takes a hold of and works the rest of his cock out.

   Totally limp at this point, it was only about 1.5 inches long, and maybe half an inch thick, pinkish as she'd expected. She runs a finger along its length slowly, up and down with a repeated motion, teasing it to become erect.

   One thing she hadn't expect, was that it was a simple smooth muscle, no odd formations of any kind to it.


   The member gradually becomes harder, filling out toward its full size as it progressively becomes erect, until ultimately reaching a length of 4 inches, quite considerable for something Gazimon's size, and about 3/4 of an inch thick.

   She takes a hold of the cock then, gently stroking her paw along its length, the sensitive pads on the inner of her paw analyzing it. Gatmon then casts another look around, specifically toward the door, her ears twitching and tweaking as she checks no one is going to walk in on her, before drawing her face down to the member.


   She pokes her slick, but rough textured tongue out, contacting the base first, then drawing a line along its upper surface to the tip, which she licks over a few times, her eyes half-lidding as she studies its taste.

   About this point Gazimon's eyes part semi-widely, his body spasming gently before his eyes turn down to Gatomon, where he blinks audibly. "Shhh" Gatmon begins quietly beforeh he can say something, drifting her face away from his cock for a moment but keeping a grip, "just relaxe".

   Gazimon blinks again, Gatomon pushing against his hip with one paw, guiding him to roll onto his back. She shuffles forward, pressing her thighs to the outer surface of his left thigh, her paw keeping a grip of his cock in the process, before leaning over his hip and beginning to lick at his tip again, closing her eyes.

   Gazimon shivers lightly at the sensation, his eyes half-closing, taking a quicker than normal breath as the smaller feline Digimon continues basically lapping at tip of his cock, before sealing her mouth around it from the side, tilting her head right over to do this, and sliding her head down along the length, then up it again, taking the tip into her mouth at the top and licking at it again for a moment, before repeating this along the underside of the meat.


   Gazimon lets a drawn sigh, pleasureful sensation running through him at the command of Gatomon's treatment. He slides one paw down, using one of his large claws to brush up the back of her leg, turning his paw's angle halfway so he runs the bottom of his claw along her inner thigh, eventually ending with the side of his claw resting along the line from her butt to her slit.

   He then upturns his paw, using his two outer fingers to guide her legs apart a little, which she complies with while contuining her own activity, before sliding his paw forward a little, running his smooth claw between her slit from behind.

   Gatomon shakes her rear a little, then rests it down onto his paw as her own other paw comes up and rests on his abdomen, pawing at him as she takes the tip of his cock into her mouth, then dips her head onto it suddenly, taking half of its length into her mouth in one fell swoop, running her tongue along the underside as she does so before lifting her head from it, and taking it again, tilting her head to alter the angle slightly, as she repeats this again, and again, with no actual rythem but contuilly doing this.


   Gazimon's eyes close fully as he lets a restrained growl of pleasure, his claw instantly curving up to slide between her slit from behind, brushing her clit as a result, before sliding it down again, the tip pushing in and finding her opening. Gatomon's tail springs up into the air instantly as she feels the tip tease her opening, her cunt having already become slightly dampened, now wetting at the anticipation.

   He then pushes the tip inside her, and eases a length of his claw in to follow, before pulling it back and pushing it back in again a little quicker, repeating this with a slow rythem, inserting more of his claw each time until the whole length of it is sinking into her each time.

   Gatomon lets a soft moan directly onto his cock as she continues bobbing her head onto it, suddenly dipping her head further, taking 3/4's of its length into her mouth, causing the tip to enter her throat, earning a gag-reflex which she somehow controls to only add to the pleasure.

   She then removes most of the member from her mouth and repeats this, now with something of a rythem to her workings, and beginning to receive some precum as a reward for treating him so well, which she swallows down greedily as it comes.

   Her actions are slightly interrupted every moment or so however as she spasms slightly, letting a muffled moan onto his cock, as he continues sinking the full length on one claw into her tight, wet tunnel, sending repeated pulses of pleasure through her which build on themselves consistantly.


   Gazimon lifts his tail, resint off to the opposing side to Gatmon, and bends it over, brushing up her inner thigh with the tip, before moving it over to meet his her slit, brushing over it, before the two outer claws if his paw part her lips from behind, as he continues sinking his claw into her tunnel, a little faster in pace now, and uses the tip of his tail to tickle the area of and around her clit.

   He then lifts his other paw, bringing it in under her movements from the side slightly to not interrupt, stroking the pads of his paw along her chest. She may not have had actual breasts, save for a slight outward curve of soft flesh hidden by her fur, but she did still have sensitive nipples, also hidden by said fur.

   He smoothly paws at them both simultaneously, as his tail-tip continues tickling at her clit, his claw thrusting rather deeply into her tunnel. His paw involved in the latter begins to dampen quite considerably, as does her inner thighs, as her pussy simply flows from all the stimulation.

   The pleasure coursing through her body as almost dibilitating, her mouth leaves his cock as she lays the side of it on his abdomen, her weight fully resting onto Gazimon's paw as she rests onto his thigh, unable to even really move, even keep her tail up from the sheer pleasure surging through her small frame.

   She moans loudly, mixing with emplasured moews as the sensation continues to build on itself rapidly, and in large amounts, constantly and quickly. She shivers lightly as a bright blush forms on her face, before suddenly becoming ridigid and letting one last powerful moan, her orgasm hitting hard, as she releases a rather considerable wash of her cum all over his paw and the bed beneath.

   She then goes rather limp again, panting, still blushing as she remains there unable to move temporarily.


   Gazimon withdraws his claw, and the paw entirely, his tail moving away as does his other paw, before sitting up, and resting his cum covered paw on her back. Gatmon purrs warmly through her panting, before reaching back and grabbing his paw, bringing it around to her face where she intently licks it clean, especially his claw.



   Mica and Kari simultaneously sweatdrop, looking toward the stairs. "That...wasn't..what I think it was..right..?" Kari stutters out in disbalief. Mica blinks, his mouth half hung open, before shaking his head, "no idea, but I'm not going up there to find out".



   Gazimon remains sat up as Gatmon finishes licking the last of her fluids from his paw, still purring warmly as she does so. Her pant had settled, her tail was waving around now, evident she could move again, recovered from the climax.

   He then reaches to her with both paws, one taking grip around either side, fitting rather snugly around her actually, before picking her up and bringing her to himself. She lifts her tail up, over her own head, petting the top of his head with the tip, as he lowers her onto his still fully erect and lubed member.

   The tip greets her opening with a faint shiver from either, both sensitive to the touch. Gatomon grabs either side of his chest with her paws, closing her eyes and licking at her lips just once, as he eases her down onto his meat, spreading her lips widely with its thickness, as the length enters deeply into her.

   She wasn't quite built to handle something his size, but not too far off, so it wasn't uncomfortable, let alone painful. Infact she shivers strongly as his length penetrates deeply inside her form, letting a soft, drawn moan to the sensation of his member filling her completely.

   Gazimon lets a slightly stutted growl of pleasure, feeling his cock engulfed in her warm, wet, and on his cock, remarkably tight tunnel, gripping it firmly, but the lubrication allowing it to move smoothly.

   He lifts her prodminantly off his meat, and lowers her onto it again, repeating, and building a calm rythem and pace. Gatmon meows and moans to each deep insertion, feeling thick waves of pleasure washing through her once more and building on themselves again.

   Gazimon lets rythmic empleasured growls as he continues, increasing the pace quite some after a few long moments, his body alight with massive pleasuring sensation as he moves Gatmon to engorge his cock with her cunt.


   He increases pace again after several long moments of this, another blush forming on Gatmon's face as her moans and meows climb in volume and severity, the deep penetration by his thick cock pushing her closer and closer to another orgasm with each insertion, feeling it teatering, almost there.

   Gazimon himself had bowed his head now, his eyes clenched closed as he increases pace yet again, now driving her down onto his member hungrily, his own orgasm bordering and burning to hit.

   He lets a loud growl of pleasure, slamming his hips up and he drives her down, burying his member deeply inside her with each thrust several times in rapid seccession, before shifting forward, leaning over her as he pulls his cock free, and releases his cum in several thick, long waves, covering a considerably large amount of her entire front from crotch to face.

   Gatmon herself lets a powerful moan at the instant her back hits the bed, releasign another, though much smaller wash of her cum onto the bed, before breaking into another rapid pant.


   Gazimon basically falls over to the side, narrowly missing landing ontop of her, panting thickly himself as the rush of his climax slowly settles away. After a few moments, both had recovered their breath mostly, though clearly drained.

   Gatomon shifts over and cuddles up to Gazimon, who moves his paws to hug her to himself snugly as they rest, his cum fusing their fur together though neither cared particularly at that moment.



   Mica places his head in his hand and shakes it, his other hand reaching toward the sky upturned with classic 'god give me strength' esque look to it. Kari simply sweatdrops even further, blushing, tensed up a little in dumfounded shock at her 'innocent' little partner's obvious actions.

   "Staying here..is..going to be..interesting..."



-To Be Continued-