If you’re not 18 (21 in some regions) or offended by pornographic, or graphically violent material, don’t read any further. This document contains graphic depictions of sex and death, you have been warned.

   Now onto the next part...


   A preliminary note to readers, this is part of a series, so if you haven’t read the first one then don’t read any further, or won’t understand the story (yes there’s actually a story line here).


   Secondly, my writing is not focused purely on sex. It contains sex therefore it is a Lemon, but the sex is in a certain proportion with the actual story (and when I can’t think of ideas). So don’t read this expecting everyone to fuck everyone at every turn and juncture.


   Finally, I think it important to note this series (and each story thereof) doesn’t fit in with the original series story-line perfectly. It is set a little after season 2’s end, but way before the future where all the season 2 kids are grown up, and the season 1 kids are even older.





   As those who have actually read this upper-section will notice, I’ve shortened it a little. I have also rewritten the contact information at the bottom, and I humbly request readers to check it out.


   Additionally, I have decided to go no further than Version 2; Part 4 of Version 2 will be the unconditional end of Apocalypse Alpha. This is due to the obvious, but personally expected, low popularity of the series.


   To those who have actually taken the time to read my work, I thank you.




On with the show...





Ver.2 - Part 2



   With an ear-splitting screech, the Digidestined arch back or curl forward, clutching their ears in startle and mild pain. The data stream around them abruptly distorts, as though corrupting; and instaneously. But within a short moment, the kids and their partners suddenly hit something, a large dark mass obstructing the stream, an just an instant before the stream to the side of them tears apart, and they are sucked through.


   Each yelling in feared shock, the kids and their Digimon are dumped two or three at a time randomly across a small clearing, in what appeared to be a forest. Groaning as he does so, Tai climbs to his feet, casting his instinctive glance around to ensure everyone was together, and no one was hurt, when his eyes catch on something he hadn't expected. "Is..is..that...?"

   Matt rolls over and looks forward, his own eyes finding the sight with some surprise, as he pushes up onto his fours "the park gates..?"


   They were entirely precise. The group had somehow ended up back in the very park they entered the portal through; only in a different part of it. "Perplexing.." Izzy begins, still recovering from his stun, though his sharp mind was working none the less "it appears...we were thrown out of the rift prematurely".

   "I'll say" Davis comments, pointing off to one side "considering we entered the portal over there", the place he was indicating was barely thirty feet away. "What the hell was that thing we hit anyway? I dont remember anything like happening before" Sora remarks unamusedly, rubbing her throbbing head, which Matt rushes over and tends to with some concern.


   "It was rather strange" Izzy notes with consideration, his brain working overtime on the concept now "we cant assume its impossible that there are sometimes just blockages in the dimensional crossovers...but the fact we've encountered one before, even after all this time, is rather suspicious".

   "Um...question.." Cody begins, still dusting himself, and earning the group's attention "what..do we do now?".


   Tai blinks repeatedly in response, as his mind draws an utter blank...



   "What the...hell..?" Sekira speaks in a daze-like confusion, looking at the monitor before him. Lila stood to the side, simply blinking, lost. "Something's blocking the channel between this world and theirs..." Sekira furthers slowly, his mind starting to tick over "but what the hell could obstruct a rift created by our technology..."


   "Sir" a voice calls from the side, gaining Sekira's attention. The yellow ExVeemon from earlier walks across the catwalk some distance closer "I just found out, the other DD's, they're all dead, something went into the void and killed them".

   "What!?" Sekira remarks in a mixture of surprise and anger "what the hell!?". The ExVeemon all but shrugs in response at first, his tone still rather blank "its the truth sir, they're all dead".


   Sekira's vision lowers, and narrows, his eyes loosing focus as raw anger floods through his body, though he does not vent it. "Alpha..." he breathes darkly "he did this, I know it.."



   Save for the occasional beep of a console nearby, the room sat silent and still. On a wall toward the back, restrained by a new set of chains, Lilymon remains slumped, held up only by said chains. She had no coverings, her crotch and legs stained with a mixture of her own and the yellow ExVeemon's fluids, and blood.

   Then, a soft, steadily growing but somewhat light metal on metal sound could be heard. It takes a few long moments, but finally a door to the side slides open, and Alpha, still in his MetalAxismon form, pads in near casually.


   He casts a glance around the room, there was a small puddle-stain on to floor of the aforementioned materials toward the centre, and the shreddings of Lilymon's coverings around it. His vision then pans across to find Lilymon, over to whom to pads, still rather casually, stopping about two feet away. "Well..he certainly had his fun with you..." the cybernetic fox observes calmly, noting the blood mixed in down her thigh, gaining a slight frown "although I didn't expect him to go so far".

   Lilymon's eyes slowly open, gaining some focus, enough to define what she was seeing anyway, as she slowly raises her vision to find Alpha stood there with a faint frown on his face. "Dissapointed..I'm still alive..?" she speaks challengingly, displaying her true strength, defiant to her last breath.


   "..." Alpha's response comes, if it could be called that. He says nothing; his face retains a casual, if slightly blank expression as he simply stands there, only blinking on occasion. Lilymon's expression takes some odd curiosity at this, studying him closely "you're...not well...are you.."

   Alpha's eyes blink a few times in sequence, and indaction his mind has just come back from whatever tangent it was on. His vision lifts to look into Lilymon's eyes, a subtle, as though radically suppressed sadness appears deep inside his own, which Lilymon finds with held surprise. The fox remains unspoken, his eyes alone were talking volumes, and Lilymon was taking it all in.

   "What...happened to you.." Lilymon continues softly, her eyes locked into his with an equally soft expression. Alpha remains looking back into hers, as if physically frozen. "I..dont know..." he finally speaks, his eyes almost closing as they lower "...I'm scared.."


   Lilymon pushes up to her feet, without struggling against her restraints, she moves one arm to give the other anough slack to reach out and touch his armoured muzzle softly. The fox takes a lost look, he was torn now, all he'd learned and known as a force of good was now mixed with this evil presence in his mind.

   A sword blade abruptly slides out of his left arm's attachment, which opens slightly to either side in two pieces. He still looked lost, that element of sadness in his eyes ever present, his next action would determine his fate.

   With the lightning speed he was known for, he slides to one side and swipes out the blade..



   "Its hopless" Yolei submits defeatedly, slumping back into the chair in front of the school computer, the other kids dsitrubuted about the computer lab seemingly randomly. "We've been incapable of getting to the Digiworld before, but there's always been a way, we cant give up now" Tai speaks confidently. He had no idea himself, but as the leader, he had to keep the morale.

   "For all we know that screwy two faced fox is torturing Lilymon and Patamon" Matt comments with a strong element of hate in his voice "we have to find a way there". Mimi shakes her head slowly, looking over toward him "Lilymon's fine..". "Yeah, Patamon is too.." T.K comments with some faint surprise, they kids never truly understood the link between them and their Digimon, but it was infallible.


   "That's not really surprising" Kari speaks calmly "Alpha may have turned evil but he's a warrior in nature, torture isn't the warrior's way...and I know he's not really bad.." she lowers her eyes a little "just..confused I think.."

   "Confused or not, we have to stop him" Armadillomon points out calmly "now I dont really know the guy, but evil is evil, no matter the reason".



   Lilymon's eyes slowly drift open again, but no surprise comes to her when she finds a gash in the steel above her, and her chains cut without injury to her. Alpha lowers his arm to his side again, the blade retracting, as he keeps his eyes lowered and almost closed, remaining as he'd been before his action.

   "T..thank you.." Lilymon speaks softly, standing properly and removing the cuff parts of her restraints, which had been left behind by Alpha's action.


   She stands there, rubbing the skin of her wrists were the tight steel had been, a little sore. Her eyes lower lowered mostly, though angled to look toward the fox, who simply stood there motionless, with his muzzle lowered, and his eyes now closed. She seems to think for a moment or two, just studying his silent and still form, before rather calmly taking that simple step forward necessary to leave no distance between them whatsoever, as she puts her arms around him, and rests her head to his armoured chest.


   Alpha's eyes open fully again in surprise, but he doesn't move at all, even his tail was perfectly still. Lilymon turns her head, looking up at him "is..something wrong..?". The fox doesn't breath a word, he had armour in various places, symetrically, on his body, but his crotch wasn't one of them. And right now, his crotch was pressed to Lilymon's bare abdomen.

   She keeps looking up at him, as he almost stares back in surprise. A faint blush forms on his face, as a swell builds in his pouch as his member starts hardening from the contact, Lilymon feels this against her bare skin, and simply keeps looking into his face.

   "Its ok" she speaks softly, hugging into him a little tighter and turning her head down again as she presses it to his armoured chest.


   Alpha's eyes slowly close a little to a normal look, the blush on his muzzle mostly hidden by the metallic mask over it. Its then something slightly more surprising happens. Lilymon suddenly lets go of her hold and takes a step back momentarily, as Alpha's chestplate simply falls off in two pieces, the clamp-like fixing holding it together undone.

   Alpha's eyes open fully again, this time in near shock, and Lilymon wasn't done. She reaches out, her fingers lightly dancing over the same clamps on his thigh plates, before they apruptly fall off. "W..what...are..you doing..?" the fox manages through his stun, Lilymon's hands slowly reaching up and taking a hold of his mask, as she steps forward again, pressing her body to his as she slides the mask off, and drops it to the floor, wrapping her arms around him again "what does it look like?".


   The fox lets a faint smile, his blush revealed with the removal of his mask, as he places his paws beside each other behind her back, pulling on a catch just below each paw on the underside, causing the rear casing of his wrist attachments to pop open. He then slides them off and drops them to the floor, and slowly puts his arms around her in return. He now stood almost exactly as AlphaRenamon again, though a touch larger, his muscles about the arms, chest and abdomen larger and much more clearly defined now, he also had no tuft of white fur on his chest like this.


   Standing about a foot taller than Lilymon, Alpha lowers his muzzle to be beside her face, his eyes closed as he speaks quietly "why would you want to...with something like me..?". "I understand now why you you're helping them, and I dont hate you for it...you're still the Alpha I met if only briefly, the one who tracked Devidramon down and took revenege for Mimi when we couldn't".

   Alpha's muzzle takes a faint smile again, as he hugs her to himself a little more, Lilymon increasing her own hug in response.



   "My lord...is that what..I think it is.." Sekira speaks with some mild surprise, looking at a monitor in a different part of the fortress. Lila wasn't far away as usual, and was now clothed again much as she had been previously, minus the coat.

   "Well my dear Lila, it seems you didn't loose your faithful partner afterall" Sekira furthers amusedly "that obstruction in the rift, its Hildmon's data, uncompressed and without form". "Really?" Lila returns in surprise, looking at the screen herself, finding a radar-like image on it with an utterly huge blob toward the center "that's...Hildmon..?".

   "It's his data anyway" Sekira replies more casually now, fiddling with some of the controls on the panel "all we need is a vessel and I do believe we can bring him back".


   Lila reaches into her pocket and fishes out her D-vice. It was different again to the older kids', this was similar but mostly rectangular in shape. It had an odd glyph on the screen presently, which was flashing about once a second.

   She takes it in one hand, thumbing one side causing it to physically slide away, revealing a trigger button not seen on any other Digivice, which she then presses. Instantly, the device takes an intense glow of transparent red energy, swirling around it spastically, before firing off and into the monitor. The beam suddenly appears in the picture, hurtling into the mass of data, causing it to transform into a large ball of glowing red energy surrounded by "ribbons" of glyphs and symbols, before this simpyl vanishes with a flash of light.


   A short moment later, Lila's D-vice beeps a few times, and the screen returns to a more normal display, as she takes a faint smirk. "So, our friend Hildmon is back?" Sekira inquires amusedly. "Oh he's back alright" Lila replies in dark amusement "better than ever.."



   Lilymon turns her head upward, nuzzling the side of her face to the side of Alpha's muzzle for a moment with a soft smile, before bringing one hand around to take a gentle hold of it, and reposition it before her face, closing her eyes as she moves forward and kisses his lips lightly. Alpha closes his own eyes and returns this, Lilymon taking this affirmation and parting her lips, pressing the tip of her tongue to his lips, causing him to part them also in acceptance, as the tip of his tongue comes to meet hers for a moment, before they slide along each other into the other's mouth.

   Alpha takes a soft grip of her back with one paw, opening and closing it slowly and gently, kneading her skin, as his other paw slides down her back smoothly to the base of her spine, and tenderly coaxes her hips forward a little, as he pushes his own in the same manner, pressing his buldging pouch to her bare abdomen.

   Lilymon takes her hand from his muzzle, stroking it through his fur down the side of his neck, down his shoulder, and onto his chest, working into the fur and skin below gently.


   Alpha breaks the kiss for an instant, looking into her eyes "do you...really want to do this..?". Lilymon smiles softly, and reconnects the kiss as part of her response. The other part of her response being as she uses her other hand to take one of his paws, and guide it to her cunt, ensuring to rub the side of one knuckle along the slit, moistening the fur from how wet she'd already become.

   Alpha's face takes a soft, warm smile of its own as he returns the kiss, deeping it a little as he carefully takes one finger, and runs the tip just before the claw along her slit again, then down it again with the side of the finger, and repeating this with a slowly rythem, her hips shifting a little as she lets a soft moan into his muzzle, enjoying the treatment and becomming more wet with each stroke.


   Lilymon slides her hand further down from his chest, across his abdomen, and down to his crotch, her fingers lightly passing over his nearly throbbing pouch. His cock must have been fully erect by now, and somehow he was holding it in. She changes this tough, using two fingers she parts the opening of the pouch, causing the indeed fully hardened and erect member to almost pop out.

   She then soft takes a grip of it, and slowly runs her hand up and down its length, tenderly stroking the member, Alpha's hips pushing into this just slightly as he lets a soft murr into her mouth, his finger coming to rest at the opening of her pussy, gently pressing his claw into the wet hole, then slowly pushing his finger into it. Lilymon difts her own hips forward a little, taking more of his finger into her cunt, as her hand tightens slightly on his cock, the kiss between them now deep and passionate.


   The fox then breaks the kiss, his finger now totally inside her cunt, as he smiles at her for a moment, then lowers onto his knees slowly, pulling his finger out of her cunt as his paw presses the base of her spine, pushing her hips forward a little, as he simultenously puts his muzzle forward, extending his tongue, and running the tip along her slit.

   Lilymon's hands instantly take a gentle hold of the fox's head as she lets a soft moan, a small wave of pleasure sent through her body by this alone. Alpha drags his tongue down and up her slit a few more times, then brings one paw up from underneath, and slowly parts her cunt lips. He then presses his tongue into her cunt, pressing the tip into the hole a tiny depth, before giving a long lick upward through it, brushing over her clit, which he then circles a few times with his tongue, before teasing it around with the tip, and circling it again in the opposing direction.

   Lilymon moans louder, a blush forming on her face as she shamelessly pushes her pussy into his muzzle wanting more. And the fox complies, sliding his tongue along the inner surface of her cunt, until his tongue comes to the hole again, into which he pushes a moderate length of his tongue, his tongue being fairly long really compared to a human's. He then moves his tongue around, with more a pattern than randomly swishing it around, massaging the tight, wet walls gripping it slightly.


   Lilymon's moans turn to empleasured whimpers as she almost slumps forward onto his head, the exstacy of his treatment flowing through her body in drawn out waves. The fox turning, dripping and elevating his muzzle sproadically, altering his angle, as he works deeper into her cunt, savouring the flavour and the juices it produces constantly.

   This in turn causes her whimpers to louden, and become strong moans, as she is brought toward an orgasm by the fox's intent treatment..



   A resounding crash, then another, and another, echoing along the large, steel lined corridor in a slow but steady rythem. A door at one end of the corridor, three quarters of the way up the wall, slides open abruptly, Sekira and Lila stepping through. They take positions on the catwalk toward the centre, with no more than a meter separating them, as a giant, somehow familiar figure approaches.

   The end of the corridor was decently lit, but the corrdior itself was quite dully so. The approaching figure couldn't be defined for a few long moments, the time it took for it to steadily walk the rest of the corridor's length, stopping only a few meters from the end.


   There he stood, Hildmon, or so it seemed to some degree. The form was similar, though now, most of it was made up by mechanical parts, armoured sections, only small areas of skin revealed. And now, this skin was inverted in colour scheme.

   Lila presents an amused smile as she looks over her partner's form, taking a long moment to take it in, Sekira standing in near awe. "Well Hild...looks like you got a boost.."



   One of Lilymon's hands takes a firmer grip on the top of Alpha's head between his ears, as her other hand shoots up to her mouth, her she bites one finger, thrusting her hips into his muzzle again. He now had as much of his tongue as physcially possible inside her, his muzzle opened near to its limit and cupping over her entire cunt as he continues to use his tongue to massage the inside of her flowing pussy.

   A bright blush forms on Lilymon's face as she starts a building pant, harder and faster by the second, before letting a loud, long moan, as she cums into his mouth with a strong shudder of her body.

   The fox catches most of the flood in muzzle, working quickly to swallow it down, while an excees and some stray matts and soaks the furr around his muzzle, pulling his tongue out from her cunt, as he guides her down onto her knees slowly, and then onto her back, panting as her body tries to come down from the rush.

   Alpha applies his tongue to her cunt again intently, cleaning up every trace of juice left over, before slowly taking his muzzle from it an looking up to her face. She still had a blush, she was still panting lightly, and sweat dotted her face, but she smiles back to him warmly, and lifts her hands up and toward him, beckoning for a hug.


   The fox complies, carefully leaning forward, walking with his forepaws to have one forearm rested flat to the ground, almost parellel with her body on either side, his legs nearly together and between hers, his head a little higher than hers due to his larger size. One other note was that, as Lilymon feels, pressed between his abdomen and her own, was his fully erect, warm member, which releases a tiny bit of precum onto her skin as it rubs faintly, as Alpha moves himself into his position. Lilymon puts her arms around his chest, looking up at his face with the same warm smile.

   He slowly slides down a small amount, his member dropping before her crotch, before he slowly slides forward again, pressing the tip of his member to her entrance, and giving a faint quiver at the sensation. He then slowly, almost hesitantly begins to inch his cock inside her, letting a soft sigh at the sensation as he does so. Lilymon does similarly, letting a drawn, slightly voiced sigh as he enters her ever so slowly and gently..



   “God damnit!!” Matt exclaims, his fist slamming againt the steel locker with a resounding metallic thud. The corridors were empty, only he and Tai were present. “Calm down man” Tai insists with concern “hurting yourself isn’t going to help” he furthers, stepping forward quickly and pulling the other boy’s hand away from the steel.

   Matt lets an almost defeated sigh, slowly opening his eyes and turning them to Tai “..this just.. just sucks...you know..”. “I know” Tai responds, lowering his own gaze slowly “we’re supposed to be the ones who stop this..and we cant do anything..we cant even get to the problem..”


   “There has to be a way though, a method we haven’t though of, or one we don’t know of” Izzy continues, as he apparently had been for some time, evident as the rest of the Digidestined present were scattered about, in a mixture of boredom and faint depression. He paces around madly, his brow half furrowed as his mind races, a flood of thoughts and ideas passing through like a stream, analysing and picking apart their situation, all to one end: to find a way to the place where two of their own were being held captive.

   But as this continued, and the rest of kids and their partners retained a subtle solemnity at their situation, one of them simply sat, looking out the window, into space. Mimi was in a different place mentally, she knew Lilymon was not only fine, but what she could almost swear was happy...



   Much closer to our starting point, the scene was quite different again. Lila stood on WarHildmon’s head, with her arms crossed, looking off to the side with her sunglasses sitting over her eyes, as Sekira stood on a nearby, nearly level catwalk, working away at a control panel there.

   “Unfortunately, it seems our friend Hildmon here did quite some damage to the gateway beteen this world and the real world, I dont know if I can open it again...” he speaks calmly, then casts a glance to the side with some consideration, before looking back over his shoulder “make that, I dont know if I can open it again, and bring all of them through in one piece”.


   “Does it really matter? We only really need one, all Alpha has to do is kill one and we’ve got him” Lila replies near casually. “That’s not the point...” Sekira continues, apparently expecting this repsonse “Alpha wont fight them if they’re not at their full strength; atleast, he wont kill them. He’ll only defeat them, and send them back”.

   “Why dont we just go there then” Lila returns, her gaze turning toward Sekira now “I mean, there’s no way Alpha can defeat WarHildmon here, and Hild could easily kill them all”.


   “My dear Lila..” Sekira begins with a certain intent in his calm tone, casually turning away from the control panel and leaning back against it, crossing his arms “the point, you miss, is that there’s no way Hild will fit back through the gateway in its current state”, he rasies his gaze toward her slowly “and there’s very little chance of us ending up where we want to on arrival; we could very well end up in Germany, or America, rather than Tokyo”.

   “Its that screwed?” Lila wonders aloud, her eyes open a little wider in calm surprise. “Yep” Sekira returns, now casually toned “not to put too fine a point on it, the gateway’s fucked”.



   Alpha lets a soft moan as his cock gently enters Lilymon’s tunnel, fully, to the hilt, with each soft, slow thrust. Lilymon herself lets a soft moan of her own with each stroke, her head layed to one side, her eyes closed.

   He was savouring every instant of this for sure, but his caution came in that he knew full well if he wasn’t careful, he’d hurt her. Not because she was smaller than him, because of the yellow ExVeemon’s assault. Infact, it was a wonder she was able to take this without experiencing pain.


   But then, something comes to the fox. He slowly pulls out of her, lowering his muzzle as he rests on his knees/paws, remaining still, just breathing lightly. Lilymon turns her head slowly, opening her eyes, and showing some faint confusion “w..what’s wrong..?”

   “I cant do this..” Alpha begins quietly “its my fault you were hurt...I have no right doing this, no right at all..”. He slowly gets up, his eyes casting a glance aside at his armor “the only thing I can do..is finish this...myself..so that they need not get hurt at all..”


   Lilymon quickly gets up, as he walks over to his armor, beginning to put it back on piece at a time. “You cant be serious...you’re going to take them on by yourself?” she speaks in concern, watching him continue at a calm pace, with a silent determination in his gait “...you’re really going to do it..aren’t you..”

   “I have to” the fox finally replies, now fitting the last of his armor on, putting on his wrist attachments, before rolling his neck as he stretches his form, adjusting to the armor again. “The least I can do after all I’ve done, is spare them any pain, and end this once and for all”.


   Lilymon remains in place as he settles into his calm stance, closing his paws and looking away, almot back to her “I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you personally...and when you see them, tell the others, I truly am sorry..”

   He slowly begins for the door, Lilymon shooting forward and grabbing his arm “dont do it alone, please, you....you wont come back..”


   The fox lets a faint sigh, turning slowly, and brings one paw up to lightly touch the side of her face “tell Gatomon I’m truly sorry for the pain I’ve caused her, and that I never came back as I said I would”, he gives a faint sigh, looking off to the side for an instant, then back to her “...goodbye”.

   Before she even has a chance to breath further, he abruptly turns on his heel and charges through the door, which barely opens in time, and upon entering the corridor, opens right up in a full charge, launching down it like a bullet.

   Lilymon lowers her gaze to the floor, hugging her chest lightly with a faint smile she couldn’t hold back “that guy...”



   “What the fuck did he look like!!?” a voice suddenly demands frantically, the classroom door nearly breaking as it’s slammed open. A good 90% of the group facefault and faceplant in shock, the remainder jumping in surprise.

   Seth narrows his eyes, looking strait ahead at Tai “what did Alpha look like the last time you saw him!? Tell me!”.


   “O..ok man..s-settle down..” Tai begins in reply, coming down from the startle, but worried by Seth’s composure, or lack thereof. “I will fucken not calm down” Seth retorts sharply, his hands clenching into fists at his side “there’s something wrong with Alpha, I knew it from the very start, but now I know for sure”.

   “W-what!?” Matt exclaims “w-what do you mean ‘wrong’!?”. “His data has been corrupted, or damaged, something like that, I’m not specifically sure. But I know it for a fact, Alpha’s Digivolutionary pattern has been all over the place, some of the forms he’s taken aren’t even his” Seth explains, retaining his seriousness, his breathing slightly accelerated.


   “Wait a minute...corrupt..could that be why he turned evil?” Sora inquires, the obvious question finally asked. Seth turns his eyes toward her for a minute and shakes his head “there’s no doubt in my mind, but at the same time, it’s all the more reason to get to him”.

   “..huh?” Tai comments, confused by this. Seth turns toward Tai, shakes his head again as he stands slowly, half turning toward the door “Alpha’s data is corrupt, that’s why he turned..but the nature of corruption is to make things unstable, not simple invert them. In other words, he could just as easily be brought back to our side again, or even turn back to his old way on his own. If that happens, and he’s right in the middle of their base, he’s dead, for something that’s not his fault..”


   The entire group takes a solemn, and sorry tone at this. The thought that there might have been an outside cause to Alpha’s defection hadn’t even crossed their minds, they’d assumed the worst of him. And now, they realized, just how bad his situation was...



   “Hmm?” the yellow ExVeemon manages curiously, hearing some odd metallic noises behind him. He turns, only in time to see Alpha slide to a stop, side-on, with his right arm held out, paw clenched. The ExVeemon blinks audibly, mentally frozen at this action, but for the brief instant he had after the casing of Alpha’s right wrist attachment opening, revealing the gun barrel inside, and before it fired a searing projectile, point-blank, clean through its skull, its expression denoted it knew what was happening.

   The crack that echoes as the weapon fires, punching a fist-sized hole in the ExVeemon’s head, which slumps onto the ground with a soft thud, and simply breaks down into data which fades away, echoes down the corrridor. Alpha’s eyes remained looking forward, which from the facing of his head, was to the side of where the ExVeemon had been standing, though he closes them slowly, the casing of his arm attachment closing again, before he stands normally again, looking off to the side.

   “One down, four to go...” he speaks quietly, almost vacantly, his vision slowly rasing “Hildmon..I sense you...”, his eyes narrow slightly as he breathes “I’m coming”.



   Lilymon lets a soft sigh as she walks back into the room’s centre, casting a slow glance around. “I guess now I just wait for Alpha to come back...or the gang to come rescue me..either way”.

   But as she lowers her head a little, going to scratch at the back of it, her eyes pick up on a form in the corner of her scope. Her head snaps in the approximate direction, her eyes opening wider as she recognizes the form, somewhat. It was a Flamedramon, and most certainly not the one she knew.

   This one stood only 5'2, his body though showing more muscle definition and a slight more mass than the original Flamedramon. His armour was altered in appearence; no gauntlets, but rather metallic wrist pads with flame designs on them.

   He had no horn, and his chest/back armour had a separate abdomen plate attached to it via sectioned steel strips. His skin was pale grey in colour, his armour light blue all over, and his eyes blood red.


   The Flamedramon’s eyes lock onto her as he slowly stalks forward, his paws clenching into fists, his face bearing a heavy tone of malintention. But he had reached no less than a two meters from her, when a distortion abruptly forms in the air before him. This distortion was familiar in nature, and withing the breif instant it took, recognizable as a Renamon’s slidephasing effect.

   As expected, a Renamon does indeed appear from it. It instantly snaps forward, its body giving a full rotation, and slamming one paw into the Flamedramon’s midsection, uterring the words extremely quickly and sharply “Kenetic Strike!”.

   A snap of telekenetic energy mixing with the impact of the fist itself, results in the Flamedramon barely managing to exhale as its body is sent flying backward several meters, where it lands in a heap, its armor badly damaged at the point of impact.


   Allowed a moment to study it, as the Renamon stands to full height, keeping its paws open and by its sides, as its head turns to look past its own shoulder at Lilymon. The Renamon stood no more than an inch taller than Alpha, and similar to him, it bore no markings on its body anywhere, save for a scar through its left eye. It had extremely light grey, almost white fur, stone grey gloves, and light purple eyes.

   It also had a type of sword known as a claymore in a leather sheeth on its back, as it turns to face Lilymon nearly side on, and speaks with some intent “it’s time we left”.


   Lilymon blinks audibly, drawing a blank. It was obvious from the Renamon’s voice, it too was male like Alpha. Many comparisons were drawable at this point, though Lilymon was in no place to contemplate them.

   “Who...who are you..?” She manages curiously, in a mixture with a confused quality. The Renamon turns his eyes to one side for an instant, speaking similarly to before “an AlphaRenamon..more commonly called Strike though. I’m a friend, I’ve come to get you out”.


   “Wait, an AlphaRenamon? Like Alpha?” Lilymon continues, a little more confused, her eyes studying him closely now. The Renamon, ‘Strike’ as he referred himself, looks toward her again, then turns his back “yeah, like Alpha. Afterall, he is my brother...”









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