Gatomon's Fun Night II
Gabumon and Gatomon
Last time Gomamon admitted he was in love with Gatomon. Now the Digidestined are traveling to a village filled with Tokomon (Patamon's In-training form).
"Kari, Where are we going?" Gatomon asked. Kari looked at her Digimon. "We're heading to a Digimon Village," she replied. Gatomon sighed (She does that a lot doesn't she?). The cat Digimon walked with her friend for awhile, but went on to talk with her crush. Gomamon was still a bit stunned about what happened the other day between him and Gatomon.
They finally reached the village. The Tokomon gave them a warm greeting. They wouldn't let them talk too much. The leader of the village insisted they get some rest and gave each of them a room. Almost everyone fell asleep right away. Gatomon crept out of her room to explore. She walked into an alley and saw a figure in the darkness. She used her night vision ability (Hey, She is a Cat Digimon!) to see who it was. To her surprise, it was Gabumon jacking off! His cock must've been at least 9 inches!
Her cunt started to dampen. She put her paw onto her clit and started massaging it. She moaned and inserted two of her fingers into her slit. She started bucking her hips slowly at first but started speeding up. After a while of rubbing his hard-on, Gabumon gave one last thrust into his paw. The tip of his rod expanded and started firing long, sticky ropes of spooge. He bucked his hips hard as a big orgasm seized his body. Gatomon sprayed her cum all over the ground as she came wildly.

Gatomon calmed herself and walked out from behind her cover. (A quick note. All Digimon are different and so are their sex habits. After a male Gabumon comes once, his penis stays firm until all stimulation is gone. So, he would have to go to sleep to lose his hard-on. Also, Gabumon cum is very, very thick in texture. Gatomon have multiple orgasms every time they come.) Gatomon looked at him and smiled. "Niiiice," she said calmly. Gabumon's eyes bugged out. "Homina, Homina..." He said stunned. Gatomon sighed and thought to herself, "Not your most intelligent conversation." She was still as horny as hell. Gabumon looked at her, and saw the droplets from her sopping wet pussy.
"Maybe we should do something about your little "Problem" there," He said after he recovered from the shock of being discovered. His rock-hard cock was throbbing almost painfully. Gatomon walked up to Gabumon calmly, but then shocked him by tackling him and arranging herself so that she was in a 69 position. Her pussy was right over Gabumon's muzzle and her mouth was over his rod. Gabumon could smell Gatomon's musk.
Gatomon took a lick of Gabumon's hard-on. He moaned softly at the feeling. Gabumon got with the program and started gently lapping at her clit. She screamed in absolute bliss. Both of them started humping each other's mouths slowly, but speeded up fairly rapidly. Gabumon's tip flared and a bit of pre-cum oozed out. Gatomon moaned at the feeling of Gabumon's cock pulsing in her mouth. He humped her harder and faster, wanting to cum, but not wanting this feeling to end. Gabumon's "monhood" started to swell, while Gatomon's cunt pulsated. Both were at the point of no return.
Gabumon gave one last thrust into her mouth and exploded. His body stiffened and he gave a howl. He kept cumming and cumming. His seed was the texture of mayonnaise. Gatomon tried to swallow it all, but just couldn't keep up. It spilled out of her mouth and he started blasting her entire body. This excited her past the edge of orgasm. She bucked her hips hard as the ultimate pleasure took a steel-hard grip over her body and mind. Her rope-like tail flailed wildly. She sprayed Gabumon's face with her own fluids as she came once, twice, three times and a final fourth. Finally, they came down from the orgasmic high. Gatomon was plastered with cum. She wiped her face off. She grinned. "Wow! When you cum, you CUM!"

Gabumon smiled too, as he caught his breath. He, of course, was still titanium-solid. Gatomon read his mind and said to him, "So, You ready to go another round?"
Gabumon pulled her gently towards him. Gatomon smiled and rubbed her pussy against his rod. Gabumon was not one for teasing. He immediately thrust his dick into her slit. She almost screamed from the pleasure. The ancient instinct to mate gripped Gabumon's mind as he pounded her frame. She matched each of his thrusts with one just as strong. Her slit was soaked! Gabumon's cock started pumping pre-cum into Gatomon's sex. She knew he wouldn't last very long. She embraced him tightly and kissed him deeply. The extra stimulation was just too much for Gabumon. He felt an tremor deep in his penis. He pistoned into her wildly into her as the head of his cock expanded and shot his ultra-thick cum into her! The rapid-fire blasts of his seed and his cock grinding against her clit finally got her to orgasm. She came like a freight train! She came seven times in a row. They all seemed to blend into one looong orgasm. Finally, with one last jet, Gabumon was finished. 
He freed his still erect cock from Gatomon's cunt. It made a sucking sound, like someone pulling a boot from a thick mud puddle. She moaned as his seed flowed out of her slit and down her back leg. Gabumon looked at the sky and saw that it had only been about two hours since he left Matt. He glanced at Gatomon, thanked her for the fun time, and ran back, still rock-solid, to get some sleep. Gatomon smiled. She knew that she had gotten a new "friend." 
The End.