Gatomon's Fun Night
By Supersonic250
This is my first hentai story. Be kind.
Gatomon sighed. It was a little past Midnight, and she was still up. She was still a bit wound up from the battle against Myotismon. She sighed again. Suddenly she heard the sound of a twig cracking behind her. She twirled around with her claw extended and put it up to the figure's jugular. Gatomon suddenly realized who the person was. "Gomamon! What are you doing here?"
"I was going to ask you the same thing," Gomamon replied. Gatomon crossed her arms and said to him, "I was just too cold to sleep."
Gomamon turned away slowly. "I see..." He glanced back at her. "I've got something to confess. Ever since I first saw you, I just couldn't stop thinking about you. I just think you're so... so..."
Gatomon put her paw on Gomamon's shoulder. "I get the message. You're in love with me." In secret, she had a crush on him, too. Gomamon turned around and smiled. "Well, if you're cold, we'd better get you warmed up." He got close to her and they fell asleep.
Eventually, the warm, sleeping body of his crush next to him got to be too much for him. He walked off into the woods. About ten feet in, he sat down on a log. He looked down at his sheath that contained his cock inside, and saw it was fully swelled. He took his paw and started rubbing the sheath, until a finger of pink emerged from the pouch. He fingered the semi-erect cock and it almost immediately jumped fully erect. He moaned at the feeling, and started rubbing it slowly.
At that moment, Gatomon woke up. She looked around for her crush and heard a moan. She recognized the sound as Gomamon's voice. She walked toward the sound and was very surprised at what she saw. She had known about sex for a long time, but it was still a surprise when she saw her crush masturbating. His penis had to be at least 7 inches long, which was big for a Digimon. A spurt of pre-cum came out of his cock and he moaned.
Her hand started to wander down to her clit. She moaned quietly at the feeling. Meanwhile, Gomamon was starting to release pre-cum like crazy. He prepared for the final rush. His hand was a blur on his penis. Gatomon was about to cum too. Two things happened at that moment. Gomamon's cock swelled and his seed jetted out as he moaned and grunted. And behind a bush Gatomon reached orgasm as well. She covered her mouth to muffle her screams of pleasure. Meanwhile, Gomamon was shooting cum all over the place.
As soon as they composed themselves, Gatomon revealed herself. "Uh... Gatomon! Um, Hi!" Gomamon said nervously. He quickly shifted positions to hide his rapidly-deflating hard-on. Gatomon grinned. "Whatcha doin'?" she asked, trying not to laugh. "Uhhh... ummm..."
Gatomon smiled. "Looks like you were having a bit of fun," She said smugly as she glanced around. "What are you trying to hide?" Gatomon asked, giggling. Gomamon turned around showing his soft cock. Gatomon looked at him. "Is this because of me?" Gomamon nodded. "Well that was certainly a waste of cum," The cat Digimon said as she glanced around. "Well, Maybe you'd like to go a couple of rounds with me?"
Gomamon glanced down. He was suddenly harder than he had ever been. Gatomon saw this. He looked even larger up close than he did from behind the bushes! She looked him in the eyes. "Have you ever done this before?" she asked. Gomamon gulped and said, "Yes, I have. At first it seemed like it hurt the Digimon I was with."
"You must've broken her hymen. I don't have one. Myotismon took away my virginity," Gatomon said spitefully. Gomamon smiled. "Well, at least I know I won't hurt you."
Gatomon smiled and did something that surprised Gomamon completely. Instead of impaling herself on him, she took his pulsing cock into her mouth. She sucked on him like a pro. He moaned and grunted as he felt his cock pulse and throb. His hips started bucking on their own. Pre-cum oozed out of his rod. Gatomon let pre-cum cover the tip of the penis. Then she dragged her tongue across the head. He bucked his hips harder and harder. Finally Gomamon made one last thrust and blew his load. Gatomon sucked up every last bit of spooge up. He still was as hard as a rock after he finished cumming. "Wow!" was all that Gatomon could say at this sight. She smiled. "Well, let's see how you do down here!"
She lowered herself onto Gomamon's 7-inch cock. He moaned at the wetness surrounding and squeezing him. He started pumping his hips. Gatomon whimpered and grunted at the feeling of the rock-solid cock grinding at her clit. Gomamon pounded away at her pussy. Gatomon started matching each of his thrusts. They got into a pattern, forward hard, back slow. All that could be heard was their moans of pleasure and the occasional slapping sound of Gomamon's balls hitting her ass. (Right now I should mention that all Digimon are different, and so are their sex habits. Gomamon, when they come, they have a loooong orgasm. They cum for almost five minutes. Gatomon have multiple orgasms every time.)
Gatomon came first. She screeched in absolute ecstacy. She wondered how many times she could cum. Her record was 5 times. Maybe she could beat that record. Gatomon came twice, thrice, four times... After she came a sixth time, beating her record, Gomamon could hold out no longer. With one last thrust, his body stiffened and he started shooting his load. He groaned and grunted as he gave her his cum. Gatomon moaned at the feeling of the warm seed filling her and warming her to the very depths. As soon as his orgasm subsided, they curled up and fell asleep.

The End.