Digimon: The Digital Demon

Chapter 6: Caught in the Act!

Early morning’s rays broke over the treetops, filtering into the Digimon’s camp. Gatomon yawned, stretching in a feline manner, before opening her eyes and looking about. The night before, after capturing Agumon, the two had made their way back to camp. Gatomon had discussed her plans for the next day with her minions, then gone to sleep, exhausted.

The possessed feline stood up, heading into the main camp. She looked around, casually greeting the others as she walked to the campfire, spooning out a bowl of stew for breakfast. She ate in silence, watching the others play or chat, while in her mind she discussed her plans with her minions.

<I think the best way to get Palmon isolated is when she’s sunbathing,> said Agumon through the demonic link.

<Yeah, like most plant-types, she has to take in nutrients from the sun every once in a while. This clearing is too shaded, so she’ll have to go somewhere else to get enough,> replied Biyomon.

<Then that will be when we will do it. Biyomon and Gabumon. The two of you will accompany me. This time around, I see no reason for pretense. We will soon reach the point where I will have enough minions to act in the open, and take the rest by force,> said Gatomon, smirking. The demon inside her could feel a rush of pleasure from her four minions as they imagined having Palmon amongst their number. Gatomon chuckled to herself as she went back to her daily business.


It was afternoon before Palmon excused herself from the group, and went off into the forest. The plant Digimon trudged through the underbrush, looking about for a good spot. Finally she came upon a clearing where just enough sunlight filtered in through the leaves for her to absorb. She smiled, finding a bed of flowers to sit down beside. She plucked one, and smelled it, enjoying the feel of the cool grass beneath her and the warm sun on her petals.

There came a rustling in the bushes on the other side of the clearing and she looked up, cocking her head curiously. Gatomon, Biyomon, and Gabumon emerged, walking purposefully towards them. The flower stood up, wondering why they were there.

“Hey, guys. What’s up? Why are you all the way out here?” she asked. Gatomon glanced left and right at her companions and nodded. The bird and wolf grinned, splitting up and walking to either side of Palmon. She backed away, something in her gut telling her that something was not right.

“We wanted to show you something, Palmon,” said the cat, sauntering towards the plant.

“What is it?” replied Palmon, frowning and continuing to back away, trying to avoid being outflanked by Biyomon and Gabumon.

“Call it… A new way of life…” Biyomon said, a dark smile on her beak as she grabbed Palmon’s right arm, yanking it roughly, making the girl yelp.

“In servitude to our mistress!” finished Gabumon, grabbing her other arm. Gatomon moved in closer, smiling as her eyes began to glow yellow.

“Cat’s Eye Hyp –” said Gatomon, before getting cut off in mid-word. Palmon, her arms still held by the two other Digimon, kicked out with her legs, catching the cat in the stomach, knocking the air out of her lungs and actually throwing her back several feet.

“Poison Ivy!” she shouted, her claws extending into long whip-like vines, wrapping both Biyomon and Gabumon up. She growled angrily, lifting them into the air, and with a flick of her wrists, tossed them like footballs, sending them clear across the clearing. She crouched low to the ground, brandishing her thorns as Gatomon dashed forward.

“Lightning Claw!” she snarled, her green-gloved paws turning into blurs as she slashed and cut. Palmon used her talons to block, desperately trying to parry each blow. Palmon suddenly grabbed Gatomon’s paw, falling back, planting her feet on the cat’s chest. With one swift motion, she threw the feline hard, rolling back to her feet.

“Poison Ivy!” yelled the flower again, her long vines extending. Flourishing her arms, Palmon’s vines wrapped around her, forming into a dome. Gatomon leapt to her feet and tried to get close, but two of the thorny creepers reared up like snakes and lashed at her. Rolling aside, Gatomon moved away. Her eyes narrowed as she examined the protective dome of flora.

<She is trying to buy time to think of a plan. She has to know that a shield like that will not hold us off for long… Those vines are a part of her… Damage them, she will feel pain. Let us see how much she can withstand… Gabumon! Blue Blaster,> thought Gatomon, commanding her minion through the demonic link.

“BLUE BLASTER!” shouted Gabumon, stepping forward. A stream of azure flames poured from his maw, splashing like water against the vines. There was a crackling noise as they began to freeze under the onslaught, and Gatomon’s keen hearing could pick up Palmon groaning in pain inside the dome.

<Palmon will drop the dome in a moment. Biyomon, the second she does, swoop in and grab her. Lift her into the air as high as you can and drop her. I will take care of the rest…> instructed Gatomon, her blue eyes glaring at the sphere. Gabumon continued to pour on the cold fire, until finally, the sphere collapsed as Palmon retracted her vines. Gatomon dashed forward on all fours for speed, distracting Palmon long enough for Biyomon to do her part. The bird flew in, and nabbed the plant in her talons, flying up.

Palmon, in a state of panic, immediately lashed out with Poison Ivy, her vines striking the bird like a whip. Both plummeted towards the ground. Gatomon grinned, moving into position beneath the falling plant Digimon, while Gabumon moved to catch Biyomon. The feline struck with Lightning Claw, aiming up at Palmon, who couldn’t dodge or defend as she fell. Blow after blow pummeled the girl, every strike knocking her up into the air a little to fall against the next hit.

Gatomon held off as Palmon’s green eyes grew distant, her body going limp. The feline caught the plant, cradling the dazed Digimon in her arms. Palmon was knocked senseless, literally not knowing where she was, or even who she was at the moment.

“Cat’s Eye Hypnotism…” murmured the demonic feline, the irises of her eyes turning yellow and glowing once more, catching Palmon’s gaze. The flower moaned weakly, feeling all the aches and pains of the battle vanish; the fear, anger, and confusion slipping from her mind to be replaced by a feeling of deep contentment and warmth. Her hands fell limp to her side, all the muscles in her body going limp and relaxing. Her short tail swished slowly, her gaze going dull and glassy, eyes going out of focus.

“Hrmph. That was actually much more difficult than I thought it would be,” said Gatomon, placing Palmon on the ground while everyone caught their breath.

“She certainly gave us a run for our money. Why didn’t you bring Agumon, though? He would’ve easily defeated her,” asked Gabumon.

“Agumon uses fire, Gabumon. I wanted to subdue her, not charbroil her. When is it ever a good idea to put a plant against fire?” replied the feline.

“If we had used Agumon, his attacks would have caused twice as much damage to her, and she might have been deleted, right?” queried Biyomon.

“And Veemon didn’t come along because of his lack of long range techniques. If Palmon was able to wrap him with her Poison Ivy, he’d be helpless and useless,” added Gabumon.

“Precisely. Now… Palmon, can you hear me?” said Gatomon to the entranced flower.

“Yes…” Palmon mumbled. Gatomon stepped up to her, smiling.

“Spread your legs wide,” she ordered.

“I obey…” murmured Palmon, speaking in a monotone. She spread her legs wide, still laying and staring up at the sky blankly. Gatomon kneeled down beside her, and gently ran a paw along the plant’s loins. Palmon gasped, pushing her hips against Gatomon’s paw a little, as her cunny slowly became visible, tingles running through her body from the feline’s expert touch.

Gabumon massaged his sheath, moaning quietly as his arousal quickly built, his cock sliding out into the open, laying limp in his paw. Biyomon’s wing rubbed at her cleft, hidden under her feathers, smiling as she watched her mistress pleasure the entranced girl.

Palmon moaned, wetness making the insides of her green thighs glisten in the sunlight. Gatomon’s paw caressed the flower’s clitoris, sending jolts of pleasure through her body. She gasped and moaned, shuddering from the smallest touch. Gatomon smirked, her free paw sliding up and down her sheath, coaxing her member out.

<Now I remember. Palmon as a species are very sensitive… That will make my job that much easier!> thought Gatomon, reaching up to tweak Palmon’s nipple, elicting a yelp of delight from the enchanted Digimon. The feline smirked, leaning down, her nose brushing against Palmon’s labia. She stuck her tongue out, placing a long, luscious lick along the plant’s muff. Palmon cried out in joy, her hips bucking and a rush of fluids spattering the feline’s face. Gatomon blinked, surprised.

<…Who would have thought that she would actually taste like strawberries?> she thought, shaking her head with a smile, before leaning down to plant another lick over the flower’s sweet-tasting cunny. Palmon moaned, her hips twitching as Gatomon’s rough tongue rasped over her clitoris. The cat’s penis throbbed and twitched in her paw as she stroked it, moaning softly. She was so absorbed in her task that she did not notice something prodding at her own entrance until she heard Gabumon grunt softly behind her. She looked up and saw him kneeling, pressing the head of his long, hard rod against her muff, smiling. With a nod, Gatomon gave him permission, and the wolf pressed forward, his shaft sinking into her. Her inner walls clenched tight around him, squeezing and quivering around him. The wolf murmured, leaning down, licking at the back of Gatomon’s neck as he began to pump slowly in and out of her.

Meanwhile, Biyomon’s wingtip dipped inside herself, rubbing her clit, her other wing tweaking her nipples. She whimpered, wanting in on the action. Gatomon looked up from lapping at Palmon, and smirked.

“Biyomon, come over here,” she instructed. Biyomon fluttered over beside Palmon, wondering what Gatomon had in mind.

“Palmon. You will lick at Biyomon,” ordered the cat, smirking. Biyomon nodded, smiling as well.

“I will lick at Biyomon…” repeated Palmon in a droning voice, staring blankly. The bird kneeled over Palmon’s face. The flower stuck her tongue out, licking along the pink-feathered avian’s slit. Biyomon gasped and chirped happily as the entranced Digimon did as commanded.

Gabumon’s hips slapped wetly against Gatomon’s as he pumped into her, his tongue lolling out of his mouth. His cold member sent jolts of ecstasy through the girl’s body with every thrust, throbbing and twitching inside her. Every drive of his cock made the kitten tremble, rocking her body with enough force to make her own penis slap against her stomach. Gatomon purred, enjoying the feeling of the steel-hard shaft sliding against her clitoris, stretching her inner tunnel and pushing deeper and deeper into her.

Her tongue lavished the flower’s clitoris, suckling gently on the nub, swirling around it. Palmon’s hips bucked lewdly, muffled whimpers and gasps coming from the girl as she licked at Biyomon. The cat grinned and leaned down, pressing her muzzle against Palmon’s cunny, pushing her tongue deep inside the girl. The reaction was immediate. Pleasure beyond pleasure gripped Palmon’s body, eliciting a muffled scream of joy. Her inner muscles spasmed wildly, her body trembling and shaking as a powerful orgasm ripped through it. Strawberry-flavored nectar flooded out over the feline’s face and Gatomon pulled back, eyes wide in surprise.

<Wow. That was fast! I guess what I heard about the Palmon species was true after all!> she thought, before looking to Biyomon.

“Biyomon, get off of her now, before her orgasm ends!” commanded Gatomon. Biyomon sighed heavily, climbing off the plant, sitting aside. Her wing rubbed her swollen cleft, and she moaned in frustration.

“Aw, man… It was just getting good too…” complained the bird. Gatomon ignored her, pulling free of Gabumon, who also resorted to stroking himself, looking disappointed that he couldn’t continue.

“Palmon! Look in my eyes!” ordered Gatomon. Palmon, despite the mind-numbing, body-shaking joy gripping her, was forced by Gatomon’s enchantment to obey, opening her green eyes and staring into the cat’s blue. Electricity began to crackle as demonic energy built up in the feline, before the irises of her eyes turned blood-red, roiling beams of energy stabbing into the plant’s eyes and mind.

Palmon screamed, clutching her head, writhing as the demon’s power took hold of her. Her eyes turned red, glowing slightly. The flower’s hands clutched the grass beneath her, tearing some out as her orgasm multiplied in power, her honey literally gushing from her, forming a large puddle between her legs. Gabumon and Biyomon both smiled wide, feeling a rush of pleasure as Palmon’s mind was added to the psychic web linking the minions to their demon mistress.

“Awaken, Palmon. See your new mistress outside of your trance!” commanded Gatomon. Palmon’s eyes went from glassy and unfocused to clear and bright almost instantly and she looked around, disoriented. She panted heavily as her climax wound down, and her body relaxed.

“I serve you now and always, my mistress…” said the flower Digimon, smiling serenely. Gatomon rubbed her paws together.

“I would expect so, Palmon. Now… You got yours, but the three of us are still… Ahem… aroused,” Gatomon said, looking pointedly down at her erection, throbbing against the soft white fur of her stomach, and her cleft, dripping with her nectar. Gabumon stepped forward, his shaft jerking and jumping in his paw. Biyomon did the same, her feathers matted down with her fluids. Palmon nodded.

“I think I can help, mistress… Poison Ivy!” she said, smiling. Her vines extended , wrapping around the Digimon. Gatomon, Gabumon, and Biyomon yelped in unison as she gently lifted them off the ground, grinning wide. A vine wrapped around Gabumon’s throbbing cock, and began to stroke up and down slowly, coiling a loop around the small bulge of his knot, and another around his testicles, both squeezing gently every once in a while. Another vine pushed inside Biyomon’s incredibly tight muff, writhing and wriggling inside her, sending waves of joy crashing over the bird as it thrust into her. Another pressed into Gatomon’s quim, while yet another wrapped around her penis, stroking, squeezing and tickling her barbs. The trio moaned and gasped, suspended in the air by their new companion, her vines deftly working their magic on them.

Palmon smiled, finding no greater pleasure than seeing her mistress Gatomon gasping and crying out in joy. Her inner walls gave a spasm from sheer arousal, her female juices dripping down her green-skinned thighs as she worked.

Gabumon gave a loud grunt, arching his hips suddenly as a gout of crystal-clear fluid gushed from his tip, splattering the grass at Palmon’s feet. She giggled, watching more of the liquid dribbled down his cock, lubricating her strokes. Another spurt arced into the air, and Palmon opened her mouth, leaning and managed to catch some of it, the rest of the cold precum splashing her petals.

Gatomon arched her back, her eyes closed as she writhed in the plant’s grasp, feeling her cock convulsing in the vine’s hold. Her inner muscles clamped tight on the vine, squeezing it, feeling every bump on the length stimulating the sensitive walls of her tunnel. It was not long before she too shoved her pelvis forward, penis pulsing hard, and a spout of preseed fired off, splattering Palmon and the grass around her.

The vine inside Biyomon coiled and wriggled, stimulating places inside the avian that she did not even know existed. Her hips bucked and rolled, her feet dangling, as she moaned in delight, her honey dripping down the creeper. Her walls quivered and quaked around the vine, working rhythmically. Her entire body tingled and her cries of joy sounded like birdsong.

Palmon smiled, making her vines plunge as deep within the two females as she could. She constricted them around Gatomon and Gabumon’s penises as tight as possible without causing them pain. The pleasured groans that came from them were all she needed as reward.

Gabumon bellowed loud, thrusting forward hard as his knot inflated, the small bulge suddenly growing to the size of a baseball. His cock throbbed and lurched in the vine’s grip before a long, powerful gush of thick, creamy wolfspunk fired from the tip. Gabumon threw back his head with a howl, thrusting into the creepers, letting loose a torrent of the pearly fluid. Ropes of cum splattered the grass, flowers, and even against Palmon, who yelped in surprise and pleasure as the ice-cold liquid splashed her body. His testicles churned as they pumped their burden out into the air, soaking down everything around him.

Biyomon cooed, and then chirped as her climax crashed over her, her walls gripping the vine tight as every muscle in her body went stiff. Her tunnel went into spasms, her nectar flowing out of her, streaming down the vines. Pleasure gripped the bird’s body, and she flailed her wings uncontrollably, throwing her head back as she moaned and whimpered.

Gatomon yowled, as her cock throbbed hard, her inner muscles clenching rhythmically. Suddenly gush after gush of thick, hot, kittycream blasted from her tip, splashing against her fur with enough force to part it. The creeper stroked it, coaxing more catcum to jet over anything and everything nearby, her body, the vines, the grass, the flowers, Gabumon, Biyomon, and Palmon. Her eyes rolled up in her head, the throbbing, pulsing pleasure taking over her mind and body, leaving the demonic feline unable to do anything but thrust and spurt.

Palmon gently sat down the three Digimon, retracting her vines, smiling as they panted and gasped for breath. It was several minutes before Gatomon was the first to speak.

“That… was quite enjoyable…” she murmured, her shaft still gushing onto her tummy weakly.

“That’s an understatement, to say the least,” replied Gabumon. Suddenly, all four Digimon looked up at a bush on the edge of the clearing that was rustling. Gatomon nodded to Palmon.

“Poison IVY!” she shouted, extending her vines into the shrubbery, and with a flick of her wrist, yanked out the person hiding inside. It was Hawkmon. The avian Digimon looked frightened, backing away from the four others.

“Wh-wh-wh-what’s wrong with all of you?!” stammered the bird. “I saw you… having relations… And something was wrong with Palmon… Then some sort of light came out of your eyes into Palmon’s!”

As Hawkmon babbled, terrified, Gatomon looked over at Palmon. Her eyes glowed red, and she growled, annoyed.

<Palmon, time to prove your worth. Silence him, please,> thought Gatomon, rubbing the bridge of her muzzle. Palmon nodded in agreement.

“Again! Poison Ivy!!!” she shouted, pointing her arms at Hawkmon. Her talons extended into vines, wrapping around Hawkmon’s waist, lifting him of the ground.

“Let me go! Unhand me, I say!” shouted Hawkmon, pompously. “Feather Strike!”

Hawkmon reached up, tugging the feather out of his headband and threw it at Palmon. It whizzed like a boomerang towards the plant, cutting a divot along one of her vines. Palmon yelped in pain, retracting them instinctively. Hawkmon flapped his wings, climbing into the air, making an obvious attempt to escape.

“Blue Blaster!!!” shouted Gabumon, firing a stream of blue flames at the bird. With a deft maneuver, Hawkmon looped out of the way. Gatomon growled angrily, her tailring chiming as the long, whip-like appendage flicked in annoyance.

<Biyomon! Go after him. You are the only one who can fly, and you are faster than he is. Use that speed to your advantage and keep him from escaping. If he makes it back to the camp, then we are in trouble…> Gatomon thought, gravely. Biyomon sent back a telepathic affirmative and took off at top speed, giving chase.

Biyomon had always been one of the fastest of the Digimon, and easily outstripped Hawkmon. She blocked his path, and the male bird yelped in surprise, swerving in midair, trying to get around him.

“Feather Strike!” he shouted, throwing the plume at her. Biyomon gave the projectile a look of contempt .

“Spiral Twister!” she yelled, firing a blast of green wind. It impacted the feather, blowing it away with ease. Another Spiral Twister sent the male careening back to earth. He managed to spread his wings, turning his fall into an uncontrolled glide, and he impacted much softer than he would have otherwise.

Unfortunately, that was not saying much. The impact knocked the bird out almost instantly. As darkness encroached on his vision, he saw four pairs of feet standing around him. Then the blackness took him as its own.


The first sensation Hawkmon felt when he regained a shred of awareness was a tickling on his sheath. He groaned, feeling something cupping and squeezing his testicles, his shaft slowly sliding out of his sheath into the open, sliding along the downy feathers of his stomach. It wasn’t until he felt something warm and soft grip his member that he began to truly wake up.

The bird opened his eyes blearily, moaning quietly as he waited for his vision to clear. He tried to rub his eyes, but found that his wings couldn’t move. His sight was no longer blurry and he looked around. Vines had wrapped around his wings and legs, suspending him a foot off the ground, spread eagle. Hawkmon looked and saw Palmon, leaning back against a tree, the tendrils extending from her hands. Biyomon was standing below him, one of her wings currently sliding up and down his shaft, while the other caressed his balls gently. Gatomon and Gabumon simply watched idly, sitting next to a stump.

“Wh-what’s going on?! Wh-what are you doing? AHN!” stammered Hawkmon, yelping in pleasure as Biyomon placed a long lick all the way from his hilt to his tip, making sure to make as many loud slurping noises as she could to tease him.

“You’re strung up by Palmon, and Biyomon is pleasuring you. What else does it look like is happening?” asked Gatomon, smirking mischievously. Hawkmon glared at her, the effect of which was lost thanks to a gasp of pleasure brought on by Biyomon nibbling on his tip.

“You know what I mean! Y-you… Unh! You aren’t G-Gatomon!” grunted Hawkmon, trying to remain focused as Biyomon planted kisses down his penis, licking down his length.

“I believe the proper colloquial response to that would be… ‘No, duh!’” replied Gatomon, chuckling. Hawkmon moaned, bucking his hips as Biyomon lowered her beak on his cock, swirling her tongue around the tip, cooing deep in her throat.

“Th-Then… Agh!! Then, who are y-you?!” grunted Hawkmon, struggling against Palmon’s tendrils, trying to pull free. Palmon shook her head, amused, coiling her Ivy around him tighter, giving his limbs a small yank as punishment. Biyomon grinned, her wing rubbing his testicles, feeling their weight as she nibbled on his tip, before bobbing her head, taking him into her throat.

“Well, technically I am both Gatomon and something else… In reality, I am called Belialmon. I have taken possession of Gatomon, and I am using her body as a host until I have the opportunity to use a more suitable form…” explained Gatomon, looking almost bored. Hawkmon frowned deeply, and opened his beak to say something, but was interrupted by Biyomon planting a long, hard lick from his feathered balls all the way to his tip, making him gasp and groan.

“Wh-Why?!” is all he managed to get out, before trailing off into a groan of joy as a spurt of clear, warm, sweet precum spurted from his tip, splashing Biyomon’s tongue. She made a show of licking it from her beak, just to get him more riled up.

“Why? Well, there’s always the simple reason, ‘because I can!’ Or if you want the more complicated explanation, I was sealed away for a very long time, and my power is no longer what it used to be. So by possessing this feline, and creating minions out of her friends, I can absorb their energy as my own, rebuilding my power. You’re about to become one of them,” said Gatomon, her long tail swishing, tailring chiming quietly. Hawkmon’s eyes went wide and he struggled against his bonds again.

“Th-that’s… AHHH! Wh-what you did to Palmon earlier!” said the hawk, precum streaming down his shaft, his cock throbbing hard in Biyomon’s mouth despite his best attempts to quell his arousal.

“It feels sooooo good, Hawkmon. To realize that your only purpose is to serve your mistress, to know you’ll never be alone again…” Palmon said, smiling peacefully. She tightened her vines, drawing up all the slack, rendering the bird motionless so that he couldn’t even struggle as Biyomon did her work.

Soon, Biyomon had Hawkmon whimpering and grunting in pleasure, his mind torn between his wanting to come and his need to resist. His thighs tensed, his body trembling with the physical and mental effort of holding back. His testicles, already swollen with seed from an extended period of unintentional abstinence due to his partnership with Yolei, drew up closer to his body, beginning to churn. His eyes rolled up in his head as he forced himself to think of anything else, trying to keep from climaxing until he could think of an escape.

Biyomon, noticing his resistance, grinned. Fondling his balls with one wing, she stroked his shaft with the other, then leaned down, and gently nipped the head of his cock with her beak. That extra bit of stimulation was too much for the poor bird.

Letting out a shout of purest delight, he arched his back, his cock lurched in her wing, and a thick rope of hot birdspunk jetted from the tip, splattering against Biyomon’s beak. The pink-feathered avian wasted no time, taking his shaft into her mouth, suckling, letting his creamy, salty-sweet cum fill her beak before swallowing. She tried to keep up with the flow, but it leaked out of the corners of her mouth, dribbling down her chin.

Gatomon stood up and sauntered over to the climaxing avian, her eyes already turned the color of blood, sparks crackling as she focused her demonic power. She caught Hawkmon’s eyes, transfixing him, before the beams of light connected. He cried out in pain, but soon trailed off into a moan of pleasure as his resistance to Belialmon’s power was crushed in a heartbeat. His eyes flashed crimson, and a smile grew on his beak as his mind was added to the telepathic link.

Palmon retracted her Ivy, setting him down, knowing there would be no more resistance from him. He pumped his hips, groaning as his cock continued to gush, emptying his testicles over Biyomon, who greedily licked at his shaft, coaxing more and more of the pearly-white fluid out, dousing her in it. When he couldn’t spurt another drop, Biyomon released him, and he flopped onto his back, panting and gasping for air.

Gatomon strolled over and peered down at him. His cock was still rock hard, throbbing with arousal. She raised an eyebrow curiously.

<Hrm. That is right… Hawkmon males remain erect until they are completely unaroused. Meaning that until he either falls asleep, or is satisfied completely, his penis will not retract… I could have a lot of fun with him,> thought Gatomon with a grin. Watching Biyomon toy with Hawkmon had aroused the feline once more, her cock jutting out from her hips, twitching and throbbing with her heartbeat. Gabumon smirked, stroking his own member, while Palmon rubbed her clitoris. Biyomon lapped at her feathers, trying to get as much of Hawkmon’s cum as possible.

“I think we should celebrate our new companion’s change of heart, don’t you?” said the cat to her minions. They nodded and smiled in agreement. The feline moved over to Palmon, who lay back against a tree trunk, spreading her legs to give the kitten access. Gatomon gently pressed her cock against the flower’s entrance, smiling as her penis slowly sank into the other girl’s warm, wet depths. As she slowly pulled out, Gatomon once again felt a prodding at her own cleft, something cold and hard. She looked back to see Gabumon scratching his head and shrugging sheepishly. Gatomon rolled her eyes, chuckling, and lifted her tail. The wolf took the invitation eagerly, pressing into her folds, making the kitten cry out in pleasure.

Meanwhile, Biyomon pushed Hawkmon onto his back, and lowered herself onto him, feeling him press into her incredibly tight tunnel. Her damp, velvety walls gripped him tight. He moaned, his feathered testicles pressing against her rear as he hilted within her. Biyomon smirked, kissing his neck as she lifted her hips, pulling up until only the very tip was left inside, before thrusting forward hard, gasping in joy.

Meanwhile, Gatomon, Palmon, and Gabumon had found a rhythm, when Gatomon pulled out of Palmon, Gabumon would thrust forward, and vice versa. They moaned and gasped, Palmon’s inner walls being tickled by the cat’s soft barbs, and Gabumon’s cold shaft stimulating Gatomon. The wolf licked Gatomon’s ear, his balls slapping loudly against her as he pumped his hips. The feline purred, closing her eyes as she lost herself in the pleasure radiating from her loins.

Considering they had watched Biyomon give fellatio to Hawkmon for many minutes before, all of the Digimon were extremely aroused entering into the orgy. This is why it only took a minute for Gabumon to let out a mighty moan of pleasure, a huge spurt of cool precum gushing into Gatomon. The cat let out a yowl of delight, burying herself within the flower’s cleft, her shaft pulsing as her body trembled, a spurt of her own warm fluids splashing Palmon’s inner tunnel.

Nearby, Hawkmon chirped, feeling Biyomon squeeze him tight. He couldn’t help but thrust hard, shaking her small frame as his preseed fired into her. She moaned, wrapping her wings around his waist, helping him pump harder and faster, her climax building closer by the second. Biyomon’s inner muscles worked in rhythm, quivering around him, milking him for his semen.

Palmon suddenly went stiff, her muscles locking up as her entire body tingled, her inner walls clamping down incredibly tight around Gatomon. She let out a cry of ecstasy, her tail wagging as she came hard, her nectar spilling out around the cat’s shaft, soaking down her fur. Gatomon gritted her teeth, thrusting harder and harder into the climaxing plant Digimon, her hips making a loud wet slapping noise, until she gasped aloud, burying herself as deep as she could go.

The flower gasped in surprise and pleasure as thick, hot kittyspunk splattered inside her. She could feel the sticky cream backwashing out of her, splattering Gatomon’s thighs as the cat thrust erratically, her body out of control in the grip of her orgasm. Gabumon pressed forward hard, his knot pressing into Gatomon with a pop, then inflating before gush after gush after gush of cold wolfcum filled her to the brim. Gabumon howled, his balls pumping their burden inside the cat, his hips twitching and thrusting as much as he could inside of the feline.

A second later, Hawkmon groaned mightily, pushing into Biyomon. The bird chirped, her orgasm raging through her, making her shudder and tremble uncontrollably as Hawkmon’s birdspunk shot inside her, her inner walls milking him for every drop. He thrust in time with his gushes, moaning and grunting as he filled her with his semen.

Finally, the haze of lust dissipated and the Digimon collapsed against each other, gasping for air, and basking in the afterglow. Gatomon smiled wide, her blue eyes turning red once more as she considered her next move.

<I think it’s time to be a little more proactive about going after my prey, now that I have so many minions… I think I’ll take care of a few of them all at once tomorrow…> thought Belialmon, a wave of satisfaction rolling through its host’s body…