Digimon: The Digital Demon

Chapter 5: Agumon’s Fall

Gatomon returned to the camp, escorted by Gabumon. As before, she had sent Veemon and Biyomon back to the camp before them to make it seem as if they had never met while they were out. About half an hour later, Gatomon and Gabumon had set out to return. Her minions had suggested several methods of taking Agumon, and a plan had begun to form in the back of her mind. As they entered the camp, Gatomon walked over and perched on a stump, going deep inside herself. Belialmon had opened up the demonic link between itself and Gabumon almost all the way, allowing it to see through his eyes, and even control his actions to a certain extent. However, it had to be careful not to lose track of Gatomon’s body either, in case someone would approach her. It was akin to listening to someone talk, and holding a conversation with someone else at the same time. Possible, but not easy.

“So, Gabumon, what’s the deal with Gatomon?” Agumon asked, glancing over the wolf’s shoulder at her. Gabumon shrugged.

“She didn’t want to talk about it in front of everyone, and she was VERY reluctant to tell me, but I finally got her to speak up. Apparently, she found something in those ruins. Some sort of artifact or something, she wouldn’t really explain. But apparently it did something weird to her and she’s been feeling kinda strange,” lied Gabumon, Belialmon prompting his words. The dinosaur nodded, frowning.

“I think we’d better investigate… I wish that our partners were here. Kari might have been able to use her Digivice to help Gatomon. Maybe purify her code or something… Go over and tell her to come with me. We’ll keep this between the three of us for now,” said Agumon, glancing in the direction of the ruins.

“I agree. I’ll go tell her,” said the wolf Digimon, walking towards Gatomon. Belialmon retreated back into Gatomon’s form, and watched Gabumon come over to her. The wolf leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“Hook, line, and sinker, Mistress. We’ll be able to isolate him, and take him easily if your plan works…” he murmured, grinning. Gatomon raised an eyebrow, contemptuously.

“IF my plan works… Gabumon, my plans ALWAYS work. I haven’t lived since the dawn of the Digital World without learning quite a few things,” said Gatomon, annoyed. Gabumon lowered his head apologetically. Gatomon stood up and let Gabumon escort her over to Agumon.

“C’mon, Gatomon. Lead us to this artifact you found. But no funny business. I don’t trust you right now, the way you’ve been acting…” Agumon said, warningly. Gatomon had to suppress a humorless laugh.

<My dear Agumon… You are right not to trust me… But you should be just as wary of your ‘friend’ here, seeing as he is now mine… Just like you will be soon enough…> thought Belialmon, her eyes glowing crimson.


Soon, the trio was standing outside of Belialmon’s ruins. Gatomon smirked to herself as she had an odd moment of nostaligia, thinking back on controlling her host and bringing her down to the depths.

<Why, I think it is a good day for a little reenactment of my possession of Gatomon… Do not you think so, Gabumon?> thought Belialmon. Gabumon sent back a smug affirmative over their link, and with that, the plan was set in motion.

“Follow me, Agumon. It’s a looooooooong way down, and there are traps to avoid,” said Gatomon, trying as hard as possible to keep her glee out of her voice. Agumon nodded and gestured for her to go first.

They began their way down the dark, dusty tunnel, Gatomon leading, Agumon behind her, and Gabumon bringing up the rear. They traveled for almost an hour before Gatomon called them to a halt.

“Careful, there’s a set of trap buttons on the floor here. Follow my steps exactly,” she said. The feline then proceeded to leap from spot to spot with agility that only a cat could muster. She even did an acrobatic flip a couple of times, just to show off. Agumon raised an eyebrow at her enthusiasm, but didn’t think too much of it, considering that he thought that she wasn’t quite in her right mind.

Gabumon went through next, taking big, careful jumps, but he managed to get through, and had to take a moment to wipe the perspiration from his face. Agumon however, hesitated.

“I’m not sure I can jump far enough to make it through!” he said, nervously. Gatomon put a convincing look of dismay on her face.

“C’mon, Agumon! I know you can do it!” she said, encouragingly. The dinosaur shook his head, gathered his resolve, and leaped.

It was impressive. Agumon had never been the most acrobatic of Digimon, preferring to fight from the ground. As such, his leaping ability held much to be desired. But here, he managed to leap farther and more accurately than he had ever done before. At first…

On the final jump, his foot slipped, and he landed awkwardly. His arms pinwheeled as he tried to keep his balance, falling backward. If he fell back, he would land on a trap trigger, and he would almost certainly have been deleted. He looked to Gatomon in desperation.

She smirked for a moment, enjoying his distress. She saw the emotion in his eyes go from fear, to desperation, to anger at her for not helping him. At the last moment before he would have fallen, her paw shot out. She grabbed his claws, and dragged him back to safety.

He panted heavily, shooting a look of mixed anger and gratitude at her. Gatomon gave a shrug, looking apologetic.

“Sorry! I was so shocked that you didn’t make it, that I couldn’t move for a moment!” she said, using Gatomon’s best innocent tone of voice. Agumon eyed her suspiciously, then turned to continue down the tunnel. Behind him, Gatomon’s eyes glowed red.


They had been traveling for hours. Soon after the incident, they reached the point in the tunnel where the traps stopped, and nothing but complete darkness spread before them. The trio headed into the darkness and walked down the tunnel. Gatomon could see fine, her night vision allowing her to walk confidently ahead. Gabumon used the demonic link to tap into her eyesight, allowing him to make his way through with relative ease. Agumon however, had no such aids.

Agumon was a diurnal creature, active during the day. This meant that his night vision was quite bad. For him, it was completely pitch black, the deepest darkness he had ever seen. He tried striking up a conversation with the cat and the wolf a few times, but silence was their only response. He figured that they were concentrating on making their way down with as much difficulty as he was having. The only indication he had that they were even there was the sound of their breath and their paws padding on the rock.

Like Gatomon before him, he found himself beginning to forget things. People, places, and things that were important to him seemed to be forcibly pulled from his mind, and dragged into the all-consuming darkness. He forgot where he lived in the Real World. He lost the faces of his fellow Digimon. He lost his mental image of his best friend, then even his name, then even the fact that he had a friend at all. It wasn’t long before he even forgot his own name.

Gatomon grinned, knowing what was happening to Agumon. She had to hold back laughter, to keep her silence, knowing that lack of stimulation, mental and physical would make the effects of the unnatural blackness even more profound. She heard the lizard’s steps grow slower over time, becoming more shuffling. She and Gabumon were immune to the effects, using their link with each other to protect themselves.

Agumon’s mind began to shut down, his body moving on its own through sheer instinct and willpower. Deep down in the part of his mind that was still functioning properly, he knew that if he didn’t find a way out of the darkness, he would be lost forever, and that kept him moving.


Finally, after an eternity, they emerged into the main chamber. Perpetually burning torches provided a relief from the darkness, and Agumon found himself regaining consciousness. He looked around, his memories of all but the most recent events in his life missing.

“G-Gatomon? Where is the… the artifact you mentioned?” he said, after taking a minute to remember how to speak in the first place. Gatomon laughed, dropping all pretense.

“There never was any artifact, Agumon,” said the feline, cheerfully. Agumon turned to her, glaring.

“Then you lied to me and Gabumon!” he said, trying to figure out what was happening.

“No. I lied to you. Gabumon has had… Well, let’s just call it a change of heart…” she said, grinning. The dinosaur turned to Gabumon, who gave him an amused and almost apologetic shrug, walking over to Gatomon’s side. Agumon growled, knowing what was coming next.

“Now, let’s see if we can’t change your mind as well!” sneered Gatomon. In that instant, Gatomon seemed to vanish. Agumon felt a breeze behind him, and instinctively dove forward, twisting as he rolled, coming up facing the opposite direction. Gatomon’s claws impacted the stone ground, and cratered it, sending shards flying everywhere.

Belialmon had initiated a code enhancement inside Gatomon, temporarily enhancing her speed and strength by a factor of three. With Gabumon fighting alongside her, she knew there was no chance that Agumon could win. But she only had five minutes to incapacitate, knock out, restrain, or catch Agumon with Cat’s Eye Hypnotism. After that, her enhancement would wear off, and the battle would become much harder…

“Pepper Breath!” Agumon shouted, opening his mouth and spitting a fireball the size of a basketball at the feline.

“Blue Blaster!” Gabumon yelled in turn, cerulean flames streaming from his own maw, to impact the fireball, detonating it. Through the scattered flames flew Gatomon, her claws gleaming.

“Lightning Claw!” she cried. Her claws slashed and struck fast enough that her paws were nothing but a green and white blur. Agumon brought his own claws up defensively, and actually managed to block a couple of the blows, but the dozen others slipped past his guard, knocking him flying.

He somehow managed to flip in midair, and fire off another Pepper Breath, this time at Gabumon. Gabumon was unable to set up for a second Blue Blaster, and was struck, getting tossed aside like a rag doll. Unfortunately, Gatomon was waiting for Agumon when he landed. Her claws flashed and slashed as she attacked in a relentless combo, driving the lizard back towards the wall. She didn’t use her Lightning Claw attack, instead using mere martial techniques. Agumon was forced to expend all his concentration and a massive portion of his energy blocking each blow. She almost seemed to be everywhere at once, striking from all angles with attacks that could shatter concrete.

Out of purest desperation, Agumon shouted, “PEPPER BREATH!!!”

He unleashed the fireball at point blank range. Gatomon was caught completely off guard by the suicidal move. The sphere of flame detonated against her stomach, and there was a small explosion.

For a minute, Gatomon’s senses were turned to static, and she had the vaguest sense of flying through the air. She felt her back slam against rock hard enough to crater it and embed her body a couple of inches deep. Whether she was in ceiling, floor, or a wall was unknown to the dazed cat, having lost all sense of direction. Then she peeled free, and experienced the rushing of air, just before another jarring impact scrambled her senses again.

<Oh. That must have been the ceiling… Who says cats always land on their feet…?> thought the kitten, deciding to lay there for a moment, waiting until the celestial display before her eyes cleared.

She stood up, her legs jellylike beneath her. She collected her wits, looking herself over. She was singed around the edges, her pristine white fur having been turned a sooty brown. Her chest and stomach hurt mightily, but other than that she seemed to be intact. She reflected on the fact that if she had not had the demonic enhancement, she probably would have been deleted.

The cat looked around for Agumon. She spotted him laying a couple of yards away, not moving. She staggered over to his prone form and looked him over. He was seemingly unconscious, and his normally yellow scales were in the same state as her fur. He twitched a little, but other than that remained still.

<Hrm. That was a move of pure desperation. He not only blasted me half a foot into the ceiling, fifty feet straight up, but he also knocked himself unconscious with that explosion. That was impressive,> she thought, shaking her head to stop the room from spinning. Nearby she heard a groan. She turned and looked over to see Gabumon stand up and brush himself off.

“You know, mistress… Getting hit with that Pepper Breath stings!” he said, vaguely. He looked over at Gatomon and the unconscious Agumon and his eyes went wide with surprise.

“Wh-What the heck happened?!” he asked, stunned. Gatomon sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose in annoyance. Apparently, when Gabumon was hit with the second Pepper Breath, he had been knocked out as well. She just sighed deeply in response, letting him know that she was not really in the mood to discuss what had happened.

“Don’t ask. Just restrain him. He should regain consciousness soon, and I’d like to avoid having to fight him again…” she said wearily. Gabumon nodded, and picked up Agumon, locking in a restraining hold similar to the one that Veemon had gotten on him only a few hours before.

Agumon groaned, coming around to awareness, and opened his eyes slowly. His vision was immediately filled with two bright yellow glowing spheres. He let out a gasp, but it was too late. As soon as he had awakened, Gatomon had locked in her Cat’s Eye Hypnotism. He regained his consciousness, just to lose it again almost right away. He slumped forward in Gabumon’s hold, his head drooping forward, and his eyes falling half-closed and going dull and glassy.

Gabumon let him go, knowing that he would no longer resist. Gatomon stepped up to him and walked around him, smirking.

“Now, I’m in need of a bit of a rest after that fight. I really don’t feel like taking the effort necessary to physically bring you to the point where I can possess you, so I have a different approach in mind,” said the demonic feline, her tail waving behind her lazily. Gabumon raised an eyebrow curiously.

“Agumon. Your sheath begins to tickle… The tickles slowly build into tingles. From there, they grow stronger and stronger, your arousal building exponentially with every passing nanosecond. Soon the pleasure will overwhelm you, and you will be unable to do anything but come, and come, and come…” she whispered in his ear. “Oh, and before I forget, you are forbidden to touch yourself.”

Agumon let out a groan, his hips bucking forward a little as the hypnotic suggestion took hold. He stared straight ahead, feeling the sensation growing within his groin, his sheath slowly filling out. His testicles also emerged from their hidden pouch. His mind was completely enveloped in the sensation of pleasure, allowing no other thoughts to occupy it. The dinosaur moaned, feeling the head of his shaft emerge into the open.

Meanwhile, Gatomon strolled over to the small pond in the corner of the chamber, watching Agumon out of the corner of her eye. She began to soak down her fur, washing the dust, ash, and singed hair from her body. Gabumon did the same, although he was in much better shape than she was.

The lizard groaned, arching his back as his cock throbbed slowly, lying limp against his thigh, before slowly rising into the air, pointing out from his loins at an angle as his arousal built. Even through the trance, he desperately wished to be able to take his cock into his paws and stroke, but Gatomon’s commands prevented his claws from coming anywhere near. He groaned in frustration and pleasure, bucking his hips into the air wildly.

Gatomon had managed to wash most of the singed fur and grime from her body, so she waded out of the pool, shaking her fur dry. She sauntered over to Agumon, watching him writhe in pleasure. The feline gave his member an appraising glance. It was shorter than Gabumon’s, but was much thicker. It throbbed heavily, and a large spurt of clear fluid arced through the air, splashing against the stone floor several feet away. The cat smirked, watching as the entranced dinosaur moan, bucking into the air as another gush fired from his tip.

The feline couldn’t help but grow aroused herself, feeling her nectar dampening her thighs, and her sheath slowly swelling. Without looking, she knew that Gabumon was feeling the same, his own sheath bulging, his testicles emerging. She knew it would only be seconds before she had a new minion, and the anticipation heightened her arousal even more.

As she predicted, moments later, Agumon gave a mighty groan of delight, his penis jumping and twitching heavily, as the first gushes of his spunk blasted into the air. His balls churned, and he threw his head back, thrusting into the air as his cock pumped ribbons of thick, hot, white cum over himself and the ground in front of him. He groaned in delight, humping the air, feeling his shaft pulse wildly, firing spurt after spurt of his semen into the air.

An evil smile crossed Gatomon’s face, and she drew Agumon’s attention by saying his name. She moved close, meeting his eyes dead on, her blue eyes staring deep into his dull and glassy green ones. She concentrated, and her pupils turned red, electricity building up. A fraction of a second later, the beams of light stabbed from her eyes into his, and he gave a cry of agony and ecstasy.

Agumon had always had a stronger will than most of the Digimon. At the exact moment that Gatomon had infected him with the virus, her Cat’s Eye Hypnotism wore off. This allowed him to bring the full force of his willpower against the virus. But even with that, he steadily lost ground, the shadow’s presence in his thoughts growing with each passing instant. The dinosaur had one last hope. He gathered all his willpower, and struck at the shadow with everything he had. The virus seemed to be blasted to shreds, and in his mind he wavered with exhaustion. He smiled, thinking that he had defeated it. It was then that he felt an icy chill gripping him. The shadow had reformed within seconds, and now he was defenseless. It entered him, and that was the last thing he remembered before realizing he now served his mistress for eternity.

A serene smile grew on his face as he thrust into the air, his orgasm intensifying for a moment, copious streams of dinospunk raining down on the stone floor before him. Gatomon and Gabumon watched silently, each rejoicing at their new comrade’s transformation. Finally, he collapsed onto his back, a final spurt catching him in the face. He panted heavily, trying to catch his breath.

Finally after several minutes, Agumon stood and walked over to Gatomon. He bowed at his new mistress’s feet, silently. Several seconds passed, and he stayed down, waiting for her to speak.

“Who do you serve?” she asked icily. Agumon bowed lower.

“You, my mistress…” he murmured. She glared down at him.

“Stand up. Now,” she ordered. He did so, cowering a little at the anger in her voice. She tapped her foot for a moment before speaking up.

“You annoyed me greatly with your suspicions and scheming. I do thank you for sending Gabumon after me. It gave me a quick and easy opportunity to take him as mine. SILENCE!” she said angrily, cutting off Agumon, who had opened his mouth to speak. “I am quite furious with you, Agumon. I want you to show me just how sorry you are for your actions towards your mistress…”

Agumon dropped to one knee, hanging his head sadly as he said quietly, “I am so sorry for causing you trouble, my mistress. I will do anything to get your forgiveness…”

“Get down on all fours and lift your tail,” commanded Gatomon. Agumon did so, wondering vaguely what the feline was going to do. But before she did anything to him, she turned to Gabumon.

“Gabumon, I know you’re quite aroused at the moment, but I wish for some privacy with my new servant. Work your way back up the tunnel and inform Biyomon and Veemon that they now have a new playmate. Our demonic link is weakened too much by the shadows in the tunnel for me to contact them myself. If you are still frustrated when you reach the surface, you may relieve yourself with Biyomon’s help,” she instructed. Gabumon seemed as if he were about to speak out against her instructions, but at the look of fury on her face, he bowed and took his leave.

Gatomon turned to Agumon, who remained on all fours, awaiting whatever Gatomon had planned. He suddenly felt something warm prodding against his rear. The lizard looked back, frowning and saw the feline standing there, her penis fully erect and poking against him.

“I figure this is the best way for you to show me your fealty, Agumon. Just relax and this will be pleasurable,” said Gatomon, a cold smile on her face. Agumon nodded obediently, knowing that despite her anger, she would not intentionally hurt him in any manner. He relaxed, lifting his tail higher, allowing her better access.

She prodded against him again for a moment, before pressing her hips forward. The head of her long, hard shaft slowly pressed inside him, and he craned his head, gasping in discomfort. She slowly and steadily pushed her hips forward, her cock sinking into him inch by inch. Agumon for his part, took the pain without complaint, letting the cat enter him. In the end, he could feel her furry hips touching his, the tip of her shaft pressing against his prostate. Gatomon gently pulled back, and Agumon gasped in surprise, her barbs dragging along his insides. The cat was silent as she pulled back, leaving only the tip of her cock inside, before thrusting forward hard, making Agumon cry out in pain and pleasure.

She pumped her hips slowly at first, allowing her soft barbs to tickle him from within, but then slamming forward hard enough to make him yelp in pain. She continued in this manner for a while, giving Agumon a small taste of ecstasy, then taking it away with a twinge of agony. His shaft had emerged from his sheath and was hanging down, throbbing with arousal. Gatomon seemed to take no pleasure from the task, her face impassive as she thrust into him, not making a sound, but her body told a different story. Her thighs were soaked with her female nectar, and her shaft throbbed hard within him, rock hard.

Agumon’s head hung down and he was groaning and grunting with each thrust, his body rocking against hers slowly. Despite his discomfort, he felt his arousal building, a single drop of precum falling from his shaft to the stone floor below. Gatomon’s keen ears heard it splash, and she took that as her cue. She slowly stopped thrusting, keeping her shaft inside him, her hips pressed against his rear.

Agumon looked back over his shoulder and made a sound of confusion and frustration, asking, “Mistress, is something wrong?”

“No, I am just getting ready to take this to the next step,” she said, her voice cold. Agumon nodded, turning back. He waited obediently for her to take action, his only thoughts to please his mistress and get her forgiveness.

Gatomon pulled her hips back once more, then slammed forward as hard as she could. The dinosaur yelped in pain, but this time the cat didn’t give him a chance to recover, immediately pulling back and slamming in again as fast as she could. The cat thrust into him hard enough to shake his frame, pounding into him. Agumon cried out, his shaft throbbing and a gush of precum splashed the ground beneath him. Gatomon continued her silence; the only sound she made was the slapping of her hips against his rear.

Agumon suddenly felt something warm spurting inside him. He let out a groan, arching his hips, his own shaft splashing the ground as he realized that Gatomon was firing her precum into him. He yelped in joy, all the pain fading as he grew ever closer to his climax. His testicles began to churn once more, his thighs tensing, his shaft dampening the stone beneath him.

Gatomon, too, was nearing her orgasm, her shaft throbbing inside him, pre lubricating her every stroke. As much as she tried to restrain herself, she couldn’t help but give a moan of pleasure as her body tingled, her cock throbbed painfully and her inner muscles began to spasm rhythmically.

Suddenly, Agumon’s arms slipped out from under him. He had so thoroughly soaked the stone beneath him with his pre, that it grew slick. He fell forward, his rump sticking up in the air. The sudden change in angle was all it took to push Gatomon over the edge.

With a loud moan of purest delight, Gatomon pulled out of Agumon, stroking her shaft with one paw, and rubbing her clitoris with the other. A fraction of a second later, a massive gush of hot, thick, white kittyspunk splattered against the lizard’s rear. She stepped forward, resting her shaft against his back, and thrusting, covering him in her seed. She did it in a manner almost like she was marking Agumon as her property, painting down his yellow scales in her white cream.

The feeling of the thick liquid spraying against him set off Agumon. With a mighty yell of ecstasy, he arched his back and his cock began to jet his semen all over the ground and himself. For the second time in less than an hour he had achieved orgasm without once touching his penis. He spluttered momentarily, as a colossal gush of dinospunk caught him in the face.

Together, the demonic cat and the lizard moaned and shuddered, caught up in the ultimate pleasure. Gatomon soaked Agumon down, directing her gushes to cover every square inch of him that she could reach. Agumon gasped and grunted, feeling both her and his cum splash against his body.

Finally, Gatomon’s legs gave out from under her and she fell to her knees, panting and gasping as her shaft gave a few final spurts over the dinosaur’s backside. Agumon collapsed forward into a large puddle of mixed cat and lizard semen, letting out a sigh as his own cock gave one last gush over his stomach. He was literally dripping in their combined fluids, but he felt spectacular, happy to have pleased his mistress.

After she caught her breath enough to be capable of speech, Gatomon said quietly, “You are almost forgiven, Agumon. But I require one more thing from you before I can truly absolve you of your actions against me.”

“What do you need, my mistress?” Agumon asked eagerly. Gatomon leaned back and spread her legs wide in response. Agumon nodded, understanding immediately. He gripped his cock in his claw, stroking it a few times to keep it from retracting into his sheath, and moved up to her.

His shaft prodded against her vulva and Gatomon jumped in surprise. His shaft seemed to be incredibly hot.

<Oh, that is right… I almost forgot. Male Agumon tend to have extremely warm penises and semen. Like Gabumon’s cold anatomy it is designed to bring great pleasure to the female,> thought Belialmon, holding Gatomon’s body still so Agumon could go to work. He gently pressed against her, smiling as the tip of his shaft slid inside her sopping cleft. She let out a moan of mixed surprise and pleasure, the hot, throbbing member heating her from her core. Agumon slowly hilted himself within her, doing so with relative ease considering how wet she was.

The lizard slowly pulled out, his thick shaft rubbing against Gatomon’s clitoris, sending jolts of electric pleasure throughout her body. He thrust in, sliding into her with little resistance, and she yelped in joy. Her paw found her cock and slowly rubbed up and down, stimulating the sensitive nerves, feeling it growing ever harder in her paw.

Agumon thrust slowly, his burning shaft warming the feline from the inside out. His cock easily slid in and out of her easily, grinding against her clitoris with every thrust. She placed her free paw on his shoulder, bucking against him harder, her other hand gripping her shaft, squeezing the head. The feline gave a small smile, squeezing his cock hard, her velvety walls gripping him tight. They moaned loudly, moving in unison as they thrust against each other.

Agumon began to pick up speed, his warm member sliding faster, his hips slapping against hers. The cat meowed happily, her paw gripping her own member, which was back to full erection, throbbing and pulsing as she stroked it, her soft glove wrapped around it. The dinosaur grunted with each thrust as Gatomon’s inner walls spasmed around him.

Due to having come twice in a row in slightly over half an hour, Agumon’s shaft was tender and oversensitive. Thus, it was only a minute before he moaned as his cock pulsed, a large gush of steaming precum shooting into Gatomon. The feline gasped, arching her back as her penis pulsated, jetting a stream of clear fluid over the soft fur of her stomach, then dribbled down her length, lubricating her caresses.

The lizard growled, his mating instinct taking over as he bucked into her harder and faster, his cock spurting rapidly inside of the girl. Gatomon moaned, feeling the hot liquid slowly filling her tunnel. Her penis pumped her pre-ejaculate over her paw, soaking into the fabric of her glove.

Gatomon leaned down and whispered into Agumon’s ear, “Don’t hold back. Give me… AHN! Give me everything you have!”

“Yes, m-mistress! I-I will! UNH!!” grunted the dinosaur in reply, tossing his head back as he gave a particularly large spurt into her, making the cat whimper in pleasure. She consciously clamped down her inner muscles, squeezing him as tight as she could. His shaft grew even hotter within her.

His thighs tensed and his testicles began to churn as he moaned, thrusting into Gatomon hard enough to rock her frame. The little cat yelped with each buck of his hips, feeling the burning shaft grinding her clitoris. Her inner walls began to spasm rhythmically, her cock throbbing hard as precum poured down its length. The two Digimon trembled, right on the brink of an incredible orgasm. Gatomon leaned forward and whispered two simple words into Agumon’s ear.

“Come now!”

That was all it took. Agumon let out a roar of delight, burying his shaft into Gatomon all the way to the hilt as it pulsed and throbbed, before the first massive spray of semen entered her, painting her inner walls. His cum was incredibly warm, almost to the point of scalding. Gatomon moaned in both pleasure and the slightest discomfort. Agumon’s body was completely stiff; the only movement was the smallest twitch of his hips, and the rapid throbbing of his penis. He groaned, pumping more and more of his hot, thick dinospunk into her, filling her quickly. His cum dripped out of her, falling into a literally steaming puddle below.

Gatomon yowled as she trembled violently, her body gripped by her powerful climax. Her cunny rippled along his shaft, milking him for every drop of his semen. Her cock twitched and jumped in her paw before firing her kittycum high into the air, falling to splatter over her fur and his scales. She moaned, writhing in delight as her hips bucked wildly and uncontrollably, her senses going white for a minute as her shaft gushed more and more spunk over their bodies. Her juices ran down Agumon’s cock, pooling beneath them in a massive puddle of their combined juices.

They both finally collapsed against each other, breathing heavily. It was many minutes before Gatomon was able to muster the strength to twitch her foot. After a while, Agumon pulled out of Gatomon slowly, his cock dripping with dinocum and kittynectar. He flopped onto his back, laying beside the demonic cat.

“A-Agumon… You are forgiven for your transgressions against me,” whispered Gatomon, a faint smile on her face. Agumon returned the smile happily.

“Thank you, Mistress. I will never go against you again,” he replied. Gatomon grinned and clambered to her unsteady feet. She led Agumon to the pool of water, and cleaned themselves off.

After that, they began the long trek to the surface in silence. Halfway there, though, Agumon spoke up.

“Mistress, I must know. Who is going to be joining us next?” he asked, smiling serenely. Gatomon grinned.

“Well, I’ll give you a hint… I’m a practical Digimon. And trying to take you showed me that I need a better method of restraining my victims. One of the Rookies has that ability…” she said, trailing off. Agumon thought for a minute, going over the list of his friends’ abilities in his head, then grinned as he realized who she was talking about.

“Oh! Heh, that should be fun! Can I help?” he asked, chuckling.

“We’ll see,” replied Gatomon, her eyes glowing red.

To Be Continued…