Digimon: The Digital Demon

Chapter 3: The Next Minion

Gatomon strolled back into the camp, smiling. She exchanged a glance with Biyomon, who had arrived several minutes before her.

The feline and the bird had washed themselves off in the nearby river. In order to reduce suspicion, Gatomon had sent her minion back to the camp first, with instructions to act normally. Then, she waited ten minutes, resting and planning her next move in her head. This way, they would arrive separately, as if they hadn’t met while they were out.

She smirked as she walked over to her seat by the fire. The sun was beginning to set, and Hawkmon was telling stories to the other Digimon. She listened vaguely, while looking among the others trying to decide who her next victim would be.

Ironically, it was Biyomon who gave her the answer. Gatomon felt a tickling in the back of her head. She scratched behind her ears, shaking her head a little as she tried to concentrate. But the tickling grew more and more insistent, until she realized it was Biyomon trying to contact her through the demonic link they shared.

<Biyomon, what is it? You’re disturbing my concentration,> she thought, irritated. The cat glared over at Biyomon, sitting on the other side of the fire.

<I’m sorry, Mistress, but I think I know who should join us!> she replied, looking very apologetic. Gatomon raised an eyebrow curiously, her annoyance abating.

<Oh? Who then?> The feline asked. Biyomon tilted her head, subtly indicating who she meant.

<Veemon, Mistress…. He has a bit of a crush on you. You might be able to take him over without even using your Cat’s Eye Hypnotism,> answered Biyomon, her voice echoing in Gatomon’s head.

<Hrm. Good thinking, my slave. But taking Veemon carries great risk as well. He is the best out of all the Rookies at physical combat. I’m not sure that my Lightning Claw could match his own special attacks, even with an enhancement,> mused Gatomon.

<But Veemon would never willingly hurt you. He’d hold back whether he meant to or not. Whereas you have no such handicap,> replied the avian, grinning. <Besides, I’m here to back you up.>

<Heh heh. Seems I made a wise choice in choosing you to be my first minion… I will create a plan. For now, let me do the thinking. You should get some rest. The enslavement process is very exhausting, and you will need your strength if it does come down to a battle between him and I…> thought the feline, returning the smirk.

<Yes, my mistress. I will,> Biyomon responded. Gatomon gave the bird’s mind an affectionate caress with her thoughts as she closed down the demonic link, feeling Biyomon’s presence lessen to nothing more than a shadow in the back of her head.

<Hmm… Veemon, eh? I think I might have just the method to take him in mind…> thought the demon within the cat, shivering in anticipation…


Night fell and the fire went out, all the Digimon lying down around it to fall asleep. Gatomon feigned slumber, listening with keen ears as one by one, their breathing and heartbeats slowed. Even Biyomon had drifted off into dreams, although Gatomon knew she would wake up and come to her at a moment’s notice with a mental summons.

Gatomon laid there for a while, preparing herself for the task at hand. She got up slowly, using her feline grace to move silently. She moved among the other Digimon until she stood over Veemon’s sleeping form. Smirking mischievously, the feline gently prodded him with her foot, just hard enough to ensure that he would awaken. He let out a snort, his eyelids fluttering as he struggled back to consciousness. Satisfied that he would wake up, she walked on, moving into the forest.

Veemon let out a quiet groan, opening his eyes. He stifled a yawn, waiting for his vision to clear. The reptilian Digimon grunted in annoyance, noticing that it was still the middle of the night. He glanced around him, looking for whatever woke him up. The dragon almost immediately spotted a flash of white fur in the forest.

<Is that… Gatomon? What’s she up to at this time of night?> he wondered. He stood up and followed her into the forest.

Gatomon grinned as she heard him following behind her, stumbling due to his lack of night vision. She weaved in and out of the trees, staying just in sight, so he could follow. She led him to a large pine tree she had spotted on her way to Belialmon’s ruins.

Veemon trotted up to the pine, looking around for Gatomon. He had followed her successfully to the tree, but she had vanished completely from sight. He put his hands on his hips, grumbling in annoyance.

<Where the heck did she go?> he wondered, looking around. It was completely silent, and he could find no trace of Gatomon.

Suddenly, the dragon heard a rustling noise from above. He looked up just in time to see a white furry figure drop from a branch right on top of him. He let out a yelp of surprise, then a grunt at the impact, collapsing onto his back as the fuzzy being pinned him to the ground. When he opened his eyes, Gatomon’s grinning face filled his field of vision. The dragon swallowed nervously.

“Gatomon? Wh-What are you doing?!” he asked, sweatdropping. He attempted to push her off of him, but she evaded his hands, and pinned him back down. Her tail swished behind her, the metal ring chiming softly.

“Mmm. I noticed the way you were looking at me earlier, Veemon. I thought I’d lead you out here for a little fun…” she purred. Her body pressed against his, rubbing affectionately. Veemon blushed deeply, his cheeks turning red.

“G-G-Gatomon! I’m flattered, b-but I can’t! Kari would kill me, then Agumon and Tai would revive me and kill me, then P-Patamon would bring me back again, torture me, THEN kill me…” he stammered, squirming under her. Gatomon rolled her eyes and sighed, using her legs to stop him from getting out from under her.

<Cute. Any other Digimon would jump at the chance to have sex with a girl like Gatomon. But apparently Veemon’s conscience is a little too strong for his own good… I can help him with that particular problem…> she thought, grumbling. She shifted her grip on Veemon’s arms a little, allowing her a little more leverage to pin him to the ground without hurting him. Veemon blushed deeper. Reaching into the demonic link, the cat called out to Biyomon.

<Mistress? Do you need me?> came the response, sounding a little sleepy.

<Yes and no. Find me by the largest pine tree in the forest. You cannot miss it. Stay hidden in the bushes in case I do need you…> instructed the demon.

<I’ll be there in less than a minute if I fly as fast as I can. I will await your further orders, then,> responded the bird. The whole mental conversation took place in a fraction of a second. Gatomon grinned, looking down at Veemon.

“Veemon… Look deep into my eyes. I guarantee you’ll see things differently if you do…” Gatomon murmured, putting plenty of emotion into her voice. She even forced her eyes to water for added effect. Veemon looked up, meeting her gaze, and opened his mouth to say something. But before he could, Gatomon’s eyes glowed yellow, captivating him.

“Cat’s Eye Hypnotism…” she murmured. She only used the power for a full second, not entrancing him completely like she did with Biyomon, but just enough to make the dragon a little more agreeable. Veemon’s eyes went slightly out of focus.

“See, Veemon. I told you. Now, you’ve got a very affectionate kitten right on top of you... You’re not going to just tell me to go, are you?” she asked, purring softly and grinning at the male. She let go of his hands, confident that he would no longer resist her charms.

“No… No, I’m not,” said Veemon, returning the smile dazedly. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her a little closer to him.

<Mistress, it seems you don’t need me after all…> Gatomon heard in her mind. She chuckled as she glanced over in the bushes to see Biyomon peeking out from them. She looked sad and disappointed that she wasn’t of service to her mistress.

<I would not say that, Biyomon. Veemon will cooperate for a while, but there’s no guarantee that he will after my Cat’s Eye Hypnotism wears off. I might have need of you if he turns violent,> replied Gatomon, twitching an ear in amusement.

<I’ll stay her in the bushes, then,> Biyomon thought. The demonic cat could feel her excitement and eagerness to please radiating through the link.

<Heh. Good. You have my permission to watch and even enjoy yourself, provided that you stay quiet and hidden until either I have need of you, or Veemon is taken,> thought the feline, grinning.

Gatomon turned her attention back to Veemon and leaned down, licking him on the cheek. The blue dragon ran his hand down her back, rubbing a very sensitive spot where her tail joined with her back, and they both gave a low murmur. She pressed her body against him once more, and this time he didn’t try to pull away, her fur rubbing against his scales. He stroked a paw down her chest, sliding down her stomach, until his fingers brushed against something that should not have been there…

“Wha…? G-Gatomon… What is this?” he asked, looking down in confusion. Gatomon pulled his chin up and kissed him deeply, her tongue intertwining with his.

“What does it feel like, my little dragon?” asked the feline with a grin, pressing her pelvis into his paw. He blushed harder than ever, his cheeks beginning to bruise.

“A… A sheath… B-But you… You’re a girl!” he stuttered. Gatomon laughed, giving him an affectionate smile.

“That I am… And something more…” she whispered into his ear. Belialmon let Gatomon’s personality come forward a little, using her own affection for the male Digimon to its advantage. She ran her paws over his groin, squeezing gently. He let out a moan, arching his back as his body immediately responded to her touch. His sheath bulged against her paw, and she continued to stroke it slowly, feeling it pulse and swell with every caress. Veemon no longer cared about Gatomon’s extra parts. All that mattered to him was that his crush was currently rubbing him to an erection, and that he felt amazing. The head of his penis poked free, pressing into her palm. He reached down and began to rub her sheath as well, grinning wide as she let out a quiet, feminine gasp just like he had imagined in his deepest fantasies. He leaned forward, nuzzling into her neck. Gatomon’s tail wrapped around his own, as he sniffed deeply, taking her scent in. His paw slipped lower, and found her slit, just beginning to grow damp with her juices. He ran a fingertip along her slit, eliciting another gasp from her lips, before he gently caressed her clitoris, causing her hips to buck forward against his. Their sheaths pressed together, the firmness and warmth increasing their arousal dramatically.

Meanwhile, in the bushes nearby, Biyomon watched the two begin. She smiled at the sight of Gatomon kissing Veemon, and imagined how happy he’d be once her mistress infected him with Belialmon’s virus. She wished desperately that she could be with them, and pleasuring them both. But she would wait obediently, as her mistress commanded. Her wing slipped over the puffy feathers of her chest, stimulating her nipples hidden beneath the pink feathers. Her other wing went lower, between her inner thighs to gently rub at her cleft, enjoying the feeling of her honey spreading over her feathers.

Back by the tree, both Gatomon and Veemon were semi-erect, their penises flopping out of their sheaths. They looked at each other for a minute, as if deciding what to do. Veemon was the first to act, grasping her cock in his hand, and beginning to stroke. Gatomon moaned and shuddered, bucking her hips. She soon got with the program and took his shaft in her paw, and rubbed quickly, stopping to squeeze the head or fondle his testicles every once in a while. He ran a clawtip over her barbs, murmuring in curiosity. He smiled as her member gave a particularly pronounced throb when he touched the barbs.

“It… It… Ah! It must feel g-good when I touch those, h-huh?” he said, smiling as he gazed into her eyes, his paw continuing to rub and stroke the hot, throbbing shaft.

“Y-Yes! My b-barbs are very… Ung! Sen-Sensitive!” she replied, moaning in ecstasy. She smirked as she lifted her tail high in the air, giving the hidden Biyomon the perfect view of her glistening cleft between her legs. She could feel the avian flush with arousal through the link.

By now, Veemon and Gatomon were both fully erect, their pink shafts throbbing in each other’s paws. The dragon looked down and frowned. He looked first at Gatomon’s cock, then his own pulsing member, then back. Letting out a sad sigh, he hung his head. Gatomon sweatdropped, cocking her head curiously.

“Uh… What’s the matter, Veemon?” she asked, giving him a stroke, just to feel it throb in her paw. Veemon sighed again.

“You’re longer than I am…” he muttered. Gatomon let out a laugh, probably the first honest sincere laugh that Belialmon had ever given.

“Ha ha ha ha! I think you’re right… But don’t feel sad… You’re definitely thicker,” she replied, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Veemon smiled, looking down and comparing again.

“Yeah, I am… Huh. I feel better now,” he said, chuckling. They embraced, kissing again. They moaned softly into the kiss as their cocks bumped together, the heads rubbing. Gatomon’s barbs tickled his shaft during the brief contact, causing him to shiver. The feline purred softly, pushing him onto his back. She stood up for a moment, and he looked at her in curiosity. However, curiosity turned into ecstasy, as a warm, tight wetness engulfed his shaft. The white-furred cat had slowly lowered herself onto his shaft, letting his cock sink into her cunny. They both moaned loudly, as she took him inside her, inch by inch.

Biyomon watched them, slowly slipping the tip of her wing inside her incredibly tight opening as Veemon entered Gatomon. She covered her beak with her free hand, muffling her moans of pleasure. She shivered as she imagined Veemon being beside her, serving her mistress faithfully. This was only moments away and the anticipation was excruciating for the avian. She smiled, peeking through the leaves as Gatomon’s pelvis touched Veemon’s, as he hilted himself within her. They kissed gently, Gatomon’s cock sandwiched between their stomachs. Biyomon ached to feel either of them inside her, but waited patiently as ordered, settling for her wingtip pumping in and out of her snatch.

Gatomon smiled down at Veemon, who pulled out of her slowly, until only the very tip of his long, pink shaft remained inside her. Then with one swift motion, he plunged into her hard, making her yelp in joy. He grinned, and repeated the process, out slow, in fast, watching the feline gasp as he bottomed out in her. She slowly began to thrust back against him, nuzzling into his neck, as her own penis rubbed against the soft scales of his stomach, throbbing hard between them. She squeezed down tight on him, feeling his shaft grinding against her clit. Her juices matted down the fur of her thighs, leaving his scales glistening. Her long, whip-like tail wagged behind her, the golden ring giving a quiet chime with each thrust.

“Oh, G-Gatomon… You’re s-so tight! Like a vice!” Veemon moaned. She grinned, squeezing her inner muscles tighter, just to tease him. She looked into his eyes, her hips gyrating against his. The dragon’s eyes were clear and focused, and she knew that her spell had worn off. She grinned even wider, now knowing that she had him tied around her finger. She guided his paw to her shaft, throbbing against his stomach, and wrapped it around, allowing him to stroke. He smiled up at her, kissing her neck, as he bucked into her, groaning and moaning in purest delight.

<It’s almost a shame to take him this easily… A small part of me wishes he had put up a fight. At least this way I can concentrate on enjoying myself rather than keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t fight back…> she thought. Any further musings were interrupted by a blast of pleasure as she felt a warm, sticky fluid spurt inside her, painting her inner walls. Gatomon looked down at Veemon, who had thrown back his head, arching his back as a massive gush of precum fired from his cock. The girl immediately gave a thrust of her own, soaking their stomachs with a surge of her own clear pre-ejaculate. Veemon massaged her in time with his thrusts, smirking as her member pulsed in his hand, her pre lubricating his strokes.

Their hips slapped together as they sped up, feeling the telltale pressure in their stomachs that meant they were approaching orgasm. Gatomon hugged the dragon close to her body, moaning and gasping as her nipples rubbed against his soft scales, feeling him throbbing and pulsing inside her.

Biyomon smiled wide, watching the two beginning to tense up. Her wing rubbed rapidly at her clitoris, as she attempted to match their pace. She was determined to attain her climax at the same time as her mistress. She remembered that Veemon as a species had extremely long orgasms, lasting upwards of five minutes, and licked her lips as she imagined how much semen that would mean. Her mistress would have plenty of time to take him under control, placing a piece of Belialmon’s code inside him as the feline had done with the avian. It was the idea of having a fellow slave that excited her even more than the sexual activities going on before her eyes. She trembled with arousal, feeling herself teeter right on the brink.

“Agh!!! Gato… Gatomon!!! I’m gonna… Gonna come!!!” moaned the dragon. His cock throbbed and pulsed inside her, spurting precum into her depths continuously. The cat moaned her agreement, her penis squeezed between their stomachs, soaking their fur and scales. Her inner muscles worked rhythmically, milking him in anticipation of the flood to come. Veemon’s testicles churned and his thighs tensed as he let out a quiet whimper, thrusting harder and faster as he came into the home stretch.

Veemon came first, his shaft pulsing rapidly as the first spurts of his hot white dragoncum sprayed inside of Gatomon. He let out a mighty groan, going completely stiff, arching his back into her. Gatomon’s eyes glowed and electricity sparked around them for the briefest of moments, before mind-numbing pleasure cut her off at the pass. She let out a loud yowl of ecstasy as her penis throbbed hard and thick, sticky semen gushed from her member, soaking both her and Veemon. Her inner muscles clenched around Veemon’s cock, milking it for more and more of his cum, as he quickly filled her to capacity. A mixture of her honey and his spunk backwashed out of her, as she writhed in pleasure.


D-Damn! I… AHN! I was hoping to… Yes!!! Hoping to infect him before I came!!!> thought the feline, before the most pure and primal of pleasures wiped all thoughts from her head. Veemon pulled out of her, still spurting strong, and placed his cock beside hers. He gripped them both, moaning as they pulsed and gushed against each other, their combined cum fountaining into the air. He couldn’t match Gatomon in raw power, her spurts firing almost four feet straight up, but he more than made up for it in volume. Both her fur and his scales were plastered with their fluids. Ribbon after ribbon of dragoncum and kittyspunk mixed in midair to fall back on the two Digimon.

Meanwhile, Biyomon bit down on her wing to muffle a loud scream of pleasure as she came hard. A warm tingle ran throughout her entire body as her inner walls clamped down on her wing, her nectar flowing freely down her legs. She bucked wildly, moaning into the feathers of her arm.

Finally, Gatomon fell onto her back, panting heavily. Her cock gave a few more feeble spurts, before dripping weakly onto Veemon’s hand. He let her go, and continued to stroke himself, still well into the middle of his incredibly long orgasm. Gatomon took a few seconds to watch in amazement as he spurted wildly, soaking her fur completely with his semen. Then she remembered her task and moved up to the dragon.

“Veemon… Look at me…” she murmured, gripping his penis and stroking it in time with his orgasm. He looked up, moaning. Her eyes began to spark with electricity once more, as energy built up, the irises turning red. Veemon gasped in surprise and opened his mouth to say something, perhaps a question about what was happening, perhaps a statement of fear. Unfortunately he never got the chance to say it. Two beams of red light stabbed into his eyes and he clutched his head in agony and ecstasy. He bucked wildly into the air, his cock throbbing as he gushed his dragonspunk over himself as he writhed on the ground. He could feel something in his head, seeming to be crawling through his mind. He fought desperately, focusing his will on fighting the presence. But sadly, he felt his will slipping away. The shadow in his head took his willpower and crushed it to dust. His eyes flashed bright, glowing an even deeper red than usual. He knew from that point on, his only purpose in existence was to serve his mistress’s whims and pleasure. He could feel her magnificent presence in the back of his head, and strangely, he felt another person as well. He recognized it instinctively as his fellow minion, Biyomon.

The enslaved dragon looked upon his new mistress, smiling serenely. He gripped his shaft, still spurting strong, and stepped forward, presenting it to her as a sign of obedience. Gatomon grinned and kneeled down, taking the head into her mouth and drinking the hot, salty and sweet fluid. Veemon groaned quietly as his orgasm tapered off slowly, the spurts growing weaker in her mouth, until he bucked his pelvis one last time, giving a strong gush that painted the back of her throat, and was done. He collapsed backwards, his eyes rolling up in his head, and passed out cold. Gatomon swallowed her mouthful of cum, and chuckled.

“Well… That was interesting…” she murmured. She glanced over at the bushes, smirking. “You can come out now, Biyomon.”

“Yes, my mistress,” said the bird, emerging from the shrubbery. She fluttered her wings, flitting over to Gatomon’s side, where she gave a little bow and looked down at the unconscious dragon.

“Enjoyed yourself, did we?” Gatomon said, glancing down at Biyomon’s soaked pelvic feathers. Biyomon blushed and nodded, smiling sheepishly.

“I sure did… He’s going to be a great asset to you, Mistress…” she cooed, kneeling beside the dragon, dipping her wingtip into a particularly large puddle of cum. She licked it clean, chirping happily as she enjoyed the taste.

“I agree. He’s the leader of the second generation of DigiDestined Digimon, so I will be able to use him to influence the others with his authority. Once I have Agumon under my control, I will no longer need to worry about tiptoeing around the camp. It will be easier to take over the rest without watchful eyes on me,” said Gatomon, rubbing her chin.

“So, Agumon will be the next to join us?” asked the avian. Gatomon shook her head.

“No, not yet. He is one of the most powerful Rookies, and he carries even greater authority than Veemon among them. He has seemed somewhat suspicious of my behavior since I returned from the ruins. I want to have at the very least one more minion before taking him,” said Gatomon, thoughtfully. Biyomon nodded, and rubbed up against Gatomon affectionately. Gatomon smiled, kissing her deeply.

“Now, as for my new slave, I believe that you should have a chance to play with him. It’s only fair, and will help him adjust to his new life of servitude,” said the feline, smiling evilly. “But he’ll need a little time to recover. For now, let’s take him to the river and wash off this semen, before it dries in my fur and on his scales…”


Veemon’s eyes fluttered as he groaned, sitting up slowly. He looked around, rubbing his aching head. The dragon glanced up at the sky and immediately intuited from the position of the moon that he had been unconscious for only about an hour.

“About time, Veemon,” said a voice. He looked to his left to see Gatomon and Biyomon standing there. Gatomon was tapping her foot impatiently. He looked down at himself, and saw that he had been washed off while he was sleeping. Gatomon looked like she was right in the middle of doing the same for herself; her fur was wet, and he could see dollops of cum still dripping from various places over her body.

He stood up and walked over to Gatomon, dropping down to one knee before her. He looked up at the feline adoringly.

“Mistress… I am your humble servant…” he stated quietly. Gatomon nodded, a smirk growing on her face.

“I’m sure you are, considering you have my virus inside you. I’m glad you can now see me for who I am inside my host. And I’m sure that Biyomon is glad she can finally have a fellow slave,” said the cat, patting him on the head. Veemon stood up from his kneel and looked over at Biyomon, who smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

“Now, Biyomon was very patient and is a little wound up from watching the two of us. I think she deserves a bit of a reward for her self-restraint, don’t you, Veemon? But only if you’re up to it…” said Gatomon, crossing her arms, and smiling mischievously. Veemon looked between the bird and the cat.

“I think I can manage one more round tonight, Mistress,” he said, his paw already ghosting across his sheath. Gatomon nodded, and glanced over at Biyomon. She immediately took her cue, practically tackling Veemon to the ground in her excitement. She kissed down his chest rapidly, making him squirm a little.

“Gah, Biyomon! That tickles!” Veemon gasped, laughing. Biyomon’s wings rubbed over his groin tenderly, feeling his sheath under her feathers.

“I’ve only been waiting since this afternoon for this, but it feels like forever… I knew you’d enjoy serving Mistress just as much as I do,” cooed the bird to the dragon. Her wing slid up and down his pelvis, stimulating the sensitive skin there. His sheath bulged against her wingtips, and he let out a quiet groan. He looked over at his mistress, who was standing aside.

“Mistress? Are you going to join in?” asked Veemon. Gatomon shook her head.

“Not yet. I’m still cleaning your fluids out of my fur, as well as resting from before. I will join you in a couple of minutes,” said the feline, stepping back into the water to clean up.

<Hrm. I’m washing out my fur, just to get it dirty again… And before, I honestly found his remark about the size of my host’s penis compared to his funny… I’ve never felt ANYTHING was funny before… Maybe Gatomon’s personality has begun to affect me. I’m subject to her feline instincts for cleanliness, and I’ve begun to absorb her sense of humor… I’ll have to be mindful of my own actions. I need to be careful to keep my goals in mind, not getting caught up in my host’s emotions and behaviors…> thought Belialmon, concerned. Gatomon frowned deeply, but concealed her emotions from her minions, letting them frolic undisturbed.

Meanwhile, Veemon’s shaft had started to slide out of his sheath. Biyomon grinned and plucked a feather from her head, and used it to tickle the tip playfully. Veemon yelped and squirmed, laughing. He ran his hands over her chest softly, enjoying her coos of pleasure as her nipples grew hard under his touch, poking through her feathers. They kissed, their tongues sliding over each other, his mouth pressed to her beak.

It didn’t take long for Veemon’s shaft to extend fully from his sheath, throbbing against his stomach. Biyomon gripped it with her wing, stroking it up and down slowly. Soft warm feathers caressed hard hot flesh, and Veemon groaned happily. His paw gently rubbed her pelvic region, pushing aside her feathers to reveal her cleft. He trailed the tip of a finger along her slit, making her shiver, before he rubbed her clitoris. She let out a whimper, feeling her juices begin to flow, her cunny glistening with dampness.

The avian wasted no time, getting down on all fours and looking back at Veemon expectantly. The dragon grinned, stepping up to her, pressing his rock hard shaft against her opening. They both let out a long loud moan of pure delight as the reptilian Digimon pushed his hips forward, the head of his cock slipping inside her almost impossibly tight cleft. She pressed back against him, and they both panted with the effort as he drove his penis into her inch by inch. Finally, his groin pressed against her tailfeathers and they stayed still for a minute, catching their breath.

Veemon pulled out slowly, the length of his pink shaft pressing against her clit as he did. With just the glans inside her, he shoved forward, making the girl squeal in pleasure. His hips once again touched hers, and he immediately began to pull back once more. Biyomon’s body trembled in joy, her fellow slave thrusting into her slowly, but forcefully. She chirped her pleasure to the world, as Veemon’s member churned her depths. Her nectar quickly soaked her feathers through, dripping to the ground and making Veemon’s scales shimmer with wetness.

Suddenly, the bird’s vision was filled with a large pink object. It twitched before her eyes, and she blinked in surprise and confusion.

“I’m ready to join in now. Why don’t you get started, Biyomon?” said Gatomon. It was then that Biyomon realized what the object was, and smiled. She reached up with one wing, keeping the other firmly on the ground for support and stroked Gatomon’s cock gently. Gatomon sighed quietly, as the bird’s wing slid up and down the shaft, stopping every once in a while to tickle her barbs. Biyomon opened her beak wide, and took Gatomon’s long, hard penis into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the shaft quickly.

Gatomon moaned, her tail wagging behind her. She looked over Biyomon to watch Veemon thrusting into her. He panted with the effort, but gave his mistress a grin. His prick slid in and out of Biyomon’s snatch, his hips slapping against hers. The bird moaned in ecstasy, enjoying herself immensely. Her tongue swirled and licked at every inch of Gatomon’s cock, while her cunny clenched down on the dragon’s. She could feel her honey dripping from her as her arousal built higher and higher with each thrust.

It wasn’t long until Veemon gave a groan, burying himself into her as his cock pulsed hard and a large gush of warm clear pre-ejaculate sprayed inside her. The avian gave a muffled chirp, wiggling her hips back into him. Seconds later, Gatomon’s cock jumped in her mouth, the head flaring as a shot of her sweet pre splashed against Biyomon’s tongue. The trio moaned, gasped, and thrust against each other, letting their instincts take over. The cat gasped, a particularly large jet of precum squirting into Biyomon’s mouth as the bird tickled her barbs with the tip of her tongue.

Veemon thrust in harder and faster, rocking Biyomon’s small frame. Her tongue lavished Gatomon’s penis, drinking down spurt after spurt of her sweet fluid. The dragon pumped his own warm precum into Biyomon, making her tingle inside. The cat and dragon threw back their heads, their hips pumping with abandon. Their cocks throbbed and pulsed, while Veemon’s testicles churned and his thighs tensed. Both the bird’s and the cat’s inner muscles began to spasm and clench rhythmically, their entire bodies tingling.

It was Gatomon who lost control first. The girl gave a loud meow, arching her back as her cock pulsed rapidly, spurting her hot, thick spunk into the avian’s mouth. The pink bird swallowed quickly, trying to keep up with the flow and failing miserably, white liquid splurting from the corners of her beak. Gatomon’s inner muscles contracted wildly, her nectar flowing down the insides of her legs. She groaned, her tail twitching in time with her spurts.

Veemon came a moment later, burying himself inside her to the hilt. His penis throbbed hard for a moment, before a massive gush of dragoncum fired into Biyomon’s depths. Spurt after spurt after spurt filled the avian, and her body trembled as she came hard. Her inner muscles clamped down on Veemon’s shaft, milking it for more and more of his semen. He overflowed her tight cleft in less than a minute, pulling out and resting his cock on her rear, soaking the feathers of her back with his cum. Gatomon did likewise, painting her slave’s face and head white, as she gushed hard. The trio of Digimon groaned loud, gripped in ultimate pleasure.

Suddenly, the corners of Gatomon’s vision turned dark as her orgasm ebbed. Her knees grew weak and began to buckle under her. She collapsed backwards, her shaft still spurting weakly. Biyomon and Veemon’s expressions turned to shock, as they ran forward to catch her. Veemon continued to jet dragonspunk over everything around him, his incredibly long orgasm still in effect, but concern for his mistress overwhelmed the pleasure.

<Unh… Wh-What’s happening? Losing consciousness…> thought the cat. She vaguely heard the dragon and the bird calling her name. Biyomon held her in her arms, while Veemon stood back, angling his shaft away from her to avoid spurting on her.

Before Gatomon could think anything more, her eyes closed and darkness claimed her consciousness…

To Be Continued…