Digimon: The Digital Demon

Chapter 1: Gatomon’s Discovery

Gatomon yawned, bored. The DigiDestined had returned to the Real World, leaving their Digimon to keep watch for any dangers. Unfortunately for the Digimon, nothing was happening. No evil Digimon, no Dark Spires, not even a glitch in the programming of the world. Which meant that the Digimon had a LOT of spare time to themselves. So while the other Digimon played games and chatted about their DigiDestined and their lives, Gatomon decided to wander off, exploring the region of forest they were in. No one followed her, figuring that she wouldn’t find anything of note; also figuring that if she did find something, she could handle it considering she was a Champion among the Rookies.

She had been wandering for an hour, and was just about ready to return to the camp, until something caught her eye. It was a stone brick, a man-made object in an area of pure nature. She walked up to it and looked it over.

<Hm? What’s this doing here?> she wondered. Her white tail flicked behind her, the metal ring around it chiming gently as she looked around, her keen eyes scanning her surroundings. She suddenly spotted a structure off in the distance in a small clearing through the foliage. She made her way towards it, using her sharp claws to cut through any vines blocking her path. Gatomon let out a gasp of surprise as she came into the clearing.

It was an elaborate stone ruins. Vines crawled up the sides of the building, while plant life grew out of the cracks in the stonework. She noticed pedestals in front of the structure, where statues would have stood, but they were rubble now.

Being a cat, curiosity ate away at Gatomon’s insides. She had to know what was inside. She scampered closer, moving up the steps leading to the gigantic stone doors. The cat pushed at the doors, pushing with every ounce of muscle in her tiny Champion’s body, but the doors stayed firmly shut. Grumbling, she looked around for a handle or something to try and pull them open, but the grey doors were featureless. Realizing there was no way to open them; she sighed and stood back slightly. She was ready to give up, but some strange feeling inside her told her to use more drastic methods.

“Rrr… Lightning Claw!!!” shouted the girl, her voice echoing as she initiated her special attack. Her razor sharp claws impacted the stone again and again, carving deep divots into them. Gatomon’s paws were a barely visible blur as she struck rapidly. Just as she felt her arms beginning to ache, she heard a cracking noise. She stopped and glanced up as a small crack in the marble door appeared from the point of impact. The cracks grew larger, spreading rapidly throughout the stonework. The young Digimon swallowed nervously as she backed away slowly, moving down the steps. There was a sound like a gunshot, then a tremendous cacophony as the doors collapsed under their weight, unable to support themselves under the spider web of cracks running through them.

Gatomon coughed loudly, dust filling her lungs. As the air cleared, she could see that the doors had collapsed to rubble, allowing her access. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she thought about going back to get Veemon or Patamon, or any of her friends, but her curiosity took hold of her again, and she carefully climbed over the rubble to enter the ruins.

It was almost pitch black inside, but Gatomon’s eyes could see clearly, her night vision being even superior to that of her namesake’s. She trudged through several inches of dust as she walked through the stone corridors, realizing that this place must have been sealed for ages. She almost thought thousands of years, before reminding herself that the Digital World had existed for less than 70 years, since the first real computer had been invented. But the ruins must have been there since then.

As Gatomon moved deeper and deeper into the depths of the ruins, she heard a clicking noise coming from her feet. She lifted a paw, and realized she had pressed a hidden button. Letting out a rather unladylike curse, she looked around rapidly for any threats, and immediately saw one. Arrows fired out of holes on the side of the wall, aiming straight for her. Reacting with the speed of thought, she fired off a Lightning Claw, shattering the arrows in midflight, just before they would have pierced her.

< Eep… That was both scary and stupid… Of course this place is booby-trapped. Mysterious dark ruins ALWAYS are booby-trapped. It’s like some sort of part of the building protocol for these things,> she thought, annoyed with herself for being so complacent. She sighed, resolving to be more careful…


The young Digimon had been travelling for what seemed like days, but probably was closer to hours. The path beneath the ruins continued to wander on, and she had encountered several more traps, but had either managed to avoid activating them, or evade them as she tripped them. The idea of going back for her friends continued to nag at the back of her mind, but her body seemed to have other ideas, her feet carrying her deeper and deeper. It almost felt like something was calling her…

Gatomon shook her head, chiding herself for such silly and paranoid thoughts. Better to focus on the path ahead than get caught up in fantasies of some being summoning her down to the depths against her will. But as she continued, the fur on the back of her neck raised as she couldn’t help but feel nervous….



The feline had lost all track of time by now. She encountered no more traps, but the path continued deeper and deeper. She vaguely remembered some people on the surface who would be missing her by now, but she kept moving, as miles passed by under her feet. For some reason, she didn’t feel any fatigue, despite having been walking for hours on end. She continued on, trying to remember who she had wanted to talk to and why she wanted to go back, before deciding it didn’t matter in the end…. All that mattered was what was at the end of the path…


By the time Gatomon staggered into a large open chamber at the end of the path, she could barely remember her own name. Her body was moving through a will of its own, since she had no will to supply it with. Her eyes were slightly glazed over as she looked up, realizing she had made it to the end of the tunnel. The girl smiled, feeling a sense of accomplishment. She wanted to look around, but she was so tired and weak from walking, she knew it would take everything she had to make it back to the surface.

She turned to go back, but recoiled as massive purple flames erupted from the ground, blocking her path. She whipped around, feeling a presence behind her. What she saw astounded her.

It was as if shadow had become solid, a massive figure that seemed both ethereal and substantial at the same time. Two blazing red eyes glared out from what Gatomon assumed was its head. She cowered a little, realizing that whatever it was, it had to be at least Ultimate level, and in the condition she was in at the moment, she knew she wouldn’t be able to fight it.

“Hello, my young friend… I am so glad you have come. I see you felt my summons from above and made your way here…”

said the shadow, its voice like thunder rolling over a field of gravel. Gatomon swallowed nervously, deciding her best chance of avoiding deletion was to play along.

“Y-Y-Yes… I did…” she stuttered. The shadow laughed.

“That is good! I have so missed having company all these years… I wonder how the Digital World has changed in my absence… Oh, but I am being rude! What is your name, little one?”

the shadow said, cheerfully. Despite its pleasant words and demeanor, Gatomon sensed an incredible malevolence coming from the creature. She instinctively felt this thing was more evil than even her former master, Myotismon. She swallowed and answered carefully.

“I a-am Gatomon…” she said, frightened for her life. Her thoughts drifted to a fuzzy memory of a person closer to her than any other, a human… But the journey had purged her memory, and the image slipped away from her. Gatomon was truly alone, unable to remember her friends or her family…

“Gatomon… A very cute name for such an adorable creature. I am Belialmon. I am pleased to meet you. And now, little Gatomon, I will accompany you to the surface world. I do wish to see daylight once more. The Digital World will tremble once more at the mere mention of my name…”

said the shadow. Belialmon glared down at Gatomon, sending shivers down her spine.

But Gatomon was a true Digital Warrior. Despite having lost her memories of her friends, she was unwilling to let this creature wreak havoc upon the Digital World. She took a deep breath, and steeled her nerves. Sensing the change in the cat’s demeanor, Belialmon stopped to watch what she was going to do.

“LIGHTNING CLAW!!!” she shouted, unleashing what was probably the most powerful use of that attack she had ever mustered. She lunged at the demon, her claws a blur, the green gloves flashing through the air faster than the eye could keep up with. Unfortunately, it was useless. Her claws passed through Belialmon harmlessly, like trying to grasp a shadow. He laughed malevolently, as she skidded, wheeling around and preparing for her last resort.

“CAT’S EYE HYPNOTISM!!!” Gatomon shouted, her voice echoing throughout the cave. Her eyes glowed as she stared the demon Digimon straight in the eye. She held his gaze, knowing that if she couldn’t control him with this technique, she could at least try to paralyze or confuse him. However, the shadow simply laughed.

“A valiant effort, little kitten. But you cannot cut a shadow. And while that second technique was intriguing, as you can see, it had no effect. But you have caught my curiosity… Perhaps instead of marching out into the Digital World and attacking blindly, I will take a more… subtle approach. Maybe using you as a host will provide adequate amusement…”

said Belialmon, chuckling. He gestured with its equivalent of an arm, and suddenly, Gatomon found herself suspended in the air, her limbs outstretched by tendrils of shadow. The demon lifted her to eye level, and while he had no face, she could feel amusement radiating from him.

“Wh-What do you mean by ‘host?!’” Gatomon stammered, struggling against the tendrils, knowing it was futile. Belialmon chuckled, running the tip of its hand down her chest. The demon was almost 10 times her size, but its touch was surprisingly gentle.

“Quite simple, really. I am going to take over your mind and body. I am a Virus Digimon, after all. I will infuse every megabyte of your code with my own, taking you over completely. Then I will use you to infect your friends on the surface with pieces of my code, making them into my minions. Should be quite a bit of fun, after all these years of solitude,” replied Belialmon. Its eyes suddenly glowed blue, electricity crackling around the edges.

Gatomon let out an immediate gasp as her body was surrounded by the same glow, and every nerve ending in her body gave a jolt of pleasure. She let out a loud moan, feeling the hidden slit between her legs swell and grow damp, becoming visible through her fur. The two pink points of her nipples poked out into the open through the fur of her chest. Her tail thrashed as ecstasy radiated through her body. But then, Belialmon’s eyes stopped glowing, and the pleasure faded. The cat slumped in her bonds, panting heavily. Despite everything, she wanted more of that delicious bliss. She let out an unintelligible meow of desperation, wanting both freedom, and more of the tingling sensation.


You see? This won’t hurt a bit… Your mind was screaming in ecstasy just from that small showing of my power. Yes, little kitten, I can read your thoughts. I was calling you from above; I felt your presence calling to me while you were with your friends. You heeded my call unconsciously, coming down the long path, allowing me into your thoughts, and letting me take your memories. I know all about you, little kitten. You were mine before you even arrived here,” said Belialmon, his fingertip gently caressing her nipple. The cat moaned incoherently, and the demon laughed, its eyes glowing blue once more, making her thrash in pleasure.

“You’re wondering why I am giving you this pleasure? Well, I’m not doing it for your benefit, of course. You see, every Digimon is surrounded by a bioelectrical aura. This aura protects your digital code from being tampered with. Unfortunately for me, it also prevents me from possessing or infecting you. But this aura can become unstable under one of three circumstances. The first is placing a Digimon on the brink of deletion. But you’d obviously be useless to me half-dead. The second is extreme emotional trauma. I had you about as afraid of me as you would get, and your aura remained steady, so that method wouldn’t work. And the final method is to bring the Digimon to orgasm. At the moment of climax, the aura destabilizes for almost thirty seconds, allowing me free access to your code. As you can see, that is the method of choice,” explained the shadow, his power caressing every inch of Gatomon’s body. She moaned, her tail whipping back and forth as she felt her inner muscles spasm, her honey soaking into her fur and running down her thighs. The cat groaned incoherently, her hips bucking. The demon gently brought a tendril up to her cunny, and rubbed at her clitoris. The Digimon let out a yelp, arching her back as a rush of her fluids ran down her thighs.

Within her mind, a battle was being fought. On one side, was her conscience, screaming at her to fight, to not let this creature turn her into a puppet. It roared loudly, ordering her to try and remember the people and Digimon she loved. But its calls were in vain. On the other side, the demonic pleasure was scorching every thought from her head, leaving her nothing but a convulsing, moaning shell of what she used to be. She couldn’t muster the will to resist. The hours of travel through darkness had taken their toll, leaving her not only weak in body, but weak in mind. The voice of her conscience grew quieter and quieter.

The shadow tendril caressing her clitoris slowly moved to rub along the length of her pussy. Then, in one swift movement, it pushed inside the incredibly tight opening, burying itself deep inside her.

Gatomon’s eyes went wide with shock, then rolled up in her head. She let out a mighty yell of purest joy as her orgasm crashed into her hard. Her nectar flowed freely down her thighs, dripping to the floor twenty feet below, as her hips bucked and rolled uncontrollably. Members of her species were notorious for having extremely powerful climaxes, and Gatomon was no exception. Her senses exploded into static as her entire body tingled. The cat’s voice echoed through the room, her shouts rebounding off the stone walls, creating a symphony of ecstasy. Her inner muscles clenched and unclenched, her juices rushing from her in a flood.

Darkness began to encroach upon the corners of her vision, as the most pure, primal pleasure gripped her mind and body. She could feel her consciousness slipping away from her, and try as she might, she couldn’t hold on to it. But as she felt her eyes close, a name came to her mind.

<Kari… Help… me…> she thought, desperately, as she passed out. Her body went limp, and she slumped forward, her orgasm winding down. The demon let out a laugh of triumph, and rushed forward.

Belialmon wrapped itself around the cat like a cocoon, sinking into her slowly. Gatomon, still unconscious, let out a tremendous cry of pain and pleasure, her back arching, as the darkness infused every line of her code. The process lasted maybe thirty seconds, but it seemed to last for an eternity.

In the end, Belialmon vanished within Gatomon, and she lay there, breathing heavily for a while. Her breath slowed, and her heartbeat stopped racing. The cat lay there on the ground, seemingly fast asleep.

Another hour passed before her eyes fluttered open. She sat up, rubbing her temples and groaning. The Digimon stood, and brushed off the dust clinging to her fur, looking around the room. And she laughed…

“Heh heh heh! It worked perfectly!” she said aloud, grinning widely. She looked down at her body, covered in a combination of dust and her own fluids.
“Hrm. I’ll need to clean off before I meet with my host’s friends… This would be hard to explain…” she muttered. She looked around, and saw a large puddle of water where groundwater had seeped through the rock down into the cave. She walked over to it, and set about cleaning her fur, smiling serenely as she did.


Mm. Feels good to be within a body once more. I’m not used to a female form, but it will do in a pinch. I will need to make an… alteration to it. It will be hard to take over female victims without a certain appendage…> thought Belialmon, within her. She looked down at her form, and concentrated, her eyes glowing blue. Within Gatomon’s programming code, alterations began to write themselves. The cat let out a moan, as above her cleft, a bulge began to form, electricity crackling around it as the code was altered. In the end, Gatomon looked down at herself, with a satisfied smile.

Above her vagina, a decidedly male sheath had formed, the slight bulge just barely visible through her fur. She didn’t have testicles, not needing them, after all. The cat’s paw slid up and down the bulge, and she moaned at the new sensation. It responded to her touch, and swelled quickly, pressing against her paw. Within a minute, a pink shaft had emerged and was slowly growing erect in her hand. The penis was humanoid in shape, with a mushroom shaped head, but it also had decidedly feline barbs ringing the glans below the head. It was shaped just like the normal anatomy of the male Gatomon.

The cat nodded, happily, letting go of her shaft, and continuing to clean off her fur. Her penis slowly grew flaccid, retracting into the sheath. By the time she finished cleaning herself, making herself presentable, the sheath was almost invisible to the naked eye. She stepped out of the pool of water, and shook her fur dry. Then, with a twitch of the ear, she began walking up the path, taking the long road back to the surface. As she walked, her mind considered her plans…


Hmm… Who to enslave first… As I’m going through my hosts memories, there are so many choices. Ah! I know who I’ll take first!> Gatomon thought, grinning widely as she climbed the path.


To Be Continued…