Characters: Patamon/Biyomon


Style : Classic/Masterbation/Anal/Oral


Date Written: 03/23/01

BY: Sora Rocks



Biyomon sneered as she watched from behind a tree as Agumon and Palmon fucked each other wildly. "Its not fair" she thought "I wanted to lose my virginity to Agumon.... But that bitch did before me!!!!"


She continued to watch until they climaxed and fell asleep. "That bastard Agumon enjoyed that too" she said under her breath.


"Well I'll show him that I don't need him. I'll lose my virginity without him" she said as she turned and flew up to the path.


She walked for a bit but with everystep of the way she became more and more upset. She always thought that Agumon would choose her over Palmon. "I'm better than that stupid flower girl!!" she wondered why oh why would Agumon have sex with her. "Its not fair!!" she moaned.


10 mintues passed as she continued aimlessly down the beaten path until she met Patamon gliding low to the ground.


"What's the matter Biyomon?" he asked innocently.

Biyomon looked at Patamon. Then she glanced to where his hidden sack would most likely be and got a wicked idea.

"Oh nothing Patamon... What are you doing?" she asked in a seductive voice.

Patamon didn't catch on so he replied "I'm going to see TK now. He said he'd meet me at the flower patch were we said we'd meet every week!"

"Um... Patamon..." Biyomon said. As Patamon turned back to look she tackled him to the ground and pulled his digihood out of its sack.

"What?... Biyomon what are you do...." Patamon began but never finished.


Patamon's reply was cut short when Biyomon began french kissing him. Patamon at first rejected her but soon allowed her to continue.


Biyomon began to jack Patamon off. During the kissing Patamon took his hands and began rubbing Biyomon's tits that were hidden beneath her pink feathers. They did this for a while before Patamon thought it might be fun to go a step further. He made Biyomon get down on her hands and knees in the doggie style position, he had heard from other digimon who had sex before that this was fun. He inserted his hard dick into Biyomon's anal tract. The both groaned with the pleasure. Biyomon's asshole was the perfect size for Patamon's cock which increased the pleasure.


Biyomon with one of her wings began to rub her clit as to increase her pleasure even more. Patamon fucked her ass for a while until he shot some pre-cum up her asshole.


Then he slid underneath Biyomon and began licking her cunt. Biyomon as now softly chanting Patamon's name. "Patamon, oh Patamon, more please more" she cried. Biyomon had an orgasm which sent vaginal secretion all over Patamon's face. He licked it all up before he continued. Then he focused his toungue fully on her clit. The soft sensitive area was now becoming larger and harder. As Patamon's toungue danced over and over the spot Biyomon began to rub her breasts to fully stimulate herself.


She had another orgasm, more powerful than the first which sent more fluid over Patamon's face. This time he ignored it. Her began sucking on her nipples for a couple seconds and then decided he might as well go all the way while he still could because it was his first time and he wanted to try everything. He got up behind Biyomon again who was still in doggie style position, and entered her soft, moist pussy which allowed for very easy entry. Patamon and Biyomon got quite a rythym going before Biyomon hit her climax which completely soaked Patamon's small body in vaginal liquid. Patamon got to his climax a mintue later. The sensation was unbarredable to him and he pulled out so his cum went all over Biyomon's back.


Exhausted after the new experience they both said nothing until five minutes later when Biyomon said "So that's what sex is like, its much funner then I had imagined.

"Yes, its so fun, the pleasure is totally intense" Patamon replied still out of breath.


"I'll see you tomarrow, right Patamon?" Biyomon asked already knowing the answer.

"You bet Biyomon, I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world" he replied.


This concludes my second lemon and i think it was a little better than the first. For my third lemon i will have some of the digidestend losing their virginity. Until then I would still like some more feed back. What was better about this lemon do you think?


Sora Rocks