Characters: TK/Kari (season 2, all my lemons are from season 2)


Style : Classic/Oral/Masterbation


Date Written: 03/24/01 - 03/29/01

BY: Sora Rocks




At about the time Patamon and Biyomon were losing their virginity, TK and Kari were walking to a patch of grass in the digi-world where they would go every now and then for a picnic.


"Were almost there now Kari," TK told her. He was just trying to make conversation but Kari's mind was on something else, something more important to her then a picnic and TK's attempts at a small conversation.


Kari's mind was busy making decisions. "Should I tell TK I want to be more then just friends today, or later. Maybe today, but he seems that he just wants to have our normal picnic." Her mind was constanly wondering if TK had feelings towards her that he also wanted to be more than just friends.


"Oh, thanks TK, i was just thinking, that's all." she replied when she realized TK was staring at her wondering if everything was alright because she didn't answer.


They reached their favorite picnic spot and laid everything out.


"I'm not very hungry right now TK, how about we go for a walk or something," Kari suggested. "Well ok" TK replied.


They walked for a while into the bush admiring the plants when they heard some roar from up ahead.

"Wha...What was that?" asked Kari as she shivered as the roar rumbled the ground.

"I'm not sure Kari, it doesn't sound too happy though." he said, over stateing the obvious.


Then the trees ahead of them broke apart as a mad Snimon sliced them with its sickle-like arms.

TK and Kari ducked instinctivly as the angry bug type digimon fly overhead and looped around for a second pass. They quickly wish Patamon and Gatomon where here to protect them from this evil bug.

"Why is it attacking us TK?" Kari asked as she dived out of the way of the Snimon's second divebomb.

"I'm not sure. Something must be making it upset." he replied as he dodged a third swoop from the Snimon.

"We gotta get out of here Kari, or this thing will get us!" TK yelled to her. She already had this idea and began running through the bush. TK followed a couple feet behind


The Snimon began to give chase, slashing through trees, bushes and everything else in its way.

TK and Kari ran until the got to a river, 10 ft. below them

"We have to jump TK" she said

"But what if we get hurt, we don't know how deep the water is!" he snapped back

"We have no choice, unless you want to talk to him" she replied as she jumped.

"Kari..." he said, but he looked back and saw the Snimon coming right at him. He jumped off after Kari.


They eached splashed down in the cold river and the fast current quickly pulled them down stream. The Snimon gave up the chase as he figuered he should'nt really go out of his way.

TK and Kari struggled to keep their heads above the water as they tried to swim to shore. They made it and they crawled up the riverbank into a grass patch.


"You ok....TK?" Kari asked as she got her breath back.

"Yes. Are you ok?" he asked back as he wrung his hat out.

"Just a little shaken up, that's all." she said.


Then a cool breeze made the grass sway. "I'm getting cold TK." she said. Actually, they were both cold because they were in wet clothes in a cold wind.


TK wasn't quite sure what to do but he remebered his survival class he took at school. When someone was in wet clothes and cold you were supposed to rub the arms and legs to warm up the body. Of course TK had never done this to a girl before. He slowly walked edged his way up close to her and slowly reached for her arm.


"Let me help Kari, I think I can warm you up." he said as he began rubbing her arm to stimulate friction to make warmth.

"Ok, thanks TK." she said as she admired the way his skin felt against her's.


After a couple of minutes of TK rubbing her to get her warm he felt his manhood getting larger. He quickly realized that he was injoying it.

A minute later Kari said she would help warm him up. She had already noticed the bulge in his shorts and had since realized that TK did have some intimate feelings for her.


She began rubbing his legs. She slowly worked her way to the inside of his legs and then quickly to his bulge. She grabbed it.

TK quickly let out a gasp as she wrapped her fingers around his cock.

"Kari....." he began but he became silent as she pulled off her shirt, revealing her bra.


"Come on TK, its itchy, could you take it off for me?" she asked as she pulled down his shorts.

"Ah... Kari... are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.

"Positive, TK. Don't you want me?" she asked as she pulled off his shirt, leaving him only in his underwear.

"Well yes Kari. I've always wanted you but lately I thought you go for Davis" he replied.

"Davis? Don't kid around, he's nice but I want YOU!" she said as she kissed him passionaltly.


TK accepted her into his mouth and they frenched as TK pulled off Kari's bra and felt her small, but growing breasts.

He fumbled with them, rubbing and carassing them, he also sucked on one for a while. Kari pulled off his underwear and began jacking him off. TK meanwhile was busy un-zipping her jeans, revealing her pink panties.

TK began to speak Kari's name softly as he became fully stimulated by Kari's soft hand jacking him off. He tugged off her panites and stuck two fingers up her cunt. He moved them around inside, as if he was testing it to see if it was right.


Then he layed down and began licking her pussy, licking every corner of it, each part of the tasty skin. Kari stopped jacking TK off and they got into the 69 position, each sucking and licking each other's genitals. Kari had and orgasm and sent fluid all over TK's face. It caused him to stop for a second but it began to drip off so he continued. TK began to lick faster and faster, licking her hairless, perfect cunt, darting his toungue over her clit, over and over. She had another orgasm. With Kari mouthing his genitals TK let out a gasp as he had his first orgasm which sprayed white fluid all over the inside of her mouth.


TK then rolled on top of her and shoved his manhood deep int her pussy. It fit in very easy because of the wetness inside. He pumped hard and until he and Kari were in a perfect, synchronized motion, acting as one for maximized sensation. The fucked and they both had another orgasm, sending fluid all over there midsections. Kari began to rub her breast and TK began kissing, her. The motion continued until the both climaxed, at the same time. TK's semen lined Kari's pussy with a thick white coat while Kari's vaginal secretion soaked TK's genital hair and crotch.


They continued fucking until they lost there sexual feelings for the moment. Then the got there clothes back on and continued to search the area to find out where they were.


The whole time they walked TK had his hand on Kari's ass and Kari had one hand on TK's crotch, constantly reminding them of the fun they just had, and could easily have again.


They heard talking in the distance, and decided to go check. It sounded like two familiar voices.




Who are the voices that TK and Kari heard, friend, or foe. And what of the Snimon that attacked them for no reason. Find out on the next lemon!!!


Sora Rocks