Characters: Agumon/Palmon (Happy FF?)


Style : Classic Viginity Losing Story (with some oral and masterbation)


Date Written: 03/22/01

BY: Sora Rocks




The sun began setting in the Digital Word at the same time every day. It seems as if there was no winter or seasons or daylight savings time.


Agumon began walking towards his cave, he could have had a house because he was so well knowen, beating the Dark Masters had gained him quite a bit of respect. He much prefered living by himself though.


Agumon had a problem though, he wanted to tell Palmon about they he thought about her. However he was very nervous and couldn't bring himself to do it. When he got to his cave he went in side and closed the door (a cave with a door, yes that's what i said guys ^_^)


He quickly pulled his manhood from its hidden pouch and began to jack himself off rapidly. He moaned as the pleasure flooded him. He thought about Palmon giving him a blowjob and him cumming in her soft, moist pussy. He cummed quickly and cleaned his hands off to get rid of the sticky, gooey white substance. "Tomarrow, tomarrow i will tell her about my feelings" he thought as he fell asleep.


Bright and early Agumon got up and began jogging down the path to Palmon's Grass hut (couldn't think of anything else, i'm still new at this ^_^). Along the way he heard noise coming from of the path, it was a splashing sound. Agumon walked off the path and saw Palmon bathing it a pond. She wasn't concealing her breats either.


Agumon quickly hid behind a bush to watch her without being noticed. He felt his prick getting hard rapidly and he quickly pulled it out of his hidden sack. "Oh man! She is soooo hot!" he sighed.


Palmon finished her bath and began to swim to the shore line. When she got there she stopped and looked around. Being a plant type digimon she could tell when something was out of place with nature. "Who ever's there show yourself!" she commanded.


Agumon froze and ducked farther behind the bush which was concealing him. "OH NO!! She knows I'm here. OH NO!" he thought. Then an idea came to him. If he walked out maybe she wouldn't think anything of it, just a friend coming to say hi. He moved out from behind the bush and announced his presence as he came foreward to Palmon


Palmon turned and giggled. "Um. Agumon your dick's showing." she said. "OH NO!" Agumon thought. He had forgot to put his manhood back into its sack!! He turned to run off.


"Agumon, please stay... I kinda like you... do you like me?" she asked. Agumon quickly turned. "Did she just say she liked me???!!" he thought. "well i do, kinda." he said as him moved close to her, almost touching her.


"That's good, Agumon, I like you alot!" she said as she got down on her knees and put Agumon's hard prick in her mouth and began sucking it. Agumon moaned in pleasure. It felt very very good to him. He felt he should let Palmon feel some good pleasure to so he bent down too not once making Palmon remove his penis from her mouth. He began to eat her out, licking her warm vagina. She grinned in ectasy (is that how you spell it?). She began to suck faster and faster on Agumon hard dick, wrapping her long tougue around it. Agumon had and orgasm and sent some pre-cum into Palmon's throat. Agumon worked his snout into Palmon's pussy and lick as fast as he could. She hit an orgasm too and sent hot liquid pussy juices into Agumon's face. He greedily licked itoff. Meanwhile Palmon stopped sucking and took Agumon's big hard cock out of her mouth. She sat down on the ground and opened her legs wide. Agumon wasted no time. He rushed forward and rammed his prick as far into Palmon's pussy as it would go. They both groaned as the great feeling radiated through their body's. Agumon wrapped his hands around Palmon's waist and began pumping her as fast as he could as Palmon got into a rythmic motion to increase speed. She shoved her tounge into Agumon's mouth and the began frenching as they fucked. Agumon's climax came first, right after and mighty pump from his hips. His white steaming hot goo flew deep into Palmon's vagina as he groaned at finally reaching his climax. Agumon kept going until Palmon had her climax, which came a couple of humps later. Her strawberry tasting juices dampened Agumon's crotch.


They both sighed and slumped down beside each other, dead tired from the frenzied fucking that the both had just had.


"I really liked that Agumon" Palmon said between deep breaths "It was my first time"

"Mine too" Agumon replied as he hugged Palmon. "We'll have to do it again some time"

"Of course Agumon, of course"

Then the two tired lover's fell into a deep sleep, but before Agumon did he thought "I finally did it, yes I finally did it, and it was fun, I finally lost my virginity with a super hot babe........" and he too fell asleep.



Well how did you guys like it? I really need some feed back about this and be honest please.


Sora Rocks