I'm back bearing gifts! Yes, after an incredibly long absence from the Lemon/Digimon/Hentai communities in general I'm back writing again. Indeed  I did mention something about gifts. Well... you're reading the annoying preamble to the first gift I bring. First off let me thank you for actually taking time to read this instead of jumping straight to the lemon. Secondly, you may all be wondering who the heck I am. I've been away from the whole Digimon Lemon scene for quite some time. There are a bunch of other lemons on Digiartist's Domain (Best site still and I'd have to assume always will be) by me up on my page. Now before you use those to judge my writing style (they're very pathetic in my current opinion); I wrote those quite a few years ago. Looking back I find them to be horrible, lacking a lot of what I'd expect in my own writing and most importantly of all: what I'd want to read in lemon. This lemon here I actually found in my old notebook (yes I actually wrote out my lemons by hand, then typed them up later while making slight changes) and like the others I found it incredibly lacking. However the main plot of the lemon was still decent enough to turn into an acceptable lemon and I didn't want that decent core to go to waste- or the time I had spent earlier writing this uh... fine piece. So now years later I'm back an interested in writing again and I know 100% that I can do a way better job.

By now you're probably thinking "Will you ever stop with this preamble and let me read the lemon?", but trust me reading this will make me more happy =). In addiction to fixing up this old lemon which is part of the "Virgins they are no more" series (Boy, does that name suck). I've also started a new series that I'm quite enjoying planning and writing. I'll submit a few parts at time so you'll have to wait a bit longer to read those, but I hope you guys will like it. I do however like a lot of projects and different lemons to work on in general because for me writing a bunch of different projects at once keeps me interested longer. That being said: I WOULD VERY MUCH APPRECIATE REQUESTS =). You will notice that I primarily write in the Season 1/Season 2 era only because quite frankly, Season 3 never caught my attention. From what I've scraped together I could probably make a good lemon using the well known characters from Season 3, but my comfort zone is 1 and 2. If you have a good plot idea or just want to see some of your favourite characters put together email the request to me at submarimon15@yahoo.com with the topic as "Lemon Request". I will try to do all requests.

Oh boy, that was way more winded and longer that I hoped. I'm sorry, before you hate me, please enjoy lemon 8 in the "Virgins they are no more" *shudder* series.





    A day after the Freedom Day party held at the Kamiya family's apartment and after all the cleaning up that had to be done by Tai mostly (and aided by Agumon who grudgingly agreed to help after a few minutes of Tai's pleading), Kari stepped out of the shower onto the cold floor. She grunted to herself and reminded herself to put out the bathmat next time before she started. She threw down the mat in the same spot where a few of her Digimon companions had engaged in certain acts a day ago while she searched for a towel. She couldn't even find hers which was quite odd to her so she grabbed her mother's towel instead. As she dried between her legs, she felt a familiar sensation work it's way up her body. It hadn't taken too many days in her teenage life before she figured out what this peticular sensation meant. Kari was horny to put it bluntly, but not in the mood to solve the problem by herself. Luckily not long ago she had found someone to help her out in these situations.

    She had always known that TK had cared for her, but the passion and romance they had experienced together the last few days had brought in a new feeling. Love, she was sure of it. TK was clearly quite different than Davis which allowed her to feel more than a simple animal magnetism with the Digidestind of Hope.  As she dried her hair in front of the mirror she smirked at her reflection. "Oh TK will be very lucky today..." she whispered to the mirror.

    After Kari finished drying herself, she proceeded to her room and opened her dresser to fish out some clean clothes. As she pulled out fresh pair of panties she happened to glimpse at the box of condoms she had purchased earlier, definitely not wanting to take the risks of pregnancy anymore at such a young age. She dreamily went off into a fantasy of the bliss to come later on in the day. She put back the panties and pulled out a pink thong instead. She smiled to herself as she pictured TK's likely reaction. Kari had purchased the thong two days earlier with him specifically in mind. She slipped on the undergarment, followed it by her regular pair of tight shorts and then finally a rather snug fitting shirt.

    The Digidestend left her room and made her way towards the half kitchen half living room of her apartment only to stop in the hallway as she heard a noise. A very familiar noise. A very arousing noise. Kari instantly knew the noise was of a pleasured sort seeing as though she made quite a few of those whenever she spent time with TK. She also knew that there was only one person, well in this case Digimon, that could be making it. Gatomon was lying on the couch, eyes closed with a paw between her legs. Kari stood by watching in a mesmorized state as her Digimon massaged her cunt and clitoris in a slow, deliberate motion. "It looks like it's not just me in the mood," Kari thought to herself as she felt the earlier sensation reinforce itself.

    She walked loudly into the room as to alert Gatomon without surprisingy the heck out of her. "Oh KARI!" Gatomon shrieked as she blushed, caught in the act.

    Kari giggled at her Digimon's reaction, "Oh don't worry about it. I'm feeling the mood as well." Kari laughed as she went over to phone and picked up the receiver. Gatomon attempted to sneak out of the room by slinking around the wall quietly while Kari was dialling up TK's number as she was quite interested in avoiding the current situation.

    "So, thinking of Veemon again?" Gatomon froze in her tracks, her tailing sticking straight up in the air.  She turned around to face her Digidestend partner.

    "No, I wasn't thinking of Veemon," the Gatomon said icily. "I don't know why everyone keeps thinking I like that 'mon."

    Kari was taken back slightly with Gatomon's tone having obviously hit a tender nerve. She smiled feebly trying to calm her Digimon down. "Look Gato, it's ok. We're partners- if you're embarrassed just tell me."

    Gatomon turned to face Kari, attempting to stand at her full height of three feet. Despite not having the entire height, she still didn't fail at the intimidation part. Her mood immediately softened looking at Kari's smile. She couldn't really be cross with her best friend. "No it's not that..." she hesitated. "I've never really liked Veemon, ok? He's a nice 'mon and all, but really not the one for me you know? I wish everyone would stop thinking of us as a couple, I don't even know where he got the idea at all that I even liked him."

    Kari laughed at the explanation, "Well if that's all there is too it, you could have just said so. I guess everyone just thought of it that way because you responded kindly to all his attempts at wooing you. Either way- if it's not Veemon, who is it?" she asked mischievously, then jumped slightly as someone started talking on the other end of the phone line. "Oh hi TK.... yes I was calling for you silly...", she spoke into the receiver happily before pausing and covering the transmitter side with her hand and looking back at her Digimon. "Sorry Gato, we'll talk later." she said with a wink, then went back to her phone call.

    Gatomon turned and continued down the hall to Kari's bedroom, which she entered and closed the door behind herself. She sighed sitting down and leaning against the back off the door. "Veemon... everyone thinks about me and Veemon." she muttered to herself. "Would anyone understand?" she thought.  She took a minute to envision him slowly coming to her, caressing her, loving her. "No, I doubt they would understand." It was normal for Digimon to be attracted to other Digimon species of course, but definitely not Digimon to humans.

    The second problem with Gatomon's attraction to a human was the fact that this human was already with someone. Now that probably wouldn't have deterred the Champion level Digimon from accomplishing her task, but it was who that someone was with that made her hesitate. How could she ever hurt her like that by doing what she had dreamed about so many times?

    Her paw fell down passed her stomach to her slit again, as she began to rub again slowly. It didn't take her long to become so engrossed in pleasuring herself that she didn't even hear the doorbell ring.

    Kari on the other hand had just told TK to come over and hadn't even hung up for longer than two minutes. She didn't believe that TK could have gotten to her family's apartment so fast even if they did live in the same district. She opened the door cautiously to reveal a girl slightly taller than her with chestnut brown, short hair that came down just over her ears.

    Sora Takenouchi stood at the door wearing a white, lose and nearly see-through blouse along with a her regular style of faded blue jeans. "Hi Kari, I was just looking for Tai if you've seen him." she said as the younger girl opened the door to allow her in.

    After closing the door behind her, Kari led Sora to the living room after offering her a drink as outside was still experiencing the typical summer heat. "Unfortunately Tai, Matt and Davis all went out to see a soccer game or something. Must have been some big game as Tai's been talking about it all week and even Agumon looked bored." Kari said, settling down on the sofa with a bottle of soda in hand. "I'm surprised he didn't ask you to go with him."

    Sora looked around the familiar living room before resting her eyes on the younger girl who, at the moment, was taking a long drink from the bottle, her eyes closed and hair falling straight back. "Well, I suppose he knows I'm more interested in Tennis than Soccer anyways. Probably just wanted some time with the boys though, without me ruining his fun." The Digidestined of Love replied, then followed with a long sigh. "We don't seem to be getting along well lately anyways."

    "Oh? Well... I suppose I should have noticed that Tai wasn't spending much time out with you lately myself. You don't suppose that... you know, he's found someone else?" Kari asked softly. She hoped that she wasn't going to seem like she was prying, but she did want to know what her brother was up to. Besides, if Sora was here looking for Tai after relationship troubles; what exactly did she have in mind?

    Sora sighed again, then glared straight into Kari's eyes. "Actually I've been suspecting that for quite a while now. It's like he's not even interested in me after all we've done together and been through. I came here to... to..." Sora choked as she became increasingly upset. Kari immediately went to comfort her, embracing the other girl in a tight hug. Sora sobbed for a minute on the younger girl's shoulder before speaking again. "I came here to... to demand to know who else he was seeing. I know there's someone else. I just know it." she burst out before leaning into Kari's hug, burrowing her tear stained face into the younger girl's shoulder once again.

    Not really sure what to do, Kari began to pat Sora's back gently as to comfort her. Whatever Tai's done to her, I'm going to find out. She thought to herself. Kari had already made up her mind that she'd help find out what Tai was doing because there had to be something. Sora was calm and mature most of the time and wouldn't be flipping out like this over just a small suspicion. 

    Tai had hurt her deeply; Sora already knew that she wouldn't be giving him a second chance. This whole meeting she had planned was to tell him off and to get some closure. She knew that she once had feelings for him and now that she had talked to Kari about the situation, it was painfully obvious to her that it would take some time to heal. She felt comforted at the moment though, held firmly in Kari's hug, her back being gently patted and stroked by the younger of the two girls. Sora knew what she was feeling now and knew it wouldn't be right. She knew that it could seriously jeopardize her entire friendship with Kari, and with Mimi gone Kari was the only true friend she had. The dull ache in her legs wouldn't stop however, and before she could talk herself out of it once more, she quickly brought her head and up and planted a quick kiss on Kari's lips. She held the kiss for only a second at most, then pulled away in shock from her actions. "Kari I... I didn't mean that. I'm so sorry." she stammered quickly.

    Kari was taken completely off guard by Sora's quick and fluid motion. The kiss had some as a complete surprise... and yet it had felt proper. She sat dumbfounded as Sora began to utter some sort of explanation. If that was so wrong in my mind... why did I like? she thought to herself. Kari had never even thought of another female in a sexual way before, but being here with Sora, even just consoling her in a time of need made her feel quite warm. She stared back into Sora's eyes and noticed she had scared expression written on her faced.

    "Look Kari I'm reeeeally sorry about that, I don't know what came over me and-" Sora began but was cut off when Kari placed two fingers on her mouth.

    Kari gave Sora a caring smile. "Don't be sorry..." she began as she leaned forward and touched their lips together into another kiss. She broke away after a few tentative seconds and gave Sora a second smile. "Definitely don't be sorry."

    The Digidestined of Love looked deep into her younger friend's eyes, and at her smile. Warming up already after the return kiss, Sora leaned forward again, and took Kari into a deeper kiss, knowing this time Kari was as willing as she was. As the passionate kiss continued, Sora pulled Kari closer into another, more loving embrace. The two girls continued to drink each other in, their mouths hungrily attempting to devour each others lips in fits of ecstasy.

    Only after a minute or so did Sora pull away for a breath of air. She was exhilarated with this experience so far and only wanted more of the same. She plunged back down into Kari's mouth- this time exploring the other girl's own mouth with her tongue, feeling every part of her lover's mouth. Kari's own tongue was busy doing the same inside her own mouth, the two tongues danced over each other warmly as the kiss seemed to play on for an eternity.

    Kari's senses we on to the max. She wanted this, she needed this. This was different from any experience she had shared with TK, and she already knew that the touch and compassion of another woman was something that a boy could never achieve. She continued to explore Sora's mouth, darting her tongue over her friend's numerous times. She felt Sora's hands roaming over her back and sides- caressing and filling her with warmth.

    Sora's hands were exploring Kari's body now. She wanted to explore every inch that was the Digidestined of Light and her best friend. As they continued to tongue each other's mouths, Sora's hands now went up under Kari's rather tight fitting shirt. The sensation of her hand on Kari's bare skin was once again something she desired even more of.  The smoothness and heat radiating from Kari's body forced her own hands to continue moving around them. Forcing herself to pull away from Kari's tasty lips once again, she smiled and the younger girl who was now quite flushed. Her face a cute shade of red, her hair messed up and her heavy breathing. Sora silently indicated Kari's shirt, and got a nod in return. She then swiftly pulled the shirt up over her partner's head and let it drop slowly onto the floor beside the sofa.

    The older girl then immediately went on the offensive again, drawing Kari close once more and then burrowed her lips into into the warm skin around Kari's collarbone, kissing it mercilessly. She let he tongue leave a thin wet trail she licked up to Kari's neck, then kissed her once again slowly. Sora brought her head up again entirely and gave Kari another passion filled kiss on the lips, drinking her in again. Her hands till traced over Kari's soft skin, hampered only by the material of the bra which housed the younger girl's small, but developing breasts.

    Kari let herself fall into Sora's latest kiss, hitting back with her own full force. Her own hands worked behind her back, un-fastening the clips of her bra. Having succeeded, she let it fall to the ground to join her shirt in a pile, fully exposing her upper body to Sora. She kissed Sora once more, then noticed the older girl's head moving lower once again. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt Sora's warm, damp lips move over her right breast. As Sora clasped her lips over the nipple, Kari let out a low moan...

    Meanwhile, Gatoman gave one final shudder as she reached her self-induced climax, leaving a small puddle of vaginal fluids on the floor. She panted heavily while leaning hear head back heavily on the wooden bedroom door. She heard the front door open this time and went to investigate. As she reached the main area she saw TK enter the main living room, "Kari I'm......" but his voice failed him due to what he witnessed. It took Gatomon a few seconds to find what TK was staring at. The site made her stare. Kari and Sora were both half naked being quite intimate on the sofa and niether of them seemed to notice that there were two sets of eyes now fixated upon them.

    Oh geez, TK's going to get mad... Gatomon thought as she stealthily made her way up beside TK and pulled him forcefully away from the scene and into the seclusion of the bedroom. TK still seemed stunned and rightfully so, in Gatomon's mind. He'd just seeing his girlfriend and lover getting quite hot and steamy with another girl. Not even another guy, another girl. That had to be a rude blow to someone. I wonder what he thinks of all this... Gatomon thought. She glanced up at the boy and got her answer staring here quite literally in the face, given her height.

    TK wasn't quite sure what was going on. At first he'd recieved a call from the girl he loved to come over, which to a teenage boy sounds very promising for certain activities. When he arrived, he finds her already engaged in the activity with another girl, then gets pulled out of the room by Kari's digimon partner. Just what exactly is going on, and why is she staring at me like that?

    Gatomon simply stared up in TK's blue eyes while trying to read his mind. This is TK right... this is the one I wanted. Kari has found some else right now... I should be able to do this. But it's forbidden. But who makes it forbidden? She argued with herself for a few more seconds before taking a breath. "TK...."

    ... Sora let out another moan as Kari's hands squeezed her breasts once again. She was topless too now as Kari was paying her back from the pleasure she had given earlier. The younger girls hands groped at her more matured body leaving no place unsearched. Sora had already decided that Kari's hands felt softer than the rest of her body. She melted under Kari's touched and loved it to no end. The soothing feeling it left on her nerves, the heat it left with her hormones... everything about it.  She sat upright now, having been lying on her back while Kari explored and grabbed Kari's hands delicately, delicately feeling them with her fingers. She leaned in for another kiss and found that Kari's lips were just the way she had previously left them. Kari immediately kissed back, then leaned down on her elbows having already guessed what was coming.

    The Digidestined of Light broke away from the kiss slowly, not wanting to give it up. She felt Sora's caring hands slowly trace a finger down her body, starting from the chin down to her waist. She felt the button on her shorts being tugged at softly, then the snug waistline became lose as the shorts lost their hold on her body. In another instant they were gone, leaving a cool sensation as her hot skin met the air in the room. She glanced down her body to see Sora admiring her thong with a smirk. She'd originally bought them as a gift for TK, but right now she only had one person in mind.

    Sora smirked upon seeing the bright pink thong underneath her lover's shorts. Obviously Kari had been planning on entertaining someone else today. TK obviously... it's a shame I had to go and steal her all to myself she thought mischievously. The smirk also came partly from the rather large, wet and fresh stain on the front of the material. Kari's arousal had been as much as she had hoped and she knew that she would have an equally wet stain on her own undergarments, but she wasn't going to swell on that now. Slowly and ceremoniously Sora gently pulled down the last remaining piece of Kari's clothing from her body. Sora took a minute to admire Kari in her complete splendor. From head to toe, Sora loved every piece.

    With her head bowed once more, Sora's lips brushed by the opening to Kari's womanhood and rested on the most sensitive place. She kissed Kari there once and let her lips stay in contact with her chosen target. After getting a moan as another sign of acceptance from her partner, she broke the kiss and let her tongue drag over the fleshy bump. Hearing a second whimper from Kari, she proceeded to pass by again and again, each time getting a noisy response from the one she loved. Sora's tongue now trailed down between the lips of Kari's womanhood and tasted her already wet opening.

    Kari couldn't control her body anymore. The pure pleasure had overwritten every other thought and worry while reducing her to making simple moaning sounds as Sora worked her way passed the folds and entered her. Kari moaned loudly as she could feel the hot tongue inside her, running over her vaginal walls, exploring the last place of her body that she hadn't already shown. As Sora gave a flick of her tongue, Kari gasped and felt the muscles around her womanhood contract slightly. "Oh Sora..." she moaned as her hands gripped the sofa beneath her for added support. She threw back her head and let another more soft moan escape her lips as Sora's tongue continued it's descent.

    Sora smiled as the pace of he tongue quickened. She lapped up the juices that were coming from her lover as she could sense Kari was nearing her climax. It hadn't taken very long, but Sora doubted that TK had accomplished much in the way of foreplay in their previous intimate sessions. As Kari called her name out in pleasure, she could feel her own vaginal fluids dampening her thighs. She increased the pace of her pleasure again slightly as she felt Kari's muscles tighten around her tongue. "Oh SORA!" Kari exclaimed as her climax hit full force. Sora swallowed what she could, then pulled her tongue out of Kari's opening as the orgasm subsided.

    She could feel her body trembling as her orgasm subsided. Kari had experienced orgasms before with TK, but it had been nothing like this. She actually felt a feeling of love in romance in their intimacy which was quite unlike other times. She was jolted out of her memories by Sora who placed her lips against her own again. Not struggling one bit, Kari leaned into the kiss just as hungry as before. She was surprised when she heard the words come out of her mouth after they had broken off the kiss, but she wouldn't regret them. "I love you."

    The Digidestined of Love wasn't expecting them either. Her feelings towards Kari were very heightened, but even hearing those three simple words made her head swim. Without even a pause she kissed Kari on the forehead, pulled back and replied "I love you too, Kari". Sora found that even saying the words when she truly meant them was just as much of an exhilarating rush as hearing them directed towards her. Here she finally had someone that she cared about and that loved her back. They had been good friends already, but now they were more than that. They were intimate lovers and would only continue to grow together.

    Unfortunately Sora knew that the current moment would have to end soon as Kari's parents would likely be back soon. She kissed Kari's forehead again for a while, before pulling away and looking her love in the eyes. "As much as I'd hate to, I'm afraid we'd better stop for now. I imagine your parents will be home soon." she said before kissing those delicious lips she loved so much again. Sora sat up as she saw Kari a disappointed nod and reached down over the edge of the sofa to pick up her shirt. As she did up the buttons she watched Kari's perfect body slipping into her shorts again, covering her most delicate regions.

    Fully clothed the two lovers stood at the door to the Kamiya apartment. "I love you," Kari said again, tilting her head up again for one final goodbye kiss. It last for quite a while before being broken off by the older of the two girls. "I'll see you again soon, really soon." Sora kissed Kari's forehead one last time before leaving.

    Kari smiled as she watched the girl she loved exit down the long stairs to the street below. With a happy step she turned around to head for her bedroom. I wonder if I should tell Gatomon she asked herself as she entered the hallway. Kari stopped for a moment outside the door in thought. I suppose if I'm prying into her love life she should know about mine, Kari decided as she put her hand on the doorknob and opened the door.

The End.... for this chapter


Notes (aka the "Oh geez there's an ending section for you to ramble on too" section):

-As you may have expected by reading this lemon there original was a TK/Gatomon scene originally planned to be in as well. This was removed to keep the mood of Kari/Sora scene constant, with the little exception. If you even care, yes, I may actually write a shorter sub-chapter dealing with the whole Gatomon/TK scene as I do think it's important to this series storyline (yes, storyline now- more on this in the next few notes). Without giving too much away, let's just say it will be more of an angst/depression chapter. This would be the complete opposite of what the Kari/Sora scene was like and I didn't want two major themes in conflict with each other in the same story.

-This lemon was actually changed considerably from the original version I had in mind. One thing I removed that will not be coming back was that Biyomon was actually present. This is obviously no longer the case.

-The series will now follow mainly Kari's view points. This is not to say that she will be the only characters involved in the intimate scenes, but there is a good chance that the storyline will be developed from her position. You'll see what I mean in the chapter anyways if you don't understand.

-To actually make the series worth something I'm going to have to re-write the first few lemons at least. There is next to no storyline in these and I find them a disgrace to my writing style. I'll still leave them up, but I will submit reworked and better pieces for those chapters when I complete them.

To do list and future projects (no particular order at this time):

-Continuing the "VTANM series" Name WILL be changed. This will actually have a storyline that follows what you have just read.

-Rewriting some of the previous lemons for the "VTAMN" series. The first few especially are utterly horrible. These will be written into the storyline of chapter 8 (this chapter) so that it actually flows.

-Getting out the first few chapters for my new series. This series is more like Red Rover's End Game series to give a decent comparison. It deals with a Digimon like storyline and incorporates lemon scenes into that storyline.

-Those requests you are supposed to send me

-The Summer Lemon Contest. This to me screams Mega Lemon and I have a good idea for it already. I doubt my Mega Lemon if in fact it actually comes to be will be as good as Red Rover's or Jodan's, but writing it should be interesting.

I'm glad you actually spent the time reading this lemon and until next time, thank you.