Characters: TK/Kari and Tai/Sora

Style : Classic/Oral/Masterbation/Anal

Date Written: 04/16/01 - 03/17/01
BY: Sora Rocks


As TK walked with his hand on Kari's ass and Kari with her hand over the 
bulge in his shorts they began to here familiar voices. The let go of each 
other's part and began to follow the sound off the path and into the bushes.

They followed and the voices got louder and louder, they also sounded more 
and more familiar.

Evenutally the found a clearing. The peered through the bushes to find Tai 
making a fire pit. Tai was muttering something about his camping trip was 
supposed to be relaxing. Then out of the tent came Sora. She was dressed in 
a really short skirt, and a small, tight T-shirt.

TK couldn't help himself but stare at her. The thing that brought him back 
from his fantasy was a hard pinch from Kari, who was glaring at him.

TK and Kari decided to let Tai and Sora know they were there because after 
all, if Tai and Sora got there, they must know how to get back home, which 
was more than TK or Kari knew.

"Ahhh... How did you guys get here?" Tai asked as he wiped his forehead 
from the sweat which he gained while digging the fire pit.

"We were just in the neighbourhood and decided to drop by" TK joked.

"Well you can join...." Sora began but cut herself off as she saw a white 
blotch on Kari's shorts. "Its looks like..." she thought. "Umm boys could 
you go get some firewood before it gets dark?" she asked.

"Aw... more work.." Tai began, but then have gave up arguing and motioned 
for TK to come with him. "Women" he muttered under his breath.

When the two boys had left Sora and Kari sat down on the ground and began 
to talk about "Girl Stuff". Then Sora asked "How was it?".

"What do you mean?" Kari asked. Sora pointed to the white spot on her 
shorts. "Oh that..... that's ummm.." But there was no point in trying to 
cover up she thought, Sora already knew. "It was great" she said in a soft 

Kari then began to fill in all the details from when she and TK were chased 
by the frantic Snimon to when they lost their virginity. "Wow" Sora 

"You not going to tell Tai are you?" Kari asked, though it was more like a 
plea. She had a good idea of what he'd to, and she doubted that if did do 
what she thought they would never find TK's body anywhere. "Don't worry, I 
wont tell him" Sora replied.

"Were back" Tai announced as he and TK carried in an armload each of dried 

They all sat down and played some games and such until it got dark outside 
and they had all ate dinner. Kari then excused herself and went into the 
tent. After a while Tai opened up a bag of marshmellows to toast over the 
fire he had made. "Someone go get Kari, otherwise she's gonna miss this" he 

TK got up and headed into the tent where he found Kari reading a book which 
she had borrowed from Sora. She didn't noticed him enter because she was 
enjoying the book. He crawled up beside her on the sleeping bag. "Your 
brother asked me to get you, were roasting marshmellows out there and...". 
She looked at him and he looked at her and they both noticed that his cock, 
which was now getting somewhat aroused was gently rubbing the outside of her 
cunt. She smiled and he and he smailed back. Then she moved her arms around 
his neck and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss with him. This time he 
didn't resist at all. They necked for a couple of minutes as TK began to 
gently carass her legs and ass.

Then TK reached under her shirt and rubbed he tits, which were beginning to 
get hard. Kari groaned at this, and she reached into TK's shorts, under his 
underwear, and wrapped her fingers around his hard dick. She rubbed the end, 
stimulating TK to send a small blob of pre-cum into her hands. Then TK 
helped Kari take off her shirt, leaving her bra the only clothing on her 
upper body. TK also quickly pulled off his own shirt. With her free hand, 
Kari began to rub his smooth, hairless chest, then lowered her head to it, 
and began licking it. TK began to un-buckle her bra as Kari's toungue moved 
even lower. When she got to his shorts, she stopped rubbing his manhood and 
pulled them off. TK slithered out of his underwear so that Kari could put 
her mouth around his hardend prick. As she did so, TK un-buckled her pants, 
and slid them half way off with her pink panties. Then he stuck two fingers 
up he cunt. He began rubbing them around her damp pussy, not leaving any 
territory un charted.

"What's taking you two so long..." Tai began as he entered the tent to see 
why TK and Kari had not returned. He stopped suddenly and began 
comprehending the sight which he say. HIS LITTLE SISTER WAS GIVING A BLOWJOB 
and Kari froze and looked up at Tai. TK immediatly understood Tai's stare. 
"I'm gonna kill you TK, kill you and no one is gonna find your body, EVER!"

TK removed his fingers and Kari dropped TK's penis from he mouth. Tai began 
to move towards them but two hands from behind slid into his jeans, under 
his boxers and onto his dick. Tai blushed and quickly turned around. 
"Sora?!" he began. She cut him off with a comment. "Lighten up, Tai, they're 
just kids..". She kissed Tai, and Tai accepted ina hurry. He had always 
wanted Sora, wanted her badly. Sora moved her hands from his crotch and used 
them to take off his pants.

Seeing that everything would be alright, TK and Kari continued their 
pleasure. Kari kicked off the pants that were still halfway up her legs and 
began to jack off TK. He moaned in pleasure and then started sucking on 
Kari's breats.

Tai was still a bit uneasy with Sora taking off his pants but the basic 
male urge broke free. Sora pulled off her shirt, and Tai's boxers. She 
sucked his dick until it became hard as Tai played with her quite large 
breasts. Sora stopped sucking, stood up and pulled off her pants, revealing 
the fact that she wasn't wearing any panties. Tai couldn't help himself, he 
couldn't wait for and more foreplay so he rammed his cock up her pussey and 
Sora squealed with delight. She kissed Tai and got into a rhytym to increase 
the speed of his fucking. Her hands played over his chest, which had some 
chest hair on it. She licked his face like an animal, all while Tai fucked 
her brains out. After a while before, just as Tai was about to hit his 
climax, Sora pulled her pussey away, obvisouly to make this pleasure last 
longer. She got down on the ground and spred her legs open, inviting Tai's 
mouth and toungue in. He licked furiously, giving Sora everything she wanted 
and more. Sora had an orgasm, but Tai licked it up, like a little boy and a 

Across the small tent Kari was bent over in the doggy style position and TK 
fucked her, though he was quite more reserved than Tai was. Then Kari rolled 
over, allowing TK to end up on top of her. He still fucked her, only he was 
doing a lot more. He was also rubbing her breasts, and kissing her. Kari was 
in pleasure heaven. She had one orgasm, then other, then a third. The 
sleeping bag on which the fucked apon was drenched with orgasmic fluids from 
Kari, but niether of the noticed or cared. Kari began to get sleepy, having 
already hit her climax.

The same thing happened to Tai. Having gone on so strong he collapsed while 
giving Sora anal in the doggy still position. He removed his member and 
curled up and went to sleep.

TK realized what was happening... he was so close to his climax. He looked 
and saw that Sora wasn't done either so he went over to her and shoved his 
dick into her wet pussey, still dripping the white cum left by Tai. Sora was 
realeaved that she could finally reach her climax. TK grabbed her shoulders 
and used them to get more force into his rapid pumps. Sora climaxed sparying 
fluid all over TK. Sora was tired, but since TK had helped her reach her 
climax, she would help him. She turned around and pulled his penis into her 
mouth and sucked until he sent rounds of cum down her throat. Then TK 
crawled back over the where Kari slept and cuddled up with her, and Sora did 
the same with Tai.