Characters: Cody/Yolei & Hawkmon

Style : Oral/Classic/anal & Yuri

BY: Sora Rocks
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"What was that?" Yolei asked in a sharp voice.

Cody and Hawkmon were lying on top of each other, covered in each other's 
cum and starting on a second round.

Surprised and scared, Cody let his cock slide out of the female digimon's 
hole. He got off her and just kind stared off into space, his fave beat red.

"Are you crazy?! My parents could have walked in and caught you! And do you 
think you can just have sex whenever you want? Your too young Cody!" Yolei 

"Yolei, shut up" Hawkmon interupted as she sat up. "In the Digital World we 
have sex at any age, and whenever we choose, and its acceptable and feels 
great. You should try it."

"This isn't the Digi world! Here we have rules" Yolei began.

"Well you do what you want, but only after you try it" Hawkmon interupted 

"I'm not really sure how" Yolei confessed.

"Cody and I will demonstrate" she said as she ruffled her wing feathers.

Cody stepped foreward, no longer ashamed. He gently pushed Hawkmon over and 
lifted her legs. He put them around to his sides, as his head fell down, and 
begain licking her tits.

"ooo" Hawkmon moaned.

Yolei watched the two do their foreplay and began to get excitied. Maybe 
Hawkmon was right.

Cody then began to ram his member into Hawkmon's now wet cunt. He pulled 
out and rammed harder and harder, faster and faster in a rapid motion of 
sex. He continued gaining speed.

Hawkmon was amazed how Cody was taking this into his own hands. After much 
pumping Cody pulled out again, right before the female digimon had her 
climax. She wimpered but Cody gently pulled her over. She was about to 
complain but figured he had everything under control.

This time he entered her ass hole. It was a much tighter fit then her cunt, 
which is what they both expected. He fucked her just the same, not even 
thinking about where his cock was. He grabbed her shoulders to get more 
force into his pumps.

Yolei was now getting quite excited. She slid off her pants and stuck her 
hand down he panties. There she rubbed her hand over and over he clit and 
her dampening slit.

Meanwhile Cody still fucked Hawkmon up the ass. Then he pulled out ocne 
again, and moved back into her warm cunt to finish the job he started there.

"OHHH, uh oh.. Oh!" hawkmon moaned as she hit her climax and he muscles 
spasmed.. Cody now picked up the pace again, desperatly trying to hit his 
own climax.

Yolei now slid off her panties, she wanted sex, too and wasn't going to 

Hawkmon saw this as she helped Cody pick up the pace. At last his time came 
and he shot hot cum up her cunt.

Hawkmon asked panting "So now, do you want to try it?"

"Of course!" Yolei replied as Cody layed down on the ground and she 
straddled him. Cody gazed up her cunt. It was far bigger, with a small patch 
of purple pubic hair guarding the opening. And it was all his Cody gleamed.

Cody started his attack. As Yolei stood he rubbed her warm clit vigorously, 
causing her to make all sorts of moan in ecstasy. Somehow it felt much 
better when someone else did it, Yolei thought. he pulled on her legs, which 
made her squat. her pussey right over his face.

Cody was never one to waste anytime, no matter what he was doing. His 
toungue danced expertly over the clit and then off, darting inside and 
outside the opening, sweeping the sides of her cunt. This caused Yolei to 
have an orgasm. But by now Cody was used to the steaming fluids on his face.

Then it was her turn to pleasure him. She layed down the opposite way from 
him, in the 69 position. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and 
began sucking. She swirled her lips around his penis. This was getting to 
Cody, but he never stopped his licking of her. He now took her whole pussey 
into his face, letting the warm openings of her cunt slime his cheeks with 
remaining orgasmic fluid.

Yolei now took his entire cock into his mouth. As she sucked him off, 
Hawkmon began to get a second wind.

Now Cody rolled on top of her and entered, causing her hymen to snap. Yolei 
winced, but allowed him to continue. She was glad her virginity was gone, 
she finall caught up to Kari and Sora.

Next she pulled off her shirt as best she could, revealing her large 
breasts for Cody.

As the both pumped, Cody grabbed the left breast and carrased it softly. He 
gently sucked on, as he had done with hawkmon many times. Hawkmon! he was 
enjoying his intercourse with Yolei so much he had forgotten about the bird 
who started this in the first place!. He pumped and motioned to Hawkmon to 
join in.

Hawkmon lunged into the sex game. She frenched Cody deeply as Cody stuck a 
couple fingers up her small cunt.

Yolei had her climax which drenched Cody's lower section. She crawled out 
from Cody and sat off the the side, tired. Hawkmon now jumped on Cody and 
jacked him off.

"Got anything leftover lover?" she cooed. "For you, anything" he replied.

Hawkmon got on top of him and impaled herself of his cock. She moved up and 
down, in a super fast motion that no human could ever achieve.

Cody cummed, this time sending a flowing stream from his shaft up her. 
Hawkmon too climaxed, and they stopped the intercourse.

Cody was exhausted from all the sex, so he layed on the floor and dozed 

Hawkmon also sat down, tired, but she noticed Yolei once again rubbing 

"Yolei, do you mean to show me that you're still horny?"

Yolei blushed "What does it look like!" she snapped. "And Cody's sleeping." 
she sighed.

"I could help you, after all I'm your digimon" Hawkmon replied.

Yolei was in no position to tell her off, so she laid back, eager to see 
what Hawkmon was going to do.

Hawkmon smiled and rushed between Yolei's legs. With one wing she 
wing-fucked Yolei's cunt and with the other, she did the same to herself.

Yolei moaned has her digimon rubbed her off.

Hawkmon straightend up and rubbed her pelvis against Yolei's, so their clts 
and cunts rubbed each other.

Next Hawkmon began to get an up and down motion going, instead of in an 
out, for obvious reasons.

After about a minute of this, both were sweating. Yolei's stretched her 
hands since she was on her back and wrapped them around Hawkmon, pulling 
their clits and cunts tighther together, thus increasing the feeling.

"Oh Hawkmon! HARDER HARDER!" Yolei screamed. It was a good thing her 
parents had gone out for lunch a few mintues earlier.

Hawkmon used her wings and pulled on Yolie's shoulders, pulling the sexual 
parts as tight as possible. Then she continued the motion. She saw that 
Yolei had her eyes closed, shuddering with every motion.

"OH HAWKMON!" she screamed once again and shot her pussey juice into 
Hawkmon, and all over the floor. Hawkmon smiled and continued, casuing Yolei 
to have a second orgasm.

Then Hawkmon hit her climax, sending the digi-gal's fluids into the mix. 
The motion then began to slow, savoring everyone.

They stopped and Hawkmon fell asleep between Yolei's legs.

THE END (of this chapter in the series, don't miss the next one!)