Characters: Cody/Hawkmon

Style : Classic

BY: Sora Rocks


The afternoon after Tai and Sora lost their virginity, Yolei, Hawkmon, Cody 
and Armadillomon were busy in the real world, working in the backroom of 
Yolei's parents store. Unpacking many big boxes.

"Its great to have you and Armadillomon to come help me and Hawkmon at the 
store today" Yolei told Cody as they lifted a smaller box to the ground.

"Oh, its nothing." Cody replied. "and me and Armadillomon weren't doing 
anything anyway."

They all turned at the sound of a large crash in the main section of the 
store. Yolei went to check.

"Oh no." came the voice of Yolei's mom from the other room.

Yolei came back with the news. "Mom broke the cash registrar, and without 
it, we need to put the monet directly into the bank, so that means I have to 
go." she reported.

"That's ok, me, Cody and Hawkmon can stay here and continue working while 
your gone." Armadillomon stated. "Thanks" Yolei said as she left.

A few minutes later Cody's D3 termial beeped telling him he had an email. 
He pulled out the pocket computer and read his mail.

"Its for you Armadillomon, Your supposed to meet Tentomon in the digiWorld 
about something, sounds urgent," Cody reported.

"Ok thanks Cody, I'll be back as soon as I can" the digimon said as Cody 
opened up a Digital World gate for him

Cody and Hawkmon continued to unpack products. This continued for serveral 
more minutes until Hawkmon broke the silence.

"Do you want to take a break now?" she asked the human.

Cody stopped lifting and stretched his back. "I could use a little break" 
he commented as he took a seat on an empty box. Hawkmon did the same.

Once again the silence attacked. Hawkmon began to think.

"I wonder if I should?" she thought.

She had heard that her digipal Biyomon had lost her virginity with Patamon 
a couple of days ago. And Biyomon had also said sex was one of the most 
pleasureable things to do. Now Hawkmon wanted sex, wanted that magical 
experience with someone.

She began to think of Armadillomon, but he would probably turn her down, 
being an honest digimon.

Then she thought of Veemon, who she wanted badly, and had also always 
thought of as very cute, with a tight butt. That is the digimon she had in 
mind, but now being alone, with Cody, a cute little boy, that would fit her 
perfectly. The perfect size.

She could feel her nipples getting harder, and some wetness up her cunt.

Across the room, Cody also was thinking. When he looked at Hawkmon, his 
body would feel tingly, which no other human or digimon mdae him feel. And 
when that feeling happened, his dick would get a bit bigger. Cody wanted to 
know what these feelings were, but was afraid to ask anyone, even his 
mentor, the one he looked up to, Izzy.

Hawkmon had now decided that she wanted Cody, now, and wasn't gonna take no 
for an answer.

"Cody, do you want to play a game with me?" she asked.

"Well, I guess so," he replied as he stood up.

"Excellent" she thought as she got up and ruffled her feathers.

"What are we going to play?" Cody asked while he wondered what it would be. 
Maybe it would be some sort of Digimon game, that would be knew to him.

"Lets have sex" Hawkmon stated.

"Um, ok... let's play sex" Cody replied, while wondering what it was.

"First we have to get something straight. Its HAVE sex, not play sex. Ok?" 
she asked.

"Ok Hawkmon, lets have sex"

Then Cody stopped. "How do you play.. i mean have sex? I've never done it 
before?" he asked.

"I'll teach you then." she replied, as she hoped that she would "teach" 
right because she was also a virgin.

"The first thing you have to do is find a girl to have sex with" she 

"That's you Hawkmon, your the only one here."

"Excellent choice" she said as she walked over to Cody. "Then, we make out"

"What's that?" Cody asked. His reply was planting her beak on his mouth and 
kissed him deeply. He resisted sharply at first, but quickly stopped. He 
began to feel good with her body against his, with her kissing him like 

Then Cody felt his privates growing more and more, making a bulge in his 
underwear and shorts. Hawkmon felt it too. "enough of this" she though. She 
broke off the embrace.

"Next.. this is where it gets even more fun, Next you use your hands and 
rub all over the girl's body while she does the same to you."

"Ok" he said as he moved his hands over her back and then moved to her 
chest. He slowed down as he felt her breasts beneath her feathers. Hawkmon 
gave an "oooo" in joy as Cody began to grab them beneath her feathery chest 
and massage them.

"You can suck on them too Cody" she moaned. He did so and she let out a 
wimper of pleasure. Cody then decided that he would do everything Hawkmon 
said, because he was feeling good while doing this.

He latched onto one of Hawkmon's tits and sucked hard.

"Ohhhhhh!" Hawkmon groaned as her virgin body flowed with ecstasy. "He's a 
master in the making" she sighed.

After a while of sucking he began to rub her again. Eventually he rubbed 
between her legs, this produced a moan from Hawkmon.

Interested in this spot, he got down on his knees and looked. There he saw 
two fleshy "lips" and a small knob. The small knob looked like one of her 
nipples so he sucked it.

Hawkmon had her first ever orgasm as Cody sucked the sensitive spot. The 
fluid went into Cody's mouth. He wasn't sure where it came from but it was 
some what tasty. He found it was coming form the opening between her legs. 
He wanted more. He stuck his toungue in the opening and licked around. The 
tasty fluid was indeed from there, as the cunt was lined with it.

While Cody was doing this Hawkmon was eyeing the buldge in his pants. It 
was becoming bigger and bigger. She couldn't bare in anymore. She ripped off 
Coduy's shirt just before the young lover made her have another orgasm. The 
she pulled down his pants and underwear together, revealing the prize that 
she wanted badly.

She pounced on him, grabbing his cock and sucking it madly. Cody stopped 
his cunt licking frenzy as the pleasure was unbareable. Hawkmon skillfully 
used her mouth and beak to rub the length of his prick. Her rounded beak 
added to this, with a new sensation, the smooth interior was amazing. She 
sucked him off hard, for a while, then she felt it was ready to go all the 

"oohhhh. Cody! Come in side me!" she said as she pointed to her dripping 
pussy. Cody was panting from her blow job, but her pushed Hawkmon over so he 
could have easier access to her.

Then without waiting for her to say its ok, he went in. His small boy penis 
to her digimon bird pussy made a perfect couple, sliding in nicely together.

They both gave an "OHHH" as their sexual parts joined for the first time.

Cody began to pump her, because he had an instinct to do so. He also 
grabbed her tits, and began kneading them. Hawkmon's mind was only think one 
thing. SEX!

She arched her back to allow Cody more room to work his magic.

Sweat dripping from his forehead, Cody knew something was coming, so he 
fucked Hawkmon harder and harder, answering her pleas of "Fuck me! Fuck me 

At last Cody reached his climax, shooting a small blob of cum into her. He 
didn't stop though, which allowed Hawkmon to get her climax well she said 
"OHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH!" Once again the fluids where everywhere, but they didn't 

"We gotta do that again" Cody said as he fell asleep beside her.

Little did they know that someone was watching them.