Characters: Veemon/Palmon
Written By: Sora Rocks

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Tai's birthday finally arrived on the 3rd of May, two weeks before the event that would change their lives, only they never knew about it yet, which is why the Digidestend and their Digimon were partying in good spirits.

Some might agree that the dark forces lurking around have been becoming more powerful lately, but to the Digidestend, it was all in a days work.

The party games began, and though it seemed to be a party for younger kids, everyone was having a good time laughing as Joe couldn't seem to find the donkey, in which he was to pin the tail. It wasn't enough that Joe was stumbling around the room, but he was going in the completely opposite direction. He tripped over a foot stool, one of the many that littered the Kamiya apartment. Falling down and being helped up by Izzy and TK, he decided to pin the tail, where ever he was.

His hand came down hard on Agumon's foot, who gave a yelp and jumped around clutching the throbing pin wound.

"Well I've had enough of the kids games" Matt commented. "How about something a little more mature?"

Tai sat on his sofa. "And what do you have in mind there?"

Matt went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of soda. "I say we play spin the bottle."

After a course of agreements, they all, humans and digimon alike, sat in a circle. "Alright, who wants to start?" Kari asked. They all laughed. "That's what the bottle is for Kari" Davis replied.

She gave him an annoyed look. "I meant who wanted to spin first, but since you seem eager, you can" she replied as she tossed the bottle to him.

After a while of the game, they combined it with truth or dare. They had many dares and truths revealed. Joe kissing Mimi and his imidiate blush was by far the best thing so far, and finding out Davis's crush on Sora more then made Tai get a little jealous.

Palmon excused herself and went to the washroom. The game continued accordingly. Cody's spin landed on Hawkmon, and was dared by Izzy to kiss her, if only he knew what else they had been doing lately. He caught a smirk from Yolei and proceeded to kiss his mate.

"Anyone up for something a little more interesting?" Ken asked. Everyone agreed. "The game, Strip Poker" Ken nodded drawing a deck of cards. "Hmmmm. Sounds quite fun indeed, but how shall we Digimon play?" Gabumon asked. Since Digimon wear no clothing, it will be hard. "Well I know you guys must cover your body parts up somehow, so you will have to reveal them" Mimi giggled. Agumon and Gomamon blushed. "Err, what happened to Palmon?" Gatomon asked. Everyone became aware that she still wasn't back from the washroom. Veemon jumped up. "I'll go check"

They laughed. "Have you ever seen anyone with such a crush?" they giggled. Agumon was the only one who was pretending to laugh. He didn't like the idea of his female hanging out with Veemon. In fact, he never liked Veemon anyway. Who was he to just take the Digi-Egg of Courage and the powers that came with it. Then the game started, which promised to be fun..... very much fun.

Meanwhile Veemon was standing at the washroom door, wondering what to do. He could have easily knocked or called out, but something was stopping him. He certainly like Palmon, though he was sure no one else knew that. He decided to try the silent approach.

He slowly reached out and silently pushed the door a but open. A faint panting sound was heard from inside, but he couldn't get a good enough angle to look. He went for it and pushed the door all the way open. There was Palmon, leaning on the edge of the bathtub, eyes closed, in a rythem as he vines worked their way in and around her cunt. Orgasmic fluids dripped their way from her cunt, to her legs, to finally a puddle on the floor. Her soft panting was all that was heard as Veemon stood amazed at the sight.

It was soon appearent that Palmon didn't realize anyone was watching her, so Veemon began to slowly approach her. Suddenly Palmon began to speak, softly and slowly. "Oh Agumon... Agumon...... how I need you.... Agumon"

"Oh... she wants Agumon huh" Veemon thought, dismayed. "But since Agumon isn't here right now...." He walked up to Palmon, and knelt. He knew it was going to get him into trouble, but he couldn't help himself. Here he was with the digi-girl of his dreams masterbating infront of him. Slowly and castiously, he moves his head closer and closer to her slit. When he was within range, he streched out his tongue, and brushed Palmon's vines away, then began to eat her out.

"Agumon!" Palmon exclaimed as she opened her eyes. However it wasn't who she expected. "Veemon!" she said and lurched back from the blue digimon. "How dare you!"

Veemon froze. What now. Why did he take such a stupid move in the first place. Now everyone will know, no one will like him, he'll be outcasted from the Digidestend.

"I...I.... I don't know" Veemon stammered. Palmon glared at him. "How dare you keep me waiting like that!" she continued. "Did she just say what i think she did?!?!?" he thought rapidly. "I heard you when you first came in. What took you so long?" she asked in a cooing voice. "I.... I...." Veemon started again, still in disbelief.

Palmon's vines snaked out from her hands and wrapped around Veemon, then pulled him in until their bodies were touching each other. "But what about Agumon?" Veemon asked, not knowing why he tried to put doubt in her mind. "Oh I love him.... But you.... you turn me on more..." Palmon said as her tongue began to patrol the side of his face, then went in where they kissed.

Though Palmon's explanition was going to anger him, he let it slide. "Even if she doesn't love me, maybe I can be her love toy or something" Veemon reveled at the thought. As the kiss continued, Veemon's hands slid down Palmon's back. He stopped on her ass, which he squeezed twice, to insure that she was his, at least for the time being. Veemon kneeled again, and continued his meal of Palmon's sex. As Veemon's tongue explored its new found territory of her cunt, Palmon herslef began to rub her tits, to increase her stimulation. Veemon's hands worked their way back up to her chest, were they took over the job Palmon was doing herself.

An orgasm later, Palmon decided to return the favor. Veemon layed down on his back, to allow Palmon full access of his body. She took his blue cock into her mouth and began to tickle the edge of it with her tongue. Veemon sighed in ecstasy, longing for this forever. After a few more passes with her tongue, Palmon took the entire shaft into her mouth, sucking it like a popsicle, or some other frozen treat. "Oh Palmon! That feels soo good... I can't hold it!" Veemon said as he began to cum into her mouth, filling it up with his white fluid. Palmon swallowed most of it, but had to spit some out, due to the vast amount Veemon has released.

"And that... is just the start" Palmon informed. As Veemon continued to lie on the ground, Palmon got on top of him, and with a slow eased motion, came down on his cock, which slid in nicely. The both moaned at this, and Palmon started a pumping motion in which Veemon soon matched, forming a perfect pattern of pumps and thrusts. Veemon, not content in just fucking Palmon, once again clutched her breasts, and began to massage them. He pulled Palmon down as far as he could without disrupting the rythem of their fucking. He began to suck Palmon's tits like a newborn craving milk. He tugged on the nipples with his gums to give Palmon more feeling. He breats soon became hard, and more sensitive. Veemon once again ran his hands over them. In conjunction with the fucking, Palmon had another orgasm. Drenching Veemon's waist in more fluids from their interaction.

The instinctiveness of the male being on top overided Veemon, so he stopped the fuck to get on top, which made no difference to Palmon. Now in control, Veemon started the pumping again, and with the higher vantage point, could deliver more force per fuck then before. This pleased Palmon more, which made them both happy as to the current situation. Veemon was in a frenzy right now, so close to his climax. He needed only a couple more thrusts which he delivered with his strongest blows remaining. He smiled happily as he filled Palmon with his genetic seed.

Palmon came not to long afterwards, shooting fluids all around both their crotches. As the both slowed down the fuck, the embraced in a long kiss before beginning their clean up of the Kamiya washroom.

When they both returned to the party, they found the game of strip poker was over, and some of the Digidestend were leaving. Agumon gave Veemon an icy stare as he and Davis thanked Tai and Kari, then left.

To Be Continued: Will Agumon allow Veemon to Steal Palmon???? Find out by reading the future lemons.