Characters: Veemon/Kari
Written By: Sora Rocks


The fireball came so suddenly that the Army didn't have time to react. The smoldering remains of the Japenese tank colum that was barricading the north side of the city was reduced to a heap of junk in one swift blow.

The swift draconic creature flew over head, not noticing the destruction it caused. Spreading its arms once more it let fly with another fury of missiles, into a tall office building. The sparkle of explosions cracked the structure along the center, causing it to collapse underneath the barrage.

"Dark Side Attack!" Another pair of missile came from the flying serpent, causing more reckage in some other buildings, throwing many people's lives to his vicious attacks. The flames grew as the constant stream of missiles pounding the remains, catching humans and everything else in their path.

The southern side of the city was doing no better. Under seige by strange robotic creautes and their laser attacks. The infantry stationed there fell back under the ruthless assualt. Nothing could be done. The commanders baffled by the strange creatures destroying the city. What were they looking for? Why were they here? How did they get here? Where the hell did they come from?

"Twin Beam!" Another laser blast came out of the metallic creatures, blowing up more soldiers and bunkers.

"Fall back! Fortify the main city!"
"Help me!.... They're advancing too fast....... AHHHH"

Soldiers we're falling left and right, nothing could stop these beings.

The dark shadow standing atop the cliff overlooking the city underattack belonged to the evil digimon that started the relentless assualt. He had to find them, destroy them... punish them for what they had did 5 years ago... they would all pay. He of all digimon! The Dark Masters would not be made fools off.... they would get revenge... revenge on those damn Digidestend!

Deep in the heart of the city, Tai jumped to the phone. The city was being destroyed by evil Digimon! He and the others couldn't just lay down and let their home be taken over. "Izzy! Get over here right away! We got to help these innocent people!" Tai slammed the reciever back into is place. He quickly dialed another number. "Matt! I need you and Gabumon over here, and hurry! What's that.... DAEMON'S BACK! How is that possible Matt!...... Well i dont know! Just get TK and get over here!" Tai angerly smashed the reciever into place once more.

Kari walked into the living room where Tai was franticly calling all the other Digidestend. "Tai calm down." she said patiently. Though she knew this was no time to calm down.

"Kari! Get ready! We have to go out there and defend these people from whoever!" Tai yelled!

Kari knew her brother was right, this was a time to panic. They had to stop this... this... slaughter!

The door bell rang and Tai rushed to answer it. Davis and Yolei rushed in, panting. Hawkmon and Veemon puffed and wheezed in on their wake. "Tai! We have to do something! People are dying! And i bet these digimon want us!" Davis yelled.

Kari stepped up beside him. "Davis, we know, but we have to wait until everyone gets here......."

A dark evil voice replied. "Excellent commander. Let me know when you've found them"

Joe and Gomamon rounded the final block to Tai's apartment in a frenzied pace. "Gomamon! Did we lose them?!?!" Joe asked. Being chased through the city by evil digimon, ALONE did not suit him well. "Joe.... I.. I think so. We only have another block until we meet the others."

Then the wall of a building exploded into smoke and debris. Out rolled a squad of Tankmon, heavily armed digi-goons with TONS of firepower. "And where do you think your going Digidestend?" one bellowed. "Tankmon, ready aim fire!" "HYPER CANNON!" shoots came from all the Tankmon heading for the lone digidestend.

The explosion rocked the pavement behind Joe and Gomamon. "Gomamon! Digivolve!" Joe said, suddenly calm, though filled with rage.

"GOMAMON DIGIVOLVE TOO..... IKKAKUMON!" "Harpoon Torpedo!" The lock on torpedo's slammed into the Tankmon, sending one out of commission. The others kept coming.... kept firing....

Kari looked down from the apartment balcony to see the Tankmon attack Joe and Gomamon.. err, Ikkakumon now. Though he digivolved, they were outmatched, and badly. "We have to go help!" she yelled to the others. Tai appeared behind her, then the others did as well as they ran down the stairs to help their fellow digidestend.

Yolei stopped halfway down. She turned to her digimon partner. "Hawkmon! You have to go ahead and help! Digi-Armor Energize!" Hawkmon began to digivolve. "Hawkmon, armor-digivolve too..... Halsemon!". Then Halsemon took off the give Joe and Ikkakumon some quicker help.

Izzy ran full speed around the bend, nearly slamming into Matt and TK, who were headed towards Izzy's apartment, to get him first. "Am I ever glad to see you two" Izzy said in a rush. "I'm being followed.... BY THEM!" he informed. The aerial pusuit of Vilemon swooped in lower, to engage the trio of digidestend. "Nightmare Shocker!" a single beam of electricity shot foreward. "Hand Of Faith!" Angemon's counter attack stopped the Vilemon's dead.

TK turned around in surprise. "Angemon! Good to see you again!" Angemon flew into the combat... not knowing how many enemies were there.

"Harpoon Torpedo!" Another wave of defensive attacks stopped another Tankmon attack dead. Then the reinforcments came. The Mekanorimon appeared behind the Digidestend and Digimon of Realibility. "Twin Beam!"

Joe turned around just in time as the flash evaporated his body.
Ikkakumon turned a second later, exposing his back to the Tankmon. "Hyper Cannon" The explosion which killed Ikkakumon, was much larger then the one that killed his Digidestend partner.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!" was yelled in unision by the watching digidestend, as one of their own died in combat. They never believed this could happen.... well how could it! Just how the hell could it!.

"Halsemon! GET AWAY!" Halsemon dodged in reflex, dodging the Snimon's Twin Sickle attack. She flew over a building, straight into the awaiting arms of Daemon. Daemon's evil eyes glew as he started his attack....

Megadramon was doing an effective job of leveling the city around the northern end, but he was about to have company... company in the form of Garudamon and Lillymon. "Wing Blade!" The firey attack flew in at him, but he dodged aside. His support would come soon, and would wipe these annoying pests away. Megadramon always loved seeing his boss in combat.....

"Metal Wolf Claw!" Metalgarurumon's attack sent more evil digimon to hell. He flew by for another pass, when he realized something was wrong... the Vilemon were retreating! Then out of the corner of his eye he saw two huge cannon blasts of energy heading towards Matt and TK! He couldn't reach them... he watched in silence as the were engulfed in the collapse of a building."GIGA CANNON!" Another wave of shots flew below Metalgarurumon, then a pained voice. "Tentomon! NOOOOOO!"

"Chaos Flame!" Those small words by Daemon, and Halsemon was no more. Yolei ran out onto the street, screaming at Daemon. He turned to laugh, the fired a second shot, taking out Yolei with ease.

"Tai... I'm scared, we've never like.... LOST anyone before!" Kari began to shake.

"Kari... we'll get them, dont worry. Agumon! Warp digivolve!"

Wargreymon flew up to Daemon, and began to duke it out, mega style. "Davis! We have to help!" Veemon reminded him. "But Veemon.... you see what's happening!" Davis replied, but it was too late, his digimon had run off to help Wargreymon.

"Gatomon! Digivolve!" Kari shouted. Now with Wargreymon, Veemon and Angewomon in the fight, something might be done.

"Terra Force!" The ball of firey energy soaked into Daemon, and expelled, through his back, cutting him in half, ending that terror.

Mimi and Sora were in trouble... the Mekanorimon.... firing and firing.... they were surronded, as where Ken, Cody, Stingmon and Digmon.

Then all hell broke loose.... DarkMachinedramon appeared.... it would soon be all over for the digidestend. He let fly with SupremeGigaCannon after SupremeGigaCannon, blowing away Garudamon, Lillymon and any other challengers.

Tai and Kari ran, determinded to find other Digidestend, running down Sycamore street, towards Izzy's apartment, the were stopped, stopped by Doom itselft. DarkMachinedramon, with no patience, opened fire. Wargreymon got hit first, taken down with a gaping hole in his chest. He fell to the ground, and lay un moving. Tai, pissed by this, attemped a suicide run, to save his downed digimon. The second blast from DarkMachinedramon made Tai and Wargreymon a burnt spot on the road.

"Kari! Run! Find Davis now!" Angewomon warned... Kari hesitated, then ran at full speed. Knowing she had to save this world.... but how... She and Davis would think of something. She pulled her D3 terminal out of her pocket and looked for other signals. KEN! Ken was still aliv..... His dot just winked out of existence. Davis.... Davis was gone to! Just like TK, Matt, Izzy, Mimi, EVERYONE!

She bounded a corner and ran into Veemon! At least someone was still alive... They ducked into a building for a rest, while the world around them became a pit of death.

As Kari began to cry, Veemon moved closer to her. "Kari, what's wrong?" She pushed him away. "WHAT'S WRONG! THE CITY IS GONE! GONE! JUST LIKE OUR FRIENDS, PARENTS, EVERYTHING!" Veemon moved closer again. "I'm sorry Kari, i was just trying to cheer you up....." Veemon sat down. "Really?" Kari asked.... "How sweet." Veemon wondered what was going on, this didn't sound like the Kari he had just been yelled at for. "Um... Kari... what should we do?" Veemon asked after a while.

Kari was slow in replying.... "We could... have fun" Kari reached over and stroked Veemon's legs... "Lots of fun". Veemon shuddered under Kari's soft touch. Instantly Veemon knew what was happening. Kari had lost her mind. With all the death and destruction and loss of their friends, Kari's mind had gone into a sort of shock. Knowing that their demise would come soon, as DarkMachinedramon would hunt them down for life, Veemon decided that he didn't care what happened, and just make Kari happy while their life lasted, insane or not.

Veemon stood up, and moved slowly toward Kari, then when he knew she was accepting his suggestion, he kissed her, slowly, then followed through with a romantic kiss that lasted around a minute. Kari stroked between Veemon's legs, coaxing his cock to leave its hidden pouch. She rubbed it slowly, feeling the warmth of the blue organ in her grasp.

Veemon began to pull off her shirt, revealing a tight bra against her newly budding breasts. Playing his hands delicatly over Kari's bra strap, he undid it, letting it fall around her waist. He gazed at her tits, then rolled his hands over them softly. Kari ooo'd once as his touch stimulated her.

As Kari began to hand jack Veemon's cock, he slowly undid her belt, sending it and her shorts around her ankles, leaving her pink panties the only convering for her pussy. Kari's mouth the leaped onto Veemon's hard prick and began to suck, faster and faster. Veemon moaned as the female stimulated him in pleasure.

Kari's mouth and tongue nicely slipped around Veemon's cock, covering it with her oral fluids. Veemon began to lose control to hormonal urges and started humping Kari's mouth. She gagged at this at first, then worked with him, sucking him in motion.

Veemon was about to cum when he himself pulled out of Kari's mouth. She looked up and him and he quickly explained he had to save himself to really pleasure her. Kari then sat back and let Veemon pull off her panties with his teeth, ripping them away.

Kari's hairless cunt stood bare and waiting for him. His eyes one the prize, he bent down and give a testing lick over her clit. She jerked a bit after that, this being the first time she had been lick in her privates. As Veemon ventured further into her cunt, she squeeled once in pleasure, then began to get into a series of soft moans and ooos. He continued his pleasuring for a while longer, but then his urge to mate overcame his foreplay aspect.

Kari spread her legs as wide as she could to allow Veemon the room he needed. Veemon layed himself overtop of her, licked her breasts once, which were now hard and then frenched her. His prick poised directly infront of her swollen, awaiting pussy. She broke off the kiss and nodded. Veemon rammed his first pump in with full speed and force.

Kari arched backwards as his rapid fucks pushed her back farhter and farther, filling her with ecstasy. His breakneck speed wasn't slowing down. Slick, natural lubricant now lined the cunt walls, adding to the speed, some of it trickling out after an exceptionally hard pump. In short time Kari had her first orgasm caused by actual mating and not by masterbation. Her legs buckled and she sprayed cum out of her pussy, covering Veemon's waist and the rest of his prick.

Determined not to stop for anything, Veemon increased his speed, using the extra fluid to build it up quicker. Nearing his orgasm he slowed down, to savor the period of time. Then he cummed, and cummed lots. He filled Kari's young cunt with his hot seed, having it spill out in sheer volume. He never stopped there, making sure Kari hit her final orgasm was his goal so with his remaining strentgh, he rammed in extra times, barely causing Kari to have her climax.

They slowed the pace down and stopped. They rested with Veemon lying on top of Kari, dick in her cunt. A voice caused Kari to quickly put on her clothes. The voice was familiar. TK!

Kari seemed to have snapped back into the world hearing that voice. The voice of the human she actually cared for. Veemon knew that she would probably regret her choices today, if of course, she even knew what had come over her. But news that another Digidestined was alive brought some joy to the dismal situation.

TK was calling for Kari... and sounded desperate. Kari and Veemon ran outside to find him, and a battered looking Magnaangemon looking for them. "TK! I though you were... well you know....." Kari began.

He looked at her and laughed. "I was about to be a goner... then Magnaangemon saved me. But now... we have to stop DarkMachinedramon!"

They found DarkMachinedramon destroying a few buildings, but what was amazing was the Angewomon.... was battered but alive.

"Veemon Golden-Armor Energize to..... MAGNAMON!"
"Magnaangemon...... Angewomon.... DNA DIGIVOLVE TOO.... GODDRAMON!"

TK and Kari stared out in surprise, then TK shrugged... "Who knew?"
Magnamon charged DarkMachinedramon drawing his attention, "Gate Of Destiny."

The gate opened up and began to suck in the evil. However, one evil was too strong to be destroyed by the move. DarkMachinedramon simply cackled mechanically and brought up his metallic arm, causing the gate to break apart almost as quickly as it had appeared. "It seems, MagnaAngemon, that your attack that caused Piedmon's demise will not claim another Dark Master today." However, during the exchange, DarkMachinedramon had forgotten to pay attention to the true threat to his evil.

"GOLDEN PROSPERITY!" a golden light shone bright over the city.... the scores of Tankmon and Mekanorimon broke down and disppeared in bursts of data.... the broken concrete under their feet became a stunning grass meadow.... and DarkMachinedramon.... well, he was in trouble. Half his body had already dissolved into a steam of data that was shooting into a Golden Energy Orb that had appeared high above in the sky. "Just remember Digidestined... The Dark Masters are never defeated..."

And then, the battle was over. Though the city lay in ruins, millions had died, the grass had turned back into concrete and the digidestined were destroyed, TK and Kari smiled, at each other, and Kari gave him a wink... maybe getting new digidestend wouldn't be so hard after all...