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Tai woke up with a headache that was almost unbearable. He decided to explore his surroundings, he paced up and down, patrolling the same spots, and slowly, a vague memory sprang to his mind……


- - Not So Long Ago - -


Tai, minus the headache, was heading home from school, to Izzy’s house. He sat down and waited in the subway for the train to Izzy’s house. When Izzy asked to meet Tai, he explained that all over the world, all the digi-portals to the digital world were closed. No one knew how to get back there to see their old friends. Tai stepped into the train, and realized that there was no one inside the train. There was no driver, strange Tai thought. Before he could get out the train started moving, then Tai noticed what it was – a Trailmon! And then light appeared, too bright for Tai, and he was knocked out cold, by something unknown.


- - Back to Present - -


As Tai began his new adventure he shuffled around his pocket to find his digivice, which he always carried around, with his crest which he wore around his neck. Tai was going to look for Agumon, and didn’t care what would try to stop him. Tai did his most important duty so far; he put on his brand new goggles. As if on cue, the desert land immediately changed into a jungle forest and suddenly a huge roar appeared from out of nowhere.


Tai began to run, as a giant Allomon chased after him.

“Great, I love these welcomes the digital world gives me.” Tai said, as he ran from the Allomon. It got closer, and closer until finally…… A giant red dinosaur ridden by another boy with goggles blasted away the Allomon.

“Good work Growlmon!” the boy said. “You okay down there?” The boy said as his digimon devolved. Tai approached the boy and his digimon. The boy wore yellow and blue goggles, had a blue shirt, and was surprisingly shorter than Tai had first thought.

“Yeah, thanks to you. Good battling skills there kid!” Tai said. Tai held out a hand, “hi, I’m Tai.” Immediately the kid’s expression changed.

“You’re Tai? The legendary digidestined? The one Gennai talks about?”

“You know Gennai? Legendary digidestined, hah, funny guy like Gennai to come up with that stuff.”

“Yeah I know him. Tai, the legendary digidestined, the first digidestined ever and the most powerful.” This made Tai laugh even more.

“Yeah, I was the first. Kid, I’m flattered,” Tai said, holding out his hand, his head getting even bigger “what’s you’re name?”

“Uh me? I’m Takato! This is my digimon Guilmon!” The boy said nervously. Guilmon lifted his hand and said a happy, “Hi! Do you have food, I’m hungry.”

“You have a strong digimon there Takato…Listen, Takato, there is a Koromon village nearby, I know the digimon that live there, don’t worry Guilmon, there’s lots of food there!” The three of them set of, on a journey that wouldn’t take so long.


The Koromon village hadn’t changed much and waiting in the Koromon village, as Tai suspected, was Agumon. The reunion was tearful…well almost.

“Hey Agumon, haven’t seen you in ages!” Tai punched Agumon on the arm playfully.

“You too, Tai!” Agumon said, punching Tai back playfully. Tai punched back, and Agumon did the same. As it kept on going, punches got harder, until it got so much out of hand that Guilmon and Takato had to try and split it up. Agumon and Tai recomposed themselves, and looked as if nothing had happened.

Agumon, how did I get here?” Tai asked Agumon.

“You mean you don’t know?” Agumon said, disbelievingly.

“Well yes…..and no. I remember the trailmon, then I remember getting knocked out.

“Well, the digiworld is in war. Digimon have split to sides, and I’m here protecting this village. Digidestined all over have been brought to join their partners on the sides, and you are with me, on the good side.”

“Well? Let’s go bust some baddies!” Tai thought aloud.

“Ha Tai! We would but it’s a bit risky, also your not the first digidestined to come here, there are three more, Davis is here! And another boy and another girl.” Agumon said. The second goggle boy came out with Veemon to greet Tai. Another boy, about the age of Takato, came out, named Takuya. They all instantly became friends, due to their similarities. The four goggle boys were all together.

“What happened to the girl? Wait you aren’t a girl are you Takuya?” Tai asked. As they all sat cross-legged, in a group.

“I’m not a girl! You’re talking about Zoe?” Takuya retorted. “She, doesn’t like to be disturbed. She’s a bit moody, due to…”

“Puberty? Trust me Takuya, we all went through it.” Tai flashed him a smile.

 “So where’s the extra girl?” Takato asked.

“No idea, last time I saw her she chucked a psycho at me!” Davis said.

“Why was that?” Tai asked.

Davis was desperate!” Takato laughed out.

“Zoe is not psycho! And if I was her, I would kick your ass as well!” Takuya said, he turned to Takato and answered his question, “Zoe’s in her bedroom.”

“Wait a minute.” Tai said, looking at Takuya’s expression. “You like her don’t you?”

“No I don’t!” Takuya said, while the others laughed.

“Don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with it.” Tai said reassuringly. “I’m gonna go say hi to her, anyone wanna come?” Tai asked.

“You’re going to your own hell Tai,” Davis said, and to Tai’s surprise Takato and Takuya nodded in agreement.

“Well, whatever guys, cya. And Agumon, since you obviously don’t want to go, you can stay here.” Tai said, getting up and leaving. From all he heard about this “Zoe” Tai envisioned here as a grouchy old hag, but he got a different surprise when he opened the door to her hut in the village. That was a shoe.

Davis! Get out! I told you to go awa.. Oh! Sorry, you’re not Davis are you?” Zoe said apologetically, as Tai dodged the shoe. Zoe observed this older boy, he was pretty cute, Zoe thought. Tai couldn’t see her properly, since he was rubbing his eyes.

“Hey, I just arrived here, and just thought I’d say hi.” Tai said, turning to leave before another shoe hit him.

“Sorry about the shoe. You know, saying hi is the nicest thing anyone’s done for me today!” Zoe said, and Tai thanked God that she was happy. Tai looked up, and didn’t know why he didn’t see this before. She was a beautiful! Her long blonde hair and tight clothing caught Tai’s eye.

“Thank you for being nice!” Zoe walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek. Tai was instantly attracted to this girl. It wasn’t lust, Tai was on a quest for a love, and she might be it.


It took a few days at the village for Tai and Zoe to admit their feelings, and Zoe was the first to make the move.

“You know Tai,” She said. “You are cute. And you are the only nice guy here.” Tai was wondering what he should do with this girl.

“Well, I could say the same thing about you.” Tai replied. Zoe giggled. She held his hand, and they both walked together, towards another hut.

“Where are we going?” Tai asked.

“I’m going to take a shower! You on the other hand…” Zoe said. Zoe liked him a lot; she was leading him on, and trying to see what type of guy he was. Without knowing, Zoe had led Tai to the bathroom with her.


Once Zoe realized, she didn’t care. She was walking with Tai, a cute guy, who she wouldn’t mind dating. They both fell onto each other, into n empty bathtub.

“Tai…” Zoe said.

“Yes?” Tai asked.

“Why are we in a bath with our clothes on?” Zoe asked. Tai got her straight away. Both removed their clothes and engaged in one passionate kiss.


When it started or when it ended didn’t really matter, they were just two lovers, expressing their feelings. Tai moved his hands around, like he did with Sora and was doing what he could to make this a better experience for Zoe. One hand moved to her developing breasts and his other move to her almost bald pussy, pinching and rubbing with each of his hands, Tai was trying his best to please Zoe. Zoe’s was clenched up, as if enjoying it so much it was unbearable. It may have been Zoe’s first time, but it was not Tai’s. Tai enjoyed Zoe’s moans every time he pinched her nipple, or rubbed her pussy.


Tai lifted his head and started to kiss her neck, then he continued down, biting her nipples, then licking her breast and finally finding her pussy. She locked his head in a deathlock, and finally Tai started licking to her pleasure, to his gain. Tai seemed to notice the more she was being pleasured the tighter her leg grip was.
"Oh Tai you're so good at it!" Zoe moaned, gyrating her hips to the rhythm of his tongue.

“Oh my goodness!” Zoe gasped, and finally she orgasmed. Tai swallowed the rush of her juice, “How does it taste?” Zoe asked seductively.

“Wanna see?” Tai said, rising up to kiss her again. She slipped in her tongue, and both their tongues explored each others mouth, enjoying every moment. Tai had a new idea. This time he stood up, and it was a while till Zoe understood what Tai wanted, and she was happy to repay her debt. She started sucking, guessing what to do next. She started slow, and started building up pace as Tai started moving his hips, and slamming his cock into the back of her mouth. Her tongue was sliding around his manhood and deep throating it every few times until Tai, finally climaxed all over her face. Tai smiled down to Zoe, who was looking up at him, with his growing, but still large, cock in her mouth. Zoe took it out, and smiled too, she let Tai taste himself, as they let off again into another flurry of kisses. She licked the rest of Tai’s cum off her face as she withdrew and decided she wanted more pleasuring, but didn't want her virginity to be taken, she told Tai this, who was excited at taking being with a virgin. He started on her breasts again, her enjoying every minute of it. She opened up the gap between her breasts and said,
"In here," Tai did it, this new position was interesting. As soon as he put his cock in it she clasped her breasts together and Tai started pumping. He continued on and on. Till finally, they made eye contact, and their eyes told more than words. He kissed her all over her body, releasing moans of pleasure from her. Tai turned her over and lay on her back. Zoe knew what to do and let Tai opened up her cheeks. He entered his cock into her anal hole and she cried in pain,
"First time? Don't worry." Tai said to try to calm her. He pumped her tight ass, while massaging her breasts at the same time. He kept on going and going and finally stopped when she cumed all over his leg. Tai pulled out and layed her on her back on the ground. He kneeled over her, staring at her entrance hole, and finally, started pumping in her pussy. Immediately her cherry popped. She released moans of pain, but filled with lots of pleasure. Zoe couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying it and it ended when they finally, together, came.

“Tai?” Zoe said.

“Yeah Zoe?” Tai replied.

“I love you.”

“I uh, love you too Zoe.”

The two lovers were tired, and just laid with each other, naked, in the tub, talking about all the fun times they’ll have together.


As soon as they came out of the room, with their clothes on, with Tai’s arm around Zoe, the three other goggle heads were shocked to see these two together. Their moment of joy was cut short, when they heard a cry from the jungle ahead of them.