First Taste


This writing by Shimmer contains adult situation involving the television show Digimon. Do not proceed if you are under eighteen, or if this material is illegal in your jurisdiction.


I am dedicating this lemon to a most wonderful person, Bobby Aka. Blackgatomon. He was the inspiration for this lemon. Also a big thanks goes out to Red Rover, without him I never would have started to write lemons. Oh and Paladine deserves a big thanks too just because she’s so darned cool


Also this story belongs to Shimmer 2003©




            It was a lovely day in the Digital world; the sun was shining brightly on the small village on one of the small outlying islands. This is where our story starts, a tale of intrigue, betrayal, lust, sex, and most of all servitude. These are the adventures of Shimmer, a young tamer thrust deep into the world of data for no apparent reason. Her purpose appears only to be a secondary character in the great web of life. She had lived in the village for only a short while but she was soon to be destined for great things. We begin our story as this young girl was laying in the sun on a nearby hill. Her cares were being blown away by the soft summer wind. She was lightly napping as she had already finished her chores for the day; her eyes closed in a state of blissful lassitude.




            “These girls are so foolish, leaving themselves vulnerable where anyone can grab them. It’s almost as if they want to be raped or kidnapped. Ah well, My harem could use another slave and this one is purrrrfectly delicious.”


            The small shadowy shape padded silently through the tall grass, her prey blissfully unawares of her approach. As she drew closer she could smell the sweat covering her body from the warm sun, the slow breathing of the girl’s chest as it went up and down. The small furry digimon had almost reached Shimmer when she suddenly rolled over in her sleep. BGato froze in her tracks, her sleek black body standing out in the tall brown grass. Cursing herself inwardly she silently prayed that the girl wouldn’t wake up. After waiting for a few moments she was sure that she was safe, she silently crept close to her.


            Shimmer murmured in her sleep, her dreams filled with heroic battle and conquests as her and floramon saved the digital world from yet another evil villain like her digidestined heroes. The soft grass tickled her nose as she slowly opened her eyes. They soon opened wide in horror as the Blackgatomon stood right over her. She knew little of the different Gatomon subspecies but she knew that the black types were inherently evil and sadistic. She had been warned from birth that if she ever saw one she should run away immediately but the position of this Blackgatomon left little ways for her to escape. She had straddled the young girls hips, her paws on either side of her head. Bgato stared deep into the girls eyes as she licked her lips slowly.


            “Hello my new pet, I hoped you enjoyed your freedom today as it’s the last day you will ever be free.” BGato slowly ran a claw down the frightened girls cheek not trying to cause her pain but showing her that she has the capacity to cause it should the need arrive. Shimmer tried to speak but as soon as she opened her mouth BGato backhanded her. “You will only speak when spoken to, is that clear?”


            The young girl closed her eyes as she started crying, the backhand had turned her cheek red and it started to sting. The pain she could handle but the fact that this BGato was most certainly going to enslave her sent shivers of free down her spine. She was startled back into reality by another slap across the face. She opened her eyes as BGato glared down at her.


            “I asked you a question slut. Now answer me or next time I won’t be so gentle” Shimmer continued to cry as she hoped her friend floramon would come save her from this apathetic Bgato but sadly this was not to be as Floramon was visiting with a friend that day.


            “I understand…” She was surprised by yet another slap upon her cheek, causing the stinging pain to only intensify as her right cheek turned a bright crimson red.


“I understand what? I’m sure even a slut like you can figure it out”


            “I understand m’am” Closing her eyes tightly she tensed herself for another slap that never came. Opening them again she sees BGato staring at her with a slight smile on her face.


            “That will do for now slut, now your first duty as my slut will be to eat me out. I warn you if you even think about hurting me, I will make you wish you had never been born.”


            Shimmer nodded weakly as BGato maneuvered herself so she was squatting over Shimmer’s face, lowering herself down she almost smothers the other girl with her furry pussy. Shimmer closes her eyes as she slowly starts to lick along the slit that is in front of her, her time living in a village completely filled with females had taught her how to pleasure a female body. BGato shivered softly as the pleasure started to emanate from her moist sex, the thought of torturing this girl had aroused her greatly. Shimmer slowly worked her tongue past the folds of gato’s cunt, tasting the evil digimon’s juices for the first time. She was intoxicated by the musky scent of her tormentor’s sex, she pushed her head deeper into the other girls pussy as she moaned softly and slowly caressed shimmer’s head running her fingers through her hair.


            Ooooooooh god, you’ve done this before haven’t you slut?” Shimmer doesn’t reply as she starts to slowly nibble on Gatomon’s clit, the cat digimon’s cries getting louder. BGato’s juices start to flow freely onto her face, while she eagerly laps them up. BGato could feel herself nearing orgasm as this talented girl works her magic on her apparent rapist. Shimmer can feel herself getting wet through her own panties as she is turned on by BGato’s beautiful pink flower. She starts to attack the pussies pussy vigorously with her tongue. Working it deep into her and licking all over the inner pink walls of her vagina. She uses her nose to rub against BGato’s clit as the cat digimon starts to thrust her hips into her face. Her tail running along the length of shimmers body, from the tips of her small dainty feet up her smooth shaven legs, passing over her blue knee length skirt held up by several buttons. BGato’s whole body goes tense as she finally cums loudly, her moans can surely be heard miles away. BGato’s cum almost floods onto Shimmer’s face where she eagerly laps it up. Shimmer licks up all she can enjoying the creamy taste of this feline digimon. BGato reluctantly climbs off of shimmer before she leans down and slowly cleans off her face. Shimmer surprises BGato by leaning forward and kissing her on the lips, working her tongue into BGato’s mouth. The cat quickly breaks off the kiss and almost backhands Shimmer but stops it a few centimeters from her face.


            “Mmmm, I’ll let you off the hook this time girl but only because you were so good” BGato slowly licks her lips getting the last few drops of cum. “Now come on, we’re going home”


            “What if I don’t want to go with you? Ever think of that?” Shimmer glares up at the Digimon with a look of defiance. BGato laughs softly and quickly places a claw at the girl’s throat.


            “It’s quite simple, if you don’t come with me… I’ll be forced to kill you. Is that enough incentive for you?” Shimmer gulps and then nods. “Excellent, now on your feet we have some walking to do” BGato started walking through the grass slowly, her tail swaying lazily behind her as Shimmer quickly stands and follows her new owner…



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