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Chapter One

Enter the shadow


            Gatomon sat quietly on the window seat in Kari’s room as she watched the rain outside. It had been raining for nearly three days now and Gatomon was bored. Kari sat at her computer furiously typing, and Tai and Agumon were at Matt’s house helping him pack up his band equipment so it could be shipped to his new house on the other side of Tokyo. With a deep sigh Gatomon jumped down from her perch and made her way over to Kari.

            “What are you typing Kari?” she asked leaning against the computer’s monitor.

            “Nothing,” Kari replied, “It’s just a letter to the Disney Company complaining about the lack of new gargoyle episodes.”

            “Sounds…ummm…boring,” Gatomon said yawning, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the show gargoyles.”

            Kari pointed to a stack of videotapes lying next to her VCR, “I have every episode on tape. Feel free to watch them.”

            Gatomon shrugged and popped one of the tapes into the VCR. She watched the show for a while but it quickly got boring.

            “Hey Kari?” she asked, “Can we go see Davis and Veemon?”

            “Sure,” Kari replied, “I’m getting a kink in my neck anyway.”

            The two girls pulled on their rain gear and made their way over to Davis’s house. Kari knocked on the door while Gatomon went around to Davis’s window. When Davis finally answered the door he was dressed in nothing but his boxers. When he saw Kari he slammed the door shut and ran to his room. Quickly pulling on his pants and a shirt he returned to the door and let in a blushing Kari.

            “Kittens?” Kari asked raising one eyebrow.

            Lets never speak of them again,” Davis said, “So what can I do you for?” (Boy did that come out wrong).

            “Nothing,” Kari replied, “Gatomon just wanted to come over so I brought her.’

            “Well where is she?” Davis asked.

            “She went around to you bedroom window,” Kari explained.

            “WHAT!!!” Davis yelled. The two kids ran into Davis’s room and saw Veemon fast asleep on the bed. Outside the window Gatomon stood soaked, her fur matted to her skin and a pissed off look on her face.

            Davis quickly opened the window and Gatomon jumped in and shook herself dry. When she was finished she looked up at Davis with a smile, “Kittens?” she asked.

            Davisblushed a deep red and put his head in his hand. Both Kari and Gatomon giggled at his embarrassment. Suddenly Veemon stirred and opened one eye wearily. Seeing Gatomon he snapped open both his eyes and jumped from the bed banging his head on the ceiling in the process.

            “Hi Gatomon,” he said rubbing his head.

            “Hi hard head,” she replied with a smile. (Another sentence that just doesn’t sound right).

            “Seen any good TV lately?” he asked trying to hold onto his pride.

            “Not really,” she replied, “Just some old gargoyle episodes Kari had on tape.”

            “Oh yeah I’ve seen that show,” Veemon said with a smile “Its pretty good. You want to watch it on Davis’s new computer? He just got that TV hookup.”

            “Sure,” Gatomon replied “I’ve got nothing better to do.”

            As the show started Kari and Davis began to talk about their experiences in the digital world and what might happen next. Suddenly Kari’s digivice began to beep and flash. She pulled it from her belt and looked down at the small screen. Without warning Davis’s computer screen changed from showing gargoyles to the all to familiar vortex to the digital world. But something was different this time.

            They were pulled into the vortex and reappeared on the roof of a skyscraper. Looking around they could tell they weren’t in Japan anymore. Nor were they in the digital world. Suddenly Davis noticed a highly recognizable statue on the horizon.

            “Look,” Davis yelled, “That’s the statue of liberty! We must be in New York City.”

            “How did we get here?” Kari asked.

            “A better question is who are you and what are you doing here?” came a female voice from behind them.

            Turning around the two teenage digidestined saw a tall creature standing behind them. She had bright red hair and she wore a loose loincloth that barely covered her. She had two large wings and a long tail. Her skin was a pale blue, but the most noticeable thing was the large laser rifle she had leveled at them.

            “Who are you?” Davis asked shrinking away from the laser rifle.

            “She’s Demona,” Kari said dumbfounded “She’s a gargoyle.”

            “Very intelligent human, now can you guess how long you have to live?” Demona asked aiming her laser.

            “Longer than you Demona if you don’t drop that gun,” Came another voice.

            All five of them turned to see a tall muscular figure standing nearby. He was covered from head to toe in black leather and he held a long leather whip. (Note: his leather and whip are not sex toys so don’t get your hopes up).

            “And who are you?” Demona asked pointing her laser at the newcomer.

            “Just call me Shadowmon,” the figure said.

            “SHADOWMON!!!” the four digidestined shouted, “YOU’RE A DIGIMON????”

            “This is getting to strange for me,’ Demona said spreading her wings and taking flight “I’ll take care of you later,” she said flying off.

            “That was to strange for me,” Davis and Veemon said together.

            “Greetings digidestined,” Shadowmon said stepping into the light. Gatomon nearly passed out when she saw him. He was the digimon version of a man super model but with some intelligence and two scimitars strapped to his back. His leather melted off of him to reveal his black and silver armor and night black skin, “I imagine you have several questions,” he said.

            “You would be correct,” Kari replied also taken back by how handsome he was.

            “Well let me give you the short version. I am Shadowmon, master of darkness and protector of all things good.”

            “Wait,” Davis said, “You’re the master of darkness and goodness?”

            “Dark does not mean evil,” Shadowmon explained “Anyway, I brought you four here because there is an evil here that will soon destroy both the real world and the digital world. The reason the digital world has not yet heard of this evil is because it is hiding here,” he waved his arm to encompass the cityscape, “In the gargoyle TV show.”

            “That,” Kari said “Is an impossible story. But I’ve been through stranger. Okay we’ll help, what can we do?”

            Shadowmon smiled “Good, Davis, Veemon, and Kari, you three should go to the clock tower and see if the other gargoyles can help us. Their speed and strength would come in handy in the conflict ahead. Gatomon and I shall keep a look out here for any sign of the evil.”

            “Yes sir,” Kari, Davis and Veemon saluted and left the roof by way of the fire escape.

            “So what does this evil look like?” Gatomon asked looking out over the city.

            “The truth is Gatomon,” Shadowmon said “I have no idea what it looks like, but I do know that it wont show itself until it is ready to attack, and that could be days.”

            “Then why do we have to keep watch?” Gatomon asked.

            “We don’t,” Shadowmon replied, “You see, I’ve been watching you for years now and I must say I am impressed. The way you managed to escape the powers of evil and became the digimon of light. Funny how you are the very embodiment of light and I am the embodiment of dark. Its like we were made for each other.”

            “What are you saying?” Gatomon asked.

            “I’m trying to say that…I love you Gatomon, and I can’t hide it anymore,’ Shadowmon stated.

            “You…you love me,” Gatomon stuttered surprised.

            “Yes and I…I would like to ask you a question,” he said.

            “What?” she asked.

            “Can I…can I kiss you?” he asked.

            Gatomon was shocked. Since the day she had joined the digidestined the boys had been trying to kiss her or just outright rape her, which Agumon discovered was a bad idea, but none of them had ever asked her if it was okay. And none of them had ever told her that they loved her. Before she could even think about what she was doing she fell into Shadowmon’s arms and kissed him deeply. When they finally broke the kiss he looked deep into her eyes and smiled.

            Shadowmon?” Gatomon asked.

            “Please just call me Shadow,” he said.

            “Shadow? Would you do me a favor?” Gatomon asked.

            “Anything,” he replied.

            “Would you…take me?” she asked.

            He smiled and nodded. He gently laid her down on the ground and removed her gloves. She smiled shyly as he removed his armor and swords laying them off to the side but within easy reach along with his whip. He knelt down and she leaned forward stroking his hidden pouch as he pulled her in for another passionate kiss. As his dark gray member emerged from its hidden pouch Gatomon broke their kiss and bent down. She gently began to rub his ball sack and lick the head of his cock. She was rewarded with a deep moan from Shadowmon. He smiled down at the little cat digimon and reached down between he legs with his massive clawed hand. Being careful not to cut her he began to rub her already damp mound. She purred in pleasure and sank the first two inches of Shadowmon’s ten-inch member into her mouth.

            Shadowmon moaned in pleasure and gently slipped a finger into Gatomon’s slit. She let out a muffled moan around Shadowmon’s cock and her legs collapsed under her. She rolled off of him and spread her legs.

            “Please…please I need you inside me,” she begged.

            “Anything you wish my love,’ Shadowmon said standing over her. Slowly he pushed his member deep into her love canal. She moaned in pain and pleasure as her insides stretched to hold the massive cock. When he was finally in her he pulled halfway out then slammed back in. As he began to hump her he used one hand to massage her small breasts and pinch her nipples.

            “YES SHADOW!” she screamed in pure lust “HARDER, HARDER…PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!!!!”

            “As you wish my love,’” he managed to gasp out increasing his tempo. Soon both of the digimon were gasping and moaning as they neared their climaxes. Then suddenly it happened, Shadowmon shot his load deep into Gatomon triggering her orgasm, which drenched Shadowmon’s cock in her juices.

            Shadowmon rolled off of his lover and looked at her. She was grinning from ear to ear and her tongue was hanging from the side of her mouth.

            “Shadow,” she gasped, “I love you.”

            “And I love you,” he replied, “Will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

            “On one condition,” she said, “We can do this every night.”

            He smiled at her, “As you wish my love.”

            Suddenly the whole building rocked as something smashed into it. Shadowmon quickly put on his armor and swords. Picking up his whip he looked over the side of the building.

            Gatomon,” he said, “Do you remember how I said the evil would reveal itself when it was ready to attack our worlds?”

            “Yes,” she said.

            “Its ready,” he said turning back to her as a massive black dragon like creature rose into the air and flew off toward the statue of liberty.


To be continued………..


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