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Part two of the Dark Walker series.


Chapter Two

The Enemies


            AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” A scream pierced the air.

            “That sounded like Kari,” Drizzt stated, as if by magic his scimitars appeared in his hands and he ran off toward the clearing where he had left Kari after telling her, his heart could not belong to her. The digidestined followed close behind him.

            They burst into the clearing and found two figures along with Kari and Davis. A bald drow elf was holding Kari down and had his dick deep inside her, tears streamed down Kari’s face and she sobbed quietly. The second figure had Davis on his hands and knees and was raping him up the ass. When Drizzt and the digidestined entered the clearing the two figures jumped up and pulled their clothes on.

            “So Drizzt,” the figure who had been fucking Davis said, “We meet again.”

            Artimis Entreri,” Drizzt said through clenched teeth. Artimis was an assassin from Drizzt’s world, he was as skilled with a blade as Drizzt and the two master swordsman were arch enemies, each seeing the other as the other side to themselves.

            “Don’t forget me,” the bald Drow said stepping forward.

            Jarlaxle,” Drizzt said.

            “You bastard I’ll kill you for what you’ve done to Kari!” Davis yelled getting up. Veemon ran to his partner and the two digidestined of courage and friendship rushed Jarlaxle. The bald drow smiled and pulled a long sword from behind his back. As the two digidestined charged Jarlaxle angled his sword and ran the blade straight through Davis’s chest. Davis stopped and stared down at the blade as his life blood poured from him. As darkness overwhelmed him he looked at Kari and whispered, “I’m sorry my love, I failed you,” then he collapsed to the dirt as the spark of life left his eyes.

            DAVIS NO!” Kari screamed. Veemon took one look at Davis’s corps and charged Jarlaxle again. “Veeheadbutt,” he shouted slamming his hard skull into the bald drow. Jarlaxle let out a gasp and stumbled back.

            Veemon,” Drizzt yelled, “You can’t destroy him alone.”

            “That’s right,” Yolie and Ken said together. They both rushed forward with their digimon. As the other digidestined and Drizzt looked on Jarlaxle and Artimis both brought their weapons to bear. In a blinding flash of metal and skill the Yolie and Hawkmon fell to the ground, their lifeblood spilling from a dozen slashes. Ken and Wormon back away to stand by Kari’s side as she stood up and pulled her clothes on.

            “No!!!” Drizzt shouted. He tried to attack but Cody held him back.

            “I shall take can of them,” the little boy said stepping forward. Armadillomon joined him and the two Digidestined bowed to their enemies. The battle began with Cody and Armadillomon spinning a twisting to fast to follow, they managed to land a few good blows before they were cut down like the others.

            HaHaHa,” the two evil men laughed, “Is that the best you can offer?”

            “Prepare for death,” Drizzt said preparing to battle.

            “Another day Drizzt,” Artimis said as the two men vanished before Drizzt’s lavender eyes.

            “Now what do we do?” Kari asked, tears were still rimming her eyes but they shone with an inner fire so akin to Drizzt that he took a step back from her. He looked at the remaining digidestined, Kari, Gatomon, Veemon, Ken, and Wormon all seemed to have inner fires behind their tear rimmed eyes.

            “It seems that when Blackwargreymon shot Kari’s book with his energy he fused our two worlds,” Drizzt said sheathing his scimitars, “If that is true than I know where Artimis and Jarlaxle went. The Underdark.”

            “Well we known where they are but how do we defeat them?” Gatomon asked.

            “I don’t know,” Drizzt said, “It would require great power to face them both at once, I have only beaten them one on one and only to a stand still.”

            “Great power?” Kari mumbled, “Ken’s old fortress may hold something.”

            “Yes of course,” Ken said a smile spreading across his face, “The Talismans of Fate, they grant the holders great power. I found them years ago when I was,” He paused, “When I was the Digimon Emperor.”

            “Perfect,” Gatomon said, “But it will take forever to get there.”

            “No it wont,” Drizzt said pulling an onyx statue of a panther from his belt pouch. (Note: this is not a pokemon onyx it is the stone onyx). “Guenhwyvar,” he beckoned, “come my shadow.”

            A black mist swirled about the statue, when it cleared a large black panther stood beside Drizzt. The cat’s sleek muscles shone under its shining fur. It was truly a spectacle of beauty.

            “Come,” Drizzt said, “Hang on to Guenhwyvar, she will take us through the astral plan to the fortress.” The digidestined turned to their fallen comrades and said their finale good byes before putting one hand on the great cat’s fur. There was a pulling sensation and before they knew it they were standing outside of the crashed remains of Ken’s old fortress. Standing a few feet away was a Renemon (not Rika’s).

            “Who are you?” Renemon asked.

            “We are the digidestined,” Kari said, “And this is Drizzt Do’Urden.”

            “What are you doing way out here?” Renemon asked.

            “That is none of your business,” Veemon said.

            “Wait,” Drizzt called as Renemon turned to leave, “We need a could use another fighter, would you help us?”

            “Help the digidestined? I’d be honored,” she said.

            “Very good,” Drizzt said.

            “Wait,” Ken said, “We need one more. There are eight talismans and there’s only seven of us.”

            “I think I can help,” Renemon said. She brought her hand up to her mouth and gave a sharp whistle. Almost instantly a tiny creature covered in yellow fur appeared before the worriers. She stood only two feet tall and held a small dagger in her hand. The only thing that wasn’t perfect about her body was her right foot was missing its toes.

            The little creature took one look at Drizzt and shrieked, “Notyou, pleasedon’thurtme!” the little creature spoke so fast it took a little while for the others to sort out her words.

            “You!” Drizzt said, “I thought you where dead.”

            “Not dead,” the creature said slowing down its speech, “Just hiding from you,” she cowered behind Renemon.”

            Drizzt how do you know this thing?” Ken asked.

            “It’s a quickling that once worked for some rather unsavory people,” Drizzt explained.

            “No more, no more,” the quickling said, “I good now, no evil.”

            “What’s your name little one?” Kari asked.

            Nia,” the quickling said, “My name Nia.”

            “Well Nia, would you like to help us?” Kari asked.

            “Yes, Nia help biggy people,” Nia said excitedly.

            “Good,” Ken said, “Because if my memory serves me, my bases traps are most likely still working and we’ll need all the help we can get to survive and get those talismans.”

            “And I can’t help but feel that our greatest enemy has yet to show their face,” Drizzt said.


            “How right you are Drizzt,” A lone figure sat in total darkness watching the image of Drizzt and the digidestined walked into the old fortress, “How right you are.”


There it is readers, the second edition to the Dark Walker series. Who is this shadowed enemy and how do they know Drizzt? And what of the talismans, can they be recovered and will they be able to help destroy Artimis and Jarlaxle? Send any comments of questions to Legendfire@hotmail.com.



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