Note to those who care, I do not own digimon nor do I own Drizzt Do’Urden, he belongs to R.A. Salvatore. Also this story is a lemon and contains sexual situations between digimon and humans. This story is rated NC-17 so read it only if you are 18 (Though in reality I couldn’t care less).


Part one of the Dark Walker series.


Chapter One

The beginning of a legend


            The story began in the digital world during the second season. The digidestined and their digimon were walking along a dirt path through a massive forest. Gatomon and Kari were in the lead followed all too closely by Davis and Veemon. Cody and Armadillomon were walking a few paces behind making bets on which one of the two digidestined of courage and friendship would be smacked first, and finally Yolie and Ken brought up the rear with their digimon. Yolie was furiously trying to flirt with Ken, to no avail, and Hawkmon was busy discussing manners with wormon. The group walked slowly since Kari was in the lead and she was busy reading a novel.

            “Kari what are you reading?” Gatomon asked trying to get a good look at the books cover.

            “Its called The Crystal Shard, it’s a novel by my favorite author, R.A. Salvatore,” Kari explained.

            “Really?” Davis asked wondering how much it would cost to change his name, “What’s the book about?” he asked.

            “It about a drow elf called Drizzt Do’Urden and his battle to be accepted in a world that hates his people,” Kari explained.

            “Sounds interesting,” Davis said grabbing the book, “Let me see.”

            “HEY! Davis give that back,” Kari complained trying to retrieve the book.

            The two digidestined struggled for a moment until a massive ball of red black energy shot out of the sky and blasted the book out of Davis’s grasp.

            “What was that!?” Davis shouted as all the digidestined prepared for a battle.

            As they watched in horror Blackwargreymon descended before them.

            “It is time to end our constant struggle digidestined,” the huge black dinosaur said in a deep menacing voice, “I am tired of our battles, it is time to end it once and for all.”

            “You got it tall dark and growling,” Davis said trying to sound brave but only succeeding in sounding stupid.

            “HOLD!” came a shout from where Kari’s novel had fallen. They all turned to see a slender man wearing chain mail armor standing over the remains of Kari’s book. He had ebony skin and pointed ears; his long white hair hung across his lavender eyes and he held two scimitars in his fists. One of the scimitars glowed with a pale blue light and the other gleamed in the sun light.

            “Who are you?” Blackwargreymon asked not really caring.

            “I am Drizzt Do’Urden, former second boy of house Do’Urden. I am a ranger of Mielikki and protector of all things good,” the man replied in a stern yet kind voice.

            “You say you are a protector of all things good, but your skin is as black as mine,” Blackwargreymon said turning to face the drow elf.

            “My skin my be black but my heart beats with pure good. I shall not allow you to harm those children,” Drizzt said. If there was one thing in the world Drizzt hated more than anything else, it was the harming of children.

            “I am afraid you have no choice in the matter,” Blackwargreymon said lifting his hands to crush the slender drow.

            Drizzt was faster on his feet. Spinning to his left he raised his scimitars and attacked with a flurry of blows that came so fast that when he landed behind the dark dinosaur everyone present thought he had missed. They were quickly proven wrong when Blackwargreymon suddenly shattered into a million atoms and vanished. Drizzt sheathed his scimitars and turned to leave.

            “Wait,” Kari cried, “Don’t go. I would love to get to know you.”

            Drizzt stopped and turned back to the digidestined, “you do not fear me?” he asked.

            “Well a little,” Kari admitted, “But you did just defeat one of our greatest enemies so I think you are a friend.”

            “You would be correct,” Drizzt replied walking over to the digidestined, “I would be happy to travel with you if you but answer me one question.”

            “Anything,” Kari said.

            “Where in the realms am I?” Drizzt asked looking around at the strange vegetation and at the digimon.

            “Come on,” Kari said leading the drow worrier down the path, “I’ll explain everything.”

            *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         

            “The tale you have told me is a strange one,” Drizzt said after Kari had finished her hour-long explanation.

            “You don’t seem to mind being in a strange world,” Yolie commented. And it was true, Drizzt hadn’t even flinched when he had found out he was in a different world.

            “My dear Yolie,” Drizzt said, “I was born in the underdark, the land of nameless nightmares, and I spent most of my life in the dark and heatless tunnels beneath the forgotten realms. I have lived in the unforgiving region of Icewind Dale, and I have traveled to very depths of hell and back. I have faced Ogres, trolls, goblins and demons. Being pulled from my home in Mithril Hall and sent to another world is nothing new to me. Though I have never seen anything like the digimon.”

            “Wow,” all the digidestined and digimon exclaimed at the same time.

            “You’ve been through quite a bit,” Cody commented.

            “How old are you?” Ken asked.

            “I lost track of my age when I lived in the tunnels of the underdark, but I am roughly 153 years old,” Drizzt replied.

            “153 YEARS OLD!!!” Davis and Veemon exclaimed, “You’re older that my dad,” Davis continued.

            “I am older than your dad’s dad,’ Drizzt replied smiling, “though my skin is dark I am still an elf, and elves live much longer than humans.”

            Drizzt,” Kari said, “Could I talk to you alone?”

            “Of course,” Drizzt said getting up and following her into a small clear well away from the others.

            Drizzt I must tell you something,” Kari said forcing the words from her mouth, “I …I…”

            “You what?” Drizzt asked taking her by the shoulders and looking into her eyes. She gazed back at him, she looked deep into his lavender orbs and saw within them a kind understanding and a warmth that assured her that he would never be angry at her no matter what she said.

            Drizzt I…love you,” she finally managed to say.

            Drizzt held her for a long time just looking into her eyes. Finally he said, “I’m sorry.”

            “Why?” Kari asked surprised by his answer.

            “I’m sorry that I can not love you the way you love me,” he explained, “You see my heart belongs to Catti-bri, and it always will.”

            “Oh,” Kari whispered looking down at the ground and feeling very foolish.

            “Don’t be sad Kari,” Drizzt whispered, “I do love you but not the way you love me.”

            “I’m sorry I ever said anything,” Kari whispered, “I was foolish to think I could ever be yours.”

            “No you weren’t,” Drizzt replied, he placed his hand under her chin and lifted her face to his. Tears were streaming down her face and her eyes were full of sorrow, “I will always be with you,” he said, “and I will die to protect you,” he gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek and let her go.

            “Thank you,” she whispered sinking to her knees and holding her cheek.

            “I’m sorry,” Drizzt repeated turning away from her and making his way back to the others.

            Kari sat there in the grass for a long time just holding her cheek and crying softly. Before she knew it the sun was setting and stars were beginning to appear. As she looked up at the twinkling points of light she felt a hand rest on her shoulder. Looking up she saw Davis standing over her, a concerned look etched on his face.

            “What’s wrong Kari?” he asked sitting down next to her. She simply collapsed into his arms and began to sob anew. He held her tightly and tried to comfort her.

            Davis,” she whispered his name looking up at his face, “Davis do you love me?” she asked.

            Davis was caught completely off guard he stumbled over his words before finally answering her, “Yes Kari, I have always loved you.”

            “Then kiss me,” she said pulling him toward her and kissing him. He was shocked at first then he fell into the kiss. He opened his mouth and Kari did the same. Passion filled the air and Davis slowly began to massage her back. She let out a low moan and broke the kiss pulling off his flame design jacket and his shirt. She rubbed her hands over his chest as he pulled his gloves off. She took off her own gloves and reached for her shirt but Davis stopped her.

            “Its only fair he whispered, “You got to take off mine.” He slipped her shirt off over her head and began to massage her small breasts. Her nipples grew hard under his gentle touch and soon she was moaning softly and begging him to squeeze harder. Instead Davis pulled her pants down to her ankles and removed her panties from her already wet slit. Grinning he rubbed his hand around her entrance teasing her and making her moan in pleasure. Slowly her pushed two fingers into her slit and began to finger fuck her slowly. She squirmed under his touch trying to make him go faster but her refused until his hard-on was nearly ripping through his pants. Quickly he pulled of his pants and boxers revealing his cock to Kari. He positioned the head of his dick in front of her opening and looked at her for permission.

            “Do it…please,” she begged, and he obliged pushing into her tight cunt until he was all the way in. Then he began to hump he, slowly at first but gaining speed as he went. They both began to moan and sweat as their orgasms neared.

            “OH DAVIS, HARDER, DEEPER, FASTER, GIVE IT TO ME,” Kari shouted.

            “OH GOD KARI! I’M CUMMING,” Davis shouted and he shot his load deep into her pussy triggering her climax, which soaked Davis’s legs.

            They rolled apart and looked at each other.

            “That was great,” Kari panted.

            “God I love you,” Davis replied.

            Suddenly two figures exploded from the bushes nearby surprising the couple. One of the figures was a drow elf. He wore black chain mail and his head was shaved bald. The other figure was a slender human wearing similar armor and carrying a saber and a jeweled dagger.

            “Hello kids,” the drow grinned, “Having fun?”



To be continued………



There it is folks my first good lemon. If you read my other two you should know that they were more experimentation to find out what I like writing best. Anyway please send any comments, suggestions, or criticism to thankyou.