fetishes>>>(contains rape and oral sex)
This lemon takes place in season 2 while the digidestined are destroying black spires


If you are under 18 you shouldn't read this since it does contain sexual scenes and whatnot
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I am doing this for pure fun and because I'm bored and don't make any money so good luck suing me.


Shadowknight proudly presents: In the grip of the digimon emperor. Part 1 of  2


Chapter 1: The beginning.


 The digidestined had decided to split up in hopes of finding and destroying more black spires.  After hours of exploration Davis and Mimi found an abandoned factory and, judging by the amount of guardromon, assumed it contained a black spire.  "Well, we found the place, now what do we do?" said Mimi "I've got an idea..." Mimi and Davis turned to veemon "...what if me and palmon distract the gaurdromon while you two sneak in and see if there even is a black spire." After deciding that the inside of the factory probably wasn't as occupied as the outside the two digidestined decided it would probably be a safe idea.  After digivolving to lillymon and flamedramon the two digimon launched their attack on the gaurdromon while Mimi and Davis snuck into the factory.  After a fierce battle with what seemed like thousands of guardromon lillymon and flamedramon headed toward the factory to check on Davis and Mimi.  When they entered the building the discovered no signs of either digidestined, after taking a few steps in two ultimate digimon appeared suddenly and attacked them, since they were still tired from their fight with the gaurdromon flamedramon was knocked out during the first attacks and it quickly became a 2 on 1 battle.  Lillymon fought back for as long as she could but was two weak to fight for long and was also knocked unconscious.


Chapter 2: Captured!


 Lillymon awoke not knowing where she was, she figured she had been out for a while but couldn't know for how long, as she tried to sit up she realized she was strapped down to a large metal table by metal straps on her wrists, ankles, waist, and neck.  She knew she had been captured and had to escape but no matter how hard she struggled she was unable to break free of her bonds, as she was struggling to escape a door in front of her opened and in walked the digimon emperor (authors note: the DE will be called ken from now on cause im lazy) "Enjoying your stay are we?" he said "what have you done with the others!" lillymon demanded "the annoying one has already been locked in a cell so he'll stay out of my hair, as for the girl..." *a small smile appears on Ken's face* "...let's just say I have plans for her."  "IF YOU LAY ONE FINGERON HER I'LL..." "AS for flamedramon..." he interrupted ".. hehehe why don't you ask him yourself?" lillymon was confused until she saw flamedramon form appear behind ken any sense of relief quickly faded as he walked into the light and she noticed the dark ring on his arm "oh no.." "oh yes.." said ken ".. he was much easier to control than you since he was much weaker but I have a way to weaken you so I can control you as well."  "and what might that be." lillymon glared "hehehe why don't you ask him?" lillymon looked over at flamedramon and realized he was sporting a huge erection she wondered what could have possibly caused his erection when she suddenly realized she was stark naked from head to toe "AHHHHHH" she began to blush furiosly "HAHAHA finally noticed huh?  I guess you were to busy recovering from the beating those two at the factory gave you to notice right away."  "YOU SICK PERVERT, WHEN I GET OUT OF THESE RESTRAINTS..."  "would you please be quiet your giving me a migraine, now then if you'll excuse me I have 'other' matters to attend to hehehe"


Chapter 3: Flamedramon advance.


 As Ken left the room flamedramon advanced on her, lillymon tried to snap him out of the mind control he was under "flamedramon you have to snap out of it I know you can don't let him control you!" but it was no use the control over him was too strong and she knew what was coming next.  Lillymon was scared since she was still a virgin and didn't know what to experience.  She had had a small crush on Veemon's armor form and did find herself sexually attracted to him but she didn't want to be raped by him.  As he walked up to her she got a good look at his cock it was 6 inches long and 3 inches wide "oh god how is THAT ever going to fit in me" she thought her mouth fell open in shock which turned out to be a big mistake as flamedramon took the opportunity to ram his cock all the way to the back of throat she resisted the urge to bite for two reasons one she didn't want to hurt her friend and two he could easily engulf her in flames with a mental thought.  She hated the taste of his cock in her mouth and wanted it out immediately she thrashed her head back and forth trying to dislodge it but didn't realize it was just making flamedramon hornier.  He grabbed her painfully by her hair and forced her to hold still "SUCK IT!" he demanded, lillymon didn't know much but she had heard Mimi talk about oral sex before so she had a basic idea of what to do.  With tears dropping down her face she began to  move as much of his cock in and out of her mouth as she could handle while flamedramon moaned in approval.  She began to move her tongue around in a circular motion attempting to imitate what she had heard Mimi and Sora talk about during one of their conversations when she visited.  Flamedramon began pumping his cock into her mouth which such force she thought he was going to stab her through the back of her head with one final buck he ejaculated into her mouth and so far down her throat she had no choice but to swallow it all, the salty taste almost made her throwup but she managed to swallow it all without barfing.  "Ahhhh that was good now where to next?' Flamdramon said while eyeing her pussy.As flamedramon made his way to her pussy lillymon tried in vain to stop him "Please flamedramon you have to stop davis could be in trouble and I can only imagine what the bastard ken is doing to mimi you have to stop this now." flamedramon payed no attention to her as he was already ocuppied with her sweet pussy as he sniffed it he loved the smell of strawberries and began licking it vigourously "AHHHHHH" the cold feeling of Flamedramons tongue startled her but as he began moving his tongue around and stimulating her clitoris she began to like it inspite of herself she tried to fight it but couldn't help but let out a moan of passion upon hearing this Flamedramon began a faster stimulation of her clitoris she found herself nearing climax she tried to hold it in as long as she could but the feeling was too great and she experienced her first orgasm "HAH..HAH..AHHHHH" Flamedramon swallowed all of the sweet strawberry cum he could then stood up "I knew you'd like it, and now that the foreplay is out of the way.." he eyed her pussy again "..we can move on to the main course."


Chapter 4 Deflowered (no pun intended)


 Lillymon's eye widened in fear and a slight bit of anticipation as flamedramon positioned himself above her and prepared to enter her pussy "Please don't I beg of you flamedramon!" her eyes began tearing up in fear she didn't know how she could possibly take his monster cock into her.  As flamedramon prepared to enter her he said "I've been wanting this for a long time" then he rammed his 6 inch cock into lillymon "AHHHHHHHHHHH" lillymon screamed in pain as she was brutally deflowered (pun intended there) she began to feel slight relief as he pulled out but it was but to a quick stop as he rammed every inch of his cock into her with one quick movement "AHHHHHH" lillymon screamed in more pain as her small pussy was stretched to it's limits "oh god you're tight I love it" lillymon's pain was slowly fading as faint pleasure began to replace the pain as her pussy began to accommodate the intruder in it "ohhhhhhhhhhh" she let out a deep moan as she began to feel the pain subside and be replaced with pleasure flamedramon heard this and began to hump her even  faster "OH GOD YES FUCK ME!" she came almost immediately and began bucking up to meet her intruder.  Flamedramon felt her pussy tighten as her orgasm flowed out of her triggering his own orgasm to shoot off into her womb she felt the warm cum fill up her as he came more and more after he had shot of his last drop he collapsed on her in exhaustion.  As he fell off the table asleep she saw the black ring on his arm shatter as she fell asleep herself after the powerful orgasm she thought to herself "I hope we get to do that again sometime."




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