Guard of Armor part 1




Warning-I don't own any digimon characters in this story only the company that own digimon own then. This story contains rape, harassment, and yaoi.


So if you are under 18 then don't read this. If you get offended by these things then don't read this or if you can't handle these things then don't read this story.








By-Shadow Dragon




Blackwargreymon was a great fighter and he almost as tough as his armor. He travels doing jobs at the same time or just to take a break for the jobs he takes. Everyone looks up to Blackwargreymon and some get inspire by him but some digimon think his evil just by looking at him at first but after they get to know him he's not such a bad guy.




Once he was walking on the road he saw a town. He felt like working today so he went to the town. He saw a job when he first hit the town. The job was to guard a special stone in the middle of the forest. He took it just to get his reward for the job.




"This is going to be easy" Blackwargreymon was sure that this job would be easy. The digimon that gave the job told the time and the place to go. Blackwargreymon got out of that place. While he was waiting for the time to guard the stone he got hungry. "Well I must as well eat something. Can't work in a empty stomach".




So he went out to look for a place where they were giving food. He found one at the end of the town. He got in and it was like a cowboy movie or something like a western movie. He sat and order some water with some fruit. While he was waiting for his food. He hears some one talking about guarding a stone from a forest.




Blackwargreymon got close to the digimon "So are you also guarding a stone in the middle of the forest to?" The digimon introduce himself "I'm Wargreymon and yes I am guarding a stone. Why you ask?" Blackwargreymon answer to sudden "Because I also guarding a stone. Oh look here my food" Blackwargreymon left all nervous.




Blackwargreymon didn't knew he have to have a partner or something helping him to guard the stone. He usually does everything by himself. So he ate the food and drank the water. Right after he left Wargreymon tease him. "Look at the him with the weak body." Blackwargreymon got angry. "What do you say?"




Blackwargreymon wanted a fight or a challenge from someone and now he got one. "Say that to my face" Wargreymon got up and got close to him. He then say the same thing again. Blackwargreymon knew he was just asking for a fight. But he didn't felt like doing that kind of stuff. He just storm out and everyone laugh at him.




It was almost sunset. He began to walk to the place where he was supposed to go. He knew he would see him again. It made him mad just thinking about it. "What was his problem back there?" Blackwargreymon wanted to skip this job because of him. But he has never skipped a job before and not for this ether. So he went to the place were they told him. As he knew he was there waiting for him.




Blackwargreymon felt sick just by looking at him. He has never met someone this annoying before. "So you came" Wargreymon then sat down and the soft grass. "This is going to be a long night don't you think" Blackwargreymon didn't wanted to answer him because of what he did in the bar. "Oh your not sore of what I did in the bar right?" Blackwargreymon didn't answer and sat at the other side of the stone. "I so bored. Can we play something" Blackwargreymon was confuse "What are you talking about? And you sound like a in training digimon" Wargreymon got closer to him and sat next to him.




"I got a great thing to past the time" Wargreymon began rubbing Blackwargreymon legs. "Hey stop that" Blackwargreymon got up. "Just relax. Why do you have to make this job so boring?" Blackwargreymon answer annoy "Because job are not suppose to be fun" Wargreymon stand up hug him. "Why not?. We could past the time if we do something wicked" Blackwargreymon push him to the ground. "Stop it ok. I'm not here to play games you know"




"Why you have to be stubborn?" Wargreymon got up again. Blackwargreymon didn't answer and went to the other side of the stone chamber. Blackwargreymon then sat down. "This is going to be a long night alright" He felt a hand rubbing his back softly. "Ok just stop it" He turn around to shut him up but in surprise Wargremon have given him a kiss in the lips. He then put his hands on Blackwargreymon hands just to pin him down. Blackwargreymon kick him right on the stomach "I say just leave me alone" Blackwargreymon didn't knew that Wargreymon have a plan to get what he want.




"Ok ok how some water. Drink this and I'll leave you alone" Blackwargreymon got suspicion but he'll do anything to get him of his back. He took the water from wargreymon and drank all of it. Wargreymon gave and nasty grin at him. Blackwargreymon was getting dizzy and sleeping. He just then just collapses.




When he woke up. He saw wargreymon in front of him. Wargreymon began to beat him up sense less. Wargreymon then took out his helmet and his. Beat him up even more. Blackwargreymon began to bleed from the nose and mouth. He has a black eye now. Wargreymon began to kiss him again. Blackwargreymon couldn't move at all. Wargreymon then began to take out Blackwargreymon claw, his wing armor, and chest armor.




Wargreymon began to lick all of his body. Blackwargreymon couldn't believe what was happening to him. Wargremon lick his chest, shoulder, and began to work to his face. Blackwargreymon felt the saliva from wargreymon mouth. He then felt wargreymon lick his lip and put his tongue inside of Blackwargreymon mouth. Blackwargreymon felt wargreymon tongue. He like the feeing of it. He then did the same thing.




"Oh so you still are a life" Wargreymon took out his claws. Wargreymon rod was growing and getting harder under his armor loincloth. Wargreymon got close to Blackwargreymon ear. "Are ready for a little fun". Blackwargreymon didn't know what he was talking about in till Wargreymon took out the rest of his armor and his too.




Wargreymon then grab Blackwargreymon legs and lift then up. Then he put his dick up Blackwargreymon softly. Blackwargreymon moan a little and felt a little bit of pain. "You like that don't ya"




Wargreymon was pushing the rest of it inside of Blackwargreymon ass. Then he was pushing in and out. Each time faster and harder than before. Blackwargreymon was feeling a great amount of pleasure and because this was new to him.




Blackwargreymon was actually enjoying it. He was moaning louder than before. But some how he felt dirty by this. "Hey..stop dooooooing" He felt the pain and pleasure of wargreymon dick going up his ass. Wargreymon cum wouldn't take long before it come out. "I co...ming... it..comes" and wargreymon cum came out load after load inside blackwargreymon ass.




"You like that don't ya" Blackwargreymon the tough guy began to cry quietly. Wargreymon began to suck the big rod of blackwargreymon. Blackwargreymon moan so hard the forest even echoed. Wargreymon suck faster enjoying the taste of it. Blackwargreymon wanted to do something but part of him was enjoy it. When blackwargreymon cum came out wargreymon swallow some of it.




It got all over wargreymon face, Blackwargreymon chest and face. Wargreymon got close to him and kiss him again. Wargremon lay on him and fell asleep and so as a tired Blackwargreymon. When Blackwargreymon woke up he saw Wargreymon sleeping on top of him. He wanted to get clean up. He try to get wargreymon off of him without waking him up. He push wargreymon as gentle as possible wargreymon then lay in the tall grass.




Blackwargreymon then went to the nearest river. He then got in and got clean. While he was clean himself he was thinking "Why did he do that? Is because he like me or to get even with me. Why did I enjoy it? I'm not into guys" Blackwargreymon was more confuse than ever about this. "Why can I stop thinking about him? Maybe I like him too. No! It not true" Blackwargreymon finish cleaning up. He walk back to see wargreymon still naked on the ground. He got around to get his armor.




He put all the armor on. I stood there just thinking about this.




To be continued,




This is my first time doing a lemon story. I know you people are laughing at this but I try my best to make interesting like the other author of this site. But I hope you reader enjoy the story.