Fore closure: This is my first lemon of the series “Glad to live another day”.  As you may have guessed, this is a lemon, so if you are not at least 17, please leave. Also I do not own or represent the folks producing the digimon show in any way.


Now lets get started:  It was a hot summer day some time in mid-June in the digital world. The digidestined and their partners were just waking up underneath a big, shady tree. The sky was a luscious shade of blue, and the day couldn’t be any more perfect for adventure.  Tai, being the second to wake up with a wholesome yawn, noticed agumon sitting by the lake nearby.  The water was as clear as a polished magnifying glass as it peered to the lake’s bottom.  Tai walked over and sat with his bud, having a nice chat with the yellow dinosaur-like digimon.  “So what have you been doing since we last met?” asked a curious agumon.  “Same old same old.  You?” said Tai.  Agumon replied “ever since you guys left, veemon, me and the guys have done a little exploring.  We mainly all just tried to keep the peace other than that.” “It’s good to have you back, Tai” About this time, the others began to wake up, and the camp was full of yawns.  “Good morning’” they all said.  While Izzy returned to typing away at his lap-top, agumon, biyomon, veemon, and Davis went to go find food for the group, since what they brought they finished last night.


                        Sometime later they finished the meal and thanked the digimon and Davis for gathering it.  Now full and ready to go, they began to investigate some rumors of a black tower being spotted in the northern mountains, the eastern lagoon and the western plains.  They split up into groups to investigate the disturbances.  Veemon, agumon, Tai and Davis went to the mountains, Izzy, tentomon, Kari and gatomon went to the lagoon and the rest went to the plains.  The ride was peaceful for tai, Davis and their partners.  It was only a short hike as they were on their way there when they stopped last night.  Kari, Izzy, tentomon, gatomon and all the others all had a pleasant ride as well.  (but I will elaborate on their journey later!)


                        Any way, back to Davis and the gang.  They decided they would cover more ground if they digivolved.  “Veemon digivolve to: Exveemon!  Agumon warp-digivolve to: WarGreymon!”  The newly digivolved digimon picked up their partners and began to fly towards their destination.  Half way there, they noticed a rustle in the trees.  They thought nothing of it and kept flying.  Just then, 3 green-colored beams of light flew past them, almost knocking Davis and tai off.  They dived down to where the attack had originated, and saw 3 floramon standing there, ready for battle.  Just then Tai noticed a black coil around each of their arms and Davis noticed their eyes were lowing red.  They warned their digimon partners about the spirals, since they knew the three digimon.  They were the floramon triplets.  WarGreymon and Exveemon nodded and aimed for the spirals on their arms.  “Vee-laser! Terra Force!” yelled Exveemon and WarGreymon, Yelling and firing their attacks at the same time at one of the spirals on each of the digimon’s arms.  Exveemon change target and fired again in unison with WarGreymon.  Vee-Laser! Terra force!” they both yelled again, breaking a second spiral.  They then tried to dodge the last Floramon’s attack as it shouts “Flower cannon!”  The attack grazes Exveemon’s arm, who shouts in pain, didigivolving back to veemon.  This angers WarGreymon, who rushes in and breaks the last spiral with his claw, the Floramon being caught off guard.  Now extremely tired, he too dedigivolves back to agumon.  The tamers run in to check on the digimon, then, noticing they were fine, went and gathered firewood, fruit and some herbs to heal the injured digimon.


                        Veemon is the first to awaken, as he leans up slowly opening his eyes.  Just then, a vicious pain coursed through his arm.  He looked over to see that it was bandaged with some medical supplies by Tai.  While still a little red from his blood, it still felt comfortable.  He looked around to find it was now dark out, and Davis and Tai were asleep by the fire.  He noticed the three Floramon, also bandaged up and sleeping comfortably on a pile of grass.  Agumon was nowhere in site. He wondered where agumon had gone.


                        A few moments later, he heard a rustle in the bushes nearby.  He jumped to his feet, ready to defend his friends when agumon walked out, carrying a hefty load of fruit in his arms.  He saw veemon standing there and smiled.  He was happy veemon was ok. He piled the fruit on a leaf , and ran over to his buddy and gave him a hug.  At first, this surprised veemon a little.  Agumon soon released the hug.  Veemon pulled him back, closer this time, and gave him a kiss.  Agumon passionately kissed him back. Veemon could feel his tounge pushing against his lips, so he opened them, and they French kissed this way for a while.  As their tongues explored each others’ mouth, veemon began to feel something rub up against his leg and lower stomach.  So did agumon.  They broke the kiss and both looked down, seeing each other’s member brushing against their leg.  Agumon looked at veemon for a sign of who would do what next.  Veemon gave him a nod, and agumon kneeled down and began to lick veemon’s cock.  As agumon did this, veemon let out a moan.  Veemon moved his tail up to his mouth and began to suck on it a little.  He then inserted his tail into agumon’s tail hole, spit on his hands, and started to jack him off.  They both began to moan in pleasure, feeling their orgasms growing more and more closer as the pressure began to build in their balls.  This caused Agumon to suck harder and veemon to push and jack faster.  Veemon tried as hard as he could t make this ecstasy last, but failed, blowing his load into agumon’s sucking and waiting mouth.  Feeling the warm sticky fluid enter his mouth, agumon also blew his load on veemon’s hand.  They both collapsed, trying to catch their breath. 


                        After a few moments, veemon turned around on all fours, and rubbed his tail against agumon’s face.  Agumon got up, and slowly inserted his digicock into veemon’s tail hole.  Since it was already lubed from their session a few minutes ago, he was able to go in and out at faster speeds.  Veemon feeling a little left out poked agumon’s back.  Agumon replied “sorry” and began to jack off veemon. “that’s better” veemon said.  They both moaned in equal rhythm and blew their loads again, completely draining them.  After cleaning each other off, they both rolled over onto the grass and quickly fell asleep.