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‘Feline Innocence’ Series


Chapter:  - 1

Curiosity Fucked the Cat

By: Felidire





“It’s finally over...” I heard the door swing shut, as an exasperated Kari flop down onto the couch. “What is it?” I asked, uncurling and stretching out on the kitchen table.

“School,” she smiled. “Finally, we’re finished for the year.” I leapt off of the table and onto the sofa, sitting next to Kari as she kicked her shoes off. “So do you get to spend more time at home?” I furrowed; “Yep,” she giggled in reply. About two minutes later, Tai came through the door. “Hey Kari, hey Gatomon.” he sighed, dropping his schoolbag next to Kari’s by the door, and trotting off into his room. Their parents had to travel interstate, and had left Tai in charge for the time being. “Hey, Kari..” Tai called, “What is it Tai?” she called back.
”I need you to run down to the store for me” His head popping out from around the corner. Kari let out a weary sough, “o..k...” she stood up, “You want to come?”

“Uh.. I think I’ll stick around here.” I rolled over on to my back, “Suit yourself,” Kari smiled; and with that said, left the apartment.


“Mmm,” I curled up on the couch, my ears perked up as I heard a peculiar noise, sounded like it was coming from Tai’s room.. I overlooked it, but shortly after I heard it again “What’s he doing in there?” I thought; sliding down the sofa, I headed over towards Tai’s room.

I stood in the threshold, gazing up onto the bed; Tai was lying there without a shirt, groaning and rubbing his genitals.. I wandered in his room and crouched behind his bed. Peering around the side of the bed, Tai got up and began taking off his jeans and boxers, but stopped half way and then looked at me.

We exchanged glances for a few seconds, but I was overcome by feelings of embarrassment and confusion; without further hesitation, I ran out of the room on all-fours, hiding behind the sofa.

Tai ran out after me, pulling his pants up as he came to a stop in the living room; he looked behind the couch and found me curled up, my face buried in my paws. I felt him scoop me up in his arms and carry me around the couch; sitting down, he placed me on his lap. “Gatomon... I didn’t mean to frighten you.” he whispered, holding me tightly.


I sniffled into paws, still embarrassed. Tai picked me up and laid down, sprawling me out over his chest, “I was kind of hoping you’d stay here with me.” He whispered under his breath, brushing the fur across my face with his finger, he moved my paws. His hands caressed the side of my face gingerly, bringing me closer; I felt his lips meet with my own. The hand on my back began its descent, I didn’t know what to do, feeling his hand reach down between my legs, I let out a squeak, trying two wriggle free but he held me firmly in place. Two fingers started to massage my crotch, brushing the fur from between my legs; I felt myself turning red all over, I had never felt so violated in my life.

Tai started sliding down his pants with his spare hand, continuing to caress my crotch as he did so. He smiled and picked me up, positioning me over his erect member like I were a sex toy; his dick rubbed against my pussy lips, He slowly applied pressure as he entered me; my breathing became shallow as I was impaled on the teenager’s shaft. “Mmm, Gatomon..” he moaned, “You’re so warm…” Tai wrapped his arms around my back and rolled over. I was about to lash out at him; but Kari would never forgive me if I hurt her brother, and so I remained still while he violated me. Tai gently rocked in to my moistening cunt, when suddenly, the door creaked open “Hey, I’m back!” Kari called out.

I squirmed out of Tai’s grasp, he was more focused on getting his pants back on, Thinking quick, I ran over to the door and tried to keep Kari occupied while Tai got his pants back on.

“Can I help you with those?” I asked, Kari looked down from the large paper bags. “Uh.. Sure.” She handed me a jar of pickles, “Gatomon.. Why are you all wet?” she asked,

Her hand brushed across my leg.

“Uh.. Cats have to groom themselves, you know?” I followed her into the kitchen; Tai looked at me briefly and whisked back into his room. “What’s up with Tai? He seems quiet.”

“Ah, guys are strange creatures Kari..” I put the jar down by her feet and ran out on to the balcony to cool off, and think of what to do…


I stayed up that evening, snuggled up with Kari watching TV; Tai wouldn’t try anything while I was with her, she’d protect me, like I protected her...

The hands on the clock pointed ‘11’ and ‘8’.. There was nothing much on, just some boring-old black & white Romance show; with some people were taking their clothes off.  ”Humans are weird...”

It was late, so I wriggled out from under Kari’s arm, and began a lax, 4-legged walk down the small corridor in the direction of Kari’s room, stopping by Tai’s room I stood up; I peering through the tiny opening in the door. Remembering earlier on, that look he gave me back in there.. Something about that look that he gave me, it.. made me wonder...

“I have to talk about what happened” I thought. Kari had fallen asleep, and Tai headed off to bed hours ago; “what’s the worst that could happen?” I swallowed, took a deep breath, and paced slowly into his room…


The room was quite dark, but not too dark for me; I easily navigated my way to his bed-side.. Tai wasn’t sleeping though…

He sat up, rubbing his eyes he looked down at me, “Gato--?” he stopped and got to his feet, I felt myself being lifted onto the bed, Tai quickly shutting the door and turning on a dim lamp.

“I didn’t think, you would come in here again..” Tai lay on his side looking at me. “..Before on the; couch... what you were.. Why..?” I didn’t know what to say.

“I’ve never been alone with you before Gatomon..” He placed a hand on my shoulder. “Why did you come back in here?” Tai asked, looking me over.

We sat there quietly, “I, guess I..” I paused, looking down at the bed. Tai picked me up, putting me on top of him again, “Tai I don’t-..”

“Shh...” Tai said, putting a finger on my mouth, “Let me know if you’re feeling uncomfortable.” He placed me on my back and knelt over me, leaning forward he kissed me on the muzzle, slowly heading down my chest and down to my crotch.

“Mmm,” Tai inhaled my bodily scent, his breathing between my legs was making me shiver; I felt his tongue press up against my clit. Closing my eyes tightly, I let out a small squeak of pleasure as his tongue slid its length into my pussy. He pushed a finger into my mouth, sweating profusely; I sucked it trying not to moan.

After a while, he removed his hand from my mouth and stuck two fingers into my ass, I hadn’t experienced anything remotely this pleasurable my entire life.

Tai’s licking grew more frantic as I neared climax; I started to buck my hips in tempo with his licking, feeling a build up of tension within myself.

I was sweating something fierce by this point, Reaching up I wrapped my arms and legs around his head, letting out a long and considerably loud Meow; holding on to him tightly.

I fell down to the bed ad Tai continued to lick and clean me up while I laid there, feeling the pleasurable contraction of muscles, throughout my body.

The tongue left my legs and Tai got up on to his knees, “Do you want me to stop?” he asked, straddling over the top of me. I shook my head softly and closed my eyes in preparation on what he was about to do. “Ok then” Tai giggled, taking his cock in his hands and bringing it to my twat, I half screamed, feeling him force his length down inside of me; It was a tight fit but he managed to get his entire length into my sweet little kitty cunt.

“Shhhh...” Tai laid himself over the top of me, supporting himself with his arms careful as not to hurt me, he lowered his head and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

I reciprocated my tongue pressing up against his lips; he smiled, opening his maw and allowing me to explore the inner-crevices of his mouth.

He planted his hands on my ass and pulled me on top of him, guiding me up and down his shaft; increasing his tempo he began to buck his hips. Tai started moaning name, which made me turn red; I’d never heard anyone moan my name like that before. He grunted loudly as he shot his load up inside of me, feeling his warm cum fill me, I clung my arms and legs around his back and shut my eyes as he continued to pump into me. I shuddered as I felt my second orgasm overtake me, small barely audible squeaks escaped from within me while Tai started kissing me. I licked his face phreneticly, drenching his legs with my feline cum; we fell to the bed panting, minutes passed before either of us actually spoke.

“See, it’s not that bad is it?” Tai said exasperated. I crawled on to his chest, looked him in the eyes and licked him across the cheek once; curling up in his arms we cuddled up against one another.

Eventually Tai fell asleep, so I decided to go back to the couch, snuggling up to Kari’s arm; I too drifted off to sleep…


I awoke in the morning to see Kari, who was staring at me absurdly. “Gatomon, what happened?” she asked pointing to my cum-soaked fur, I had forgotten to clean myself up after Tai had his fun with me and noticed there was quite a small, distinctive patch of blood.

I ran in to the bathroom closing the door behind me; I let out a sigh, and noticed that the shower turned on, steam fuming from behind the shower drape. A hand lifted up a small corner, “Hey, Gatomon.” I saw Tai’s face, he looked happy to see me.. “Uh, hey Tai.” I said surprised “looks like you could use a good clean..” he remarked, eyeing me up and down.

I took hold of a nearby towel and pulled it in front of me, fiddling it between my paws. “Come here” he smiled, reaching out and taking me in his arms, he brought me in to the shower and placed me on his lap. The warm water actually felt kind of nice, I rubbed the blood and cum on my twat.

“Allow me,” Tai put a hand between my legs, extended an arm around my back and pulled me on top of him, kissing me on the muzzle.
”I could get used to this...”
I giggled to myself; the warm water trickled down my back as I placed my paws on his shoulders and kissed him back…