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For you my Kaizer…

(This takes place immediately after Boss Reo’s ‘Release’ which is a must read.)

Stingmon slowly withdrew his hand. He knew what he just did; he bought immense pleasure to his master and he was happy with himself that he did. Ken slowly opened his eyes, searching for the one who jacked him…all he found…was darkness.

“Stingmon…?”; no answer.

He turned to see the image of the Santica Plant on the screen, “Why…Why did you do this to me… Why can’t I get you out of my head…” said Ken as he hit his head on his throne, “Why can’t I get you out of my head you BASTARD!?” Ken jumped up from his throne in pure rage, grabbed the table and flung it into the screen, shattering it. His cape was soon torn, screaming in psychotic fury. “Leave my loneliness unbroken, demon!!!”

Stingmon had never seen his Kaizer so enraged. He couldn’t take it anymore. Stingmon took to the sky, flying in the cold night air.

“Angemon!” called Stingmon as he saw the angel soaring in the air. Angemon turned towards Stingmon.

“Well, well, well… If it isn’t the Kaizer’s digimon…”

“Angemon…I…” his voice began to quaver.

“Uh…Stingmon…What’s wrong…?”

“Its…” tears streaked down his face.

“Oh no. Stingmon, you’d better come with me.” Angemon held Stingmon and took him to his cottage. By now, Stingmon was literally sobbing.

“Shh…Crying isn’t going to help in any way.” Said Angemon, patting Stingmon’s back soothingly.

“The…That Plant…”

Angemon’s eyes widened, “What…plant…?”

“The Santica.”

“Oh…Oh my God…I…I am really sorry…”

“I… I came to you to see if you had any remedies…My Kaizer’s aim is no longer to rule Digiworld, but to eradicate this plant, drive it to extinction.” muttered Stingmon, his crying seeming to cease.

“I see…” Angemon sat on to his computer and searched for info on it, “Ah. Here it is…Santica Trap Plant. Antidote…Search. Oh…”

“What is it? Please tell me, I’ll do anything to find it!”

“Well… Let’s put it this way Stingmon, you’ll have to fight fire with fire…”

It took Stingmon a second to realize what Angemon meant.

“Stingmon, the spores injected into the victim make the victim obsessed with the plant, the only way to destroy the spores is like this…”

Stingmon turned to leave, but before he did, he asked, “Angemon, why would you help the Kaizer? Isn’t he the one who brought Digiworld to its knees?”

“Yes, Stingmon; but I’ve known some of the victims of that horrid thing…I know what you’re going through…”

“Thank you, Angemon.”

Stingmon returned, he saw Ken in a fetal position on his throne, weeping.


Ken slowly opened his eyes, seeing his digimon, Stingmon, looking at him, with concern on his face. Stingmon had removed his gauntlet and claws, including the armor on his thighs. He began to slowly unbutton Ken’s shirt.

“Stingmon!” Ken said, Stingmon put a finger on his lips.

“Shh…Master…This is the only cure…”

“But,” Ken was about to protest, but was cut off when Stingmon’s lips connected with his. Stingmon’s insectoid tongue explored Ken’s mouth, wrapping around Ken’s tongue, massaging it softly. Ken sighed and moaned in pleasure. Stingmon had already slipped off Ken’s shirt, and was now unbuckling his belt and pants. After they were off, Ken was lifted into Stingmon’s strong arms, and he carefully placed his naked master onto the ground. Stingmon kissed him once more, and traced his way down Ken’s abdomen with his tongue, making him gasp in pleasure, Stingmon finally reached Ken’s hardened member, his tongue wrapped around it, pumping it while he sucked it at the same time. Ken writhed in absolute bliss as tremors of sexual pleasure came over him, he panted and gasped for air until he finally released his load into Stingmon’s mouth with a cry. Stingmon relished and savored the taste of Ken’s salty cum and licked his mouth clean after it. Ken got to his knees after catching his breath as Stingmon laid back. Ken marveled at Stingmon’s large thirteen inches. He kissed the tip, taking it into his mouth, licking it hard, he heard Stingmon softly moaning. He moved downwards and took Stingmon’s big balls into his mouth, licking them softly. Releasing them, he put his tongue to base of Stingmon’s rock-hard penis, and gave it a nice, hard, long lick all the way to the tip.

“Ooohhh…Keennn…” Stingmon moaned and shivered. Ken took as much of Stingmon’s throbbing meat into his mouth, but could only take in 7 inches, so he began to pump whatever that was out with his right hand, and massaged his big testicles in his left, sucking the whole time. Stingmon’s breathing became labored, pants and moans escaping his lips.

“KKEEENNN-CHAANN!!!” Stingmon threw his head back, arched his back, and thrust into Ken’s mouth as wave after wave of ecstasy and pure bliss came over him, blinding him in pleasure, releasing shot after shot of warm semen into Ken’s hungry, awaiting mouth. Ken drank as much as he could, savoring the sweet and salty taste. Ken looked up at him, grinning, some excess cum streaming down the side of his lips. He slowly made his way up Stingmon’s body and kissed him deeply.

“Stingmon…Let’s take this to a higher level…I want to feel each and every inch of your dick inside me…”

“Kaizer,” muttered Stingmon.

“No…Ken.” said Ken as he fondled with Stingmon’s circumcised rod.

“If you will…Ken.” Stingmon carefully picked Ken up from the waist, placing him right above his saliva-covered penis. “This might hurt a bit.”

“I don’t care. If I can’t take it, I’ll tell you so, and you can stop. If I don’t, keep going.”

Stingmon kissed him once more, “Yes Ken-Chan.”

Stingmon carefully brought him down, sliding a bit of the head in. Ken bit his lower lip. “Ken, must I keep going, you seem to be in pain.”

“NO! I didn’t tell you to stop did I?”

Stingmon nodded, and brought Ken down, inch by inch. By now Ken had gotten used to the pain, with the pleasure replacing it. Six inches. Seven. Eight. “Ken…”

“No… Don’t Stop…I want all of you in me…” Ken said, already panting. After a few seconds, Ken felt their hips touch and knew that Stingmon was fully in. He looked into Stingmon’s eyes, which looked up into his.

“This… What is this feeling…? Is it…love…? Is…this…love…?” Both of them realized it.

Stingmon kissed Ken like he never had before, Ken gasped in absolute pleasure. Stingmon lay back onto the floor, loving the feeling of the tightness and warmth around his penis. He lifted Ken up a bit, and brought him back down. Ken moaned, loving the feeling of the hard, throbbing cock in his ass. Stingmon raised him once again, bringing him down. Stingmon’s pace quickened, raising Ken, and bringing him thundering down. Ken’s euphoric moans filled the room, mixed with Stingmon’s hisses and grunts of effort. Ken ran his hands up and down Stingmon’s massive biceps, encouraging him not to stop; his dick throbbing at every thrust. Pleasure and ecstasy grew within them, before they could contain themselves, as before, Stingmon cried out as the pleasure came over him, arching his back, with one final thrust, he shot his warm semen into Ken’s body. Ken cried as he felt himself being filled, the meat rubbing roughly against his prostate. Ken’s cum spraying onto Stingmon’s chest. They caught their breath as Stingmon carefully lifted Ken off his prick.

“Ken-Chan… Can we do…this again sometime…?” panted Stingmon.

“Any time you wish…my love…”

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