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Also, for Digimon enthusiasts, it has come to my attention that many believe Patamon is a guy. Although there is some evidence (all digimon match partner's sex, digivolves to Angemon, etc..) I have yet to see some cold hard facts that explain that Patamon specifically, (not his other forms) is male. After all, try to explain the girl's voice and feminine actions that Patamon often demonstrates.



Gatomon's Pride

By: DTLawson2

Chapter 2

The Empty Village


"But cat's don't lay eggs, they have litters!" exclaimed Kari

"But we're in the digital world," explained Joe, "so cats do lay eggs."

"But that would mean.............." Kari began.

"That Gatomon's a Mommy now!" finished Gomamon, as he swept Gatomon off her feet, spinning her around, planting kisses on any part of her face that was available. Then he sat down, a look of disbelief swept over his face, as he lowered Gatomon to the ground.

"That would mean............" he began.

"That you're going to be a Daddy!" Joe crowed.

Gomamon's mouth hung open in bewilderment. "But I don't know how to be a Daddy!" Gatomon reached over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Gomamon looked at her and remembered what she told him the night they had first made love. "Gomamon," she said, "for the rest of my life I'll try to live up to the love you've given me tonight. As long as we're together nothing is impossible! I love you more than life itself and I'll never let you go."  "Just as long as I have you, I know that, together, we can do anything!" He said with a trusting look at Gatomon.

Gatomon blushed and hugged Gomamon, while he sat there with a happy smile on his face.

"Well, we can't leave, yet." Kari said, "We have to wait till it hatches. Oh, I'm so excited. What do you think it will be, Gatomon?"

"The possibilities are almost endless," Joe cut in, "but two strong digimon like this will combine to form another strong digimon."

"Do you really think so, Joe?!" asked Gomamon, jumping around in his excitment.

"Of course he's right. After all, he raised you didn't he?" Gatomon said, cutting Joe off, who blushed at the compliment.

"Well, I can't wait to find out what this digimon's going to look like. I'll bet it'll looks just like Gatomon, you know that the apple never falls far from the tree." Kari said, as she picked up Gatomon and gave her a big kiss on the cheek.

"Well, I think it'll look like Gomamon!" Joe claimed, "After all, look at those rugged, good looks, I'm sure that'll be passed along!"

"Well,...." Gomamon began. Everyone looked at Gomamon to hear what his opinion would be, "there's only one sure way to find out." he said as he walked to the digiegg, "Let's wait till it hatches!" he said as he laid his hand on the digiegg.

As he touched the digiegg, it began to shake and rock. Tiny cracks appeared on it, that rapidly spread across it's surface. The entire egg bounced on the ground twice, then the eggshell crumbled around it's occupant.

A small, round, rabbit-eared, and very red quadraped digimon looked up at them. It's amber eyes looked up into the matching eyes of Gomamon. Gatomon ran to the baby digimon and picked him up in her arms. "Hello there, sweetheart! I'm your momma!" Gatomon said. Gomamon looked into his eyes and said "And I'm your daddy!" The baby looked at both of them and opened it's mouth, and let out and ear peircing cry. Gomamon winced, "Did I say something wrong?"

"No, dummy," said Kari, "I'm sure he's just hungry!"

Joe quickly took off his backpack, and dug out the fish that they had planned to use for the trip. As quick as he could strip the meat from the bones the small digimon gobbled it down. Five large fish were stripped to the bone before the little digimon let out a contented sigh, fell to sleep.

Gatomon looked at Gomamon and said "Looks like he's got your appetite as well as your eyes, Gomamon."

"And he can sure raise a rucus when ever he wants something! Just like you Gatomon!" Kari said with a sly look at Gatomon.

"Well, I think it looks like a Tokomon, only it's red," said Joe, "but did you see his teeth? They look like fangs"

"No," said Gatomon, as she laid him down on some soft leaves, "there's nothing wrong with his teeth! After all, look at my teeth, they look like fangs!" she added, as she showed her cat teeth.

"It could mean nothing at all," said Gomamon, "All we can do is wait and see." He went to the bed Gatomon was using for the baby and laid down beside it.

"I think that Gomamon's right," said Kari, "we'll just wait and see. No sense in borrowing trouble. After all, he's just so cute!"

"All right, you're probly right, Gomamon, I just thought I should metion it, just in case." Joe said

The day had passed rather slowly, the baby woke several times, his loud demanding voice, insisting that he be fed. Gomamon was kept busy fishing just to feed the new digimon. No one could fault Gatomon, she was unfailing as a mother, always at her baby's side. It was late in the afternoon, and the four of them were exhausted from foraging the nearby woods and fishing for the newborn. Kari and Joe were laying in the shade, while Gatomon and Gomamon were soaking up the sunshine. They all turned as they heard the baby wake up. Before any of them could act, a bright light peirced the shadows where the baby lay. In his place, was what looked like Salomon, only he was a pale beige, almost golden, and his most striking feature, from between his amber eyes to the tip of his long whip-like tail, was a red stripe. On his head, a crest of hair poked up, giving him an almost Gomamon appearance! Two small K-9 teeth protruded from his upper lip and hung just a litte past his lower jaw. His amber eyes scanned the two digimon and and then the two humans. "Hi, everyone." he said in a tiny voice, "I'm Goldamon."

The four walked up to Goldamon, Gatomon picked up her son and hugged him, tears of joy running down her cheeks.

"I'm Gatomon," she said, "your mother."

"I'm Gomamon," he said, "your father. This is Joe and that's Kari, they're our friends."

"Hi," he said, looking at Gomamon and Gatomon before he said "and I'm hungry!"

"Comming right up!" said Gomamon, as he leaped into the water.

"OH, Gatomon, he's so cute!" Kari said as she scratched the fur on Goldamon's head. "He looks just like you did when you were Salomon."

"He's got his father's eyes and his hair style, too." Gatomon said, as she put the small digimon down. "But I've never heard of a Goldamon before."

"I think it makes him extra special. The first Goldamon! You'll make digimon history Gatomon!" Kari exclaimed, as picked up Gatomon and hugged her tight.

Suddenly a large fish came flying out of the water. Goldamon pounced on it as soon as it hit the beach. Ripping into the fish and chewing bites out of it, his K-9 teeth doing an excellent job of rending the flesh into bitesized morsels. As he finished the first fish, another smaller fish came sailing out of the water. Leaving the bones of the first fish behind, he jumped the second fish. Within thirty seconds the second fish was gone. Goldamon sat back on his haunches and let out a mighty belch, laid down in the sun, and fell asleep.

"Wow!" said Joe, "That was one hungry digimon!" He looked at Gomamon as he came out of the water, "He can eat faster and belch louder than you, Gomamon!"

"That's my little mon" he said with pride, as he shook the water out of his fur.

A beeping startled them all. Joe pick up his digivice and checked out the incomming message.

"It's from Gennai! He's calling all of the digidestined to File Island." He said. "I wonder why?"

"We'd better get going," Kari said.

"What about Goldamon?!" Gatomon exclaimed, "We can't just leave him here!"

"Of course not!" said Joe. "We'll carry him on one of our backpacks!"

Kari picked up her backpack and went into the forest, but soon returned with it lined with a soft moss. Gatomon lifted Goldamon's sleeping form and laid him inside of the backpack. He curled up into a ball and was soon snoring.

"He, he, he,...... he snores like Gomamon, too!" Gatomon said.

"I don't snore!" Gomamon said.

"Yes you do!" said Joe. "Especially after a big meal!"

Gomamon's mouth hung open in suprise, as they all laughed and began walking toward File Island.



Veemon and Davis were walking ahead of the others. Davis couldn't imagine why Gennai would call all of the digidestined back to File Island. Veemon was wondering the same thing, but his mind was filled with what could be wrong. 'Maybe there's some kind of trouble. Maybe it's a trap. Maybe the Digimon Emperor was laying in wait for them when they got to File Island.' he thought to himself.

Izzy was busy on his laptop, Palmon and Mimi walked side by side beside him.Tentomon walked in front of Izzy, using his shell to help Izzy balance his laptop. Izzy was looking to see if he could decipher anything from the message that was sent to them. He found a great big nothing. "I can find no indication that anyone other than Gennia sent us that E-mail." Izzy finally said, "But don't think that anything really bad has happened, or his message would have been more urgent."

Palmon smiled, she thought that Izzy was smart. He could still concetrate on his computer, keep it ballanced on Tentomon's shell and keep a steady direction towards File Island. His ordered mind could decipher some of the most difficult code and still keep up with the rest. They were quickly comming to their destination. Soon they would come to the bridge that went to File Island.

Matt, Yolie, and Sora were walking together, with Hawkmon and Biyomon gliding over head. Gabumon walked beside Matt, but his worries were about Gatomon. They sent a message that Gatomon had nearly drowned. Though he knew that Gatomon was not the sort of digimon to go down easily, he still worried. She had been a friend since they had rescued her from Myotismon, and sometimes more than a friend. The intimate times he had spent with Gatomon were some of the best times of his life. He loved her but knew she loved Gomamon even more. Now they were spending a lot of time together, alone, he knew that Gomamon wouldn't waste this oppertunity to cement his relationship with her. If Gomamon's luck was good, and it usually was, he would get Gatomon for his own. 'Well,' thought Gabumon 'if I can't have her love, I can at least have her friendship.' He sighed and kept on walking.

Tia, Tk, with Patamon asleep on his head, and Cody talked quietly as they walked. They discussed the possibilities of what it could mean, them being called back to File Island. Tia thought that the Digimon Emperor might be causing trouble. Cody said that it didn't make sense for the Digimon Emperor to do anything about File Island. TK said that File Island was only important to the digimon and that if he attacked File Island the entire digital world would rise up against him.

A few steps behind, Agumon and Armadillomon were talking amoungs themselves. Agumon was saying the he thought that Biyomon was the cutest digimon here. Armadillomon thought that Patomon was even cuter. This they argued back and forth between themselves for about an hour, each changing his opinion every three minutes or so. But Agumon brought up the point, "Who's the cutest digimon you know?" They looked at one another and together they said "Gatomon". They both began giggling.

Dusk was slowly approaching. As the sun began to set, Davis and Veemon saw a village of about four hundred meters away. Davis, being wary, stopped and called to Yolie and Sora. As the two caught up with Davis, he asked, "Could you get Hawkmon and Biyomon to go and check out that village before we get there? I just can't help but think that the Digimon Emperor might be laying a trap for us."

Izzy, who had caught up, heard this and said, "Probably not, but it can't hurt to check it out."

"Alright." Sora said, turning to Biyomon, "Would you and Hawkmon mind checking out the village, just to be safe?"

"Sure!" said Biyomon, "Come on Hawkmon." and the two digimon arrowed to the village.

The digidestined had traveled to right on the outskirts of the village, when Hawkmon and Biyomon flew up to them.

"It's deserted!" said Hawkmon.

"What?" said Matt

"It's true, no one's at home anywhere!" said Biyomon.

Suddenly the sky rumbled, lightening flashed across the sky. The digidestined looked up expecting minions of the Digimon Emperor to attack them, and it started to rain.

"Arrrgggg," said Izzy, "my computer!" He grabbed the laptop and ran into the nearest house. The rest followed him without question.

The nearest house just so happened to be a large four story structure. They ran through the double doors of the house to find a rather large lobby-type area. There was a stairway on the left and a large desk against the far wall. Looking down a hallway on each side of the desk, revealed a line of doors. TK checked one of the doors, it was locked.

"It would seem to be a hotel." said Izzy. He checked behind the desk and found keys with tags on them. He couldn't decipher the code on the tags, yet. He put his laptop on the desk and began to work furiously. Ten minutes later he cracked the code. He looked at Matt, "Would you like a room, sir." he said as he opened the register and pushed it across the desk toward Matt.

"Well," said Matt, "this is a lot better than camping out in the rain."

"What floor, sir." Izzy said with a smile on his face.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm way too tired to climb stairs. I'll stay on the ground floor!" Matt said.

"Down the left hall, third door to the right." He said as he handed a key to Matt.

"Thanks, Izzy." Mat said as he took the key and went to his room.

"Tentomon" Izzy said, "why don't you check out the rest of the village. Make sure we'll be safe sleeping here."

"Sure thing, Izzy." he said, the rain not bothering him at all, he flew out of the door.


Izzy handed out roomkeys to the rest of the digidestined, as they went off to their rooms, he chose one for himself, smiled and started to climb the stairs. On the third floor, he went down the hall to a large double-door. He put in the key, opened the door and walked into the Newly Wed Suite. "I know that this will suprise Palmon."

A bright flash behind him, made him turn. Lillymon was in the doorway. "Palmon would probably be suprised, but I'm delighted that you planned this for us." She said in a seductive voice, as she advanced on Izzy.


Downstairs, Matt was just getting out of the shower. 'Well,' he thought, 'I'll just brush my teeth and get to bed.'  He took his toothbrush and toothpaste out of his backpack and was brushing his teeth, when he noticed, through the mirror, someone was in his bed. Whoever it was, was covered over their head. 'Must be Gabumon' he thought. So he finished brushing his teeth and he walked into the room. "And the Poppa Bear said to the Momma Bear 'Who's been sleeping in my bed!'" he said in a growling bear-type voice, as he pulled back the blanket. There curled up, naked, in a fetal position was Mimi! "MIMI!" he exclaimed, shocked to find her in his room, naked.

"I was wondering when you'd come to bed." she said as she uncurled and patted the bed beside her. Matt was agast, but his dick was immediatly hard, showing through the bulge in his underwear.


Gabumon and Hawkmon went up to the fourth floor. Hawkmon was chattering away about the best place to be would be on the top floor. They entered a room on the top floor. It had two twin beds in it and Hawkmon flew over to the one on the right, folded his wings, and plopped down onto the middle of the bed.

"Ahhhhhhh......... this is more like it." he said as he streached out, arching his back and spreading his wings over his head. He looked over at Gabumon and noticed for the first time since they had left the ground floor that Gabumon seemed to be depressed. "Gabumon, you seem to be troubled. What's the problem."

"I don't want to talk about it." Gabumon said.

"Come on Gabumon, I'm one of your best friends! That's what are friends for, to help you out if you're down. To be there if you need to get something off of your shoulders. Even if it's just to listen! I'll always be your friend and you can depend on me." Hawkmon encouraged.

"Well, OK. But if you tell anyone about this,.............." Gabumon growled.

"My beak is sealed. Cross my heart and hope to be deleted!" he said, making a X-mark over his heart.

What they didn't notice was that Biyomon was right outside of the door, eavesdropping.

"Yeah, maybe you're right Hawkmon. I guess I just need to get this off of my chest." Gabumon began. "You see I've had a big crush on Gatomon since we rescued her from Myotismon, we've even had sex a couple of times, but I know she likes Gomamon a lot more than me. Now they've been alone together for a few days now, and I'm sure that Gomamon wouldn't waste such an oppertunaty to cement a permanent relationship with her. But I love her, too! But I'd never stand in the way of what she wants to do, or try to take her from another of my best friends. That's what's got me down, I just don't know what to do!" he said as tears ran down his cheeks. Before he knew what was happening, he covered his face and began to sob. Gabumon turned to run out of the room, only to find Biyomon standing there, tears running down her beak.

"OH, Gabumon," she said and wrapped her wings around him, "I'm so sorry." she said as she began to cry.

"Biyomon!" Hawkmon said, "What were you doing? Listening to other digimon's private conversations, again!"

"Well,..........yes, but I thought I'd get to listen to some guy talk for once. What I really wanted to find out is if Gabumon had a crush on me?" she said, as she blushed. When she did this her whole body turned even darker pink.

Gabumon looked up at Biyomon, "Why?" he said through his tears.

"Because I've had a crush on you and Hawkmon since I joined the digidestined." she explained, "I know that this maybe hard to believe, but I've been having dreams about both of you for a long time now."

"Me?!" said Gabumon and Hawkmon together.

"Well, not really either of you at once," she said as she blushed, this time turning almost as red as when she digivoved into Birdramon "both of you together."

Gabumon and Hawkmon's jaws dropped open as one. They looked at each other, then looked at Biyomon. Hawkmon smiled, "Well, I'm game if you are, Gabumon."

"Only if she promises not to tell what she heard here!" Gabumon growled, wipping the tears from his eyes.

"My beak is sealed, cross my heart and hope to be deleted!" she said, and like Hawkmon before her put an X-mark over her heart.

"OK, then I'm game, too!" said Gabumon.


Davis and Veemon climbed up to the second floor and found their room. It had a king-sized bed with nice fluffy pillows. Also it had a huge stand-up shower with a seperate tub. The room was decorated with digimon art. Pictures of File Isand and Elecmon raising baby digimon were hung on the wall of the room.

"Wow," said Veemon, "this is one nice room."

"Not much different than the ones on the real world." said Davis, unimpressed.

"Well, it's really nice for here in the digital world!" Veemon said, walking to the window.

"Well, I could sure use a little companionship!" Davis said, with a smirk on his face.

"Don't worry Davis, I'm not going anywhere." Veemon stated.

"Not you," said Davis, "I'm talking about Sora, Mimi, Kari, or.............."

"Yolie" Veemon said, looking out the window.

"Yeah, her, too." he said.

"No, I mean she's out there!" Veemon exclaimed.

"What?!" Davis said as he looked out the window "Wow, this place has an indoor pool?"

"Looks like it, and Yolie found it first!" Veemon said, with a tone of disgust.

"Yeah, looks like it." Davis said in a similar tone, "But that doesn't mean we can't join her!"

"Hey, Davis, LOOK!" Veemon said.

Davis looked again and noticed that Yolie wasn't wearing a bathing suit. In fact she was wearing NOTHING AT ALL! Yolie was doing a back stroke and noticed Davis and Veemon watching her from the second story window. She waved at them and waved for them to come down.


Davis opened the window and stuck his head out. Yolie shouted to them. "Would you guys get down here. The water's wonderful."

"Yeah,... sure,... Yolie. We'll be down in a second." Davis shouted back.

Veemon had the other window open and was getting ready to climb out on the ledge. Davis grabbed him by the waist and bodily hauled him out the room and down the stairs.

"OK, Veemon," Davis said, "when we get to the pool, try not to look too eager. It helps if you make them work for it!"

"Right !" said Veemon, as he began to slowly walk to the pool.

As they turned the corner and walked through the door to the pool, Yolie pulled herself out of the water to the waist. "Would you come on!" she said as she plunged back into the water.

Veemon ran to the pool and jumped in. Davis, busy pulling off his clothes, shouted "Wait for me!"


Patamon was flying ahead of TK in the hall on the second floor. Suddenly Patomon pulled up, "Over here, TK!" Patomon exclaimed.

TK opened the door and walked into the room. Patomon flew in and was soon exploring the room. "Wow! TK, look at this, we have our own hot tub in here!"

"Cool!" said TK impressed with the room. "But what I need is a shower."

"No you don't," Patomon said, "what you need is a nice long soak in a hot tub!"

Patomon opened up the taps and began to fill the tub with hot water. The room began to fill with steam. Patomon wasn't too wild about being slowly cooked and so  kicked in to cold as well. The tub was soon filled with water, hot enough to sooth but not hot enough to burn.

TK stripped down and climbed into the tub. Patomon turned on the jets and soon the swirling, bubbling water was soothing his sore muscles.

"Aaaahhhhh........" said TK as he began to relax.

Patomon climbed in and was floating belly up in the water, wings treading water. TK was begining to get really relaxed. So relaxed that he was soon speaking to Patomon about things he usually wouldn't.

"Patomon," he said, "I've always thought that we were really close."

"We are, " Patomon said.

"But I've always wondered." he said, "Are you a digi-boy or a digi-girl?"

"Why?" asked Patomon.

"Well, when you're Patomon, you seem to be a girl. But when you're Angemon you're definatly a guy. I was just wondering, well, because, I've had strange feelings and even dreams about you. But only you Patomon, not Angemon. I know........I'm wierd....but I just can't stop thinking about it!" TK explained.

"Well, that's not news to me TK, because I've had the same feelings since we first met! You see it's not so strange, only a few digimon change sex when they digivolve to champion, and I'm one of them. Right now I'm a digi-girl, and when I digivolve, I'm most definatly male." Patomon explained.

"That's a relief," said TK, "cause I thought I might be turning gay or something!"

"It's a relief to me, too" Patomon said, swimming up next to him "because, right now, you're in a hot tub with a VERY horny digi-girl!"


Sora was upset. Things had started off fine. She and Biyomon had gotten to the room and both were very happy with the accomidations. It had a large luxurious tub, a huge four posted bed, with soft downy mattress, and the pink wall color almost perfectly matched Biyomon's feathers. Biyomon was bouncing on the bed, when Sora said she was going to take a nice, long, hot bath before she went to bed. She must have fallen asleep in the tub, because when she got out of the tub, Biyomon was gone. Exploring the hallway, and checking nearby rooms, also proved fruitless. She went down to the next floor (unknown to her, but known to us, if she'd have went up instead of down, she'd have found The trio of Hawkmon, Gabumon, and Biyomon) and hearing voices proceeded down the hall to locate them. Seeing Agumon and Armadillomon, she quickly ducked into a broom closet, with a vented door that she could see through, and listened to them as they passed. They paused right in front of the closet door and started speaking in earnest about her and the other girls. Sora knew that it was wrong to listen to their conversation but couldn't leave without letting them know that she'd heard them.


Tai and Cody exhausted from a day of walking were soon fast asleep. Agumon and Armadillomon had left the room so they wouldn't wake the two boys, who definatly needed their sleep. They had been talking earlier about different digi-girls. On that subject they almost always agreed. Agumon started talking about the girls of the digidestined as they walked down the hall.

Armadillomon said "I think that Kari is one of the cutest humans that I ever seen."

In the closet, Sora giggled quietly to herself. She'd always suspected Armadillomon of having a crush on Kari.

Agumon begged to differ. "Are you kidding, Mimi's cuter than her!"

Sora thought this was dumb, Kari was easily cuter than Mimi, though Mimi was more developed than Kari, they both had assets that the other didn't.

"Yeah, Mimi's cute alright," said Armadillomon, "but it's that pink color she's always wearing! Makes my eyes hurt and gives me a headache!" They both giggled.

Sora giggled agian as she heard Armadillomon's voice. He sounded like he'd just come in off of the ranch in Texas. She could almost picture him with a ten gallon hat, spurs on all four of his feet, and a huge marsall's badge pinned to his chest. This picture caused her to break out in another spate of giggling.

"OK, I'll agree with that!" said Agumon, "But who else, .............Yolie?"

"Very cute!" said Armodillomon, "but she looks like she steped out of a world war 1 airplane movie with that skull cap on, but she does have a nice body!" He had stood on his back feet and made an hour glass design with his hands.

Sora covered her mouth with both hands to keep from laughing. Tears streamed from her eyes as she laughed without making a sound. The thought of Yolie having an hour glass type body was just too much!

Agumon broke out laughing and rolling on the floor. "Armadillomon, you are a class act." he said still laughing and giggling.

"OK, but what about Sora?" Armadillomon challenged.

Both digimon groaned. Sora listening, almost jumped out of the closet in outrage, thinking they were about to down grade her to the lowest of the low, when Agumon spoke.

"That is the sexiest digidestined in the digital world or the real world!" Agumon stated.

Sora's mouth hung agape. She had never realized that she, of all of the other girls, would be chosen as the sexiest, even if it was by just Agumon and Armadillomon.

"Well, that's where we would have to agree!" stated Armadillomon, "I've talked to Gabumon, Hawkmon, and  Veemon. They think the same way we do."

'How sweet,' she thought as she exited the closet.

 "So does Tentomon and Gomamon! It would seem that she's the best looking and nicest, as well as sexiest of all the girls." said Agumon, nodding his head. He looked at Armadillomon, who was slowly backing off with his mouth hanging open. "What's wrong with you, Armadillomon?" he said, with a questioning look. Suddenly, hands covered his eyes, and a voice broke the silence.

"Guess Who?" Sora's voice said.

"SORA!" yelled Agumon, as he leaped away from her, spinning in mid air, to face her. He expected her face to be burning with rage. But she had the sweetest smile on her face as she leaned over and kissed Agumon on his nose.

"That was the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me." as she kissed Armadillomon, too. "Seems I've been left alone for the night. What am I to do if an evil digimon attacks me. I'll have no one to defend me." she said as she walked toward the stairs to go back to her room.

Agumon, his mouth still hanging open, and Armadillomon looked at each other, their faces red, but unable to resist the invitation, both followed Sora to her room!



Back oth the third floor, in the Honeymoon Suite. Lillymon advanced on Izzy, swaying her hips suggestivly. "I hope you're going to use that mouth for something other than catching flys!" she said as her dress hit the floor, to be quickly followed by her boots and the flower helmet on her head. Shaking her hair loose, she said "Passion Pollen", and the air filled with a golden pollen that infammed Izzy with sexual desire. His cock became so hard, he was suprised that his shorts didn't explode off of his body.

His heart hammering he took Lillymon into his arms and kissed her passionatly. He opened his mouth as her tongue sought entrance and used his tongue to explore her mouth as well. Even her breath excited him in ways that he never thought were possible.

This was the first time that Lillymon used her Passion Pollen on anyone. It even made her even hornier than she was, as she had never totally built an immunity to it. She grabbed his hands and slid his gloves off and dropped them to the floor. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off of his shoulders. Reaching down, she rubbed his cock and fondled his balls through his shorts. He gasped, as the feeling surged through his body like electricity. She unbuckled his belt, undid his shorts and let them fall to his knees. The fabric of his underwear poked out like a tent. She could feel it as he began rubbing his dick between her legs, rubbing agianst her clit. Getting down on her knees, she lowered his shorts and was suprised at the size of his dick. Passion Pollen has that effect of Lillymon's partners, increasing their size and endurance, thereby increasing her pleasure. Pre-cum dribbled from the head of his cock as  she watched. She took the head of his cock into her mouth, and with a groan, Izzy fell back onto the bed.

Lillymon smiled and removed his shoes and socks, then pulled off his shorts and underwear, and climbed into the bed with him. Kneeling next to him, she once again took his dick into her mouth, coating it with her strawberry flavored saliva. As she began using her skilled tongue to lick and stimulate every sensitive spot on his prick, Izzy grabbed her by the waist and brought her pussy to his face. His tongue darted out and began to caress her clitoris. Lillymon moaned as she felt the beginings of her orgasm start. Izzy slowly began to tongue bathe her pussy licking her pussy lips and brushing lightly over her clit, before thrusting his tongue deep into her hole. Lillymon cryed out in pleasure, as Izzy began to lick out her love tunnel, and she began to thrust her hips against his mouth. Izzy knew her orgasm was close, so he began an assult on her clit that was soon driving her over the edge. Lillymon stopped sucking his dick as his tongue brought her to a screaming orgasm. But it didn't stop there, his attention on her clit soon brought to another orgasm as she dumped an enormous amount of strawberry flavored love juice over Izzy's face. Her orgasm caused her to grip his dick hard, this pressure caused Izzy to begin to shoot his own load. His orgasm was so intense that huge globbs of cum jetted from his dick, hitting Lillymon in the face. She quickly lowered her mouth and sucked his cum, like soda through a straw! Even sucking as hard as she was, drops of cum escaped her mouth and falling onto his groin. When he stopped cumming, she began to lick the cum off his body. That's when she noticed the fine downy pubic hair growing. Her Izzy was becoming a man.

Izzy felt as if he'd had the life sucked out of him. He felt so weak, but his dick was still hard and ready for more. Lillymon turned to him and kissed him on the cheek, then stradled his cock and lowered herself onto it. Izzy groaned and began to thrust in time with Lillymon, pounding her pussy full of his hard dick. She sat on her knees and bounced up and down on his cock, her head tilted back, her face suffused with passion and pleasure. She opened her mouth and screamed in orgasm once agian, tightening her pussy muscles, causing a rise of pleasure in Izzy, pushing him over the edge to his second orgasm. Lillymon felt his seed jet into her as she orgasmed agian. Screaming agian, she collapsed on top of Izzy, digivoling back to Palmon., as they both passed out, from exhaustion. Leaving the room smelling of strawberries and faintly of mint.



Back on the first floor, Matt was slowly backing away from Mimi, who he found laying naked on his bed. "Ahem....uh...Mimi, I...uh...don't think.....uh....that we should be doing anything like this." he stammered.

"Oh, come on Matt,"  Mimi said, "I can see that you like what you see." she smiled as she got out of the bed and moved toward Matt. Her small breast with erect nipples showed her excitment. A fine downy halo of pubic hair, dusting her groin, seemed to excite Matt more and more, his cock straining at the confinment of his underwear. Mimi came toward Matt and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her budding breast against his chest.

"Mimi,......." Matt stammered, his voice unsteady with the hammering of his heart.

"Yes, Matt." she purred back at him.

"Wha...wha....What if Gabumon or Palmon walk in here and see us like this?" Matt stuttered.

"Well," she said, tapping her fore finger against her chin, "you see, Palmon has always had this huge crush on Izzy, and I saw Gabumon going upstairs with Hawkmon. So we're alone, and I'm going to take advantage of the oppertunity! I've wanted you since we first met in the real world, and now's my chance!" She reached down and began to rub his cock and balls, making him, if it was possible, even harder. Matt groaned as Mimi kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth.

Matt was starting to get turned on by Mimi's actions. As she began to kiss him, he began to explore her mouth in return. Mimi moaned as Matt's cock rubbed agianst her clitoris. She lowered her hands, and began to remove his underwear, as Matt stopped her.

She broke their kiss, looking at Matt, pouting, she said, "What wrong, don't you like me?"

Matt didn't answer, he just scooped her up in his arms and brought her to the bed, where he gently laid her down and removed his own underwear. Mimi was suprised at the size of his cock. she knew he was one of the oldest of the digidestined, and therefore more mature. His cock, all eight inches of it stood proudly at attention for her. As he lay down next to her, she took his tool into her mouth and began a slow process of fondling, licking, and sucking it. Matt groaned as his cock was bathed by her tongue. Suddenly he just couldn't take it anymore, he pulled her off of his cock and pushed her down across the bed. He brought his face to her pussy and thrust his tongue into her tight vagina. Mimi cried out his name as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her. Then he took his tongue out of her hole and began to caress her clit with long, slow strokes. Mimi felt as if the whole world had come to a stop as she felt a pressure building inside of her. The she felt as if a wave were growing inside of her and feared that if it finally broke it would drown both of them. Just as suddenly, the wave broke over her. She screamed, her body arching, as an orgasm washed over her. Waves of pleasure washed over her as her orgasm grew to titanic proportions. Matts face was soaked by her pussy juice as he struggled to lap up as much as he could.

Mimi was almost totally exhausted, while Matt was just begining. Taking her legs across his shoulders, he drove into her with a ferocity that astounded him. Mimi, totally in his power, felt as though she was being beaten, though the feeling was intense pleasure instead of pain. She groaned and panted as Matt drove into her hot cleft. Matt, feeling as though his nuts were ready to explode, slowed his head long pace. He wanted this to last, though he couldn't wait for the end.  Mimi, on the other hand, felt the wave of her pleasure building once agian. She began bucking her hips into Matt as he was thrusting into her. He began to pick up the pace once more, this, combined with the counter thrust soon brought Matt to the crest of his passion. His body tensed up, as his orgasm built up inside of him. One final thrust and he started to pump his seed deep in Mimi's cunt. Mimi screamed, as she felt her orgasm begin to wash over her. Then she felt Matt's load begin pumping deep inside of her and her orgasm doubled in strength. Matt and Mimi screamed out each other's names as they collapsed, totally exhausted. Matt rolled off of Mimi and looked at her, as he watched, her eyes closed, and her mouth had a tiny smile. He smiled himself, as he faded off to sleep.


Back on the fourth floor, Hawkmon shoved the two twin beds together, making it into a  king-sized bed. Biyomon had already hopped on the bed was making out with Hawkmon. Gabumon began to turn around and leave, still depressed about Gatomon, he just wasn't in the mood. Just the thought of Gatmon with someone else made him want to start crying all over agian. He knew that he was being over sensitive, but he just couldn't help it, he was just that kind of mon! 'Maybe I'll just go back down to Matt's room and sack out. Yeah,' he thought, 'that's what I'll do, and I'll leave these two LOVE BIRDS alone.'

As Gabumon walked out of the door and turned down the hall, tears already running down his cheeks, Biyomon landed in front of him. "Where do you think you're going!" she chirped rather angrily.

"Well you two seemed so right together, I just didn't want to be in the way." Gabumon muttered, as he started to make his way down the hall agian.

"Oh, Gabumon." she said, tears welling up in her eyes, "I know that you're hurting right now. I've felt the same way many times. You see, I once fell in love with an Eaglemon. He was hansom, strong, a very good lover, and I thought that he was the ONE! I'd have gladly given my life for his, but I was told that he was cheating on me. At first I didn't believe it, then I stopped seeing him as regularly as I use to. Then I saw him with another digi-girl! I confronted him, he just laughed at me, Gabumon. Like I was some great big joke to him. I was so humiliated that I was on my way to challenge Myotismon, one on one to a combat to deletion!

"He'd have deleted you!" said Gabumon, shocked. "What stopped you?"

"Gennia." she said, "He told me that I was one of the chosen, that I was to partner one of the digidestined. I was so over joyed that I just forgot about Eaglemon and flew directly to File Island. All I really needed was something else to take his place, friends to be with and encourage me when I got depressed. That's why I'll always be here for you, Gabumon, to help you when you're depressed and keep you from making mistakes, like I almost made."

"But, I still don't want to get in the way of you two. You seem,... I don't know,... Made for each other. And it's not just because both of you are bird digimon. It's because I know that you're good friends, and good friends make the best lovers." Gabumon said.

"Are you saying that you and me aren't good friends?" she said.

"NO!" Gabumon said shaking his head.

"Then come back in here and let me show you how your friends can can help you get over the pain, when nothing else will." Biyomon said as she took his head in her wings and pressed her beak against his mouth, kissing him. Gabumon was taken back by her forwardness, but soon applied himself to the kiss. After the kiss was broken, Biyomon said, "Gatomon is loosing out, you're a great kisser!"

Gabumon smiled and said, "I have other skills as well!"

"Good! Come back now,.... please."

"OK." Gabumon said as they walked back to the room.

They walked back into the room, to find it empty.

"Now where in the Hell did Hawkmon go?" Biyomon said, angry that she might have gone through all of this for nothing. Suddenly, from the bathroom, they heard the toilet flush. The door opened and Hawkmon walked out. Gabumon burst out laughing, Biyomon laughed with him.

"I figured I'd better take this chance now, because we might be busy for a while." Hawkmon said, embarrassed at being caught coming out of the bathroom.

Biyomon flew over to the bed, landed, turned to the two guys and said,"Well are you going to keep a lady waiting?"

Hawkmon tried to take to the air, but Gabumon grabbed him by the leg, brought him back to earth, ran over to the bed and got in on the right. Hawkmon flew over and got on Biyomon's left side. Gabumon started by licking her right nipple, while Hawkmon started licking her left nipple. Biyomon tinted her head back and let out a coo of enjoyment as both of the digimon started moved down to her pussy. Her pussy lips were obvious as her vulva began to swell with her passion. Gabumon brushed his tongue over her clit lightly, causing her to squwalk in pleasure as the feeling shot through her pussy. Then Hawkmon began to thrust his tongue into her love canal and Gabumon began working on her clit. Biyomon was passed the point of hearing her own cries as two tongues expertly ate her pussy. Her cooing became louder as her orgasm neared. Suddenly, she was there! She let out a loud squwalk that slowly lost volume as she spilled pussy juice all over Hawkmon and Gabumon. Hawkmon's cock was out of it's pouch, bouncing with the heavy beating of his heart, all of seven inches long but only about one inch around. Gabumon's dick had emerged also, eight and a half inches long and about an inch and a half around. Biyomon was shocked at the size of Gabumon. She'd never taken someone that big!

"Don't worry, Biyomon, I'll be easy!" he said to her. He was use to having digi-girls nervous about the size of his cock.

"No, wait, lay on your back Gabumon." she said, after he did, she looked at Hawkmon, who was looking at himsef as the little guy. Biyomon said "Hawkmon, I want you up my ass!" Hawkmon watched as she impaled herself on Gabumon's huge dick. She took it about three quarters in before she began moving up and down on it, taking more and more till she was taking it all. She stopped and looked back at Hawkmon, "What are you waiting for, an invitation!" Hawkmon pushed her tail feathers up and slowly pushed his cock up her ass. Once he was all the way in, he began to slowly push in and out of her. "OK, boys give it to me!" Biyomon said. Gabumon began pumping in long strokes. Hawkmon followed suit as he started keeping pace with Gabumon. She was cooing louder as they began to pick up the pace, each thrusting in as the other was pulling out. She began to coo faster as the pace increased even more. Suddenly Hawkmon felt like something had grabbed his dick and wouldn't let it go, as Biyomon screached and dumped pussy juice all over Gabumon's groin. Hawkmon had reached the point where there was no turning back, he thrust deep into her bowels, his cock pumping out his digiseed. Gabumon felt this and began to cum huge globs of digi-cum into Biyomon's womb. Hawkmon fell across Biyomon's back and Biyomon fell across Gabumon's chest.

"You were right, Biyomon."Gabumon whispered to her, "All I needed was my friends to help me when I was depressed."

"Thank you, Gabumon," she whispered back, "and you too Hawkmon. Both of you were the best I've ever had. So much better than Eaglemon." she said as she sighed and faded off to sleep.

It must have been contagous because Hawkmon and Gabumon weren't too far behind her.


"OK, Veemon," Davis said, "when we get to the pool, try not to look too eager. It helps if you make them work for it!"

"Right !" said Veemon, as they began to slowly walk to the pool.

As they turned the corner and walked through the door to the pool, Yolie pulled herself out of the water to the waist, her her nipples hard on her budding breast. "Would you come on!" she said as she plunged back into the water.

Veemon ran to the pool and jumped in. Davis, busy pulling off his clothes, shouted "Wait for me!"

Veemon dove into the water, holding his breath and looking up to spot Yolie, he came up beside her and tried to wrap her in his arms. Yolie giggling ducked his grasp and swam to the shallow end of the pool, with Veemon in hot pursuit. By this time Davis had gotten undressed and dove into the water after them, swimming with strong strokes he got to Yolie just as Veemon got there.

"Oh, look! Two hansom boys here, just for me!" Yolie whispered.

"Yeah," said Veemon, as he wrapped his arms around her neck. Because even in the shallow end he had to tread water, it being just over his head.

Davis held her verticle in the water as he kissed her. Veemon moved down kissing her neck and throat as he went. Veemon reached her nipples and while licking and sucking one, he fondled the other with his hand. Veemon found he couldn't concentrait on Yolie while he was treading water. Suddenly, he came up with an idea.

"Veemon.....digivole to....XVeemon" Veemon digivolved.

XVeemon, holding Yolie effortlessly, brought his tongue, to her pussy. He began to lightly lick her clitoris. This brought a wave of pleasure that caused Yolie to moan in passion.

Davis, meanwhile, had moved down to her small, but budding, breast and began to fondle them as he kissed the sensitive spots on her neck and throat. Her back arched as XVeemon and Davis continued their attention on her body, bringing waves of heat from her pussy. She felt her oragsm comming on, but slowly. XVeemon began to dart his tongue in and out of her love tunnel. The taste was so enjoyable, that he drove his tongue deep into her pussy for a good taste. His tongue dancing inside of her pussy drove Yolie over the edge, her body arched in the spasms of her orgasm, that XVeemon had to lift her out of the water, so she wouldn't drown! XVeemon's erect cock had come out of it's pouch, a full nine inches long. Yolie gasped as she saw how big he was, she could feel Davis's erection and was sure she would have no problem with it, but she didn't know if she could handle XVeemon. She looked at XVeemon to say she thought he was too big for her, when she saw his eyes were closed and a look of concetraition on his face. Suddenly his cock began to shrink. At first it was nine inches now it was only six and a half! [XVeemon has the ability, like all of his kind of, digimon to control the size of his cock to accomidate his partner] XVeemon brought her to the edge of the pool and sat on the edge. She took his cock into her mouth, licking the sensitive underside. XVeemon leaned his head back as she began sucking his cock. He growled contentedly as this was the best he'd ever felt! Davis, not wanting to be left out, moved up behind her and slide his hard dick into her pussy. Yolie moaned as she felt her cunt filled, her love juice lubricating him as he began to plunge into her. Yolie began to deep-throat XVeemon's cock, as she felt another orgasm comming on from Davis attack on her sensitive pussy walls. XVeemon groaned As he felt the wave of his pleasure building to it's crest. Davis called out "Oh, Kari!"as he injected his load deep into Yolie's womb. XVeemon roared as he felt his balls contract with his orgasm, filling Yolie's mouth with his digiseed. Yolie began to orgasm herself as she felt Davis fill her pussy with his cum. XVeemon digivolved back to Veemon and passed out, as Davis and Yolie exhaustedly made their way to the edge of the pool.

As they laid on the edge of the pool, Yolie reran the what had just happened through her mind. She remembered the size of XVeemon's digihood and how it shrunk, 'I wonder how he did that?' she thought to herself. She thought about the taste of XVeemon's cock and the salty load he shot into her mouth, and how Davis had made her feel as he drove into her. She smiled, satisfied, as she remembered Davis calling out her name.

"Wait a minute! You called out Kari's name when you were with me?!" she screamed, outraged. Davis, who had fallen into a light sleep beside Yolie, woke, startled as she screamed at him.

"Wha....wha...wha...what?" he said confused.

"You were making love to ME, not Kari!" she screamed, pounding on him.

"I'm sorry, Yolie!" he said as he retreated from her assult. "I didn't know I said anything out loud."

"Oooohhhhhh...........!" she said as she drove her assult mercilessly. She came across with a right hook that took Davis off his feet and threw him into the pool unconcious. she saw Davis plunge under the water, but he didn't come up. Looking she saw him laying on the bottom of the pool."No!" she said as she dove into the pool after him. He wasn't breathing as she brought him to the surface. Fear for Davis's life made her forget her anger as she desperatly tried to save his life. Not waiting to get him out of the pool she began giving him mouth to mouth resusitation. After three breaths, Davis coughed up water and began to breathe on his own agian. "I'm sooooo sorry, Davis!" she said with tears in her eyes. He reached up and touched her cheek, with a smile on his face.

"You've got a mean right hook, Yolie!" he said, as she made her way back to the pool with him in tow.

"You're not mad at me?!" she asked incredulously.

"How can I be mad at someone who's tougher than me!" answered Davis. "I think I'm really in love, now!"

Yolie helped Davis out of the pool, and picking up Veemon and putting him over her shoulder, helped the two of them to their room, were the all laid down and fell into a dreamless sleep.


TK glanced around nervously. He had fanasized about making love to Patamon, but now that his dreams were comming true, he was getting cold feet. "Do you think that this is the right thing to do, Patamon?" he asked as his mind studdered over the implications of a digimon and human mating.

"Sure it is!" said Patamon as she used her earwings to move closer to Tk. "You said that you've been having dreams about me, let's see if we can make both of our dreams come true."

Patamon crawled up TK's chest and kissed him. TK, unsure of how to start, was startled as she tried to put her tongue into his mouth. Her soft tongue on his lips felt good, so he parted his lips and felt her tongue enter his mouth. Thrills of pleasure shot through him as her tongue swirled in his mouth so he tentivly put his own tongue into her mouth and began to immitate her. Patamon moaned in pleasure, as they explored each other's mouths. TK, overcome by the feelings in his body, reached out and hugged Patomon tightly, as he thrust his tongue deeper into her mouth. His dick was erect and his passion was high, but he didn't know what to do with it.

"I'm tired of the water, TK." said Patamon, in her squeeky voice "let's go to the bedroom."

"OK." said TK huskily, his hard-on plain to see as he got out of the tub. He picked up Patomon and after drying them both off, brought her to the bed.

Patamon leaped out of TK's arms and bounced on the bed, "Come on TK, I've been waiting for this for a long time now."

"I've never done anything like this before." said TK.

"That's OK, TK. I haven't either." squeeked Patamon, her entire body blushing, "Let's learn together."

TK got in the bed with Patamon. Not really knowing what he was doing, he began to kiss her lips and blow his warm breath in her ear. Patamon trembled with excitment, as her body responded to his gentle foreplay. TK began to move between her two front legs, feeling her erect nipples hidden in her fur, started to lick and nibble them. Patamon gasped, as pleasure surged through her body, straight to her pussy, as it began to swell with her quickly heating blood. TK became aware of an odd smell, not unpleasent, but he had never smelled it before. Looking lower, he saw her exposed pussy, noticed the smell was stronger there. He put his hand over her opening, feeling the moisture and heat, and felt a surge of wetness as he put his hand there, as Patamon began to moan louder. He parted the lips of her vagina and started to massage the hardening bump of her clitoris. Patamon was moaning louder now, her hips rotating under his finger. Suddenly, Patamon screamed as a rush of pussy juice surged from her body. Her orgasm ran through her body like water from a fountain. She had never felt like TK could make her feel. She turned over and took TK's cock into her mouth, her tongue running lightly over the underside of the head. TK laid back, his eyes rolling over white, as Patamon sent sensations through him he had never felt before. He had never had anything feel this good in his life. He moaned with pleasure as he bucked his hips into Patamon's mouth. He felt as though a  wave were building inside of him waiting for the moment. As the pleasure began to overwelm him, the wave broke. Patamon felt his balls clench and knew that he was ready to cum, so she wrapped her lips around his dick and sucked for all she was worth. TK arched his back, as his own orgasm flowed through him, his balls pumping out massive loads of his seed. Patamon, her lips sealed around his cock, swallowed his cum as fast as she could, but still felt as if her cheeks werte bulging out. As his orgasm slackened, she was able to swallow the rest, as his cock began to soften.

"Patamon, that was the most increadible feeling I've ever felt!" he said, breathlessly .

"We're not done, yet, TK!" Patamon said, as she turned, putting her very juicy pussy in his face.

The sweet smell of her cunt made his mouth water as he reach his tongue for a taste. Brushing his tongue over her clit, she moaned quietly. Taking encouragment from this he started to rub her clit with quick strokes of his tongue. Her panting, increasing as he continued, gave him the courage to insert his finger into her vagina. "Ooohhh, yyyeeesss, TK!" she panted as he fingered her and licked her clit at the same time. He began to explore her insides as he fingered her and found a small node inside that brought gasps of pleasure from her. He began to stimulate this spot with is finger as he doubled the speed that he licked her clitoris. She screamed as her orgasm flowed through her, soaking TK's face with the nectar of her pussy. Tk, hungily, lapped up her juice of her orgasm, causing her to cum agian. Having gotten another erection, while eating her pussy, he quickly spun her around and slowly inserted his dick into her digiwomonhood. She cried out in pain and pleasure as TK broke her cherry. He began to stroke his cock in and out of her as they both gasped in pleasure. His cock made Patamon feel as though she were being filled beyond her limits. But her flesh quickly became acustomed to his size as his cock began to move faster, rubbing the walls of her vagina. Using her earwings she brought herself up, almost off of TK's dick, and slammed down on it agian. TK groaned, not even Patamon's mouth had felt this good, as she continued the same procedure over and over agian. Patamon was gasping for air as she slammed down for the last time, her orgasm washing over her with the power of a tsunami, as she cried out his name. TK, feeling her juice flowing out of her, coating his groin, reached his peak. He bucked his hips as he shot load after load of his steaming hot cum into her hot, juicy pussy. Patamon collapsed on top of TK, panting to catch her breath. TK, also breathing hard, brought Patamon's mouth to his lips, kissing her, he croaked, "I love you, Patamon, your my digimon, heart and soul!" He laid his head back, closing his eyes, and quickly fell asleep.

"I love you, too, TK." Patamon said as she fell asleep on his chest.


Sora had gotten ahead of them, they saw as they exited the stairwell door. Looking down the hall they saw light comming for an open door on the left of the hall. "That must be the room she's in!" Agumon said to Armadillomon, as they made their way down the hall. Sure enough, as they entered the door, they found Sora in the bed, covered up to her neck with the bedspread. Her clothes looked as if they were thrown randomly around the room.

"Come on in boys," she said, seductivly "and close the door!"

"Okee dokee!" said Armadillomon as he shut the door.

Agumon ran to the bed and leaped in. Agumon took the left while Armadillomon crawled under the bedspread from the bottom. The big lump of Armadillomon, quickly between Sora's legs, began using his tongue to good effect. Sora, not expecting such an entusiastic response, didn't argue as Armadillomon's tongue sent shock waves through her body. Agumon began lightly nibbling and licking her nipples, his rough reptilian tongue sending wave after wave of pleasure through her. Armadillomon,  enjoying the taste of Sora's bald pussy, was alternatly darting his tongue inside of her pussy and tongueing her clitoris. Between the stimulation of her nipples and cunt, Sora was soon reaching her climax. Armadillomon's face, flooded with her love juice, was pasted to her sex, lapping up her cum as fast as he could. Her taste had intoxicated him, and as she filled his mouth with her cum, his cock, which had begun to poke out, sprung to it's full erection of seven inches. Agumon, his cock standing at attention already, threw back the covers, revealing Armadillomon preparing to slip his cock into Sora's hot twat. Sora grabbed Armadillomon and brought him to the head of the bed, his cock bouncing agianst his shell. Getting on her knees, she began to slowly lick his cock from top to bottom, before taking it to the balls in her mouth. Armadillomon grunted as she began to suck and lick his cock like  it was a lollypop! Sora gasped in suprise as Agumon got up behind her and slid his cock inside of her cunt. Agumon slowly began humping her in his favorite position, "Garurumon-style"! [Note from the author: I figured they don't have any dogs in the digital world and Garurumon is the closest thing they DO have! It would be doggy-style in the real world, though.] Armadillomon felt as though his dick were going to explode. He felt his balls clench, as he said, "Sora I'm gonna ............ AAAARRRRGGGG!" as he exploded inside her mouth, his balls sending massive amounts of his digiseed rocketing out of his cock. Agumon had begun humping Sora from behind, drawing his dick out to the head before slamming back into her. Sora was struggling to swallow Armadillomon's cum when she felt her orgasm reach it's peak and wash over her with a wave of pleasure. As her pussy juice coated Agumon's dick, Sora felt his cock begin growing hotter and hotter. Agumon cried out her name as he slammed his cock into her to the hilt and blasted her full of his own hot digicum. This brought Sora to another cataclismic orgasm. She screamed in pleasure as she coated Agumon with her juice.

The three lovers collapsed were they were, totally exhausted. When they did wake in the morning, covered in each other's dried cum, they would have to shower before they could go down stairs to meet the others.



The Next Morning


They all met the next morning in the main lobby. Izzy had found a well stocked kitchen and they were all eating, when Tia asked, "You guys act as is if you didn't sleep a wink! I was so exhausted, I fell right asleep!"

They all denied the fact that they hadn't slept. Izzy looked at Lillymon, whispered in her ear,"I think your 'Passion Pollen' might have spread around the hotel last night." Lillymon giggled as she picked up another peice of fruit and ate it. To the others, he said, "We better make our way to File Island, we should be there this afternoon!


To Be Continued


This is my second lemon. Hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed writting it! Stay tuned for more as we see what happens with Gatomon's son, Goldamon! Do you have any suggestions, ideas for a story line, request, or comments (No flames, PLEASE! If you don't like the story, DON'T read it!) E-mail me at dtlawson2@yahoo.com    I would also like pics of any digimon you may have, I'm trying to build a database of digimon and their attacks to help me write better stories! Thanx