Chapter 1
Cats Do Lay Eggs

It had been a long day, tromping through the woods, filled with low hanging branches and dense undergrowth. Joe and Kari were to meet up with the other digidestined on the other side of these woods before heading to the moutains beyond. It was getting dark and Joe was almost completely worn out and Kari was only a little better. Gatomon, who had been foraging ahead, popped up in front of Joe, supprising him.
"Don't do that!" he exclaimed.
"Sorry about that, Joe, but there's a stream about fifty meters ahead. I thought that it would make a good place to camp for the night." Gatomon said.
At that moment Gomamon popped up. "Yeah! Can't you smell it!"
"WHAAA! Gomamon, don't sneak up on me like that!" Joe shouted, then shook his head. "That sounds like a good idea Gatomon. How's it sound to you, Kari?" 
"Great! I'm exhausted, sweaty, dusty, scratched by branches, and my shoes are all muddy! I could definately use a bath or I'll never get to sleep tonight!" Kari said as she dusted at her clothes.
Gatomon and Gomamon giggled and glanced at each other. "We'll meet you there, Joe, Kari!" they both said as they disappeared into the undergrowth.
"Be careful, Gatomon!" Kari shouted to the retreating pair, as they made their way through the bushes.
Gomamon followed his nose to the stream. The smell of the water also making him want a bath as well. Then he pushed through a thick clump of bushes and he emerged into a clearing bot by a stream but a small lake! He looked around expecting Gatomon to be right behind him. But as he looked he heard Gatomon calling for him off to his right. "Over here!" he shouted as he moved toward the lake. Just as he started to get into the water, Gatomon poked her head throught the bushes.
"Trust you to find the biggest body of water around." she sulked. She went to the edge and settled down for a long drink as Gomamon entered the water with a splash. The wave washed over Gatomon, soaking her fur.
"You big lummox," she sputtered, "look at what you've done! I'm soaked!" she shouted as she shook herself off.
"AWWWWWWW, the big bad Gatomon is afraid of a litte water." Gomamon teased.
"I am not!" she said haughtly.
"Are too."
"Am not."
"Are too."
"AM NOT!" she cried and with a growl leaped on Gomamon's belly. Gomamon, who was swimming on his back was suprised by her leap and was pushed under by Gatomon's weight. Gatomon was even more suprised than Gomamon because she didn't know how to swim. As he submurged Gomamon flipped over and swam to the surface, Gatomon losing all sense of direction swam down instead of up. Upon surfacing, Gomamon quickly looked around and not seeing Gatomon, dove under to look for her. Being a seal digimon, he was able to see quite well under water. He soon located Gatomon's still form laying on the bottom. He quickly grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and using all four of his flippers drove himself to the surface. His rapid assent made it seem as though he flew from the water and landed on the bank.
"Gatomon! Gatomon!" he shouted, in a panic. "What am I going to do?" he cried as water sheeted from his body. He laid his ear over Gatomon's heart. Her heart was still beating, but she wasn't breathing! Then Gomamon remembered something he watched with Joe on TLC. It was called mouth to mouth recusitation. So, filling his lungs with air, he placed his mouth over hers and breathed into her. He felt the breath coming from her nostrils and remembered theat you had to pinch the nose shut. So pinching her nose he began agian. After several breaths, Gatomon began to choke and cough, breathing on her own once agian. Gomamon broke down and wept over Gatomon. Normally he would never have done this but he was secretly in love with her and the thought of loosing her was more that his heart could bear.
"Gatomon, I'm so sorry. I would never have let you go under if I had known you couldn't swim. Please forgive me." he begged as he began sobbing agian.
Gatomon reached up and brushed her paw over his tear-stained cheek. "What are you crying about, I'm the one who nearly drowned?" she said in a low, strained voice.
"Because I love you, Gatomon! I have since File Island. I was Bukamon and you were Salomon. Please forgive me." Gomamon said as the tears ran from his amber eyes and down his whit fured cheeks. Then he realized what he'd just said, and blushed a brite red. Or it would have been if his fur wasn't white. As it was his face did turn pink.
Gatomon was agast. She would never have guessed that he loved her. She had always had strong feelings for Gomamon, but love? She had never been in love before, and just didn't know how to respond. She had had sex before, with Agumon, Gabumon, and once with Leomon, when she was Nefertimon. But she never felt with them the way she felt about Gomamon. It seemed that no other digimon had more feelings for her than Gomamon. He was weeping and begging her forgivness as though he didn't expect it from the mon who had saved her life! Surely no other digimon could love her more than Gomamon. She made up her mind quickly as she looked deep into Gomamon's amber eyes and said "I love you, too, Gomamon." 
Gomamon looked into her beautiful blue eyes and saw rather than heard the word she spoke. Now it was his turn to be agast. He never in his wildest dreams believed that his love would be returned. He knew that she liked him, would risk her life to save him, but love him in return?! He gently picked her up and brought her up the bank where the sun would dry her fur and keep her warm. She quickly fell asleep as the sun warmed her. He put his mouth over her forehead and gently kissed her. 
Gomamon had just taken his lips from her forehead when he heard Joe and Kari coming through the underbrush. "Over here, Joe, Kari!" he shouted after moving away from Gatomon so he wouldn't wake her.
Joe pushed through the brush, followed closly by an exhausted Kari. "Whew, that was a hard trek Gomamon. I thought Gatomon said it was a stream, this looks like a lake to me." Joe said as he plopped down on the ground next to Gomamon.
"It is a stream over there," Gomamon said indicating the the inlet if the stream to the right, "but it empties into this lake. Be careful it's deep, too!"
"Where's Gatomon?" asked Kari.
"She's asleep over there. She didn't realize how deep the lake was," Gomamon lowered his head as he told them, "she almost drowned."
"WHAT!" Kari shouted and started to run to Gatomon's side.
"WOE THERE, GIRL!" shouted Joe as he grabbed her arm to stop her headlong rush to her digimon's side. "Let's not run over there and wake her up. She's had a scare that she will never forget, that's for sure." Gomamon snorted at the understatment, "and I'm sure she'll need her rest."
"Poor Gatomon." Kari said as she knelt down beside her and smoothed her drying fur. "How did it happen?"
"Well...... it was sort of my fault." Gomamon stammered. "I jumped into the lake, making a big splash and got her all wet. She got mad and I tried to get her to lighten up by teasing her. I should have known better, she jumped me in the water. I was about three meters from shore, floating on my back, when she lands on my stomach. This drove me underwater and I took her down with me."
"She can't swim." Kari said to Gomamon in a rather angry voice.
"I know that now," Gomamon said "but when I surfaced I expected to see her, when I didn't I knew something was wrong. So I dove under and spotted her laying on the bottom, not moving." Gomamon started to sob as he retold the story. "I grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and used all my strength to get her to shore as fast as I could. I didn't know what to do. But then I remembered that TV show that Joe and I watched to other day about CPR."
"I knew that would come in handy someday." Joe said as he beamed down at Gomamon.
"So, you saved her life?! OOOHHH thank you, Gomamon!" Kari said as she swept Gomamon into a huge hug that left him gasping for breath himself!
"Looks like we've got ourselves a big hero!" Joe said. "We'd better stay for a few days and let Gatomon recover. After all this seems like a good spot to camp till then. Should be some fish in the lake, right Gomamon?"
"Right, I'll get right on it!" Gomamon said as he advanced into the water and plunged in.
"And I'll start getting some wood for a fire, so we'll be able to cook what he brings back." Joe said as he went back into the woods.

Several Hours Later

The four large fish that Gomamon caught were cooked and eaten. Gatomon had suprised them by tearing into her fish with a gusto none of them had expected but then went back to sleep almost as soon as she was done.Kari had taken a bath while Joe had gathered wood for the fire. Joe had taken his after Kari went to sleep. Then Joe had contacted the others on his digivice and explained what happened and said that they would be spending a few days to let Gatomon recover. They replyed that that was the best thing to do and that they hadn't reached the meeting point themselves, and that they would see them in a couple of days.
Gomamon had laid down next to Gatomon and fell asleep. He woke to an odd sound. It was early in the morning and he couldn't guess what it could be. What ever it was, it was very close! He opened his eyes and saw Gatomon's big blue eyes staring into his. She was purring so loud that he was suprised that she hadn't woken up Joe or Kari.
"Tme to get up, sleepy head." Gatomon purred into his ear. She then kissed his cheek.
"Why? It's not even sunrise, yet." Gomamon whispered.
"I know, it's the best time for what I've got planned."
"And that would be?" Gomamon asked, with a silly smile on his face.
"It's been a long time for me Gomamon. I've finally found the mon I love, I getting ready to show you just how much!" She whispered into is ear.
She turned him over and kissed him. Gomamon felt her tongue brush his lips, he parted them and let her explore his mouth while he did the same. He began to rub her back with his flippers as her paw began to rub him over the hiden pouch that concealed his dick. He began to breath harder as his cock emerged and began to stiffen. He had had sex with other digimon before, but nothing turned him on like Gatomon was now. His cock soon hardened to it's full length of eight inches and began to jump with the pounding of his heart. Gatomon moved down and took his cock in her mouth and began to slowly suck and lick up and down his pole. He began to moan as she took his cock deep into her throat and let her rough tongue drag over it as she pulled it out.
"Quiet" she whispered. "Here's something you could do with that mouth instead of making noise." She moved her pussy over his mouth.
Gomamon's tongue was soon buried deep in her twat, lapping up her juices. He began to work over her clitoris causing her to start purring. The thrill of the vibrations of her purr were threatening to bring him to a climax too quickly. He began to lick her clit faster. This soon brought Gatomon to a hard climax, as she dumped her love juice onto Gomamon's face, his cock turned icy cold and dumped load after load of ice cold cum into Gatomon's mouth. Try as she could, she couldn't keep up with the jetting, cold fluid comming from his cock. She quickly used her rough tongue to lick up the cum that had dripped from her mouth, rubbing it up and down his cock. To her suprise his cock didn't soften, but remained hard. She then positioned her hot pussy over his cock and slowly began to lower herself onto it. Gomamon gasped as her pussy slowly engulfed his digihood. A meow of pleasure escaped her lips as she took all of him inside of her. She began to move up and down, moving faster and faster. Gomamon watch in awe as Gatomon, her head tilted back, eyes closed, and mouth wide open began to pump him faster. Gatomon felt another orgasm coming on and increased the speed to bring it on faster. She knew that she had found the only digimon in the digiworld that truly loved her more than anything in either world and she loved him for it. Suddenly, she felt the wave of her orgasm crash down on her. She bit her lip to keep herself from screaming in pleasure. Gomamon felt her juices drench his groin and this pushed him over the edge. His cock, planted deep inside Gatomon, turned ice cold and his cold digiseed began to fill Gatomon's cunt. As Gatomon felt this she began to climax again. It felt like she was once agian, deep in the cold, cold water her lungs bursting with the need for air, as she bit her lip again, this time drawing blood, to keep the screams of pleasure from escaping and waking the others. She fell across Gomamon's chest panting for air. Gomamon used his flippers to massage her back and then drew her to his lips to drink in the honey of her kisses.
"It's never felt like that before!" Gatomon whispered in his ear.
"No other digi-girl has ever made me feel like you just made me feel, Gatomon!" Gomamon said, "I love you, with all of my heart and soul."
Gatomon began to realize the depth of his love for her, made her feel as though nothing was impossible as long as they were together. "Gomamon," she said, "for the rest of my life I'll try to live up to the love you've given me tonight. As long as we're together nothing is impossible! I love you more than life itself and I'll never let you go." Then she put her head to his chest and quietly began to cry tears of joy at the love she had found.
Gomamon wrapped his flippers around her and marveled that he was deserving of the love that she had given to him, for now and forever. They slowly fell into an exhausted sleep, dreaming dreams of the love that they had found.

The Next Morning

Joe woke up to find the lovers locked in their embrace. Joe being older noticed that this was most likly their first time together. It was something in the way they held each other and the smiles on their faces that clued him in.
"Looks like someone had fun last night." Joe said with a knowing grin.
"What are you talking about, Joe?" Kari asked as she sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
"Them!" Joe stated, as he indicated the two digimon.
"What about them?" Kari asked as she looked over the Digi-pair.
"Well it might not be obvious to you, but I'd bet my digivice that you're looking at a pair of digimon lovers!" Joe said, his eyebrows raised.
"You're joking Joe........Aren't you?" Kari asked
"Not only that, but I'll bet that last night was their first time together!" Joe said as he took Kari by her arm and led her away from them so they wouldn't awaken them.
"First time for what?"
"Kari, you're being intentionally thick! They had sex last night while we slept. I thought that I heard something last night, but it never really woke me up. I guess it's all for the good, it'll join our team more firmly together." Joe explained.
Kari stood there, open mouthed, shocked to hear Joe speak in such frank terms about sex. Lately Kari had been thinking more about boys and wondering even more about sex. In the last few days that they had been alone, she had developed a crush on Joe. He seemed so mature, always trying to protect her, in ways that even he didn't notice. He usually made it seem he knew what he was talking about and never made a big thing about it when he was right. But doubt filled her mind, could he really know what he was talking about now?
"I think you're mistaken, Joe. Gatomon would have come to me with something this important. She wouldn't try to hide it from me! Would she?" Kari wondered.
"I'm right! And I can prove it!" Joe stated.
"Well, we'll make ourselves conveniently absent for a couple of hours. But we'll hide in the brush right over here. It'll give us a good veiw and we'll see who's right." Joe challenged.
"Hmmmmmmmmm...... But what if I'm right?" she challenged back.
"Well, I don't know, what would you like?" Joe asked, thinking that this could be interesting.
"Well, let me think............ " she said scratching her head, "OH, I know when we spy on them you'll do whatever Gomamon does to Gatomon, to ME!"
"WHAT!!!" Joe stammered.
"You heard me!"
"OK, but you'll do the same thing Gatomon does to Gomamon to me if I'm right!" Joe challenged in returned.
"WHAT!!!" Kari stammered.
"You heard me! If I'm wrong, nothing will happen. But if I'm right......"
"OK, you've got a deal, because nothing's going to happen!" Kari said over Joe.
Joe snickered, as he saw Gatomon wake up and kiss Gomamon, over Kari's shoulder. "We'll see." he said.
As they walked back to the their digimon, Joe noticed that the two digimon were being as inconspicious as possible, though Gomamon couldn't keep that silly grin off his face this morning. They sat down with their digimon and started talking about what they should do about food for the day. Gomamon offered to get more fish, Joe said he thought it was a good idea but that they should have some food to take with them the next day when they left.
"You know Gomamon, I saw some berries and nuts in the woods when we were on our way over here. Maybe Kari and I could go back into the woods and gather some. It could take some time though, it might be several hours before we could gather enough for the four of us." Joe said as he glanced at Kari.
"You're right, Joe." Gatomon said, "but don't count Gomamon out. He'll have enough fish here to feed all the digidestined by the time you get back." She gave Gomamon a look that made him blush as she sung his praises.
Even Kari raised her eyebrows this time, as she looked at Joe and said, "Well, we'd better get going if we're going to get back before Gomamon empties the lake of fish."
"Have fun!" Joe said as the two digidestined waved as they walked, hand in hand, into the forest.
Joe, quietly, moved around the lake to a spot where they could watch and not be seen or heard by the two digimon. "Alright," he said, "now we just watch." He turned to Kari and winked.
"Hummmph........" she snorted, and got down on her stomach to see more clearly without being seen. Joe got down on the side of her so he could see as well.

Gomamon walked toward the lake. "Better get started if I'm going to me to live up to the promise you made for me. Hope you like fish for breakfast!" he said as Gatomon came up next to him. He leaned over and kissed Gatomon on the cheek then plunged into the water.

In the bushes, not far away, Joe leaned over to Kari and kissed her on the cheek.
"What did you do that for?" she asked, wipping at her cheek.
"Part of the deal, remember? Joe smiled at her. Kari's face turned red and she giggled.

Gomamon wasn't down long before a large digi-bass came sailing from the water to land on the shore. "Not bad for the first one, right Gatomon." He yelled from about ten meters out.
"Oh, Gomamon, digi-bass are my favorite!" Gatomon yelled back, as she impaled the fish on her claw and tossed it further up the bank.
"I'll get you more, my love!" he yelled as he dove under agian.

Kari's mouth was agape, as she heard Gomamon's reply.
Joe giggled as he was proven right again. But in his way he said nothing. They watched as several more fish came sailing from the water to land on the beach at Gatomon's feet. Joe was astounded as he watched Gomamon. It seemed nothing could stop him. Twenty fish were on the beach in as many minutes. Then Gomamon came flying out of the water himself with the grandfather of all digi-bass in his mouth. It seemed that he never touched the ground till he landed at Gatomon's feet with his catch.
"Wow! Gomamon's never done that before!" Joe said astounded. "I guess love can strenthen digimon beyond themselves." Joe observed.

"Think that's enough, Gatomon." he asked dropping the fish at her feet.
"That's enough for me. But what are you going to eat?" Gatomon said smiling and licking her lips.
"I think this one should be enough to satisfy even a tyrannomon!" Gomamon said.
"I think you're right." giggled Gatomon.
They both cast longing eyes at each other as they ate their fish raw. "I always did like sushi." said Gatomon.
"Me too." he replied as they finished.
"So.......what should we do till Joe and Kari get back?" Gatomon asked with a suggestive look.
"Well, I've got something over here that should keep us busy." Gomamon innocently replied.
He led her to the soft patch of grass that they had slept on the night before. He looked at her and smiled as she laid down on the grass. Her breath was comming quickly as he laid down beside her. He took a deep breath, to calm himself before kissing her deeply. Gatomon parted her lips as his tongue sought entry. His long dog-like tongue excited her as she explored his mouth with hers. He parted from her lips, panting. His digihood already begining to poke out of it's hiden pouch, he moved down her body licking and sucking on her nipples under her fur. Gatomon purred as her excitement started to rise. Her pussy lips were now evident through the fur between her legs as her vulva began to flood with her hot blood.

Back in the bushes, Kari was so involved in watching that she didn't notice Joe had risen up beside her, untill he turned her over and began kissing her. At first she was suprised, but sonn warmed into the kiss as Joe began to unbutton her top. Joe felt her tongue licking his lips as he opened his mouth for her. She began by running her tongue under his, and as heard Joe moan with passion, became bolder exploring his mouth as his tongue started to explore hers. After Joe had unbuttoned her top, he slowly moved down, kissing and nibbling at the sensitive parts of her neck and ears. Kari was beside herself. She never knew that these feelings were there. How could he excite her so without even touching her......... down there? She gasped aloud as Joe began to lick and lightly bite on her ear. It seemed as though volts of electricity passed through her as he licked and bit her earlobe. Electricity that ran from the top of her head to the soles of her feet and back to her pussy which now had a large wet spot on her shorts. He then kissed her agian, and began to move down her body to the base of her throat. Then using his tongue, he ran it down to her belly-botton. Kari gasped as he ran his tongue back up her belly toward her left nipple. He stopped just short, his hot breath warming her nipple, then lightly touched it with the tip of his tongue. Kari's back arched and she cried out as the feeling coursed through her body. Then he slowly began to suckle her as she grabbed his head and pulled him to her. She could feel her panties were soaking with her juices and the spot on her pants began to spread.

The smell of Gatomon's pussy was so intoxicating that he quickly moved down between her legs. Once there he let the expectation build before he spread her pussy lips and let his tongue dart out and hit her clitoris. Gatomon, who had been purring louder and louder, let out a screaming yowl as she climaxed. Juices from her pussy splashed Gomamon across his snout and chest. His tongue shot out to bury itself into Gatomon's pussy, drinking in her juice like nectar. His long dog-like tongue caressed the walls of her pussy, building her up for another orgasm. She grabbed him by his red mohawk and pressed his face to her pussy. He began to work her clit and soon she was calling out his name as she climaxed agian. Her back was arched and her scream echoed through the forest. She collapsed almost completely exhausted. Then she felt Gomamon's eight inch dick rubbing agianst her fur, she carfully grabbed it taking care not to injure him with her sharp claws, and began to masterbate him. Gomamon groaned as he felt her caressing his cock. he looked down just in time to see Gatomon take the head of his cock in her mouth. Gomamon groaned and rolled over to his back. Gatomon rolled over with him and began to deep throat his cock. Gomamon let the feeling wash over him as the warmth of her mouth made his cock turn cold as a icicle. He called out her name as his digiseed pumped into her mouth. Gatomon struggled to swallow all of his ice cold sperm as it jetted into her mouth. When he finished, she began licking his cock and fur of all of the sperm that had escaped her. That's when she noticed that his cock was still rock hard.
"Don't you ever go soft?!" She exclaimed.
"My type of digimon," he explained, "cum so fast, that to satisfy my partner, it will stay hard as long as I make stay hard."
"Ppppppppppuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm going to love being with you!" Gatomon said as she stradled his cock and began to lower herself onto it.

Back in the bushes, Joe had gotten her shorts off and was massaging her clit through her soaked panties. Kari was in a state of exstasy. She no longer heard her own cries of passion as her hips bucked and she called out Joe's name. Joe began to move lower, bringing his hands to her panties and slowly removing them. The smell of Kari's juices and the sight of her bald pussy made his heart jump in his chest and his dick jump in his pants, begging for release. He brought his tongue to the top of her mound, then down between her pussy and her right leg. He could feel the beating of her heart through the large artery that ran just below the skin, and then repeated the same move on the other side. Kari's pussy juice was running out of her vagina and down the crack of her ass, so he placed his tongue there and slowly licked up to her pussy, savoring her love juices. He lightly ran his tongue over her labia and up to her clitoris, before putting more pressure on her love button. Kari had never orgasmed before, and as she did she sat up screaming and holding Joe's head to her pulsing pussy, before collapsing onto her back agian. Joe heard an echo to Kari's scream and figured that it must be Gomamon was doing just as good of a job as he was! Joe continued to work her clit while putting a finger up her pussy and finding her G-spot quickly bringing her to another orgasm. He quickly stood up and removed his shorts and boxers. Kari had seen a penis before, but it was usually on babies that she babysat, but she'd never seen one hard and bouncing rapidly with the beat of his heart.
"Please..... Joe..... I need you..... need something!" she begged him.
Joe was on his knees between her legs, his cock so hard it hurt, gritting his teeth, trying to control himself. He put the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly inserted his dick into her. He felt the barrier of her cherry, so massaging her clitoris and pumping slowly and shallowly, he brought her near an orgasm agian, then pushed his dick deep into her and broke her cherry. The pain sent her over the edge agian blood and pussy juice flooded out of her and soaked Joe's croch. He started pumping harder now bringing himself closer to his own climax. The push and pull in the tender pussy was so overwelming to Kari, that she was quickly brought to her final climax. Just as Joe was getting ready to explode inside of her, she climaxed. The feeling of her pussy walls contracting around his cock sent him over the edge. He laid down on top of her and locked his lips over hers, ramming his tongue into her mouth as his cum filled her pussy.
"I love you, Joe." Kari said as she closed her eyes.
"And I love you, Kari." he said as his eyes slide closed.
Exhausted they fell asleep as they were.

Back on the beach, Gatomon lowered herself onto Gomamon's rock hard digihood. Gomamon couldn't stand it, he grabbed her and flipped her over, so he was on top and began to pump his cock deep into Gatomon. Gatomon was so completely suprised by this she did nothing to stop him. After a few seconds she was glad she didn't! He didn't go fast, but gave her long hard strokes. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over Gatomon. The pain of having such a huge cock slammed ito her was overcome by the pleasure. Gomamon was licking her nipples and lightly nipping them with his teeth. Gatomon felt another wave of pleasure coming over her, she screamed and bit Gomamon on his neck, dragging her claws over his back but never breaking the skin. The pain of her teeth and claws caused Gomamon to loose control. His cock turned ice cold as his digiseed jetted from his cock coating the inside of Gatomon's pussy. The sudden change in temperture in her pussy helped prolong her orgasm and they both collapsed in exhaustion.

Several Hours Later

The digimon and their digidestined were sitting on the beach relaxing, having eaten their fill on fish, berries, and nuts. They were talking quietly among themselves. Joe and Kari had emerged from the forest two hours ago with the front of Kari's shirt filled with berries and nuts. They praised Gomamon and Gatomon on the quantity of fish they had caught. They had cooked and eaten their meal and were preparing for the night. Gatomon asked Kari if she'd come for a walk down the beach with her and after agreeing they set off. Gomamon seemed rather hesitant as he started to talk to Joe.

"Ummmmmm......Joe......There's something I have to tell you, but I don't know if you'll understand." Gomamon stammered.
"What is it Gomamon?" Joe asked, though he knew what Gomamon was getting ready to say.
"I've fallen n love!" he blurted out.
"Really! That's wonderful Gomamon! I know you and Gatomon will be happy together!" Joe said.
"How did you know it was Gatomon?" Gomamon said increduously.
"Well, Gatomon did make a lot of noise while we were in the woods. But if you want to know the truth, me and Kari were right over there. We saw the whole thing." Joe explained.
"YOU WATCHED!" Gomamon shouted.
"Well, not really the whole thing...............ummmm..........we were.....ummmmm...... kind of busy ourselves." stammered Joe.
"You and Kari!" Gomamon's eyes practically buldged from his head so astounded was he.
"I know, I know. She's a little younger than me, but that doesn't stop love does it?" Joe looked at Gomamon, his eyes begging for his acceptence.
"You're right, Joe. Love doesn't know the boundries of age. I hope that you'll be as happy with her as I am with Gatomon." Gomamon said.
"Thanks Gomamon, your seeing eye to eye with me on this really helps."
"Not a problem, that's what real friends are for." Gomamon said as he put his arms around his digidestined and best friend.
"Promise you won't say anything to Gatomon about this, unless she asks?" Joe pleaded. "I promised Kari I wouldn't say anything, but it kind of slipped out."
"My lips are sealed, unless she asks!" Gomamon promised.

Farther down the beach, Gatomon and Kari were walking. Gatomon was trying to think of a way to break it to Kari easily.
"Kari, I've got something to tell you. I don't really know how to tell you this so I'll just come right out and say it. I've fallen in love with another digimon." Gatomon said, her big blue eyes reflecting the moonlight.
"Gatomon, I'm so happy for you! Who's the lucky digimon?" Kari said as she scooped up Gatomon and spun around in a circle.
"Gomamon." she said. Kari could hear the love in her voice when she said his name
"Well now, you couldn't have chosen a better digimon than him! He's hansom, brave, strong, and I know he'd do anything for you!" Kari said, her smile beaming down on Gatomon.
"I was so worried that you would be upset. I can love two persons at once can't I? Gatomon questioned.
"Of course! That's why I'm so glad you told me, because I've got some news for you!" Kari said, hugging Gatomon even closer.
"What's that?"
"I've fallen in love with Joe!" Kari said
"Why? What's wrong with Joe?" Kari said, holding Gatomon out away from her.
"Nothing, I was just teasing you!"
"Ooooo, you can be so bad sometimes. But I love you anyways!" she said as she hugged Gatomon to her breast.
"Well, let's get back to camp. I'm really tired, it's been a long day and we've still got to meet up with the others tomorrow." Gatomon said, as she streatched and yawned.
They walked back to camp and each laying down with their new mates went to sleep.

Gatomon woke early the next morning to find a suprise waiting for her. Snuggled between her and Gomamon was a DIGIEGG. Gatomon stared agast. She knew only two powerful digimon with the power of love could make digieggs. Then she thought about it. Gomamon was a very powerful rookie digimon and with her golden tail ring she was easily as powerful as some champion digimon. It was her egg, her's and Gomamon's!
She gently shook Gomamon awake. "Wake up sleepy head, I've got a suprise for you."
Gomamon cracked his eyes open and saw Gatomon, he smiled sleepily, then he saw the digiegg. He sprang up, rubbing his eyes, to make sure he wasn't seeing things.
"How did that get here!"
"It's ours, you're going to be a father!" Gatomon said.
"WHAT!" Gomamon shouted, waking the others.
Kari woke first, after rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she spotted the egg, too. Joe wasn't far behind as he spotted the egg.
"HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?" they shouted.
Gatomon got defensive, "It's our's, mine and Gomamon's!" she said.
"But cats don't lay eggs, they have litters!" Kari exclaimed.
"But we're in the digital world! So cats do lay eggs!" said Joe.