This story is rated XXX . If you are offended by stories about sex between digimon and human and/or other digimon, or if it is illeagle in your community to veiw this type of material, (personally I don't care but Big Brother might) then take off! As for the rest of you "Enjoy". I've taken the liberty in naming Gatomon's son, Goldamon and SaberGatomon. (After all, it's MY story) I hope you like them as well. For fans of "Gatomon's Pride" this takes place after Chapter 2 "Empty Village".



Gatomon's Pride

Chapter 3

A New Player in the Game


Veemon and Davis led the way out of town, south, toward File island. His mind kept returning to the night before and the menage' a troi he and Veemon had with Yolie. He rubbed his jaw where Yolie punched him and smiled. A noise from his digivice brought him out of his daydream, Davis, consulting it, began to pick up a faint traces of Kari and Joe heading toward them.

"Hey, guys! I think that Kari and Joe are comming toward us!" he shouted out to the rest of the digidestined, "Looks like they're only about a half a mile away, in that direction," he said pointing East, "and headed this way."

"Oh, man, I forgot about Tentomon!" said Izzy, slapping his hand agianst his forehead, "We've gotta find him!"

"Don't worry, Izzy, we'll find him." said Palmon, who was at his side.

"I'm not worried," Izzy said, "he'll find us."

Suddenly a low buzzing noise broke through his concentration, and it was getting louder!


Meanwhile, on the previous day....................


Kari and Joe traveled through out the day before and most of the night trying to get to File Island, stopping occasionally to feed a hungry Goldamon. Well after dark, it had started to rain. Gomamon, not bothered by the rain, looked for a more secure shelter as Gatomon, Kari, Joe, and Goldamon took shelter under some trees. After about a half hour of waiting, Joe, who began to get nervous, was just about to go looking for Gomamon, when he  appeared out of the rain. "I've found a cave not too far from here, you shouldn't get too much wetter getting there." he said to Joe and Kari who were soaking wet.

Gatomon, in little better condition, said "Well, let's go then! You know I hate to be wet!"

The two humans and the digimon ran to the cave. As said by Gomamon, it wasn't far off, but he didn't say it was big. Though the entrance was so small they had to get down on all fours to get inside. Once inside they were amazed at the size of the cavern. A ring of columns, formed by the meeting of stalagtites and stalagmites, supported the huge domed ceiling. The feeling of being in a church or temple, crossed Joe's mind as they went further into the cave. Kari and Gatomon talked in low voices about how they should stay close to the exit so that they wouldn't lose their way inside the cave. Joe, exploring further into the cave, found a deep lake full of icy cold, crystal clear water.

"Guys, over here!" Gomamon shouted, and immediatly regretted it. The shout echoed through the cave, almost deafening them.

"Not so loud Gomamon." Joe whispered as he got near, "What did you find?"

"It looks like a armor digiegg!" whispered Gomamon, as he examined it. "But I've never seen one like this before."

"I've never seen a crest like this before, either!" whispered Joe. "Have you Kari?"

"I've never seen one like that either, but I think that's the Crest of Power. Gatomon?" Kari said looking at Gatomon.

"Yes, it's the Crest of Power, the rarest of all of the crests. All I can tell you is, that it isn't mine or Kari's." said Gatomon in a quiet voice.

Then a voice came from Kari's backpack, "I feel funny, Kari. Let me out of here!" Kari took off the backpack and opened it, Goldamon came rolling out. "I know this place!" Goldamon said, "But I know I've never been here before."

Kari walked up to the digiegg, wrapped her hands around it and tried to lift it. Tried and failed. Joe tried also, with the same results. Suddenly, a blinding light burst from the egg, as a digivice was transported to it's digidestined! Everyone was knocked back by the blast of light, everyone but Goldamon. He stood in the light of the digiegg as though he was absorbing it's energy. He turned to his mother and father, and suddenly..........................DIGIVOLVED!

"Goldamon digivolve to.....................SaberGatomon!" Goldamon digivolved.

SaberGatomon was twice Gatomon's size, though his color had changed to an off white, that contrasted with Gatomon's fur. His paws had retractible claws, that when extended, formed into talon-like claws, much like a cat's claws. That with his oppossible thumb made him a very dangerous digimon. His feet had retractible claws as well. He would have been mistaken for a mini Leomon, so muscular was he, except for a distinctive red mohawk, that was braided from the base of the neck to the base of his tail, and red tipped ears and tail. His cat fangs hung three inches past his lower jaw, giving him a saber-toothed appearance. His eyes, like Gatomon were cat eyes, but even in the dim light of the cavern, they could see his eyes were amber, like Gomamon. Across his back, he wore a sword. It's hilt, protruding over his right shoulder, was emblazoned with the symbol of the Crest of Power, the same as on the digiegg. The pommel bore the symbol of the Yin and Yang, the symbol of balance!

Gatomon and Gomamon stood back, agast! 'He's so hansom!' thought Gatomon, with pride. 'Look what a mon my son is!' thought Gomamon, puffing his chest out a bit.

"Did you see that," Joe exclaimed, "a digivice came out of the egg! Just like the time Tai tried to pick up Veemon's egg! That means there's gonna be another Digidestined!" His exclaimation echoed through the cavern.

"Then the armor digiegg must be for SaberGatomon and his Digidestined." replied Kari, in a lower voice, as they all glared at Joe.

"That would make sense, the power from the egg gave him the power to digivolve." Joe reasoned, also in a lower voice, as he smiled an apology to the rest of his friends.

"This could be what Gennia wants us to come to File Island for." Gatomon said.

"Well, when we get there tomorrow afternoon, we'll find out. Until then, let's not make speculations or borrow trouble. We've got enough of that now with the Digimon Emperor!" said Joe, trying to keep his voice down.

"You'll never get there! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!" shouted a voice from deeper in the cave. A pair of evil red eyes stared at them as the figure emerged from the darkness of the cavern.

"LEOMON!" they shouted out together. On his left bicep, a black spiral glowed with malice.

"Yes, and now, FIST OF THE BEAST KING" he shouted, as he attacked.

All five of them ducked behind a stalagmite as Leomon's attack shattered one of the collumns that supported the roof. Kari pulled out her digivice, "Digi Armor Energize!"

"Gatomon armor digivolve to....................Nefertimon, Angel of light!" Gatomon digivolved.

"Rosetta Stone!" she shouted, as she began her attack.

"What are you waiting for Joe? An invitation?" screamed Kari.

"The control spires keep us from digivolving!" explained Joe.

"Cat's Eye Beam!" shouted Nefertimon as she continued her attack on Leomon knocking him back two steps.

"FIST OF THE BEAST KING!" Leomon attacked agian. This time, hitting Nefertimon in the head with his powerful attack. She fell to the floor de-digivolving to Gatomon. He moved toward her, pulling out his sword, to finish her off while she was unconscious.

"Marching Fishes!" shouted Gomamon as he jumped between Gatomon and Leomon. Fish came from the lake in the back of the cave and attacked Leomon, distracting him.

"Lightening Claw!" shouted SaberGatomon, as he leaped, he extended his claws and struck Leomon across the face, leaving four parrallel scratches on his face. "Sword of Power!" he shouted as, on his way down, he drew his sword and struck the black spiral. As the sword and black spiral met, there was a huge flash as the powers of light and dark collided. The etched symbols, on the blade of his sword, of courage, reliability, love, knowlege, friendship, light, sincerity, kindness and power glowed as the dark ring broke up into millions of peices. SaberGatomon hit the ground on his feet, sword in the guard position, symbols still glowing in the dim light of the cave, ready to renew the attack, if nessasary.

As the red in Leomon's eyes faded out, he looked down at SaberGatomon saying, "Thank you my friend, you've freed me from the slavery of the Digimon Emperor."

Gomamon looked at Leomon, realizing he was back to normal, went to Gatomon. He patted her cheek and held her tightly as she came to. She looked at Gomamon, then looked at Leomon, then back to Gomamon before asking, "You?"

Gomamon shook his head saying, "No, it was SaberGatomon!"

"What!" Gatomon exclaimed, looking at SaberGatomon as he sheathed his sword.

"When you were out cold, I used my Marching Fishes attack and during the distraction SaberGatomon hit him with a Lightening Claw and as he fell, he used a new attack, Sword of Power, and shattered the black ring. He was totally awesome!" he said.





"Did the Digimon Emperor send you to attack us?" Kari asked.

"He sent me to destroy this new digimon before you could bring him to File Island. There seems to be something important about him." he said, indicating SaberGatomon. "His power as a rookie is incredible!" he rubbed his injured cheek. "The Digimon Emperor sent me to destroy him before he could become a threat. The rest of you were just a consolation prize."

Gatomon was beside herself with joy and worry. Joy because her son was strong enough to draw notice and worry for the same reason. "The Digimon Emperor may have more digimon with black rings in front of us to trap us."

"That's quite possibly true," said Leomon, " he would never leave your destruction to just one digimon, no matter how strong."

"But we've got to come back this way!" said Joe, "who ever's SaberGatomon's Digidestined, will have to come and get his Armor-Digiegg!"

Suddenly there was a buzzing from the entrance of the caverns. SaberGatomon looked and saw a red insect digimon comming inside. He sprang in front of the digimon to protect his friends, in case there was trouble.

"Hi, guys, thought I heard some noise comming from here!" Tentomon said, and seeing SaberGatomon and Leomon, "Who's the new digimon?...... Hi, Leomon."

"This is SaberGatomon, Gatomon and Gomamon's son! He just helped us free Leomon from another black ring." Kari said, running her fingers through SaberGatomon's mohawk.

"Really! Anyone who can do that, is a friend of mine! How are you doing," he said extending a claw, "the name's Tentomon, I'm happy to meet you." Tentomon rattled on, then pausing and glancing back at Kari, said, "Did you say Gatomon and Gomamon's SON?"

"Yep! Isn't he great?!" said Gatomon, pride evident in the tone of her voice. Tentomon had a shocked look on his face as he numbly shook SaberGatomon's paw. "Ask Leomon, he's the strongest rookie you'll ever meet!" Tentomon looked at Leomon and the scratches on his face as he nodded.

"That's good, because we may need help tomorrow." Tentomon said.

"Why? Do we have a problem?" asked Joe.

"Yes, Izzy sent me to make sure that the town, where they are staying the night, was really empty  and it is, but I looked a little farther, just to make sure nothing was, you know, on it's way, and at the foot of the bridge leading to File Island, there's a Snimon guarding the bridge and there's Seadramon in the water and they've got dark spirals. It doesn't look like they're going anywhere, I believe they're waiting for us!" Tentomon explained. "And not only that, but the inhabitants of that empty village, about 150 rookie digimon, are there, too, and they all have dark rings! There's also a control spire by the lake! And they're being lead by a new digimon. One I've never seen before."

Kari and Joe looked at one another, they looked shocked. Izzy and Tentomon had, over the time they had spent in the Digital World, built an impressive database of digimon and thier powers. Izzy thought that he'd completed his digimon database, but it looked as if he'd missed one, or maybe more!

"This isn't good." said Joe, worriedly.

"No it isn't."  replied Kari, "We'd better get some sleep, so we'll be in shape for tomorrow."

"And I must go." said Leomon. "If I can, I will aid you in the fight agianst the Digimon Emperor's digimon tomorrow. In the mean time, I'll get other good digimon to come and fight at your side, if there are any free of the Digimon Emperor's control, in the area."

With that, he walked out of the cave, into the rain and was quickly lost in the darkness.



Joe pulled off his backpack, got out food, and served everyone. The digimon each had several fish a piece, while Joe and Kari each had one. They wanted to make sure their digimon could digivolve if needed tomorrow. Then while SaberGatomon and Tentomon kept watch the others laid down to sleep.

Gatomon and Gomamon laid next to each other and began speaking quietly. "I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but at least I'll be happy knowing that you love me, Gatomon." Gomamon whispered in her ear. Gatomon leaned over to him and pulled him into her embrace. She brought her lips to his and gave him a lingering kiss. Gomamon moaned quietly as Gatomon parted her lips and inserted her tongue in his mouth. Gomamon wrapped his flippers around her and began to French her in return. Gatomon purred in contentment as she felt Gomamon's erection emerge from it's pouch. Gentlty, so as not to harm him with her claws, she began masterbating him till his cock stood at it's full eight inches. Then breaking her kiss, she stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of Gomamon's cock. Gomamon's cock began to turn ice cold as he approached his orgasm. (Being a seal digimon, Gomamon's cock grows cold to prolong his parner's enjoyment of sex. So as his cock grows colder, the nearer he is to orgasm.)

"Oh no you don't! This time I want that cold cock in me when you cum. But not before I get some of that hot tongue of yours!" Gatomon whispered as Gomamon moaned in disappointment.

Gomamon willingly drove his tongue into her eager pussy, drinking her juices like it would be his last time. Gatomon gasped as his long tongue found her G-spot. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her till her orgasm crashed over her. But Gomamon continued, lapping up her love juice and then starting on her clit, as his flippers began to rub her erect nipples. Gatomon purred in pleasure as he massaged her clit with his tongue and her nipples with his flippers. Her breath comming quicker as she felt another orgasm approaching, she grabbed Gomamon by his ears and pushed her pussy into his face. Her scream of pleasure was muffled by her biting her lip, then she laid out almost completely exhausted.

"Now it's my turn!" Gomamon panted as he mounted her.

Gatomon spred her legs as Gomamon entered her and began slowly pumping his cold cock into her warm pussy. The penitration of his icy rod in her hot pussy drove her over the edge agian. She buried her face into Gomamon's fur to silence the scream of pleasure as she came. This drove Gomamon to even greater heights as he began to thrust into her, rapidly. Gatomon felt Gomamon's cock growing colder inside of her and it seemed as though her whole body was at war to warm his icy cold cock, as her plunged into her faster and faster. Gomamon groaned as he felt his balls contract with his orgasm. As Gatomon felt his icy cold cum filling her, she came agian, biting each others shoulder to silence their screams of exstacy.

Gatomon and Gomamon cuddled closer together as they fell asleep. The smiles on their faces evidence of the pleasure they shared in each other.


The Next Morning


Kari and Joe woke early the next morning, and after eating breakfast (fish agian), gathered their things to leave. As they were about to leave the cave, SaberGatomon grabbed the digiegg and put it in Kari's backpack.

"I don't want to have to come back for this." He said as he led the way out of the cave, followed by Gatomon, Gomamon and Tentomon.

Kari and Joe looked at one another, shrugged, and followed the digimon out of the cave.

"Joe," said Kari, "we should get back with the others as soon as we can."

"Yes, you're right Kari." Joe said as they made their way through the damp grass. "Tentomon!" Joe shouted to the digimon ahead, "What direction are the others in? We need to get together as soon as possible to figure out what we're gonna do about all of those digimon by the bridge."

"Hhhhmmmmmmm............ Let me see," Tentomon thought aloud, " the village is west and a little north of us, so if we head west we should meet them on their way to the File Island bridge."

"Sounds like a plan!" Joe said with a smile.

"Let's get going, then!" said Kari as she headed out with Gatomon.

"Yeah," Gomamon said, "Tentomon! Could you scout ahead, so we don't run into trouble?"

"Way ahead of you, Gomamon!" Tentomon said as he flew ahead of them.

The grass was just over knee height on Joe, so the going was easy. Gatomon and Gomamon were easily concealed in the grass, but SaberGatomon's head and shoulders were visible. He walked beside the two digidestined, keeping close to Kari and the digiegg. It was about mid-morning when their digivices began to register the precence of the other digidestined. The grass and trees had begun to thin out and they  could see the other digidestined moving toward the bridge. Tentomon sped ahead to rejoin Izzy. Kari shouted and waved her hands over her head to get their attention.

"It's about time you two got here." said Hawkmon from over their heads. Biyomon, who had flown over with him, landed beside SaberGatomon, her eyes devouring his muscular form.

"Hello," she said seductivly, "I'm Biyomon and what's your name?

"Uuuuuummmmmmm.............." SaberGatomon stammered as he began to turn red as his mohawk, "I...I...I...I'm SaberGatomon."

"Pleased to make your aquinance, SaberGatomon. Hawkmon at your service." Hawkmon said, as he landed beside Biyomon, and extended his wing in friendship. "Don't take Biyomon, here, too seriously." he said as SaberGatomon shook his wing and began to regain his composure.

"I hope he's not serious, and the pleasure is mine!" SaberGatomon said, turning the tables on Biyomon, as he lightly kissed her wingtips.

This time it was Biyomon's turn to blush, as her wing tingled from the gentle caress of his lips. Her pale pink feathers turning a deeper shade of pink as she lowered her eyes to cover her attraction to him. She'd never been so taken, so soon, by any other digimon in her life. As she began to recover from her surge of feelings, the others showed up and began talking and catching up on events that had happened since their parting.

The digidestined got caught up as the digimon gathered together to talk about the significance of SaberGatomon on their team for the up and coming battle. Gomamon filled them in on what Leomon had told them about SaberGatomon, and his powerful attacks.

"If the Digimon Emperor thinks he's that much of a danger to him, should we put him where it's less likely he'll be hurt?" Patamon said.

"But, if he is that powerful, shouldn't we put him where the action is? I mean, that he could make a big difference between winning and losing!" Veemon responded.

The debate went on and on as to what to do with SaberGatomon. Just as the debate became heated, SaberGatomon over-ruled them by saying, "I'll not be left in the back, just because I'm the new guy! If there's trouble, I'm going to be there! It may not be the safest thing to do, but it beats listening to everyone argue about it!"

"You tell'em, SaberGatomon!" said Gatomon, Biyomon, and Palmon in unison.

Agumon, who had listened, but not said anything, came up to SaberGatomon, put his paw on his shoulder and said, "You're my kind of digimon! Ready to fight for his friends and put your life on the line if you need to."

SaberGatomon put his left hand on Agumon's shoulder, grinning, said, "Ready, willing," and holding out his right hand, unsheathed his talons, "and able!" he completed, with a growl.




The digidestined had gathered, apart from their digimon, to discuss the significance of SaberGatomon and their plans to defeat the Digimon Emperor's minions, waiting for them.

"Well, I think we should go straight at 'em!" Davis said.

"That would be foolish! We need to nutralize the rookies before we start the attack. Then most of them would join us in the battle to defeat Snimon and Seadramon." Izzy stated.

"And don't forget about the new digimon Tentomon saw leading the other rookie digimon." Kari said.

"NEW DIGIMON?!" the others exclaimed.

"What kind of new digimon?" Izzy said as a worried look spread across his face.

"Tentomon didn't say, but it must be powerful for the Digimon Emperor to put it in command of his forces." Kari explained.

"Huuuummmmmm............... This could mean trouble, but there's no way around it. We have to separate in order to take out the control spire. Then we wouldn't have to battle the rookies, just the Snimon, Seadramon, and this other digimon." Izzy said, rubbing his chin in thought.

"Well, let's get a more up-dated version of this story." Yolie said as she called for Hawkmon,  "Hawkmon, we need a fresh scout of the situation. Fly in at cloud level and take a look around."

"Smart thinking, Yolie!" he said as he flew away and into the cloud cover.

"Smart thinking, Yolie." said Davis sarcasticly, in an immitation of Hawkmon.

Yolie cast an angry glance at Davis, 'Maybe he wants somemore of what he got last night.' she thought as he walked away. Then, blushing, as she remembered what exactly happened last night. 'He might just get some, too.' she thought as her lips formed a coy smile.



48 Hours Ago..........


"Ah Ha....." Ken, the Digimon Emperor, said as he worked on a program he'd been working on for about a week now, "I did it! I knew I could!". Wormon crawled into the room as he made his exclaimation.

"Yes, Master, I knew you could, too." he said as he crawled up to Ken.

"Who cares what you think! I've created a program that will let me cross the dimensional barrier. I can use this program to find creatures to help me conquer these digidestined." the Digimon Emperor said with an evil grin.

A beeping from his console drew his attention from his gloating.

"Ah...." he said with great relish, "....a customer already!"

Tapping out a command on his keyboard, a veiw of his target came on the main monitor. The screen showed a tall (for a rookie) digimon. She moved with a grace any dancer would sell her soul for, her long yellow, white-tipped tail balancing her every movement as she battled with a Dokugumon.

"Diamond Storm!" she shouted as she began her attack.

"Poison Thread!" Dokugumon growled, canceling her attack, and counter attacked with "Venom Blast!"

The attack caught her totally unprepared. She fell, getting tangled in the web.

"Renamon!" said a voice. He quickly altered the veiw. There, he saw a girl running toward Renamon

"Rika" shouted Renamon, trying to warn her.

"Poison Thread!" Dokugumon said as she shot her web at Rika and moved in to make a meal of her.

Rika screamed in terror as Dokugumon moved in. "Diamond Storm!" Dokugumon dodged the attack, but it succeded in freeing Rika from Dokugumon's web.

"Renamon, you saved my life!" Rika said.

"Think agian, cupcake!" Dokugumon said as she turned back to Renamon.

"Rika! Get out of here!"

"I'm not going anywhere!" Rika said, pulling her digivice out and passing a card through the reader. "Digi-modify................Snimon's Twin Sickles activate!"

Renamon's arms became Snimon's sickles. "Time to cut loose!" she said, and as she cut herself free from the web, she attacked. "Twin Sickles!" Her aim was true, her attack struck Dokugumon across the head.

"Now it's my turn!" Dokugumon said as she attacked Renamon, biting her on her right side and peircing her flesh with with her fangs.

"Leave her alone!" Rika shouted.

"My pleasure." Dokugumon said as she flung Renamon to the side.

In a weak voice Renamon said "Rika...........save yourself."

"Venom Blast" said Dokugumon, as she fired her attack on Rika.

Suddenly Renamon was there, taking the blast for Rika. She screamed in agony as the blast washed over her.

"Oh, Renamon, why did you do it?" Rika said.

"Because...you're...my...partner." as she collapsed.

"I'm so sorry." her voice filled with anguish, "Renamon....."

Calamon walked up, his face sad. "Oh, game over."

"Rika..........Get away while you can." she said.

"Renamon, don't go away. Please don't leave me." the pain of losing her digimon plain in her voice.

"I have to........Please go." was Renamon's reply as her eyes slipped closed.

"Please, you can't..............RENAMON!" she shouted, hoping beyond hope that Renamon would stay with her.

Suddenly her digivice began to glow, covering both in it's light.

Renamon's eyes snapped open. "Renamon digivolve to..................KYUBIMON!"

"You did it.........but how?" Rika said astounded.

"It was you Rika! You made me digivolve!"

"Game time!" said Calamon.

"Let's play!" Dokugumon said, "Poison Thread!"

"Payback time..........FOXTAIL INFERNO!" Kyubimon shouted as the tip of each of her nine tails shot flames at Dokugumon, dissolving her attack and begining on her web.

"Not so fast, hotshot!" Dokugumon said as she lept at Kyubimon.

"Step into my parlor...." Kyubimon said as she leaped at Dokugumon, "DRAGON WHEEL!"

Kyubimon began to spin, blue energy building as she spun. The energy, forming itself into a dragon's head, consumed Dokugumon, who screamed as she broke down into data. Kyubimon then began to load Dokugumon's data.


Back in the Digimon Emperor's control room, Wormon, who had watched the battle with his Master, (though with less relish), asked, "What is she doing, Master?"

"Fool, she's downloading Dokugumon's data! Yes" exclaimed the Digimon Emperor, "She will do just nicely. I'll bet you never noticed the smaller digimon's crest on his forhead glowing as the other one digivolved. Take all three!" he finished with a sneer. The voice activated computers of his control room hummed to life. The targets were locked and transmission of their data began.

As the three began to leave the area, a digital feild erupted, practically at their feet. The air itself seemed to gell around them, freezing them in place. To Rika, the whole world seemed to shift as the trio were dimensionally transfered. She passed out as she saw Kyubimon struggling to escape the gell that held her, then de-digivolve to Renamon, as she passed out also.


Rika opened her eyes to a strange world. She was laying on the floor in a glass cell. Next to her were Renamon and Calamon in another cell. Pretending she was still unconscious, she surveyed the room. She saw what, to her, seemed to be a throne facing a wall of  monitors, and someone seemed to be sitting in it! On the main monitor, she saw a group of kids with digimon, walking through a feild. On a separate monitor, she saw an indiviual digimon. He looked like a cross between Leomon and Gatomon. He wore a sword across his back, the Yin and Yang symbol on it's pommel. A red mohawk ran from his forehead to the back of his neck and was braided to the base of his tail. His ears and tail-tip were also red. The individual on the throne was muttering under his breath about this digimon. He stood up and turned to face in her direction. She gasped, she knew this boy, though she had never met him before. He was Ken Ichijoji, the Digimon Emperor! His dark cape with gold trim gave him the look of royalty, but she could see the mark of darkness on his soul, even through his sunglasses.

"Ah.......Our guest has awakened!" he said as he approached her.

Rika leaped to her feet, "You better let me go, gogglehead!" she said, putting as much menace in her voice as she could. She looked toward Renamon, who's eyes had opened, and was watching.

"Rika Nonaka, AKA (Also Known As) the Digimon Queen." he said as he arrived at the glass wall of her cell. "And Renamon, her digimon, with Calamon as well!" he continued, looking at Renamon and Calamon as they stood up.

"And I know you, Ken Ichijoji, AKA the Digimon Emperor!" she said immitating him.

"What's going on?" Calamon asked.

"I don't know, Calamon, but I don't like it! We're back in the Digital World!" Renamon said, her eyes never leaving the Digimon Emperor.

"Very perseptive of you, Renamon." he said. "But not just the Digital World, I transfered you from your diminsion to this one! You are here for one purpose, to defeat and load the data of that digimon!" Suddenly the main monitor showed SaberGatomon.

"And what's in it for us?" Renamon said in a calm voice.

"You get to go home!" the Digimon Emperor said.

"But what if we won't?" Calamon asked.

"Then you stay, as my slaves, forever! The Digimon Emperor needs a Digimon Queen!" he said as he walked to a console, pressed a button and Rika's cell began to flood with mist. At first she began to cough as she breathed in the mist. She fell to the floor twitching, her eyes wide open.

"Rika!" Renamon shouted as the Digimon Emperor opened her cell and two Gazimon drug her out.

"Oh, don't worry, she's mearly paralized." he said as the Gazimon stripped her clothing off and tied her to an inclining table, "Can't have my Digimon Queen permanently harmed!"

"Please,..........Don't hurt Rika." Renamon said as tears poured from her eyes.

"THEN GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!" the Digimon Emperor shouted at the Renamon.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Renamon shouted back.

"I want that digimon," he said, regaining his composure, pointing to the main monitor and the image of SaberGatomon, "dead! Defeat him and absorb his data. Then I'll send you all back to the moment I took you from. If not.........well, I'll just have some Digimon Queen for a bedtime snack." he finshed with a wicked laugh.

"OK...." Renamon said, defeated, "But why me? Why not some other digimon and tamer?"

" I saw the level of attachment between you and her. I knew it would be easy to lead you to do my bidding." Turning to the waiting Gazimon, he said, "Release these two and bring them to the armies. Rika will be on the dome with me, where Renamon can see her, and see what happens if she fails me." he said, his voice filled with venom.






To Be Continued


This is the end of my third lemon.Hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed writting it! Stay tuned for more as we see what happens with Gatomon's son, SaberGatomon! What do you think of the dimensional transfer for Rika and Renamon? Do you have any suggestions, ideas for a story line, request, comments, or constructive criticism (No flames, PLEASE! If you don't like the story, DON'T read it!) E-mail me at dtlawson2@yahoo.com. I would also like pics of any digimon you may have, I'm trying to build a database of digimon and their attacks to help me write better stories! Thanx




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