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A Soul-mate for Veemon


Love at First Site

By: SaberGatomon


It had been an exhausting day for Veemon. It had been a tough day of destroying control spires and all of the digimon were bone tired. The digidestined and their digimon had left for the real world but Veemon had stayed behind. As the rest of the digimon were about to leave with their partners, Veemon had a feeling that he should stay. He didn't know why, but he always followed his heart, and today, it told him to stay. Davis, understanding his digimon, took off his backpack and handed it to Veemon.

"OK buddy. But take this, just in case. It's got blankets and some food in case you get hungry."

"Thanks buddy. I'll be waiting for you here, in the morning!" he said as they entered the portal. Gatomon gave him a long, appraising look, as she entered the portal and then he was alone.

He thought about that for a moment. Gatomon had never treated him as anything other than a friend, and as far as he knew, had never come on to him in a sexual way. That she cared about him was never in doubt. She cared about all of the digidestined and their digimon, but he had never heard any of the others talk about having sex with her, not even the original digimon. It was just something in the way she looked at him that made him think that maybe she cared for him more than just friendship. He knew that he would never bring up the subject to her, because of her feelings for Wizardmon, who had given the supreme sacrificed, so that she and Kari might live. But he still couldn't get the thought out of his mind, but all of this thinking was making his head hurt! So he stopped thinking about it.

He started to get a little bored, so following his nose, he located a cave for the night, and headed in that direction. Just as he came in site of the cave, the air began to have a metallic smell to it. A few minutes later, it felt as if someone had chopped a hole in the sky, because it started to rain. Lightly at first, but soon building to a full-blown storm! The wind began to buffet him as he ran to the cave, The rain, feeling like tiny needles, as each drop, propelled by the wind, seemed to pierce his skin. Lightening struck a near-by tree, the shock wave knocking him to the ground. He hurriedly climbed to his feet and noticed, from the corner of his eye, the tree toppling toward him! A quick leap and a roll, and the tree landed with a crash in the exact spot he was in. Though this had given him quite a fright, he never stopped moving till he made the entrance to the cave. Shaking from his close call, he turned back to the scene of carnage behind him. Several trees had been uprooted and the air itself was full of flying debris.

"Damn lucky I found this cave!" he said aloud to himself. Turning from the entrance he made his way to explore the back of the cave. All he found was a small but deep lake where the cave was filled with water. He made his way back to the mouth of the cave to check out the storm again. "Nothing could make me go out there again!" As he said this, he noticed another digimon, running to get out of the storm, heading in his direction. As he watched, a branch, tumbling through the air, hit the digimon on the head and knocked it to the ground. "Damn!" he said as he dropped the backpack and headed out into the storm again to rescue the hapless digimon. This was the only thing that could have gotten him back out into this weather, and being the hero he was, he did it without thought of his own safety.

Moving as fast as possible, dodging flying debris and leaping over boulders, he made his way to the injured digimon. He picked up the other digimon and noticed, only in passing, that she was female. He slung her over his shoulder in a fireman's carry and began to run back to the cave. Another branch, this one even bigger, was headed toward him, he knew that this one might delete him, and her, if it wasn't stopped.

"Vee-Head-Butt!" he shouted as he rammed the branch with his hard skull. The branch, though hard, was no match for Veemon. It shattered into splinters and was whipped away by the storm.

Leaping another boulder, he made his way inside the cave, bringing her to the back, where they were out of the wind. Then getting the backpack, he pulled out blankets and used them to dry her off. That's when he noticed that she appeared to be another Veemon! Her fur was a paler color and she had webbed feet and hands. She had a finned crest on her head and another on her tail. She had a huge bump on the side of her head from her impact with the branch and was shivering from the cold. He wrapped her up in the blanket, to keep her warm, and using some matches from the backpack, lit a small fire from some of the debris that flew into the cave.

By the light of the small fire, he got his first good look at her. She was the most beautiful digimon he'd ever seen, and he instantly fell in love with her. He was still staring, with his mouth hanging open, when she began to wake up. She moaned, as she put her hand to her head and her eyes opened a crack. What she saw when she opened her eyes would have been funny if it wasn't for the blinding pain in her head. She tried to rise and was quickly restrained by Veemon.

"Take it easy, you've taken a nasty shot to the side of the head. So just try to relax." he said, trying to be comforting.

"Who are you?" she mumbled, as Veemon placed a pillow under her head.

"I'm Veemon and I saw you hit by a branch from the mouth of this cave."

"Veemon? But that's my name," she said looking up at him, "well part of it anyway. I'm AquaVeemon."  she said as her eyes closed and she passed out.

"AquaVeemon," Veemon said dreamily, "A beautiful name for such a beautiful digi-girl." Then he wrapped himself in a blanket next to her and fell asleep, too.


Later that night


Veemon woke to a thrashing and shouting next to him. AquaVeemon was having a nightmare and was thrashing about, shouting unintelligibly. Veemon wrapped her in his arms trying to wake her and to keep her from injuring herself further, when her eyes sprang open.

"Veemon? Veemon! Help me! I can't digivolve!" she said

"Yes, I'll help you." he said as he looked into her eyes as they slipped closed again and she slept more quietly.

Veemon knew that he'd just been part of her dream and wondered just what battles she was fighting in her dreams. Not being able to digivolve in a fight is something to have a nightmare about, that was for certain. But he wondered, who was she and where did she come from? Was she just another digimon or did she have a digidestined? All of these things meant something to him when he didn’t know. All this he wondered as he continued to feed his small fire, watching the flames as they slowly began to consume the wood he was feeding to the fire. Looking at her again, he saw her shivering and mumbling, despite the blankets he wrapped around her. So, wrapping himself in the blankets with her and taking her in his arms, he put his lips to her injury, and gave her a kiss. A smile played across her lips, and her shivering subsided as she snuggled closer to him. Veemon, though suprised, held her tighter and fell asleep.

(Dream sequence)

She didn't recognize the huge digimon, but it was clearly stronger than she was. She was fighting for her very life, and the life of her Digidestined, Marika, who had collapsed behind her, trying her best to digivole to champion so she could defeat him. But every time she tried, she failed. A glancing blow to the side of the head sent her flying, pain shooting through her brain. Then there was another digimon there, he looked just like her, with darker blue fur and without fins. She knew him and called out to him.

"Veemon?" and then she was in his arms, "Veemon! Help me, I can't digivolve!

"Yes, I'll help you." he said calmly, his head seeming to have an aura around it. He turned to the monster digimon and with a wave of his hand, the digimon disappeared.

As she stared in disbelief, Veemon disappeared, too. She began to search for him, but suddenly she was on an icy landscape, the wind chilling her to the bone. But she continued to call out for him, begging for his help, just one more time. She collapsed to her knees and fell to her face, as snow began covering her. She was shivering uncontrollably. Then he was there again, wrapping her in a warm blanket, holding her in his arms and then he kissed her. The warmth from his body soon driving out even the thought of cold from her. Smiling, she snuggled closer.


AquaVeemon woke in the early hours, almost dawn, and noticed the warmth beside her. The bump on her head had gone down considerably and the pain was subsiding, thus she was thinking more clearly. Her dream came back to her. It wasn't often that she remembered her dreams, or had dreams this strong. It must be important, she thought as she began to go over her dream. She wished someone in the digital world could interpret dreams, tell her what she was missing! Then she began thinking about what had happened to her in life.

She remembered the storm that seemed to spring up from nowhere and the run she had made to safety. A run she hadn't finished, she thought as she felt the bump on her head. She remembered hitting the ground, dazed, and then Veemon was beside her. Picking her up, carrying her and running like the wind. She heard him shouting and the huge branch disintegrating before her eyes. He had risked his life to save her and bring her to safety. She turned toward him, noticing his strong form, relaxed, as he lay sleeping. 'He's so hansom!' she thought and moving closer and got under the blankets with him. She inhaled his scent and lightly, so as not to wake him, kissed his cheek. Veemon smiled and snuggled closer to her. Her hormones were going crazy as she felt a dampness between her thighs. 'I'm so horny!' she thought to herself, 'But he's here and I'm here, and he's just the bravest digimon I've ever met! Not to mention the cutest.' she thought as she bent and kissed his lips. At that moment Veemon's mouth opened, so she let her tongue slip into his mouth, as she began to kiss him in earnest. When she broke the kiss, Veemon began mumbling something. She put her ear to his lips to hear.

"AquaVeemon, I love you!" he mumbled, with a sigh.

To say she was shocked would have been an understatement. 'Did he fall in love so easily?' she wondered. 'Do I?' After giving the matter more thought she realized that it was true, she DID love him! Her heart began to fill with joy, she had been with other digimon, but they never brought out the feelings that he brought out in her, and she had just kissed him! Her pussy was dripping wet, her small breast exposed and her breath coming in quick little gasps. She had to have him, and everyone knew that all male digimon are hornyest when they first wake up! A sly grin crossed her face as she brought her lips to Veemon's again.

As she pressed her lips to his, he opened his mouth and began to French her. She felt a surge of wetness between her legs, as his tongue danced in her mouth and his arms wrapped around her. Moving her hand to his crotch and felt his digihood beginning to poke through his pouch. Using her finger, she began to circle the head, inticing it to it's full length. He was obviously readier than she thought, as his digihood sprang out to a length of 7 inches, and still growing! 'This might be too much mon me!' she thought as she backed away. But as she backed away, Veemon's tongue brushed over her sensitive nipples. She groaned and pulled his head to her breast as he began to suckle, his hand massaging the other.

"OH....MY....GOD,.......OH VEEMON!" she moaned as she felt her orgasm begin to wash over her. His dick was now 9 and a half inches long and bouncing to the rapid pace of his heart.

"Wha......Huh............AquaVeemon!" he shouted, as he woke up completely.

"Oh (gasp) Veemon......(gasp) Don't stop now!" she pleaded between gasps.

Now, Veemon might be slow at times, but waking from a dream about having sex with a beautiful digi-girl only to find that the dream was true, well, the only thing he could do was continue! Taking her lightly behind the head, conscious of her injury, he laid her in front of him and lowering himself to her pussy, lightly brushing her labia with his tongue. Her back arched and her love juice gushed from her love tunnel. He spread her lips and began to work on her clitoris, her body arching as she felt another orgasm washing over her. He thrust his tongue deep into her, drinking her juices as another surge splashed into his mouth.

He moved up her body, kissing her as he went, till he got to her breast. Her hard pink nipples inviting him to taste. At first he circled his tongue around her breast, then lightly flicked her nipple with the tip of his tongue. She cried out in passion as he moved to the other breast and repeated this action. AquaVeemon was beyond hearing her own moans and gasps as Veemon brought her ever nearer her third orgasm. Veemon, now awake and wanting more to bring her pleasure, brought her to the very brink of orgasm before stopping, to let it subside. She groaned as she felt the tide of her orgasm ebbing, only to feel it beginning again as he fondled her sensitive nipples. Again and again he subjected her to the sweetest torture he could think of, knowing that when she did cum it would be like setting off a nuclear warhead! He would use every trick he'd ever heard of to weld her heart to his. There was NO WAY he was going to let her get away from him!

"OH (gasp)...Veemon, take me....(gasp) take me NOW!" She begged as she pulled his lips to hers.

Kissing her passionately, his tongue tickling the roof of her mouth, he slowly guided his digihood to the entrance of her vagina, just barely penetrating her, before withdrawing. She moaned in disappointment, as she wrapped her legs around him, trying force him to penetrate her fully. But Veemon would have none of it, as he continued to control his penetration. Then taking her in his arms, for the wild ride to come, thrust mightily into her pulsating pussy.

AquaVeemon orgasmed immediately. It seemed to her as though a tidal wave had buried her under a wave of pleasure that just kept going and going. She never heard her screams of pleasure as they echoed off the walls of the cave. Nor did she feel the bucking of her body on the hard floor of the cave, that Veemon shielded her from as much as he could. Another wave of pleasure washed over her as Veemon continued to mercilessly pound away on her wet, steaming pussy.

 Veemon began to feel as though his balls weighted a hundred pounds, as he felt his own orgasm building, though he never slowed his pace. AquaVeemon felt another orgasm beginning to break over her as Veemon shouted "I'm...I'm.....I'm...........CUMMING!"  as his heavy balls emptied his load deep into her pussy.

Feeling the gushing of his digiseed into her hot pussy was more than she could take as she spent the last of her energy on her fourth orgasm of the night.

He lay on top of her completely spent, his softening digihood withdrawing to his pouch with a soft pop. They lay together, gasping for breath, holding one another as though they had found a special prize.

AquaVeemon had never had a sexual experience like this before, it was as if they had become one with each other. She could smell him on her like a perfume and smell her on him. She didn't know why she'd come to this area of the digital world yesterday, but she was glad she did. Not only had she found a brave and fearless digimon, he was the greatest lover she'd ever had or would ever find! She'd found the mon of her dreams and she would fight a Mega digimon to keep him.

Veemon, on the other hand, felt as though he'd emptied his soul into her. His happiness was unbounded. Why had he chosen to stay in the digital world yesterday? He'd always followed his heart without question, sometimes without knowing why. This time it lead him to a womon who could meet him on equal terms, who knew what he wanted without questions. His love for her was unequal anywhere in the digital world and as he opened his eyes and looked into her deep copper-colored eyes, he saw the same love reflected back at him.

"Aqua," he said as he looked into her eyes, "I've never felt this way before! I've never met anyone like you! Yet, I feel as though, if I left now, I'd just as soon delete myself, because I'd never love someone in a life time as much as we've loved each other in this one night!"

"Oh, Veemon," she gasped, "I was just thinking almost the same thing! You must be the bravest, strongest, and cutest digimon in the digital world, not to mention the best lover! I love you, too." she finished, through lowered eyelids.

They held each other, afraid to release each other, that this would all turn out to be a dream. Of course it wasn't, but they didn't know that, until they heard Davis calling, faintly, for Veemon, some distance from the cave.

"That's Davis! My digidestined!" Veemon exclaimed.

"You have a digidestined?" she asked, and as he nodded, she said, "So do I!"

"Wow, that's great! Wait till you meet the rest of our team!"

“The rest of your team? You mean there’s more than just you and Davis?” She asked.

“Oh, yeah! There’s six of us. First there’s Davis, he’s sort of the leader. Then there’s Yolie with Hawkmon, Cody with Armodillomon, Kari and Gatomon and T.K. with Patamon.” He explained.

“You said there was six, you only named five.”

“Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! They’re our DNA digivolving partners, Ken and Wormon!” he continued.

“DNA digivolving? She asked.

“I’ll explain later. Let’s go and meet the others!” he said with excitement.

“You actually want them to meet me, looking like this?” she asked as she indicated herself. She was coated with dust from their recent exercise and the fur on her crotch was covered with both of their cum.

“Well, I guess you have a point. Wait, there’s a deep lake at the back of the cave! We can both wash there!” he exclaimed.

“Excellent!” she said as she turned to the back of the cave.

Veemon followed and watched her as she leaped into the water, diving deep into the pool. Veemon took the time to splash some of the water on himself and make him look more presentable.

After five minutes, Veemon began to get worried about her. Just as he was about to leap into the water himself, AquaVeemon surged out of the water landing on her feet beside him, shaking her self to clear her fur of water.

“Wow!” he said, recoiling from her as she shook herself dry, “That was great! You’re gonna have to teach ME how to do that!”

“Well,” she said, “it helps if you have webbed feet. Now let’s go meet your friends.” She continued as she walked to the mouth of the cave.

As they got outside, they saw all of the other digidestined, franticly searching under all of the debris in the field. “Hey Davis,” he shouted, “over here!”

The relief in Davis’ face was plain to see as he ran to his best friend and partner. “Veemon, don’t ever scare me like that again. OK?” he said as he arrived. Then noticing AquaVeemon, he asked, “Who’s your friend?”

“This is AquaVeemon, and guess what! She’s got a digidestined, too!” Veemon said as he leaped into Davis’ arms, knocking him off of his feet.

“Oooooofffffff……..That’s great Veemon. You mind getting off of me now!”

“Sure, Buddy. I’m just happy to see you, is all.” He said as the rest of the digidestined arrived.

Veemon began introductions all around beginning with Ken and Wormon and ending with Kari and Gatomon. Gatomon was quite cool with AquaVeemon as she was introduced, giving her a welcoming smile, but only AquaVeemon and Kari noticed that it was forced.

Just then another voice was heard coming  from the forest. “Aqua? Aqua, where are you?”

“That’s my digidestined, Marika. Over here Marika!” she shouted, running to the pretty girl coming from the forest. They saw AquaVeemon leap into her arms and, as what happened with Davis, knocked her to the ground. After getting up and dusting herself off, she began to make her way up to the other digidestined. They were laughing and talking as they approached.

Davis saw his chance to make a good first impression, and, approaching her with some dignity, began introducing himself and the others.

“Hello, I’m Davis and Veemon.” He said, shaking her hand.

“Nice to meet you.”

“And this is Ken and Wormon.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure’s ours.” Ken answered.

“This is Kari and Gatomon.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Hi Marika.” Kari said.

“This is Cody and Armodillomon.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Hello.” Cody said, shyly.

“This is Yolie and Hawkmon.”

“Hi there!” she said, with enthusiasm.

“And this is T. K. and Patomon.” He finished, for once, not embarrassing himself.

“Hi there. So, where are you from? I’ve never heard of you before.” T. K. asked.

“Oh, I guess Aqua didn’t tell you, we’re from America.” She said looking down at AquaVeemon, who was blushing wildly.

“I forgot.” She said in apology.

“We were just gonna go over to Agumon’s place to meet with the other digidestined. Why don’t cha tag along with us.” Armodillomon butted in.

“That sounds wonderful!” she said as she smiled down at Armodillomon. ‘He sounds like he’s from Texas’ she thought.

“Then let’s go!” Davis said as he led the others down from the cave.

“Come on Aqua.” she said, as she followed.

“I’m gonna walk with Veemon.” She said holding his hand in hers.

Marika regarded Aqua with raised eyebrows and the two passed her. ‘They look almost like a couple!’ she thought to herself, “I wonder…..” she said aloud to herself.




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