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Author’s Note


These are the digimon from the Tamers Series. This takes place after the ending of the series and was inspired by an excellent picture by Karaliner. For copies of this pic E-mail me at dtlawson2@yahoo.com.



The Return of Leomon

By: SaberGatomon


Several months had passed since the digimon had come back to the Digital World. All of the digimon were surprised that they had quickly reverted to their rookie forms after being reduced to their in-training forms before they were sent back. But most astounding of all was the appearance of Leomon before the end of their first month.

Guilmon had taken to watching the sky closely to see if Takato or any of the other Tamers would come after them. It was during one of these watches that he saw another digimon approaching from the distance. Thinking it might be an enemy, he alerted the others, who arranged themselves for battle.

Guilmon sniffed the air, a puzzled look crossed his face. “That smells like… but it can’t be! He was destroyed!” Suddenly he took off toward the unknown digimon. The others stayed put, talking amongst themselves as to whom it might be. They heard Guilmon shouting in the distance, then saw him coming with another digimon.

His form was apparent even from over 100 meters. His Herculean physique, wild mane of tawny hair and golden earrings glinting in the rays of the sun, was all they needed to identify the newcomer. It was Leomon, looking even more fit than he did last time they had seen him. His gleaming white teeth showed through his broad grin as he walked up to the others.

To say he was greeted with much acclaim would have been an understatement. His back was pummeled as they all tried to pat his back and touch him to insure his reality.

Night had fallen over the digital world before Guilmon and Terriermon filled him in about what had happened since he had left. He was angered that Jeri had been in danger and he was not there to protect her. When Terriermon had finished the tale of how the D-reaper had been sucked into a wormhole and reduced to a harmless, simple program. Leomon thanked them and went to a small clearing and began preparing a sleeping place for himself.

Only two of the eight digimon hung back from greeting him. Impmon, who had no idea how Leomon would feel about the digimon who had destroyed him, and Renamon, who was out collecting food for the group.

After what felt like an eternity, Impmon approached him. The others moved away to give him a little privacy. Impmon’s ego was well known to all of them, so they figured that he needed a little space.

“Hi.” He said, in a low voice, “I’m Impmon. It was me who destroyed you… in my Mega form.”

“You were Beelzemon?” he said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah. I just wanted to tell you… I’m sorry. I know it doesn’t mean much now, but your last words echoed through my mind since the day it happened. You were right, I didn’t see till Gallantmon had beaten me and was about to destroy me as well. It was Jeri who stopped him. Takato could never go against what she asked.” Impmon explained to Leomon.

“Yes, I saw that early in our relationship.” Leomon said, as he examined Impmon.

“Yeah. Right. I did my best to save her from the D-reaper, I just wasn’t strong enough. After it was all over, I asked her if she could ever forgive me. I knew I didn’t deserve it, but I needed it. She didn’t even hesitate. She forgave me!” He said, as he broke down in tears.

“Then I can do no less than my tamer.” He said, as he put his large hand on a surprised Impmon’s back. “I, too, forgive you.” And then smiled at him, “It takes a strong mon to realize that he’s taken the wrong path, and an even stronger one to turn around and get on the right one.”

Impmon felt as though a huge weight was lifted from his back. The weight of guilt had been dragging him down was lifted and he suddenly felt free again. “Well, thanks a lot palie!” he said as he jumped to his feet. He turned to Leomon as he was leaving, “Your forgiveness means more to me than you could ever know.” Then he disappeared into the darkness.

“A very strange digimon,” Leomon said to himself, “but he has a heart of gold.” Leomon then laid out on the makeshift bed and quickly fell asleep.


Later That Night


Renamon returned late that night. She had foraged far that night to get food for all of them. She was exhausted as she dropped the food in its storage place. She was going to her sleeping place, when Guilmon surprised her. Since the red dinosaur wasn’t very stealthy, it was plain that he’d been waiting for her. He told her that they had a guest. She stared at him in disbelief as he told her who it was.

“He’s back? But how?” she exclaimed.

“Why don’t you ask him? (Yawn) He’s over that way.” smiling, he indicated the way before going to his own bed.

She wanted to rush to him, see for herself that it was indeed him. She had been attracted to him, but the time had never been right for her to tell him of her feelings. He had joined the group shortly before they had gone to the Digital World. They never had the chance to talk privately. Rika had always been with her and between that and getting sucked into data streams, the opportunity hadn’t presented itself. She couldn’t just let it pass again!

She crept to the clearing were Leomon was sleeping. She spotted his sleeping form without trouble and watched, as his mighty chest rose and fell as he breathed. She moved into the clearing, approaching him, his scent filling her senses. It was true! He was back and she would have the chance to express what time and fate had taken from her. She knelt at his side, her eyes taking in what her nose told her was true. She reached out to him, her heart fluttering at the thought of touching him. She passed her paw through his tawny mane and his heavily muscled chest. When she looked back to his face, she noticed his bright cerulean eyes were open and examining her in return.

“Renamon,” he said, as he raised his paw to touch her face, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Leomon, it’s good to see you again.” she said smiling.

“It’s good to be back,” he said, as he sat up “and really good to see you.”

“When did you return?” she asked trying to continue the conversation.

“Just before nightfall. Guilmon met me about a mile out.” he said smiling, “That digimon has a phenomenal sense of smell, knew it was me from over a mile!”

It was Renamon’s turn to smile now. “Yes, he does. He’s responsible for us having so much food. The nose knows.” She said, as she chuckled.

“So… you do laugh!” Leomon said with a sly grin.

“Yes,” she said, as she resumed her haughty appearance, “and it’s been noted both times.”

Leomon roared with laughter at the subtle joke. “Couldn’t your greeting wait till morning? Or did you just want to confirm with your own eyes that it was really me?” he said as his laughter died, though it still danced in his eyes.

She looked away from him and said, “I guess you could say that my eyes wanted to see, what my nose told me was true.”

“And?” he said compelling her to continue.

“And I needed to speak with you… privately.” She said looking at him again.

“Well, I’m not a mind reader, you’ll have to tell me more about this… private conversation.”

“I just don’t know where to start.” Renamon said as she looked away from him again.

“Generally it’s best to start from the beginning.”

Renamon got up and walked into the shadows. From the darkness, her voice sounded disembodied, as she began to speak. “Before I went to the Real World, all that mattered to me was getting enough data to biomerge. When Rika chose me, I went willingly. She was strong, had a talent for bringing out the strength in a digimon. But there were times when I was alone. It was odd, there were many humans around me, but none had the power to destroy me or even wound me. I began to study them and their habits. There were many females among them so I chose to watch them first. Humans are odd creatures. While some remained alone, most chose to live their lives with another, a male. Those are the ones that intrigued me the most. So I watched, for a while. They did things together that only made me sad… sad that I couldn’t have that for myself. Other digimon had told me about mating, but I never understood what it could be like. I saw it as a sign of weakness and I could never allow myself to be weak.”

“So,” Leomon said, “you distained them for their weakness. But what you didn’t see was how, together, they were stronger than they were alone.”

“Yes. Rika was really pushing me to digivolve at the time, but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t. It wasn’t until Rika began to care about me that I could digivolve. I could always feel her strength, but she wouldn’t let me have it. When she grew to care about me I could tap into her strength. I began to understand why they would join together like that. Humans and digimon are different but the same. We all draw strength from each other.”

“Yes, that’s true. Some digimon join together, either for protection or because they have grown to care about each other. The ones who care for the other have found that they can share their data and become stronger.” He said, as he stared into the darkness where Renamon’s voice came from.

“Then you came to us. You were so strong, battling the Deva alone, without a thought for your own safety. And for the first time in my life, I wanted a mate. I wanted you.” Renamon said as she emerged from the dark back into the pale moonlight and walked toward him. “But then Beelzemon destroyed you and I was left alone once again. We managed to destroy the D-Reaper with the help of some of the brightest human minds. After we were forced back to the Digital World, we stayed together because we were strong together. But I’ve felt weak as a kitten.”

“Terriermon and Lopmon have been going at it like… well like rabbits.” She said, with a shy smile. “They’ve grown in strength by leaps and bounds. Guilmon disappears sometimes for most of the day. He always returns with food, but you can see the strength returning to him. All of this happens while I remain unchanged. You’re the only digimon I’ve ever thought of in that way. But now you’re back,” a tear trickled out of the corner of her eye, “and I couldn’t help but wonder… if you felt the same as me.” She finished, as she knelt beside him.

“Renamon. I don’t know if you’d remember, but I once told Guilmon that I got as strong as I am because I’ve fought all of my life.” He said, as he watched her nod in response. “But then I came to the Real World. At first I resisted having a tamer, saying that I was lone warrior and that’s the way it would always be. Then Jeri became my tamer, and I felt the real strength of the love that she gave me. I felt it growing inside of me, as I’m sure you felt the strength Rika gave you. There is but one other way for digimon to grow stronger without a tamer. I’m NOT talking about the useless absorbing of other digimon’s data! I’m talking about love.” he said. “Love has always been, and always will be, what a digimon needs to get stronger. I can still feel the love that Jeri has for me, just as I can feel your love.” He said as he looked into her eyes, which had begun to brim with tears.

“Oh, Leomon.” She said, as she laid her head on his substantial chest. “I do love you.”

“And I love you too, Renamon.” He said as he embraced her, holding her like a treasure he’d never surrender.

She tilted her mouth to Leomon, as they embraced. Time seemed to stand still as his lips drew closer to hers. When their lips touched, she felt a massive jolt of power permeate her being, as if all his love for her was poured into her with that one tender kiss. She parted her lips as Leomon’s tongue sought entry and began to french him in return. As they broke the kiss, she felt herself panting, as if she’d run from one side of the vast dessert to the other without stopping. Her firm breast began to show, their pale pink nipples contrasting with her white fur in the moonlight. She pushed herself away from him and removed her gloves. She wanted nothing between her and Leomon.

Leomon took this opportunity to remove his sword and pants and laid them beside her gloves. Renamon lustfully examined his naked body. His hansom face, rugged, but inundated with his love for her, his heavily muscled chest, trim waistline and six-pack stomach topping his muscular legs. But the part that interested Renamon the most right now was his monhood, which stood proudly at attention in front of him. Measuring at an even ten inches long, it seemed to pulse with the beating of his heart. The fur between Renamon’s legs was matted from the lubrication, as her own sex prepared itself for the insertion of his tool.

Leomon took Renamon in his arms and began to kiss her. She moaned as he thrust his tongue into her mouth and her sensitive nipples rubbed against the fur on his chest. Suddenly she felt a tickling between her legs as Leomon’s tail began to massage her wet pussy. She gasped as his tail finally reached her clitoris. She moved her furry tail between his legs and started to rub his balls. He growled in passion as he picked her up and laid her on his makeshift bed.

Renamon looked up at him, her eyes dilated in passion, as Leomon brought his mouth to her breast, his rough lion’s tongue sending shivers of excitement through her, like electricity. Leomon continued his assault on her pussy with his tail while he suckled on one nipple as he gently rubbed the other. A feeling started to build in Renamon that she had never experienced before. Her breathing became ragged, as it grew stronger. She screamed out in pleasure as it crested and crashed down upon her, in her first orgasm.

“Please Leomon,” she begged as she lay panting beneath him, “I need you. NOW!”

“Ah, Renamon, we’ve only just begun.” He said, as he began nibbling and licking her body, inching himself lower and lower on her body. When he reached the mound of her womonhood, he breathed his hot breath upon it. Renamon moaned in ecstasy, because as hot as his breath was, it was nothing compared to the inferno burning inside of her and only inflamed her desire more. He began to kiss and lick all around her vulva driving her wild with passion. Her eyes sprang open as she felt his tongue at the base of her tail, then torturously moving up, first to her anus, then to her pussy lips then lightly over her clitoris. She grasped his long mane and pushed it deeper into her crotch as he obligingly began to work her clitoris, softly at first, then more rapidly as her moans told him she was ready to climax. His rough tongue slid over her clitoris then suddenly penetrated her deeply. Renamon, already overwhelmed by his manipulation of her clitoris, orgasmed onto Leomon’s tongue, the walls of her pussy clinching tightly on it. As the sensation passed, Leomon was able to remove his tongue and drink the juice of her orgasm.

“Renamon?” he said looking into her eyes once again, “Have you ever done this before?”

“No Leomon, you’re my first, and my last.” She said, as she gazed into his eyes, filled with love.

“Then I must warn you, there will be some pain, but it is necessary and it won’t hurt for long.” He said with tenderness.

“It can’t be half as bad as living without you, Leomon.” She whispered in his ear, tears of joy running down her face.

Leomon guided his engorged organ to her untried opening. He grimaced as he controlled the penetration of his large cock. He felt Renamon’s claws digging into the flesh of his back as he gently stroked his cock deeper and deeper into her. Then he came to the barrier that was her virginity and with a final push, broke through.

Both Renamon and Leomon cried out, her claws digging deeply into his back. As the pain of loosing her virginity subsided, she removed her claws from his back, and he began to stoke gently in and out of her cleft.

She was conscious of only one thing, Leomon. The love she felt for him and the love he returned to her. She wept because she had found a rare thing in the Digital World, a mate.

That feeling was building inside of her again, wave after wave of pleasure. But this was going to be different. It was building so rapidly that she was sure that she would explode, be drowned by the pure raw emotion of it. Leomon’s tail had wrapped itself around hers as he continued as he continued his sexual assault on her. Then suddenly she was there, she wrapped her legs around Leomon’s waist and pulled him to her in one mighty thrust and she orgasmed just as Leomon shot his load of digi-seed deep inside her.

A peaceful contentment seemed to fill her as she felt the weight Leomon on top of her. Her senses were flooded with his smell mingled with he own. ‘This must be the best part of it.’ She thought to herself as she heard Leomon’s purr of contentment.

“I must be getting heavy.” He said as he looked down upon her.

“No. I don’t think I ever want you to get up.” She told him with a lazy smile.

“That’s sweet of you, but I think I should.” He said with a smile.

She kissed him again and nestled her head on his chest. “Other than the time I was picked by Rika, I believe this is the happiest I’ve ever been.” She said as she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

“Me too, Renamon. Me too.” He said, as sleep seemed to overcome him as well.

Not even they noticed that their tails were still twined together as they slept.


The Next Morning


            Guilmon went into the clearing the next morning to wake them for breakfast and was astonished at what he found. Renamon and Leomon were lying on the bed, tails still twined together and any clothing they wore was lying next to them. He sniffed the air, it was still pungent with the smell of their sex the night before, though none but him could have smelled it. With a smile, he turned to leave, when Leomon’s voice stopped him.

“Guilmon, don’t say anything to the others. Please.” He urged.

“No problemo!” he said.

“She has a lot of pride and I think she’d rather break the news herself.” He said with a grin.

“OK Leomon. Ummm… breakfast is ready… when you two are.” He said and giggled as he left the clearing.

“Mmm… Leomon? Was that Guilmon I heard?” she asked as she finally woke.


“WHAT!” she exclaimed.

“Well, we can hardly keep it a secret, now can we. But I did insure his silence for a while. To give you the chance to break the news yourself.” He said then kissed her forehead.

“I know. Thank you, Leomon. Though Guilmon has matured rapidly, he’s still not above gossiping.” She said with a smile. “Well… Let’s get it over with.”

They quickly dressed and walked back to the main camp, their tails unconsciously twining as they walked. Guilmon, Terriermon and Lopmon were still there eating. Guilmon looked up as they entered.

“Hi Leomon, Renamon.”

“Where is everyone?” Leomon said as they sat down.

“Out getting more food, but we saved you some.” Lopmon said.

“Just what you need after a night of exercise!” Terriermon blurted. Renamon blushed at his rudeness.

“Guilmon…” Leomon said as he gave him a piercing stare.

“I didn’t say anything!”

“Well… it would be less obvious if your tails weren’t twined together when you walked in.” Lopmon said, blushing herself.

As a group they all started laughing, even Renamon.




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