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Digimon Legends


Chapter 1

As Time Passes


It had been ten years since the Digidestined freed the Digital World from the darkness of Malo-Myotismon. Peace now reined there and with the guidance of Azulongmon, Gennai and his brothers there seemed little that could interfere with the peace that was growing. With the help of the Digidestined, both Tai and Izzy, the leaders of the world were soon able to contact Azulongmon and the peace of the Digital World soon spread to the real world. Soon after, everyone had Digimon and other than dire emergencies, Digimon and people were sent through special portals to get to the opposite world. Though there were still troublemakers on both sides, these troublemakers were dealt with by the newly formed World Peacekeeping Force. These peacekeepers and their partner Digimon were chosen for their skill at diplomacy as well as their battling skills. Naturally the Digidestined were the logical choice for the first WPF officers, as well as choosing, and leading, the people and Digimon who joined their fight against the dark forces that sometimes emerged from the Digital World.

Tai and Agumon were still ambassadors between the two worlds and worked tirelessly to bring the two worlds together. Though it took almost a year to arrange everything, even with Izzy’s help. It took Tai and Agumon a month to recuperate from the exhausting effort. After which, they both returned even more vigorous than before. When they joined the WPF, he was given command of the Southern Japanese WPF.

Matt and Gabumon after being the first digidestined team to land on Mars, even though they were only suppose to go to the moon, were hailed as heros. They promptly gave up aeronautics and went back to their true love, music. Matt’s first album had five “top-ten” hit songs and went platinum in just over a week. They then went on a worldwide tour, where he wrote his second album. At the end of the tour, they recorded the second album, with Gabumon doing most of the background vocals, as well as rhythm guitar. Once the album was released, Matt asked Sora to marry him and she accepted. The love he felt for Sora prompted his next album and like the one before it, hit the charts at #1! He bought a huge house on the beach that he gave to Sora as a wedding present, where the two of them lived with their digimon.

Sora and Biyomon, in the years it took for Matt to ask her to marry him, designed her own line of clothing. This too was successful and soon you could hardly walk down the street with out seeing her designs on half the people on the streets. Even on Mimi, though hers were hand-made by Sora and Biyomon themselves.

Joe had become a doctor and with Gomamon’s help, soon opened a wing on the hospital called the Digimon Wing. There any sick or injured digimon were taken for care. Though the digimon kept eating his tongue depressors, he persevered and soon led a staff of human and digimon doctors. He also invented a tongue depressor that was eatable and didn’t upset a sick digimon’s stomach. He and Gomamon were honored to be the leaders of the first WPF Medical Unit and worked as hard as they could so that no digimon or human would lack for medical attention from battle wounds.

Mimi and Palmon moved back to Japan and soon joined Joe and Gomamon in the Digimon Wing. She assisted Joe for six months before she imperiously brought her luggage to Joe’s doorstep and insisted that she move in. One year to the day after she moved in, Mimi proposed to Joe. He was astonished that she would ask him but he readily accepted her proposal and offered his own, which she accepted. There were those in the hospital who wondered if Joe lost his virginity that night. Things went a lot smoother at the hospital after that and progress in the new wing reached new heights.

Izzy and Tentomon spent the better part of a year with Tia helping to join the two worlds together. His knowledge of computers was pushed to the limit as he designed the program for the world leaders to communicate with each other as well as Azulongmon. He also designed, supervised, and wrote the programming for the portals to go to, and from the Digital
World. Sleeping only four hours a night and working eighteen, (Author’s note: Even Izzy needs to eat sometimes) he completed the portals and the programming for the world leaders just six hours before the deadline. Of the money he was given for completing the task on time, he gave twenty-five percent to the new Digimon wing and gave Joe a promise to help him on a little project he had in mind. After that, he spent three months resting after all of exhaustive work he’d done, two and a half of that he spent in the Digital World with Tentomon.

Cody and Armodillomon joined the WPF and became so involved that he steadily moved up till he was in command of the Central Japanese WPF. He personally trained his personnel, human as well as digimon, in the martial arts and was always in the thick of things if fighting broke out. Of the three commanders in Japan, Tai and Davis were the other two; he was soon a favorite in the WPF.

Armodillomon spent what time he didn’t spend with the WPF, chasing a particularly beautiful Floramon, named Orchid. When they became mates, no one could deny that she kept him very happy, because his shell seemed to shine with a new luster. He had more confidence in his step and his eyes made he look even more determined to keep the peace just for her.

Ken and Wormon joined the WPF in addition to their expanding private investigation business and ran it successfully in Japan before opening offices in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London and Paris. Most of the employees they recruited directly from the WPF, sticking with human/digimon pairs. When not on a case, he spent time with his wife, Yolie, who he married straight out of college, and their two daughters. There was little doubt that Ken was a devoted husband and father and, when out of town, kept in constant contact with Yolie and his children, whom he tutored himself.

Yolei, though a member of the WPF, rarely joined Ken on missions, preferring instead to tend to her daughters and keep the home that Ken designed and she decorated. She attacked this job with the single-mindedness she had shown in her youth and was now featured in many magazines as one of the most tasteful houses in Japan. Many people tried to get her decorating expertise for their homes, but preferred to save her talents only for special people, such as Sora and Mimi.

Hawkmon became active in the community and was often seen patrolling the streets at night, teaching young digimon or acting as a crossing guard for school children. He soon became a favorite of most of the school kids as well as their digimon.

TK and Patamon published two books about their adventures in the Digital World, and like the rest of the Digidestined, was a success, selling over one million copies in the first month. TK bought a small cabana on the beach, right next door to Matt and Sora. He had a small room built into the loft with window just big enough for Patamon to get in and out without having ask TK to open the door for him. They lived there for several years with no problems, till one evening a visitor showed up at his door, a visitor who had no intention of leaving.

Kari went to college after leaving school and got her degree to teach. Though she was a little sickly when she was younger, she grew into a strong young woman with a mind like a steel trap. Soon after leaving college, she got a job teaching in the Odiba Jr.High School, where she worked for five years before taking a one-year leave of absence. It was at that time that she showed up at TK’s home, first as a guest, then as a resident and then as his wife.

Davis and Veemon were also successful with their “Noodle Noodle Come and Get your Noodle” carts. He now had franchises around the world and the two of them were now living the easy life. He soon joined the WPF and was given command of the Northern Japanese WPF. When news of TK and Kari’s eminent marriage, reached him, it looked as though he went through the five stages of break-up in as many days. (Author’s note: There are five stages to a break-up: Shock, denial, depression, anger and acceptance. Thanx Jodan for that tidbit of info.)  The truth was he got stuck on step three.

When the day of their wedding arrived, Davis appeared his normal happy self, though it didn’t show in his chocolate brown eyes, congratulating TK, shaking his hand and offering him his personal jet for their honeymoon and kissing Kari’s cheek.  But right after the ceremony, Davis, waving good-bye to the love of his life, left and wasn’t heard from again.

Gatomon continued to see both Veemon and Patamon, swapping partners every year or so, till Kari finally decided to marry TK. Patamon and Veemon began to pressure her to choose one of them, till the day of the wedding. She brought the two of them in a back room of the church and told them that she was tired of both of them and that she’d be leaving for the digital world after the ceremony to find her true love, Wizardmon. Patamon, crying in heartbreak, left the church immediately. Veemon, so much like Davis, passed through the first two stages in an instant then he too became stuck on the third stage. He imitated Davis to the tee and kissed Gatomon’s cheek and then he too, wasn’t heard from again.

After two weeks, Ken and Wormon, getting a passkey from Izzy, who did the security for Davis, entered his home and was astounded to find the place empty. Looking in the garage, he found Davis’s car but the workshop was a shambles. He did find one thing missing, an axe Davis used to chop wood for the fireplace. Investigating further, he found that his computer was still on and locked on a destroyed digital gate. Finding the nearest gate, he transferred to the Digital World and went to investigate the damaged gate. There he found the axe, buried in the TV that was the gate.

Looking at Stingmon, he said, “Well, there’s the missing axe, Stingmon.”

“But where’s Davis… and Veemon?” Stingmon questioned.

“I don’t know, Stingmon.” He said as he got on a special cell phone to get a repair crew to fix the gate. “But we’re going to find out!”

Three weeks of searching and still they found nothing. They questioned local digimon, nothing. They followed the tracks, which went in a generally easterly direction, still nothing. Finally they found a clue, a burned out campfire in a small, hard-to-find cave. Exploring deeper into the cave they found what seemed to be a scrap of cloth, but on closer examination in the light they found it was a WPF patch of the leader of the Northern WPF. It looked as if it had been ripped off and thrown there. It left more questions than answers. Further searches found nothing. Members of the Northern forces were eager to look more, but trouble in the real world called them back and by the time they could return, all traces of Davis and Veemon had disappeared.





Gatomon returned to the real world just two weeks after the wedding with Wizardmon in tow. Many who knew her said they had never seen her happier since before he’d died battling Myotismon. Kari gave them her old apartment and they moved in and seemingly had a happy life. When asked if she’d seen Davis or Veemon she simply replied “No.” The Northern divisions didn’t believe her and constantly hounded her till she and Wizardmon left for the Digital World and went into hiding.

What not even Wizardmon knew was that Gatomon was seriously worried about Veemon and Davis. She knew she’d broken his heart, just like Kari did to Davis. She felt somehow responsible for his disappearance. For six months she searched, tracked down every clue, visited the cave where Davis’s patch was found, still nothing. Eventually Wizardmon used his magic in the cave, but only found that both of them had been there at some time in the past.

When Gatomon and Wizardmon returned, she went to the Northern division leader to report her findings. Standing outside of his office, she looked like a shadow of her former self. Her fur was ragged; her tail dragged the ground and her ears hung down in dejection. When she was called into the office, she saw that Ken and Wormon had taken Davis and Veemon’s place as leaders of the North. She broke down as she saw that they had been replaced so easily. Tears streaming down her face in exhaustion, she explained her quest and told that she had found no more than they had. What she didn’t see was the haggard look on both Ken and Wormon’s faces. Wormon went to Gatomon and told her she had done the best anyone could do and that no one blamed her. Gatomon hugged the worm digimon in thanks and returned to her home where Wizardmon waited.

What none of them knew was that many of their questions were going to be answered within the next month.



The Next Night


Nighttime in the Digital World, a ragged figure limps along, dragging a sack along the ground behind him. Bruised, battered and wearing a ragged cloak with his left arm in a makeshift sling, approaches a portal. He drops to his knees and begins to dig through the sack with his good arm, the other one obviously broken. His cinnamon colored eyes bloodshot and dull, Veemon rummaged through the sack to find what he was searching for and cried out in pain as he inadvertently moved his bad arm.

None of the other digimon would have recognized him even if they had bumped into him, several of them already had, but they passed him by without a glance. No one cared to look too closely at a lowly vagabond digimon, stinking of digi-wine fumes and covered with filth. His face drawn with hunger, scarred from battle and his once soft blue skin covered in purpling bruises. Closer inspection would have showed a large scar over his left eye. It ran from the top of the V on his head, over his eyelid and down to his jaw line.

It wasn’t just hunger that made him weak, he was exhausted, both mentally and physically. In his last battle he had gotten both his arm broken and his face marked permanently. How he hadn’t lost his eye he would never know, but he couldn’t remember the last time he had been able to open it. He had won, but it felt like he was the loser. He had to warn the others! There was a great evil coming from the far Southern mountains. What ever it was, it had Davis and he had to save him. Finally, his hand brushed over the object he was looking for, a digivice. He pulled it from the bag and set it, as he’d seen Davis do hundreds of times, pointed it at the portal and was instantly transported to the real world.



Ken was working late in Davis’s office, trying to finish up some last minute paper work when the computer suddenly switched itself on and opened a portal to the Digital World. Ken looked on in amazement as Veemon came through and landed on the floor with a scream of pain. Ken didn’t recognize Veemon at first, but as he examined the limp form he saw the V on his head.

“Veemon!” he shouted, as he reached for the intercom on the desk, to summon help.

“Ken…” Veemon mumbled, and pulled Ken back with his good arm, “It’s got Davis… Tried to save him… Too… strong…” he said as he passed out.

“Veemon!” he cried as he picked up the grievously injured digimon and carried him to the desk to call for help. Keying up the intercom he shouted, “Get a med team to my office! STAT! Veemon’s just come through and he’s badly injured!”

“Yes sir!” came the voice from the other side.

Joe, who was about to go home for the evening, came rushing into the room with the med team. “MY GOD!” he said as he began to examine the injured dragon. “He’s really bad, I don’t know why he isn’t deleted! His arm’s broken and has been for about two weeks, about as long as he’s had this scar.” he said as he ran a finger down it’s length. “It looks like he’s been treated by someone. I don’t know if he’ll make it!” Joe said, looking at a worried Ken, as he finished his examination.

“Yes he will!” Ken said as he began tapping on the keyboard. Suddenly a portal opened up to the digimon wing of the hospital.

Joe pulled out his digivice and disappeared into the computer.

Ken was shaking, as much from nerves as from fear. Then he noticed the sack that Veemon had brought through with him. He picked it up and looked inside, “Oh no.” he whispered as he pulled out what was inside the bag. Davis’s flamed bomber jacket, his D-3, and D-terminal. He looked up at the others who had heard that Veemon had returned, “I want a team organized! NOW! I’m going through, I’ll need six teams to follow me! Wormon! Get in here!” he shouted, sounding more like the Digimon Emperor than Ken at the moment.

“Coming master!” Wormon said, as he rushed to Ken’s side.

“OK, here we go…” he said to the others but to Wormon he said with a sad smile “and you don’t have to call me master, OK?”

“OK Ken.” He said and though he couldn’t smile it shone in his eyes.



Three weeks later


Veemon woke slowly, though he kept his eyes closed. Things were different, for one thing there was no pain and instead of a hard ground, he was on a soft mattress. He wiggled the fingers of his right hand; there was some pain when he did this, but not the deep pain of torn muscles rubbing against broken bone. He breathed deeply; the pain in his ribs was gone too. He moved his foot gingerly and was surprised to feel no pain at all. There was an antiseptic smell to the air, then he remembered coming through the portal and Ken was there. He tried to tell him what had happened, but couldn’t remember finishing. He opened his eyes to a hospital room, turning his head he saw that he was hooked to a machine.

The sound of a door opening drew his attention and as he looked, Joe walked into the room. “Well, you’re looking better.” He said jovially. He walked up to the machine, it looked more like a computer, and after examining the readout, a smile lit his face for the first time. “Good news Veemon, you should be out of here by tonight!” he said with a broad grin.

“Good,” Veemon said grimly, “I’ve gotta get out there and help Davis.” He finished.

“I don’t think so, Veemon. Now that you’re out of danger, I guess I can tell you; it was three weeks ago that you came out of the Digital World. You were more dead than alive. Your left arm was broken, you had four cracked ribs, a wrenched ankle, that nasty cut on your eye and you had a minor concussion. If it weren’t for the new Digital Stabilizer we’d have lost you the first night. Whatever cut your eye, well, it put a virus inside of you and me and Izzy have been working ourselves to the bone to get rid of it.” Joe explained.

“Digital Stabilizer? Isn’t that the machine you asked Davis to back you on? The one he made you promise not to test on me?” Veemon asked.

“Well… Yes, but there was no other choice. It did save your life.” Joe explained.

 Veemon closed his eyes, a tear ran down his cheek. “Three weeks…” he mumbled as he shook his head. “If he’s still alive, it’ll be a miracle. And that’s why that bastard was laughing as he disintegrated, he thought he’d won even though he lost! ” he finished as if he’d just realized something.

“Oh, don’t worry about that Veemon, Ken and Wormon, as well as a team of our best WPF officers, went to the Digital World just a couple of minutes after you arrived and they’re tracing your steps as we speak.” Joe said as he began a diagnostic scan on the Digital Stabilizer.

“It won’t matter,” he said “They’ll never find it. Davis and I found it by mistake. It’s deep in the South in that mountain range. Hell, I don’t even know if I could find it again!”

“Oh, I’ve got some news that might cheer you up.” Joe said with a smile.

“I doubt it.”

“Well, there’s a very pretty female outside, who’s been here for the last two weeks, waiting to see you.” Joe said raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah, well, tell Gatomon I’m not interested!”

“Oh no, it’s not Gatomon. I’ve never seen a digimon like this before. I’d say she even prettier than Gatomon and a perfect match for you, if I’m any judge of digimon.” Joe said, teasing Veemon.

“Oh, another of my adoring fans, eh. Well, tell her I’m not receiving visitors right now. Unless she wants to suck my di…” He said.


Veemon laughed, the first laugh he’d had since he and Davis went to the Digital World.

“Now that’s more like the Veemon we all know and love!” Joe said as he rubbed his cheek. “I’ll show her in. She’s a nurse in a remote village in the Digital World. She’s been helping us tend you, using natural herbal remedies from her village.” he said as he walked out of the door. In the hall he heard Joe say, “He’s awake now.”

As he looked to the door, he was surprised at the digimon that walked in. She looked like him but instead of his dark blue she was paler, the color of the deepest ocean. Instead of a horn on her nose she had a fin that ran over her head, webbed hands and feet and a tail that looked more like a Whamon’s tail. Then he remember her, he had been on his way back, trying to cross a wide but calm river, swimming despite his broken arm, he though it was the end, as felt his strength leaving him, he knew he was sinking. Then a beautiful female digimon grabbed him and brought him to shore. But the next thing he remembered was getting to the portal. Did he just abandon her?  He laid there, his mouth hanging open and eyes wide.

“Well, you definitely look better today than you did when we first met.” She said, seeing his reaction. “You can close your mouth now Veemon.” To Joe she said, “That stabilizer of yours really did the trick!” Joe laughed.

He closed his mouth, but then said, “I remember you! You saved my life!”

“Well, all I did was get you to shore, put that arm in a sling and some water herbs on that nasty cut on your eye. But when I went to get more herbs you disappeared! Don’t you know that it’s not polite to leave a lady standing, especially one that just saved your life?” She said as she appraised him. “And I’ll bet you don’t even remember what you said to me, in your fevered state.”

“Aaaaaahhhhh… Not really, but whatever I said, you got it! If I can.” He said, feeling as though he should put a limit on a promise he didn’t even remember.

“Aww, that’s sweet! But I don’t think you’re ready for a night out on the town tonight, so I’ll settle for dinner at your place.” She said fluttering her eyes at him.

“Sure no problem!” he said, as he sweat dropped.

“And maybe a little fun afterward… hummm?” she whispered in his ear.

“Oh Yeah, You got it!” he said a huge smile plastered on his scarred mug.

“Good, but just to wet your appetite, here’s a little sample.” She said as she hopped up on his bedside and brought her lips to his. He couldn’t move, all he could do was enjoy the taste of her lips as she kissed him. Her tongue pressed for entry so he parted his lips and began to return the passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss, his breath was coming in quick pants and she knew he wanted more. “Oh, Veemon!” She said glancing at his covered body and at the bulge that was starting to form there. “Is that a rocket in your pocket or am I that good?”

“It’s all you sweetheart!” Veemon said, with a smile on his face and lust in his eyes.

“We’ll see. Tonight!” she said as she hopped from his bedside and walked toward the door. “Oh, and by the way, the name’s AquaVeemon, but you can call me Aqua, or you can just call me.” She said saucily, then giggling she left the room, right behind Joe.

Veemon laughed and laid back, snuggling into the pillow. Looks like things were gonna turn out all right. Ken was on Davis’s trail and tonight looked extremely promising. So he closed his eyes and tried to sleep as Joe’s new machine did its work.



Later that night


Joe had just disconnected Veemon from the machine and Veemon was fidgeting, while Joe was taking his time in giving him a check-up before he left the hospital.

“Hurry up Joe! I’ve got things to do tonight!” Veemon said, getting antsy.

“I know, but remember, the longer you wait, the better it’ll be in the end.” Joe stated.

“You mean like you and Mimi?”

“Well, yeah! Something like that!”

“OK Joe.” He said as he tried to calm down.

“Good, because we’re done. I’ll just sign the release papers and you’re free to go.” he said as he scrawled his name across the bottom of the form and handed it to Veemon. “I’ll just have our new nurse bring in the wheelchair…”

“WHEELCHAIR? I DON’T NEED A STINKIN’ WHEELCHAIR!” Veemon shouted. Just then the nurse arrived with the wheelchair, Veemon did a double check on the nurse. It was Aqua!

“Veemon, get in the chair. It’s hospital policy and you can’t leave till you do. Or would you rather stay here tonight, instead of coming with me?” she asked coyly.

Veemon was off the bed and in the chair so fast that Joe had to laugh. “She’ll make a great addition to our staff here! Look how impatient digimon are to take a ride with her!”

“Just as long as they don’t get the special treatment, I don’t mind.” Veemon said as he looked at Aqua.

“Oh Veemon, you’re incorrigible!” she said, as she wheeled him out of the room and down the hall and to the elevator. Once alone in the elevator he felt her finned tail touching his. He looked up at her smiling and used his tail to touch hers.

A sudden ding made them stop as the doors slid open. Crowds of people were standing there and as they exited the elevator, they began to clap and cheer for him. Looking up he saw Ken and Wormon, Tai and Agumon as well as Cody and Armodillomon were standing there as an honor guard leading him to the car. As they exited the door, Veemon jumped out of the chair and offered his good arm to Aqua like a gentlemon should, and guided her to the car that the WPF provided. Standing by the car door, holding it open was none other than WereGarurumon. They climbed in and he closed it behind him.

As he entered the car to begin the drive them home, Veemon said, “Home James!” All three of them laughed as they left the hospital and headed for home.

Veemon leaned toward Aqua and kissed her tenderly and looked into her indigo eyes. He didn’t know it was possible to ever feel happy again and once they got Davis back, things would be perfect. He smiled, he seemed to be doing a lot of that lately, especially when Aqua was around, and said, “Ya know, I think Joe was right.”

“About what?” she said dreamily.

“About us being a perfect match.”

“He said that did he.” she said in a severe tone, “Well, he’s probably right!” she added, in a lighter tone and kissed the horn on his nose then moved to his lips. They enjoyed their light petting till they arrived at Veemon and Davis’s home. He was astounded to see a strange digimon standing at the front door awaiting them. When they stopped, he opened the door for them and they got out.

“Right this way Veemon, dinner is almost ready and the table is set.” He said smiling.

“But who are you?” he questioned.

“I’m Wizardmon.”

“Wizardmon! Are you…?”

“Gatomon’s friend.”

“Is she…?”

“Yes, she’s cooking dinner and she’s been here all day, cleaning the house. You and Davis left it very chaotic.” He laughed, “She said that not even Patamon should live in such a mess! But don’t tell her I told you that!” Wizardmon said in a low tone that only he, Veemon and Aqua could hear.

“Well good! Maybe if Davis sees it clean, he’ll try to keep it that way.” He said, chuckling and then said to Aqua, “She’s a great cook!”

Wizardmon opened the front door and indicated they should enter first. Veemon turned to Aqua and shocked both Aqua and Wizardmon by scooping her up and carrying her across the threshold. (Author’s note: This is a tradition in the United States. When the groom brings home his bride, he carries her across the threshold of her new home. I’m unsure if this tradition is worldwide. Thus this note!)

“Aww, how cute! Why didn’t you do that for me, Wizardmon?” came a voice from across the room.

“Because you were so anxious to get me in bed, I didn’t have a chance!” he said, as they all laughed.

“Gatomon,” Veemon said, surprised to find he had no regrets at seeing her with Wizardmon, like he used to have when she was with Patamon, “it’s so good to see you again.”

To Gatomon’s surprise, he took her gloveless paw and kissed the old scar put there by Myotismon. “Oh Veemon.” she said, then looking at Aqua, “Always the gentlemon, isn’t he.”

“Most of the time.”

“Gatomon, I’d like you to meet AquaVeemon. She saved my life and now helps Joe in the hospital. She’s gonna be my personal nurse! Joe says that I still need a few weeks to recover, but under her care, how could I not get better!” Veemon said, with a grin and a wink.

“Humph! Well if you’re well enough to make jokes about the terrible condition you were in when you got back, then you’re well enough for the dinner I’ve just made.” Gatomon said as she turned back to the dining room.

The four of them sat at the low table that was loaded with lots of different types of food. Veemon’s stomach growled as the tempting aromas surrounded him.

Veemon reached across the table to start loading his plate, only to receive a smack on the hand from Gatomon. “You know the rules! First we say grace!”

“OK, OK.” He said, shaking his hand painfully. He bowed his head and said “Good food, good meat, thank God. Let’s eat!”

“AMEN!” came the voices from around the table, as they began to devour the extravagant feast. From start to finish all that could be heard was the clicking of chopsticks and the clink of bowls passed around the table.

When there was not much left on the table but scraps Veemon leaned back, belched loudly and said “Now that hit the spot!”

Gatomon then brought four small glasses of wine to the table and they slowly enjoyed the wine. Noticing the flowery taste of the wine Aqua asked what kind it was.

“You’ll have to ask Veemon. It’s from their wine cellar.” She said as Veemon sat up with an alarmed look on his face.

“Our wine cellar? Can I see the bottle?” he asked as she showed him the bottle. He closed his eyes and shook his head as he saw the label. It showed three Floramon with the initials H.O.A. and a date of eleven years ago. “Uhm… Gatomon… That’s a special bottle of wine I got from the Floramon Triplettes, Honey Blossom, Orange Blossom and Apple Blossom. Three Floramon hatched from the same egg; it’s said to have healing powers. They combine their pollen together to make this wine. I got this wine for us to share… when we were together.”

“So, what does this mean, Veemon?” Gatomon asked.

“It means that you two will be staying here tonight. Not only does it heal minor injuries, it makes you extremely horny!” he said as he broke the cast off of his arm and showed them it was now healed. “And… it only gets stronger with age! So, we’re going the my bedroom, you know where the guest bedroom is.” He said as took Aqua by the hand and led her down the hall to his bedroom. “I promise you, you’ll be well loved tonight!”

Veemon closed the door behind him and looked at Aqua. Her breath was coming in short, gasping, pants and her full breast had begun to expose themselves, signaling her sexual readiness. He closed the distance between them in one stride, took her into his arms and kissed her passionately. Her color had changed to a deeper shade of turquoise while Veemon had changed to an almost midnight blue. He picked her up and tenderly laid her on his bed. When he got in the bed with her, she rubbed her hand over the nearly invisible slit that hid his member. As though it needed no more coaxing, it sprang out, semi-erect, but quickly growing to its full size of five inches. (Author’s Note: Five inches may not seem like much to us, but for a digimon of Veemon’s size, he’s hung like a Unimon!) Aqua cupped his balls in one hand as she ran her tongue along its length. When she engulfed the head of his dick in her mouth, she tasted a shot of pre-cum. She glanced up and saw Veemon’s face was suffused with ecstasy and then heard him groan as she let his dick slide down her throat.  She started to move faster and suck harder as she heard his moans of passion. She stopped when she felt Veemon’s hand on her head. He then lay beside her and motioned her to get on top of him. When she would have impaled herself on his dick, he turned her around and guided her pussy to his mouth. As she took him into her mouth again, she felt his expert tongue begin to excite parts of her she didn’t even know she had.

As Veemon felt her warm mouth, he tried to hold himself back by concentrating on pleasuring her. His tongue reached out to taste her flower, lightly touching her labia and slowly moving to her clit, then with only the smallest of touches moved passed it. She jumped in response, groaning in disappointment as he moved past it. Using his own hot breath, he blew the heat of his body over her clit; she shivered in reaction. His tongue darted out to stab her clitoris; the passion that was building inside of her spasmed and her wet pussy began to drip onto his waiting tongue. Knowing she was ready, he brought his lips to her pussy and kissed her clit, sucking and massaging it lightly, harder as he heard and felt her cries of pleasure. He put one arm around he waist, then inserted one finger into her love hole, searching for her G-spot. Then he felt it, a tiny bundle of nerves right behind her clitoris and began to massage it as her sucked on her womonhood. Her reaction was almost immediate as she began to orgasm, splashing her sweet juices in his face. As she moaned he felt the moment he was waiting for crest, then break over him as his balls dumped her mouth full of his semen. She gagged as he filled her with more than she could swallow, spilling out of her mouth and running down his shaft, covering his balls. She licked her lips and began to bathe his cock and balls with her tongue, cleaning the cum from them.

She rolled off of him and then turned to face him. He was panting as though exhausted, but his erection never slackened. She leaned over him, kissing the horn on his nose and then smiling kissed his lips. This time Veemon’s tongue brushed her lips, she parted her lips and his tongue entered her mouth and he kissed her passionately. ‘Veemon’s a very good kisser’ she thought to herself, ‘It’s little wonder that he’s so skilled with his tongue.’ She felt his cock rubbing against her, she looked at it smiling, “Looks like your friend needs some more attention! Let’s introduce him to his new best friend!” she giggled, as she straddled him and guided him inside of her waiting pussy.

Veemon groaned as she slowly lowered herself onto his throbbing cock. “Oh, Aqua. That feel’s so… good!”

She tilted her head back, wave after wave of pleasure filling her. “Oh God… V-V-Veemon! It feels so good inside me!” she gasped as she began riding him faster.

He reached up to her ample breast massaging them and tweaking her pink nipples. He’d never felt this with any other womon, it seemed as though his cock would explode inside of her. He pulled her down to him so he could kiss her lips, taste her skin and feel her breast rubbing against his chest. Then on a whim, he held her tightly to him and turned over so that he was on top; grabbed her by the knees and pulling his cock to the head, penetrated her fully.

Aqua gasped as he switched positions in mid-stroke; then began an assault on her body that caused waves of pleasure to wash over her. She knew she couldn’t hold out much longer as he continued to plunge deeply into her love canal. She felt as though the waves of pleasure, washing over her were getting stronger with every stroke that Veemon pounded into her. The suddenly, she was there! She screamed out her orgasm as she felt Veemon’s cum flood into her. They cried out their names simultaneously as the pleasure crashed over them.

They both lay there, totally spent. She was conscious of only Veemon, she could smell herself on him and felt his weight on her. She knew he was the mon for her, because no one had made love to her like he just did. No mon had ever made her cum so fast or so well. She knew he was true to his word; she had been well loved.

Veemon lay on top of her; panting in exhaustion. He felt that, at the moment of their orgasm, they had become one. He knew no other womon would match her, even Gatomon, for all of her skill in bed, had never pleased him like this. If she left him, just the thought of it caused his heart to skip a beat, his life would be over. He looked into her eyes, blue as a clear summer sky, and saw the love he felt, reflected there. “I’ve never felt like this before! I love you Aqua. Stay with me… forever, be my mate!”

“Of course Veemon.” She panted, “You were true to your word and I could never leave a mon like that!”

He collapsed on her then, sleeping where he lay, his body still not totally recovered from the ordeal he had endured just weeks ago. She let him sleep on top of her, feeling contentment in his weight. She kissed the small smile on his lips and then faded off to sleep herself.



In the morning


Aqua woke slowly, she didn’t feel Veemon on top of her anymore. She reached to her side but he wasn’t there either. She bolted upright, calling out his name, as she quickly scanned the room. Then the door opened and Veemon walked through, carrying a tray with breakfast on it. It was piled high with pancakes covered in syrup and butter, orange juice and coffee. He set the huge tray on the bed and climbed in with her, smiling.

“Veemon, did you make this for me?”

“For us!” he said, “Actually Gatomon made it. She was up before I was and she insisted! She really is a great cook.” He continued as he began to pile pancakes on his plate.

Aqua’s mouth began to water as the delicious smell reached her, then she too began pile pancakes on her plate. Gatomon really was a great cook she decided after they had cleared the tray and they sat there drinking juice together.

“Do you remember what you asked me last night?” she asked, looking at Veemon.

He looked at her, “Yes.”

“Do you remember what I said?”

A smile crossed his lips as he nodded his head.

“Did you mean it?” she said, with a worried look.

“Of course I did! I need you more than you’ll ever know. Especially now, so, I’ll ask you once again. Will you be my mate?” Veemon said, his eyes conveying the depths of his feelings her more than his voice.

“Oh, yes, Veemon! I’ll be your mate and I’ll never let you regret this day!” she said passionately.

“I just didn’t want you to think that it was just the wine talking last night. I love you Aqua and I’ll never let you regret it either!” he said as he leaned to her and kissed her lips lightly.

She shivered as he kissed her. Why was it that the lightest of caresses from him thrilled her more than the more passionate ones, which she enjoyed, too?

“Well, it’s time we put in an appearance out there! We’re due to have guest soon and I don’t want them to find us lying in bed when they do! They might think I’m too injured to go with them to find Davis! Because that’s not gonna happen!” He said, as he hopped out of bed, showing some sign of his old vigor.

“That’s good, because I’ll be going with you!” she said as Veemon looked at her incredulously.

“I won’t have you in danger!”

“You’ll need a competent nurse with you to care for battle injuries and you know it! Besides… Joe already told me I was on the team!”

“OK, but you’ve got to remember, this will be more dangerous than you know. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He said as he took her into his arms and kissed her.

“Yes sir commander!” she said as she saluted with a teasing smile on her face.

“As long as you remember that.” He said as he heard a knock at the door. “That’ll be them.” He continued, as he took her hand and escorted her to the den.

“Have a seat.” He said as he headed to open the front door for the guest. The first thing Veemon saw on opening the door were the smiling faces of Wormmon and Armodillomon, with Ken and Cody behind them. He grabbed his two digi-buds, “Though I’d never see you guys again.” He said before leading them inside. The five of them joined Aqua in the den. It had a large sectional sofa so that most digimon would fit and plenty of comfortable seating.

As they seated themselves, Gatomon entered carrying a tray with six sodas (for the digimon) and two cups of tea (for Cody and Ken). Wizardmon followed close behind her with a tired look in his eye, but the smile on his face was all Veemon needed to see to know he’d had a good time last night.

Ken picked up his tea, took a sip and asked, “So how much do you remember, Veemon?”

“Well, when Davis and I left for the Digital World, we smashed the gate behind us so it would take a bit longer to find our trail. From there it’s a jumble of different battles, one opponent after another, always seeking someone stronger. Then we heard of a darkness gathering strength in the Southern Mountain Range, so we started moving that way. Unfortunately, we didn’t find it, IT found us.




What happened to Davis and Veemon? Why did Veemon leave Davis behind? Why am I telling you all of this instead of making you guess? Find out on the next Digimon Legends!





Evil Fine Print: This story, copies of this story, or parts of this story, may not be used by anyone without the author's expressed permission! Anyone caught, will be taken to the Digital World and violated by a Tyranomon!