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    Axel & Rena. Chap 13.   


  Rena was still mulling things over in her head as she n Axel got out of his off road bug and waited for Mary to park. Because of the DeLorean’s up ward opening, gull-wing doors… the ageing sports car needed extra room to park in the garage. To this end Axel had to stand in front of the car’s path to help guide Mary into the right spot. After a few tries Mary finally had the car in its rightful position and with a happy sigh of relief, shut the sports car down.


  Axel watched intently as Mary opened her door, fearing that it might bang the garage wall, but she didn’t. Rena couldn’t help but giggle as she watched her mate fuss over the stainless steel monster that was the DeLorean. To her the car was an ugly waist of metal, the windows didn’t roll down, the firewall that separated the front cockpit from the rear engine compartment was to thin and one could feel the heat as they drove. The worst thing about the car was that, compared to the Baja, it was to damn wide, combine that with its gull-wing doors and you were hard pressed to find a good parking spot.


  But no one could convince Axel to part with the DeLorean, oh no, he saw it as a work of art… a drivable peace of one mans twisted imagination and ingenuity. Rena sighed and slowly shook her head, a knowing smile playing across her lips as Axel continued to fuss over the car. “She smells a little hot Mary,” gripped Axel as he lifted the back hatch and peered at the engine, “you poor thing, what did my evil older sister do to you?”


  “All I did was drive it to the condo and back,” Mary said as she listened to her brother talk to the car, concern ringing in his voice. “Besides I wouldn’t have to drive this… this -Thing- if you would just dump that bug and get a real car like any other respectable adult.”


  Rena winced as Axel banged his head on the DeLorean’s hatch back. Slowly Axel backed up out of the DeLorean’s engine compartment and turned to look at his sister. There was a dead silent pause as the two siblings stared at one another… it was Mary that broke the tension by playfully hitting her brother on the arm. “Come on Axel, I’m just kidding… I know how much you love your bug, “ she smiled before pointing to the DeLorean’s passenger side, “say, can you help bring Kimmy into the house?”


  That’s all it took, Axel blinked once then nodded “sure no prob.”


  Axel had to stand off to the side of the DeLorean in order to open its door for he didn’t want to get trapped between it and his Baja. He watched the door swung upwards in a graceful arc, hissing as it opened to reveal Kimmy and Cleo. “Hay Rena?” Axel softly called out as he reached in to unstrap his sleeping niece and her Gatomon. “Mind getting Cleo here, so I can lift Kimmy out.”


  Rena was instantly at her mate’s side, leaning down she gently scooped up the digi-cat from off of Kimmy’s lap and stepped aside to let Axel retrieve the teen. Axel gave a grunt as he hefted the teen into his arms, it wasn’t that his niece was overly heavy… no in fact she was built like all the Benden women, kinda thin but with all the right curves. It was the fact that it was hard to be gentle while holding over a hundred pounds of dead weight in your arms.    


  Mary helped out by holding the door to the kitchen open for the two mates, and then together the three adults left the garage… all the while Axel tried not to bump his load into bits of the house. So went the sleep parade, Marry in front trying to move anything that might trip up the two behind her. Then came Rena with Cleo, who was now curled up in her arms. Finally there was Axel who had to travel sideways through most of the house, while Kimmy’s limp body kept threatening to spill out of his grasp and onto the floor.


  Luckily they didn’t have to travel to far, and so soon found themselves outside Kimmy’s room. Axel let Rena go in first before following her into the dark room. Like his mate Axel could now see quite well in the bark, a gift that had developed thanks to the Renamon digi-code now fuzzed to his DNA. There were other gifts as well, like his ability to since other nearby digimon, yet he hadn’t truly tapped into his full potential.


  Rena was the first to the double bed that the sleeping pair now used; with a flick of her wrist she sent the covers almost off the bed. It wasn’t that she wanted to make a mess. Rena just wanted to make sure that Axel could put Kimmy down on the bed proper… its always a hassle to remove bedding from under a sleeping person and you run the risk of waking them as well.


  Axel nodded his thanks as he walked around the bed to Kimmy’s side. Rena softly lay the digi-cat down and watched with some satisfaction as Cleo rolled over and curled into a furry ball. Deep inside Rena wondered if she would have feeling like this when putting her own children to bed. Oh how she so wanted to give Axel a family, it was the most primal of needs and it was calling to her, slowly she looked up at her mate and… blinked.


  Axel was having trouble with Kimmy; she had thrown her arms about his neck when he had bent over to place her in bed. Now he was off balance, one hand still holding the girl, the other on the bed to keep from falling over. He was trying to figure a way out of this without waking his niece when her eyes suddenly fluttered open. Axel blinked, as she looked up at him with those jade green eyes of hers.


  Even though her eyes were open, Kimmy was still mostly asleep. In her fog filled brain she saw her uncle leaning over her, he was so close that she could feel his breath against her skin. She had dreamed about this so many times that it hardly felt real anymore, yet she did what she always wanted to do in real life… she pulled him close and kissed him.


  Axel was caught so of guard by his niece that he couldn’t help but freeze up. The sudden surprise of Kimmy pulling him down into the kiss didn’t even register until he felt her tongue slip onto his gaping mouth. Deep inside Axel something twitched, and to his own dismay he found himself wanting to return the kiss… and more.


  To Axel’s horror he found that he wanted to dive into Kimmy, her kiss was so wanton that it was driving him crazy. Yet this also repulsed him, here he was in front of his mate and his sister and all he could think of was screwing his niece… what the hell was wrong with him.


  Mary gasped as she watched her own daughter try to drag Axel into bed with her. Slowly the kiss was broken as Kimmy fell back into bed, her arms going slack. And as sleep once again clamed the teen, she whispered something that only Axel could hear. Axel stood up strait, his eyes wide with fear as he backed away from the bed. To Mary’s dismay her brother suddenly turned and disappeared into a dark shadow.


  “What the hell?” Mary cursed, and then looked to Rena for an answer.

  “I… I don’t know,” stammered the digi-fox, “maybe Kimmy was dreaming about an old boy friend?”

  “That’s not what I meant,” snapped Mary as she grabbed Rena by the hand and dragged her out of the room. Once safely out side and the door closed Mary continued, “where and how did Axel do what he did?”

  “I don’t understand,” said a confused Rena, “it was Kimmy who kissed Axel, not the other…”

  “I’m not talking about the kiss.” Hissed Mary, as she looked into Rena’s human like eyes, “I meant how did Axel walk through that wall like that?”

  “He didn’t walk through the wall, he teleported….” Rena stopped in mid sentence, and gave Mary a harsh gaze. “Wait just one moment, Mary, your daughter kisses my mate and your mad because he disappears before anything bad could happen? What gives?”


  “I, er… its” it was now Mary’s turn to stammer; suddenly she wanted to drop the whole thing but knew Rena wouldn’t. How could she tell this digimon a secret that Kimmy had confided to her? There was a bond, a trust that Mary didn’t want to break with her daughter. Yet Rena did have the right to know didn’t she?


  With a soft sigh Mary took her future sister-in-law to the living room, “Rena, we need to talk… and I don’t know if you’re going to like what I have to say.” Rena rolled her eyes as she followed Mary, ‘why is it that humans all think I’m not going to like what they have to say?’ she thought.



  Axel had reappeared in his sanctuary, the room in the basement that he used as an office/ art room. With his body and feelings all in torment, he had decided to leave the light off and just watch some TV. Flopping down in the leather sofa, Axel hoped that the CarTOON channel would have something to help clear his mind. He was in luck, Sea Lab 2021 was on and soon his mind felt quite numb as he laughed at the show.


  It came as no surprise to Axel, when a pair of leather clad arms slide over his shoulders and he felt fur covered breasts press into the back of his head. “Hay love,” he mumbled as adult swim continued on the TV. “Sorry I bugged out like that. I just didn’t know what else to do.”


  “That’s funny,” giggled Rena as she reached up to run her left hand through Axel’s hair. This cased his head to lean back into the makeshift pillows her tits had formed… “I don’t remember asking you for an excuse to something that wasn’t your fault. Besides I don’t think there was any harm done… was there?”


  Axel was silent for a moment before speaking; to say the least he wasn’t sure how he was ever going to look at Kimmy the same again. “Rena… I’m just not so sure, “ he replied with a sigh, “I’v never thought of Kimmy as anything but my niece. But that kiss, all of a sudden I can’t help but see her as… as…”


  “A breading tool?” Rena asked in her soft voice. She knew she had hit the nail on the head when Axel stiffened below her. As far as she could tell, while Axel now felt a sexual attraction toward his niece, his heart belonged to her and her alone. Still… she couldn’t help but wonder if this all had something to do with the legend.


  If it did, could Axel unknowingly be trying to fulfill its prophecy? And if so, did she as his mate have the right to help him? 


  “yeah…” Axel blinked, as he suddenly felt trapped. It wasn’t that he was afraid that Rena would be mad at him, no he could tell she was quite calm, if not happy about the whole thing… no there was something else that scared him even more. Deep down he could feel the darkness that he kept hidden away from everyone… and it was growing.


“Rena, what is going on here?” he asked, “all of a sudden reality doesn’t make since…”

  “When has it ever?” she said as she lowered her chin to rest it on his head, “Axel, mind if I ask you something personal?”

  “Sure,” Axel replied, “I told you in the car, I will no longer hide anything from you.”       

  “Ok… what did you want to do after the kiss?” she asked “and I want the truth.”

  “er…” he stammered, then sighed… well he did promise,  “I wanted to return the kiss, I wanted to lay down with her and make love to… no love is the wrong word, to have sex with her.”

  “To whom?” Rena pressed.

  “Kimmy,” he whispered, “As she kissed me I suddenly felt something deep and dark awaken inside me. It wanted to take her right there, even though you and Mary were in the room with us.”

  “But you didn’t,” she said as she pulled away into the darkness of the room.

  “No, I wouldn’t give in,” he said as he shook his head, “it’s wrong to have sex with a sibling, it goes against the laws of the church and of the states, and there is just something not right with doing it with her mother, my sister watching…”

  “You do know that digimon don’t have those laws” she said, “mothers with sons, fathers with daughters, it sometimes happens… it all depends on who is where when nature says its time.”

  “Well humans don’t do that,” he snorted.

  “That is true,” came Rena’s voice from somewhere within the dark room, “…but there is something you keep forgetting.”

  “And that is?” sighed Axel.

  “Your not human,” the voice pointed out, “your not bound by their moral laws anymore that I am. You answer to the laws of nature, and she is much stronger then any human.”

  “But I am still bound by my conscience,” he wailed, waving his hands in the air to help make the point, “its ingrained into my brain that you just don’t go around fucking your immediate family, its just not right.”

  “Ok, I understand that,” said the disembodied voice of his mate, “but Kimmy isn’t your sister, she isn’t immediate family, she is the product of another male who isn’t part of your family line.”

  “Rena?” Axel asked as confusion set in, “what are you getting at?”

  “What I’m saying,” she said as she reappeared before his eyes, “is that you shouldn’t let this bother you so much. Digimon in general, and Renamon as a whole don’t have all the taboos that the human race do.“

  “And since I’m a digimon now?” 

  “You need to lighten up.” She giggled

  “What… what should I do about Kimmy?” he asked.

  “I herd what she whispered to you,” sighed Rena as she held a hand out to her mate, “that she loves you, always has, always will… that she and Cleo are saving them selves for you. Its quite an honor don’t you think?”

  “Rena?” he asked as she helped him stand, “what do I do if this happens again?”

  “That’s for you to decide” she smiled as she looked up into his eyes, “I already know that I am your true love, your soul mate. If you find yourself needing, be you willing or not, to have sex with another, like Kimmy… then I will not be mad for I know you will always come home to me.”

  “I… I still don’t know,” he murmured, “it sounds like you want me to have sex with her.”

  “You will find,” smiled the fox as she turned and lay down on the sofa, “that we Renamon understand that things happen. There’s nothing like seeing a village full of males, including the father, blindly chasing after a female. The sent of heat is something that no male can ignore… its definitely an eye opener.

  “And I’m part Renamon…” he said as she pulled him down atop of her, he noted that she didn’t fully answer his question.

  “Well you look different then we do,” she said with a smile. Her body shivering happily as she felt his weight pressing against her, “and you have different attacks than we do. But yes, you have my code in your vanes… so therefore you are of the bloodline Renamon.”


  Axel sighed as he looked down into Rena’s eyes before kissing her deeply. It didn’t seem to register in his mind that Rena’s eye had changed, the once obsidian part of her eye were now white, her eyes were that of a human. Yet other bits of her body were changing as well and again no one seemed too knottiest.



  Mary sighed as she walked into her bedroom, “so my brother is part digimon now” she said aloud as she closed and locked the door. Well it did explain a few things that she had read in Kimmy’s diary. Mary knew that she shouldn’t pry into her daughter’s privet life, but through it she had found out that Kimmy and Cleo were lovers. Now most parents would have been pissed off, but to Mary, it was better that Kimmy was happy… hay at least she wasn’t fucking every boy in the neighborhood. 


  Shaking her head, Mary began removing her jeans slowly. She then peeled off her shirt and putting them both on the bed. Straightening back up she stopped as she caught her reflection in the mirror over her dresser. She absently ran her hands down her 5 foot 11 inch body as she scrutinized herself, smiling at the fact that her 32year old stomach was still flat and tight even after having Kimmy.


  Still looking into the mirror, she reached behind her back and slowly freed the clasp of her bra. Smiling, Mary was proud of the beautiful woman staring back at her. Rust red wavy hair, pulled back loosely. Bright emerald green eyes staring back at her. She let her gaze wonder down the reflection of her own body.

  Her breasts were a good size, nice and still firm, without being overly large. She turned looking at her ass in the reflection, once again not large, and still firm. She let her bra drop to the floor, concentrating on every detail of her body. Looking at her shoulder in the reflection she notices some very small, very faint freckles still sprinkled across her skin. Angel Kisses her mom had called them. They didn't bother her much, and had something to do with the Benden’s Irish heritage.


  Stepping back away from the mirror Mary slowly looped her thumbs inside the waistband of her lacy white panties. Pulling it down slowly before tossing them onto the bed with her jeans. Strolling slowly into the bathroom she turned the light switch on and opened the shower door to step inside.


  Turning the dial, she looked up into the spray of water as her mind wandered over the day’s events. The water was cool at first but rapidly grew hotter, causing steam to billow out like smoke about her. ‘God I cant believe I’m going to do this’ she though to herself. ‘Here I am, a grown woman about take the advice of a digital monster.’ But why not, in some screwed up way it made perfect since.


  For 2 hours she and Rena had talked, mostly about Kimmy’s secret longing to be with Axel. Rena had of cores taken it all in her usual stride, god that really unnerved Mary. Rena had even asked if Mary would be apposed to their bonding. What a question to be asked… but yet…


  God what was she thinking, Axel and Kimmy… together? Ick.


  Later the conversation turned to Mary and her feelings for Peter. That’s when Mary had received probably the best advice about how to deal with her feelings for her soon to be ex-husband. Rena had said that if she really wanted to know if she still loved him… that there was one way to find out. God she was still blushing from what the fox had said. 


  “Well I found that when I masturbate in the shower, that I fantasize only about Axel for he is the only person I love.” Had said Rena nonchalantly. “If you want to find out if you still love Peter, that’s the way to do it.”

  “Rena, do you realize what you’re saying.” Gasped Mary, “I haven’t done something like that since before Peter, hell I wouldn’t know where to start.”

  “Its easy Mary” Rena grinned, “you let the water relax you, close your eyes and let your hands and mind wander on their own. You might also take some time to look at yourself in a mirror, you have a very nice body Mary… you shouldn’t be afraid to use it to get what you want.”


  Taking the soap and breathing a deep sigh, she closed her eyes. She slid the soap against her stomach, filling the air with the soft feathery sent of vanilla. Mary tried to relax and let her mind go as she slid the soap up to her shoulders and down her arms, first one, then the other. Then, hesitantly, she moved the soap over the curve of her breasts, covering each one slowly as something began to unfold.


  Keeping her eyes closed tight she leaned her head into the spray, letting the water run trough her long red hair, gently pulling it straight. Suddenly she felt a slight gust of cool air caressed her belly, before it slowly moved over her body making her nipples tighten and her skin tingle. It was as if the shower door had opened and someone had joined her. She dared not open her eyes in fear that it might break the growing dream.

  She felt large hands, strong, yet gentle against her skin, washing her gently as she felt a kiss on the back of her neck. The hands slipped slowly from her shoulders down her back and to her hips. She moaned as the hands slid around to caress her stomach, then gently running up to just under her breasts, but not touching them. Again Mary moaned softly, wishing that the hands could touch her everywhere at once.


  Slowly her dream hunk leaned in, bringing his mouth again to the curve of her neck. Kissing it, sucking at it, sharp teeth nibbling gently. Mary could feel the heat radiating from his body. She could almost feel him pressed against her… Almost. Her lips parted and she gasped slightly as his ruff tongue slid slowly against her damp skin. Steadily he moved up her neck and began to softly suckle at her ear lobe.

  Mary leaned back against him, pressing her body against his, her ass against his groin, her back against his strong chest. His hands wrapped around her were now gently cupping, and slowly massaging her breasts, softly pinching her nipples. He purred against her neck, as his cock grew harder against her ass, slipping between her legs to rub slightly against her opening.


  She spread her legs, aching for him to enter her, wanting to feel his mass of flesh filling her completely. Mary leaned her head back against his shoulder, putting her arms up, bending them slightly to hold onto him. She turned her head to kiss him deeply as she pushed her ass back against his large cock. She felt the bulbous head push tightly against her opening.

  She wanted him now.

  He wrapped his arm around her waist, the other still gently fondling her breast, teasing her nipple. In one steady push he was inside her. Buried to the hilt. Nestled deep inside her body. Tensing and moaning, Mary pushed back against him again, taking him deeper. They stood with the water caressing down their bodies, joined together. Filled with passion and lust, needing only each other to live.


  He began to slowly pump in and out of her. Needing to feel the joy of sweet release. His hand slid slowly from her stomach, spreading her wet folds and searching out her clit. Rubbing a finger against it in the same rhythm as his cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy. Mary moaned louder now, her body starting to shake as her first orgasm in months washing over her like a flood.


  Her pussy spasmed, milking him, begging for him to release his seed deep within her body. Biting her bottom lip as he drove her over the edge again and again. She felt him tense, bracing herself for his earth shattering eruption. Then like fire spraying into her depths, he filled her with his hot cum. Over and over he unloaded into her, until his body grew weak.


  He staggered back and Mary shivered as he slid out of her depths. Quickly she reached out and leaned against the far side of the shower, deep in her mind she knew that this man wasn’t Peter, but who was he. She wanted to know, needed to know who he was, so she turned and looked.


  He was still behind her, steadying himself against the shower wall as steam floated about him, hiding him from her. Slowly Mary looked up at this man, her lover, trying to see him through the steam. Slowly the haze parted and she looked into his soft slitted gray eyes, eyes that she hadn’t fantasized about since she was 16.  


  Mary gasped and blinked. She was kneeling on the floor of the shower, water cascading down her body, her chest heaving, and her hands between her legs… nestling against her pussy. It had all been a dream, a wonderful, wonderful dream. And in the end she had come to realize that she no longer cared for Peter, nor would Peter ever again haunt her dreams, not as long as -He- was there.


  Mary began to cry. The tears were not that of sorrow, but of joy. Mary was finally free.    


Axel & Rena. Chap 14


Axel went through the days mail, it was that time of the month and all he saw before his eyes were bills, water n power, phone, insurance, even credit cards… “Why did they always arrive on the same day?” he asked himself aloud as he turned toward the dinning room table. Yet as he sat down he came across something he wasn’t expecting. It was a letter from his old high school.


  He quickly opened the letter and was perusing it when Rena came up the stairs with a laundry basket full of clean close.


  “Hay Rena?” he called to his mate who was quickly at his side.

  “Yes dear?”

  “How would you like to go to a party?” he asked as he looked up into her eyes.

  “What type of party?” Rena knew from experience that Axel’s friends threw some weird parties.

  “One of my old teachers is retiring,” he said softly, “the alumni has taken it up on themselves to throw her a party and I got invited.”

  “Good for you love,” she smiled “what type of party will it be?”

  “Lets see” he reread the letter, “it’s a formal, black tie affair.”

  “Formal?” she blinked.


  “Yeah…” Axel stopped and turned to look at Rena. For a moment she felt butterflies in her stomach, would Axel really want to take her out to a formal party? She understood that movies and pick nicks were one thing, but was he comfortable to take his mate to a party. One where lots of people he grew up with, most of his pears, would be waiting to judge him.


  Rena blinked absently as Axel stood, grabbed her free hand and spun her into the living room. Along the way the laundry had disappeared from her hands… it was as if music had started to play. Suddenly Axel stopped dead and pulled her close against him. Their hips met, his left hand was suddenly in the small of her back just above her tail, and his eyes locked onto hers.


  “I can see us now,” he whispered as he began to sway their bodies to the soft beat. “You and I on the dance floor, slowly weaving in and out to soft music.”

  “Are you sure about this?” she asked as she moved her body with his to a nonexistent tune.

  “Why wouldn’t I be?” he smiled lovingly.

  “Well I am not exactly the girl next door,” she said before he spun her out, only to draw her back in against his chest, “most people wont understand me being there.”

  “Fuck them,” he snorted, “the only people we need to worry about is us, and the rest of the world can go to hell.”

  “Axel!” she gasped as she looked up at his eyes.

  “What?” he shrugged “that’s how I feel, my world, the digi-world… none of that maters to me.

  “Your incorrigible,” she giggled, “you do know that?”

  “Damn striate.” He nodded as he dipped her and stopped. “Oops, I forgot”

  “er… what?” she blinked as she felt the ‘wings’ on her upper arms brushing the floor.

  “You’ll need a dress,” he smiled as he lifted her back up right, “purple or black?

  “A dress?” she blinked, “but Axel, I don’t wear cloths… often.”

  “I know, your lovely yellow fur is more then enough of a covering… ” He whispered softly as he gently brushed her cheek with his right hand. “But it’s not enough for a formal dinner party. So what do you say… just for me?”


  Rena felt lost, she had only worn full sets of clothing a few times in the past year. The first time had been when Katie, Axel’s mom, had gone into the hospital for foot surgery. The hospital wouldn’t let Rena visit her without some close on. Axel in his infinite wisdom had taken Rena to the Army/Navy store he liked to shop at. By the time she walked out she was dressed like Kim Possible, a Disney cartoon character. Funny but she really liked that outfit.


  The other time Rena had dawned cloths was for a new years costume party. Axel at first didn’t want to go out with his friends for he couldn’t… well he wouldn’t go out and find a date for the party. It was Rena who finally pushed Axel into going, yet she had to promise to come along as well. So together they went costume shopping, Axel found a neat mad scientist costume, with long white lab coat and a gray Don King wig.


  Now while she didn’t really need a costume, Rena had decided on a French maid outfit. She liked how it hugged her body and thrust her breasts together and up, she also liked how the short dress gave her room for her tail. More interestingly, she wound up winning first place… for sexiest costume. She kept that costume and still dawns it every so often while cleaning the house, mostly because it drives Axel nuts.  


  Axel waited until Mary and Kimmy had returned from signing up for a new school year, before filling them in. Kimmy wasn’t too happy for she was going to have a tutor for the first few months of school. That’s what happens when the school district finds out your birth date says your 13, yet technically your now 15. Anyhow both mother and daughter seemed rather happy and wanted to help Rena get ready for this up coming party.   


  Two weeks later, on the day of the party, Rena found herself and Mary being pulled around some large mall near Springdale. With Axel’s credit card in hand Kimmy had turned into a shopping machine. Rena marveled at how the teen knew where everything was and never seemed to stop long at any one store. Since shoes were not needed for there was nothing that would fit her paws, Kimmy mostly concentrated on dresses and jewelry.


  The real surprise came when Kimmy and Mary both insisted that she get a make over. So Mary called her mom and the next thing the digi-fox knew Katie was introducing her to Maxx. Maxx was a nice man with a strange since of stile, she later learned that Maxx had a nice boyfriend at home. All that aside, Maxx found Rena a challenge to his craft and took 4 hours to turn the stunned fox into a work of art. 


  Axel couldn’t wait to see what had been keeping the girls, time was drastically slipping away and the party would be starting soon. So when he finally heard several cars pull into the drive he jumped up to see what was going on. The shock that played over his face as he opened the front door and found his mom there made her giggle. “Hi Axel,” she smiled as she walked in. Gently she grabbed his hand and pulled him to the sofa. “Here, sit down and put this over your eyes” she said as she handed him a strip of black cloth, “we don’t want you peeking till we have Rena ready.


  ‘Ready for what?’ he wondered as he complied.        


  So Axel sat quietly as he herd people move about the house. Tough his hearing had improved thanks to being part digimon; all he could make out was incoherent babble. So time passed slowly for the artist witch meant that quickly his imagination had taken hold and he found himself lost in his thoughts. That was until her heard movement in the room, it was Mary who spoke, “ok Axel, take off the blind fold.”


  Axel’s jaw dropped     


  She was in a tailored cocktail dress of deep black silk, it complimented her slender frame and emphasized the neatness of her wide hips. The open neckline cut tightly a crossed her breasts, thrusting her furry globes together, making them jet out high and firm with deep cleavage. The hem of the dress reached almost to the ground and hid the fact that she had paws and not feet. Yet the dress also had a slit that ran all the way up to her left hip, showing more then enough thigh to be provocative.


  The tuff of fur that usually hung around Rena’s throat had been tactfully trimmed off, witch left her neck and breasts exposed. The fur had then been weaved into place, giving Rena a white head of silky hair that had an interesting perm to it. The last few touches were made for Rena’s comfort, her usual blue arm guards had been replaced with tailored black silk gloves, while the back of the dress dipped down past her tail, allowing it to hang free. Finally to top off the out fit Katie had given Rena her diamond chocker to wear for the party… all in all she was a sight to behold.


  Axel felt frozen in place, he couldn’t move, couldn’t breath. His whole world had been focused into a pinpoint that was Rena. Nothing else existed but the black clad digimon.


  It was Katie whom finally brought her son back to the real world. With gentle coxing she got Axel to stand and walk over to his mate, once there he watched as Rena did a slow spin, showing off the dress.


  “W… what do you think?” Rena hesitantly asked.


  “That good huh?” giggled Kimmy.

  “I think,” Katie smiled as she watched her son, “that we did a good job girls.”

  “…oh wow…”

  “Oh no” Mary snickered, “I think we broke him.”

  “Axel?” Rena asked as she tilted her head, “do I look ok?”


  “I think that means yes dear,” giggled Katie as she moved to Rena’s side.

  “So anyone know how to fix him?” piped up Cleo.

  “Yeah, I do,” said Rena as she moved close, gently placing her hands on either side of his jaw and pulling him into a long deep kiss.

  “Way to go Rena,” Katei called out as she clapped her hands.

  “Woo-ho!” cheered Kimmy.

  “Damn.” whispered Mary.

  “My god… Rena,” Axel finally whispered as she broke the kiss, “your absolutely stunning.”

  “See I told you,” Katie nudged her son’s mate before cutting in. “Ok Axel, you need to get dressed and get going…”



  Axel climbed out of the DeLorean, and quickly rushed around the car, beating the valet to the passenger door. He was on cloud nine as Rena slipped out and took her place at his side, then arm in arm they walked up to the banquette hall. Rena was shivering more out of fright then from the cool night air, yet he reassured her with a whisper. “All will be ok love.”


  Heads turned as human and digimon stepped through the front door. Most of the people here had only seen a digimon on TV, some had maybe seen them around town, but to see one walk in on the arm of a classmate and or someone they all knew from his Sunday comic strip was something entirely different. Yet Axel didn’t seem to mind this as he led Rena through the crowd.


  Rena suddenly felt rather under dressed as she looked around the room. Most of the women here were housewives or working moms, so they had dressed rather conservatively. Some were in business suits; others in what Kimmy had called “their tasteful Sunday best”. Very few if any of these women were dressed in anything so openly sexy as Rena… well at least there were a few.            


  Axel, to his credit, did the normal meat ‘n’ great thing while keeping Rena close to his side. He moved from one table to the next introducing first Rena then himself. This quietly implied that Rena was something more then just his digimon. He also introduced her to Miss. Willy, the teacher that was being honored tonight, as he put it “with out this stubborn old lady, I wouldn’t have made it out of high school.”


  “That’s only because you were always to fixated on something besides school work.” Miss Willy had snorted. Then slowly a warm smile crossed her wrinkled face as she stood to hug Axel, “Its because of students like you, dear Axel, that is going to make it so hard to leave teaching behind. You were my best and brightest student. Now run along and have fun you two.” Yet before they could turn away Miss Willy took Rena aside,


  “Dear” asked the old woman in a soft voice, “I would like to ask a favor of you.”

  “Anything,” Rena nodded, slight confusion in her own voice, “just name it.”

  “Keep an eye on that boy for me,” she smiled, “he really needs someone to keep him in line.”

  “I…” Rena blinked, then smiled in kind, “I will, I promise.”  


  As Axel led her away Rena couldn’t help but look back at the old woman. Mrs. Willy must have been in her late 60’s early 70’s. The difficulties of trying to teach so many teenagers through the years showed on her face like a road map. Yet her eyes still sparkled with her sharp intelligence… ‘Did that aged human know about Axel and her being mates?’ Rena’s mind questioned, ‘or was she just guessing?’


  Rena shook her head, trying to clear it. Why, after all this time, was she suddenly feeling so self-conches about being in love with Axel? Up till tonight she hadn’t felt the need to question his choice in taking her as his mate. Yet here she was, a lone digimon in a room filled with adult humans, with her human lover…  


  “Hay Axel!” came a call from the left. Axel and Rena both turned in time to see a large crowd of familiar faces suddenly bearing down on them. Rena felt her tension ebb as Axel’s friends surrounded them. “Well its nice to see you out of your tomb,” Nick said as he jabbed Axel in the ribs with an elbow, “and Rena… damn your looking fine.” 


  “Hi guys,” wheezed Axel as he forced himself to breathe again, “good to see you again Nick.”

  “How are you doing this fine night,” the man asked while looking the digi-fox over from head to paws. “Still hanging around with this loser I see.”

  “I’m doing better Nick” Rena giggled as the group made their way to a nearby table, “and yes Nick, I’m still with Axel.”

  “Looks like you’re out of luck Nicky,” chuckled Mark as he pulled a chair out for his new wife of 3 months. “I think Rena is one fox you’re never going to get your hands on.”

  “I don’t even think Rena’s own kind has much of a chance at that,” this was from Crystal, Frank’s lovely wife. “Now that she and our resident artist here are… well”

  “Really?” blinked Mark’s wife Suzie, “congratulations you two.”

  “Thanks,” Axel and Rena chirped together.

  “Shucks,” snorted Nick in mock disappointment, the others all laughing at his antics, “but then again, I like my foxy women with less hair.”

  “Yeah right,” teased Axel, “you telling me, Nick, that if you had a shot at Rena’s tail, that you wouldn’t take it?”

  “Ok ok…” he sighed, his hands razed in defeat, “I get the point, I’m a sex hound.”

  “Woof,” Rena teased before giving Nick’s cheek a playful lick.

  “Gosh,” whimpered Nick as he dreamily placed his hand on his cheek, “I think I’m in love.”


  This of cores got the whole table laughing once again.


  Dinner went by quickly but no one at the table seemed to mind as they laughed and reminisced about school. By now Rena knew all there was to Axel’s life, or at least his side of it. Yet to hear about the influence he had on the lives of his friend was always quite intriguing, no mater how many times she herd the stories, she couldn’t wait to hear then again. What surprised Rena the most was that all of Axel’s friends, including their wives and or dates, treated her as one would another human and not some fuzzy digi-animal.


  There was dancing later on in the night and Axel had excused himself and Rena from the table before sweeping her out onto the floor. Soon the rest of their table followed them into the wheeling sea of people. Axel kept Rena out for most of the slow waltzes and a few swing numbers before returning her to their table to rest and sit out the livelier bump ‘n’ grind stuff… there would be time enough for that at home.


  Rena sat panting for breath next to Crystal and Frank, while Axel went of to get some drinks. She amused herself by talking to Crystal about married life and the riggers of having children when something caught her eye. She had been glancing over to Axel from time to time, watching as he stood inline for their drinks… when she knottiest a tall blond in a short silver cocktail dress depart a nearby crowd and approach Axel.


  “Hay Frank?” asked Rena as an unfamiliar twang flickered in her stomach.

  “Yes Renamon?” he chuckled, Frank was playing footsy under the table with his wife and not paying attention.

  “You know most of the people here right? She asked as the strange woman began wrapping herself about Axel.

  “Huh?” Frank looked up, confused, “yeah I know most of these jokers… why?”

  “Then who is that?” she pointed.


  Frank squinted into the sea of partygoers, not seeing what or whom Rena was trying to point out. Then his eyes locked onto the shapely blond and Rena watched as all the color drained out of Frank’s chubby cheeks. There was no mistaking her for any one else in the room, not in that ‘come fuck me dress’ she had on. It had been almost 8 years since Frank had last laid eyes on that body and for the love of god he wished he hadn’t seen her now. “Samantha Walker…” he wheezed.


  Rena suddenly felt cold, the first girl Axel had ever loved, the first girl to break his heart, was now doing her best to seduce Axel… well this just would not do.



  Axel was standing quietly in line at the bar, while he wasn’t after anything fancy, everyone else was. Well so he had to wait, it really wasn’t that bad. The food had been good and the dancing… his heart was still racing. Holding Rena that close, her head agents his chest, her breasts pressing into him as she ground her hips into his groin. It had felt like they were making love right there in front of all his friends.


  Axel’s dreamy state was suddenly broken when a pair of arms slipped around his hips and he felt someone pressing in against his back. At first he thought it was Rena, and he was about to ask her if she was having a good time… when a warning bell went off in his mind. Who ever was holding him from behind, it was not his mate. She was too tall, her tits were way too big, and she wasn’t furry enough.


  “Hay there handsome,” said an all to familiar voice, one that Axel hadn’t heard in quite some time. In fact the last time he had spoken to the owner of that voice, he had been 18, and she had just told him that she was married. Slowly, half hopping that he was wrong, he turned and looked into tough’s dreamy hazel eyes that had once held his heart. “…Hello Sam…”


  “Hello Sam?” she giggled as she again hugged him, “is that all I get after all this time?”

  “Yes,” was all he could say, this of cores made her step back and look up at him.

  “I guess I deserved that.” She sighed. It wasn’t a normal sigh she used, but the guilt trip sigh that all women use to control men…

  “Well you did stomp a rather large hole in my heart the last time we talked.”

  “Sorry about that,” she knottiest the guilt trip wasn’t working so try something else. Rolling her shoulders and arms back a little, she got her breasts to suddenly grow and bob, “So how have you been doing?”

  “Life’s has had its ups ‘n’ downs,” Axel said as he watched her, his eyes not moving from her face. “But lately I’v been doing ok. How about you? How is married life?”

  “Well it was ok at first,” she sighed, it was more because her advances weren’t working, then because of how her life was going. “But after a few years Corbin fell in with the wrong crowd and I divorced his ass…”

  “Sorry to hear that.” He said, his stern face weakening.

  “er… thanks” blinked Samantha. Axel had really meant it, he was sorry. Maybe there was something still there after all. “How about you, you ever find a nice girl and settle down?”

  “Well…” he started to say, but then he saw her look at his bare ring finger.

  “Tell you what,” she said with a giggle and flashed her best ‘come get me’ smile, “why don’t you send your pet home for the night, while we go find someplace quiet to get… reacquainted.”


  Axel blinked at Sam’s rather forward thinking and was about to tell her where to stick her advancements, when they both heard a rather low pitched growl come from behind her. “I am not his… pet!” Axel looked up as Samantha turned around and found herself nose to snout with a not to happy Renamon.


  “I beg your pardon?” snorted Sam with an air of superiority before giving Rena a dismissal wave. “Why don’t you go sit in the corner and let the humans talk in privet… or better yet, go find an ass to sniff.”

  “owch” flinched Axel

  “I have a better idea,” growled Rena, her tail starting to flit back n forth, “why don’t you get fucking bent.”

  “W... What?” Samantha blinked in shocked astonishment, “Axel, are you going to let this mutt talk to me like that?”


  Axel wasn’t really sure what to do at this point. Never in his wildest of dreams had he ever thought that Rena and Samantha would meet. Nor did he ever imagine that Sam would want him to stick up for her again… not after Corbin. Yet as he looked around Axel came to realize that the entire room full of partygoers were now looking in his direction and waiting to see what he would do.


  “I’ll speak to you how ever I please,” snarled Rena, her ears lying back along her head. “After the way you treated Axel, how you broke his heart, and now after 8 years you reappear and try to seduce my mate.”

  “Your… your mate!” Sam barked with laughter before turning to look at Axel. “God Axel, I know I told you to get a fucking dog, but I didn’t mean for you to actually do it. Please tell me your not having sex with this… this… Animal?

  “DIE HUMAN!” Rena screamed as she lashed out, her right hand a blur as it arced towards Samantha’s face.


  The collective gasp of the crowd seemed to create a vacuum of space. In this space, time, at least for Axel, seemed to slow down to a crawl. He blinked as he watched Rena rear back and swing at Samantha, how her claws ripped out of her glove as she extended them to their fullest length. He had almost forgotten that like cats, some foxes have retractable claws.