Axel & Rena


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Axel & Rena. Chap 11              


  Rena and Frank stood stock still, frozen at what was illuminated by the headlights of two cars that sat behind them. It was bent over on one knee, it’s tightly clinched fists pressed into the soft earth at it’s sides, it’s armored vulpine head bent low eyes closed, thick tale wrapped tightly around it’s body and its long ears pressed back against it’s neck and head. It was hard to make out any other detail even though bright lights flooded over the huddled form.


  “By the void,” whispered Rena, watching as slowly, the creature that was Axe unfolded its body and stood. To her surprise she realized just what Axel had become, “A black armored Renamon,”


  Standing almost 7 foot tall, 8 if you counted the ear guards of his helm, his muscled body looked to be made of living shadow, almost disappearing in the darkness of the night. His arm and leg guards where made of black metal and had thick, razor sharp blades sprouting from them. Each of his upper arms also sprouted 3 large blades while a huge metal shoulder pad covering his left side. And where there should have been white fur, were instead deep smoky gray… but his eyes, oh god.


  Rena couldn’t help herself as she began to walk forward, it was as if her legs had a mind of their own, the closer she got the more detail she could see and the more her heart hammered in her chest. “A… Axel?” she stuttered as she stepped in front of the black armored Renamon. Slowly he tilted his head, regarding her with his glowing blood red eyes as she gently placed her hand on the side of her mate’s muzzle.


  Axel wasn’t sure where he was or what he was doing, all he knew for sure was that deep down he felt the need to kill and destroy… everything. Yet at the soft touch of Rena’s hand his head began to clear, while looking into her lovely blue eyes seemed to calm the rage building in his heart. “Rena?” asked a voice that wasn’t his own, “w… what happened?”


  “You digivolved my love,” she said as she slid her hand down his muscled furry chest and over the thick leather strap that kept his shoulder pad in place. God her heart was racing and her hands trembled as she stood on tiptoe just to nuzzle his neck. “You’re a Blackrenamon now,” she smiled.


  “He’s more then just that,” said Frank, bringing the two lovers back to earth as he walked over, “unlike some of the newer digidestined who, while human, use spirit armor to fight in the digital world. Axel is reading -as- a digimon… and not as a human dressed in spiffy looking armor.

  “W… what was the armor Rena found?” asked Axel.     

  “It was a hybrid digiegg,” said his old friend as he crossed his arms over his massive belly, “it contained the armor and spirit of Set. So Rena, he’s not just a Blackrenamon.”

  “He’s not?” blinked Rena, her heart almost skipping a beat, “but he looks like a black version of me... only dressed in armor.”

  “Then what am I Frank?”

  “The Renamon race are what we call Nightmare Soldiers” Frank said as he went into speech mode while grinning, “You’re the new avatar of Set, a Nightmare General and lord high god of The Void.”

  “SET!” gasped Rena as the name finally hit home, she took a hesitant step back while asking, “so he’s a Setmon?”

  “Isn’t Setmon evil?” asked a confused Axel, “I mean, I know Set was the god of the Egyptian’s version of hell.”

  “Whoa there guys,” Frank quickly put up his hands as he tried to explain, “I didn’t say he was Setmon, Axel would have to be a V-mon for that to happen. No I said he was the new avatar of the Egyptian god Set… as in the real god, brother of Osiris. But yes Axel, that’s who Set was and who you now are, now we just need to come up with a digi-name for you.”

  “How about Muffin?” Rena chirped, trying to lighten the otherwise dark mood that was forming.

  “I don’t think so love,” said Axel as he turned his glowing red eyes to her, “how about Black-Set-Renamon?”

  “Well,” said Frank as he scratched his chin, “Rena is right, you do have all the markings of a Renamon… so I don’t see why not.”

  “I like it,” she smiled… weakly.

  “Then it’s settled,” said Axel as he turned to regard Frank “do you have everything you need for your reports?”

  “Yeah,” Frank nodded, “but don’t we need to see what your new attacks are?”

  “No need,” Axel shook his head as he gently placed a hand on his friends shoulder, “I already know what I can do. I do have one question though.”

  “Ask away,” said Frank with a nod.

  “Why am I wearing a skirt?” 


  That explanation was short and sweet; seeing as how Axel was now the avatar of an Egyptian god… his new digi-form would be dressed in the stile of the ancient Egyptians. To this end he was now wearing what looked like a gray skirt that while it almost covered his right knee, it’s hem then angled sharply up to his left thigh. “What did you expect?” asked Frank, “the ancient Egyptians didn’t have cargo pants.”  


  With a final nodded and smile, Frank looked the two digimon over. “You two are either going to make or brake my career.” he said with a chuckle, then he sighed, “look its late so why don’t I head to the main gate and lock it when you two leave.”


  Axel smiled as Frank walked to his car, retrieved his brief case, and then drove off. With a deep sigh of his own and an arm around Rena’s waist, Axel slowly walked to his Baja. “So Rena” he began as they neared the bug “feel like driving us home… I don’t think I’m quite used to this body yet to manage the clutch.”


  Rena quickly turned to see if Axel was kidding her, but to her delight he had opened the door and was offering her the driver seat. Yet before she sat down she turned to… Blacksetrenamon “Axel, “ she said in a soft voice, “there is something that’s been bothering me all day.”


  “Really,” he blinked, “and what is that love?”


  Rena took a deep breath, looked directly into her dark mate’s glowing eyes and asked, “who is Fuzzywig and how did he die?”         



  “You’re kidding me right?” blinked an astonished Rena as she drove Axel’s Baja down Beachmont Ave. and towards home. Her human/digimon mate had just told her the secret behind old Fuzzywig and his unfortunate demise. To say the least the truth behind it was not what she expected.  


  Axel… Blacksetrenamon shook his head as he watched the stoplights roll by. “No honey I’m not kidding,” he said in a soft tone as he turned his red eyes toward her, even with the helmet off they still glowed brightly. “That the truth behind Fuzzywig.”


  “So this guy wasn’t even real?” she asked as she made the turn on to Eight Mile rd. “he was just a character from a roll playing game that you and your friends played?”

  “Afraid so,” smiled Axel “Fuzzywig was a high level hafling thief, a hobbit that an old friend named Josh played… but he died when a character I was playing did something stooped.”

  “And may I ask just what you did?”

  “Josh got Fuzzywig into a tight spot,” axel sighed heavily, “and under my paladin’s laws I couldn’t help… Fuzzywig got killed and Josh took it personally.”

  “How personally?” Rena asked.

  “Josh spent 6 years building Fuzzywig,” he said as he reached up to rub the bridge of his snout, “so he took it bad, he blew up and started yelling at the gaming group. Later he quit gaming altogether and even threatened to get even with me.”

  “All that over a made up character?” she shook her head, “sounds like someone couldn’t handle reality to well.”

  “Yeah,” Axel said with a halfhearted chuckle, “we later found out that Josh really believed Fuzzywig was a real life person and accused me of murdering him.”

  “Owch…” she flinched, “so what ever happened to Josh?”

  “Mental hospital last I heard,” Axel shrugged as Rena pulled into their driveway, “but that was years ago so there is no telling where he is now.”

  “So are you not worried that he might still want revenge?”

  “Not really,” sighed Axel as the garage doors closed behind the old car and the two lovers slowly got out, “that was a long time ago and with all the drugs he was on… I’m sure he’s forgotten about it by now.”

  “I hope your right,” sighed Rena as she opened the door to the house and quietly crept in.


  With his helmet under one arm, Axel followed his lovely mate into the kitchen. His eyes slowly moving down her slender body and locking on her tight ass and swishing tail… God he really did love her tail. As he watched her, a song began to spring up in his mind, an old one from the big hair 80’s “She’s my cherry pie, put a smile on your face ten miles wide, look so good make a grown man cry…” he murmured under his breath.


  Rena crossed the kitchen on her way to the fridge, the night had been a long one and she needed a snack before going to bed, “Hay Axel?” she asked as she opened the hidden fridge doors and bent down to peer inside. At the moment her stomach was making more noise then her mumbling mate, “feel like sharing some chicken with me before bed?”


  Axel’s breathing began to deepen as he watched the shapely ass of his digi-fox, as she looked through the fridge she would wiggle it back n forth while her tail wagged slowly. Quietly, with the stealth born of the Renamon, Axel slipped up behind her.


  Rena didn’t know anything was happening behind her until she herd the metallic -Wh-ang!- of Axel’s helmet hitting the floor. Before she could react, a large pair of gentle hands slipped around her hips and pulled her back into… Rena couldn’t help but gasp. Dropping the bucket of chicken as she felt his growing need pressing into the clefts of her exposed ass.


  Kimmy rolled onto her side and looked past her sleeping Gatomon, trying to locate the small alarm/radio clock. It used to sit on a nightstand between the two beds in her room, but since she and Cleo had moved the two beds together, it had been moved. Through her slightly blurry vision she could make out the glowing numbers… “Damn, its only 2 in the morning,” she sighed sadly “why can I fall asleep.”


  Try as she might, sleep continued to elude the young teen. Sighing to herself she slowly slid out from her covers and sat on the edge of her bed, ‘jeez Axel keeps this house cold’ she thought as her body shivered uncontrollably. As she sat there trying to decide what to do to get some sleep, she suddenly heard something made of heavy metal clang in the kitchen, “Axel n Rena must be home.”


  Silently she slipped from her room hopping that her uncle might have some advice or maybe something that could put her to sleep. Kimmy tiptoed down the hall for she didn’t want to wake her mom or Cleo, yet as she creped closer to the kitchen she detected an interesting noise… she heard Rena gasping in pleaser.


  As Kimmy turned and peered into the kitchen, a trickle of sexual excitement tore through her young body and became a swift torrent that flooded her cunt. Inside the kitchen, Rena’s moan came again. She opened her mouth and pressed it against the lips of a… ‘My god, it’s a black Renamon,’ came Kimmy’s surprised thoughts, ‘dame he got to be 7 foot tall, where the hell did he come from.’


  Kimmy watched as Rena’s arms curled about him, and her fingers raked up along his broad back. The filling sensation grew warm and tingly around Kim’s belly, and her pussy began to pulse. She stared into the room and felt her body shivering with passion. Kim had no idea where her uncle might be but at this point she didn’t care.


  The black Renamon had pushed the white fluff around Rena’s neck over the tops of her swelling, pointed, breasts. If she had shaved the fluff off, she'd have looked less naked to Kimmy than she did now. Rena's slim, lithe body gleamed under the black Renamon in a writhing of flesh and fur that was moaning out with unrestrained passion such as Kimmy had never seen.


  Kimmy watched the slow roll of Rena's hips as she pressed against the black Renamon. She watched his big hands work over Rena's pert breasts, the clawed fingers pulling at the ends of the firm mounds and making Rena's pink nipples grow full and as red as wine.


  Her silky yellow tail spilled back and brushed over the top of the rectangular counter built in the middle of the kitchen floor. Her buttocks were indented in sharp creases by the edge of the counter. On the floor Kim could see the spilled bucket of chicken and a black armored helmet. She watched as Rena sag backward in acceptance as the black Renamon pushed his hips tightly against hers in another forward stroke of his thick cock.


  He was a big Renamon, thick and solid. His arms and legs were well muscled, and his tail flipped back and forth above his tight buttocks, alternately revealing and concealing them from Kimmy's eyes as he fucked Rena. He drew his hips back, and Kim watched his thick, shiny cock slide out of Rena nearly to the big tip, then he pushed back in and brought another moan of pleasure from Rena's throat.


  A fierce pulse of sexual need jolted through Kimmy’s body as she watched them. Her nipples began to burn under her nightshirt, and she could feel her juices flowing from inside her pussy and began to dampen the crotch of her panties. The soft material seemed to grow tighter and more confining as it dug into the tender, virgin folds of her swelling lips.


  She watched Rena rock back along the top of the counter so that her round asscheeks were half off the edge. Her thighs came up and spread wide, and Kim saw the damp muff of her pussy fur lift against the Renamon’s thick cock and swallow the stiff organ whole. She crossed her ankles at the base of his spine to help his prick ram in and out of her tight hole.


  Everything was in clear view for Kimmy then. She felt her mouth gape open and her hot breath slip between her lips in a quiet moan. She felt the knife like edge of the wall bite into the side of her hip, fueling her desire as she tried to stay hidden. Yet her breath lodged in her throat as her eyes caught a glimpse of the male Renamon’s bulbous knot, all red a swollen with blood the knot added another 2 inches at least to his already thick shaft.


  The big black Renamon groaned once and smiled down at Rena. His gray hands worked over her body from her shoulders to her thighs. He massaged her skin firmly, cupping her pointed tits in his palms, rolling them over her chest with an eager grip. He kneaded her stomach, over her fluttering abdomen, around the sides of her hips. He ran his fingers along the insides of her spread thighs, dabbing at the area of their coupling until she was rocking up and down for more of him inside her.


  Kimmy saw his finger stiffen and slide along the top of Rena's glistening, satin cunt. He rolled the thrusting knob of her clit under a claw and made her shiver with delightful sensation. Then his finger slid down through the wet, silky folds to the shaft of his hard red cock and back up again.


  One arm went around Rena's thigh, and Kimmy knew the big male was probing at the deep cleft between her soft asscheeks. Suddenly Rena's eyes opened wide as the black Renamon thrust violently into her. His thick knot slamming into her already thinly stretched cunt and painfully forcing its way inside.  


  It lit up her whole face, her dark eyes glowing with sensual pleaser. Rena's chest pushed up and down with rapid breaths, and her hips wriggled in quick motions around his stuffing cock. Then another long, ragged groan rattled from her throat as his wrist bent up and in as he drove a claw into her spasming, puckered hole of her rectum.


  Kimmy saw the male’s body rock back and forth between Rena’s open thighs as he ran his prick all the way into her shimmering cunt and then drew it back to tease her some more. Kim could see his wrist moving in small circles as if he were rolling his finger around inside her asshole. Her own pleasure button thrust up from the top of her bald slit and throbbed for attention.


  Kimmy watched the way Rena's abdomen puffed up and deflated with each long stroke of the black Renamon’s knotted cock. He spread his thighs as wide as he positioned his massive tool harshly into Rena. Kimmy blinked, then let out a gasp as she saw the tight, fuzzy spheres of his balls as they swung between his open legs.


  Rena rolled her buttocks on the counter and writhed her upper torso so that her breasts filled his other hand. Kim could hear Rena's soft moans of approaching release and the tight gasping sounds between his hard pleasurable strokes. Kimmy watched the two lovers, her left hand absently reach down under her nightshirt and began to slide over her virgin sex, while her right squeeze at her young breasts.


  Kim's own body was singing in time with those of the fucking digimon as their orgasms approached. She could feel her pussy lips growing thick and wet, and the unused channel between them stretched and rippled with motions nearly unknown to her. She had never had anything fuck her cunt except her fingers and Cleo’s tongue, so to see the way the black Renamon fucked with such wild abandon…


  Kimmy felt ashamed watching the couple, but she felt even more shame for the way her body was reacting to the sight. She tried to stop herself from reacting. She tried to tear her eyes from the scene in the kitchen and force her body to quit its slippery response, but she couldn't budge from her vantage point. She felt an overpowering compulsion to stay and see the bursting, cum filled climax of their fucking. She cupped her hand over her throbbing cunt and blended her moans with theirs.


  Rena rocked up from the counter and pressed her silky pussy up tightly around the black male's driving cock. Kimmy heard them gasp and watched them shake with their rushing approach.


  She felt her own fingers tighten around the swollen labia inside her panties, and a damp warmth soak through the material and covered her palm. She was astonished when, for a brief moment, instead of shame for what she was doing, she felt a singing joy of her body's awareness. God she wished the black Renamon was fucking her now, so she could feel his cock deep inside her needy body.


  The big male inside the kitchen drew back for his last thrust forward, and Kimmy saw the slight catch in the rhythm of his hips. Then he bore down into Rena’s lubricated tunnel with all his strength and drove his spouting prick far back and shuddered against Rena's widespread pussy. His buttocks grew taut and full, and Kim could see his balls pulsing as they emptied their juices into Rena's upturned, accepting cunt.


  Their bodies became welded together in the throes of ultimate pleasure, and Kimmy imagined she could feel his sperm spurting into her own pussy in white-hot bursts. Her fingers squeezed the lips of her slit together tightly, and an electric spark jolted sharply through her full butt cheeks as Rena opened her mouth to cry out with bursting, throaty satisfaction. Her abdomen spasmed up and down, and her long body seemed to close in on itself slightly as she came hard around his implanted cock.


  Kimmy thought Rena's wild climax would end the session, but it didn't. She was hungry for more. Rena stayed lifted up and humped quickly against him and let her face turn totally wanton. Then she came again and again in a shattering series of rocking explosions that left her drained and limp.


  Kim watched Rena incredulously and was stunned by her own yearning for another chance. She couldn't believe how much joy Rena received from his heavy prick. Kimmy felt envious suddenly because she'd never had a man. She'd never run her hands over any male’s throbbing cock or felt the hard muscles of a man 's stomach or played with a man's buttocks this way.


  Without wanting, Kimmy to gasped with sudden passion and felt her pelvis begin shaking over her pressing hand. The corner of the wall bruised into her hip, and she pushed all the harder against it, feeling the pain/pleaser sensation sear through her body, transformed to sexual desire.


  Kim felt her own cunt lips trying to flutter open inside the confining cloth of panties, and her fingers grew wetter as her stored-up juices oozed forth into the nylon crotch and collected there in a slippery pool.


  Her eyes closed briefly as the orgasm whispered through her body and left Kimmy tingling for more. It had been a small one-light, titillating waves of pleasure. Just enough to wake her and tease her and remind her that she was only 15 and still in need of a man whether she liked to admit it or not.


  When Kimmy opened her eyes, she saw Rena's body settling back to the counter slowly, her buttocks pillowing out under her as her muff quivered. Kim saw the way the male's big hands were gripping the wooden edges of the counter on either side of Rena's relaxing body. She saw the slump of fatigued pleasure to his shoulders as he came down from his bursting peak inside her uncle’s mate.


  Kimmy watched the slow, slippery withdrawal of the big digimon’s cock from Rena’s sperm filled cunt. She heard the slight, wet sucking sound as his knot popped free of Rena’s tight cunt and glistened between her yellow thighs. Yet Kimmy’s throat became dry as a desert when she watched Rena lean forward and whisper to the black male before kissing him deeply “Oh Yiff,” she sighed, “Axel that definitely hit the spot better then chicken.”


  Rena giggled happily and clamped her hand over her oozing slit to try to contain the mixture of their juices. Axel reached out with a happy smile and got a dishtowel and handed it to her so she wouldn’t mess up the counter to bad. Rena balled it between her thighs and took her legs from around him so that he could step back. His huge cock sagged outward from his loins covered with a bright sheen of her slickness. Slowly he bent down to find his… dress and wrapped it about his hips.


  Meanwhile around the corner of the kitchen, with her back pressed against the dark hallway wall stood Kimmy, her breath coming in fast ragged gasps. Had she really heard Rena correctly, was that beautiful black digimon really her uncle? With her mind now numb from her sexual release she slowly turned and on shaky legs, made her way back to her room.     


  Axel & Rena. Chap 12       



  Mary groggily shuffled her way down the hall toward the kitchen, a path that she had taken so many times as a child that it was now engraved into her memory. She yawned and stretched as she hobbled along, moving her hips slightly to the left to avoid a small table stand that her mother always kept in the hall. Mommy kept fresh flowers there, saying it helped the house smell better. Yet the table was no longer there, it had been moved years ago.


  Even though she was half asleep, she still made the turn into the kitchen and had somehow managed to not bump into anything along the way. With the skill born from years of early adolescent morning munchies, she managed to find a bowl, fill it with cereal, and add the milk… all with her eyes closed. The whole time she seemed to ignore the fact that someone was reading a newspaper out in the dinning room.


  Poring herself a tall glass of OJ and grabbing her breakfast, Mary made her way out into the dinning room and sat across from the person reading the newspaper. Now that groggy point between sleep and being awake has the tendency of playing tricks on one’s mind, makes you see and hear things that aren’t there. Or in Mary’s case, forget what year it is, so with a happy girlish voice she looked up and smiled “morning poppa.”


  “I am not dad Mary.” Sighed a gentle voice as slowly the paper dropped to reveal her brother. It took all of 5 seconds for Mary’s brain to realize that it wasn’t her father sitting across from her but Axel. Suddenly Mary felt her cheeks turning red as he continued, “nor is it morning, in fact you’ve slept the whole day away.”


  “I… I’m so sorry Axel,” she stuttered as she sat up strait in her chair, trying to regain some composer “its just that I didn’t sleep well last night.”

  “Really?” he asked, sounding concerned.

  “Yeah,” she nodded before dropping into silence.

  “Well…” Axel pushed.

  “Well what?” she snapped, last night was not something she wanted to discuses right now.

  “Well, what happened Mary?” he asked as she tried to eat her cereal.

  “Please Axel,” she sighed heavily, “I really don’t want to talk about it.”


  Axel was silent for a moment while she felt his blue eyes scanning her face. Hopping that he was going to drop the subject, she began to eat again. “It was Peter again wasn’t it?” he asked in a hushed whisper. To Mary’s own dismay, she nodded and began to unload the tail of her bad dreams to her brother.


  Mary told how her soon to be ex-husband had been haunting her dreams as of late. How Peter would pop up during a good dream and steal her from it, only to place her in some kind of hell. She feared for her daughter’s well-being and that of her own heath, for Peter had always been the bred winner of the family. Hell Mary hadn’t held down a steady job since high school.


  Axel sat quietly listening to his sister and for once she was glad he was there. Mary unloaded most if not all the emotional baggage she had been holding on to since California and once it was over, felt tones better. To his credit Axel again reassured her that she was welcome to stay with him and his mate for as long as needed. Mary was ashamed, she had always held Axel and Rena with the lowest of regard… and now she found herself needing their shoulders to lean on.


  “So how was last night?” Mary finally asked, now feeling much better, “you and Rena didn’t come home last night.”

  “er,” Axel blinked, not sure if he should tell her about this mornings escapades. “We had incident on the way home.”

  “Really?” she asked as she sat up in her chair, “what happened?”

  “It was nothing… flat tire,” he said as he slowly got up and walked around the table to Mary’s side. “So tell me, what about you?”

  “What about me?” she asked as he placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

  “When are you going to tell mom n dad about your up coming divorce?”

  “I guess tonight,” she sighed, “after dinner…”

  “After?” he asked, arching an eyebrow.

  “Yeah, you know how dad loves to grill out,” she smiled “hate to ruin his fun with such bad news.”

  “Your right of cores,” nodded her bother as he turned to walk away.

  “ummm, Axel?” she called softly, as he turned to regard her once more she asked, “what about you? When are you going to tell mom n dad about having Rena as your… mate?”

  “I don’t know,” he answered truthfully with a shrug, “I guess I’ll have to talk that one over with Rena.


  Mary blinked as Axel walked away, then began to giggle, ‘well, well, well…’ she thought as she sighed. “He really has given himself fully to his digimon, even to the point of willingly giving up his freedom of choice.” She whispered, “He’s allowed himself to become whipped.”



  Every Sunday since Axel had gone off to collage, the family (or at least toughs still living in Ohio) would get together at mom and dad’s condo for family dinner. Tonight’s menu was barbeque ribs and grilled corn on the cob. There had been much laughing and story telling, mostly about old friends and long dead family. Now with belly’s full, all were quite content.


  Aunt Jerry and uncle Tarry had gone home early while cousin Scott left for a date just after eating. Kimmy and Cleo had finally fallen asleep on the nearby sofa leaving the adults to talk. Somehow during all this, the conversation had turned to that of relationships. That was when Mary told them all how she planed to get a divorce from Peter.


   Their father, Big Mike as everyone called him for at 6’4” and 300 pounds, most of witch was still muscle; he was quite an imposing man. He had actually applauded her and told her to sue the asshole as well. Katie, their mother who was 5 foot, thin as a rail and quite a contrast to her husband. She on the other hand had wanted to know how Kimmy was taking this. But Mary reassured them all that she had talked it over with her daughter and that Kimmy was behind Mary all the way.


  Now Mary though the conversation would have ended there. But her mother had other ideas, turning to her son she asked, rather bluntly, “When are you and Rena going to settle down and give me some grandchildren?”… You could have herd a pin drop. Mary blinked in surprise while Axel, who was taking a drink of water, began coughing n choking. Only Rena seemed to take this new development in stride; turning to regard Katie she had asked how she knew.


  Both Katie and Mike began to laugh heartily at the antics of their children, before calming enough to explain. Dad started up with the old ‘sometimes a parent just knows’ speech, but as usual it was mom to the rescue.


  “When Axel was in high school,” Katie began the story, “he had had only two girlfriends, and both had used and abused him pretty bad. Samantha and Axel had meat in freshmen science, and for 3 years they dated. He believed that Sam was the one he would spend his life with. Unfortunately, while on spring brake in Florida, Sam met someone new and came home to Cincinnati married. This left my poor baby crushed and broken.”


  “Oh god,” Axel groaned, “Please not this.”


  “Axel spent the next few weeks pining for his lost love,” nodded Mary, as she happily watched her brother squirm, “he spent most of the summer in his room. Taking pity on the bum, I finally talked him into go out with a friend of mine’s young cousin. Tammy was a year younger then Axel yet the two had lots in common. Axel again was happy and was totally smitten with Tammy… that was until he found out she was cheating on him with her Spanish teacher and was pregnant with the man’s baby.”


  Rena gasped as she listened, Axel had been more then candid with her about most of his life, and she had thought she knew everything there was to her mate’s past. Yet this was part of her mate’s life that he never spoke about to anyone… not even her. 


  “Again Axel was left broken and to the dismay of the rest of us,” carried on Big Mike, “ he decided to never trust any female again and so lost himself in his art. All trough collage he remained focused on just his work, rejecting anyone we, or his friends tried to fix him up with. This worried momma a lot, to most Axel looked and acted like a normal happy-go-lucky person, but she knew deep down he was hurting.


  The table when quiet as everybody turned to Axel, to his dismay they wanted him to tell some of this story as well. Yet some parts of it were still too painful to think about and Axel was quite happy to just let it go… that was till he received a hard kick to the shin from his father. “Come on boy,” challenged Big Mike, “its only right that you tell some of this as well.”


  “Well for 6 years I remained celibate and thought I was happy with the life I had chosen.” Sighed Axel as he turned to face Rena. ”Yet I would watch Mary, Peter, and Kimmy when they would visit, and I was jealous. Deep down I felt alone and completely lost, and I could see that it broke my parent’s hearts to see me like that. The worst part of it was that I didn’t want it to end, in a way my loneliness was what made me so strong and independent.”


  “But everything changed a year ago,” Axel shivered for a moment, and then reached out for his lovers hand. He flashed Rena that lopsided grin of his while he looked deep into her eyes, “That was when a yellow digi-fox called Renamon came into my life.”


  Rena blinked, this was all quite new to her and it was having the strangest affect. Only now, after all Axel and her had been through, did she finally know why her mate was the way he was and just how much she truly meant to him.


  “Well I was rather amazed that in you, Rena,” Katie went on, a warm smile lighting up her thin fetchers, “Axel had finally found someone he could trust in totally, a loyal friend and loving companion. By Christmas both poppa and I could see something new growing between you and our son. So one night after a family dinner, when you two had gone home, we stayed up and talked about the possibility of a digimon becoming family.”


  “At first I was against my son being in love with an animal…” Big Mike stopped, blinked, then restated “a digimon, and by no means would I accept you as my stepdaughter. Yet mother here pointed out that a humanoid fox was better then Axel living alone for the rest of his life, and that she wanted her son to be happy with whomever he chose. In the end Katie won out and after a while I began to warm up to the idea… now I’m quite happy and even proud that you’re with my son.


“You only changed your mind after I made you sleep on the sofa for three nights striate,” Katie cut in with a giggle as she playfully gave her husband a slap on the arm, “I for one don’t mind telling you, Rena, that both of us were surprised that it took you and Axel all this time to come to the same conclusion we had in just one night.”


  Once Katie was finished, and while Axel sat dumbfounded at this new development, Rena reached across the table and placed a hand on his mother’s shoulder. “I will never leave Axel,” she said in that soft voice of hers “At least not of my own free will. I have accepted him as my mate and will take no other; I would sooner die then ever hurt my love.”  Then Rena smiled as she turned to look at Axel, “As for grandchildren… we are working on that.”        


  The last time Mary had seen her parents this happy was at her wedding. Mom began to openly weep while Dad got up, walked around the table, and pulled Rena up unto a big bear hug… all the while welcoming her into the Benden family. Now it was Mary’s turn to be jealous, yet she was also happy for her brother and the life he was trying to forge with Rena.  



  Axel sighed as he pulled his Baja into the garage, closely followed by Mary and Kimmy in the DeLorean. Now that Axel’s early love life was open to her, Rena made sure that there wasn’t anything else hidden in Axel’s past that she should know of. So all the way home she had grilled him for answers to other questions and or mysteries that she had never asked about before.


  Axel, true to his love, opened up and tolled Rena every last detail of his life… even his more embarrassing collage years. Most of the stories he told her had left her in stitches, laughing so hard that her ribs hurt, “Well hind sight is 20-20, and” he chuckled, “looking back now… I’m surprised I lived to see my 25th birthday.” Yet there was one event he confided to her, one that made her shiver, almost afraid for anyone who might make her mate mad.


  A month before Axel went to California on vacation, a month before he had met Rena… Axel had been involved in a bar-fight that had left one man with a broken nose and one of the guy’s buddies in the hospital. The night had started off innocent enough; Frank, Nick and Mark had seen Axel in a rather depressed mood and had taken it up on them selves to cheer him up. To this end Axel’s three best friends got together and dragged him off to a strip bar.


  The dark bar with its heavy thumping music was filled with collage frat boys on brake; this did little to cheer Axel up. Then there were the dancing girls, god, being a cartoonist Axel had drawn better bodies in his sleep. But he put on a good show for his friends, smiling and joking as best he could; after all they were only trying to help. Axel, being allergic to alcohol, had taken up the chore of being the D&D (Designated Driver), and also the chore of keeping his friend from doing something stooped.


  Unfortunately Mark, while being what is called a ‘Fun Drunk’, was never one to keep his big mouth shut once he got tipsy. Mark had had one drink to many and as he put it, needed to go to the restroom to recycle his beer… only for some reason he didn’t return. Getting worried, Axel told the others to stay pout and went to see if Mark had passed out or if something else was keeping him.


  It turned out to be that someone else was keeping Mark. Axel had just made the turn into the men’s room when two, rather husky boys from the collage football team blocked his way. “Sorry man, ya can’t go in there.” The first one said, “Yeah, ya don’t want to be apart of this,” piped up the second.


  Feeling somewhat bewildered Axel looked past the two jocks just in time to see Mark slide into view. He was lying on the floor with blood streaming from his mouth, one eye in the process of swelling shut and the open gash on his forehead was gushing crimson. Then he saw two other jocks move into view and start kicking his downed friend.


  “I remember pushing my way past the two jocks at the door to the restroom” Axel said in an all to quiet tone, one he usually reserved for when he was describing something that made him sick. “I remember shoving the two guys away from Mark and trying to help him up… I even remember seeing the jock’s school ring from the corner of my eye as he pulled back and hit me.”


  “After that… the rest of the fight was a blur.” Axel was silent for a moment, before taking a deep breath and telling Rena what his friends had told him happened after that.


  The entire bar had herd the roar of anger that issued froth from the men’s room. The music and the dancers all stopped rather abruptly when the two jocks at the door came tumbling out followed closely by a third. Axel emerged from the restroom with the forth guy on his shoulder, using him like a tackling dummy before tossing the guy onto a near by table witch broke under the jock’s weight.


  Nick had described Axel as looking like a man possessed by the devil, blood was running unchecked from a cut over his left eye, down his face, along his neck and into his shirt. Axel was breathing hard through clinched teeth, fists balled with rage, and his eyes were wide with a wild look to them.


  Frank had told how two of the football players had recovered and jumped up to fight him. How they had circled Axel till they were on either side of him before trying to brawl with him. It was the guy on the right who swung first and struck Axel with a fist to the jaw. Yet before his friend could react Axel hit the man in the gut with all his might, as the jock doubled over from the lack of air, Axel continued the swing and caught the breathless man in the right eye with his elbow… this snapped the jocks head back and laid him out.


  With two jocks now down, the forth guy made the unwise choice of helping idiot number three… who was in the process of trying to land a hit on Axel. Axel on the other hand kept dodging out of the way. Frank had said that Axel looked as if he was toying with the guy, how he had this manic grin on his face during the entire fight. Finally Axel seemed to tire of the bully and did the unthinkable, he dropped to one knee and with all his strength… hit jock number three in the groin.


  The last jock wouldn’t last as long as his friend and by the time that night ended he would have lost his ability to play football ever again. It was Nick who later told Axel the grizzly details of how the fight had ended. How jock number four had hit Axel twice in the face, and how the guy had gone as pail as a ghost when Axel began to laugh. It wasn’t a funny laugh, or a deep hearty chuckle… no Axel sounded and looked like he belonged in a mental ward.              


  Nick told Axel how the jock swung a third and final time, and how Axel, still cackling like a mad man, had caught the guys fist. To this day Nick still shivers when he remembers how Axel had used the jocks own momentum to quickly spin him around and brag the man’s fist up to his own shoulder blade. But Axel wasn’t done yet, oh no… Axel slammed the jock into a nearby post, brought his knee up to pin the man’s arm behind his back and at the same time brought his elbow down as hard as he could.


  Everyone in the bar herd the sickening crack as the bones in the man’s lower arm fractured. The scream from the jock sobered up everyone as his elbow was dislocated from his upper arm as Axel brought his elbow down a final time. It took both Nick and Frank to pry Axel from the pour jock, and as Frank rushed Axel outside, Nick got one of the girls to help get Mark to the car. 


   “To this day I still tell everyone that I can’t remember anything from that night,” Axel sighed as he shut off the car. Rena was silent as she began to realize something horrible, something Axel confirmed with his next words. “But I do remember something” he whispered as he turned to look at his mate “I remember that I enjoyed hurting them, that I thrilled at causing them the same pain they gave to Mark… and that I would gladly do it again to anyone that would hurt you or anyone I hold dear.”


  ‘Could the legend really be true?’ thought Rena.