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   Axel & Rena. Chap 9          


  With the door to his room closed, Axel gently laid his mate down in their bed before quietly making his way into the bathroom, only to return with a bucket of cold water. Gently, methodically, he began to clean his Renamon’s fur of dirt and blood. He started with her arms, using a washcloth to wipe away her blood before washing it out in the bucket.


  Rena sat watching her lover, seeing him in a new light for what he truly was. He had changed in so many ways yet somehow managed to stay the same Axel she had fallen in love with. God she wanted to confront him about his abilities yet she remained quiet the whole time he was cleaning her fur. Being a digimon she was already on the mend… but why waist the moment.


  “You do that quite well,” she sighed while he cleaned over her bosom and down her belly.

  “Thank you love,” he whispered as he worked his way down her legs while joking, “I’m told I have the soft touch of an artist.”    

  “Dear…” she giggled softly. Now, as her looked up into his eye, she decided to take a chance, “they saw what you did.”

  “What do you mean?” he asked while turning away to wring out the washcloth, “All I did was to keep that thing from eating your code.”

  “Axel,” she sighed again, making him turn to face her, as he did she reached for his hands, “you’re faster, stronger… you have the ability to since nearby digimon.”

  “Look, we’re both really tired and the mind can play tricks…” he began

  “Love, this time there where witnesses,” she sighed as she pulled him close, “Kimmy, Cleo… a theater full of people. When are you going to admit that something is different about you?”

  “Rena there is nothing different about me,” he tried to reassure his mate yet uncertainty rang out in his voice.


  ‘He is scared.’ She thought as she blinked. ‘Maybe now is not the time to go into this, maybe he knows and he doesn’t like what happening.’ Quietly she looked at her mate while trying to see things as he did. Yes now was not the time to bring up his new found… talents?


  “Maybe your right Axel, I’m just tired and need rest.” She said softly before remembering, “Axel… what are we going to do about your D-arc?”

  “Tell you what,” he smiled as he reached up to gently clean her face, “in the morning I’ll make a call to Frank and see if he can repair it.”

  “Ok…” she whispered, “I would hate to think our battling days were over.”

  “Oh I don’t know,” he said before leaning down to kiss her, “I have a feeling we’ve only begun.”



  Kimmy sighed as she and Angewomon walked into the bedroom they shared. It had taken to long to explain things to mom and the two were itching to be alone. The battle had left them both excited and the telling of it to her mother had only strengthened the hunger that both of them felt deep inside their bodies.


  “So Cleo?” asked Kimmy as she moved in behind Angewomon, warping her arms about the humanoid angel’s hips, “am I wrong in assuming that we both saw what Axel was doing?’

  “Hmmm, yes…” answered Angewomon as she felt Kimmy press her body against her own causing her wings to shiver, “but how dose that make you feel about him?”

  “For the most part my feelings haven’t changed,” whispered Kimmy as she slid her hands up between the digimon’s wings and up her body, “have yours Cleo?”

  “No” smiled Angewomon as she felt her young lovers soft fingers begin to undress her, “In fact they have gotten stronger, he is still the only man I wish to give myself to.”

  “I agree,” giggled Kimmy as she placed a kiss on the back of Angewomon’s neck while helping her undress “ever since I was 11years old I knew there was only one man I could ever trust…”

  “What about Renamon?” asked the angel as Kimmy slipped her white, skin tight outfit over her hips and down her left leg.

  “I’m not sure,” came Kimmy’s reply as she unzipped Angewomon’s boot, lifting her foot Angewomon stepped free of her cloths, “how dose one tell her… aunt, that she want to have sex just once with her uncle?”

  “I might have a way,” whispered Angewomon as she pulled off her winged bow glove, slowly she turned to her already naked tamer, “but it will take time to see if it well work.”

  “We’ll have time for that later,” said Kimmy as she reached up and gently removed Angewomon’s helm, her jade green eyes looking up into Cleo’s soft baby blues.


  Lit by the moonlight streaming in from the window, Cleo/Angewomon’s body looked so perfect it seemed sculpted out of marble. She had a tight muscular ass and well-formed breasts with pink had nipples. Between her long, elegant legs one could see wisps of blond hair covering her pussy in a tight V shape.


  As one they knelt on the bed, coiling their arms around each other while nuzzling and kissing deeply. Cleo sighed as their nipples touched, and when she pressed closer, she could feel Kimmy’s heart beating wildly beneath her girlish breasts. Lightly Angewomon traced a finger down her tamers back and tickled the crack of her ass. Delighting in the way Kimmy squirmed in her arms.


  Slowly, with their eyes closed, they fell back into the bed. Stretching out atop Angewomon, Kimmy mashed their breasts together as she ground her young hairless sex into her lover’s hips. Quickly they kissed again, mouths open hungrily, tongues darting together, and saliva mingling. When finally they broke the kiss, their bodies were covered with sweat and burning with desire.


Kimmy slowly slid down Angewomon’s graceful body, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses over her breasts and belly. Angewomon moaned quietly as she reached down and spared her cunt lips for her lover with her long fingers. Kimmy sat up on one elbow and stared at the complicated beauty of Angewomon’s pussy. The soft folds of Cleo’s labia ranged from a delicate shell pink to a lovely rose hue.


  Angewomon shivered as she watched Kimmy lean down between her spared thighs and inhale her musky sent. Then she felt Kimmy’s tongue as it slipped wetly over her exposed sex, sending electric shivers running through her prone body. Angewomon tried to contain the joyful out cry of pleaser that ripped through her, yet still it managed to escape.


  Kimmy quickly slurped her tongue into Cleo’s slit, smiling as Angewomon grunted slightly and her cunt muscles fluttered. Back n forth her tongue darted as she licked up the first few signs of Angewomon’s sweet honey before shifting her attention. With one long wet stroke Kimmy slid her tongue up her lovers slit and gently flicked it at the angel’s clitoris, while her own pussy began to melt.


  Angewomon felt delirious as Kimmy teased and nibbled at the digimon’s swollen clit. She was so wet that she could see her juices smeared all over her tamers face and dripping down her chin, darkening the bed sheets beneath her ass. Rolling her hips, she began to purr and groan with impatiens as her orgasm neared, her belly quivering as she felt a familiar warmth growing deep inside.


  Half-consciously Kimmy pushed a finger into Angewomon’s cunt, probing for the digimon’s love button as she thrust her fingers in and out. With a sharp gasp Angewomon lifted her hips off the bed, grinding her slick sex into Kimmy’s face. With a wicked grin the tamer quickly added a secant finger, then a third as she fucked Cleo’s pussy hard and fast.


  Finally Angewomon’s belly convulsed and she let out a scream as she climaxed hard. Kimmy quickly pulled her fingers free and covered her partners vibrating pussy with her mouth. Hungrily she licked and swallowed Angewomon’s honey as it flooded past her open lips. Kimmy sighed happily as she licked her digimon’s sex clean and for a moment Angewomon thought back to Rena.


  With a final slurp Kimmy crawled her way back up to Angewomon’s side and cuddled with her. The digimon smiled as she looked into her tamers eyes then softly she kissed the girl. She could taste herself on Kimmy’s lips and as it always did in the past, it left her excited and wanting more.


  With a seductive smile Angewomon pushed Kimmy onto her back before laying atop her tamer. With their breasts rubbing gently against each other, they kissed again, their tongues moving inside each other’s mouths. Their bodies were once again gently moving together; their legs intertwined as Angewomon pressed her wet sex against her lover’s.

  Angewomon ended the kiss; looking into Kimmy’s lust filled eyes as she smiled, Her heart almost breaking by how much she loved this human teen. Slowly she began to kiss her way down the teen’s neck till she came to Kim’s young globes. Angewomon suckled at her tamers breasts, first one then the other, biting her nipples gently, feeling her heartbeat quicken.


  "Cleo…" whispered Kimmy, her voice throaty, her eyes were half closed, clouded with passion, "I love you."
  “As I love you,” Angewomon said, her own breath becoming shallow as she looking up at her lover.


  Cleo/Angewomon smiled before she lowered her head and began to kiss her way down Kim’s stomach. She left a trail of wetness with her tongue as she moved down toward Kimmy’s bellybutton, all the while feeling it tremble beneath her lips. Angewomon gently gave Kim’s bellybutton a lick, her tongue darting in and out as she felt Kimmy shiver underneath her.


  Kimmy’s breath was now coming in ragged gasps as she watched Angewomon make her way down between her young legs. Soft hands gently pushed her thighs apart so that her dripping pussy was opened wide for the angel. Kimmy tried her best to lean on her elbows to watch, but fell back as Angewomon’s mouth touched her hot pussy, kissing it as she would her mouth… tongue pushing in, moving inside to taste her, one small taste. Kimmy moaned.


  As Angewomon pulled her tongue out of the teen’s pussy, her taste and her scent were on the digi-angel’s lips and it was intoxicating. Through the haze of sexual desire she could hear Kimmy whimpering, begging, moaning, and she could hear her own shallow breathing and feel the fast paced beating of her heart deep within her bosom.


  With practiced ease Angewomon opened Kimmy’s pussy lips with her delicate fingers, enjoying the sight and smell of her tamer’s sex. Leaning forward she found Kim’s clit and licked the sensitive nub in lazy circles before she sucked on it, drawing the human’s clit between her teeth, biting down on it gently.


  Kimmy hissed through her teeth as Angewomon moved two fingers along her pussy, not pushing in, just at her opening. Her belly trembled as the fingers moved slowly up and down, almost tickling her exposed lips. Angewomon sighed happily as she moved her tongue down to lick around her glistening fingers before pushing them further into her quivering tamer.

  Angewomon purred as she felt Kimmy’s hands on her head, gently coursing her scalp before pushing her down. Her hips moved up pushing her pussy up towards the digi-angel’s mouth. Angewomon let out a groan for she felt drunk on her lover’s taste, her wings spreading out and up to blanket the young teen with hundreds of tickling feathers.


  Kimmy’s whimpers and moans became louder, she was begging for release now. Angewomon’s fingers were moving in her pussy faster now, pushing deep inside. The digimon curled her fingers so they were touching the clinching walls of Kim’s pussy, causing Kimmy to gasp. The Angel caressed the human softly, her thumb moving over the girl’s clit, pressing on it.

  Angewomon lifted her head up to look at Kimmy’s face, it was flushed, her eyes half closed, her mouth parted slightly, her breathing shallow. Her hands had moved to her breasts and she was pulling at her nipples, twisting them slightly as she mashed her tits together.

  "Please," she whispered past a moan. Angewomon could feel her tamer’s pussy closing around her fingers; Kimmy was ready to cum. Angewomon plunged her fingers into her lover one last time, harshly, almost brutal. Kimmy cried out, gasping. The angel replaced her fingers with her mouth, moving her tongue into Kim’s quaking sex. In and out of her as far as it would go into her pussy.

  With a guttural sound Kimmy began to cum. Her juices flowed into her digimon’s mouth, her tongue lapping it up as quickly as she could. Kimmy quickly reached down and pushed Angewomon’s face into her pussy, burying the digi-angel’s mouth and nose into her quivering cunt. Her lovers sent surrounded Angewomon, as she continued to lick Kimmy’s contracting pussy, trying desperately to consume all of the human’s liquid honey.

With her pussy spent Kimmy’s spastic body went slack. Angewomon smiled as she kissed her way up Kim’s body, wrapping her arms and wings about the girl. Slowly the angel’s tongue moved into her human’s mouth, making Kimmy moan softly as she snuggled up to her digimon. By morning Angewomon would be a Gatomon again but for now Cleo’s only though was for the human who was falling to sleep in her arms.



Axel & Rena. Chap 10       


  Frank Timpson was one of Axel’s oldest and dearest friends going back all the way to kindergarten. Frank had always been good with computers and just after high school he had taken working for a computer company designing video games. That was till he spent a year in jail for attempted hacking. Luckily for Frank there was a company that had decided his talents would be quite useful and so hired him on as a troubleshooter.


  Frank was now assistant director of the Cincinnati branch of the DDC (Digimon Detection Center.). It was his job to oversee and investigate any reports relating to digimon that might happen within the tri-state aria around Cincinnati (southern Ohio, eastern Indiana, and northern Kentucky). To this end he had been given 12 agents to command and delegate jobs to.


  Now while the DDC was once part of a privet company based in Japan, it has since grown into its own organization that most governments have not only excepted, but in many cases, have given the DDC special operating rights. This has turned the DDC into a worldwide police force rivaling that of the American’s FBI or the British MI-6… only the DDC’s job is to watch over and police digimon.


  So one could just imagine why Rena felt so nervous standing next to Axel while he rang the doorbell to Franks house. Rena could hear children running about as the bell chimed, the stomping of little feet followed by the sounds of an adult in hot pursuit. Then all at once came a shrill giggling squeal and the front door opened to reveal Axel’s friend.


  Frank had never been what you would call a fit man, in fact he would be the first to tell you he was fat and happily so, for his wife Crystal was a grate cook. So there he stood panting for breath, his bulk taking up the entire doorway, wide smile on his chubby face… and his 4year old daughter, Sabrina, hanging upside down from his massive arms.


  “Hi Renamon” chirped Sabrina as Frank quickly invited the two into his home.

  “Hello Sabrina…” Rena smiled to the girl as Axel and Frank shared greetings, “are you up to your normal high jinks today or are you just keeping your daddy occupied?”

  “Me, Jimmy n daddy were playing hide n seek,” giggled the girl who still hung from her fathers arms, her hair almost brushing the floor.

  “I take it he found you then?” she asked.

  “Nope,” Sabrina shook her head, “I found them… but then daddy pretended to be a monster and chased me.”


  Rena sighed as she watched Frank excuse himself long enough to gently deposit his little girl on a nearby sofa. ‘God, I only hope I will be able to give Axel that kind of joy,’ she thought as she watched a happy Frank give his giggling Sabrina one last tickle before motioning them to follow him to his study.


  “So,“ He said as he closed the door to his office, “I gathered from your phone call that this visit isn’t just for old time sake.”

  “No, afraid not,” sighed Axel as he took a seat in front of Franks big desk, Rena quietly taking the seat to his right.

  “Mind if I ask?” asked Frank as he walked around his desk and plopped into his swivel chair, “dose this have anything to do with the Alomon that attacked the Springdale cinemas last night?”

  “Yeah…” murmured Axel, looking rather guilty about the question, “how did you know?”

  “An agent of mine was there with his kids,” remarked Frank, “I looked over his report just after you called. Seems there where two tamers who fought off the Alomon. One with a Gatomon… by the way, how is your niece? And the other had a Renamon.”

  “And…” Axel began, “and how did you know it was us?”

  “Because my old friend” answered Frank with a chuckle before flashing a wicked smile, “you’re the only adult within a hundred miles of Cincinnati who has a Renamon.”

  “Really?” Axel suddenly felt the pit of his stomach fall out.

  “Yes, now the report made for some interesting reading,” said Frank as he looked at his two fidgeting guests, “but if you don’t mind I would love to hear your sides of this fascinating story.”


  The story started slow with the telling of how Mary needed some time alone. Yet quickly it picked up speed as the two lovers, yes Frank knew about Axel and Rena… well ok he was guessing, recounted how Alomon had appeared in the parking lot of the theater. Rena became quiet after the telling of how Axel’s D-arc had failed and she had been taken out of the fight. This lefts Axel to finish the story by himself, though like Kimmy he had left a few things out.


  “And so,” Axel finished “the kill shot was delivered by Angewomon… after that we quickly got into my car and drove home.”

  “I see…” came Frank’s voice, some time during the story he had retrieved the file and was now perusing it, “well for the most part your story confirms the report, so for that I thank you. Now then, that brings us back to why you’re both here.”

  “Well Frank,” said Axel as he pulled out his dead D-arc and handed it to his friend, “I was hopping you could tell us what went wrong… or just maybe fix it?”


  Frank nodded quickly as he took the digi-vice and examined it closely, and then with out looking, he pulled a small screwdriver from his pencil holder and began taking the D-arc apart. Frank let out a low whistle as he looked at the D-arc’s insides, “my god Axel, the main command chip that holds Renamon’s coding is fried,” he said as he quickly looked up at Rena “in other words my dear… your now a wild digimon.”


  Rena was the first to respond to the news “You can fix Axel’s D-arc… right?” asked the now panicked digimon. The prospect of being hunted down as a wild didn’t agree with the yellow fox at all. “Please Mr. Timpson, you have to be able to repair it.”


  Frank looked at Rena for quite some time, there was something wrong with the way Renamon looked and acted but he couldn’t tell just what it was. “I can fix it Renamon,” he said with a sigh. As Axel and Rena watched Frank closely, he pulled out his tools and set to work removing the damaged chip. “So mind if I ask just how you two managed to fry a D-arc?”


  “I… I don’t know,” Axel blinked as he looked to Rena

  “Nor do I,” was her response.

  “Now look you two,” Frank’s voice was cool and calm, yet it rang of authority as he worked, “Renamon here is a 20 Gig rookie.”

  “So?” blinked Axel

  “Ummm, “interjected Rena, “I’m only an 15 Gig… I’m a runt

  “So…” Frank looked up in surprise at Rena before turning back to Axel, “do you have any clue as to how much power it takes to morph a 20… er, 15 Gig rookie each time you swipe a card?”

  “no.” whispered the two lovers in unison.

  “Ok, let me put it like this,” began Frank as he popped out the old chip and laid the D-arc on the desk, “all digivices, or at least the four we know of, work under the same principle, using massive amounts of energy to alter or add to a digimon’s code. The bigger the code, the more energy you need.”

  “Ok.” Axel nodded as he listened, but didn’t like were this was heading.

  “Now the first two digivices where much different than a D-arc,” said Frank, “in the respect that one had to battle to gain the energy to transform. Where as each time you swipe a card through yours, it then send the needed power to the digimon through the air with a new code to be added to the older, preset code. So in a way your D-arc is a portable data processing unit and an energy generator all in one neat little package.

  “Oh,” Axel blinked again “and I take it that the D-arc is shielded from power surges?”

  “For the most part… yes,” nodded Frank as he pulled out a small box and a funny looking scanner, “see the digivices power source, as far as we can tell, is a type of mini-cold fusion battery. So it would take a lot of energy to fry one of these.”

  “Er, how much energy?” Axel asked, tilting his head as his memory flashed back to the digi-rabbit. 

  “Oh I don’t know,” began Frank as he took out a new chip and placed it into the scanner, “a few thousand volts might be enough to get past the digivices insulation”

  “Wow,” Whispered Axel for a moment, then “er… how about a hundred thousand volts?”

  “You mean like that power transformer you two broke last week?” Frank grinned, showing that nothing a digimon dose in this town ever escapes his men, “yes, that would do it, though I am surprised you two lived through that.”


  Frank turned on his computer and with a heavy sigh turned to regard his friend “Axel, what I’m about to do here is to never leave this house,” he said. The look on his face was all business. “If the secret of what I built here gets out, no digimon would ever be safe from poachers or collectors… so I want you two to swear on old Fuzzywig’s grave that you wont tell a soul.”


  Rena sat confused as Axel reached out and took a sharpie marker from off Frank’s desk and made a scribble in the palm of his hand. “Rena, give me your left palm,” Axel said softly. She did so and watched as Axel repeated the same scribble in her palm, then he held up both their hands to Frank. “We swear Frank, on Fuzzywig’s grave.”


  Rena wanted to know who this fuzzy guy was but she could since a rather graveyard like atmosphere to the whole ritual, that alone made it seem wise to just stay quiet.


  Axel fell into silence while Frank looked at the two palms, then with a nod he began playing with the scanner again. Once done he pointed it at Rena, “ok, now before I turn this on I’ll have to warn you both. This scanner will analyze Renamon’s current form’s data in order to set a base line code for the chip. The up side will be that she will be to digivolve once again… the down side is that this will be Renamon’s base form for the rest of her time here on earth.


  “Are you saying,” Rena’s ears perked up at Frank’s words, “that I wont change into my Kyubimon or Taomon forms as I get older?”

  “Yup,” answered Frank

  “But that I can still digivolve into them?”


  “ That I won’t be hunted as a wild?”


  “And That I won’t have to worry about leaving Axel?”

  “That about covers it”

  “Then what are we waiting for,” replied Rena happily, “lets get this over with.”


  Frank shot a quick glance at Axel to see what he though, yet to his dismay Axel seemed to be off in his own little world. Frank finally shrugged and turned on the scanner “Ok Renamon, I’ll need you to sit as still as possible,” he said as the scanners lights started to flash “three beeps will sound when its done but not to worry, it shouldn’t take long.”


  Frank busied himself with cleaning the rest of the D-arc’s insides while the three sat quietly waiting. He was almost done checking the power leads and the wiring when the scanner beeped three times, signaling that the chip was ready to install. Frank started to reach for the chip when he knottiest the scanners readouts. To say he was stunned was an understatement.


  “Renamon?” he asked in a whisper, “didn’t you say you were a 15 Gig rookie?”

  “Yes I did,” nodded Rena “I was the runt of the family, that’s why I came to earth… to prove I was still a good fighter.”

  “Then why,” said Frank as he looked between her and the scanner “are you reading at 22 Gigs?”

  “Huh?” Axel and Rena sat up together.

  “22 Giga bites,” answered Frank as he turned to his computer to run the specs, and then began to read, “The scan is showing you to have 20 Gigs of hard line data and 2 Gigs of…


  Axel watched as the color in his old friend’s face drained away, he definitely didn’t like whatever the screen was showing him. “Frank?” he pressed his old friend, “talk to us Frank, is there something wrong with Rena?”


  Frank slowly turned and looked first at Renamon, then at Axel. ‘This cant be right…’ he thought, his analytical mind could not comprehending what his computer showed ‘it just can’t be.’ absently he turned the scanner toward Axel as he spoke “Rena.” he said, using her name for the first time since he had met her, “you read as having 2 Gigs of human DNA encoded into your hard line.  


  “WHAT!” barked Axel in total shock.    


  If Frank was waiting for Rena to react to this, it was going to be a long wait. Instead Rena just nodded quietly. Frank was lost as he tried again “Rena, didn’t you hear me?” he asked, “your 10 percent human… do you know what that means?”


  “Yes I do,” answered Rena calmly as she looked directly into Frank’s eyes “it means that I’v grown stronger by 7 Gigs. I must also thank you for confirming what I had been suspecting these last few days.”


  Axel was lost to, if only for a moment. He to had suspecting a few things as well, but not of Rena. To find out his mate was part human lifted one weight of his shoulders, but it put quite another in its place. He was about to ask Rena about last night when he was cut off by the sound of three beeps.


  Everyone stopped and looked at the scanner… that was now pointed at Axel. Rena giggled, Frank nearly fell out of his chair, and Axel… Axel sighed as the very thing he dreaded most was confirmed. “I think its time someone told me what the fuck is going on,” demanded Frank


  It took almost three hours to bring Frank up to date on everything happening in Axel and Rena’s life. To his credit Frank listened quietly and only interrupted from time to time. In the end not only had Axel and Rena confirmed their new states as mates, but they had also told Frank that they both knew about the changes that had over taken them. Rena was now part human and Axel was part digimon.


  To both Frank’s and Axel’s surprise Rena pulled a D-3 out from inside her glove. She had found it the day after she and Axel had become lovers, but at the time she didn’t know what it was for. She told how at first she had kept it in the nightstand on her side of the bed, and then later, after she had figured out that the D-3 went to Axel, she started keeping it in her glove. She told how she even found an armored digiegg while doing the laundry one day


  Silently, with his mind trying desperately to fathom what he had heard, Frank placed the new chip into Axel’s D-arc and screwed down the casing. How was he going to tell his boss about all this or should he say anything at all. While his job was to police digimon, nether Axel or Rena were in fact digimon, at least not anymore. If anything they were something new that no one had planed for, and if the lovers had anything to say about it, they wouldn’t be the last.


  With a final sigh Frank came to a surprising conclusion. 1: that yes he would write up a report about all of this but also states that now nether of the lovers fell under the normal DDC charter. 2: that if Axel was part digimon he had better learn how to use his abilities before he accidentally hurt someone. And 3: any investigations done on ether Axel or Rena would be done by himself for he was the only one at the DDC that Axel trusted.


  To Franks surprise both Rena and Axel agreed to what he wanted to do. So to start he decided to see to Axel’s… talents, in this case he was going to call in a favor.



  It was 9:00 and Frank found himself waiting on a service road to the Eastfork dam for Axel and Rena. He had pulled some strings and got the local cops and park officials to give him the keys to the main gates. At this point he and his friends would be able to work undisturbed for most of the night.


  At 9:15 the familiar sound of Axel’s bug could be heard even before the lights came into view. Frank sat amazed that with all that had happened in this world, Axel had still managed to keep that old clunker of a car running. Hell it not like he couldn’t afford to walk into a car dealership and buy a good car for cash… Axel just refused to part with the old clunker. Frank winced, the bright halogen lights from the bug playing over his face as Axel turned to park a space or two away from his Cady (Cadillac).


  As one they all stepped from their cars, to any passer by it would look like some weird drug deal was going down. Frank was dressed in the black suit and tie of his office, Axel in a white T-shirt and military fatigues, and Renamon sporting a new loss-fitting belt that hung on her wide hips and her D-3 at her side. Slowly they walk toward each other till they were less then 5 feet apart. Axel was the first to speak.


  “So how are we supposed to do this?” Axel asked quietly, “How do we find out what I’m capable of?”

  “Well first off,” replied Frank as he turned and led the group back to his car, “I’m going to need Rena’s D-3, after that… we will see.”


  Rena reluctantly handed over her digivice and waited to see what Frank was up to. As for Frank he pulled a brief case from the passenger side of his Cadillac and set it on the hood. He opened the case, turned on the power unit and waited. Light soon flooded out from its insides, Frank then brought the D-3 into the light long enough to look it over.


  It looked remarkably like all the other D-3’s Frank had ever seen in his time at the DDC. Its housings outline was sort of egg shaped, made of white plastic with black rubber side grips, and its display screen constantly glowed a bright pink. The only thing that seemed out of place was that the indents in the rubber grips were for someone with only two, overly thick fingers and a thumb.


  Shrugging he quickly took out a screwdriver and opened the digivice. He took only a moment to look over the insides before taking out a hand held scanner from his brief case and held it next to the D-3. After a few moments he put the device back together and handed it back to Rena “Ok, I now have your D-3’s power signal,” he said, “So I can now feed it power as needed and tell you what Axel’s attacks are.”


  Rena took the device before turning to Axel, who seemed remarkably calm considering what was about to unfold. “So what do I do?” he asked her. Again it was up to Frank to help them out “How about you two move off the road for starters,” he said, “say about ten feet over onto the flood plain.


  Rena nodded as she led Axel out into the sparse grass, “You know, this looks a lot easier from the other side of the digivice.” She giggled before turning to look at Frank “So what’s the first one?”


  Frank looked at the readout before him. In all his wildest dreams Frank had never thought he would be teaching a digimon on the basics of digivice use. Let alone teaching her human partner how to use his powers. “Well,” he said as he typed in a command, “you really don’t do anything at this point. Right now its up to Axel, with a little prodding from me, to figure out what he dose… so lets see what happens.”


  Axel watched as Frank hit a button on what ever he had in his brief case. Suddenly Rena’s device beeped and a wave of cool air washed over Axel, for a split second he felt like dropping to one knee and slamming his fist into the ground. Axel blinked as he felt the wave again washing over him and again he resisted. “Ummm… I hate to bring this up,” he called out, “but I’m not sure I know what to do. Rena how do you know when your powers are activated


  Rena shrugged as she watched her lover, “Most time I just let it happen,” she said as she walked closer, “other times it like I’m in a cold shower and I can feel my power growing to the point of release.”


  “Ok Frank, try it again.” Axel nodded as he closed his eyes and tried to relax. He heard Frank hit the button again, heard Rena’s digivice chirp, and then he felt the wave. To Axel the world seem to shift, to change, and for a moment in time he seemed to step out of his own body and watch it from afar. As he watched his body dropped to one knee as a voice cried out “Dark Thunder Wave!”


  The world in front of Axel exploded, the ground rising up in a wave that rushed forward almost twenty feet; the whole time there was a low rumbling sound. As Axel slipped back into his body he found himself standing and looking at what appeared to be a mini holocaust. The ground was shredded, huge six-foot tall chunks of earth had been tossed aside and a deep jagged rip had appeared where Axels fist had hit the ground.       


  “My god,” whispered Rena in a voice so faint Axel almost didn’t hear her, “I’v never seen a digimon do anything like that”

  “I have,” came Frank’s voice, a wicked smile forming over his lips, “but the fact that Axel’s rookie form has that attack makes me wonder what else he is capable of. Shall we see what’s next?”


  Over the next hour the small group experimented with Axel and his talents. To the most point Axel was finding this to be a lot fun, but still he couldn’t shake the feeling of being a lab-rat. Well at least he now understood how his powers worked so he and Rena would be heading home soon, or so he though.


  “Well now,” said Frank once the testing was over, “we now know why you n Rena survived being hit with over a hundred thousand volt of electricity.”

  “er… we do?” asked Axel as he n Rena both turned to regard Frank.

  “Yes Axel, were you not paying attention?” sighed Frank, “all your attacks and your defense are electric based.”

  “That’s right,” replied Rena as realization dawned on her, “Dark lightning Fist, Dark Thunder Wave, and Dark Energy Shield.”

  “So?” Axel blinked.

  “So… you absorbed most of the voltage,” said Frank, “that’s why you and Rena here survived hitting that power transformer.”

  “oh…” nodded Axel.

“Now then…” Frank turned to regard Rena and Axel with a cool gaze, “what say we see what Axel’s ultimate form looks like?”

  “He has a ultimate form?” blinked Rena

  “Yeah,“ piped up a still bewildered Axel, “what she said.”

  “Of coerce he dose,” replied Frank as he began to type again, “like all digimon he has a rookie form, yet from what my computers can tell Axel is like a Patamon. He only has two digi-forms, that of a rookie and an ultimate… well an armored ultimate”


  Before Axel could mount a complaint about being digi-valved, his old friend had hit the enter key. All at once he found himself bathed in a purple light, digital code circled his body while his cloths began to disintegrate right before his eyes. Axel let out a scream as the digital code swirled faster and faster, for he suddenly felt his skin being ripped from his body, only to be replaced by something else.


  Rena winced as the light of his evolution took Axel. Being a digimon she more then understood that the process of having your flesh and bones reconfigured was not always a pleasant one. What felt like an eternity to her mate, was in reality only a scant few seconds… then it was over.