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Axel & Rena. Chap 7   


  Axel sat quietly for a moment, his breath coming in raged gasps as he held tightly to Rena, who was now panting after what she had deemed ‘a quickie’. Now, basking in the afterglow, the two lovers shared a passionate kiss that both wanted to last forever. Finally with a content sigh Rena broke the kiss and settled back onto Axel’s lap, her eyes showing nothing but love for her mate


  “So,” Rena said happily “penny for your thoughts”

  “Oh, I don’t know, here we finally become mates and what happens…” he began to answer her the same as before, then he sighed happily “I found out my mate had a dirtier mind then I.”       

  “Really?” she giggled as she gently touched her cold nose to his, “So is this a good thing or a bad thing?”

  “It’s a really good thing.” He smiled before tilting his head and giving her nose a kiss, “though I am surprised at this.”

  “At what?” she blinked, her ears tilting forward.

  “That you seemed to like having sex in a sitting position,” he said “I would have thought you would be more interested in the doggy stile or something else.”

  “Well I like having sex this way,” she confessed, “It lets me control what’s going on, it let’s us bread face to face, and it’s the only way I can get your dick into my womb.”

  “Oh,” he blinked, some what confused, “but I thought it hurt you each time we did that?”

  “It dose,” she nodded “but I kind of like it, in fact I like all the pain you give me… it lets me know I belong to you. Besides its not like we have had sex in to many other positions.”

  “Oh, we’ll have to fix that.” He said softly, and then arching an eyebrow, “may I ask why you’re always trying to get me so deep into your… er”

  “Because you don’t have a knot” she smiled


  “A knot, the thick bulbous part of a dogs dick,” she began “it is inserted into the bitch while mating so all his seed doesn’t leek out, it’s made to insure conception during breading.”

  “I didn’t need to know all that,” he said, looking sickened, “I just wanted to know why.”

  “Because without the knot, I leek,” she confessed, “so when you cum, it needs to be someplace where I wont leek as easy. It’s the only way for us to bread.”

  “Bread… as in having children?” he asked, a surprised look on his face, “are you saying you want to have a baby with me?”

  “Of cores silly,” she giggled, her ass wiggling into his lap, “its what mates do, that’s why it’s called mating… I want to have your pups.”


  Axel became quiet for a moment, but Rena could tell he liked the idea of having a child, for deep inside her his cock was throbbing with new life. “You realize that with your heat over there is little chance for conception,” he said with a slow smile as she nodded, “but I’m more then willing to keep trying if you are.”    


  Cleo sat quietly behind the couch trying to ketch her breath after fingering herself to a quick climax, while watching Renamon and her human mate make love. As a digimon, what she had witnessed should have repulsed her, but the sight was so intoxicating that she couldn’t look away. Now she was just trying to hide till both had gone.    


  “Oh, I think we will, but not just yet… your tired and need rest,” Rena said as she slowly stood, a shiver racing through her as Axel’s cock slipped from her well worn pussy with a wet slurping noise before plopping against his naked thigh. “Tell you what, why don’t you go up stairs and get ready for bed, I’ll stay up till Mary gets back, and then I’ll join you.”


  Axel nodded as he stood and retrieved his pants “ok love” he said as he bent over and kissed her on her muzzle. She giggled and as he turned to walk out of the room, he received a swat on the ass that shooed him on his way. Though he wouldn’t admit it, Rena knew Axel was exhausted and would fall asleep the moment he was in bed. ‘Now that we are mates,’ She thought happily, ‘I’m going to be looking after you a lot more my love.’


  Cleo sat quietly behind the couch, she heard Axel leave, but didn’t want to venture out from her hiding place until the coast was clear. She waited till she heard the -ka thump!- of the door closing, then softly she crept around the couch and peered out… at a set of white paws. “Oh no,” she breathed as she looked up.


  Rena looked down at Gatomon and smiled, the look of fright on Cleo’s face at being found out was priceless. “So caught red handed… or should I say sticky pawed?” asked Rena as she took note of Cleo’s wet glove, “I take it that the sight of Axel and me fucking our brains out turn you on?”


  Cleo gasped, never had she heard a digimon talk in such a manner, Rena sounded like a human, teasing her with what was so obviously the truth and taking pleaser in pointing it out. The worst part of it was that Rena didn’t look mad at being spied on. As she stood shivering before the digi-fox, waiting to see what Renamon was going to do to her, her sharp eyes saw something new and being a cat, she couldn’t help but look.


  Rena opened her mouth to tell the little Digi-cat something witty about kitty voyeurs, but at that moment she felt something trickling out her pussy. To her surprise Rena wasn’t the only one to knottiest that Axel’s cum was dripping from her sex, Cleo had also seen the white stuff oozing out and matting the fur that hid her sex from view.


  Cleo stood in absolute shock as the Renamon reached down and whipped a thick finger through the sticky white mess, then as if it was a normal act, popped the same finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.


  “No you did not,” Cleo gasped, feeling her stomach dip n roll to the right.

  “Didn’t what?” asked Rena as she finished sucking on her finger.

  “You… you just,” she pointed at Rena’s crotch, then to her mouth, “and then you… by the digi-gods, how could you do that?”

  “What, are you telling me that you’ve never cleaned yourself after mating?”

  “Well… no,” replied Cleo, she was starting to blush at the fact that she was still… well.

  “Then you’ll find that it is just something you need to do to keep clean,” said the fox.

  “Ok… but isn’t it gross?” asked the cat “does it not taste icky… I mean your consuming stuff that came from a human’s… you know.”

  “Its called a dick, and that’s what I thought at first to,” said Rena as she reached down and again, swiped a finger through the ooze, “but now, I can’t get enough of it, the taste just drives me wild.”

  “re… really?” blinked Cleo, her ears perking forward, curiosity showing.

  “Yep,” chirped Rena happily as she looked at her cum covered finger, then she looked down at Cleo as a sly image crossed her mind “would you like to try it?”

  “er…” blinked the Gatomon as Rena held out her finger, then with a shrug, “what the heck, you seem to like it so it can not be that bad.”


  Rena smiled inwardly as Cleo slowly moved closer, timidly stuck out her tongue, and licked at Rena’s finger. At first Cleo didn’t react, she stood quietly with her eyes tightly closed, as if waiting to be struck down where she stood. Then Cleo blinked and before Rena could move, she jumped for the offered finger, cleaning it off quickly.


  Cleo couldn’t believe what was happening to her, here she was cleaning a mix of human and digimon cum off the finger of a Renamon, and it was turning her on again. Her clit was beginning to throb with new vigor while deep inside her belly she felt a familiar warm glow. “More…” she gasped as Rena gently pulled her finger away, “Please, can I have more?”


  Rena smiled as she again swiped her finger over her sex, and then watched, amazed as Cleo did her best to clean the offered digit. Over and over they repeated the process, each time Cleo seemed more excited and wanted more. The affect wasn’t lost on Rena for she herself was now feeling the pleasurable itch between her legs, yet this didn’t last long.


  “There you go Cleo, nothing left,” sighed Rena.

  “Are… are you sure,” she said, her eyes pleading, “Not even a little?”

  “Well there is but,” Rena shrugged as she went silent.

  “But… but what?” asked the cat.

  “There is more… but its inside me,” replied Rena, hesitation ringing in her voice, “and the only way to get it out… is to lick out.”

  “I’ll do it,” said Cleo as she moved closer “please.”


  Rena blinked hard, the Gatomon just offered to lick her sex clean and to her surprise, her own pussy was quivering at the thought. Slowly, with Cleo watching, Rena moved over to the leather couch and gently lay down. Cleo, as if in a trance, hoped up onto the sofa and made her way toward the fox as Rena spared her legs wide for the little cat.


  Both the digimon could feel the butterflies fluttering deep inside them, forming from the act that they were about to embark on. Each had there own reason as to why, one for the hunger for something new, the other wanting to feed that hunger. Though Rena had ever done anything like this before, somehow each understood what to do.


  Rena watched as Cleo knelt between her spared legs, brushing her gloved paws along Rena’s inner thighs as she dipped her head down to sniff at Rena’s hot sex. Cleo made a yummy sound before placing a soft kiss on Rena’s puffy cunt lips, her tail swishing in her excitement.


  The little Gatomon bent forward, her sandpaper like tongue flicking out to tease the fox’s sex, sending Rena into a maddening frenzy of desire. Slowly she covered Rena’s cunt with her mouth, slipping her tongue between the fox’s prim lips. Rena moaned and thrust her hands down to run through Cleo’s short fur, while Cleo’s tongue drove deeper, trying to find all of Axel’s cum witch lay within Rena’s velvet recesses.


  With Cleo’s paws splayed out over Rena’s upper thighs and belly, and her sharp teeth brushing over the fox’s sensitive little nub, Rena knew she wouldn’t last long. With a sharp gasp she arched her back as Cleo moved a paw down to her pussy and slowly scratched at the fox’s already irritated lips, lapping quickly a the mixture of sweet juices that ebbed from her quivering cunt.


  Cleo smiled to herself, she loves to know that the things she does makes one feel good, yes this is not the first time Cleo has pleasured another female. She let her tongue flick over the soft fox skin, tracing over the tender hardness of Rena’s clit. Her paws move up to caress Rena’s lips… where her tongue just was a moment before. A single gentle claw slips into the soft folds of her wet vault, teasing, exploring, wanting.


  Rena groans softly and presses against Cleo’s pawed hand, her pussy slowly tightening around the claw driving inside of her. Her head falls back, her lips parted as she moans, trembling for a moment. "Cleo… " She breathes softly, her hips swaying against the cats claws again. Taking a shaking breath she whispers, "I’m so close.”


  Cleo couldn’t help it as she began to purr, though she was the one giving Rena pleaser, her own body was threateningly close to a climax and wouldn’t need much to push her over the edge. She shivered as Rena lifted her hips off the cushions and pressed back against Cleo’s mouth, almost knocking the little cat off the sofa.


  With a shake, Rena’s cunt begins to vibrate as each wave of pleaser push her farther and closer… till she let out a scream that sounds more like a howl from a big dog. She clawed the couch, as the fire in her belly becomes white-hot, then it pulses outward like an explosion… Slowly, with a gasp, Rena’s quivering body flopped back onto the sofa unable to move


  Cleo shuddered as Rena’s sweet nectar flooded out past her cunt lips and into her waiting mouth, the taste of the warm fox juice causing her own climax to quiver through her belly. Finally Rena began to settle down and her orgasm subsided, this gave Cleo time to quickly clean the Fox’s fur before slumping back against Rena’s spared legs.


  With rasping breaths the two digimon lay still against one another. With her breathing slowly returning to normal, Rena only had one question that she felt needed answering. “Mind if I ask, how you learned to do that so well?” she asked as she slowly sat up, “and don’t give me that, ‘all cats know pussy,’ shit.”


  “Well let us just say,” Cleo began, “that just because I haven’t had sex with a male, does not mean I haven’t had sex.”

  “Oh…” blinked Rena as she looked at the little cat, “so who did you… “

  “Kimmy,” she said quietly, “we were trapped in an ice storm in the Digi-world and needed to huddle for warmth… one thing lead to another and we’ve been having sex ever since.”

  “uh-hu..” Rena nodded slowly as her mind absorbed this, “so if you two are screwing around, why were you so uptight about me and Axel mating?”

  “Because it’s not right,” sighed the cat, “While nothing will result from Kimmy and me having sex, you and Axel might bread.”

  “But that’s the point,” Rena said as she tilted her head, “I want to bread with Axel, I want my pups to have him for a father.”

  “That’s what I mean right there,” snapped Cleo, ”humans and digimon are not supposed to bread, there is no telling how the offspring will be excepted by ether world, or if they will even be allowed to survive… and we still do not know if human DNA is capable of reproducing with ours.”

  “Well then,” shrugged the fox, “I guess I’m just lucky”

  “Lucky?” blinked Cleo, “what do you mean?”


  But Rena didn’t respond for at that moment they could both hear movement upstairs. Standing, Rena slowly made her way to the door, finding it partly ajar, “Mary and Kimmy are home,” she said quietly. Yet as Cleo hoped up to follow, Rena turned with a sigh and regarded her with a cold look, her dark eyes boring deep into the Gatomon’s soul.


  “Cleo, I’m sorry about this but… I don’t ever want to see you in this room again,” Rena whispered, her voice dropping an octave, “This is Axel’s privet sanctuary, no one… and I mean no one is allowed in this room with out his permission, except me. If I ever ketch you in here again with out his say so… I’ll personally erase your code.”


  Cleo took a shaky step back, here she had thought that after bringing the Renamon to an orgasm, that maybe she would get out of the room without a lecture… but she wasn’t expecting this. She could tell Rena was series, dead series, and this scarred her. “Umm… I won’t, I promise.”


  Rena searched Cleo’s face, once sure she was telling the truth Rena nodded. “Very good, I’ll trust you to keep your word,” she said as she pulled opened the door to the room, then she turned and with a smile, chirped, “we better go see if Mary need any help.”     



  Rena sighed as she closed the door and locked it, behind her the bedroom was cool, dark, and welcoming. The day had been a long one and all she wanted to do was get into bed and sleep till noon. Slowly she made her way around the room, her eyes adjusting quickly to the gloom, but as she sat down on her end of the bed she suddenly realized she was being watched.


  “Your still up?” she asked as she turned to regard the darkest corner of the room.

  “Yeah,” responded the voice of her lover and mate, Axel.

  “Is anything wrong?” asked Rena as she watched her mate fade into view. ‘God he’s getting way to good at that,’ she thought ‘if he weren’t human I’d swear he was a Renamon.’

  “No, nothing is wrong” he smiled as he walked over to sit at her side “I just couldn’t sleep without you by my side.”

  “Well that’s a sweet thing to say,” she said as he sat down next to her. Gently she leaned over and nuzzled his neck, whispering “but you forget that we have a bond now and I can tell when something is bothering you.”

  “Damn, I keep forgetting that, “ he chuckled softly as he reached up to give his love a scritch behind her ears.

  “Hmmm,” she moaned happily, her tail wagging slightly, “so… what’s wrong?”

  “Like I said love, nothing is wrong,” he smiled before kissing her muzzle “fact is, I found that watching Cleo cleaning you turned me on something fears.”


  Rena sat bolt upright, hand covering her mouth to hide the gasp of fright, “you… you saw that?” she asked in stunned surprise. For a split second she half expected him to start yelling at her, but this wasn’t to be the case. Instead he slowly he reached out, gently cradling her lower jaw in his strong hands as he pulled her close. Rena melted into the deep kiss, her body becoming weak as her heart fluttered in her bosom.


  Axel smiled as he pulled away from his gasping mate, “yes dear, I watched the whole thing from the doorway,” he whispered as he slipped a hand down to her quivering belly. Slowly he pushed her down into the bed and moved over her, “I loved it, the sight of you stretched out on the couch, Cleo between your legs cleaning my spunk from your slit. God it made me so hot.”


  “So…so you’re not mad?” she asked as he lay over her taking his weight on his elbows. “No Rena, I’m not mad,” he smiled, it was that lop sided smile she loved so much and it reassured her in a way words couldn’t, “in face I would say you’d be hard pressed to find any man who wouldn’t want to see his mate playing with another cute girl.”


  Rena shivered at his words and she felt her cheeks blush, “you really don’t mind?” she asked one last time as he began to slide down her body. For an answer Axel pushed his face through the fluff of fur that fell from her neck in search of her breasts. She let out a moan when his lips found her nipples, his tongue wetly slurping over the sensitive skin.


  The two lovers would spend the rest of the night in each other’s passionate embrace till sleep clamed them. 


  Axel & Rena. Chap 8


  Mary tossed the pink hi-lighter onto the table next to the want-adds in total disgust. It had been a week since she, Kimmy, and Cleo had moved back to Ohio, and still she couldn’t seem to find a job. It wasn’t that she really needed one, Axel, her brother, was more then willing to take care of them until she could get back on her feet.


  The fact was she didn’t like intruding on his or Rena’s personal life, nor did she like being a burden, if she had a job she could at least help with the bills. “Dear god…” she sighed, running her hands through her hair as she leaned back in the chair, “My life is such a fucking mess compared to…” She stopped as she looked around the house for a moment, ‘compared to who’s life… Axel’s?’ she thought


  Axel was a well-paid freelance artist/cartoonist, his works appeared everywhere, and he had been happy living by himself. He had bought the old one storied ranch house from their parents and spent years fixing it up. Being an artist, a sci-fi nut and a gamer, he had refurnished bits of the house to reflect his weird taste.


  The kitchen was the only redo Axel had done that she liked. Separated from the dining room by an island cabinet/bar, the kitchen had an old-world feel to it, yet had all the modern day appliances added. He had filled it with brass hinges, old oak woodwork, and panted the refrigerator to look like large cabinets to hide it from view.  


  The living room on the other hand, gave one the since that you had just walked into Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein’s lab. The big screen TV sat on a large black n sliver box-thing that Axel called an interociter… though it looked to her like an oversized ice cream maker. Even the coffee table was far from normal, it was a coroners exam table with it legs cut so that it sat 2 feet off the floor.


  There are other such Flash Gordon things spared around the room, some sparked, some beeped n blinked, others whirred… but by god they all worked. When they were all turned on the noise in the room was deafening. Finally as an added effect, Axel had painted the walls to look like old castle stones… all in all it was like living in an old black n white horror movie.


  Leaving the living room/mad scientists lab behind, one would find them-selves walking down what looked like the hall of an art gallery, complete with hard wood floors, track lighting, and of cores her brother’s best-published works. Luckily when it came down to the two guest rooms, they had once been Axel’s and her bedrooms when they were little, he had left them remarkably untouched.


  The master bedroom was quite another matter all together, and reinforced her thoughts that Axel was quite happily insane. The entire bedroom was done in early Renaissance… at least she thought it was Renaissance. Everything in the room was hand carved wood from the wardrobe to the roll top writing desk.   


  The masterstroke was the large four-poster bed just to the right of the door and to say the bed was way out of place was an understatement. With its oversized head board, plush matrices, and room enough for 4 people to sleep side by side… the bed would have been more at home in some old European castle.


  Sad thing was, in some screwed up way Mary really liked what Axel had done with the old place. Axel had been doing ok for himself, even if his state of mind did come into question from time to time. What was worse was that their parents seemed to like the idea of Axel taking a furry monster as his lover.


  It was during this reflection that Mary heard the garage door grind to life and in sort order Axel’s Baja rumble up the drive. Axel had taken Kimmy and they’re digimon out for the after noon but as she looked at her watch she realized it was past 5:00. Mary turned toward the kitchen door to offer a greeting as the garage again began squealing its protest as it closed.


  To Mary’s surprise the first person through was Angewomon… and she didn’t look happy. ‘Oh jeez, they were in a battle,’ was the first thing through her mind, “Kimmy?!” Quickly Mary stood and rushed to the door to check on her daughter only to find that Kimmy was the next inline through the door. “Kimmy what happened,” she demanded as she looked her offspring over “are you hurt anywhere?”


  “No momma, I’m fine” Kimmy said with a shake of her head, but the look in her eyes showed something was wrong, “we just ran into some trouble as we were leaving the movie theater is all.”


  “Ran into trouble…” her mother blinked, yet before she could ask as to what the trouble was Axel roughly pushed through the lot of them. To Mary’s horror her brother was cradling a battered Renamon in his arms, her yellow fur matted and streaked with blood.

“Holly mother of… Axel what the hell happened?” she asked but he wasn’t listening, instead he marched his way down to his room.


  Mary was about follow her brother to demand an explanation but Angewomon blocked her way. “No Mary, it’s best we don’t bother them right now,” she said softly, holding up a hand, “if you wish an explanation, I’m sure that Kim and I can tell you everything you wish to know about today’s battle.”


  Mary blinked as she saw Axel disappear into his room with his… mate. “Y…yeah, well you had best start at the beginning,” she sighed before turning to find a seat at the dinning room table. Angewomon sat down across from her as Kimmy went into the kitchen to make coffee for the three of them… this was going to take a while.



  It had started out to be such a nice day, the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, and a cool breeze was gently blowing in from the northwest. Axel in his infinite wisdom had decided to take Kimmy and the digimon out for a day of fun, while letting Mary have the house all to herself. It had been Kimmy’s idea to go see a movie just after lunch.


  So Axel, being a good uncle shelled out the money for 4 tickets for the newest adventure flick. Luckily most nation wide theaters learned long ago to admit digimon, for tamers, while being few n far between didn’t like to go places without their digi-pets. To this end, and to make more money, the theater comity began selling separate tickets for digimon. So depending on the size of your digi-partner, you could be spending anywhere between $5 to $10 dollars a ticket… and that was the matinee.


  The movie had been an intense, none stop thrill ride from beginning to end with the dashing young hero saving the day and getting the girl. They had happily joked about the movie and quoted some of its lines as they walked back to Axel’s off road bug. Yet as Axel reached out to unlock the car he seemed to freeze in place, then both his and Kimmy’s digi-vices began to beep franticly.


  Axel, to Kimmy’s surprise, almost seemed to know what was happening even before the vortex opened. Scooping up Kimmy into his arms and yelled for Rena to pick up Cleo, as one they ran back into the theater just as Alomon dropped to the ground. She wasn’t sure how but Kimmy could swear that her uncle seemed to change in some way as battle loomed nearby, his usually warm personality become ice cold and his eyes…


  Alomon, like Greymon, was a dinosaur digimon. Standing roughly 12 feet tall, 20 feet long and weighing in at 4 tons, this usually 30.0 Giga byte dino was big. With her blue n red striped color scheme, she was a hard to miss while standing in the open parking lot of the theater. Most moviegoers thought it was a publicity stunt for an upcoming flick, till they saw the monster stomping their cars flat.


  Once safely inside the theater Axel turned his attention to the matter at hand. Depositing Kimmy on the ground he looked to Rena, searching for her reaction about this digimon. “Well love?” he had asked, “what do you think?”


  “I think,” she began, “that she is really big and rather pissed off.”

  “Can we take her?”

  “Not in my currant form, no,” she said as they watched the Alomon, “for some reason this one is tougher then others of her kind, but yeah, I think Taomon could delete this one without a problem.”

  “Then we will have to move fast,” he began… then tilted his head, “now that’s strange.”
  “What is?” asked Rena, but then she saw it to, Alomon, while enraged, wasn’t attacking anyone.

  “It looks like she’s… looking for something?” blinked Axel.


  It even looked to Kimmy that Alomon was searching for something or someone. Alomon was sniffing around the cars, her 5-foot long head bent almost to the ground. Yet as Alomon neared Axel’s bug, she seemed to find what she was after. With an ear splitting roar the dino-digimon turned to face the theater, her eyes locking onto Axel and Rena.


  “Rena…” he said, his voice becoming ice.

  “I see it love,” came her response, “shall we dance?”

  “On the count of three?”

  “One,” said Rena as she stepped through the door and moved into a fighting stance.

  “Two…” came Axel’s voice as he pulled out his D-arc and stepped to her side.

  “Three!” They announced together, and to Kimmy’s surprise, both Rena and Axel seemed to disappear from her sight.


  What Kimmy and Cleo witnessed next was like a dance gone deadly. Axel and Rena seemed to be able to read each other’s thoughts, moving with a procession that she and Cleo still did not have even after being partners for over 5 years. It was amazing just how in sink they were, Rena never had to ask for anything or call out for help, and Axel never barked out orders. Rena would jump and in mid air Axel would swipe a card, letting Rena attack while moving.


  Kimmy had always watched other tamers stand in one spot, coached their partners on or swiped cards as needed. But not Kimmy’s uncle, Axel stayed moving during the battle, adding to Alomon’s confusion. “Wow…” came a whisper from the teens side, “Look at them move Kimmy, I’v never seen anything like it” said Cleo.


  Alomon was not happy and it showed, for she was getting hit each time the Renamon flashed by in a yellow streak. With Axel’s help Rena quickly had changed into Kyubimon, and together they began to force Alomon out of the parking lot and away from innocent bystanders.


‘Now if only we were doing damage to this bitch.’ Thought Axel.     


  “Ummm, Kimmy?” came Cleo’s voice, distracting the teen from the fight.

  “Yeah?” Kimmy looked down at her partner to see what she needed.

  “Why are we not helping?” asked the Gatomon

  “Don’t worry Cleo, we will,” smiled Kimmy as she left her hiding place and followed the fighting, “I’v just never seen my uncle fight before and wanted to see him in action.”



  Alomon was almost far enough away from the theater to make it safe for a proper battle. The only problem was that she had figured out that Kyubimon’s attacks, while weakening her, weren’t doing her any real harm. This mint that she could stop long enough to judge this battle and maybe turn it around, and that she did. The moment she was waiting for came when Kyubimon jumped to make a ‘Foxtail Inferno’ attack, with the yellow digi-fix in mid air Alomon swung her tail and connected.


  Kimmy gasped as she saw Kyubimon sail through the air and back into the parking lot. Though she tumble onto her paws and was ready to attack again, you could see that Alomon’s one hit had really hurt the fox. Now as Alomon turned to charge Kyubimon, Kimmy saw Axel pull out a blue card and give it a swipe through his D-arc.


  That’s when everything went horribly wrong.


  As Kimmy watched on in stunned surprise, Kyubimon let out a howl of pain and fell to the ground convulsing. While at the same time Axel’s D-arc let out a high pitched buzzing noise before overloading, the screen faded to black and the D-arc stopped working. Without the D-arc to help her, Rena quickly reverted back to her rookie form just in time for Alomon’s next attack.


  Kimmy could see that things were about to get ugly and knew Axel needed her help. Pulling out her D-3 and with her Gatomon hot on her heals, “Cleo,” she called as she ran to the battle, “I think its time Angewomon helped out.”


  As Cleo prepared herself for the upcoming change, she saw Alomon pounce the prone Renamon. Alomon snatched up the digi-fox on her mouth, shook Rena like a rag doll, then through her across the parking lot and into the side of a parked van. The scream of anger that rang out put a shiver up the Gatomon’s spine but she never got to see whom it was from as the light from her digivolution took her.


  “Angewomon…” called Kimmy, “take that thing down fast.” 


  Angewomon gave a node to her partner before leaping into the air. It had been a while since she and Kim had taken on an Alomon, it had been in the digital world and it almost cost the lives of two of Kim’s teammates. Angewomon remembered that Alomon’s only weak spot is the back of her neck under the feathers and scales, she need to get Alomon to bend her neck to get a clean shot.


  Kimmy quickly looked around for her uncle, while Angewomon tried to keep Alomon busy. Axel was found kneeling next to Renamon’s side, for a moment she though they were talking; yet the blue dinosaur disrupted what ever was going on. Alomon was doing something that most digimon just didn’t do; she was ignoring Angewomon and going after a fallen Renamon.


  Axel must have seen the dino coming for he had picked up Rena and ducked past Alomon’s next attack. Kimmy couldn’t figure it out, why was Alomon singling out Rena when Angewomon was a bigger threat, it just didn’t make since. Three more times Alomon tracked Axel and Rena down and three more times she tried to attack the lovers.


  “Its all wrong,” murmured Kimmy, “Its as if Alomon was… was just here to delete Renamon and no one else.”


  “Kimmy,” came a chilling voice from the girl’s left, startled Kimmy found Axel gently placing Rena on the ground next to her. She watched as he whispered to his digimon about never leaving her alone, but having a job to do. Then he slowly removed Rena’s arm guards and slipped them on, “what in the hell are you doing Axel?” she asked as he knelt down and nuzzled the Renamons neck.


  “I’m getting Rena’s sent on me,” he said in a cold flat voice before turning toward the battle. Once the leather guards were secured to his arms he looked over at his confused niece and told her his plan. “Alomon’s eyesight isn’t all that good, she hunts and attacks mostly by sound and smell. Hopefully my yellow shirt and Rena’s arm guards will be enough but I also need to smell like her… I’m going to lead big, bad, n ugly away from here.”


  Before Kimmy could protest to her uncle that being live bait wasn’t the answer, he was gone. Not knowing what else to do, Kimmy returned her attention to the battle at hand. It was in the battle that she found her uncle again, ducking and weaving around Alomon’s attacks while leading her away. But either Axel wasn’t fast enough or he got distracted, for Alomon finally landed a hit that sent Axel rolling.


  To the astonishment of all the onlookers and to Kimmy, after being hit with enough force to shatter concrete, Axel slowly got back onto his feet… and boy was he pissed. Kimmy wasn’t sure why her uncle did what he did next, all she knew was that it let Angewomon finally get her shot in and kill the rampaging dino. Maybe her mom was right; Axel was either nuts or just happily insane.


  Angewomon was the one who saw it the clearest, how Axel suddenly attacked a digital monster twice his height without warning. How he rushed her, darted up to her exposed belly and thru his shoulder into her as if she were a tackling dummy. The annoyed Alomon did her beast to reach down and snap at the human… that’s when Angewomon fired her ‘Celestial Arrow’ and ended Alomon’s life.



  Mary sat riveted to her chair, listening intently to the story told to her by her daughter and Angewomon. Never in her life had she heard such a tail. Though Kimmy had been in many a battle, Mary had never wanted to know the details, she had only cared that her daughter was safe and unharmed. Now finally hearing what a battle was like, it made her sick to think about all toughs times Kimmy went off by herself to do battle.


  What Mary didn’t know was that she hadn’t been given the entire story. No Kimmy and Angewomon had left out several key things; this was only because they themselves didn’t fully understand how it could have happened. The most impressive being when Axel bull rushed Alomon and thru his shoulder into her, somehow driving her back almost ten feet, her clawed feet leaving deep furrow in the ground and ripping up the blacktop. Both Kimmy and Angewomon had now come to the same conclusion… Axel wasn’t normal.