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 Axel & Rena. Chap 5


  Renamon let out a content groan as she awoke, the nightmare last night had started to turn into, had quickly became the best night of her young life, and now her was sleeping in her tamers… her mate’s bed. ‘This is going to take some getting used to,’ she thought with a giggle as she stretched out on the bed.


  Through she woke up a lone in Axel’s large room, it wasn’t where last nights festivities took place, no that had started in her room. They had napped after the most wonderful sex, she atop of him, his cock nestled in her cunt. But the night was still young and after waking up, he had her move into his room, their room, from now on and made love to her again. 


  Slowly her mind drifted back. Rena had come to this world so full of herself, her pride and self-confidence overshadowing and keeping the butterflies in her stomach at bay. Her mother was one of the toughest digimon alive and always treated Rena as a worthless runt, Rena wanted to come to earth to prove to herself and her mother that she was a strong warrior.


  Rena sighed to herself as the image of her mother floated into her mind. She was a Taomon, tall strong elegant, and a tough as nails warrior who didn’t believe in showing kindness to the week. If she could see her youngest daughter now, though being a good fighter and having several kills to her code, Rena had now done the unthinkable, she had accepted a mate without her mothers consent… and he was human.


  “I think she would go out of her mind,” she said out loud. Giggling as she rolled onto her back and waved a fist at the ceiling, “Look mother, I came to earth to prove that I was just as good a warrior as you. To show the male’s that I, a runt, would make a strong breading partner. Now I have one… a human mate… nmmmm, ” and she stuck out her tongue in defiance.


  She laughed to herself as she remembered her first day on earth, the sights and smells of all the humans at what she later understood to be a convention. It was there that she saw the man who would became her tamer. She marveled at how he moved, the ease at witch he could dodge the traffic of people and that no matter what happened, he always seemed to be happy.


  She also liked his strength of character and how he managed a 12-year-old little girl, who wasn’t his child, with such skillful ease. But there was something else about him. She could since it hidden deep inside him, an intense belief in loyalty, a loyalty that was waiting for something, or someone to believe in. That someone was now her.   


  Rena had never regretted her choice in Axel, not even when, just after returning home from California, he had roughly haled her into the living room and demanded her name. Though she understood that other humans would frown down on Axel’s decision to stop referring to him self as her tamer, he didn’t care, and nether did she.


  With a final sigh, Rena stretched and rolled out of bed. Humming a rather happy song she made her way into the bathroom. While relieving herself she saw her blue leather gloves still sitting on the sink, it had been almost two days since she had removed them before her shower. The blue gloves were not her originals, no toughs were purple… these were a Christmas gift from Axel.


  To Rena, the gloves made her different, not just one of the crowd, just another yellow Renamon, and she for one wanted to be different. Having her own name and not being called by Renamon all the time, had given her a since of individuality. Now she was Rena, mate to a human, and needed something even more to set her apart from others of her kind.    


  Rena quickly washed her hands and slipped on her gloves, then made her way to the kitchen for a snack. Rena gave a snort as she looked through the fridge; damn it was almost empty witch mint that she and Axel would need to go to the store soon. “Maybe I can get Axel to buy me something while at the store,” She pondered. So grabbing an apple, Rena went looking for her partner.


  Axel was found in the garage working on his car, well the one he drove on a day-to-day basses. His dieing grandmother gave one of the two cars in the garage to him, called a DeLorean. A 1981 DMC, stainless steel, 6-cylinder, sports car that Axel hardly ever drove.


  The other was Axel’s pride n joy, and the reason his neighbors thought he was a little off, an old VW beetle that Axel had transformed into what he called a Bah-ha. The finders had been removed and the car equipped with large off road tires, heavy-duty suspension, halogen lighting bar, a high performance engine, and finally a roll cage n brush guard for added protection. There was also the new CD player and some kick ass speakers.


  Rena smiled as she walked up to the off-road bug, her fingers reaching out and gliding over its rounded metal surface. The bug had been Axel’s first car, given to him by an uncle just after turning 16, and at the time it needed lots of work. Fortunately Axel’s dad was part owner and head mechanic of a small charter airline,


  So Axel had access to tools and a place to work on his aging baby when not at school. He originally tried to restore the bug to its factory condition, but the bug was almost lost when Axel was T-boned by a drunk driver and almost killed. The insurance company listed the car as totaled and was to sell it for scrap, but Axel couldn’t let it go.


  Using an old ground tug*, used airplane parts, and the engine off a crashed Cessna, the car took on a new look, and Axel soon had his Bah-ha up n running. Now, ten years later, Axel was still fooling with the old car, and showed no sign of ever stopping. Today, Rena found Axel behind the bug covered in grease n oil, and happily cleaning one of its spark plugs.


  (*A ground TUG is that funny looking, two-man vehicle used at airports to deliver carts of luggage to an airplane for loading, think of a really small jeep.) “(>_<)”


  Rena slowly leaned on the bug, tapping a claw absently on its fading black hide, all the while watching her mate work. Axel didn’t mind being watched as he diligently cleaned the plug with a rag, then once satisfied, grabbed the nearby socket wrench and replaced the plug.


  “Morning Rena,” he said, looking up from where he sat on the floor.

  “You mean after noon right?” she asked with a smile.

  “Noon… really?”

  “Yes dear,” she giggled “its 1 ‘o’clock in the after noon”

  “Oh,” he blinked, and then tilted his head “mind if I ask what’s for lunch?”


  Rena regarded her mate for a moment, her dark eyes seeing past the grime that covered her partner to the man underneath. Not to long after she had become Axel’s digimon, Rena had found that with all Axel could do, draw, paint, fix cars, repair the house, spar, and more… that if left on his own, he sometimes forgot to take care of himself.


  It wasn’t that he was forgetful or absentminded… well ok, he was. It was just that Axel would become so involved with an art deadline or, in this case, cleaning spark plugs that he wouldn’t stop till the project was complete, even if it took days to do it. So Rena took it upon herself to take care of her partner, in a since becoming his tamer as much as he was hers.   


  With the helpful guidance of Axel’s mother, Katie, Rena soon learned how to do the day-to-day chores of running a home. Though she didn’t have to do them often for Axel was rather self-sufficient, and could easily take care of the house by himself. She did however do her part to help out when needed, to this end she was usually in charge of food.


  Unfortunately Rena wasn’t that good at making a meal, and her skills hadn’t improved much through the year. While hot dogs and hamburgers were a no brainier, when it came down to more complicated things like meatloaf or chicken stir-fry, she was all thumbs… er, paws. Yet Axel never seemed to mind and ate what ever she made with little or no complaint.


  So between digi-battles and saving the world, Rena made sure her tamer ate something at least twice a day. Now with Axel looking up at her expectantly and nothing in the fridge but some fuzzy bananas that were in the process of turning blue, Rena quickly thought of the apple in her other hand.


  “Not much left in the fridge,” she said as she held out the fruit to her dirty partner, “Apple?”

  “Hmmm,” he murmured, as he looked at the red fruit, “why do I feel like Adam being given his last meal?”

  “Well unless you finish up with the car quickly so we can go to the store,” she giggled while looking Axel over slyly, “the only things we have left to eat is each other.”

   “Now that’s one meal I wouldn’t mind having seconds of” he teased as he replaced the wire lead onto the plug.

  “Hay now, my cooking isn’t that bad,” she says with a snort, though she knew the truth. “Besides if you think I’m letting you anywhere near me with toughs dirty hands…”


  But before she could finish Axel reached out and swatted her thigh, leaving a smudgy handprint next to the blue ying-yang symbol on her leg. “Looks like we’re both dirty now,” he chuckled as he rose from the floor. Then putting out an oily hand to Rena he asked in a soft tone “Before we go out, would you care to join me in the shower?” 


  Rena looked at the offered hand, then slowly her eyes traveled up to Axel’s face as she stretched out her own hand to take his. Yet before their fingers could touch, Axel reacted quickly, moving so fast that Rena almost didn’t feel what he had done. Looking down she saw that he had run an oily finger through her fur, leaving a black streak running up her belly and across her left breast.


  Though momentarily stunned, she saw Axel bolt past her, and through the door that lead into the kitchen. With a playful growl and a flip of her tail, she turned and gave chase. Somewhere deep in the recesses of her mind a question formed ‘no human moves that fast, how had he done that?’ yet the thrill of the hunt quickly overshadowed this thought.


  That same question had crossed Axel’s mind as well but like Rena he quickly forgot about it. No, there was something else engaging his mind that seemed more important, the fact that there was a digital humanoid fox chasing him through the living room. With reflexes he didn’t know he had, he dodged the large sofa and made a beeline for the hallway.


  Rena was on her mate’s heels now and catching up quick. The sofa was his mistake, where he went around, she went over it and made up the distance. Then with a leap she was atop of him, pushing him to the hallway floor. “Gotcha,” she purred into his ear as she sat down on his back.


  It was fast, one moment he was running, the next she had him pinned, and her furry ass was resting on his back. “Okokok,” he chuckled as Rena bent over him and licked his right ear, her warm tongue tickling him as it left a wet trail over his earlobe. “You win this round, but I’ll get you next time.”


  “Yeah right,” she giggled, reaching back and giving his butt a swat, smiling as she felt him squirm under her. “Since I won, I chose we take a bath instead of a shower,” she said as she slowly rose to her feet “and as a reword, you have to wash me.” Axel sighed and nodded as he stood to follow her into the bathroom.


  Rena stood quietly by as Axel filled the oversized tub with warm water, and then via her request, he slowly striped and climbed in. Since Axel’s arms and face were covered with smears of grease and oil, she made him wash the grime away while she sat on the rim of the tub and watched.


  Once he was clean she made him drain the tub and refill it with cold water. She thrilled at the look on her mate’s face as the cold water spared out beneath him, before slowly climbing up his body. “Damn its cold,” he shivered while trying to hide the fact his manhood seemed to be shrinking “cant we make the water just a little warmer?”


  Rena shook her head as she climbed into the tub, “hell no, I like it cold,” came her reply, and then sighed as the cool water swirled up and around her body. “Besides, I guaranty that the water won’t stay cold if you do a good job cleaning me,” she said as she settled back against his chest.


  Rena relaxed as she sat between Axel’s legs while he soaped up a washcloth, then she let out a soft moan as he started to wash her shoulders. Slowly he moved the cloth, soaping her arms, then her tummy, and occasionally caressing her breasts. Her nipples began to harden, as did Axel’s cock, witch she could feel prodding the small of her back, just above her tail.


  Axel smiled as he leaned over and teasingly licked the base of her neck, then more zealously bit and nibbled her shoulders as she groaned in pleaser. Gently he moved the cloth around her ass, up over her hips and then moved in and down between her legs. With a wicked smile he slowly rubbed the cloth over her hidden sex, causing her to shake in delight.


  Axel was in control now as he let the cloth slip away, his hands sliding over Rena’s inner thighs, moving ever closer to her now quivering cunt. With the softest touch he could manage, he gently rubbed his finger along her sensitive slit. Yet as she cooed about her impending orgasm, he pulls his hands free, announced her clean, and tried to rise.  


  “Oh no you don’t,” she hissed as she turned around to face him, her eyes filled with the fire he had started in her pussy. “You’re not going anywhere till I‘v had my fill,” she growled as she straddled his thighs. With one hand she reached for his hard cock, pumping it a few times as she placed the other on Axel’s shoulders for support.


  Rena watched Axel while she handled his tool, smiling as he closed his eyes with a groan. With her hand fully around his cock she lifted herself up and guided his shaft to her now puffy cunt. Quickly she took a deep breath and held it as she lowered herself onto his prick, closing her eyes tight as she felt her pussy lips being joyfully stretched around its bulbous tip.


  Axel hissed through his teeth as slowly she eased down his fleshy pole, enjoying the erotic thrill as gravity pulled her inch-by-inch down his thick shaft. He could feel every quiver, and every muscle spasm of her hot pussy as his tool spread her cunt walls thin. His heart fluttered when his cock finally slid home and pressed against the opening to her womb.


  Rena sat ridged on her haunches, her mates dick jammed almost to the root in her quivering cunt, her fuzzy buttocks sitting flush on his lap. Her held breath now escaping in a throaty moan as she dragged the claws of her free hand up over Axel’s flat belly and up his chest. She could feel him shivering between her strong thighs and knew he wasn’t going to last long.


  The shiver that ran up Axel’s spine was no longer caused by the belly deep cool water, no it was from the three bright red lines that Rena’s sharp claws left in his skin. The pain she was inflicting on his stomach and chest, was mixing with the pleaser shooting up from his cock that now lay trapped deep inside Rena’s vice like pussy.


  Knowing full well that she wasn’t ready, but not wanting to waste anything her mate had to give her, Rena began to bob up n down in the water. She could feel the soft pouch of his balls flattening against her ass with each downward stroke, his thick gland scraping along the thinly stretched walls of her vagina, the discomforting friction driving her mad with lust.


  Axel couldn’t help it as he reached up and grasped her hips; helping to guide her as together they built a steady rhythm that slowly grew faster. Water splashed over the sides of the tub, as their movements grew more frenetic. Deep inside Rena a warm glow started to grow, spreading out of her cunt and up into her brain.


  Axel blinked as he watched her pert breasts bounced before his eyes as she fucked herself with his cock. With his own orgasm swelling within his balls, but not wanting to leave Rena without some pleaser, he leaned forward and sucked one of her hard nipples into his mouth. He smiled as he bit down slightly and heard Rena happily groan.


  She gasped, the flame of her orgasm building quickly as her mate moved his mouth from one nipple to the other, licking, sucking, and nibbling on her sensitive breasts. Her head began to swim in her haze of pleaser, then intense pain shot through her body and raced into her quivering pussy as Axel bit down hard on her right breast.


  Axel wrapped his arms tightly around his digimon, holding her close as his teeth dug into the flesh of her breast just next to her nipple. Her eyes flashed open wide, head tilling back, as a cry of pain and pleaser ripped from her throat, her orgasm slamming into her quivering belly.


  Axel grunted as Rena’s constricting cunt triggered his own explosion, his hot seed splashing deep into her body, coating her insides with his sticky white cum. They held each other tight as he pumped her full of his cream, her pussy milking his tool until he was totally spent.


  Tired but happy, the two lovers slumped back together against the edge of the tub, their breath coming in heavy gasps. Panting, Rena laid her head against Axel’s muscled chest, his fast heartbeat echoing in her ears as she cuddled. While Axel petted her back, his hand sliding down to her ass to gently scratch the base of her tail. ‘This must be heaven,’ thought the digimon as she basked in the after glow of her orgasm.    


  -Ding, Dong!-


  Axel blinked, startled by the doorbell, but what confused him more was the image that flashed before his eyes. This of cores wasn’t lost on Rena as she heard his heart skip, “Axel, what’s wrong?” she asked before her sex dulled since kicked in. “There is a digimon nearby” she said as she sat up in her partners lap, her ears perking forward as she tried to identify the digimon.


  “Its a Gatomon…” he whispered as his eyes glazing over. 

  “Wh…what?” Rena blinked in surprise, turning to look at her mate in confusion as she realized he was right.

  “Cleo,” he murmured in a soft voice while staring off into nothing, “Cleo and Kimmy are here.”

  “But… but how?” she questioned him. Then she saw his eyes and a shiver when up her spine.


  They had changed, reformed, the white of his eyes becoming as black as obsidian, his irises turning ice blue. ‘His eyes,’ she thought, ‘they’re like mine.’ And indeed, for a split second Axel had the eyes of a Renamon.  


  -Ding, Dong!-


  Axel blinked and shook his head as reality once again took hold of his fog filled brain, “If Kimmy is here, that means that… holy shit!” He sat up quickly, almost dropping Rena into the tub, “Come on, we got to get moving before Mary losses her peasants and use’s her key.” The since of urgency in Axel’s voice helped prod his mate into action, quickly they grabbed towels as Rena let the water from the tub and Axel went to dress,


  -Ding, Dong, Ding!-


  Axel didn’t have time to dry off completely as he through on a T-shirt and his black military fatigues before rushing to the front door. He wasn’t sure why he felt so scared at a surprise visit from his oldest sister, maybe it was the fact that she always tried to run his life. Then again, she had always resented him for that the fact that no mater what life through at him, he always came out on top.


  -Ding, Dong!- Ding, Dong!- 


  Rena was whipping down the bathroom and making it look neat as Axel went by in a rush. She didn’t like Mary much, she was much to bossy, way to strict, always seemed to get her way, and for some reason reminded Rena of her mother. Yet as she cleaned her thoughts quickly flipped back to Axel,


  ‘First he had knottiest the funny smell coming from her two nights ago that had been the onset of her heat,’ she thought to herself as she used several towels to wipe up the water that had splashed from the tub. ‘An hour ago he was demonstrating a speed and dexterity that humans shouldn’t have, just now the ability to since nearby digimon, and then there were his eyes… what in the hell is going on?’        




  Before the bell could finish its chime Axel had the door open and was greeting his sister with his best lopsided grin “Mary… what a pleasant surprise,” he lied, doing his beat to sound enthused before turning to his niece “hey there squirt, how are you n Cleo doing…?” Axel hesitated and blinked as he looked at Kimmy’s face, something was wrong.


Axel & Rena. Chap 6


  Rena had been cleaning the bathroom after her and Axel’s little sex romp, and put the wet towels down the laundry shoot. She was listening to the towels as they plopped onto the basement floor, when she felt a shift in her mate’s emotions. ‘Something isn’t right’ she thought as she turned and made her way to the living room.


  Axel took only a moment to regard his sister, she was dressed in a loss tank top and a long skirt, her red hair was a mess, and she looked to have been crying recently. To the best of his memory, Axel had never seen Mary like this; she was always so prim and proper. The person standing before him now looked as if her whole world had just crashed down around her ears and left her for dead.


  At the same time Mary was regarding the man who had just opened his front door like a popgun. He was dressed in a white T-shirt that was inside out and plastered to his wet skin, tough’s god offal military pants, barefoot, and his hair was dripping on the carpet. Her bother was out of breath, chest heaving, and his cheeks were flushed; yet he seemed in a good mood.


  Not knowing what to do Axel looked to Kimmy who was standing at her mother’s side, her Gatomon in her arms, a pleading look in her eyes. “er… Why don’t you guys come in and have a seat.” Slowly he stood aside to let the three lost soils enter his home, as they passed he caught his first glimpse of their luggage… ‘Oh god they’re moving in’ he thought “Mary, what’s going on?”


  To her credit Mary didn’t brake down till she was inside the house and had taken a set on the sofa, “Peter through me out for another woman,” she said, doing her best to not lose control, though she looked like she was about to cry, “I found out he was having an affair, when I tried to find out why… he beat me and told us we had an hour to get packed and get out of his house.”


  Axel was stunned, Mary had met Peter in high school, she was pregnant by 19, married a month later, and the two had moved out to California. When he had visited her last summer they were a happy couple, and he had been jealous of how her life had turned out. Now at 32, her life was in shambles. Axel sighed as he looked to Rena, who had been listening from the hall, for support.


  “Axel, I had nowhere else to go,” said Mary, a desperate pleading in her voice, “mom n dad’s condo doesn’t have enough room and because of the plane tickets, I don’t have any more money for a hotel.”


  Axel looked at his mate, asking a silent question, then sighed as Rena gave him a nod “you can stay here with us Mary,” he said softly, moving over to rest a hand on his sister’s shoulder, “we have more then enough room for the three of you, though Kimmy and Cleo will have to share a room.


  “Oh thank you Axel,” wailed Mary as she stood up, wrapped her arms about his neck and began to cry.


  Being slightly put off by his sister’s antics, Axel stood stock still as she cried against his shoulder. In all his 26 years he had never seen Mary so haggard. She had never cried openly before, or at least not in his presence, so to see her like this really through him for a loop. All the anger he had ever felt towards his sister very quickly evaporated.


  It was Rena who finally saved Axel from the broken woman now cleaning to his body. Quietly she walked over and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, “Mary?” she whispered as she pulled sister away from brother, “why don’t I show you and Kimmy to your rooms and help you get settled in.”


  Mary nodded as she wiped away her tears with the back of her hand. Sniffling, with Kimmy at her side, Mary followed the yellow digimon down the hall to the bedrooms. Axel of cores trailed along behind with the luggage, though he wanted to run down stairs into the basement an lock himself into his work room till all this was over.


  “This will be your room Kimmy,” said Rena with a smile. She had opened the door to the guest room, showing it to have two single beds, an empty dresser, and a door leading to a half-bath it shared with the room that had once been Rena’s. Axel once wondered why Rena had never used the shower stall in this room, but deep down he knew why. ‘That little minx, always the tease.’ He thought happily.


   As Axel moved to set down Kimmy’s bags in her room, Rena had proceeded down the hall to the room a crossed the hall from Axel’s room. “This will be your room Mary,” she nodded “you will find that your room and Kimmy’s are connected by the half-bath and has a walk-in closet that has extra pillows and blankets if you need them.


  At first Mary thought that the digimon was kidding for the room didn’t look to have a bed. It did have a small TV sitting on an unused dresser with a large mirror; sitting across from the dresser was a black metal-framed sofa. It only took a moment for Mary to realize the sofa was really a futon. “Thanks for showing us the rooms… er?”


  “My name is Rena,” she said smiling.

  “Well thanks again Rena,” came Mary’s reply as Axel pushed past with her bags, “Its nice to see you again after all this time.”

  “Yes, its been what, a year?”

  “I do believe so,” said Mary as she tried to keep the small talk going, but its not like there was a lot to say “Ummm, may I ask something?”

  “Sure” came Rena’s reply as she watched Axel unfolding the futon.

  “We’re not putting you guys out are we?” she asked, a worried look in her eyes. She had knottiest that like Axel, Rena was also wet and this set her mind to working, “I mean, I know this is rather sudden and all.”

  “Its ok Sis,” this came from Axel who was now done setting up the bed. “We here at the Benden hotel have lots of room.”

  “Besides your family,” replied Rena happily, “its only right that we help.”


  “Excuse me.” As one the three adults turned to see Kimmy standing just outside her room with Cleo peeking out from the doorway. “Excuse me but I count only three rooms,” she said as she slowly walked forward, “But if this is my room, that one mom’s, and the one a crossed the hall is Axel’s…”


  Axel watched, as Kimmy pointed to each person and their room in turn, yet the point she was making seemed to slip by. “Yeah, so what are you getting at?” he asked, his head tilting to watch the young teen. “We each get a room and a bed so no one is left out. All that’s left to do is go to the store and buy groceries.”


  Kimmy shook her head as Cleo stepped up and pointed out the problem. “But Axel,” said the little cat. “There are five of us and from what I can see, only four beds. That means that one of us is out a bed. Now I for one, cant see how you forgot about your own digi-partner.”


  “Yeah,” piped up Kimmy “where is Renamon going to sleep?”


  Axel had been waiting for a later time before breaking the news of his romantic involvement with Rena to his three houseguests. “Rena’s not out a bed,“ he replied nonchalantly, witch really seemed to confuse Kimmy and her mother “She sleeps in my room with me.”


  The hall went silent as Mary, Kimmy and Cleo blankly looked at Axel. This of cores made him feel as if he had just sprouted a second head on his shoulders.


  Over the next few hours Axel and Rena explained their new relationship to the stunned trio. At first he was reluctant to talk about it in front of Kimmy, but her mother had said it was ok. That though her daughter’s age should have been 13, she was mentally and physically 15, so she had already had the-facts-of-life talk.


   Axel of cores wasn’t convinced till Mary confided in him a secret that her and her daughter shared. Just after Axel left California with Rena, Kimmy went to the digital world for two earth months and had come back changed, older. It was Rena who supplied Axel with the last peace of the puzzle, for every month that passes on earth; a year passed in the digital world.



  Axel remembered that there had been a law passed a while back stating that anyone visiting the digi-world for more then 3 weeks had to have their age legally changed. The law had to do with some age scandal that arose in Japan just after the second digi-destine team had returned from their historic adventures,


  It seemed that two members of the team wanted to get married, but the ages on their berth certificates listed them around 13 or 14. It later came out that both had been members of the first digi-team and had spent nearly 4 years off n on in the digi-world. This caused a scandal when it was revealed that 18-year-old adults were being treated as miners, so the law was passed… now there was more to this law, but Axel never paid any attention to it anyhow. It not like it was ever going to affect him… right?          



  The basement ran the full length of Axel’s house, with the studio taking up most of that room. Axel had enclosed the studio to make it a room unto itself, so when one walked down the stairs you had a door marked ‘Sanctuary’ to your right and the laundry/sparing room to your left.


  Axel’s sanctuary looked to have been carved out of a used bookstore. Three of its four walls were completely covered in shelving, shelving that held a vast array of old books n tomes that dealt not only with the world of fine art, but with cartoons, comic books, and anime. A large steel desk competed for space with an artists drawing table and a flat filing cabinet against the far wall.        


  With in this vault of artistic knowledge Axel had managed to cram an odd assortment of creature comforts. An old black leather couch sat near the left wall with an obsidian coffee table before it, it was used as a place to relax or take catnaps on. A mine fridge filled with energy drinks and sodas sat against the far side of the couch. Finally there was the TV, while it wasn’t that big, less then 20 inches across, it was always tuned to the cartoon channel.


  Axel was sitting quietly in his art studio, he n Rena had just returned from grocery shopping, and he was now down here trying to get a handle on the days past events. He was letting the familiar sights n smells of his workshop help him think. His brain needed time to sort everything out.


  Mary, his older sister had been tossed out by her husband of 13 years for his 20-year-old brain dead secretary. Kimmy was now legally 15 and while at first he hadn’t knottiest, she had turned into a full-blown hoty. And he was in love with a digital monster. So was there anything here he couldn’t deal with… not really. Ok, with that done he sighed and began to relax.


  And so Axel sat at his desk quietly with his mind happily a blank, till a warm fuzzy hand gently prodded him back to the real world. He sighed as he reached up to place his hand atop Rena’s. Yes this was Axel’s workroom, his personal sanctuary; the only room in the house that had a lock on it that you needed a key to open. That is unless you were Rena, who seemed to have the power to teleport where she whished.                


  “Penny for your thoughts?” she asked as she knelt to rub her cheek against the back of his neck, her arms draping over his shoulders.   

  “Oh, I don’t know,” Axel said quietly, his head drifting forward to give Rena better access to his neck, “here we finally become mates and what happens… my sister butts in and stops us cold.”

  “Is it really that bad?”

  “I’m not sure yet,” he said with a sigh, his voice neutral, “Things were moving so fast… maybe we needed something to slow us down a bit.”

  “May-be” she responded before giving his neck a lick with her warm tongue.

  “Wh-where are the others?” he asked as a shiver ran down his spine and into his balls.

  “In Mary’s hast to leave California she forgot a few necessary things,” whispered Rena as she moved her body around Axel’s chair, “So I gave her some money and the car keys…”

  “D-did she take Kimmy?” he asked, his voice shaking as he watched Rena step over his legs and slowly settle into his lap, quietly he whispered, “Rena, we aren’t alo….”

  “Sssshh,” and she gently placed a finger over his lips, “I’m in the mood for a quickie, so shut up and help me remove your pants.” 


   Rena, with a sly smile, looked deep into Axel’s eyes as she reached down and released his cock from his pants. Gently she grasped the organ and lifted it out of the way as her other hand found his sack. At first she just rolled his balls in her hand, then she began to take her thumb and rub the head of his cock in small little circles.


 By now Axel had wiggled out of his fatigues, giving Rena all the room her big hands needed. “I guess this means Kimmy’s gone to.” He murmured breathlessly as Rena began to stroke his dick up and down, giving it just a little friction. “Oh man that feels good,” he groaned, 


  Meanwhile earlier in the day a small cat like digimon had found her way into Axel’s workroom and had fallen asleep on an empty bottom shelf behind the couch. Now she was wide awake and watching from her hiding place as Renamon lifted herself up and slid a human’s impressively big cock into the folds of her sex. ‘She’s going to do it, she’s going to bread with him,’ thought Gatomon, unable to look away, ‘and just look at his size, that thing is going to rip her open.’


  Rena sighed as she shifted her weight and moved her hips to the right position. She almost wanted to cum at just feeling of his cock brushing her pussy. Slowly she began to move her hips, moaning as she felt the fat head of his dick split her sex wide and began its long slide into her depths.


  Axel hissed as he felt the wetness of her pussy against the head of his cock, and the heat that was coming from inside her cunt hole made his balls churn. Then with a grunt she began to slide down his length, he could feel the tightness of her pussy as it enveloped him inch by inch. Slowly and methodically she continued to move and increase the pressure, he could tell that the slow pace was driving her mad.


  Biting her lip and closing her eyes, Rena committed herself to the goal she so sought. Like a runner awaiting the sound of the gun, she braced herself for what was to come. Lifting herself slightly off of her lover, she changed the angle of penetration, and with one deliberate thrust she pushed with her hips and forced her pussy down over Axel’s cock.

  Rena let out a joyous cry of pleaser as Axel felt her pussy flesh consume and surround his cock with its velvet warmth. His cock filled her belly, making her convulse with pleaser. The heat, the wetness, the tightness of her pussy, the total stimulation of every nerve ending in his shaft, almost sent him over the edge. ‘She’s getting better at this,’ he thought.


  Cleo was amazed at what was happening before, the sounds they were making, the smell of they’re mingling sex, all that, plus the sight of a Renamon giving herself so openly to human was… ‘She took it, she took his entire length into her body,’ she thought as a warm feeling washed over her, her own pussy begging for attention.


  Rena quivered as she sat astride Axels cock, “Oh god Axel, I did it,” she panted happily, “I took your entire dick without getting hurt.” Slowly and deliberately she moved her hips to position herself up and down the thick shaft of meet that was imbedded within her. Gently she placed one of her hands on his shoulder, with her eyes closed tightly she began to fuck herself with his cock.


  Axel watched as Rena’s left hand reached between her legs to rub the spot where her throbbing clit and his stiff, erect prick joined. Slowly and rhythmically she began her lustful dance before his eyes, moving her pelvis up and down, their hips made a slapping sound as the slammed together.


Cleo watch as Rena’s grinding motion began to pay off, her breath was now coming in shortened ragged gasps. Slowly, gently, absently a gloved paw moved down her belly. Her dry throat choked off her breathing as she felt a claw scrape sharply over her wet slit, ‘by the digi-gods,’ she thought as she felt warmth spreading through her body, ‘this is making me so horny.’


  Rena’s motions became faster and harder as she found her rhythm, her strong hips rocking and swaying as she begged Axel to fuck her harder. Almost eminently beginning to lift his hips in response, thrusting hard into her from below as she came down on him from above. “Oh Axel, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she groaned over and over. This prompted Cleo, with a deep sigh, to slide a claw into her own sex.


    At that moment Axel felt pressure beginning to build in his groin. He tightened his muscles as well as he could against the inevitable explosion to come, knowing the longer he could hold out, the more intense the orgasm would be. Reaching down he grabbed Rena’s hips and pulled her almost violently against him, pounding her with all his might, without reservation of hurting her. While Cleo thrust her claw in and out, trying to keep pace.  


  Rena clenched her teeth and began pumping against Axel with frenzied lust, letting out loud cries and yelps of pleasure. It was too much for Cleo to take. With a claw buried deep in her own little cunt, and the sight of Axel and Renamon wildly fucking nearby, she couldn't hold back any longer. With a convulsive shiver she let out a mew of pleaser, her juices flooded out over her glove.


  Rena tightened her hold on Axel’s shoulders and positioned herself for the deepest and most direct plunge she could make. She pounded and pumped and squealed with delight.
"Yes, Axel! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Axel! Harder!! Yes!! Fuck! Goddamn it, YES!!" And she was cumming hard, an orgasmic light washing over her mind.


  With a loud cry Axel joined his mate, his fingers digging into Rena’s hips, holding her tightly to his own as his milky seed filled the digimon. Axel quickly wrapped his arms about Rena as she whimpered and whined like a little puppy. They held each other tight as load after load of hot human sperm was forced into her well-fucked cunt.