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Axel & Rena. Chap 3


  Axel sat quietly, while Rena was part animal, mating season was something he had never considered in all the time he n Renamon had been together. In fact it had never crossed his mind as to why, when it came to digi-partners, that for the most part, only human girls were ever mixed partnered with male or female digimon


  Boys almost never had female partners. Axel was one of two known male tamers with a female digimon and many a debate was held on the digi-net, a online site where tamers got together and compared notes about day to day life and battles.


  The only thing he knew for sure was that there was more then one Renamon; in fact there was a whole race of them. They came in three different colors red, yellow, n blue. That they came in different sizes, females ranging from 5 foot to 5’5”, while males could get up to 6 foot. And they were one of the most sought after digimon partners.


  It only took a second for all this to cross Axel’s mind as he stared up at his Renamon, while she straddled his legs. He could smell the sweet musk of her sex as it welled up between them, for some reason it had an effect on him. His brain was beginning to fog with each breath he took.


  ‘She looks so beautiful sitting there.’ Came his thoughts ‘so soft and willing, how could you not want her. The two of you have lived happily together for over a year, and all that time you have wanted this moment to happen… well now it is.’


  For Rena, it was now or never, either Axel was going to tell her to leave… or surrender to her. Slowly she began to crawl up his body, making sure the long tuff of white fur that covered her breasts, draped down and touched his sensitive skin. Her dark eyes flashing seductively as she stared deep into his.


  Rena knew what she needed, and what Axel wanted. She could tell by the look in his eyes that she was tarring down any barriers that might have existed between her and her tamer. She was robbing him of his reasoning and increasing his need for her; she knew she would finally have him.


  Renamon had the advantage now and so kept moving up Axel’s shivering body. Now she was face to face with her tamer, her eyes drilling into his as her tail waged slowly.  She smiled as she sat down on his stomach, her dripping pussy pressing down against his abdomen.


  Axel couldn’t believe what was happening, Rena sat astride his hips, her arms pinning him down, and her muscled legs pressing in. He was stunned to heir her purr as she began to rub her wet pussy against his stomach, his cock springing to life, as she ground her ass against his limp shaft.


  “Oh Axel,” she moaned softly before leaning in close and pressing her lips against his. To Rena’s joy, Axel relaxed and opened his mouth to her probing tongue and they kissed deeply. ‘This is it’ she thought as she laid her body a top his ‘its time.’


  Axel could feel her erect nipples brushing his chest, rubbing back n forth, as her tongue snaked deeper into his mouth. She shifted her exposed buttocks, pressing harder against his stiff cock till he could no longer resist. His dick felt like iron and she growled in delight as the crown of his cock slid over the lips of her cunt.


  She hunched over him, trapping his cock between the cleft of her asscheeks. Now there was no way for him to escape from her wanton body. She understood this as she turned her head slightly and began to nibble softly on his neck n left ear, delaying it, making his mind go numb.


  “We shouldn’t be doing this,” he protested weekly, but she knew he was to far gone to stop now

  “I need this Axel, I need you to help me before I go out of my mind,” she pleaded as she sat up, her dark eyes showing her inner turmoil. “I need you dick, I’ve got to have it in me, I need to feel us together… please Axel… love me.”


  Rena breathed a sigh as she rotated her ass around and around until Axel’s cock ached. He felt himself being enveloped by her scent, her firm softness, and her shameless seduction. His eyes scanned every inch of her lovely body, the curve of her back, her well-muscled thighs, and her sweet round ass.


  “Sweet Jesus” he murmured

  “I’m ready for you to fuck me,” her words tore at his soul and took away any resistance he might have had left. “Will you help me, will you make love to me?”

  “Yes,” he whimpered.


  Rena nodded as she sat up slowly, razing her hips off his waist and exposing her pussy to Axel’s view. “I need you, I need this,” she whispered reassuringly, her cunt dripping with juice as his thick bulbous cock head grazed her pussy lips. Her pelvic taunting him as her fleshy folds parted.


  Deep down she remembered how her mother had told her that losing ones virginity would involve some pain, but Rena didn’t care. As Axel looked down at where his cock met the wet slit between her legs, she took a deep breath and ground down without warning. Driving her hips down, his wide length stretching her lips flat.


  She rammed down hard, her buttocks quickly coming to rest on his thighs, the long smooth stroke embedding his cock the hilt. Rena let out a cry of pain, her maidenhead had torn rather quickly but she wasn’t prepared for his size. Rena’s little body wasn’t made to take the human’s meat, its thickness was painfully pushing the walls of her virgin tunnel to the braking point.


  Axel let out a sharp gasp, his cock had slammed hard into her cervix and Rena’s tight juicy walls were firmly clamped around his tool. She was all hot and wet inside, like a moist silk vice. He felt a deliciousness he hadn’t felt in years, that of a fresh virgin pussy wrapping itself around his cock, making his toes curl.


  Rena, surprised at the flash of pain, quickly reached out, placing her try-digital hands on her tamers chest, holding on for balance. “Oohhh god it hurts, it hurts…” she painfully whimpered as she sat astride her tamer, feeling his hard, round cock imbedded deep inside her core ”your so big, I didn’t, I feel like I’m being split in two.”


  Sitting up fully, Axel wrapping his arms about his digimon, pulling her tight and mashing her pert breasts into his chest. While having no clue about how digimon have sex, Axel more then understood the pain a girl went through when losing their purity. “Sssshh, just relax,” he whispered, holding her in a hug to keeping her from moving until her tight cunt became used to his steely shaft, “the pain will go away soon, I promise.”


  Blinded by the pain arcing through her body and without thinking, Rena sank her teeth into Axel’s shoulder. The taste of human blood seemed to jumpstart her pleaser senses. With a low growl she slowly began to rise up and back, impaling herself on her partners cock. Her pussy lips tightened as she used her legs to piston her hips, the blood from her torn virginity lubricating Axel’s dick.


  Axel let out a painful yip of his own, then an intense groan as he felt his cock bottom out on each of Rena’s deep strokes. It felt like she was trying to suck his long rod deep into her womb, trying to merge their bodies together, like when they became Sakuyamon.


  Her cunt churned slowly and smoothly like a well-oiled machine, teasing, making it last as she jerked n twisted, squirming and writhing on her tamers cannon-sized tool. “Oh god,” she moaned as she arched her body over him, arching her back, grinding down and thrusting her tits into Axel’s face.


  Axel shivered as he drove his cock in and out, it was slow at first, but the two of them soon found a rhythm, full of gyrations. Rena rotated and swiveled her hips, the lips of her cunt clamping as they danced up n down his prick. Axel squirmed under her driving hips, he could feel the power and strength in her velvet cunt, and her lips seemed to scorch his flesh with the heat of her sex as she rode his pulsing meat.


  In and out he pumped through her channel, the grasping hole fucking back, making them moan with incredible pleaser. Her claws ripped at his back and already bleeding shoulder, as her asscheeks slapped up and down on his thighs. The sounds of cock and pussy fucking against each other, squishy, wet-sucking sounds filled the room and echoed in their ears.


  Faster and faster they moved, their tempo growing wilder as they rammed against each other, cock driving hard into cunt, pussy clinging wetly to thick swollen dick. She lunged up and ground down in his prick, loving the way he fought back with his throbbing tool, driving deep with each stroke, stretching her cunt walls with his ravaging shaft.


  Her body was growing hotter as she fucked Axel’s thick tool faster, beginning to cry out, urging him to fuck her faster, harder, as she twisted and jerked her churning pussy against his steely cock. Wildly she bucked against her tamer, her mind a blur as she began to feel the onset of the biggest orgasm of her life.


  “Deeper, oh god, fuck me harder,” she pleaded into his ear as she spiraled her ass, making her cunt plunge hot n wet down on to Axel’s throbbing irritated flesh. She squealed and grunted as she clamped her pussy down on his cock “oh dear god I’m going to come… don’t stop Axel, please don’t stop.” She begged.


  Axel could hardly hold back any longer, he could feel his balls screaming to be released into Rena’s quivering sex. With quick sharp stabs he pumped his hug cock into her steamy cunt, slamming into her cervix with each wild thrust but upon hearing her words he lost his control.


  Rena arched her back as she felt Axel go ridged beneath her. Somewhere in the fog that was her mind, she knew what this meant. With a snarl of commitment she hefted herself nearly off his cock, then with all her might ground her hips down hard, slamming his dick past her already battered cervix and into her womb.


  Both digimon and human screamed as one, their orgasms triggered almost at the same time. Rena could feel Axel’s cock throb once before he released his hot cream deep into her belly. Axel felt Rena’s cunt walls clamping down on his squirting shaft in a crushing vice, her juices flowing out onto his lap.


  Axel held tightly to his digimon, keeping her impaled on his pulsating meat while his balls emptied their seed into her hot core. She shivered and bucked, in his arms as she rode out the waves of an intense orgasm, all the while repeating his name. Then without warning she went limp in his arms. Passing out from the intense pleaser racking her body.


  Axel, his own mind numb from pleaser slowly laid back into his bed, drawing Rena down with him. There he lay, feeling her entire furry weight against his heaving chest, as his softening cock slipping from her still quivering cunt. With sleep calling to him from somewhere behind his eyes, Axel bent his head and kissed Rena along the bridge of her shout, and then he to was gone.


Axel & Rena. Chap 4


  Renamon sighed happily to herself as she stirred from her sleep, she had had the most incredible dream, one where she and her tamer, Axel, had finally given in to temptation and made mad passionate love. Slowly her eyes opened and started to focus, her left hand snaking down to softly pet her tummy. That’s when something dawned on her.


  Rena blinked and sat up quickly, her eyes only confirming what her mind was now screaming at her, she was in the wrong bedroom. Fear began to well up in her gut as she looked about quickly. Axel wasn’t in the room, the bed was a shamble, and then she saw the dried rust colored streaks on the sheets of his bed. 


  Quickly she bolted for the bathroom to retrieve her leather arm guards. Something bad had happened, she just knew it, somehow Axel had been attacked and she wound up out cold in his bed. But a chilling sight caught Rena’s eyes as she reached for her arm guards.


  “Oh god no,” she gasped as she looked into the bathroom mirror. Starting at her mouth and running in rivulets down her neck was dried human blood. Aghast at the sight of her reflection she also saw something else; looking down she found that her hands were also smeared with the rust color of dry blood.


  Slowly her intelligent mind began to work. Rationally, there wasn’t enough blood on her to equal a dead human somewhere, and if by chance she had killed her partner, witch was quite unlikely… then where was the body? Then she heard something that made her heart leap with joy, music. 


  Rena happily ran down the short hallway only to come to an abrupt halt. In the living room sitting in his favored easy chair was Axel. He had drawn the heavy currents closed, blocking out the noonday sun, draping the room in darkness. While the stereo behind him blasted out the song that they happily referred to as they’re after fight song.


  Axel had once told her that the song was a remix from a TV show called the Sopranos, though she herself had never seen it. They usually used the song to calm themselves after a battle, singing the words as the tune rocked Axel’s car. But now, seeing him in the dark like this, starring off into nothingness, it made her shudder.


  Slowly she padded over to her tamer’s side, though the room was almost black, her fox like eyes let her see Axel quite well. The easy chair was made of black leather, with high armrests that came almost up to ones armpits, and had almost enough room for two to sit side by side. It was well padded and Axel tends to use it as his thinking chair.


  By the looks of how he was sitting, that’s precisely what he was doing. He was slumped back in the chair, elbows on the armrests, hands together in front of his face with two fingers up in a steeple pattern, eyes glazed and unseeing. What really surprised her was that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, and that on one shoulder were the deep imprints of her teeth.


  That’s when last nights escapades, the sexual romp brought on by her heat, came back to her in a nightmarish flash. In less time then it takes the heart to beet twice, she had remembered everything form masturbating in the shower, to the feeling of bliss as Axel filled her womb with his seed.          


  “Axel?” she prodded quietly, but he didn’t answer, jest kept starring into the dark. “Axel please speak to me,” she begged, her voice showing fear, yet he didn’t respond. With turmoil welling up inside her, Rena turned and quickly ran to her room. With tears appearing in her eyes she closed her door and crawled into bed.


  Axel on the other hand was off in another world, another time, and didn’t see or hear Rena at all. No, he was back a year and six days into his past, remembering the day he and his new digi-partner, Renamon, had finally made it home from California.



  He had just wanted to unlock the door and get Renamon into the house before going back to pay the taxi driver, it had been a long drive from the airport and the fair wasn’t going to be cheep. Yet as the front door swung open, Axel herd the sound of squealing tires. To this day he is still black balled from ever getting a cab to come to his house.


  He sighed as he made his way inside, the Renamon following dutifully behind him. She with him all the way to his room, eyes scanning every inch of his house and privet room, and then she watched him unpack. It was unnerving to Axel that the whole time they were together, she had only spoken to him a total of three times.


  Finally the silent starring was just too much; quickly he turned around and grabbed her by the shoulders. “That’s it…” he snarled as he spun the surprised Digimon around and marched her back into the living room. Once there he pushed her down into his easy chair, then pulled the padded footrest over and sat down facing her.


  “Look… I’m all for this strong silent warrior thing you have going, it works grate in the movies… but I have no need of it in my home.” His face was stern as he talked, blue eyes boring into hers like an artic wind “Now I haven’t the first clue on how to be a tamer but if we are to be living together under this roof, then you had best learn to open up and talk to me.”


  Sill a bit surprised at the ruff handling he had just given the digimon, Axel knew deep down that he would never hurt her intentionally. The bond that had been forming between the two was now quite strong, a feeling he had long forgot, the bond of loyalty. “Look,” he sighed, trying to calm down a little, “how about we start with something easy?”   


  “Like what?” she asked, her head tilting.

  “What is your name?” he asked as he looked directly into her eyes.

  “What?” she blinked

   “Look, I’m getting tired of this, cant you say more then two words at a time?” he growled, his eyes boring back into hers “What is your name?”

  “Renamon,” she replied

  “No, no,” Axel rubbed his eyes for a moment, then shaking his head he tried again, “I know what you are, what I want to know is, WHO you are.”

  “I do not understand,” she said with a tilt of her head.

  “Its like how Kimmy’s Gatomon’s name is Cleo,” he replied, “all rookies of your kind are called Renamon, but if your to be my… digimon, then I need to know what to call you.”


  Renamon tilted her head again as she took this in, then shrugged “I am Renamon, it is what and who I am. If you, as my tamer wish to give me a more personal name, then I will not refuse.”


  Axel sat quietly for several moments, well… he had gotten her to use a more then a full sentence, but then, shaking his head in defeat “hell if I know how to name a female digi-monster” he said as he stood and began to pace around the chair in witch she sat, his anger forgotten, “it might have been easier if you were a common pet like a dog or Ginny pig.”


  “May I ask,” she started, trying to be helpful, “how do humans name their pets?”

  “Well…” he began, “usually we find something that sets them apart from others of their kind. A trait, color, sound, personality, or sometimes name them after something we like.”

  “Well, is there anything you like about me?” she asked, but when he didn’t answer right away, she pressed again, “anything, anything at all?”

  “Um…” why did he feel like this was one of toughs trick questions his father always told him to avoid, like ‘do these pants make my ass look big?’ “Your tail,” he said thinking fast, “I like your tail.”

  “Really?” she blinked, this was not something she had expected, “Why my tail?”

  “First off, I like the shape,” oh god what had he just done, now before his minds eye there was a very large hole and he was about to jump in with both feet. “I like how it moves when you walk, though with you always behind me, I don’t get to see it as much as I would like. I also like how it feels when it brushes by me, soft as silk, yet plush and… fluffy.”

  “Oh… well in that case,” she said before quietly thanking the digi-gods that her blushing didn’t show through her fur, “I guess I’ll have to start letting you see it more often.”


  That’s how it had started, once the ice was broken both Rena and he seemed to relax and open up. It took about an hour to decide to just go with a shortened version of her name, so Renamon, became Rena. It was also how the sexual banter had started, yet no mater what was said, or how it was taken, both knew there was a barrier that was never crossed.



  Now that barrier had been crossed. The relationship between tamer and digimon had been destroyed and could never be rebuilt without hurting one another. This was and is Axel’s greatest dilemma, and the reason he was sitting in the dark. There was a decision to be made, one only he could make.


Axel sighed as he came back to reality such as it was. Slowly he stood and looked around, the room was dark but it was no longer the curtains that were doing it. Walking over to the kitchen he flipped on the lights and squinted up at the clock. The numbers showed that it was 7 at night, but with it being summer there was probably another hour of waning light left.


  Shaking his head he turned and with a conviction he didn’t know he had, and now that he did know, it frightened him, he began to walk down the hall toward Rena’s room. With each step Axel felt a wave of nervousness wash through his stomach. ‘Was this what it felt like to take that last long walk before the chair?’ he thought.


  And there it was, standing before him like a grate-wooded obelisk… the door to Rena’s room. He didn’t knock, after a year of being together, they both had witnessed each other’s worst habits, and so now there was such an air of familiarity that nothing one did bothered the other. This of cores made privacy a thing long forgotten.


  Rena had been trying to hide, to think, to sleep, but nothing seemed to be going her way. Then her sensitive ears picked up the sound of bare feet on wood flooring. Axel was coming down the hall, stopping at her door… slowly the door opened, and he was in her room. She could feel his presents, since his twisted emotions, it was unnerving how deep they’re bond had grown over the past year.  


  He was quiet for a human, a trait he had picked up from her, he moved so silently that to anyone else it would seem that he just wasn’t there. She however, could feel his eyes upon her as he crossed the room, even with the pillow she had draped over her head. It was a childish thing to do really, the old ‘if I cant see you, you cant see me,’ but it never worked.


  The bed creaked as she felt Axel sit on its edge, his body slightly turned so that he could look down at her. “Rena?” came his voice as he reached out and gently laid a hand on her shoulder “Rena, I have some things to say, and I’m not sure how well you will take them.”


  Her body began to shiver at his words for she just knew something like this was going to happen, she had been dreading it all day. ‘He’s here to tell me that we cant be a team anymore,’ she thought sadly, trying hard not to cry. ‘He is going to say that things have changed and he doesn’t want to be my tamer anymore.’


  “Rena, I’m sorry but,” his voice faltered slightly and she cringed. “But I feel that things have changed between us, it just doesn’t feel right anymore. I don’t think it would be right for me to be your tamer any longer.”


  ‘Oh god no, nononono,’ her mind cried out. ‘This isn’t happening, not now, not after all we went through. Its just not fair.’ She was beginning to sob, her body rocked with guilt for it was because she was so weak willed that she was about to lose her best friend. Maybe her mother had been right, she wasn’t strong enough in body or mind to be a warrior. 


  “Rena?” Axel must have felt her convulse or heard her sobs for his voice seemed to soften and his touch became warm and gentle. “Look, I know this is hard to understand, but I need you to look at me, I want to tell you this face to face.”                     


  Rena sighed sadly and with all the courage she could muster, she turned and looked up into her tamers face. She was startled to see the conflict within him playing across his face, something she had started. “Look, I’m sorry for what I did.” She blurted out, “I never meant for things to turn out like this, I didn’t intent to hurt….”


  Before she could finish her words she was seized by the wrists, and rolled onto her back. Fright welled up in her eyes, quickly replacing the sadness as Axel bent over her, “Rena” he said softly while holding her arms firmly above her head. “You haven’t done anything wrong, fact is, I wish you had done it sooner.”


  She was lost; her mind couldn’t fathom what the hell was going on. Why was Axel acting this way, what was he trying to get at? As he stared down at her, she could see something vivid in his blue eyes. What she thought was conflict was really something else, something she had never seen in Axel before… the look of hunger.


  “Look, to me being a tamer implies that there is something that needs taming. Most times that something is to wild to keep around other humans by itself, which is why it would need a tamer. As far as I’m concerned, Rena, you didn’t need a tamer anymore, what you needed was an equal partner.” he said, trying desperately to get his point across, “I can’t to be your tamer anymore… because I want to be your mate.”  


  Rena blinked in surprise as the man she thought was going to throw her away, bent down and kissed her. It was a long deep kiss, his tongue pushed, and she greedily opened her mouth to except him. And as Axel slowly lower his body onto hers, she felt her pussy quiver with need. Renamon moaned happily as she relaxed, wanting the kiss to become more as tears of joy blossomed in her eyes.  


  Feeling her relax, Axel began to kiss his way down her neck, licking and nibbling down her shoulder. Freeing one hand he reached down to the fur that covered her bosom and pushed it aside to reveal her pert breasts. Axel dipped his head past her fur and carefully circled her breast with his tongue. He smiled, her nipples hardening, when his lips began sucking on the sensitive skin.

  Rena gasped, never had anyone touched her like this, he was so gentle, his cores so soft that it was almost painful. Though she liked to pinch her nipples in the shower, what Axel was doing was driving her insane with lust. Soon she was moaning, enjoying the attention Axel was giving her. Shivering as he released the one nipple and kissed his way over to the other, purring as she felt his teeth scrape her skin.

  As he completed his oral bathing of her tits, Rena slipped her hands free of his grasp, reached down, and gently pulled him up into another kiss. Holding each other tight, as the kiss became something new, while Slowly Axel’s hands began to roam down her tummy and over her inner thighs. Rena’s legs spread open and she lay exposed before her new mate, his hand continuing to caress her, his intentions obvious.

  “Should we not be in your bedroom for this?” Rena whimpered as his fingers explored her lower regions.

  “No,” came his response before he gently nuzzled the cleft between her tits

  “Ooh… mMaybe turn off the light?” she gasped as his hand gently brushing her wet clit, making it quivers with need. 
  “No, here, now!” he whispered hotly in her ear, before returning to her breasts, suckling at her nipples as the fingers of his left hand traced the contours of her wet slit.

  Rena felt extremely naughty as she nodded her head, while her hips began to press against his hand. For some reason the thought of making love in her bed with the lights on, letting Axel see the hidden parts of her body brought on excitement. It thrilled Rena more than she would have thought possible.

  There was an awkward pause as Axel stopped momentarily, and Rena glanced down to see what was causing the delay. She saw Axel fumbling, trying to remove his shorts. And she also saw his cock as it popped free of its confines. In the dark she had little idea of its full size, in the light it was larger then life, 10 inches of thick human cock pointing out strait and pulsing with his heartbeat. 


  Rena had seen a few human male organs before on TV. When she was younger she would spy on her brothers when they cleaning themselves, it always seemed to stir strange feelings deep inside her, excitement and fear. She had even seen two Kyubimon mate, the female with her head down, her ass up in the air, with the male ramming her from behind till his knot passed painfully into her pussy, tying the to together.

  Yet none compare to this. To her eyes, Axel was enormous! Even bigger than she had remembered from the night before, when she had touched him, when she had licked and taken him into her mouth. ‘Had that actually fit inside of me?’ she asked herself as her cunt started to drip with want. ‘No wonder it had hurt so much… thank god my insides could stretch.’ 

  She watched with wide-eyed anticipation as Axel moved his body between her legs, nibbled at her neck. The stimulation caused her to squirm more, the heat in her belly turning into a fire of passion. 


  Then she felt his cock’s head making contact with her feminine lips, she hesitantly began to move her hand down to guide him, but he found her hidden sex by himself. Anxiously she waited, afraid of Axel’s shear size as he began to enter her, remembering the night before. To her astonishment there was little pain, she moaned as he began to push against her sex, the heat of his shaft felt electric.

  Axel watched Rena’s eyes as her fear was quickly replaced by love and anticipation as he slowly sank deeper and deeper, inch-by-inch into her depths. Consciously, she spread her legs wide for him, opening herself to the human. As far as she cared, she was sharing her body with her mate, and he could see that she was happy to be doing so.  


  He knew he had to be much gentler this time, Rena had hurt herself last time and he didn’t want to take chances. No this time he would show her how to make love, stopping from time to time to let her insides adjust to his thick meat. But he also had to be careful for the feeling of her tight; hot cunt sliding slowly up his dick was almost too much to take. 


  She groaned with pleasure as deeper and deeper his throbbing cock slid into her. Arching her back and unconsciously wrapped her legs around him. She crossed her ankles behind his backside, trying to pull him deeper into her body. It seemed to take forever before his pelvis pressed against hers and she felt him fully imbedded inside her.

Axel waited a long moment, feeling her body spasm beneath his weight. Then he felt it, her tight sex quivered, then seemed to except him, almost trying to draw his cock in deeper. She was ready. Beginning slowly he pulled his cock almost free of her cunt, then pumped his hips, watching as it stimulated her beyond comprehension as his dick thrust into his mate.

  “Oh God…” she barked, her clawed hands reaching up to once again rip at his back.

  "Rena, are you ok?" he asked as his cock slowly moved in and out the entire length of her pussy.
  "Oh yes Axel, it feels so good." She moaned out as she felt the head of his cock push up against her cervix. "Please… fuck me harder."
  "Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you." he replied softly.
  "Yes, I want to be fucked,” she whispered into his ear, “make me your bitch."


  Axel understood what she mint, that a female dog was a bitch, and that she was his. Slowly he took hold of her shoulders, listening to her groan as he thrust hard, the entire length of his cock sent thundering up her cunt. He continued to buck hard, her moans of pleasure become increasingly louder as his thick cock positioned into her tight little pussy.

  Rena began breathing heavily as the two of them moved faster and he thrust harder into her. Unexpectedly she began to roll her hips in circles enhancing the feeling in her tight little cunt. She gasped and moaned, not caring about anything else as her orgasm swelled at the sound of Axel’s gasps and grunts in her ear.

  Axel groan loudly, feeling his balls tighten as her hip movement made the head of his cock bounce and grind against the entrance to her womb. He knew what she wanted and as his cock slammed inside her pussy. Ripping up against her thin walls, he gave it to her hard, fucking her with all his might.

  Rena threw her head back and cried out in pain and pleaser as her mate slammed his shaft against her cervix. She was totally absorbed in what was happening to her, and she loved it! They continued pounding each other with wild abandon until with a cry of his own, Axel’s climax broke, spraying his seed deep inside her grasping sex.


  Barely aware of her mats orgasm, Rena pulled him as deep into her as she could, using both her arms and legs. She desperately wiggled her hips hard against him and suddenly, with a flash of light, her world shattered into a prism of sensations and colors. She convulsed in a wild frenzy of muscular contractions, the edges of her vision became a dark haze as her mind threatened to black out again.
  Axel’s entire weight came to rest a top Rena, his sweat dripping down and matting her fur, his cock wedged into her womb. Rena’s head fell to one side, as the grip of her legs around Axel relaxed and her heels slowly slipped past him until they rested on the bed. Both were panting, desperately trying to get enough air to let their bodies return to normal.

  “Yeah. Wow!” There was nothing more she could say as she turned her face back and gently rubbed a furry cheek against Axel, who now lay inert above her.
  “That was incredible!”


  Slowly Axel tried to roll off her, to dislodge his dick from her belly. Yet Rena would have none of that. As he rolled to his back, she rolled with him and climbed on top of him, letting him support her weigh the same as she had supported his a few moments before.


  “Oh no you don’t,” she scorned. Then patting her tummy with one big hand “I have you right where I want you, and that’s where you will stay for as long as possible,” she said before laying down atop him, “I want to be together, I want to feel you inside me, to listen to your heartbeat… to be one with you.”


Axel blinked at her, deep down he knew she why was doing this. He to had felt the intenseness of becoming Sakuyamon and longed to join again with Rena. To his surprise, the idea of wanting to stay cupped made his softening cock pulse once more with life. “Yes mother,” He teased, steeling a kiss when she turned to give him a dark glair.  


  With Axel’s dick throbbing deep in her belly, Rena let out a content sigh she laid her head on his chest, letting sleep overtake her. As for Axel, he stayed awake a little longer, loving the feeling of having a Renamon’s warm furry body atop his.